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Knowing you know I know…

Posted on: July 7, 2017

Today’s the day for which we’ve been waiting — the Pootie Poot and Dolt show. It’s the day when Dolt 45 finally meets his old friend and “stable mate” Vlad for a face-to-rind howdy do. The usual cable news meth addicts are on pins and needles, but me, not so much – I’m feeling a big lotta meh.

Here’s why.

First, let’s get the disclaimers out-of-the-way. I’m not opining one way or another about Dolt’s mental health. I am going to offer a few thoughts on how he will behave during his precious Vlad time. So far the clamorous Yam’s characteristic behaviors have been five-by-five in their signal clarity. There have been no surprises.

Second, a quick refresher as to what motivates Dolt’s predominate behaviors. He operates from his ego drives of Significance and Competition. His Significance means he gets every ounce of his self-worth from the way others see him. His Competition means he’s always counting and comparing – “his huge is hugest, his awesomeness is awesomest, his intelligence is intelligenciest.”

Most importantly, Dolt is emotionally fragile. Criticism is unacceptable. He bruises easier than a 90-year old banana on blood thinners.

Next, let’s look at the architecture of the meeting. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said the agenda for the meeting is whatever the Mango-in-Chief wants to talk about. Therefore, Vlad has seen fit to set the agenda for the meeting. Mark that as a win for the Red Team.

Here’s the other pre-meeting blunder everyone seems to be overlooking. The meeting will have six attendees – Dolt, Vlad, Tillerson, Sergei Lavrov, and two interpreters. So minus the two functionary interpreters, there are four attendees – of those four, three of them know exactly what Russia and the Trump campaign did last summer.

Rexxon is going to be the fourth wheel on a double date where there’s an active three-way happening right in front of him. Dolt 45 will not raise the issue of Russia interference because: (1) His courage is so low you’d have to eat earthworms to find it; and (2) There’s no need to talk about something everyone, except poor Rexxon, already knows.

No matter what happens in the meeting between Dolt and Vlad, Vlad has already won. He wants Russia to be seen as an equal to the United States. The meeting itself is a victory. A “happy happy joy joy” joint statement of a good meeting is a win for Russia. At the very least, Vlad is going to get a joint readout saying the two had a good discussion of world issues. Such a readout translates to Russia being the equal of the United States.

If I’m able to shed any light on what happens today, it is this: Why is Dolt 45 so fascinated with Vlad? It isn’t the accepted pundit wisdom of, “Putin is a strong man leader.”  No, being driven by Competition, the Mango-in-Chief must have someone with whom to compare himself. Vlad is that comparison. In other words, if you are going to carve up the world, it is useless unless you have someone to compare yourself. Vlad serves that role in Dolt’s ever increasing amyloid riddled brain.

I’ve known dozens of people like Dolt 45. I’ve interviewed them, counseled them, and on occasion consoled them. They are some of God’s strangest creatures. Dolt 45 sees Putin as the leader of the “unfree world” to his leadership of the free world. Given that Dolt’s world view was formed in the 1970-80s this flawed elementary version is cemented in the psyche of Dolt.

Vlad is going to use this fact. He’s going to flatter Dolt and commiserate about their common enemies of the media and “deep state” institutionalists. He’s going to talk about how dismal Obama was as a leader. After the Saudis projected Dolt’s orangeness on the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh and the Poles busing adoring crowds to hear him read a speech, there is no doubt everyone now realizes the way to Dolt’s KFC-clogged heart is flattery on top of a little more flattery.

Of this we can be sure, if someone who is so motivated by Competition is not on high alert for this meeting, there is something else at play. In other words, if Dolt isn’t trying to “out-handshake” Putin from the get-go, there’s something else a’shakin’. So if the meeting is a big old nothing burger with fries, it will tell us plenty. Without a doubt, there are two people in this meeting who know to the last ruble how much Russian mafia money found its way into Trump developments. Neither of them will have to mention it because they both know the other knows they know it.

What do you know today?




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More later (work work work,) but I came to post the gif of Merkel and Putin, but Prolix beat me to it! It’s amazing!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

From the first Vox link about Putin’s wishes: potentially above all else — allow his election interference to go unpunished.

I’m sure that will be no problem for Trumpenfuhrer.

Ok, I’ve been silently sitting by and trying not to read everything the last few weeks. Watching the reporting on the bromance today. Thinking of getting a serious involvement with opiods. Any recommendations? Maybe hubs & I can find a Margariteville escape somewhere.

“These are the ones that hurt you?” Putin says to Trump, referring to reporters.

The DB article:

“Trump is just about a sociopathic narcissist,” said Glenn Carle, a retired CIA interrogator and analyst. “That’s not to denounce him, just an assessment of the guy….

As you yourself have said Prolix.

The former analyst may not want to denounce Trump, but for me anyone having “sociopathic” anything in them scares the hell out of me when they’re the Prez.

@7: Hey contrask!!
Well there’s one opioid that won’t be available soon:

so you might want to strike that one from your list, if it’s on there.

I’m going to buy the rest of the books in the urban fantasy I’ve been reading & bury my head in the sand – what I want to do anyway. Where is the link to the DB article, Fredster?

@7, hey Contrask. We miss you. Hope all is well and if you find a nice opioid that goes well with cheese and baguettes, please share. Washing stemware is so 2016.

@9, Fredster, I can’t recall ever seeing a headstone with “sociopath” engraved on it, but then, there’s always a first.

Malcolm Nance just said on MSNBC, “I hope Trump and Putin hire O.J. Simpson to investigate the hacking. I’m sure he’ll get right on that after he finds the killer.”

@12, that is GREAT!

I read the article. They were way to optimistic about Trump. He is so enthralled with Russia. He is so sold out. I have lost hope that GOP will wake up and do anything and I don’t see anything positive happening unless they do wake up. How can we take them down if DOJ rolix – won’t prosecute?
Prolix – I’m thinking about opiod and wine mixture, why not? Guaranteed zombie level. Beats waking up to life in little Mother Russia

I have gotten to really, really like Angela Merkel.

Sob. Sniff. Other countries elect smart, competent, sensible women leaders and the US won’t until the next century.

Went offline for several days to enjoy the backcountry peaks and meadows and alpine flowers and snowfields. Scrambled some chossy rock, did technical brush climbing, saw mountain goats and some rather large fresh bear footprints. We had beautiful moonlight and stars at night.

Now back to Trumputin making nice to Putin, N Korea with ICBMs, and Sanders again stealing Hillary’s ideas.

Oh yeah, caught up reading the past few day’s posts. That raccoon crab-bait story was from a county that went for Trump in ’16, is 64% rural, and has more convenience stores than the average for our state.

@15: Correct me if I’m wrong but that description of Trump was also one that you used to categorize him didn’t you? At least I thought you did.

@19: Hey Luna! Hope you had an enjoyable break from things – sounds like you did.

Yes, looking at Angela with Putin, I did imagine and visualize Hillary and Angela both ganging up on him at the same time. Or, they could have tag-teamed him.

@21, Oh, I just bet they would! And it would be as smooth and hilarious AF.

Oh – Luna! I named my corgi puppy Luna! She is registered Luna Tic Fringe. She has kept m busy the last month – almost has me trained. If I can recognize the signs & not let her out of my sight, I can claim she is house trained.

I loved the Merkel eye-roll.

Catching up on tweets:

(I love my Guv!)

@24, Inslee is responding to this invitation to the Electoral Suppression Commission to go jump in the Gulf of Mexico:

@25, it would help if I pasted in the tweet, eh?

@23, contrask, how cute! A Corgi named Luna Tic Fringe! What a smart dog to get you trained. They did originate as herding dogs, so no wonder they can round up recalcitrant humans! I’m sure she is a cute and good puppy. Upload pics if you can!

@23: Puppy!!!!!

Love that name.

Quelle surprise! Seems they do not like Trump at all.

The growing international isolation of the United States under President Trump was starkly apparent Friday as the leaders of major world economies mounted a near-united opposition front against Washington on issues ranging from climate to free trade.

At a gathering of the Group of 20 world economic powers — normally a venue for drab displays of international comity — there were tough clashes with the United States and even talk of a possible transatlantic trade war.

The tensions were a measure of Trump’s sharp break with previous U.S. policies. They were also a warning signal of Washington’s diminished clout, as the leaders of the other 19 nations gathered in Hamburg mulled whether to fix their signatures to statements that would exclude Trump or to find some sort of compromise. Two European officials said they were leaning toward a united front against Washington.

@18, Contrask, wine and opioids are part of a well-balanced diet. Those pills aren’t going to wash themselves down now are they?

Once upon a time I had an uptight GP as my primary doctor. He was okay, but he sent his shirts out to be stuffed. Not very much fun. I had had a procedure and got 5 days worth of good stuff. I had the PA asked him, “Now, do these pills compliment brown liquor or the clear stuff?” He found me most unfunny.

@19, Luna, I’m also turning into an Merkel maniac. She is someone I don’t think I would mess with. She strikes me as someone who doesn’t suffer fools.

Your vacay sounds positively perfect. I’m so happy for you. That kind of recharging is so therapeutic.

@20, Fredster, you have a better memory than me. He does fit into that bucket quite nicely. The sad thing is that he’s legally sane, but that doesn’t come close to being fit to occupy the Oval Office. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t call him POTUS. I just refuse to.

@23, Luna Tic Fringe — I love it.

Petri gets the inside story yet again:

What the ethics chief really wanted to say in his resignation letter

…The Office of Government Ethics director, Walter Shaub, has submitted a letter of resignation. He will depart on July 19 to work for the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center.

This [his letter] was much less strongly worded than the previous draft, which I assume ran as follows:

“Listen, I have to resign for my own mental health, because I am honestly starting to wonder if I am invisible.

Now that I am leaving, let me ask: Have you gotten any of the warnings about disclosures and conflicts of interest that I have sent for the past numerous months? It seems like you have, and it certainly looked like they had gone through, but — nothing. I go into rooms and clear my throat pointedly and no one even looks up from signing a directive to make sure that our desire to protect our drinking water does not interfere with making golf courses great again.

Most days I feel like I am dropping a copy of the emoluments clause into a dark deep black hole from which nothing, not even radiation, can escape.

@32: I don’t know about you, but I just can’t call him POTUS. I just refuse to.

It actually hurts me to try to put those two things together, POTUS ≠ Trump

Oh goody – Melania is sitting next to Putin at dinner tonight. Why is MSM pretending that things are a-OK and normal? It seems like it’s time for some more leaking

Oops – training error! I know better than to not put her outside the second she wakes up. I was speaking of other kinds of leaking above, lol

This. Is. Not. Good.

@35 I refuse to call him POTUS too. I am daily amazed at the die hard “Christians” who support him. On fb, there are several women in my circle of horse friends who will cuss you like a sailor for believing that “fake news” from LIBERUL CNN or MSNBC. I’m still shell-shocked over this.

I have been laughing for two days at the pundits speculating how Putin would treat Trump by comparing his encounters with other leaders. It was obvious Putin would feed Trump’s enormous ego. Or should I say enormously fragile ego. And the nerve of Tillerson saying of the election hacking ‘they pretty much agreed to disagree and let’s move on’. Oh hell no.

@26 I loved that response! Oklahoma said , sure, but we’ll keep the last 4 of your SS# . We need to hit hardest on the voter suppression issue. This is where they are going to keep stealing elections.

Anyone close to LA? Bet Rep. Lieu is a helluva speaker. Hah, I just checked his Twitter bio “I don’t take orders from Vladimir Putin.”

@39, amazing how people delude themselves. Jesus the liberal street preacher would throw Trump out of the temple along with the moneylenders and tell him to go feed the poor.

Ick. Just ick.


Sorry guys, I’ve been actually working all day today. Just catching up on the post and the day’s events.

Looks like the meeting went pretty much as Prolix predicted! Pooty-poop found a common enemy (media.) Who knows what they said in their private meeting that ran 2 hours longer than the planned 30 minutes. But did you see that Dump’s people sent Melania in to break it up?! Literally, the cabinet sent Melania in to end the Dump/Pooty-poop meeting. What in the hell!

Those moments in the Politico video are great. Of course Dump has no idea what’s happening. Nobody there likes him or wants to talk to him. He probably doesn’t really want to talk to them either because all they want to do is talk “stuff” and he wants to talk about his electoral college mudslide, I mean, landslide.

Oh, and Gergen on CNN said Dump was very presidential. Apparently, this is still a thing.

And did you see Dump’s insane tweets from this morning attacking Podesta and having no idea that Podesta didn’t work for the DNC. And he tweeted that everyone at G20 was talking about Podesta. As if!

My feelings on Merkel are a bit complicated. Obviously, she in many ways the anti-Trump. She took a massive risk by letting in Syrian refugees. And she may well be the Resistance in Europe. But two things: 1) austerity in Europe. And 2) she voted against gay marriage in Germany earlier this week. Gay marriage passed without her. But still…that was her vote.

Rasputin = modern day Bannon.


@51> The expression on Putin’s face is as powerful as the rest.

According to WaPo, McTurtle is going to go for it — bust right out of his terrarium and try one last push to pass the TrumpDon’tCare package. Here’s the part that tells us how much hope he’s putting into the effort — the drive to pass the legislation will be spearheaded by none other than Beelzebub body double and taint polisher, Ted Cruz-ifiction.

McTurtle might be trying to kill two albatrosses with one poison bill — kill TrumpDon’tCare and let it take Cruz-ifiction down too.

Check out the guy tugging on his sleeve.

@53 Hmm, Prolix. You might have something there about McTurtle letting Cruz take the lead. Mike Lee is the only friend Cruz has in the Senate. Everyone else hates him. Heck, Lee might hate him too.

I literally laughed out loud at this.


@54 GAgal> I didn’t notice the guy tugging the sleeve. Hilarious! Pence posted on twitter later saying he did it because Rubio dared him.

@56 – Love that! Now I’m singing Yes – I’ve seen all good people melody.
Here is my opinion of the meeting today:

@53 Prolix, I keep saying it and I’ll say it again: you need to put together a tear-away calendar with insults. An insult a day. I’d buy that and give it as a gift to everyone I know.

@56 I LOLed too.

@59: Whoa contrask!

@62: No, not really but I saw that she and Tim Robbins have gotten back together. Yay.

Fredster, that picture belongs on the insult calendar we all would love to have, lol.

@55, Al Franken says that he’s one of the Senators who likes Cruz-ifiction best since he only hates him.

As for Mike Lee, he only hangs out with Cruz because he has to have someone to button up the arse flap on his magic underwear. Cruz is perfect for the task since there will never be a bigger sh!t stain than he is.

@60, thank you DYB, I’m just lucky with my insults on occasion.

@59, Contrask, I hope you Cloroxed that GoPro camera.

Contrask, that’s hilarious!

I’ve always been a fan of hydrocodone and chardonnay..
Had a tooth extraction two weeks ago and had to pull teeth-ha, ha- to get a ten pill Rx. Apparently any more and this woman in her sixties was poised to become the Walter White crystal meth kingpin of N E Ohio.
I’m beginning to smell something fishy about the whole opioid crisis because I hate drug companies and believe that the GOP want us all to suffer and die-in pain.

@8: If I remember right, this word, обижали, has a meaning closer to “humiliate,” “put down,” “degrade.” That hurts, but it’s a more specific sense than any old hurt. It’s the kind Donald the Dollhanded can stand the least.

It’s amazing to watch the extent to which Putin owns that jackass. I wonder if we’ll find out some day what the Secret Policeman has on that tRump to make him grovel like that. How many ways could he ruin him?

@70: Ouch Sue. I could say I feel your pain but I hope you’re not feeling any. LOL

I believe that folks who really need these pain meds are going to be the ones to suffer because of the opioid “crisis”. And I think some of the docs are so afraid of the D.E.A. that they aren’t helping patients who need the meds.

@71 quixote said How many ways could he ruin him?

Probably more than we’ll ever know.

@71 quixote> Sort of…but not really. They are all related, but the word оскорбить would be much closer to “insult” or “humiliate.” That’s a word one would use before challenging someone to a duel: for example, Eugene Onegin оскорбляет Lensky in Pushkin’s poem and Tchaikovsky’s opera, and Lensky challenges Onegin to a duel.

Обижали is a bit more innocent. Much closer to “hurt feelings.” But it can be used condescendingly too, which is what I think Putin was doing. “Are they hurting your feelings?” He’s connecting to Trump (my guess is, successfully), but he’s actually laughing at him.

More on the Russian: it’s a delicate language. The words tend to be very specific. You know how there are actually 2 words for “truth.” One is much more significant than the other. Правда (like the newspaper) and истинна. The latter is the far more intense word, it means “absolute truth.” The former is … negotiable (like the newspaper.) One would not use the two words interchangeably, because though they mean the same thing… at their very core, they touch very different nerves.

Same with обижали and оскорбили. The former one can recover from. The latter would be a deep cut. But the former is also much more mocking, it’s something a school student would say: “I was picked on/feelings hurt in school.” That’s essentially Putin’s meaning. “These are the people picking on you/hurting your feelings? LOL.” Putin is actually trying to оскорбить Trump.

Y’all are cracking me up! Chardonnay and Tramadol here when the going gets tough. Fortunately, I only need to add the latter just occasionally. Then, I’m like this.

@76: I’m with you GAgal and the choice of Tramadol. I can take one dose of Lortab/Vicodon and it’s okay. The 2nd dose will start making me queasy and if I try taking a third dose then I’m looking for buckets to barf in. I’ve tried adding an anti-nausea med and it helps just a little bit but not enough to make it worthwhile.

@75: Lots of nuances there DYB.

Can you for 1 minute imagine the outrage if Chelsea Clinton accompanied mom to an event like this?

@75, DYB, “оскорбить Trump” Ah, but bilingual insults are way over Trump’s head. Or…other parts of his anatomy.

@79 contrask> Lordy! That would been another article of impeachment against Hillary. But, we all know, she would never have done that. This is just another example (we already have too many) of GOP’s complete moral bankruptcy.

@80 Luna> Yep, Dump wouldn’t have understood the mockery. He thought Putin was laughing *with* him, making friends, sympathizing about the press. Pooty-poop wasn’t sympathizing, he was mocking. But Dump made a friend.

@81 DYB, I fear it’s more that an example of moral bankruptcy – I think they believe they have figured out how to rig elections and they are set. They have departed from democracy to preserve their world view. They believe liberals to be an immoral threat to that and that justifies their actions.

Fun thread from Kristol:

@71, my bet is that they have what would hurt him the most, complete and utter humiliation that his wealth is a farce, that they have propped him up since the casino went belly up, and at least 2008 when real estate went south. They could take Melania, the kids, and a dog if he had one, but the one thing he would never want to part with is the illusion that he is indeed a “successful billionaire”. To take that away is his 9th circle of hell.

(оскорбить isn’t used for kids that much, but обижать is. Like for a kid upset about playground insults. So there is as you say that component of belittling which has got to be for the home audience. It’s way over tRump and his sad little staff who can’t even remember to book hotels.

Russian was my first language, as it was for you, right DYB? In my case, a looong time ago :D.)

Prolix: “the one thing he would never want to part with is the illusion that he is indeed a “successful billionaire”. To take that away is his 9th circle of hell.”

Yeah. That’s what my guess has been. Take that away and the Pile o’ Pink Spam would think he wasn’t Da Winnah.

(Dear God. What a revolting mess that Pile is.)

@70, Sue, I actually had to take a pee test to be able to get a prescription of hydrocodone after breaking my ribs from coughing. Me, someone who won’t take Sudafed because it keeps me awake for a couple of days turning into a wizened crack bastard. Go figure. Of course around here, ground zero for the opioid fidget craze, you used to be able to put 50 cents in a vending machine and get an oxy and a whiskey chaser. As a precaution, they did have signs saying, “You have to be at least 12 years old or a parent to use this machine.”

@87, what I find amazing, and it will never register on his mouth-breathing Trumpkins from Knuckle Drag, Murika, that every intelligence operative offering an opinion predicted everything Pootie would do to ingratiate himself to Dolt. It was obvious from the comment about the press at the beginning of the meeting.

That is what is most troubling. Pootie knows what he’s doing. He’s being obvious. No one can do anything about it because no one will challenge Dolt. It is just like the hacking. They were obvious, they left tracks, crumbs to follow back. They wanted to be caught so the world would know, “Russia is back!”

Historians will lay the beginning of this to Raygun and Newt laying the groundwork for the deep seated division culminating in Dolt and a fawning empowering GOP.

quixote and DYB, my mother spoke Russian and Polish. As a kid I asked her to teach me Russian (back then saying you were Polish was like saying “kick me” if you were a kid) but she said, basically: “No, you want to fit in, we don’t speak other languages here.” Sigh. Would have been so much easier to learn as a child than as an adult.

When health insurance companies start making sense, you know it’s bad.

First chance to get on the computer today and haven’t watched any news. Incredible that he sends Ivanka in as a sub for him. And whoever it was that said Hillary/Chelsea, yep the Repubs would have been screaming.

Don’t know any Russian except for nyet so I’ll leave it to DYB, Luna and quixote to hash things out on word usage.

Good article here on attempts at voter purges by a group of lawyers from the Bush 43 administration.

@92, Fredster, “Nyet” is probably the best word to know when dealing with Putin!

I never did learn much Russian. About 15 years ago when I practiced at a community clinic I picked up a certain amount. We saw a lot of immigrants, since most couldn’t get seen/couldn’t afford private healthcare. But it was all phrases like “Where does it hurt?” so diplomatically not useful. It’s use it or lose it with languages. The Cyrillic alphabet threw me, too, even though I was able to passably read and write Tolkien’s Elvish and Dwarvish scripts as a young adult. (Lol!)

@94, I am so donating to that guy!

(wish it would post the enclosed tweet also)

@97, in re:

@95: The Cyrillic alphabet threw me, too

Oh yeah. The first time I saw it I thought “what the hell is this backwards alphabet?”.

Geez, it just never stops.

@101, Fredster, there are so many coincidences that it’s a wonder they can kept them all straight.

Oh, wait. They can’t.

And who goes off with his bro-in-law and his father’s campaign manager to a highly arranged meeting to which he “was asked to attend … by an acquaintance, but was not told the name of the person” he’d be meeting? I mean, WTF?

@102: It’s almost laughable except…(sigh)

@104: That’s a good one contrask.

“And who goes off with his bro-in-law and his father’s campaign manager to a highly arranged meeting to which he “was asked to attend … by an acquaintance, but was not told the name of the person” he’d be meeting? I mean, WTF? ”

C’mon, NWLuna. Be fair. Dem Russki names are Not Memorable. Look at how many people couldn’t remember Ambassador Kislyak.

This kindling will ignite in the morning on the Sunday talkies.


@86 quixote> Correct! Оскорбить is a grown-up world. It’s fairly profound and children wouldn’t use it. Обижать is very much for children. And I think in Russia that difference will play.

I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine in the Soviet era. Russian was my first language; I still speak it with my parents. Did you also come from that region?? I didn’t know, comrade!

Dem Russki names are Not Memorable

Especially when you’re paid/blackmailed into forgetting them.



Any one of these four would have been a 5 alarm Chicken Little alert for Obama or Hillary. I guess if you have more screw-ups per hour than any other White House has in a year, it gets difficult to process.


@110: Sickening.
The other three I could give a shit about, but tRump leaning in there completely attentive…just nauseating.

@112: And is the one guy having a brewski?

This is the best synopsis of the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of Dolt 45 and what he’s doing to America that I have heard from anyone. This one comes from Down Under. Brilliant.


@110> Turns out that photo is photoshopped! Theresa May actually sat to Dump’s left, and in the original photo that seat is empty.

@110, the guy who did it is a photographer. It’s pretty good work.

@121, what’s Dolt gonna do when he’s undone all of Obama’s initiatives?

Ahahaha! Wait. This is the Dem co-chair he’s talking about. One of the supposed leaders of the Resistance.

@123 Luna> I’m gonna quote Deadpool here: “What in the ass?!”

@122 Prolix> Trump will probably resign when he’s done. So by next week? It’s amazing how quickly everything that took years and decades to put together can be dismantled.

So that NYTimes story from today: Dump Jr. is saying they were set up by the Russians and the Democrats….

@122: Beats me. That seems to be his all-encompassing reason for being there.

New and improved post upstairs.

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