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The Future Is Female (Until A Man Takes Credit)

Posted on: July 5, 2017


Just in time for Independence Day, NBC News wrote an article about the excavation of Sally Hemmings‘ living quarters at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello plantation. The byline reads: “Thomas Jefferson’s mistress Sally Hemings’ secret living quarters finally discovered.” NBC’s use of the word “mistress” is unfortunate. Hemmings was a slave. She was 14 years old when Jefferson first raped her. What editor wrote this byline without a bolt of lighting striking them down?

We are living in a diseased world. Trump himself is not the disease, he is a symptom. He used the disease of misogyny, racism, homophobia, etc., to get himself elected. He launched his campaign by declaring all Mexicans as rapists and murderers. (And some, he assumed, were ok.) We are living in the same world that also houses Brock Turner. On January 18, 2015 Turner raped an unconscious woman. He was convicted of his crime. The presiding judge, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky, sentenced Brock to 6 months in jail. A year since that ruling, Judge Persky has finally decided to explain himself. ““I have a reputation for being fair to both sides,” Persky says. Let that sink in for a moment. Persky was looking at a victim of rape and the man who raped her while she was unconscious. And Persky prides himself on being fair to both sides. He is running for reelection. I’d like to say that there’s no chance Persky will get reelected, but we are living in a Trump world. He might.

I ran into this article at Mother Jones about men taking credit for women’s work. (Last week Bernie Sanders embraced Hillary Clinton’s public option healthcare plan. It was the same plan he and his Bros previously excoriated Clinton for. But now Sanders is taking credit for it, and some in the media are happily giving him credit. Sanders also previously embraced Hillary’s college tuition plan after being vehemently against it. The  media gave him credit for Hillary’s plan too.) Mother Jones digs far, back to cave paintings. Newest research suggests they were painted by women. From Mary Shelley to Ada Lovelace to the rapper M.I.A. and singer Taylor Swift – the more things change, the more men continue to take credit for women’s work. (Remember when Michael Moore claimed to be the leader of the Resistance? Yeah, no Michael Moore. You’re NOT the Resistance.)

We’ve all heard the word “mansplain.” It’s a word that has entered the lexicon fairly quickly. I didn’t even notice it, it was just sort of there. I did not realize it originated with a 2008 essay “Men Explain Things To Me” by Rebecca Solnit. Solnit related an anecdote that at a party she got into a discussion with a man who had heard Solnit was an author. She began to tell him about her latest book about Eadweard Muybridge and the man interrupted her to inform her that just last year a new and popular book about Muybridge came out. Had she heard of it? It so happens that she had. Solnit wrote it.

And finally: on June 26th we celebrated the 20th anniversary since the publishing of the first Harry Potter novel: “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” (Retitled “The Sorcerer’s Stone” in the US.) Joanne Rowling famously started jotting down the novel onJK-Rowling a napkin in an Edinburgh cafe when she was a single mother and broke, living on welfare. She finished the manuscript on an old-fashioned typewriter. It was rejected by 12 publishers. Finally a small children’s publisher Bloomsbury accepted. They asked Rowling to create a gender-neutral name because a novel about a boy wizard was likely to sell better if boys didn’t know a woman had written it. So Joanne became J.K. Rowling. Bloomsbury printed 500 copies of the original hardcover (now worth a fortune!) 300 of those copies were sent to libraries and only 200 into the wild. The rest, of course, is history. Over the course of seven novels Rowling’s story of the boy wizard and his best friends Ron and Hermione’s struggles against forces of evil have inspired generations of children and adults. Movies and a play made billions. Rowling herself became a billionaire (Forbes claims she is the first writer to make a billion dollars from writing alone), and at one point Rowing was proclaimed to be richer than the Queen of England. However, Rowling gave away so much to charity that Forbes had to remove her from their list of billionaires. She is currently said to have only about $840,000,000.


86 Responses to "The Future Is Female (Until A Man Takes Credit)"

Great post, DYB.

Excellent DYB. No truer words than men taking credit for women’s accomplishments.

There was a scene in Silicon Valley this season where Erlich asks Monica and Laurie if they have know what mansplaining is.

They say, “Yes, we know what mansplaining is.”

Erlich then says, “No, I don’t think you do,” and proceeds to explain mansplaining to them.

Outrageous parody mirrors real life.

Our fate is controlled by a network controlled by an Australian octogenarian specializing in disinformation and fake news for viewers who are solidly middle class, elderly, and by far, the most wrongheaded and ill-informed voters. But, they are the best at sexual harassment and forcing women to wear short skirts for the leg-cams.
Nothing to see here.


So earlier today the GOP tweeted that Democrats were not helping them with healthcare. Ahem. Then they subtweeted Hillary and Bill Clinton and demanded that they do something. Aside from the obvious fact that neither Hillary nor Bill work in government any longer…Hillary responded.

@7> Sadly that’s probably true. Trumpkins will never turn on Dump. That includes the entire GOP.

BTW, there are rumors swirling that there’s a big story ready to drop. So stay tuned. It might be that we’re nuking North Korea, who knows.

It’s crazy what’s happening in Venezuela.

Excellent post DYB. I double checked on the Brock Turner case. Santa Clara county is Silicon Valley country and I believe is fairly liberal. I hope he loses the election.

@8: Someone needs to remind those f*ckers of how many hearings and such the Dems held leading up to the A.C.A. vote and how open the process was. Then remind them of how many Repubs voted for it.

@7: From the Times link embedded in the tweet:

Conservatives’ tax dollars help pay for public schools and colleges that indoctrinate liberal values. Out here some conservatives aren’t even calling them “public” schools anymore. They call them “government schools,” as in, “We don’t want to pay for your damn ‘government schools.’ ” They’re afraid to send their kids to them.

Perhaps so for those conservative tax dollars paid at the state level. But on the Federal level we know those particular states like Iowa, Kansas, etc. pay far few taxes than the “liberal” states”. And if you are talking school funding, how much of that school funding on the state level is derived from federal taxes and $$s from the Dept. of Education?

Yeah, this guy is truly one of the deplorables.

And now he “feels sorrow” over his video.

Perhaps the Auschwitz Memorial tweet had something to do with it.


@14: I hate the f*cking millenials.

@16 Fredster> It’s bizarre! Yglesias is basically saying the future are white millennials. He’s telling Bernie and the Democrats that that’s who they need to win. Though I though they needed the WWC in the rust belt… Either way, the assumption is that people of color (particularly black women, the most loyal Democratic voters) will just go along. And I’m not sure that’s true.

@18: I think that’s completely wrong. The A.A. vote has been taken for granted before and to unhappy results. They’ll just stay home.

Great post DBY! I love that Hillary’s tweet kind of dove-tailed with your post. Not just the GOP thinking they are smarter than the girl, but the tweet was a subtle reminder to the Bros that Bernie is pretending it’s all his idea.

I mean DYB….

@23: Gawd I hate that man. And the problem with Medicare whether 55 or 65 is the amounts that it doesn’t cover. And further to have any type of prescription coverage they would have to allow those 55-64 to sign up for Part D prescription coverage.

Mr. Pundit has a good piece up on how the Indiana Repub party asked for A.C.A. “horror” stories and got their asses handed to them.

I agree with this.

@26: Awww, I like sweet potato fries.

This is the current state of Democratic messaging for 2018. This was the tagline for a fundraising email today. I’ll just say, “Really. Is this the best you got?”


You folks are smart around here. Can you tell me why no one gets that Chris Christie’s little tantrum and Jabba sunbath was a cry out at the void to Dolt 45 as a job interview?

Christie wants to replace Rancid Penis so badly, he is wearing little girl sandals on the beach. He knew he would be photographed. He knew there was nothing he could do to break through the noise more than a picture of him snubbing his nose at the world and NJ in particular.

Now honestly, do you believe he greased those thunder thighs up and waddled out to the beach for 40 minutes of nothing special? It was planned and a wild beg for Dolt to love him.

Christie is nothing but a failed county politician who was washed up like a floundering whale until he sucked around on Dubya and got a US Attorney’s slot. He’s a typical Rethug, always failing up.

@28 Prolix, Haha, I saw that earlier and some people are flipping out. I dunno… at least they’re honest! I mean, the more brainiac approach didn’t work. Might as well try straight and to the point.

@29> There may be something to that. He obviously knew he was being photographed. One of the photos he is looking directly at the camera up in the chopper and he didn’t run away and his spokesperson lied about it. Is he still trying to get into Dump’s good graces? Who knows… Kushner probably wouldn’t like it since Whale Christie put his daddy into prison. But who knows. Not like anybody there has any real loyalties or principles. (BTW, which one is Rancid Penis? You’ll have to narrow it down!)

@31, Rancid Penis = Reince Priebus = Rinse Creepybush

@30, here’s a perfect example of Luntz at work for the Rethugs. There has been a holy three way of the for-profit charters, the Bible-thumpers, and the Rethug culture warriors. They now refer to public schools as, wait for it, “government schools”. They have put the word out and now all the devotees of Rethuglianism will heretofore call public schools, “government schools”. Public school teachers will now become “government school teachers”. You let your children be educated by the government? Why don’t you love baby Jesus and your children? Send you checks and your children to the Acme Charter School.

@29: I hope Chris Chirstie ends up like this:

OTOH, Saul/Jimmy has some scruples.

@28: That is SAD! I must have been left off of that email list or I just deleted it.

Sandcrab was all about free giveaways and pipedreams. He is only glorious in his own mind.

Toast by any other name is still toast.

A new Randy Rainbow with a h/t to Carrie Underwood.

@33 Prolix, yes that’s a big one right now. I think that in addition to just coming up with good catch-phrases, Rethugs fall in line in a way Democrats and I just don’t think ever will. Rethugs adopt talking points and support their candidates, no matter how file. Prime example is Trump. He shredded them in the GOP primaries, he continued to say awful things about them. And Every. Single. One. fell in line. Every single one. All the “patriots” stood by him, if silently, and voted for him and enable him now. That’s the sort of party loyalty Democrats will never see.

And Dump is in Poland. In his speech he attacked Obama, the intelligence community and the press. This was followed by the Polish prime minister explaining why he’s enacting laws against the press in Poland.

So Dump is telling China to go fuck itself. What could go wrong?

I had no idea this was a thing:

South Carolina also says NO to Dump/Kobach election info demands.

@42: That’s absurd.

I guess this is like having professional mourners at a funeral.

Trump will land in Poland Wednesday and is guaranteed a rapturous reception: Supportive crowds literally will be bused in to cheer for him.

Supporters will be bussed to Warsaw, the scene of Trump’s speech Thursday, from all over Poland to participate in what has been deemed a “great patriotic picnic.”

Tarczynski, as all members of the ruling party have been instructed to do, will bus in 50 of his constituents to provide a very different reception for Trump than he is likely to receive in Hamburg

DYB, love the post and the comments! I am traveling this week, so won’t be around as much, but will check in when I can.

@39, 41, 45, this looks ominous. I’m afraid things will get worse before they get better.

@48, it figures!

Priceless, just absolutely effing priceless…


@48 Fredster, today someone suggested NPR tweet “The War of the Worlds” and see what happens.

@51 Prolix, we’re going to bomb Poland, aren’t we?

Interesting thread of how Bernie is never going to be primaried in Vermont.

Fun article on Democrats in disarray and what a maverick Russ Feingold is – from 2006.

Hmmmmmkay then.

@55: What thread? 😉

@55/59> Oops!

@52: The women reporters and reps should wear something like this just to go to the Speaker’s lobby. Notice the stylish purse!

Muller really is assembling a gargantuan team. But what happens if Dump fires him?

@61 Fredster, can’t wait for a Versace burkha!

@61: And notice that is in the currently stylish blue color which all the menz are wearing for their “power” (?) suits.

@60: I do that frequently and then have to go back and edit the comment. LOL

@63: That would be worthy of two snaps!

@56: Sounds just like today doesn’t it?

And then there’s this:

@68: Gads, that’s so incompetent.

I’ve been reading this blog lately. The guy has had some interesting posts.

@69> That’s where “House of Cards” becomes “Veep” again.

@71: If they had bothered to consult the career/professionals in the State Dept. they probably would have taken care of it.

Besides the embassy in Berlin there is a consulate in Hamburg.

@72 Fredster, maybe they forgot to staff it and there’s no one there to open the door?

So someone is planning it primary Bernie in Vermont.

So this is happening, but hey, everything is fine.

@75, Cool! I hope he builds up a following.

@74, Maddow is on where I’m at and she’s talking about this.

@76, I’m not surprised. The hacking is completely out of control.

Omigosh! The poor man. DYB, how do find such bizarre stuff!

socalannie> Random things pop up on twitter! More human interest stories than current politics. I feel like they’re essential to not go insane! Especially dog and cat videos, or other animals being happy.

@73: DYB, I’m hoping and thinking that they should have still had some career, not appointed folks either at the embassy or the consulate. They could have easily handled this but it would have involved going outside the circle of trust I guess.

annie, you have a jacquie lawson whenever you can check your email and pick it up.

New post upstairs.

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