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Character­­­­-less tweeting…

Posted on: June 16, 2017

Let’s review the last twelve hours shall we? Cuba policy dramatically curtailed. Four thousand Afghanistan troop increase. Program for parents of Dreamers formally rescinded by Homeland Security.

So where should our analysis begin? 1874 might be a good starting point.

That just happens to be where three very inquisitive and industrious German economists began their research. From there they studied 140 years of advanced economies and what happened after severe economic downturns. They published their findings last October.

Why am I babbling about this? Understanding what gives rise to something oftentimes tells you what precedes the fall. Our German magi concluded Dolt 45 was most likely inevitable.

Their study finds that after a severe depression or “great recession,” voters skew hard right. Voters want someone to bring stability. Blame is cast on minorities and foreigners. The “other” is cast as the cause of the upheaval.

Here’s the real kicker. Under such circumstances, far­-right parties increase their vote share by 30% in such circumstances. The orange rejectamenta was preordained.

A little side note here: What Hillary accomplished by winning the popular vote is all the more impressive against this backdrop.

Here’s where it gets interesting. First comes Brexit, then Dolt 45’s election, an election in Austria, and a funny thing happened. The orange, runny discharge started talking and people started listening. It seems as if Dolt 45 has peed on the far right tilt. In fact, Nate Silver finds:

The beneficiaries of the right-wing decline have variously been politicians on the left (such as Austria’s Van der Bellen2), the center-left (such as France’s Emmanuel Macron) and the center-right (such as Germany’s Angela Merkel, whose Christian Democratic Union has rebounded in polls). But there’s been another pattern in who gains or loses support: The warmer a candidate’s relationship with Trump, the worse he or she has tended to do.

Who says the umber inveigler couldn’t bring people together?

It is against this background that I ran into this bit of fascinating research from the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group. Without getting all “statistical,” the researcher used a technique that enabled her to drill down on the Dolt’s support. She found five unique types of Dolt voters.


Her research is interesting. I won’t wade in too deeply, but the key findings are:

  • This analysis finds five unique clusters of Trump voters: American Preservationists (20%), Staunch Conservatives (31%), Anti-Elites (19%), Free Marketeers (25%), and the Disengaged (5%)
  • There is no such thing as “one kind of Trump voter” who voted for him for one single reason. Many voted with enthusiasm for Trump while others held their noses and voted against Hillary Clinton.
  • Trump voters hold very different views on a wide variety of issues including immigration, race, American identity, moral traditionalism, trade, and economics.
  • Four issues distinguish Trump voters from non-Trump voters: attitudes toward Hillary Clinton, evaluations of the economy, views about illegal immigration, and views about and Muslim immigration.

It is this last finding where I want to shine some light. Of the four issues distinguishing Dolt voters from non-Dolt voters, three of them are the traditional opinions our German researchers warned about expecting after a severe economic catastrophe.

The fourth issue?  Attitudes toward Hillary. Dolt’s voters are motivated by Hillary hate. Folks, this is where it gets interesting.  The core of Dolt’s base, the American Preservationists and the Anti-Elites, are voters, who about half of them had a positive view of Hillary in 2012. After four years of Benghazipalooza and emailgasms, those attitudes reversed resulting in their votes for Dolt last November.

My point is a simple one. Dolt’s entire presidency rests on sustaining Hillary hate. As his poll numbers dwindle, the mercurial House of Representatives where Articles of Impeachment are generated will watch the all-powerful Republican base monkeys. If they start exiting the Trump Train, it will be a stampede.

One thing we know about Hillary. If she isn’t actively campaigning she is obscenely popular. I would suggest there’s an inverse relationship between the distance from November 8th and Hillary’s unfavorables. Better put, Hillary will be more popular by the day. This will be especially true with a group of voters already predisposed to like her.

There’s one thing of which I’m absolutely sure. Dolt is not smart enough to understand this. This has greasy smudges of Bannon’s mitts all over it.

So there is a method to Dolt’s madness when he tweets his Hillary hate. He’s tweeting like his administration depends on it. It does.

What’s on your mind today?



82 Responses to "Character­­­­-less tweeting…"

Just reposting my last comment from the last thread about Ted Nugent:

Ted Nugent is scared because a Republican got shot. It shows right-wingers aren’t the only ones with guns. That’s a scary thought to a right-wing nutter. So now he wants to be nicer? LOL. Two weeks ago he said he stood by his comments about hanging Hillary.

Dump doesn’t know when to stop.

@1, hypocrisy is strong with these people. Imagine what it would be like to find yourself at a point where just being a decent person and saying something reasonable surprised everyone. Of course such retrospection would be lost on a lizard person like Nugent.

Very interesting view of Dump’s anti-Hillary tweets. It hadn’t occurred to me that it might more than just random Dumpness. One thing we know he needs is an enemy. When Hillary is on the down-low, he attacks Obama, then Hillary again. I’m sure it does work for his base. I occasionally look at the comments under his tweets and people are nuts! The stuff they post… It clearly speaks to them and riles them up. Then Kellyanne gets into the game too.

Oh and the comments about Comey under Dump’s post are interesting as well. The base is really against Comey with the same kind of insane memes and messages.

Oh and Newt this morning in a speech said POTUS can not commit obstruction of justice.

Articles of impeachment of Bill Clinton were about obstruction of justice…

@2, one thing about people like Dolt 45. They can sense weakness. He senses Rosenstein’s weakness. Rosenstein has spent a lifetime creating his reputation. The orange effluent has ruined it in weeks.

Prolix, yes, Dump has ruined a few careers of people who spent lifetimes building them. But they also allowed it. Which part of what’s happening is not living up to their expectations??

@4, it is amazing. Entitled, privileged, white, rich men reveling in victimhood and grievance. When you think about it, it is the business model of Breitbart. It is the across-the-board motivator of the Alt-right and the Alt-Left.

@8, you are exactly right. Karma can be short-circuited by doing the unexpected. The people whose careers and reputations have been ruined continued to act without moral compasses.

Did y’all see this? Dolt hired wedding planner as the federal administrator of all the federal housing in NYC in charge of billions in federal programs.

A wedding planner.


Back to original post, the other interesting thing is how some part of the political universe idolizes men like Bernie and Corbyn – who lost their elections. They keep saying that Democrats must learn from Bernie and Corbyn. Learn what? Losing? But they completely ignore the people who won: Trudeau and Macron. Bernie published his latest piece on how Democrats must learn from Corbyn the day after his candidate lost in VA. Bernie has literally not backed a single winning candidate. From Zephyr Teachout to Rob Quist to the VA guy. There are others, all lost; every single one.

@12 Prolix, o Lord! *le sigh*

From last thread — I was reading the comments under the news article on Trump’s new Cuba policy, designed to just possibly squash his competitor’s foothold in Cuban hotels. Liked this one:

Once Trump is out of office, he can go full-bore to lobby the next administration’s policies toward Cuba. I say, let’s not delay his next big hotel deal! Give him his release now from the burdens of executive office.

Prolix> But what happens when Trump fires Muller? Because I am 100% convinced that he will fire Muller.

Luna, what tweaks is he making to the Cuba policy? I saw Ana Novaro on twitter saying she was pleased, but she’s one of those Miami-Cubans who want to nuke the island.

Prolix, that analysis of Trump voters also bears out other analysis indicating that Trump’s voters are in the main driven by racism and misogyny, the latter symbolized by their insane Hillary hatred.

It’s bolstered by the “what-about-ism” where they try to defend their position, when attacked, by asking “What about…?” some irrelevant topic to distract.

@11, another interpretation is that McCain, a Republican Senator, can only conceive of “problems” in terms of the microcosm of Senate functioning. Either way, he’s not real-world connected at all.

@18, DYB, he was mouthing about negating Obama’s loosening of regulations on American business in Cuba. IMO anytime Trump talks about restricting business opportunities, he means for his competitors. But it’s still morning on the Left Coast, and I’m finishing breakfast and I haven’t yet looked at the news to see what exactly he’s done.

@20 Luna, I agree! It’s a bit like after the shooting, Paul Ryan got up and said “An attack on one is an attack on all” and got a standing ovation. And multiple reporters said every Rep they spoke with broke down in tears. And people have been getting shot for a long long time and nobody cried! None of those fuckers cried after Sandy Hook or Pulse or Charleston or Aurora or etc. etc. Suddenly they’re devastated because…? You know how they say “First world problems” or “white people problems.” There is now a “Congress problems…” It’s a problem when they’re affected.

Cuba policy, from WaPo:

White House to revise some of Obama’s Cuba policy
President Trump will announce a prohibition on commercial dealings with Cuba’s military and some limits on the freedom of U.S. citizens to travel to the island, but will leave in place many changes implemented by his predecessor.
With shift on Cuba, Trump could undercut his company’s hotel-industry rivals

The young woman who encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide has been found guilty by a judge of manslaughter.

This is a cute story:

@19 Luna, wow that is fascinating! That’s for sharing that.

@26, (sigh) for statesmen like that. Bet the whole dinner was passed without making inane or insulting comments about other countries or rivals.

Why TF was Amazon given a patent for this?

Amazon has a patent to keep you from comparison shopping while you’re in its stores

…Amazon now has the technology to prevent that type of behavior when customers enter any of its physical stores and log onto the WiFi networks there. Titled “Physical Store Online Shopping Control,” Amazon’s patent describes a system that can identify a customer’s Internet traffic and sense when the smartphone user is trying to access a competitor’s website. (Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post.)

When that happens, Amazon may take one of several actions. It may block access to the competitor’s site, preventing customers from viewing comparable products from rivals. It might redirect the customer to Amazon’s own site or to other, Amazon-approved sites. It might notify an Amazon salesperson to approach the customer. Or it might send the customer’s smartphone a text message, coupon or other information designed to lure the person back into Amazon’s orbit.

@22, DYB, their lack of empathy is mind-boggling. Can’t understand how they can live with themselves.

@14, yes, according to the research, the wins of the ascendant Left is in spite of and not because of the leadership. Macron seems to be the exception and found his footing after his actual election to succeed in the parliamentary elections.

@17, it’s fluid as to what will happen when he fires Mueller. I agree. It is not “if”, but when he fires Mueller. A lot will depend upon whether or not Rosenstein has recused himself. If he has, it will be up to Rachel Brand to appoint a new Special Counsel. The real litmus test will be how the Rethugs react. Whether or not the Rethugs stand against it will be a telling moment.

What I do predict is that if Mueller gets fired, there will be all manner of leaks from the FBI and the intelligence community. If there are really salacious tapes and documents, we will be seeing by the evening news.

@19, Luna, exactly. When you drill down into some of these categories, you can literally see every person who has been interviewed for these “I’m still with Drumpf stories.”

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to read the five types, but I enjoyed reading about the ones who had the least information, but were assured they were the most informed. LOL

Isn’t the “whataboutism” straight out of the Putin Playbook? It is pure Bannon. Dolt isn’t smart enough to think ahead like this. All of the reporters who have covered him for years say that he doesn’t have a molecule of strategic thinking in his body.

@34, that is worst case scenario for democracy. It would escalate to Defcon 5+ for constitutional crisis. It would definitely be bigger than anything associated with Watergate. And with Watergate, there were still people around who could spell the word “duty”.

Great post, as usual, Prolix. You always bring out something worth thinking about. I vote for Hillary hatred as the cement in the spitballs they throw, and I’m guessing they hardcore right are still watching Hannity.
I am in agreement that he will fire Mueller.

The Megyn Kelly/Alex Jones interview disaster is just great.

@29> Wow I see all kinds of lawsuits associated with that kind of invasion of privacy!

You know it’s bad when lawyers get lawyers.

@40, DYB, Bwahahaha! If only the knots they were tying in their haste to CYA would choke them.

@33, yep, that WSJ has an video except starring Vlad himself.

@37, contrask, ah, their old tweets are a gold mine!

Executive idiocy — moving staff from their areas of specialty, with 15 days notice.

Zinke moving dozens of senior Interior officials in shake-up

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is reassigning top career officials within his ranks, a shake-up that appears to be the start of a broad reorganization of a department that manages one-fifth of all land within the United States.

…Zinke liked the idea of moving officials between agencies.

Clement [Interior’s top climate policy official] was informed he would go to the Office of Natural Resources Revenue, which collects royalty payments, according to two individuals familiar with the move, while Fish and Wildlife’s chief of law enforcement, Bill Woody, is slated for BLM [Bureau of Land Management].

Great post Prolix, and I agree that the thread that ties them all together is a strong hatred of Hillary.

Enjoying everyone’s comments too.

12 Prolix and 45 NW Luna

Rump is digging at the bottom of the barrel with his appointments. Looks like no one competent that doesn’t kiss his ring is going to work for him.

It really worries me to think that Rump may fire Mueller.

Then what? He will be replaced by one of his kids, or his butler?

I agree that the FBI and spooks will leak all the info they can about the corruption.

I feel like with Muller – it’s just a matter of time before he fires him. The question is: what will the GOP do?? As Prolix pointed out, we’ll be in uncharted waters and will the GOP acquiesce like they have to everything else so far? Will they attack Muller like they’re attacking Comey? We’ve already seen that start with Newt attacking Muller publicly. And Kellyanne attacking some people Muller has hired, also publicly. They are setting the the stage for the firing. What will the GOP do?

@50, what the GOP will do:

McCain will have grave concerns. McConnell will immediately break out the Senate rules book. Burr will want to make sure no woman talks about it. Rubio will desperately look for a mirror. Once he finds it, Cruz will try and take it away from him. Risch from Idaho will be in a corner masturbating to an autographed picture of Dolt 45. Lady Lindsey will be admiring the drapery material.

@36, thanks Contrask. Isn’t it a sad, sad commentary that the tie that binds these f’wads together is hate of someone they used to like? Like a bunch of bad boyfriends are having a group “hate-in”.

@40, money launderers need lawyers more than most people and money laundering lawyers need them even more — almost as much as mob lawyers need good lawyers. And money laundering mob lawyers, well, those guys shouldn’t get out of bed without a lawyer to take them to the bathroom.

@46 & 47, thanks Shadow. It looks like he doesn’t know anyone who is qualified for anything and if he did, the ones that are qualified don’t want anything to do with this disaster of an administration.

I wonder what types of pestilence have hive queens?

Quixote, help?


Thanks Prolix and DYB,

Just thinking here…if Mueller thinks he might be fired like Comey…he must be thinking in terms of preserving the info. he has against Rump and pals and keeping as much of the FBI in the loop as possible if he leaves.

If Rump hired another lapdog to take over the FBI, could that person cancel the investigation and would the FBI members revolt?

Hmm. Termites. But I don’t think that’s the kind of pestilence you mean. Locusts aren’t actually social. There’s just a lot of them. I think, very sadly, sometimes the only possible answer is that humans are actually the fecal standard for horribleness. Hive queens evolved away from all that or else they would have died out. There’s a moral in there somewhere.

BTW, have I mentioned lately that I hate Amazon? I hate Amazon.

When Does Amazon Become a Monopoly?

On Friday morning, Amazon announced it was buying Whole Foods Market for more than $13 billion. About an hour later, Amazon’s stock had risen by about 3 percent, adding $14 billion to its value.

Amazon basically bought the country’s sixth-largest grocery store for free.

@58, contrask, I hoped Peter Daou would write more after his 10th tweet. No. So…martial law? Would the cops and National Guard and military really comply? Or enough of them to throw us into chaos?

I was looking for more too, Luna. I am worried. What does take him down? The IC community? I don’t know if we have a chance. And we aren’t working hard enough to win these special elections. If Dems had taken any so far, we would be fired up. Discouraged right now

I hope Doug Thompson is 100% right, Fredster.

Well, it’s an opinion piece but we have to hope for something don’t we?

Absolutely! It’s all that keeps me going sometimes

I fear Daou might be right – now, I am from the Eastern block. We tend to not be the sunniest of people. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. But…Trump has defied every expectation. And the GOP has never taken him down. Nobody has. And I don’t think they will. There is absolutely nothing in the behavior of Ryan, McConnell, Burr, Grassley, McCain, Graham, etc. etc. etc., that suggests that they will go after Trump. If/when he fires Muller – they will acquiesce just like they have until now. What follows – I have no idea… truly.


This is not good news for the Orange Team. This is the guy who knows where the electronic bodies were manufactured and then buried. He also is the guy who couldn’t get a security clearance in the White House. He had a falling out with Rebekah Mercer after the election. He and Kushner became big buddies. This is where the antiperspirant companies say, “Never let them see you sweat.”


Note the beer can.


Whoops! was supposed to be this:

Col. Cornpone’s (aka JeffBo) testimony highlights.

Youch! No word yet on how this happened. You’d think two large ships, including one which certainly had good radar, would not run into each other.

Seven Navy sailors are missing and two were injured after a US destroyer collided with a merchant ship off the coast of Japan.

Footage from the Japanese TV network NHK showed heavy damage to the mid-right side of the USS Fitzgerald and a person in a stretcher being lifted to a helicopter.

The Navy’s 7th Fleet said on its Facebook page that the number of injuries was still being determined but a US official later confirmed seven were missing and two injured, including the ship’s commander.

The Fitzgerald has limited propulsion after suffering damage on the starboard side below the water line. A US defence official said there was flooding in three compartments.

No comment.

@72 Luna, wow, that’s terrible. Someone on twitter pointed out Dump has not said a word about it, but he is tweeting and retweeting Hannity.

@Luna: Who was on watch duty when that happened? I also saw on Maddow that one of the wounded who was evac’d was the C.O. of the ship.

Oops just saw you included the C.O.

@76, did you see the article photos on the Guardian website? That was an enormous crunch.

@Luna, not sure which photos I saw. I saw it on Reuters.

Amazing post, Prolix, and the comments are outstanding.

Mrs. Betty Bowers rocks:

how to stop ads from continuously popping up.

Hello Widdershins! Great posts this week. I’ll contribute on Monday, but it’s going to be tough to follow these acts!

I actually don’t think he’s going to ask Rosenstein, or Brand, to fire Mueller. He could have blocked Comey from testifying, and he didn’t. He wants to appear like an innocent victim. This fires up his base.

That being said, most people do think he’s interfering in the investigation and want him to let it proceed. This includes Drumpf supporters. If he makes an egregious move like that, his core support will drop precipitously. I am one of those who feel that there is a magic number in the Republicans’ political calculus. If they see his support dropping below “X,” they know they won’t get re-elected even with all the gerrymandering and voter suppression they did. I’m sure McConnell has it in his cold slimy head.

Drumpf will try to avoid that number at all costs.

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