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Comey, Comey, Comey, Comey, Comey, Chameleon…

Posted on: June 8, 2017

Unless you are living under an overpass without WiFi, you know today is Comeygeddon.  The cable news airheads are going to have to take meth to calm down.  They haven’t been this worked up since day before yesterday and there are no signs of calm after the brewing Comeyapalooza.

You dirty rat and I know from dirty rats…

Everyone with a pencil and a scrap piece of paper wrote an article claiming uncanny insight about the Comey pre-ejaculated testimony. If you wanted to read any of those articles, you probably already have.

We are just four months into the term of the orange runny discharge proving the existence of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Very little, if any money at all, has been spent on this investigation so far and the federal government is already stone cold paralyzed. Republicans spent 25 years and by my estimation about $120 million trying to indict Hillary on something – on anything at all. They failed time and again. So for all those Stein/Sarandon/BernieBros creatures – this might be that hidden difference none of these asshats could ever see. I intend to point that out at every opportunity.

By the last count I saw, in 139 days there are already 9 “former” Dolt 45 appointees. When you can’t keep the D Team in jobs and have nominated just 10% of the presidential appointments, it means you can’t organize a one-car funeral much less manage 4 million civil and military personnel. With ticking time bombs on every continent, we are ceding our global leadership to a mental defective with a Twitter account.

Conversation overhead in Moscow hotel after Trump ordered two white Russians from room service…

In order to save yourself some time going forward, don’t worry about the legal intricacies of “obstruction of justice”. No president can be criminally indicted during their term. The constitutional remedy is impeachment. It is a political question. The political heat must be such that the kangaroo scrotum-headed dingleberry is more of a liability than a balm for the base.

Here’s the good news in all of this: Special Counsel Mueller has hired the most distinguished fraud prosecutor in the Justice Department. His name is Andrew Weissmann and some of the pelts hanging from his belt include Enron and several from the mob. Why is that good news? It tells us where Mueller is heading. Friends, the business dealings of the Mango Mucus discharge will not stand the scrutiny of a Weissmann financial colonoscopy.

Dolt 45 cares nothing about this country. He is even willing to offer up family and friends for indictment. What he does care about is his stuff. It gives him value and self-worth. If he senses his fraud-laden paper empire is about to implode, his resignation will be antedated. Mueller is counting on this. Technology has enabled forensic accounting to move at warp speed these days. This process is going to be much faster than Watergate — years will become months.

The lyrics of Karma Chameleon contain some apropos lines for Dolt 45:

I’m a man without conviction
I’m a man who doesn’t know
How to sell a contradiction?
You come and go, you come and go.

Let’s hope today is the beginning of getting the ulcerated umber carbuncle ready for one of his North Korean-esque signing ceremonies – his resignation.

The hearing starts at 10:00 a.m. EDT. Just turn on any television.



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Traditionally, victims come to witness public executions.



I’m going to be humming Culture Club rest of the day. Thanks Prolix!

I’ve heard of bars opening in NYC for this too. Crazy! Like they think Comey is gonna walk Dump in wearing an orange suit. (So he would just be an orange blob.)

Under cover of Dump/Comey

Here we go….

Big bags under Comey’s eyes.




This seems important, implicating both Sessions and Kushy.


Risch is predictably partisan. Did Trump “order” you to stop? No? Then LOL.

Rubio is a pathetic child.

There is no way Martin Heinrich is straight.

That last guy talking to Comey, what was he talking about, investigating Hillary and using special terms???

WTH is Manchin talking about asking if Comey would have been fine if Hillary was elected?

And Comey please, does he really think Clinton would have fired him? Bullshit.

Oh boy, Cornyn is starting. Time for a commercial break?

WTF is wrong with McCain? He’s gone, the brain is gone.

Has McCain lost his mind?

McCain should have taken his ginkgo biloba. He just gave all the senile old uncles in this world a new poster boy.

Wow, that was quite a hearing.

McCain needs to retire and see a doctor.

That was actually an interesting hearing. Comey called Trump a liar. Refused to say Trump did not collude with Russia. Said he was a coward.

OMG I have so much work to do! I’ll be in and out the rest of the day.

McCain – wow… That was frightening. He literally had no idea what he was saying. Nobody knew what he was saying. He did not know the investigations into Clinton servers and Russia/Trump are two separate investigations. It’s completely nuts.

Everyone is going to be focusing on obstruction because Comey definitively gave a law school example of it. He considered Dolt giving him a directive and then Comey was fired. There it is.

What I thought was really interesting was that Comey said he couldn’t answer in open session this question, “Whether or not Trump colluded with the Russians?” That is the shooting match right there. That is much more important than obstruction.


Trump colluding with the Russians is the political kiss of death. Even his most loyal dancing Trumpanzees, like Ryan and McTurtle, will not be able to put tax cuts over a Russian agent in the Oval Office. The obstruction charge won’t be enough to move them — it has to be something much larger like direct Russia collusion or massive money laundering resulting in tax fraud. If you are a betting person, put your money on the money laundering because both sides of that transaction got scratched.


I agree Prolix, and that’s why Rump will not release his taxes. This should scoop up his family, including his little prince.

So you wanna guess what Maggie Haberman is tweeting??? (I love that one of her Times colleagues burns her.)

Well, we kind of assumed this was the case, but confirmation makes it terrifying.

I kept reading this Yglesias article and waiting for the inevitable “but something something” and there was no but. He just says “Hillary was right.”

In other news today: The House is voting on a bill to kill Dodd-Frank. Kris Kobach announced he is running for Gov of Kansas. The GOP steering committee has backed Trey Gowdy as chairman of House Oversight Committee pending Republican approval.

Yep, they’re moving right along… Trump may not be getting ‘his agenda’ accomplished, but the Repubs are.

This wins the internet today.

Prolix: if 45 resigns, doesn’t that open him up for indictment? Also, won’t that then leave his fellow criminals without a chance of presidential pardons? Or would the next Repub Prez likely take care of that for them?

@40> Yes all of that and repealing ACA.

Just finished reading the recaps, and Prolix’ excellent post, and your great comments. From what I’ve gathered, Comey was his usual weasel self, and I’m glad I didn’t sacrifice sleep to watch it. I got this from Wapo’s 7 Takeaways article:

“…Comey said, he doesn’t regret keeping the president’s conversations within a tight circle: “No action was the most important thing I could do to make sure there was no interference in the investigation.”

But of course, when he was re-investigating Hillary’s email, it would have been earth shattering to not reveal it publicly a week before the election.

I really like that Preet Bharara. Awesome that he was there.

@15, exactly.

I can’t stand that bitch Haberman. She sounds psychotic. Love the burn the other reporter gave her.

@33, Prolix, I hope you’re right, and something is done to these crooks. All I can see is a long, bitter slog through the next year and a half while the rethugs gleefully dismantle every good thing about this country, and pass laws to help the billionaires reach their trillionaire dreams. And then we have to pray that the morons in the red counties wake the fuck up and vote for democrats.

Prolix, really loved your post! I spit out my coffee reading the first paragraph! “Take meth to calm down…” LOL! You killed it.

@41, LOLOL! That does win the internet!

@44 socalannie> In many ways it’s as you say. Comey remains convinced his treatment of Clinton was righteous and he still fails to understand his failures. He reiterated – prompted by Republicans – his feelings on Lynch. I remain unconvinced by his explanation of those actions.

To me the most interesting things he said about Trump were: he called him a liar. He used the word “lie.” It was interesting because when Warner quoted him back, he used one of those “un-truth” substitutions (forget which one, but Warner was careful not to say “lie.”)

Comey also explained his reasons for keeping notes was “the nature of the person” he was dealing with. That’s pretty scathing.

But then the bizarre Manchin question of how Comey thinks he would have been under President Clinton and Comey said he wasn’t sure, maybe she would have fired him as well. No, she wouldn’t have because she’s not that stupid, and he knows it.

Oh this is fascinating. Someone (probably Lynch herself???) with a comment on Comey’s accusation that she told him not to use the word “investigation.” This does not make Comey look good.

Also, over in the UK, looks like May is going to lose a lot of seats she expected to win. So she might not be Prime Minister for much longer…


Bold headline from NY Daily News tomorrow:

Oh and the other topic with Comey’s testimony: Kamala Harris spent a lot of her time talking about Squirrel Sessions…

Haha, and here’s the Sessions part of the story leaking from the closed hearing:

DYB, yes, he got in a few punches, but he has a shilly-shallying manner, and I think he’s come off as a giant dork lately with his rambling explanations, his “lordy’s” and his trying to fade into the drapes. You would think the head of the FBI would be tough and direct. My Dad would have done this so much better.

Love all your new tweets DYB! Especially the one about Lynch.

@56 socalannie, yes I agree! He was more subdued today than at the last testimony, the one right before he was fired. He seemed to have been hyped up on Red Bull at that one. But either way, he does have that “aw shucks” “lordy” way about him that, as you say… I don’t know how much of it is real and how much of it he puts on. Either way, it’s an acquired taste.

Regarding that Lynch (assuming it’s her…who else?) clarification: it looks like Comey is not the only one who keeps notes on meetings.

The Bharara comment to Lady Graham @ 35, as people in comments pointed out, is a “Fargo” reference. That’s hilarious.

@60, That is hilarious! Bharara is an interesting character.

Great tweets! I can’t help but click on for a few comments. I’m confused about @50 on the Comey/Lynch “matter”. It says the meeting was in September 2015. Huh?

I’m glad for whatever Comey reveals that can take down Trump, but at the same time Comey is one of the main reasons why we’re cursed with Trump.

@39, I read that vox article by Yglesias too — he does admit the media made much out of little to nothing, but then says again that it was “self-serving” for Hillary to say what was indeed true about the hacked, released Podesta emails. WTF? She. Was. Right.

GAgal, check email. Thanks!

@42, Cats, I’m reading bits and pieces about everyone who has sinned are in line for pardons from the Orangealoupe. I would imagine he will have arranged for his pardon or actually pardoned himself.

Now, the scenario I’ve been painting is more problematic. How does Trump proactively pardon himself, or get Pence or Ryan, to pardon him for money laundering, fraud, and RICO? That becomes problematic because the crimes occurred before he became President and would survive the short time he is going to spend in the office. No one could, with a straight face, say, “Yeah, I’m going to pardon a Russian plant and then also pardon him for a lifetime of fraud, money laundering, and the conspiracies that made it happen.”

No matter how cynical, I don’t believe even the most rabid Trumpanzees would stand for that.

Just spit-ballin’ here, but the outer limits of Presidential powers, particularly pardons, will be tested before this is all said and done. The question that keeps gnawing at my scotch-ridden gray matter is this: If Trump can turn his back on all those people from the campaign, what does Flynn know that makes him this all fired special to Trump? It must be more than just knowing the best looking pee models in Moscow.

NWLuna @64, that bit about “self-serving” in the Yglesias article struck me too. (Yglesias! I’m still shocked. Although he does refrain from saying, “I was severely wrong myself and I apologize.”)

It’s only self-serving if you shade the truth in some way. When the truth happens to fall on one side, that’s different.

Which seques into the point that nobody but Hillary wanted to talk about anything but emailsemailsemailsemails. There was nobody but her to point out any facts about anything. But she wasn’t supposed to say anything because they were all on her side?

If Kafka wrote a manuscript like this, it would have been rejected for being too bizarre.

@44 & 47, thanks Annie. These people are the worst of the worst. Believe me when I tell you, I’ve known people like Dolt 45 before. They have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. They are miserable humans. I don’t care what happens around them — death, illness, bad stuff happening to families, they never see the world except as how if affects them personally. They are moral-less. They are all lower brain stem with an uncontrolled rampaging id.

True story, I heard someone with the same psychological patterns that Trump exhibits tell a person who had a death in his family, “Why are you telling me this? How does it affect me? It doesn’t.” These people are lizards and not the nice kind that sells insurance.

@49, I want Joe Manchin to be beat like a rented mule in the next election. I don’t care if it means the control of the Senate. He’s the low watermark on everything. Unless the Dems take the Senate by such a margin that he doesn’t matter, he can stay, but otherwise he is useless.

@50, this Lynch thing, I want to just scream at the teevee. Okay, let’s call it a “matter” as opposed to an “investigation” — and that is in some way commensurate with effing TREASON. Here let me think about that. Really! Is there any better example of the difference in Clinton rules versus everyone else, including TREASON.

@69, I know, he’s awful. I wonder why he doesn’t switch parties, or go indie?

If you need your blood to boil this fine Friday morning.


@64 Luna> I interpreted Yglesias’ comments to mean that she was doing these things everyone saw as self-serving…but she was right about all of it. Which sort of negates the self-serving part? Maybe I’m giving him too much credit! Yglesias is an odd man. I stopped following him on twitter for a while because of his anti-Chelsea comments. But he seems to be much more level-headed on what’s happening now. And last night – as some people bizarrely interpreted Corwyn doing better than expected in the UK as a sign that Bernie would have won (there were many posts like that) – Yglesias challenged them with “That conclusion makes no sense.”

Also, good call on the Lynch meeting being in September. I’m not sure why Comey referenced is one of the reasons he held his press conference. There seems to be some confusion there!

@44 socalannie> That particular comment from Comey (if we are talking about the same moment) made sense to me. In the sense that: he said he didn’t challenge Trump because as an investigator, he was collecting evidence and he wanted to see where Trump was taking his comments so he could use those comments against him. As he is now doing.

I’ll be mostly away today folks, got so much work to do! Making up for doing very little yesterday. Please don’t do anything fun without me!

Just visiting briefly to mention the UK election. It sounds like “CORBYN WINS! BERNIE IS VINDICATED!” cheering has changed to: “OMG, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!” Because Corbyn winning was just picking up a few seats, but May still had more and she’s now forming a coalition with some crazy right-wing religious party. This makes me laugh not because it’s a good thing, but because it mirrors our own mood on 11/16, but also because they were laughing “Bernie would have won! Yay! Hillary sucks!” and then they went over a cliff.

Interestingly, as a few people point out, the people the Corbyn/Bernie Bros consistently ignore are the people who actually did win their elections and who are considered centrists in their governments: Trudeau and Macron.

So the UK had a right-wing nut job on one side and a “left-wing” nut job on the other and that didn’t bring enough people together for either side to actually win a majority.

But no, while they were screaming that Democrats will never learn because Democrats reject Bernie, they were the ones not learning a damn thing.

@77, I agree with your take and add these meta-thoughts. Although he’s not ecstatic, Putin is still happy. Muddling a country’s politics, is a win. Paralysis is a win.

The best quote I saw about trying to put together a minority coalition was from an MP who said, “It is a pig’s breakfast.” LOL

The good news is this — flux and uncertainty is not good for the body politic. For the U.K., you can be angry and vote for Brexit, but when push comes to shove, the uncertainty gnaws away at voters. The economy becomes shy toward investment. Jobs become contingent. The U.K. is a few months ahead of us in this process, but 140 days in with the umber monstrosity, we are fast learners — we will catch up.

Excellent post, Prolix! Completely agree that money laundering will be Drumpf’s downfall. Congressional Republicans are damned if they impeach, and damned if they don’t. They’d rather be damned with Drumpf than without him, as they’ve made abundantly clear. I’m not sure this will remain status quo, though. The Resident is starting to stink to high heaven. And the way James Comey described him is exactly the way he is: a lying, self-centered moron who is totally incapable of executing the duties of the office. That portrait Comey painted was compelling and rang true.

What I find very interesting is his vaunted integrity only seems to apply when Republicans are involved. He is more than happy to torpedo Democrats and lie about them to make himself look better. That line about the FBI being so wonderful and the most honest public servants, made me yell at the radio. “Except for you and your fellow Clinton haters!”

DYB, that take on the British election is beyond ridiculous. It only shows that Brexit is now Regrexit, and the people didn’t have a great candidate to vote for to prove it.

Like the French elections, it was also a referendum on Drumpf and Russian electoral attacks. I read a while back that the Brexit vote could very well have been hacked. I wish Americans could have a redo on 2016 now…I think you would see the Senate and House turn blue.

Say what???

‘It’s discrimination’: Gay Trump supporter says his vote got him barred from pride parade

…Now it appears that Talbert — a fervent and openly gay supporter of President Trump and a member of a group called Deplorable Pride — will not get to ride his float through downtown Charlotte in August. Charlotte Pride, one of the largest pride organizations in the southeastern United States, has rejected Deplorable Pride’s float application three weeks after the group submitted it, Talbert claims.

Talbert said that his application was denied because he’s an outspoken Trump supporter and that Charlotte Pride accused him of being “anti-gay,” a charge he forcefully rejects.

“I can’t wrap my head around that,” said Talbert, who has a Trump-Pence bumper sticker on his truck….

Talbert said he feels betrayed because it shouldn’t matter who you vote for.

“I want them to realize that they’re doing the exact same thing they say bigoted people are doing to them — they’re the oppressors now,” he said.

Jeeze, guess who’s back…

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Trey Gowdy is known as a dogged investigator of Hillary Clinton. Now Democrats wonder whether the South Carolina Republican will pursue President Donald Trump with the same vigor he used in going after the Democratic presidential candidate.
Later this month, Gowdy, 52, is set to become chairman of the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, where he will lead official scrutiny of the Trump administration, including a budding investigation into possible ties between Russia and Trump’s campaign.

Gowdy led a two-year investigation into the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, focusing heavily on Clinton’s role as secretary of state. It was the committee’s probe that revealed Clinton used a private email server for government work, prompting an FBI investigation that proved to be an albatross in her campaign.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans say the four-term lawmaker and former federal prosecutor is the right man for the job. Democrats are not convinced.

Lets see how many times Trey show’s his hatred toward Hillary and his powderpuff probes of Rump.

You can never say Hillary doesn’t have a wicked sense of humor.

@82> So GOP is replacing a dumbass with an idiot?

At the same presser, Trump said he is willing to testify under oath to Muller. Riiiiiiiight, sure he will.

@85, and since Trump basically said of Comey’s testimony “I didn’t say that, and even if I did, it would be all right,” he’s going to be a 1-man verbal clusterfk under oath.

Pass the popcorn!

@86 Luna, I will pray to the old gods and the new that such a testimony happens.

Also, House Intelligence Committee wrote to WH saying they want any recordings of meetings with Comey.

Also, CNN has fired Reza Aslan who tweeted after Trump attacked London mayor that Trump was a piece of shit.

@83, and reveals that Romney is blaming it on woman, lol!

@88, Another reporter fired for telling the truth about a Republican.

@77: Great observations in that comment!

@78 Prolix said: The economy becomes shy toward investment. Jobs become contingent.

And indeed haven’t some investment/financial groups said they will have to move out of the U.K now that they are exiting the E.U.? I believe I read that somewhere right after the Brexit vote.

some investment/financial groups said they will have to move out of the U.K now that they are exiting the E.U.

@95, I recall reading that too.

If you haven’t seen this yet, Macron just baited and one-upped Trump bigly at the same time.

@97, forgot to add: “So, Green Party voters, how’s that protest vote working out for ya?”

@99: Guffaw!!!

From Uppity Woman’s blog friend NES (No Empty Suits) For our opera loving folks here.


Enjoyed your comments, and thank you for all the updates! I just looked at fluffpo and their headline is: OAF OF OFFICE: TRUMP OFFERS TO TESTIFY. I so hope he does! I’m sure his attorney’s will figure out a way for him to weasel out of it though.

@73, really liked how she took them on. Hatch seems so old and senile.

@101, haha! Love it!

With the rethugs in charge, dismantling all our protections as fast as they can, we can expect more of these outbreaks:

Prolix, KY is one of the states, so thought I’d mention it.

Interesting thread about the vote in Wisconsin:

From Funny or Die, Trump’s The Handmaid’s Tale. (can’t embed)

@66: Prolix, are there any crimes, e.g., espionage, murder, treason, that are exempt from Prez pardon? Does it just cover crimes committed and prosecuted during the Prez term? If he can’t be prosecuted for a crime while he is in office, how would he self pardon? Sorry if I am being dense but it is my natural state. Just sounds like being Prez is a criminal’s wet dream. 45 can break the law, make skillions of dollars by virtue of being Prez, destroy the country (possibly the world), sell us out to our sworn enemies and then just walk away to live happily ever after….wow.

@cats3: I’m not Prolix but from here:

Article II (which covers The Executive), Section 2:

and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

I have no idea if that helps you or not.

@110, Well, then we need to get him impeached, and fast. Then Pence, because he’s involved also. Guess that won’t happen until after 2018. Jan 2019 seems like forever from here.

@108, that was actually chilling.

Rump’s Handmaiden’s Tale and opera were great.


Couldn’t agree more.

@85 & 86, here’s what none of us can understand about the Dolt. Most of us would be outraged and fighting mad if we were called liars. Dolt doesn’t care. Being called a liar is no more than saying to him, “He seems to breathe oxygen.” Remember the shame post I did. When a person has no shame, it is impossible to them.

You have to have an ethical code before your ethical code can be violated. If you have no code, there is never a violation.

The other thing is Mueller, in addition to Andy Weissmann, the mob prosecutor, has also hired a top criminal defense attorney for his staff. That tells us all we really need to know about where he’s going. Mueller, who has the benefit of all the FBI files at this point, smells criminal conspiracy. They must have signals intelligence of the Russians detailing these Trumpanzees during the campaign. These people are toast. The question is, will they get him before he does more irreparable harm to the country.

@113: The opera thing actually had me giggling a bit. And now I can’t get the music out of my head!

@115 Prolix said: The question is, will they get him before he does more irreparable harm to the country.

If the Repubs in the House fail to do anything to remove him, then they are complicit in the damage he’s done and will do.

@117, that’s one of the reasons they are doing healthcare and the judicial nominees at a breakneck pace. I think the Rethugs have a good idea what’s coming. They know Dolt and his campaign are dirty traitors. They are complicit.

101 OMG LOL. That’s genius. One of my favorite things is that they actually do a lot of playing on the original text and use some of the words from the original.

Here’s the original:

Rethugs are many things, but they’re not dumb. They know Dump is not sustainable. But I really truly genuinely do not understand why they would anchor themselves to him. Because if they are really not dumb, they must realize the fallout will be so much bigger than party loyalty and tax cuts. They must realize that? Right? Maybe not. And maybe there will be no fallout. It’s so hard to sustain all this and I do realize it took a long time for Nixon to go down. But I am now starting to appreciate the Watergate era and why everyone who lived through it feels like they survived something exceptional. These are truly exceptional times we are living in. Perhaps 30 years from now we will laugh at it… But my one regret is that I will not be alive in 100 years to read what historians say about it.

This is nice:

Biden is talking shit about Hillary at Romney’s conference.

This is only Blankfein’s 4th tweet. He uses his account sparingly but wisely. His first tweet was criticizing Dump for dumping Paris Agreement.

@119: I knew you would enjoy that DYB.

@115, that sounds hopeful.

@120, why can’t they be dumb & evil at the same time? Don’t sell them short! 🙂

@121 & 124, aww, both of these are lovely and touching.

Rude Pundit writes a note to the Trump voters.

@124, I felt like sobbing just reading that!

Some people in this world are as bad as they seem. They wear their public masks as tools to take advantage of hopeful and honest people.

We can try and understand how and why they do the things they do, but it doesn’t change their behavior nor does it protect others from falling prey to their behavior.

40% of our country lets men like Rump get away with this corrupt and ugly behavior.

60% of us have to keep fighting and never give up.

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