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Lazy Weekend Music~Hot, Hot, Hot

Posted on: June 25, 2017

Good Sunday and weekend Widdershins!

With all of the drama that seems to be the new norm in Washington and politics in general, we forgot that we had the summer solstice this week.

The summer solstice (or estival solstice), also known as midsummer, occurs when a planet’s rotational axis, or geographic pole on either its northern or its southern hemisphere, is most inclined toward the star that it orbits. On the summer solstice, Earth’s maximum axial tilt toward the Sun is 23.44°. (Likewise, the Sun’s declination from the celestial equator is +23.44° in the Northern Sky and −23.44° in the Southern Sky.) This happens twice each year (once in each hemisphere), when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the north or south pole.

Being that we were experiencing the outer bands of Tropical Storm Cindy, we didn’t have a lot of sun to experience the solstice.  And while we’ve had lots and lots of humidity, the temps haven’t been that bad.

However, that’s not the case everywhere.  Earlier this week it got really hot in Phoenix AZ.  How hot did it get you ask?  Well it got so hot that planes couldn’t fly there.  Or actually just some types of planes.

Regional flights on American Eagle were the most affected, because they use Bombardier CRJ planes that can only operate at temperatures of 118 degrees or below, Feinstein said. Flights on larger Airbus and Boeing planes were not canceled because they are able to operate at higher maximum temperatures: 127 degrees for Airbus and 126 degrees for Boeing.

I’m so glad I never had to experience, uh endure, flying on one of those regional planes.  I have flown on DC-9/MD80/90 planes with Delta and those were bad enough.  I called them buses with wings.

So with the summer solstice and heat in mind, let’s take a look at some songs that deal with those things.  My choices are below and your selections and contributions are welcomed in the comments.


(1) The Roots~The Fire (w/John Legend)

(2) Don Henley~The Boys of Summer (Acoustic)

(3) Eddie Cochran~Summertime Blues

(4) Martha Reeves & The Vandellas~Heat Wave

(5) Bryan Adams~Summer of 69

(6) Ella Fitzgerald~Summertime


So there you go Widdershins.  Please share your contributions below.  Open thread, of course.





54 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Hot, Hot, Hot"

For the post on my blog about summer’s official arrival, I chose “Those Lazy, Crazy, Hazy Days of Summer,” by Nat King Cole.

Roz in NJ/NYC

From my teen years, “Summertime, Summertime,” by The Jamies (1958). The visual is of the original “American Bandstand” which I rushed home from school every day to watch.

Roz in NJ/NYC

Oops! Didn’t mean to post that link to my summer blog post. Here’s “Summertime, Summertime.”

Roz in NJ/NYC

It’s been hot – but primarily humid – in NYC for weeks. It’s Florida humid. This is Pride weekend in the city and today is the March. It’s gonna be tough out there! Expect the few clothes people wear to come off.

Nothing better than a little “Summer Breeze” to “make you feel fine.”

OT, because:

A song by Chicago about a summer Saturday in Central Park.

@10> Love it!

BTW, in the “hand. palm.” news, Schiff says he was also queasy when he heard Lynch wanted to call the investigation a “matter.”

Nice selections everyone!

DYB, enjoy the march but be sure to hydrate.

Time lapse of the solstice in Fairbanks AK, in 2015. Almost 24 hours of sunlight.

I took the title of the post from this song.

@14, Fredster, I loved that.

OT again, (or not) because it’s PRIDE!

Fredster, excellent post and song choices. We’re enjoying the acoustic “Boys of Summer” song right now. Beautiful.

@17: I had one of those sneaking feelings you and perhaps quixote might enjoy that one.

@18: No problem at all there.

@19: annie, youtube had loads of the regular version of the song but, they muted the lyrics because apparently someone is in a pissing contest over the lyrics or something. Then I saw the acoustic version and liked it better anyway.

I know this has been posted a bunch of times, but my kid came up with it:

Not really a “summer” song, but it feels like it. Anyway, it reminds me of my summers in the 70’s and 80’s when I went sailing a lot:

23 socalannie

One of my favs!
Hope this version isn’t already posted:

I also like the Porgy and Bess version, Nora Jones and Billie Holiday versions.

Happy summer, all.

@25: Excellent Shadow!

In Canada they consider him a moderate:

@27, “a moderate” — shows you how right-wing the US has become.

So even though this is “light fare” day here’s a good article written by a physician over at Shareblue.

Luna, I know it’s crazy! (Trudeau was apparently also wearing rainbow socks, which can’t be seen in the photo. There’s a cute photo too of him hi-fiving a little girl dressed as Wonder Woman.)

Oh here!

How is this trash still a thing?

Shit, this is bad.

@33> Navalny arrested and sentenced to 30 days for organizing the most recent anti-Putin protests in Moscow.

I mean…

31 DYB
Loved the socks…(Canada gets their Hillary and we don’t), and the little Supergirl!!

@25, awesome!

Love the Trudeau tweets. Am now absolutely jealous of Canadians.

@33, heartbreaking.

@32 & @35…pigs. And I really wish the Clintons would ever sue these pigs for this bullshit.

@29, Fredster, that’s a really good article.

@37, on The Americans this season, they also recalled the rezidentura spymaster. Life imitating art. Again.


May I vomit now?


@42: Wonder why I’m not getting your tweets?

@43, the grifters thought their legal problems would be over if one of them became POTUS. Damn!

Uh oh. Oh and Dump has been tweeting all morning. This combination can’t be good.

Prolix, you’re right on Hewitt. I can’t believe MSNBC is giving him a show. And they came very very close to booting O’Donnell, who has 2nd highest ratings.

BTW, these are all over NYC subway system. The travel alternatives has some…alternative suggestions. Another one says: “Sashay away.”

I love NYC!

This is what a Gorsuch presence on the bench does.


Freak and frack… as if not eating should me more than enough to demand of high priced models…having to walk in some comical way in effin’ ridiculous shoes, is showing how Barbie-crazy these displays are.

Sorry, “if not eating should *BE* more…


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