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Lazy Weekend ~ Strange and Odd News

Posted on: June 17, 2017

A Good Weekend To You Widdershins!

Oh my, what a week we’ve had and it’s only Thursday of the previous week as I wrote this.  From Trump’s tweets about his Executive Order actually being a travel ban to the excitement Thursday of former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before a Senate committee.  And as I said, it’s only Thursday.  Who knows what’s going to happen on Friday, with Friday being a major news day the last few weeks.  So as our dear chat used to say, we need a palate cleanser to give us a break from the latest events.

When you fall down you pick yourself right back up and then sue

It’s the great American pastime, to sue someone (just ask the Prez). So David Waugaman felt as though it was his right to do so.

It seems that David was enjoying an evening at the Ziggy’s Hotel bar and enjoyed himself so much that he drunkenly fell off his bar stool.  David believed this was the fault of the owners of the bar so he sued them.

In the lawsuit, Waugaman contends that bartenders continued to serve him alcohol, including shots of liquor, though he was visibly drunk during his four-hour visit to the bar June 24.

“As a result of Ziggy’s serving the plaintiff alcohol when he was visibly intoxicated that he became so intoxicated that he fell off the bar stool and injured his right shoulder, requiring an operation on the shoulder with loss of use and limitations from the accident date to an indefinite period of time with some permanent disability to his right shoulder and arm,” according to the lawsuit.

Tavern owners James W. Sigwait and Genevieve Everett could not be reached for comment.

Waugaman’s attorney said that his client’s injuries were actually worse than that.

Waugaman’s lawyer, Jon Lewis of Greensburg, said in the lawsuit that in addition to the shoulder injury, his client lost consciousness, suffered acute alcohol poisoning and suffered pain, post-traumatic anxiety reaction and other, unnamed injuries.

Waugaman contends the tavern staff was reckless, careless and negligent and seeks damages in excess of $30,000 to pay his medical expenses and for pain and suffering as well as emotional distress.

Mr. Lewis the attorney puts all the blame on the tavern owners.

“They kept giving him drinks. You’re not supposed to feed people so much booze they fall off a bar stool,” Lewis said.

Well how else are you going to see whether they’ve had enough?  They fall down it’s time to cut them off.

He wanted that beer real bad

Another boozy encounter but this time in Ohio.

Robert Mason wanted another beer really bad.  He wanted that beer so badly that he drove into the convenience store at 1:00 a.m. on a Sunday wearing nothing from the waist down.

Robert Mason, 45, was wearing nothing from the waist down when he crashed his Dodge Challenger into SDM Food Market on Hilliard Boulevard around 1am on Sunday.

Rocky River Police Chief Kelly Stillman said Mason was driving about 40mph when he drove right into the middle of the store causing the clerk to be trapped under debris.

After crashing into the store Mason got out of his Challenger and said he needed a beer.  He then proceeded to barricade himself into a beer cooler and told the police to shoot him but the cops just used a stun gun on him.  And yes, Mr. Mason had an excuse for his actions.

[Police Chief] Stillman said that Mason was suffering from issues related to his service in the military and as an officer with the Federal Protective Service. (Yikes!)

And y’all thought Bambi was so cute

Well this one might change your mind.

Forensic scientists do a lot of things.  And they do a lot of strange things.  Like, for instance putting dead people out in the woods to see how their bodies decompose and to see who might come by for a snack.  They have done this before and the locations are sometimes called body farms.

Known as “body farms,” some research facilities study how human remains decompose in the open air, including which animals interact with the corpse.

Okay so they want to see just who might come by for a quick meat-and-three in the woods.  But these scientists at a facility in San Marco Tx. got a big surprise.

In a study published this week in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, researchers highlighted their finding: Ungulates, too, will partake in human flesh, if it’s available.

White-tailed deer are considered herbivores and subsist on a diet of readily available plants, including twigs, fruits, nuts, alfalfa, and the occasional fungi.

This is the first time scientists have observed deer eating human flesh, though they have been known to turn carnivorous in the past, eating fish, dead rabbits, and even live birds.

See what I mean about Bambi now?  But the scientists being scientists, say they found out something else too.

While this finding sheds light on deer behavior, forensic scientists are also heralding the study as useful for cases in which a body has long been decomposing. If scientists can identify the teeth marks of deer and other ungulates on human bones, it will help in new cases and could clear up confusion in older crime scenes, where only carnivorous scavengers were thought to chew on human bones.

Bambi cute?  Nah, just looking for some ribs.

We’ll wind up our excursion in,where else,Florida because…Florida.

We know cops have a sometimes hard and difficult job.  But this? Seriously?

Darrell Harbin and his girlfriend captured a swan chasing an Orlando police officer at Lake Eola.

In the video that Harbin posted on Twitter, the swan briskly goes after the officer, who circles a black truck. At one point, the officer also pulls out his camera, records the incident and jogs away when the swan became more aggressive.

Harbin told Channel 9 that he and his girlfriend were out for a run when they witnessed the playful encounter.

Orlando police also tweeted Harbin’s video and told the swan to leave the officer alone.

Another officer can be heard laughing in the video as he recorded his partner being chased by the swan.

“We can’t overstate the hazards our officers face on the job,” OPD said in a tweet.

And this last one I’m going to just paste in because Flordia.

Meet Buford Carroll.

The 30-year-old Floridian was arrested Saturday evening after a 911 caller reported that the driver of a Dodge Diplomat was “swerving all over the road” and possibly drunk. The complainant noted that the driver was “wearing a hat, no shirt, and had tattoos.”

When a sheriff’s deputy subsequently found the Dodge in a hotel parking lot, Carroll “was now wearing a white shirt with a hot pink bra underneath,” according to an arrest affidavit. Carroll, the deputy reported, “smelled of an alcoholic beverage.”

Carroll, seen above, was arrested for driving the Dodge with license plates assigned to another vehicle, a misdemeanor. He was also improperly driving on a restricted license, a fact that Carroll’s girlfriend said he was aware. Asked why Carroll would do this, the woman replied, “‘Cause he’s a dumbass!

Carroll was booked into the Indian River county lockup, from which he was released after posting $500 bond. Jailers prepared an inventory of Carroll’s 20 tattoos, which include “Statue of Liberty holding a gun,” the phrase “Life of a Struggler,” and one back tattoo that corrections officers were “unable to describe.”

The arrest affidavit does not address why Carroll was wearing a hot pink bra.

Last, this cute long-haired doxy gets a salon style treatment.



What’s on your minds today Widdershins?





63 Responses to "Lazy Weekend ~ Strange and Odd News"

Thanks Fredster. I can’t say I’ve ever hurt myself falling off a barstool, but I injured the heck out my shoulder one time when I fell off the toilet. 😀

Thanks for the break from the constant bad news. I think the salon blowout for the doxy is my favorite part!

I would love to pet that dog. My neighbors have a sheltie with beautiful fur like that.

I have to admit I’ve done more than my share of unceremonious bar stool dismounts. If they were handing out gold medals for such feats, I’m sure I wouldn’t have won one.

Good choice of stories Fredster. It is always good to think about something other than the Orange rot.

Great post Fredster! I notice two of your drunk stories involve Dodge vehicles. Hmm. Gross about deer eating dead humans, but humans kill and eat deer, so I guess its fair. Really bizarre about the dead humans in the woods study.

Ooh! Dodgers rookie just hit his 19th homer!!! Maybe rookie of the year?

I’m with MB, the video with the longhair dachshund is priceless. A supermodel couldn’t have done it better.

I watched the Doxie vid again. Sooo cute!

Did Patty come out? I don’t remember hearing that.

Well said.


I updated this to reflect I wrote it last week.

@5 annie said: Really bizarre about the dead humans in the woods study.

Well, the first “body farm” was created at the Univ. of Tenn. and the idea was to yes, study the decomp of human bodies, but also to assist in training in forensics and solving crimes.

@1: I had something similar happen to me one time except I fell forward and got a good place around one of my eyes because of my glasses. Wasn’t a bruise, but an ugly scrape.

Okay, I guess we could consider this strange or odd news.

I can tolerate the idea of a deer nibbling on me easier than I can think about all the worms and bugs feasting on me. Eww…

Love the long-haired Doxie — lovely animal.

Thought bartenders were supposed to stop serving customers who appeared overly intoxicated. Or maybe that’s just a state ruling, or it’s that they can stop if they want to. And if they want to keep selling drinks, they keep serving. That guy’s lawyer sounds like an ambulance-chaser type who’s not busy enough.

@15: Luna I recall some years back there were lawsuits being brought against bars for letting customers consume too much and then the drunk customers going out, getting involved in accidents. Perhaps this guy was a local and the bartender thought he was still sober enough.

@14: GAgal, have to get one of those good burial vaults with a seal between the top and bottom. Those will seal you right in there.

Okie-doke folks I’m getting ready to watch LSU in their first game at the College World Series.


Sad news. Wonder how long it will take the Orange Twitler to say something.

A number of the seven U.S. Navy sailors missing after a collision between a destroyer and a container ship have been found dead, the Seventh Fleet said Sunday.

The sailors were found in the berthing compartments of the ship that flooded after the collision, which occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning. The container ship appeared to have hit the Aegis class destroyer almost square on, severely damaging the berthing compartments where the sailors were sleeping.

A spokesman for the Seventh Fleet would not immediately confirm whether the bodies of all seven missing sailors had been found or just some of them.


Been away all day (and working tomorrow.)

The guy fell off a stool and lawyered up? Well, lawyering up is what everybody does. Mike Pence says it’s routine.

As far as body farms – gross. Years ago I watched an episode of “Bones” that showed a body farm and things happening to the human body. I couldn’t believe they showed this on regular TV. Obviously I know it’s a fictional show and those weren’t real corpses, but it was all based on science and gross. I am very squeamish.

That’s so awful about the sailors. I just don’t understand how this could have happened at all! It makes no sense!

Very sad. My heart goes out to their families and their fellow sailors. It sounds like the sailors were sleeping, then the crash, then drowning. Rest peacefully, sailors. Fair skies and following winds to your souls.


I like this one better.

Well I’ll never need a stress test as long as the Tigers are playing baseball, but they won in Omaha and live to play another day. Geaux Tigers!

@24: DYB, there will be an official investigation and Board of Inquiry. That commanding officer’s career is probably over.

Dolt 45 has created a landslide except the landslide is in France. The French have always been ahead of us in fashion and food, we can only hope voting patterns will be added to the list.


(Prolix had a comment stuck in mod from earlier)

@24, I had the same reaction.

With Macron – watch Bernie Bros ignore this and pretend like there are no lessons to be learned from it! Meanwhile, Corbyn is proof that Bernie would have won!

@31, maybe the BernieBros will miss the whole French election thing because Sundays are when most of them spend the day Q-tipping the Cheeto crumbs from their navels.

The Bros always forget that #TheBernout lost the Democratic primary by 4 million votes, and Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes. Democrats did not trust Bernie and would not have come out for him the way they came out for Hillary. Also, opposition research against him would have turned everyone but the alt-left against him. It would have been a Drumpf landslide.

There seems to have been a great disturbance in the Force this morning among those who suckle from Jabba the Orangutan. It appears Chris Wallace was less than sycophantic to Jay Sekulow, the lawyer who defends young Earthers who believe The Flintstones is a documentary and is now mouthpiecing for der Drumpfenfurter.

The anti-abortion activist behind the videos accusing Planned Parenthood of selling “baby parts,” as he put it, could be going to prison. And now his criminal defense lawyers could join him.

This apparent defiance of court orders may end up landing Daleiden and his criminal attorneys in contempt of both state and federal court, potentially resulting in fines and jail time — and disbarment for the lawyers.

@37, wellllll! And the icing on the cake is “disbarment for the lawyers”!

Totally unrelated to politics, except to how well Germany protects its heritage sites, is this brief video on the oldest portable art yet found made by H. sapiens.

Oooh, this exchange is FIRE! (This is what Prolix referred to as the disturbance in The Force.)

@40 Awww, good dogs!

@40: Love the shoes, hate the furs.

@41: (sigh) I so wish people would stop taking pics of me at the putt-putt course.

Yes, that exchange is very interesting. He really called BS on Drumpf’s lawyer. I wonder if the hypnotized hordes will notice?

Luna, love your tweets today. The one with the dogs was heart-twisting, thinking of those poor, brave dogs risking their lives to save people. I’m glad they give them the heat proof booties.

My husbands specialty in construction is about making buildings as safe as they can possibly be, against fires, earthquakes, etc, and he has the highest license a person can get in his field. It can be a hard sometimes also, like hanging in a harness 200 feet above the ground by a crane. I’m pretty sure California has the toughest building requirements in the nation, and hubs takes it very seriously, and he’s highly regarded in the L.A. building industry. Anyway, he’s normally very “jolly” (seriously, that’s how people describe him), but he had his cold, angry Indiana Jones look on his face when we watched the story about the Grenfell Tower building. He said there was no excuse for any modern city to have such a catastrophe and reeled off all of the various things that were wrong with the building. California has had extensive retro-fitting of building and bridges and such, but no doubt there’s still many out there that need it. I hope citizens will demand proper safeguards in their old buildings after this. That was one of the most awful things I’ve seen, I think that would be my worst nightmare. Those poor souls. I feel so bad for them and their families.

@42, hahaha! That was hilarious!

@47 socalannie> One interesting thing about the Grenfell Tower is that there was a long history of people complaining about fire safety. Apparently there was even someone keeping a blog about all the things they were trying to do to bring people’s attention to it, for something like a year. And then this happens.

DYB, I hope there are severe consequences for the owners, insurers, and government agencies that allowed this to happen. In this day and age, in a modern city, no excuse. God, it was just awful to watch on the news.

@39, Luna, thanks for posting that. The dudes & I really enjoyed watching it.

@39, I’ve been in a few caves, but I find them scary. Doesn’t Kentucky have an amazing cave system?

@55, hilarious and true!

@54, thanks Fredster! That looks amazing.

42 DYB

“Let me be clear hear.” This jerk was bat$hit over Rum before he was hired, and one loonie defending another loonie doesn’t equal any kind of truth or reality.

I enjoyed the German Ice Age Arts video and the fire-dog shoes. Hero’s with their masters.

And in another awful story tonight, a black woman in Seattle called the cops to report a burglary. So they arrived and shot her dead in front of her children.

@60, Does not sound good. I tried to read the story on local media but I’ve used up my free articles for the month on the Seattle Times. The woman had a serious mental-health history per relatives, from the little bit on the Seattle P-I (doesn’t have real good reporting). But why can’t they use non-lethal means? Or shoot in non-vital places?


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