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Posted on: June 10, 2017







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Fredster, I have always loved the oddball stories! But its fine if you just want an open post. We are leaving in a few minutes for a wedding, so I won’t be back til late tonight.

Did you guys see the twitter funniness over Sarah Huck Sanders goofy tweet this morning? Apparently (she says) her toddler got hold of her cell phone and tweeted a crazy emoji filled tweet. There were lots of funny responses of course! I will post one, then gotta run.

@1: Well annie, it wasn’t generating any comments and I thought perhaps strange/odd/funny is in the eye, yadda, yadda.

I published it very early this a.m. and since there were no takers on it I thought I’d just put up something where y’all can just comment however you wish on whatever you wish.

Hope you have a good time at the wedding.

@2: Yeah, sure. Her kid. Uh-huh.

I think that Huckabee post is still up! I think it makes as much sense as anything else she and her boss/toddler say.

Fredster, I love the odd stories! They make me feel better about myself. LOL

So at Bernie’s conference, something about People Blah Blah, they are obsessed with Hillary. Van Jones earlier was bashing her. They’ve had videos bashing her. Etc. They are obsessed. Their existence is defined by Hillary, just like Trump’s. It’s pathetic.

On top of which Biden was bashing Hillary at Romney’s conference and urged him to run for office. As Neera Tanden remarked, it might be a good habit to get into for Democrats to urge other Democrats to run for office, not Republicans.

@6: Well I still have that post sitting in the trash folder. I can change it to a draft and maybe use it next weekend. Meanwhile use this one for whatever topics, thoughts, etc. that y’all have.

Feinstein calls for investigation of ‘all matters related to obstruction of justice’

So glad Dianne didn’t end up retiring. We need women like her in Congress. I guess she and Pelosi were going to retire until Rump lost the popular vote. I just can use the word ‘win’ in the same sentence as His Orangeness.

Sessions says he will testify before the Intel Committee on Tue.

(Hey, Fredster, I saw the original and enjoyed it. Lack of comments is not the same as nobody reading 🙂 !)

Sessions’ testimony will be CLOSED. And the catch is: he was already scheduled to testify in an open hearing before the Appropriations Committee. He’s canceling that and scheduling Intel testimony instead. But the Appropriations hearing was going to be open – and this one will be closed. So Sessions is swapping an open hearing to a closed one.

@11: Well senses of humor are sometimes unique and what I may have found funny others may not have.

Bet you enjoyed the bit about the deer.

I’ll repost it next weekend.

@12: The Appropriations hearing probably would have been dull. Talking about the budget for D.O.J. ?

We’ll have to hope for some leakers from that closed hearing.

Fredster, I did see your post! I suddenly got an urge for potato salad, so I put on a pot of pinto beans, made potato salad, corn bread, sliced tomatoes, chunks of onion, banana peppers. By the time I cooked, we ate and I cleaned up the mess, I came back and got a Error 404, so I waited a few minutes and tried again!

I like your posts about people doing crazy things. Kinda makes me feel sane.

Quixote is right, I read every thread unless I specifically say I haven’t yet in the comments. Because usually I should be working…I really hope my bosses never visit here and see time stamps on all my posts….

OMG I missed potato salad?? I love potato salad. Now I want some.

@DYB,GAgal, quixote: It’s difficult to tell if anyone has read the thing when it’s showing no comments. I just can’t see that to determine it. I’ll repost that one for next weekend.

Luv potato salad!

I’m getting ready to watch LSU play Miss. State in the Super Regional in Baton Rouge. I’ll be back after the game.

Fredster @13 about the deer. I don’t know if “enjoyed” is exactly the right word. But I did not know that. First I’ve ever heard of such a thing, and as a biology prof I’m not just interested on general principles, but it’s the sort of thing that makes students sit up and take notice. So even if a bit grossed out, you’re quite right that I found it fascinating!

Fredster, I just hadn’t been around today. I have spent the entire day playing Tim the tool man and putting together my new grill. Obviously, the manufacturer had budget cuts and hired the D Team of instructional designers. Horrible instructions. Horrible. No words. Pictures. No measurements on screws, bolts, nuts, nothing.

It was an all day job. I can’t stop once I start a project. Whoever these instructional designers were, they are chuckling tonight because a not too handy guy is taking Aleve to recover from crawling around on a concrete carport wrestling with 32,204 pieces of a grill.

I read the other post, and I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have done unceremonious dismounts from a bar stool to a barroom floor. If they gave gold medals for such feats, I’m sure I wouldn’t have won one.

@22: Wrong choice of words then. Should have said piqued your interest.

Prolix, I know my limitations when it comes to those things. If free assembly isn’t offered I look for for someone I know who is more mechanically adept than I am. If either of those fails I look elsewhere for the item.

Okay, back to the ballgame.

Prolix, my friends and I once put together a Murphy bed. Because I live in a studio apartment (NYC!) a Murphy bed is useful because I can just fold it and have a room free to entertain when necessary. It took 4 of my friends and I – I kid you not – 3 full days to assemble it. The instructions were simply abominable. There would be things like: “Take screw #16561236 and insert into nut #9864165497 and then into hole #657945654978.”

And then there would be instructions like: “After step 89, attach part #A6534D61368E to #32165E5416G.”
[turn to next page]
Before last step you should have attached #246541233 to #45123249456.”

Except there were no instructions before last step to do this. Which means we had to unattached the previous parts, do these new steps which should have been done 3 steps ago, then re-do.

And then 2 weeks later my bed broke. (I got it from Costco because Murphy bed are insanely expensive, like $15,000 and up. The Costco bed was a bargain at $2500.) So after weeks of haggling Costco shipped me a replacement. The second time my friends refused to do the assembly, and frankly I refused as well. So I hired professional assembly people to do it. Now mind you, these people assemble furniture for a living. It took them 12 hours.


@25, truth be told, I love to assemble stuff like this. I truly do, but when the instructions are hinky, it is just infuriating. I bet the Murphy bed was a pill because it has to have springs to retract and hold it up.

I had a friend who got her Masters in instructional design. I read some of her textbooks because I found it interesting, but being a sponge I find everything interesting.

I’m a stickler about following instructions and inventorying before I start. Today I got hung up on a little part, a cotter pin, I just couldn’t not get it to fit the way it should and I spent almost an hour figuring it out because I couldn’t go on without the completion. I’m sick. I have a disease. I am probably cross-referenced in the DSM.

@26, great ad!

Fredster, I didn’t read your earlier post — been away at a continuing ed conference last night and today — so I will have to enjoy it next week!

One explanation for McCain’s grogginess

Maybe this is why Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) seemed a bit groggy during Thursday’s high-profile congressional hearing: He had spent the previous week on the other side of the world, hop-scotching his away around the Pacific trying to reassure allies that the U.S. government remains in their corner.

It’s a role McCain has long played, but it’s taken on a more serious tenor in the era of President Trump. Already this year, the senator has logged more than 75,000 miles to more than 15 nations across three continents, according to his staff.

McCain’s journeys to those far-flung places also drains the octogenarian — and it is beginning to show when he returns to the Capitol. He won’t publicly admit this, but some friends suspect his awkward performance at the Intelligence Committee’s hearing with James B. Comey, the fired FBI director, could be traced to McCain’s near-constant global travels whenever Congress takes a break.

My Tigers won! So if they win Sunday’s game then they are off to Omaha and the CWS. Fingers crossed.

Congrats on your Tiger win, Fredster!

@32: Thanks GAgal. They had trouble on offense getting anything going until I think the 6th inning and then got ahead and stopped Miss. State from scoring any more after that.

Are you guys talking about sports?

Did you see Dump crashed someone’s wedding this weekend. The bride and groom loved it. Such trash.

As someone on twitter pointed out: when is the last time Dump saw Barron?

@34: Why yes, we are.

Little pupper just wasn’t suited for a job as a police dog but got a new position instead.


OMG I just thought of a new conspiracy theory! I should post it on twitter and see if it takes off. Although it’s not that far fetched.

Remember when Bernie’s campaign hacked into DNC and stole some data that belonged to Clinton’s campaign? We know Tad Devine is friends with Manafort and has connections to Yanukovich. What if – are you sitting down? – that hack by Bernie’s campaign was coordinated by the Russians!

@39 OMG Fredster, what an adorable doggy. There’s a puppy German Shepherd that someone owns on my block and walks him. That puppy is all head and gigantic paws! So adorable.

@42: Yes he’s a cutie pie. And it looks like he has fit in well with the Queensland governor, wife and staff.

@41: Oh hell yeah! Put that out there.

What I remember about the Bernie peeps stealing Hill’s DNC data was two guys were in on it, but only one got fired. I wonder why that is.

Also, I saw Debbie W-Shultz interviewed later. She said she called Bernie two days after it happened to discuss it with him and he was shocked to hear about it. No one had told him. Tad Devine could have been up to anything, without Bernie even knowing.

@40 I think he’s a lucky dog who ended up with a much better job!

@35 & 40, love those tweets! And the German Shepherd pup! We had 3 of them in my young years. Our last one (my teen years) was really well trained and beautiful.

@41, that’s a very interesting idea!

@48: And I would not put it past them either.

@41, I would not be surprised. And Bernie sez he didn’t know anyyyyyything about it. Hmmm. Well, in one way I can understand — he doesn’t know much about policy, economics, healthcare complexity, or anything else he’d need to know to be a good president.

I wonder if Comey feels worse than up-chucking for destroying Hillary’s ability to be our President while he was silent about all the $hit he knew of Rump and his bros.

Thanks Judas.

@51, he should.

Phew! Finally. After a rain delay before the game, then two delays during the game, LSU beats Miss. State 14-4 and they are on their way to the College World Series in Omaha!! The game started at about 8:25 Central time and finally finished up around 1:35 a.m or so.

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