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Posted on: June 23, 2017

Filmishmish is an Arabic term meaning “in the time of the apricots” or “when the apricots bloom”, which is something akin to the English phrase “when pigs fly.” It seems as if we Progressive Democrats live in the time of apricots. We are filmishmish flotsam.

Let’s review where we are. With the Republican Party skulking behind closed doors cooking up the greatest transfer of wealth in human history from the poorest, oldest, and sickest to the richest Americans, what are Democrats doing?

Like zombies in the express lane of the lobotomy clinic drive-thru, one set of Democrats are shuffling around mumbling about a special election in a Republican +20 district in Georgia. While another set of self-serving insurrectionists are trying to depose Nancy Pelosi. Yet another set is second-guessing and flirting with Trumpian populism masquerading as BernieBroism. And not to be forgotten, we have the Alt-Left cross-pollinating with the Alt-Right, thereby erasing any semblance of a difference.

Here’s the deal – the loss in Georgia wasn’t the end of the world. Losing sucks. I hate losing, but a win in Georgia would have been the equivalent of a sugar high to a diabetic – dangerous and injurious to our long-term health.

Let’s break it down. First and foremost, Democrats, while losing, are over-performing in these special elections. There is a good piece by Dave Wasserman, no Democratic fluffer, in the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. The report centers on the Partisan Voter Index which measures each district by the spreads in the last two presidential races relative to the nation as a whole.

The Voter Index for the five special elections this year equates to over-performance by the Democrats of 8 points. If Democrats were to over-perform in the 2018 mid-terms at that rate, the Democrats would pick up 80 seats.

Eighty seats!

Realistically, that isn’t going to happen since incumbents are going to be more firmly entrenched than special election nominees, but Democrats are in a strong position in 2018. In fact, we are in a much stronger position than Republicans were in 2010 or 2014.

Democrats allowed the Georgia “expectations game” to froth up into a bad case of hydrophobia. The political consultants sold a bill of goods. There was plenty of money to support the wrong conclusions. The truth no one wanted to believe was this: Hillary was the high water mark for Democrats in the district. Surprise! Hillary was a good candidate. Hillary lost the district by 1½% and a presidential race is always of higher concern than a congressional contest.

That is not to say Ossoff was a bad candidate, but he looked like he just asked his daddy to borrow the car for an after school math club meeting. He didn’t live in the district allowing him to be “otherized” as “not one of us”. Catnip to the tribal instincts of the district.

This brings us to the next major point – tribalism. The base of the Republican Party is full-blown tribalistic and ethnocentric. As such they are enthralled by authoritarianism. Dolt 45 scratches that itch.

Here is a piece of long journalism on tribal epistemology. The frightening aspect of tribalism is that truth is no longer operative. There is no fact outside what is good for the tribe. Hypocrisy is suspended. It is no longer offensive if it furthers the tribal cause. The world exists in terms of “us” versus “them”. The “others” threaten the tribe. It is not enough to defeat the “others,” they must be annihilated.

When you overlay the Republican tribal mentality against the failures of Dolt 45 and his merry band of henchmen, a monumental case of counter-intuitive logic appears like Stonehenge out of the mist.

The tangelo wearing a kangaroo stretch scrotum continues to hold his base because he hasn’t done anything yet. He’s signed some fancy press statements about thinking about doing things, but he has not yet done anything. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

Not until the dissonance occurs between promises and actions will the tribe fall out of like with his Orangeness. For instance, let’s say twenty million people lose health care so that one million rich people can get a tax cut. That is liable to cause more than a little economic angst to creep into the tribal zeitgeist. So much for economic populism.

This is why the Georgia loss is a positive development. Anything that builds confidence for an agenda that has no constituency is blowing smoke up the all too receptive sphincter of the orange biopsy. Likewise, Custer didn’t lose sleep over worrying about overconfidence.

Folks, Dolt 45 hasn’t yet been presidenting for six months. He’s supremely talented at turning everything he touches to crap, but even he needs the time to do it in world-class fashion. Perhaps the season of Filmishmish is upon us, but no pigs fly before their time.

What’s on your mind today?





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Thank you Prolix for making me feel better about GA. You are right, winning is nice, but a) the results are still good news for D and b) perhaps winning would have lulled everyone into a false sense of security and expectation of what it means in the long run. No policy would have been affected by Ossoff’s win.

But the attacks on Pelosi are really blowing my mind. I mean, why don’t these people just call on GOP to pick the Democratic leaders, that would save a step of being afraid that GOP wouldn’t like them.

The WaPo story on Obama’s handling of the Russian hacking is interesting, but in so many ways not surprising. To go back to what we discussed towards the end of the previous thread, Obama is too cautious and too polite. This is not a virtue, never was. Some members of his administration think they handled everything correctly. Uhh, stop that bullshit! Although some do seem to have a more accurate view, considering the outcome. One person (anonymous) says they “choked.” They did. It’s not just the actual result of 11/8 that’s at issue (though that’s bad enough), it’s everything that comes after. Elections have consequences. Which Trumpian event since 11/8 suggests to some of these Obama administration officials that they handled things correctly????

A Krugman quote on the Repub Health(?) Care Bill:

“So, is this bill good for you? Yes, if you meet the following criteria:

1.Your income is more than $200,000 a year
2.You have a job that comes with good health insurance
3.You can’t imagine any circumstances under which you lose that job or income
4.You don’t have any family members or friends who don’t meet those criteria
5.You have zero empathy for anyone else.”

Prolix, yes, you’ve summed up well the takeaway for us from GA06. Although I’m not so sure it would have made us feel overconfident.

Yeah, the Orange Puppet has only been in office 5 months, but look at all the damage he’s done. He’s been enthusiastically enabled by the Rs in Congress. But he has united most of the people against him. Lots of reason to hope, and to keep on working.

@4, Too bad for Ergodan — evolution and the geological record keeps on existing in spite of him!

@1, GA’s result was not an end unto itself. GA would have sent shock waves through the GOP, but strategically, overconfidence would have been the worst outcome for Democrats. Never underestimate how much Republicans will overestimate their mandate.

In 2010, Democrats won all the special elections prior to the regular mid-terms, even flipping one district, and we saw how that turned out.

@2, yes. And the rest of America gets choked later.

@2, I couldn’t agree more. Obama blew it on the Russia attack. And the BS about thinking Hillary would win, everyone and their dog knew this was going to be a close election. Tribalistic Republicans go toward authoritarians in fiscal crisis. That is not new. It’s how people normally react. We’ve seen it since the 1880s worldwide.

@3, I know lots of school teachers from around here that could share their lesson plans. Maybe Turkey can bring kids to the Creation Museum and the Ark Park $100 Million Petting Zoo, exactly what Jesus would have done with $100 Million.

@4, The Krug is exactly right as usual. This bill is a travesty. It was written by the lobbyists and insurance companies are making out like bandits. Drain the swamp indeed. They have given $200 Billion worth of floaties to the insurance companies. It’s a political payoff pure and simple.


Great post Prolix, completely agree.

Obama ‘choaked’ is quite the understatement. Too polite, to kind, too x,y,z.

He screwed up, and now we have the worst, most corrupt and idiotic resident in the Oval office.

Nancy will not back down just because the GOP and the Sandcrab’s bros throw spit wads at her.

@5, thanks Luna. We have to keep the energy up through the mid-terms and I worry about this level of commitment. People only have so much energy. I’m afraid people are feeling overwhelmed.

choked (gack)…

@12, why do people let her come on their shows? She is an evil boll weevil who is destructive to this country.

@13, thanks Shadow. Just another instance of Obama missing the mark based upon his personal “brand” as opposed to the Democratic Party. His decisions will haunt this country. Last time we had systematic bad decisions like this, we got two wars, 4,000 casualties, and a wasted $3 Trillion.



And now for a little happy making interlude.


This wins the internet today.


@21 OMG LOL. I’m dizzy watching that!

@22 Prolix, I actually saw that a coupe of weeks ago and watched it a dozen times, couldn’t stop laughing!

This is a really important point I wanted to get into the post and couldn’t find a place for it.


@25, tell me that is a MAGA cap. Please let that be a MAGA cap. Please.

This is the kind of thing that needs to run 24/7 in order to saturate the low information Trumpkins.


@7, Prolix, yes.

Never underestimate how much Republicans will overestimate their mandate.

@27, apparently it’s from Down Under, so not a MAGA cap. Though he sure acts like a Trumphead. Notice how he displaced his anger and embarrassment at the viewer after he slammed into that lightpole because he didn’t pay attention. It’s always someone else’s fault with those guys.

Prolix, yep that’s a MAGA cap. That’s what makes it so devastatingly funny!

Also — We don’t see anyone telling this guy to shut up and get out of the way because he’s part of a dynasty.

@32, DYB, were you able to enlarge the video enough to tell?

Luna, are you sure??? I never saw the Australia part. Ugh, don’t kill my dreams! It’s red, so it’ll alway be a MAGA cap to me.

@33> Nope, they love that Kennedy #232,325. But Clintons…

Luna, I am zooming in, but the image is too pixelated to tell what the hat says. (I know in movies they say things like: “Zoom in. Enhance!” and it’s crystal clear, but it doesn’t work that way in real life, alas.)

I’m just going to keep on pretending it is a MAGA cap. Like you say, he sure does act like a mouth-breathing son of a MAGA. I think the dog is even embarrassed for him.

Fact-check: “Trump acts out shooting his VA secretary.”

Trump acts out firing his VA secretary if new reforms are not implemented successfully

Smiling, Trump responded, “Better be, David, or …” He then made a pistol with his right hand, aimed it at Shulkin and mouthed his signature words: “You’re fired!”

[Trump:]”VA accountability is essential to making sure that our veterans are treated with the respect they have so richly earned through their blood, sweat and tears.”

Uh-huh. So how does throwing millions of them off Medicaid fit in? 1 in 10 veterans get some amount of Medicaid benefit.That will be gone with Trumpcare.

Crap. I’m in moderation because I put the same link in twice because obviously my brain can’t handle switching between too many tabs while keeping up with Twitter.

Luna you’re out!

Remember when Dump fired the first (black) chief usher at the White House? Here’s why…

Yipes, I put in some time doing my job…come back to the blog and it’s on fire. Lot’s to read.

18 DYB – nailed it!

@43, DYB, thx!

That new Chief Usher — ya can’t make this much emolument shit up!

Sometimes she’s a reasonable Republican. (Though never forget: Navaro likes Paul Ryan.)

@46 Luna, yes. A lot of info was being dribbled out, and reporters did not follow through on any of it. And the White House pulled an Obama, afraid of McTurtle and partisanship. (Was Robby Mook telling Jake Tapper on CNN on 1st day of Democratic Convention the first public statement on this?)

You know what rings false on the “Well, geee, we thought she was gonna win so we didn’t hafta, like, actually, do anything, donchaknow?” (Yes, I’m furious.)

After she had it stolen from her, there were two and a half months before the inauguration. Obama could have declassified all the relevant documents with the stroke of a pen and told the country the truth.

Instead he went on vacation.

@49, agree 110% quixote and over and above the vacay, Obama was kissing Dolt’s puckered up arsehole.

And you know what, the Rethugs would not have thought twice about going forward. There’s a difference between strategic thinking and the use of power. When you are battling a bull, there’s no good way to out think him. That was Obama’s trouble for four years, he didn’t want to appear the “angry black man” for his own brand. That gave the Rethugs free rein to pull stuff like this. Makes me want to scream!

@49 & 50> Yes and yes!

Wapo has new article out today about Obama’s handling of the election hacking. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like Comey:

“On Oct. 7, the administration offered its first public comment on Russia’s “active measures,” in a three-paragraph statement issued by Johnson and Clapper. Comey had initially agreed to attach his name, as well, officials said, but changed his mind at the last minute, saying that it was too close to the election for the bureau to be involved.”

I think that no matter how much Comey tries to come off as the impartial man of integrity (and I think he believes it about himself), his inner core is partisan conservative, and this always comes out in his actions and responses.

@49, 50, & 53, Oh Yes.

From wapo article (at least Kerry tried):

“One of the last to try before the election was Kerry. Often perceived as reluctant to confront Russia, in part to preserve his attempts to negotiate a Syria peace deal, Kerry was at critical moments one of the leading hawks.
In October, Kerry’s top aides had produced an “action memo” that included a package of retaliatory measures including economic sanctions. Knowing the White House was not willing to act before the election, the plan called for the measures to be announced almost immediately after votes had been securely cast and counted.
Kerry signed the memo and urged the White House to convene a principals meeting to discuss the plan, officials said. “The response was basically, ‘Not now,’ ” one official said.
Election Day arrived without penalty for Moscow.”

Socalannie, the WaPo article is infuriating. I agree on Comey, his explanations of not wanting to be partisan – and then writing The Letter – just make no sense. I assume in his own head they do make sense, but outside of his head, they really don’t.

Maggie has been at it again today. She attacked Neera Tanden at some point. Then she argued that it’s really Obama’s fault that the media didn’t cover the Russia story. She has previously written that it’s Hillary’s fault for not making Russia story #1 focus of her campaign. People like her and Jake Tapper believe this inside their own heads. (I keep going back to the fact that Robby Mook told Tapper on 6/24/16 live on CNN that Russians were the ones who stole the e-mails and Tapper was like “Oh yeah prove it! No? Then shut up and why is Hillary so awful?”)

More from wapo (can you believe this crap?):

“The expulsions and compound seizures were originally devised as ways to retaliate against Moscow not for election interference but for an escalating campaign of harassment of American diplomats and intelligence operatives. U.S. officials often endured hostile treatment, but the episodes had become increasingly menacing and violent.
In one previously undisclosed incident on July 6, a Russian military helicopter dropped from the sky to make multiple passes just feet over the hood of a vehicle being driven by the U.S. defense attache, who was accompanied by colleagues, on a stretch of road between Murmansk and Pechenga in northern Russia. The attempt at intimidation was captured on photos the Americans took through the windshield.
An even more harrowing encounter took place the prior month, when a CIA operative returning by taxi to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow was tackled and thrown to the ground by a uniformed FSB guard. In a video aired on Russian television, the U.S. operative can be seen struggling to drag himself across the embassy threshold and onto U.S. sovereign territory. He sustained a broken shoulder in the attack.”

@56 & 57, yeah. We want courage from our Dem politicians. They lived up to the “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” saying.

Haberman should take an analytical reasoning class and see if she can pass it.

Comey can fck off. Maybe he can’t admit to himself he screwed up and threw the US to a Putin puppet. Probably he dislikes women in authority. At least he’s doing the right thing now (as far as we know).

@58, and even with the Orange Puppet installed, a Russian military plane flew within 5 (five!) ft of a US fighter jet a few days ago. Did you read that? I think I or someone else posted a tweet about it then.

@60> Yep I remember seeing that story about the fighter jet. There was Buzzfeed article about all the dead Brits in the UK – which the UK government is pretending isn’t happening. I don’t understand why Putin is allowed to get away with all this. (Brits know Putin poisoned someone on British soil with goddamned plutonium! WTF!)

Charles Pierce has a thing or two to say about Obama’s failure to act:

This, right here. This is where they choked. The American people had damned close to an absolute right to the information their government already had. The most fundamental act of citizenship is the right to cast an informed vote. The idea that the Obama administration withheld the fact that the Russians were ratfcking the election in order to help elect a vulgar talking yam is a terrible condemnation of the whole No Drama Obama philosophy. Would Donald Trump have raised hell if the White House released what it knew? Of course, he would have. But, as it was, the American people went to vote with only about half of the information they needed to assess his candidacy. This was a terrible decision.

Reading the WaPo story and timeline, a simple question occurs to me. If there needs to be evidence of collusion, what better evidence is there than Dolt 45 talking about “rigged voting” months before any real intelligence detailed the Russian interference. The Dolt’s statements about “rigged voting” was the bluff to hold off Obama from going public. As we all know and it is patently evident each time he opens his hen’s arse-mouth, Dolt is not a strategic thinker.

So how did he know to start planting the “rigged voting” so early? There’s nothing short of fingerprints that looks any more like collusion.

Really enjoyed the post, Prolix. I suppose Karen Handel will be sworn in just in time to vote for the DeathCare bill. I’d like to know what her voters think of that.


(He works in imaging at a Nola hospital)


@65: I suppose Karen Handel will be sworn in just in time to vote for the DeathCare bill.

Well not until it goes back to the House.

@65, thanks GAgal. I thought about you while I was writing it. In no way did I mean to denigrate GA6th, but it isn’t the death knell for the Democrats the naysayers are moping about.

@65 & 68, how much you want to bet that Handel is primaried in 18 months?

@63 & 64, Absolutely. The Rs are going to react like the malicious, devious thugs they are, regardless of what the Dems do. Just look at how they’re reacting now. Obama — and the Dem senators who knew about Russian hacking — should have told the us what our country’s intelligence services had discovered. Saved the classified details for Congressional hearings, but told US citizens the gist of what was discovered.

@67, well at least NOLA has people who do work in Radiology on weekends! Except for really basic x-ray and ultrasound, my facility hasn’t for a few months. Problems hiring staff. 😦

Fredster, and another thing — I had to do my annual Ethics training yesterday. I’m sure smoke was coming out of my ears while I scrolled & clicked through the damn on-line presentation. Except for the times I was laughing uproariously.

@72: Not sure which hospital Tom works at but I’ve seen from his tweets that he has his share of weekends. I’m sure his hubby is not thrilled with that and I know that Koji, @NolaAkita isn’t. LOL

@73: Was that the usual, all employees ethics thing or a medical one?

It’s called Funny or Die but I guess it can be Funny and Die. However good msg at the end of it.

The BIG Republican Health Plan Reveal:


Prolix, love the post! The Healthcare Reform chart is really good. Wish the msm would put it front and center.

@4, Fredster, love that Krugman quote.

I keep going back and forth on what Dump knew and when he knew it. I now think (again) he did know what was happening, it wasn’t just the people around him like Manafort, Page and Stone.

And a couple of interesting developments today. First, Hannity asked Gingrich on his show if Trump asking the Russians to hack and release Clinton e-mails in public is against the law. There’s a weird awkwardness to Gingrich’s answer. He looks taken aback by the question (Hannity, being as dumb as he is, doesn’t know what he’s asking.) Then Gingrich says if it’s done publicly, then it’s not illegal. But there are questions about that, it may be illegal to receive assistance from a foreign government even if you ask for it in public. (I’m not a lawyer, but I read lawyers on twitter. And Prolix, please weigh in on this.) But the exchange between them is fascinating because Hannity – again, dumb dumb dumb – asks with all sincerity and Gingrich looks like he’s afraid to answer…

Then, remember a few weeks ago Adam Schiff and Co. asked the White House if there are Comey tapes and if there are, they want to have them. Today they received an official answer from the White House. In the response the lawyer referred the Intel Committee to Trump’s tweet, calling it “a statement” from the President, denying he made a recording. The White House council calling a Trump tweet an official statement from the President could be very very significant. And, as someone pointed out, Trump deleting any Tweets would also be very significant. I doubt the lawyers thought their letter through, frankly.

Pierce’s article is great!

Oh and Senate Judiciary Committee (Grassley and Feinstein) are launching an investigation into Loretta Lynch. So there’s that.

@81> That’s more Comey fuckery.

I saw this dickhead’s tweet earlier today, insulting Chelsea Clinton for no reason. She responded, like she usually does, by thanking him for letting her know it was a “take your dog to work day” and she’d mark it on her calendar for next year. I wrote as a response to him earlier in the day that he was just recycling 25 year old Limbaugh jokes. And then the guy got fired….

Also, Sally Yates is now officially on Twitter.

49 quixote

“… we thought she was gonna win so we didn’t hafta, like, actually, do anything, donchaknow?” (Yes, I’m furious.)

After she had it stolen from her, there were two and a half months before the inauguration. Obama could have declassified all the relevant documents with the stroke of a pen and told the country the truth.
Instead he went on vacation.

I’m furious too and not ready to get over it.

Obama never wanted Hillary to outshine him and as if being gifted some of her delegates in ’08 and her working her butt off for him as SOS, ya think he might actually give a flying fig that she deserved some honesty on his part.

He never was strong as a President, and then we end up with the dumbtruck.

@77, thanks Annie. It’s amazing how the Rethugs can coin a memorable meme, it gets picked up, and suddenly it becomes accepted lore. Why can’t we do that?

I’ve often thought about this. Paul Begala has a quick wit and ability to distill complexity, but he’s never had the apparatus that Frank Luntz has had on the Rethug side.

I wish Tom Perez would institute a process of disseminating memes. With Twitter it wouldn’t take much.

@38, (Daily show clip) LOL! Bharara seems like a cool guy!


The idea that the Obama administration withheld the fact that the Russians were ratfcking the election in order to help elect a vulgar talking yam is a terrible condemnation of the whole No Drama Obama philosophy.

Hell, YES!!

@78, I don’t think the public statement by the clamorous Yam would constitute collusion. With that said, I don’t think the prosecutors will need it.

It’s just a guess, but I think Mueller is heading for RICO — a conspiracy charge to interfere with the election by a foreign power by making illegal expenditures. All it takes to be guilty of conspiracy is engaging in a conversation in the furtherance of the underlying crime. It just takes two people to engage in conspiracy.

Here’s my bet: I, too, believe as you do that the carotene carbuncle knew what was happening. You just can’t be a sycophant like he surrounds himself with and not tell him what you are doing. It just doesn’t track. It just defies logic. Dolt wants to be the center of any decision-making and he doesn’t let anyone else know all the information. It is the ultimate power play by weak sniveling men.

Also, no one knows what’s in his tax returns. If the Russian money is buried in the tax returns, outside of family, how else is anyone going to know the Russians have their claws in him? So someone has to be told, go talk to my friend Boris and Natasha about the moose and squirrel.

The long and short of this: Any conversation like that constitutes conspiracy. The Fox Spews Team is already on the line, “Collusion isn’t against the law.” Well, that is correct, collusion isn’t the word the law uses to communicate the crime. It is conspiracy. For instance, the criminal statutes don’t say, “You shall not ‘off’ someone,” well, while offing someone might not be in the statute, murder is. The courts are pretty good about definitions.

@84, Sally Yates has almost 50K followers, 3 people she is following, and 1, exactly one, Tweet. That is respect.

64 Prolix
Collusion fingerprints, YES.

Also, he talked in this baby voice, (his tell, when he’s pretending to hide his real intensions), “Russia, maybe you can find thousands of Hillary’s emails.”

Quixote @ 49: Word.

Sally Yates
— I was really impressed with her during the hearings…glad she is on twitter and folks follow her.

I predict that Rump will be kicked out of our Whitehouse before his first term is over. The way he is going…he might not make it for a full year.

@91: I saw a SallyQYates and @DAGYates. Are they both her accts?

GAgal @63, Love Pierce’s comments.

Fredster, this is the real one (blue check mark.) Today was the only tweet she has ever sent. As Prolix said, she only follows 3 people: Bharara, Eric Holder and a person I’m not familiar with.

By now she’s up to 65K followers. I think she popped up very recently, or at least maybe she just drew attention to herself with the one tweet. With the number of fake accounts it can be hard to keep track of who’s real and who’s not. She got a check mark to confirm, but some public people don’t.

Prolix @ 70, oooh! That would be funny!

I’ve been trying to catch up with this post and comments all day! Maybe by midnight!

Oh and Bret Stephens, that awful NYTimes op-ed climate denying columnist who many people cancelled subscriptions over: he quit Twitter today, writing some bizarre column. Most people are like: “Bye bye! Don’t come back!”

@102, methinks Mr. Stephens is somewhat temperamental and has a metro pass for the crazy town train. For someone who just joined up as a NYT columnist, he’s lit his fireworks a bit too soon for someone with good mental hygiene.

@98: Thanks D. 🙂




Awright, I’m gonna go read some Charles Pierce.


DYB @ 83, hahaha! Karma gets the asshole!

Prolix @ 87, that’s a good idea!

@105, Fredster, those are good. This Senate monstrosity is chocked full of hidden gems. Did you see there’s a little hidden provision that says no state can renegotiate a waiver for 8 years? So no future president can come in and yank it from a state or even negotiate with a state even if the state has a new governor of the sane variety.

Oh, and this one I love. The Senate version has a retroactive rebate of capital gains. So if someone sold stock this year, they get a do over on the applicable tax rate. It can’t spur economic growth because what happened has already happened. Who says you can’t turn back time?

And these sniveling free marketers who say moving people from Medicaid to a private insurer is just what the country needs to do. Well, this is the way it works. Someone on Medicaid receives, most likely, a no deductible or small deductible policy for a limited number of providers. With the Senate version, they get a small pittance of a subsidy, but their deductible soars to $7,250 or something there about for a policy without guaranteed essential coverage.

These people are beyond evil. They are the devil incarnate. No one with a soul would treat millions of people like this. Two-thirds of the elderly in nursing homes are on Medicaid. What are going to happen to them in 2025? You think cash strapped states are going to pick it up. Hell is too nice for these Rethugs.

@108: The part about moving people from medicaid to private insurance is exactly what Frankencassidy spouted on Morning Joe. His line of reasoning was that those people will add to the market creating new customers for the ins. companies and since more people will be on the plans why naturally premiums will just go down incredibly. Except for the fact that most of those on medicaid are among the least healthy so them going onto some private plan is not going to be a good thing. That’s when I knew “yep he’s gonna vote for it” even though he had not quite finished reading the hundred plus pages. And he’s a f*cking doctor too.

Oh and not a soul on that schmoe panel asked him one thing about his ideas of how this would actually work.

Here’s Frankencassidy’s line of bullshit on medicaid to private health insurance.

And more here:

A break for funny:

@Fredster, it was the usual annual ethics training for all staff. Basically all the stuff that Trump’s doing as examples of what’s illegal for the rest of us.

@SallyQYates has 80K followers now!

@114: I love the ones with critters on the roomba.

@114 Notice the puppy’s tail is picking up any loose dust bunnies!

If you have 5 minutes to spare, use it on this video explaining what the Rethuglicans are doing to Murica.

@115: Ah okay. I recall having to do those on a computer and if I recall correctly some of the situations or choices they gave you were laughable.

@118: Good catch there GAgal.

@119: I’m almost afraid to watch it.

FestiGals in nola had their Bodacious Bras for a Cause Brunch. Proceeds go to two groups that help women with cancer. And yep, some of these bras are bodacious. Scroll through the photos here:

Awright, awright, awright! My Tigers beat Oregon State (twice!) and are going into the C.W. S. finals! Geaux Tigers!!!


Hey folks: Is the page still loading okay or should I go ahead and pull the trigger for the weekend post? Right now it’s scheduled to go tomorrow.

Fredster, it’s loading ok for me, but I have fast internet…

Joy Reid has been attacked as neoLiberal Killary Shill for a long time. Her defense of Pelosi brought out even more crazies.

I’m with Fredster at 122. Afraid to watch the Trump/McTurtleCare video.

BTW, erectile disfunction is covered by the new bill.

Who knew Middle East could be so complicated?

This would be terrible.


@132: According to Maddow, we may know about that on Monday. I think she said that was the last day of this session of the court.

@128: Thanks D. At this point I’m not going to worry about it.

@133: And I’m sure a return to yearly or lifetime limits on the policies.

@128, Erectile disfunction is covered in the new bill, because of course it is. But coverage for gays is not included.

Just made that last sentence up, though it wouldn’t surprise me. I’m horrified at how inhumane this deathcare plan is.

I started out practicing in community clinics, which I loved. You got to talk to people (sometimes through interpreters) who’d come from all parts of the world. I learned greetings in a several languages. The vast majority were good people escaping bad situations back in their homeland — vicious rulers, famines, war. There were also people who couldn’t find other clinics to take their Medicaid or Medicare or Basic Health (bare-bones self-pay insurance that our state organized for those not covered by a group plan), or those who paid out of pocket and needed a sliding scale. This was all well before the ACA. I hate to think of all those patients who will be dropped into the abyss if Trumpcare passes. I hate to think of all the middle-class people who buy ACA coverage or get insurance through their work, who will be badly undercovered on Trumpcare.

@137: And he, the vulgar yam, will go around talking about how great it is, a great improvement over Obamacare

@114, love the puppy!

Fredster, please excuse my ignorance, but is it Tiger’s baseball?

We hosted hubbie’s yearly family reunion today (he has a large family), so I am exhausted and hitting the sack.

I hope Justice Kennedy can hold out a couple more years.

Hope you’re all having a nice weekend!

@139: Yep annie, it’s baseball. A number of folks never thought they would beat Oregon State twice, but I guess after the first win that got in Oregon’s head and I only have that one fight song bookmarked and it mentions football.

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