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Snowflakes and Avalanches

Posted on: June 21, 2017


You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone, and we are all part of the same compost pile.

So wrote Chuck Palahniuk in his 1996 novel “Fight Club,” later adapted into a popular film by David Fincher starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham-Carter. Palahniuk proudly claimed that he coined the phrase “snowflake” to describe libtards, but – alas – Palahniuk is not a beautiful and unique snowflake, and his claims that he invented the insult are alternative facts. It’s a little hard to figure out Palahniuk’s politics. He has a  bit of a Milo Snuffleupagus vibe going. He likes to yell, shock and act like a jerk.  Palahniuk, who is gay, also approved the use of “snowflake” to describe liberals. And yet, the characters of “Fight Club” who resemble what one day would become the alt-right (angry, violent white men who wreak havoc upon the world and commit acts of terrorism) aren’t heroes. And it’s main character is literally a schizophrenic with multiple personalities.

In any case, whatever Palahniuk’s personal feelings on liberals and snowflakes, the term is very old. It has been traced as far back as 1860s to describe white people who opposed abolition of slavery. The alt-right’s embrace of it – and liberals’ attempts to claim it as ironic – has been an interesting fight over words. Who thought that the age of Trump would usher in a war over language.

And who would have thought that Shakespeare would be reestablished as politically relevant 400 years after his death. “Julius Caesar,” written in 1599, humanizes a despot, showing that assassinations of leaders – even the bad ones – is a terrible idea. Portraying Caesar as a contemporary is hardly a new tradition. They did it in 1930s’s Germany, and more recently on our own shores Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have all been portrayed as Caesar. But it’s the Trump version in NYC’s Central Park that has incensed Trumpkins. Multiple performances have now been interrupted by the alt-right and I suspect this will continue for the duration of the production’s run.

How triggered Trumpkins are by a 400 year old play. They accuse the liberal elitists who read Shakespeare of inciting violence by showing Caesar being assassinated. And then they accuse the same liberal elitists of being snowflakes. It’s a little difficult to square the two off. I don’t know what to wear to be a snowflake terrorist!

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”

Leon Trotsky

(This quote is frequently attributed to Bertolt Brecht, but actually appears to be by Trotsky!)

Art has been making people angry for as long as people have been creating art. The Pussy Riotpower of art to heighten emotions – every emotion imaginable – is unparalleled. And its ability to inspire social change is undisputed. Pierre Beaumarchais‘ Figaro trilogy was banned in France and Austria in the decade before the French Revolution. Dmitri Shostakovich‘s opera “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District” nearly got him executed, and he was on the brink of arrest by Stalin almost his entire life. The Nazis murdered more artists than one can count and created entire categories of degenerate art, which included everything from the film “Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” to the music of Kurt Weill. We have seen the Fearless Girl on Wall Street – bravely facing off the charging bull – attacked and disfigured. What are they afraid of? (One line of attack on the Fearless Girl, created by Kristen Virbal, is that it was commissioned by an investment management firm, which makes it not art. These people are ironically unaware of quite literally the entire history of art…) In our own times perhaps no act of political art has been more feared than the Russian female punk band Pussy Riot. Arrested, imprisoned, beaten by Putin and his followers: yet they persist. Perhaps in America political artists are fortunate to not be targets of government-led violence. It is imperative that we never allow it to happen.

Warning: this video by Pussy Riot is graphic.


102 Responses to "Snowflakes and Avalanches"

An unknown is the red state of Georgia lost to a well known Rethug, then stuff like this…

Democrats despondent, Trump emboldened after GOP’s Georgia victory

Is it the media or are people expecting a quick win, fix and reversal without putting up a real fight?

Dems are such babies…keep fighting and never give up. Never sit down and shut up.

an unknown *in

@2, Shadow, much of my Twitter feed has people pointing out that what was an overwhelming R win in November 2016 has been reduced to a low-single-digit win for them in June 2017. Yes, it’s discouraging, but these are the reddest of the red districts, so the % movement is big.

DYB, excellent post. I learned stuff. That makes for a happy day. Palahniuk is an interesting bird. He can turn a phrase, like, “Hysteria is only possible with an audience.” He reminds me of a more literate, less funny, Steven Wright.

A recognition of hypocrisy, among other virtuous traits, has skipped this generation of Rethugs.

Luna, thanks for the grounding…too bad the media tries to downgrade anything but Rump’s tweets and trivia.

Shadowfax, I agree with you. There’s a lot of ridiculous takes from the MSM right now (and half of twitter.) All the big names in journalism are running around inciting panic. And last night I was despondent too. But the change in GOP support is tanking. Price won the GA seat in November by 24%. And GOP spent enormous dollars and manpower to barely hold on to a seat they should have won with their eyes closed. Nate Silver’s response was that the only lesson Democrats should take away from GA election is that every seat is in play in 2018.

And yes, Democrats should have paid more attention to SC. It looks like that might actually have been flipped!

And then stories like this:

@DYB, definitely fishy, and part of a pattern. Voter suppression comes in many forms.

And what pundits and GOP want today is Pelosi’s scalp.

10 | DYB

And what pundits and GOP want today is Pelosi’s scalp.
Sounds familiar. Did they target any men????

GOP hate strong women. Nancy didn’t stop from retiring to bake cookies and sit on her hands.

Because…of course.


DYB, excellent post, agree with what Prolix said, love to learn interesting new things, so thanks!

I’m feeling better today, and yes, the Nate Silver tweet is encouraging. I posted it late last night, will repost here.

@12, Unbelievable. The grifter family will rake in billions unless some brave prosecutor can take them down. I’m hoping some spy from Europe releases the p-p video right before the 2018 election.

About the formerly huge losses by Dems turned into low single digit losses:

Yes, you could take that as a hopeful sign. IF you assume we still have real elections.

I’m going to be Debbie Downer here. Assume for the sake of argument that the election process has been captured. There’s voter suppression in all its forms: gerrymandering, polling place changes, crosscheck, etc., etc., etc. Add in a bit of last minute actual electronic fraud at a low enough level to be hard to prove to get from 49.9% to 50.1%. And you have a Congress and Presidency packed with crapheads crooked enough to participate in that kind of crime.

What I’m saying is the fact that they’re winning by low single digits may be evidence of something very different from eroded support. It could at least as easily be evidence of stolen elections.

But except for Greg Palast and a handful of academic researchers talking about astronomically improbable statistical anomalies, the media aren’t even letting the thought of a possibility of maybe considering whether there’s a problem be mentioned.

And we can’t look at that because this is the US of A. The world’s best democracy. We don’t have third world problems. Right?

Did you see that Omarosa sent a letter inviting the Congressional Black Caucus to a meeting and signed it “Honorable.” WTF?

@18, Quixote, interesting points. So the problem goes back to the fact that the mainstream media is weak and complicit, and needs to be punished somehow; maybe a campaign to target the worst “journalists” one at a time? And I still think we need lots and lots of lawyers filing lots of lawsuits against every these slimey perpetrators that are stealing our votes. Sue them personally if possible and make them notorious. There are some lawsuits being filed against dump, which is a start. I also think we need to separate from the alt-left, which will be difficult since Perez seems determined to get in bed with them. I personally don’t trust Bernie and his ilk, wouldn’t be surprised if he’s also a putin stooge.

@20, Oh for pete’s sake!?!?

According to the headlines, we Democrats are seething, freaking out, and demoralized after Ossoff’s loss. Really? Who? The pundits are all full of crap. Breaking news! A Republican won in a district that been voting Republican since the 1970’s!! But let’s not mention the D’s closed the gap by 18 points.

Does anyone really think one person refused to vote for Ossoff because of Nancy Pelosi? All these Dems who think she needs to go are idiots. There is nothing more that the Rs would like better than seeing Pelosi go. That’s like giving in to the enemy. I don’t watch much TV so I only saw one attack ad against Ossoff. It featured not only Pelosi, but Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders. Ya’ see anyone telling them to step aside so the Rs can’t use them against us?

Ex HS head Jeh Johnson is asked by Adam Schiff why they waited so long to inform the public about the Russian meddling. He says (my words)

1. It was in the middle of the election and we didn’t want to appear biased

2. Trump was running around screaming the election was rigged so they didn’t want to add to that narrative – even tho’ the Russians were actually trying to RIG the election

Thanks Obama. Again…

socalannie @21, I’m not angry at the media, or only the media. The *legal* framework that facilitates this crap should have been dealt with at the first sign of trouble, which was gerrymandering, which goes right back to some slimy politician named Gerry in the early 1800s.

That points to the real problem, of course, which is that whoever wins by cheating tends to think the cheating is just fine.

Obama should have been all over Crosscheck when he was prez. (Rove was probably critical in getting it working, so you wouldn’t expect anything from the Shrub.)

But nobody can be bothered because a) hey-works-for-me and b) Ewww. Who wants to notice what a pile of garbage we have to clean up to get to our democracy again.

GAGal @24. Yeah. I love this “Well the truth was all on one side so we couldn’t mention it. It would’ve been unkind to the liars!”

I don’t normally retweet Haberman without throwing up a little, but this one’s a good point – this LATimes article on how Nancy Pelosi must go…from 2006.

@24> Face. Palm.

President Trump has chosen his Washington hotel as the site for his first re-election

Of course, and will he return the money to contributors when he is impeached before 2020?

23 GAgal

You tell ‘um, GAgal!

Couldn’t agree more.

25, Absolutely. The problems were already in place and Hillary still won the popular vote.

The thing that ticks me off the most is that EVERYONE, including the dumptruck thought Hillary was going to win. Then Comey pulls his bs crap and the whole Russian/Rump fake news dumps on Hillary, and the folks that could have done something about it, Obama and Congress…just stay mum.

The Dems have a big fault in this problem by not doing anything until it’s too darn late.

@20: And Cedric Richmond-La 1st Dist. and Chair of the Congr Black Caucus said thank you, but no.

Excellent post DYB and also informative on art, in all shapes and forms through history.

@31 Shadowfax> The only person who seemed to be trying to raise the alarm was Harry Reid. Multiple letters to Comey, that were unanswered. And “leaks” via interviews with NY Times – interviews they just decided not to use. (As in their “FBI sees no clear link” between Russia/Trump article.)

Now there are more and more investigations being done even at the local level in places like GA of voting shenanigans on Nov 8.

DYB, agree that Reed was the only one speaking out, and we know others knew and did nothing because the depending on Hillary to win.

I would like to see the payola for the EC flipping votes to Rump.

21 states were screwed…

Senate RumpCare will be made public tomorrow…buckle up. Got my pink hat with ears, ready to go. Signs already made…walking shoes ready and a big mouth to go.

Bernie Sanders’ desired voters.

On TrumpCare, Adam Schiff tweeted that health industry lobbyists were meeting with McConnell today, which means they see the bill before anyone else does.


@39> That looks unstable?

@40: Or at least weird!

@40 & 41, Silverstein was the consummate renaissance man. Here are some of his one acts:

“The Best Daddy”—Lisa’s daddy shot the pony he got for her birthday.

“The Lifeboat is Sinking”—Jen and Sherwin play a game of Who-Would-You-Save-If—the family was drowning.

“Smile”—Bender plans to punish the man responsible for the phrase “Have a nice day”.

“Thinking Up a New Name for the Act”—Pete thinks “meat and potatoes” is the perfect name for a vaudeville act.

“Buy One, Get One Free”—Hookers offer a golden opportunity.

“Blind Willie and the Talking Dog”—Blind Willie’s talking dog argues they could profit from his talent.

39 Prolix

Interesting, but that is beyond a fixer upper. Looks like a multiple add-on that will require more than it’s worth.

The Queen ain’t having it. She confirms that she will defend LGBTQ rights (among others) and no Trump visit is scheduled. The Queen is also wearing a European Union hat. (Subtle.)

…But hey, it is Sausalito and that’s worth a lot.

@43 & 45, Silverstein died in 1999 so it probably is a bit of a fixer upper. In Sausalito that was a bargain price.

@39, too much work. Love Sausalito though. Haven’t been there since 2010, and haven’t been on a houseboat since the 80’s.

@25, Quixote, agree with your comments (although I am really mad at the msm!), and especially that Obama should have done something about Crosscheck.

@29 & 46: I recognized his name Prolix but then I had to do a wiki lookup and then remembered more about him.

Nice analysis of the GA election by Charles Pierce here.

Republicans vote Republican, even when a fresh face like Jon Ossoff steals the headlines.

A very interesting article on how female directors in Hollywood can’t find work. And how mediocre white male directors thrive.

A super fun thing to try out before the Rethugs present their selfish, irresponsible, money to the rich, RumpCare bill…

Google seach – has one of their great animations that you can click on spots on a grid and make your own little, endless loop tune.

I tried it twice last night, and my tunes sounded so good I payed each of them about 15 times. 😉

Some additional details on hacking in 2016. Hackers altered voter info!


What the Senate bill changes about Obamacare

(Updated June 22 11:56 a.m.
This story is developing and will be updated throughout the day.)

54 DYB

Good link DYB.
Since this investigation is “just at the beginning…”, they can’t say that is all that happened to promote Rump’s w.i.n…(cringed to type it).

They don’t know if the Russian interference had any influence on how the EC voted. If they thought Hillary would be locked up eventually and that the email situation was really bad…they would feel more comfortable with their switch to Rump????

This TrumpCare/TurtleCare bill is really awful. And it’ll probably pass… People like Collins have expressed “concerns.” But we know that means shit. They’re gonna vote for it.

Hugh Hewitt is going to host a show on MSNBC.

Rand Paul, of course, thinks TrumpCare/TurtleCare doesn’t go far enough. He says it’s identical to ACA.

Lordy, there are no tapes.

Pizzagate gunman is sentenced for 4 years in prison.

@37, Do they hate women much?

@44, once again, I wonder if the American revolution was really such a good idea.

The “pro-life” party in action, dragging away people in wheelchairs.

Sounds like the typical Trumphead!

@65> Those images of people in wheelchairs being dragged away need to be spread far and wide. That should be the defining image of McConnell’s Trumpcare bill.

Concerning the “concerned ‘moderate’ Republicans” in the Senate on the healthcare bill, Charles Pierce says don’t expect them to do anything other than get in line with the rest of the herd and vote for the damned thing.

We are getting the nasty rain and stuff from the rain bands of T.S. Cindy. We’re under a tornado watch and briefly had a tornado warning for my immediate area. Fortunately it seems they spotted a funnel cloud but the one in my area never touched down.

Dems have a new ad they are going to start airing after the reveal of the Senate plan.

Is this the economic anxiety Trump and Sanders are worried about?



Today is a “Selfies” day. It’s a thing. People are posting selfies. Some have been cute (Buffy and Angel posted a selfie!) And then Charles Blow posted this and I’m not sure if it’s ok to laugh but he’s laughing so…


Gop members feel ‘concerned’…and then follow their pack of wolves right off of the cliff.

You hurt American’s in their wallet and leave the sick without health insurance…there will be pitchforks in the streets.

Shadow, I fear the bill will most certainly pass. What happens next….. I have no idea!

The thing I find very disturbing is the attack on Pelosi right now. It’s picking up steam, already getting “journalists” and pundits talking about it. Haberman has tweeted about it, many others. While this bill is coming out, the GOP and the alt-left and their enablers are attacking Pelosi instead. With this kind of behavior…I get discouraged again about where we are.

@65, Spot on! Seeing that made me furious!

Fredster, I hope you’re safe and dry, and have plenty of food and stuff.

78 | DYB

The Rethugs have no morals nor principles. They will toss out any shiny object to distract the public from focusing on the $hit that is hitting the fan. Not surprising that most of the time, their target is a woman. I also think that the Sandcrab’s supporters do the same thing.

They attacked Sally, they attacked Hillary…even when she stays out of politics, they attack Nancy because she speaks up.

Sometimes, they attack Obama, but they would much rather wipe out all his policies and leave him without a legacy.

If for even a second, you doubt that Republican’s are heartless to the core, look what they are doing by shutting 23 million American’s out of healthcare, and using that money to gift the most wealthy in our country. EVERY person that votes for this RumpCare bill is ruthless and deserves to be sent home without a job.

When the real decisions come down to kick American’s off of their healthcare, increase costs to the elderly and sick…it will finally dawn on those at risk, that their beloved hypocrite is going to cause them pain and suffering. The pitchforks will come out before then, but the 38-39% that still support him…will be in shock then in a blinding rage.

@75, Why the hell would they think it’s a good thing to get rid of Nancy Pelosi, who has many years of experience, right now? It shows dissension. Congressional Dems should be united in resistance — not messily infighting.

Turn up the morphine drip…

McCain says he’s ready to vote on the bill, no longer objects to how it was written.

Also, in a bit of good news: Jane Sanders has hired a lawyer! Hahahahahahaha. The same lawyer who represented Scooter Libby.

@86 Scooter Libby’s lawyer? Lololol!

This start to Obama’s statement on the Repug’s deathcare bill reminds me once again why I thought his tepidness and too-willingness to make nice made him not a good candidate for POTUS.

Instead of saying “This bill is terrible and takes the average American’s hard-won earnings and gives them to the fat cats” he comes out with this:

Our politics are divided. They have been for a long time. And while I know that division makes it difficult to listen to Americans with whom we disagree, that’s what we need to do today.

No, we do not need to listen to liars and greedhead scammers. (Except to plot strategy.) We need to call them out for the deceptive sadists they are.

Luna, I agree on Obama’s statement. He’s so damned tedious; how do people feel inspired by him? Inspired by what exactly? His pathological need to be better than everyone else in the room? I truly don’t get it. Get some ovaries man. Sheesh.

I love the development of the Jane Sanders story.

@89, agree. Never did get why people gushed over him or swooned when he spoke. Some of us prefer persistence and experience, not a GQ appearance. Sigh. All water under the bridge.

Not the Onion.

@80 Thank you annie!!

So far so good in my area. No power outages although the lights did blink a couple of times. I had gone to the store the day before so I would have no need to get out in this mess.

There was one tornado touchdown in the metro. An EF2 came down and wrecked the hell out of an oil change place, a KFC and a state liquor store. The remnants of the liquor store are under guard since a wall basically blew out. On tv you could see the shelves and then cases of booze stacked up. The ABC Board is sending people tomorrow to get all the booze and pour it out (so they say!) because it’s been exposed to the elements.

@92, glad you’re OK! That liquor store may be getting lots of volunteers, lol.

NWLuna @91 “The man who ran ‘Data Trust’ the outfit that leaked 200 million voter details… is now Director of Presidential Personnel at the WH”

Standing here, opening and shutting my mouth like a goldfish. You couldn’t make this shit up.

Fredster, glad you’re safe! We saw it on the news tonight and were worried about you!

@93, LOL!

@94, Ditto!

@93 & 95: It was so odd that they’re going to get rid of that booze especially what was in the cases. Indeed it may have been “exposed” to the elements but if the seal on the bottles weren’t broken… Oh well, it’s probably a liability thing on the state’s part but I bet some of that “merchandise” makes it to someone’s house.

@91: Incredible. Can’t think of anything else to say and quixote you’re right – can’t make this shit up because no one would believe it. SMH

Charles Pierce has a good piece concerning the Senate version of a “healthcare” bill courtesy of McTurtle:

Today is not the day for you to ask for my understanding as to how you’re going to afford Grandma’s chemo now that she’s busted the lifetime cap on her insurance. Today is not the day for you to ask for my sympathy for Grandpa who’s going to get his ass hoisted out of his rest home and dropped onto the couch in your basement family room because his Medicaid ran out. Today is not the day for you to moan into TV cameras about how Cousin Clyde with the opioid problem has to go back to sticking up tourists for his fix because the little hospital up by the mountain closed.

Not today. Not this particular Thursday. Maybe by Monday.

@98, excellent piece by Pierce. Would love to send it to my Republican friends but they would only see the insults, roll their eyes at what they perceive to be wrong headed libtard ramblings and never see the underlying truth about themselves and their party.

@89, “get some ovaries, man,” loved it DYB. May I use it?

Uh, what we were saying about no-drama Obama earlier:

Early last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides.

Inside was an intelligence bombshell, a report drawn from sourcing deep inside the Russian government that detailed Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s direct involvement in a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the U.S. presidential race.

But it went further. The intelligence captured Putin’s specific instructions on the operation’s audacious objectives — defeat or at least damage the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump.

At that point, the outlines of the Russian assault on the U.S. election were increasingly apparent. Hackers with ties to Russian intelligence services had been rummaging through Democratic Party computer networks, as well as some Republican systems, for more than a year. In July, the FBI had opened an investigation of contacts between Russian officials and Trump associates.

New thread up.

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