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Don’t Dream It’s Over

Posted on: June 6, 2017


In light of You-Know-Who’s election to the White House we have witnessed an unprecedented increase in Democrats registering to run for office. This is true particularly of women. Enraged by how Dump and the media treated Hillary Clinton, women are ready to fight back. One of the brightest stars of those already running was Kim Weaver for Iowa 4th Congressional District. That’s the seat currently held by one of the most vile people in America, racist/misogynistic/homophobic scum-pig Steve King. The district covers 39 counties, including Ames, Fort Dodge and Sioux City. Weaver’s campaign was getting a lot of attention on social media. Then suddenly, on June 3rd, Weaver dropped out of the race. This was a surprising development. But Weaver’s announcement was more shocking still.

Over the last several weeks, I have been evaluating personal circumstances along with the political climate regarding this campaign. After much deliberation, I have determined that the best decision for me is to withdraw my candidacy for the U.S. House race in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District.

One consideration has been raised again by recent events at my home. Beginning during my 2016 campaign, I have received very alarming acts of intimidation, including death threats. While some may say enduring threats are just a part of running for office, my personal safety has increasingly become a concern.

But there is actually more to Weaver dropping out of the campaign than death threats. As reported by Shareblue writer Matthew Chapman on Twitter, Weaver also revealed that Republicans conspired to punish her as a civil servant. Weaver works at the Iowa Office of Long-Term Care Ombudsman, an agency that investigates problems in nursing homes. This year the Iowa General Assembly cut funding to this agency. Weaver’s supervisor relayed a message to her from a state legislator that the cuts were intended to punish her for challenging King. This placed the agency and its other employees in danger.

The Republican has become the mob, but without an honor code. They feel untouchable. And let’s face it, they have been. McConnell has bullied Democrats into obedience for 8 years. As we learn more and more about Russian hacking of our elections (the newest documents leaked to The Intercept raise the stakes significantly… I won’t link to The Intercept just like I won’t link to Breitbart), but as we learn more and more about how much Russia did to steal the election for Trump, we must remember that one of the things that stopped Obama from announcing what they already knew in the summer of 2016 was Mitch McConnell telling him to keep his mouth shut. And Obama kept his mouth shut. This is the sort of behavior that inspires Iowa legislature to punish anyone having the gall to run against Steve fucking King. When and how will this stop?

As a side note, after Weaver announced she was leaving the race, she received a phone call from Hillary Clinton. Weaver tweeted: “She was very sweet and wanted me to know she was thinking about me.”

On an unrelated note, Newsweek reports that last year Bernie Sanders made $1,000,000.  We already know he owns 3 homes and Jane Sanders is under FBI investigation for shenanigans at Burlington College. These are the socialists from Vermont who were 2016 election’s original sin. I don’t think any of us have problems with Bernie making money. We just have a problem with Sanders being hypocrite who doesn’t want anyone else to make money.

Do you know who else makes money – as a special speaker? Cornell West. That paragon 1000wof… I don’t even know. What the hell is he a paragon of? He certainly thought Hillary was corrupt for giving speeches and he didn’t want Obama making any money speaking post-White House either. And here’s Dr. West, making money…speaking.  West earned $25,000 to speak at Coastal Carolina University. One might argue that $25,000 pales in comparison to what Clinton and Obama earned. But one would also argue that Dr. West is a far less significant figure than either Clinton or Obama. And the real kicker to West’s speaking fees is…

The records obtained by the newspaper revealed something about CCU’s priciest orator: West did not want the public to know how much he was paid for his Sept. 16 keynote address.


The speaking contract included a confidentiality clause.

And there you have it folks. The honorable Bernie Sanders and Dr. Cornell West, mere mortals who like new things; just like everyone else after all.

After the May 22nd attack on young women leaving Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, Grande vowed to hold a benefit concert for the families impacted by the attack. On June 4th she did (before the concert she visited survivors of the blast in hospitals.) She managed to convince several of her friends who were available to sing with her. Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas, Pharrell Williams, and others. There was a roughness to the concert, obviously not a lot of rehearsal took place. But that made it all the more real. Here Grande sings with Miley Cyrus a cover of Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over.”

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Those leaked NSA documents just….just……AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Pure rage here…

Happy Tuesday!

A few words for those who were smitten with St. Bernie or the Frau Stein.


Excellent post DYB, I did not know the back story on the Iowa race. How can anyone be as loathsome as Steve King? I mean really — how on earth would you live with yourself?

Cornell West continues to get placements on shows. Why? What does he have to offer? Beyond his pandering cadence, what does he contribute other than an offering to the grand racist Rethug poobahs of a person of color who will criticize the common enemies of Obama and Clinton? That’s enough for the booking agents.

Thanks Prolix!

I really am puzzled by Cornell West’s popularity. Maher just had him on too.

Speaking of Maher, he seems to have survived the use of the N-word on his show. He did apologize. But the story didn’t penetrate social media beyond some twitter anger within the first 24 hrs.

OMG, Dump says he will live-tweet during Comey’s testimony…. What could go wrong?!

@7, DYB, that is going to be so entertaining! And infuriating at the same time.

@9> Yes, Krugman is right. Republicans have shown their true cowardly, autocratic colors. If it was up to them, we’d be living in a Trump/GOP dictatorship.

@11, we have 11,000 Americans on that base in Qatar, but such a fact pales in comparison to the needs of Dolt 45’s ego.

Excellent article on why Liberals have to stop feeding Conservative nonsense about poor white working class voters’ easily hurt feelings.

DYB: Any chance Kim Weaver can be written in if she is no longer on the ballot? Would be so impressed with that Congressional District if they stood up to that SOB King by choosing her over him. She was very brave to run against him and to be so honest about why she dropped out.

DYB, thank you for posting about this important story. Can nothing be done? Is law enforcement (fbi?) investigating? Why isn’t this on the front page of every newspaper? I’m so angry and disgusted, I can’t even think straight. Every reporter should be investigating this. The Republican Mafia.

Also, it sounds like we can’t expect any honest revelations from Comey either.

I’ve always thought Comey was a coward and boot licker at heart.

Great Post!!!
RE: Weaver dropping out of the race…

As a side note, after Weaver announced she was leaving the race, she received a phone call from Hillary Clinton. Weaver tweeted: “She was very sweet and wanted me to know she was thinking about me.”

This is absolutely outrageous!

Either King needs to be brought up on charges, sued or at least taken out behind the barn and told to put up his dukes.

Hillary thought it was important enough to call Weaver and I bet the two of them had a heavy conversation.

‘Keep women out of Congress, keep women out of the WhiteHouse’…this makes me crazy.

Last night, I put my Hillary bumper sticker back on my car. I got so excited to see other women doing the same.

7 | DYB

OMG, Dump says he will live-tweet during Comey’s testimony…. What could go wrong?!

The dumpster wants to try and keep the attention all on himself. Keep his little lemmings under his birdbrained spell.

This is the guy who’s Comey’s friend who’s done this before and mostly some big story hit right after.

@15 Cats> I don’t know if Iowa allows write-ins. Hopefully Dems can recruit someone else and soon! Get that scumbag King out.

@17 socalannie> I agree, the death threats and retaliation by the local GOP is really a scandal. There must be laws against that, even in Iowa!

@21: a) I hope so, and b) that’s a really weird tweet!

Mr. Pundit is going to be doing some videos – apparently he’s already done some. Here’s his latest. Note: some “R” rated images

You would think the fbi would be investigating something this vile. I will continue to call the r’s rethuglicans. I hope someday in the future, this crooked and violent takeover of America is over and there are great movies made about it, and those who helped facilitate it get the public shame and scorn they deserve. (I’m in a weird place today)

@24 socalannie> He does that – and if story breaks, he’ll post “BOOM.” That video left out the explosion too… So either a big story is about to drop, or he’s playing games, which he’s also done before. That guy is one of the main writers at Lawfare.

Feds believe Russians hacked Florida election-systems vendor

@27, ok, thanks. He sounds like a character.

Thank you Shadow!

@25, omg! Its probably true!

On a BBC article-

Only seven states automatically count write-in votes – Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Iowa, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

@32, that’s interesting.

29 Thanks for that clip Annie, what frosts my cupcakes is that Warner kept saying they were not thinking of using what they find to better the 2016 election, only to prevent ‘it’ from happening again.

WTF, so it’s okay to cheat Hillary out of the Whitehouse…but any future man that runs, should be protected.

This makes me livid.

@35, agree 100%!

@35> I agree completely. The only thing is, and I’m not a lawyer, I just read people on the cyber. Someone made the point (maybe Prolix can weigh in) that the US Constitution does not have anything in it about nullifying Presidential elections and doing it over. And it is now too late, it should have been done before the Electoral College, I guess. We’ve witnessed many other countries re-do elections and have encouraged it, but I guess there is nothing that in our Constitution that allows for it on the Presidential level. Is that true Prolix? So there is no road map. And in order to create one, GOP would have to be on board. And we know how GOP is.

I don’t think there’s a solution to this. I imagine the writers of the Constitution did not foresee such an outcome as 2016.

For crap’s sake…when will this stop???????????

Washington (CNN)US investigators believe Russian hackers breached Qatar’s state news agency and planted a fake news report that contributed to a crisis among the US’ closest Gulf allies, according to US officials briefed on the investigation.

I don’t think there’s a solution to this. I imagine the writers of the Constitution did not foresee such an outcome as 2016.

No foreign country has ever changed the votes of the American voters, with the help of a candidate that lost the popular vote.

If they find the real proof, only Hillary is punished for winning.

@38> OMG! That’s insane.

On that CNN/Qatar story: based on Dump’s previous behavior, what he’s going to do is double-down on his previous comments and attack Qatar even more!

People are going to suddenly start liking Jeff Sessions now! And btw, if Sessions thought Trump was going too far with something…imagine how far that was.

@37, if there is nothing in the constitution to address the uniqueness of the 2016 Presidential election, then there is nothing to prohibit a legal solution, no? If crimes were committed to influence the outcome, then put the criminals in jail and make the wronged party (our Hillary) and a plurality of voters whole. And, Gorsuch’s appointment should be null and void by virtue of the illegimate winner making it. That’s my kind of justice!

@37: Nope nothing covers that:

I’m not going to paste in 300 words from the article or anything. Just a good article to read here:

@43> I like your kind of justice!

@ 45 Fredster, I saw a brief mention of that on twitter, but didn’t follow-up on the subject. It was a Chuck Todd (ugh) comment on it. I responded that what Chucky is saying is: “We made you, we can end you.”

This is weird. Will post what he’s talking about right after.

Never mind, it posted the whole thing. Prolix, what does Tribe’s tweet mean?

Two Sessions-related stories today. Kind of odd…

” The day after President Trump asked James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, to end an investigation into his former national security adviser, Mr. Comey confronted Attorney General Jeff Sessions and said he did not want to be left alone again with the president, according to current and former law enforcement officials.

Mr. Comey believed Mr. Sessions should protect the F.B.I. from White House influence, the officials said, and pulled him aside after a meeting in February to tell him that private interactions between the F.B.I. director and the president were inappropriate. But Mr. Sessions could not guarantee that the president would not try to talk to Mr. Comey alone again, the officials said.”

And the other story, from WaPo (I guess Wittes was right again).

“On March 22, less than a week after being confirmed by the Senate, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats attended a briefing at the White House together with officials from several government agencies. As the briefing was wrapping up, Trump asked everyone to leave the room except for Coats and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

The president then started complaining about the FBI investigation and Comey’s handling of it, said officials familiar with the account Coats gave to associates. Two days earlier, Comey had confirmed in a congressional hearing that the bureau was probing whether Trump’s campaign coordinated with Russia during the 2016 race.

After the encounter, Coats discussed the conversation with other officials and decided that intervening with Comey as Trump had suggested would be inappropriate, according to officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive internal matters.

The events involving Coats show the president went further than just asking intelligence officials to deny publicly the existence of any evidence showing collusion during the 2016 election, as The Washington Post reported in May. The interaction with Coats indicates that Trump aimed to enlist top officials to have Comey curtail the bureau’s probe.

Coats will testify on Wednesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee.”

@48/49> Weird.

46 | DYB
June 6, 2017 at 7:54 pm
@43> I like your kind of justice!

—-I agree. Wrongs should be corrected, crooks should be jailed. That’s how it works in real life – (we call that ‘justice’),
……… but are political acts above the law?

I bet Rump is cursing the day he decided to run for President.

Mr. RumpRich of NY that thought he was king is now the laughing stock of the planet. He will not last one term. I want to see him charged with Treason against the US.

@55 Fredster> Well, she’s got a point!

@57 Shadowfax> I think he does regret it. He just wanted to do cool stuff like deliver speeches and build his brand and then make money after losing. Instead he won. And he doesn’t realize that elections have consequences. He asked people to shut down investigations because he has no idea how stuff works. He’s used to telling people what to do in his businesses, so he’s doing that in the White House. But he can’t. The same rules don’t apply. Elections have consequences!!! Even for Trump. He will never get that through his thick skull.

@56, Shadow I consider these political acts a form of fraud with a heavy dollop of espionage if not treason. Also, I suspect the trump empire is fraught with financial crimes both foreign and domestic. The ethics violations, e.g., the Prez can’t have conflicts of interest and not providing tax returns, should be addressed in new laws. What 45 and his spawn are getting away with is obscene (not to mention embarrassing and dangerous to our national interests) and must be dealt with legislatively if not under laws currently on the books. But what do I know!

@37, Welp. Don’t see why, when the proof comes out that Putin’s hackers did indeed cause the Dem votes to not be counted correctly, that we simply add up the correct votes. Then, when the correct total per state shows that Hillary won the Electoral College as well as the popular vote, that makes her POTUS. Seems straightforward to me! Trump turns into an asterisk in the history books, and gets a nice peaceful stay in government property, though not in NY or DC.

NWLuna,IKR? What do you do in a democracy? You count the votes. What do we tell small countries with problems to do? Count the votes. What do we do in the US when an election has been stolen? Stare dumbly at the result unable to figure out what’s next.

Meanwhile, NY Times reporters (Eric Lipton, in this case), making excuses for Eric Trump stealing money from his cancer charity. Compared to what he said about Clinton Foundation.

DyB, Cats, NWLuna and Quixote –

Agree with all of you. Seems pretty straight forward to me and anything less, our votes are just a fantasy and Hillary just wasted her entire career.

Like I mentioned, I put my Hillary sticker back on my car and it’s my public way of giving the middle finger to Rump and crooks.

@37, D, you are correct. Simply put, the Framers never envisioned something like this and if something untoward did worm its way into a Presidential election, the off-ramp was the Electoral College. Through practice we have, as a country, short-circuited the off-ramp by making it a rubber stamp.

The Constitution has a mechanism for fulfilling vacancies by impeachment or disability, but not “redoing” of elections. That doesn’t seem fair, but it is fact.

With that said, here’s some out-of-the-box thinking as a thought experiment. This situation is so abnormal, so extraordinary, it might lend itself to an original action. If indeed there is irrefutable evidence of vote tampering, I could see some action being filed and eventually winding its way to the Supremes. Ironically, the precedent would be Bush v. Gore as a non-precedential ruling on a Presidential election. Yes, you read that right, the precedent is for a non-precedential ruling meaning it only affects the case at bar.

But, if a case were to reach the Supremes, the remedy would have to be either: (1) New primaries or new conventions to select party nominees; or (2) Installation of Hillary. I don’t see either one being a possibility. The Constitution provides for caretaking Presidents, Speaker of the House, or President Pro Tem of the Senate, I can’t see the Supreme Court ever reaching into its equitable powers and going outside the Constitution to order a new election or the inauguration of Hillary. There is no other way than for the Supremes to order it and I just don’t see it ever happening.

Back on normal Earth, where decency still exists, this would be enough to end anyone’s public life, but not here on Earth II where morality and decency died on November 8th, 2016.


@66> Yep, that’s what Eric Lipton at the NY Times is defending, not wanting to offend Forbes…

@65> *le sigh*

@54, I have been thinking the exact same thing. Dolt 45 will use the inevitable crisis as a Reichstag-type event. This is quintessential Bannonesque thinking.

@54/68, I wouldn’t put it past dump & co. to create the attack. I think dump is desperate for a war.

Prolix 65

What if they find corruption in the Electoral Votes, like collusion with Rump and Putin to pay off some people that voted for Rump in the states that where votes were changed from Hillary to Rump…for example, what they are starting to find with FL these days.

So, if it’s proven that she not only won the popular votes but also the EC votes were corrupted by payoffs or hacks????


I think dump is desperate for a war.
Absolutely. Either we get him out fast or like Hillary implied…a crazy man with his tiny hands on the nuke codes.

That’s funny. Huckleberry’s daughter is a mental midget like Conjob. Rump must turn over every rock to find these people. Spicy and SNL are a great pair, with his dollies and mobile podium.

So I’m really slow on understanding this whole Reality Winner situation and how the FBI was able to trace her using creases in the paper and why The Intercept screwed her over. Maybe everybody else is already way ahead of me. But just in case not – someone finally explained it to me today. The issue was that Intercept published a digital scan of the document, which showed creases. Creases were evidence that the document was a paper print out. (A digital file would not have creases. A paper would.) So the FBI knew this was a paper print-out. They ran the system to see how many people accessed the document. Only 6 names came up. They found unrelated e-mails to The Intercept on Reality Winner’s computer, went to her home, she confessed.

It took me, like, 2 days to get this!

It just looks bad for Intercept. FBI would probably have tracked her down anyway, but they helped compromise her with their recklessness.

@72 Shadowfax> Huckabee is just so bizarre! She’s worse at the job than Spicer, and that’s saying a lot. All these spokespeople they are using now are just incompetent nut-jobs!

Megyn Kelly is the “Tanya Harding of Cable News”

So question on Dump and Bannon and the potential for their version of Reichstag Fire. Obviously, we don’t know what it would be. But…if Dump tries to blame the courts for an attack, what does it mean in the larger scheme of things? So far the courts have been able to keep Dump in check, more or less. But they are the only ones.

@74, Thanks for explaining that. Yes, it looks like Greenwald et al are guilty of ratting out a “source”. I remember when journalists had a code of ethics.

@76> That’s good! (Although Michelle Wolf is really awkward on camera…) But those are all vital points about Megyn Kelly, who is a fraud! She helped bring us to the mad world we are in!!! She is one of the people most responsible.

@78> Has Greenwald even commented on this?? He was one of the biggest cheerleaders for Putin, saying Democrats were insane for talking about Russians in such a bad way! But since he blocked me on twitter, I don’t know if he’s responded to his own paper publishing this.

@70, Shadow, you can think of a million different scenarios and they can all be preceded by “what if,” but the facts remain the same. You don’t tear up the rules in the Monopoly game if you lose, you see what the rules say. In this case, the rules (Constitution) say, “Impeachment is the only way for removal,” and “it is a political tool, not a judicial one.”

If there is a vacancy by way of impeachment, there is an order of succession under the rules, in this case, the Constitution.

Once an Elector casts their votes, their utility is finished. There is no provision for calling the Electoral College back to order. It’s just like a Monopoly game, if someone is cheating in the game you throw them out of the game. If you find out they cheated after the game, you don’t make them play another game, it is a done deal. You go forward, not backward. The Electors had their shot — they didn’t exercise their duty. It’s a done deal.

I know it is not what any of us would want to have happen. We all wanted Hillary to be President. That is not going to happen unless she runs in 2020 and wins.

@74, tonight on the evening news, they said the printers print out an invisible code on the document itself that can be traced back to the machine that printed it and that there is an electronic trail. I had no idea. I guess the machines at the NSA are more sophisticated than Kinko’s.

@77, the original bans were 90 days. We are 120 days out. Logically, and with the Trumpanzees it won’t make a difference, but logically, we are outside what they were asking for in the original ban. So technically they were asking for 90 days to get their “extreme vetting” up and running. So if their “extreme vetting” isn’t up and running by now, what have they been doing? Playing golf?

Okay, here’s a plan.



Ugh…it’s just not right. Time to correct the rules then, this is just not acceptable.

Back on Earth, this would be another huge story. The Brownback “Great Kansas Experiment” is over. It ended in an ignominious death by veto override. This is the heart of all supply side/trickle down economic theory so often ballyhooed by chronic liar and perennial policy fraud Granny-starver Paul Ryan.


@86: Back on Earth,

You got that right.

@84, (weeps)
(stalks about the house shouting, alarming the cats)
(asks the deities to give her the patience of Hillary)

Here’s the stuff about printers printing “dots” to detail the printer and time of printing.

Most printers now include “tracking dots” — nearly invisible yellow dots that specify exactly when and where documents were printed — in all printouts, and if you look closely, you can see those dots on the document the Intercept posted online. They give the exact time the document was printed, which would’ve enabled the NSA to track down the person who printed it out at that time.

@63, Eric Lipton can’t see the forest of deceit for the trees of money. Wonder how he’d feel about, say, giving his kid $1000 for tuition and the kid turns around and spends $800 to get some awesome tattoos.

Journalists should have to pass a Rational Thinking course to graduate. Hell, everyone should. At minimum pass the high school version. Problem is we’d have to have school boards concerned with critical thinking, and we know the deplorables are allergic to that.

@89, !!!

But wait, if you use a black-ink-only printer there shouldn’t be those pesky tracking dots, right?

@81: Prolix, remind me not to play monopoly with you! The rules I suspect do not address cheating to win the game, therefore I would want a do over, a return of all I lost because you cheated or the right to bop you in the nose for not playing fair! The constitution doesn’t address criminal acts (cheating) in order to win so why should we rely on rules that address acts, incapacity or death after the offending party had been inaugurated in a presumably fair, by the rules election? The EC was intended to preclude an unqualified candidate from taking office not a dastardly grifter running a con (Yes, I know he was also unqualified but work with me here!). Another thought, if we were playing poker with real money, would all the players let the “winner” walk away with the stolen pot?

@72, somewhere in all the flood of tweets and other info I saw something which implied that the military was allegedly prepared to ignore certain POTUS commands. Or delay, or have an equipment malfunction. I don’t even want to think about any of the scenarios. We don’t want a military mutiny, but we don’t want Trump ordering nukes just because he wants to show he’s such an potent idiot compared to Obama.

@91, from the Atlantic article, the dots were visible in the printed version in the Intercept article.

The idea was that color laser printers might be (or become) so good that anyone could just print money. So, manufacturers were persuaded to add this countermeasure into the software that’s baked into some printers. When someone prints in color on one of these machines, the printer does everything normally, but also adds this nearly invisible identifying stamp. (If they print in black and white, though, there are no dots.)

But the dots are tracking documents, and the people who print them, nonetheless.

Did these dots play a role in Reality Winner’s investigation? We don’t know, but if you’re planning on leaking some classified documents by printing them through a color printer, you may want to rethink your plan.

@92, cats3, agree! But we also have the Rethugs to deal with and they don’t play fair.

(sigh) Time to decompress and get to bed. There will be more grifting treasons uncovered by tomorrow, I’m sure.

@94, thx.

Note to self: Black ink only.

@92: You don’t get that because: Constitution. Nothing there to cover the situation. However, there’s always the idea of a constitutional amendment. But good luck with that. And it won’t address a situation that’s already occurred.

@97, so what trump, his gang and the Russians did was constitutional because it was not addressed in said document? Was it also legal? If not, isn’t there a law that says you cannot benefit from a crime? Everyone and his or her pet is saying this is not normal but we follow normal rules? Politics will preclude impeachment or a fair SC ruling so we just let it happen and HOPE they can be voted out in four years? That is insane. Extraordinary times should yield extraordinary measures. I know I am tilting at windmills.

The Constitution is a great document…but not a perfect one. That’s something that more and more people should accept. We need to make changes to it. Starting with, perhaps, the 2nd Amendment.

So from tweets I’m reading, it sounds like Coats and Rogers are covering for Trump…

Benjamin Wittes just posted another “tick tick tick” post, like @21.

It doesn’t sound like today’s testimonies went well for anyone who doesn’t trust Trump. So maybe a big story is about to address that…

Wow, Angus King just blasted all the men that are being interviewed in the hearing today!!!

Of course, the Rethugs are all pandering to those being interviewed. The Dems have started moves to put them in a choke hold.

This is a stunning moment from the testimony. All 4 people refused to answer questions because… no legal reason provided. They just didn’t want to. Stunning.

@105 Shadowfax, yes, that’s the clip I just posted. Kudos to King for really pursuing it – and they refuse to answer. It’s incredible…

@107, “I won’t answer until the White House tells me I can” is basically what they are saying.

Honor to Angus King for his drive to get to the truth and to continue to question them and expose this.

@110, and Harris is a former prosecutor. She knows how to question. And persist.

I agree that King was the star and that Dems will have to call these men back to get any answers. CNN said that later today, only the staff of these men will be in the closed hearing and that they will not get any answers to the committee’s questions.

It was evident that they have been told by Rump to not give an inch of info. to the committee. Lapdogs are running our security.

Kamala was not going to listen to bogus excuses…and the men will try to tear her to shreds. Welcome to Hillary’s world, Kamala.

Chris Christie’s attorney, defender of tax-evading banks, for head of FBI? How “impeccable”!

Trump announced Wednesday that he would nominate Christopher A. Wray — a white-collar criminal defense attorney who led the Justice Department’s Criminal Division during the George W. Bush administration — to serve as the next FBI director.

Trump posted the announcement on Twitter, declaring Wray a “man of impeccable credentials.” His appointment would still have to be confirmed by the Senate, which is sure to scrutinize Trump’s nominee intensely. Wray, now a partner at King & Spalding, led the Justice Department’s Criminal Division from 2003 to 2005, and his firm biography says that he “helped lead the Department’s efforts to address the wave of corporate fraud scandals and restore integrity to U.S. financial markets.” He oversaw the president’s corporate fraud task force and oversaw the Enron Task Force. Before that, he worked in a variety of other Justice Department roles, including as a federal prosecutor in Atlanta.

More recently, he has served as attorney for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), a Trump ally. He also represented the Swiss bank Credit Suisse AG in a tax evasion case that ended in a $2.6 billion settlement with U.S. authorities. In 2014, the bank pleaded guilty to conspiring to aid and assist U.S. taxpayers in filing false income tax returns.

Part of Comey’s statement tomorrow is released:

Here’s the full statement. It’s 7 pages of conversations Comey says he had with Dump.

Click to access os-jcomey-060817.pdf

I don’t think Comey comes off too well in certain instances either. He did tell Trump “you will get that (honest loyalty) from me,” never mind the equivocation afterwards about the possible different meanings of the phrase which they each may have held.

Clearly Trump is despicable, but we knew that already.

This is when Burr lectured Kamala Harris. Watch her face…

Burr has already said that the Comey testimony has no important information in it.

@125> Kim weaver is responding to someone who asks if they can write her name in.

Maxine Waters wins the internet today.

Of course I just realized the photo was posted by a satire account, but the original post is from the real Maxine Waters. The internet is very confusing.

@124: Easy to be duped when the person uses the same photo.

118 DYB


Glad that Comey isn’t pulling the same ‘zipped lips’ that the lapdogs did today.

After what Comey did to Hillary, I don’t trust him any further than I can kick him…but, I hope he adds some meat to the Mueller investigation and pulls more of the smoke screen from the orange Rump.

Shadowfax said:

Like I mentioned, I put my Hillary sticker back on my car and it’s my public way of giving the middle finger to Rump and crooks.

I never took my Hillary sticker off my car. And DyB, Cats, NWLuna and Quixote, I agree with all of you too!

His lawyers got to him.

@136, DYB, his attorneys must have got him in a choke hold to sign that!

What do ya all plan to do tomorrow for Comey’s hearing.

I plan to take the day off work…

What time does it start, I thought it was 9 AM East Coast time?? Early bird special for us on the best coast, 6 AM??

‘Must-See TV’: Free Drinks and Canceled Meetings for Comey’s Testimony

I’m going to be at work. 😦 Booooo. I wish I could call out, but nobody would believe me.

This is a bold front page from the LA Times tomorrow.

@137 & 138 Luna> Yes and yes! LOL.

Just the fact that Dump blurted out about the hookers – TWICE – means it’s true! Holy mackerel! It’s true! He told Comey to look into proving it’s not true. That means it’s true!

BTW, there is a chance Comey’s testimony will be boring… Just trying to temper expectations!

This is a bold front page from the LA Times tomorrow.



At least he won’t be silent like the lapdogs today.

Shadowfax, I’m not certain what time it happens. I saw 9…but not sure which time zone!

10 AM east coast tomorrow, Comey.

7 AM – west coast

@146 Shadowfax, yeah that whole thing was just crazy… And of course, Burr didn’t hold anyone in contempt. which it clearly was. Imagine if Hillary refused to answer Benghazi questions and offered no legal reason? “I don’t have a legal justification, I just won’t answer.” Imagine!

Nice job Los Angeles Times!

I’m keeping my expectations low for tomorrow.

@142, DYB, can you take lunch then?

DYB, I saw 9 AM too, but two places said it is at 10 AM

Depending on what time it starts… I might just be getting in to work. We shall see! I’ll be trying to follow the twitter feed, but you guys keep us updated!

@152, Rachel said 10 am.

10 am East Coast time is ….7 am Pacific. Yikes. May be able to listen some before a full work day. But won’t be able to comment from work because work.

I’ll comment when I can, but if it’s intense…I will be listening.

Comey is still weasly as hell. A couple of things that stood out for me in his “testimony”.

Trump said ‘I need loyalty. I expect loyalty.’ Good ole Comey doesn’t change his facial expression! How brave! Then he lectures Trump on the separation of FBI/DOJ and the WH. Comey offers honesty. Trump says ‘That’s what I want, honest loyalty. Comey then says, (in order to end the awkward conversation) he says ‘I’ll give you that’.

So in other words, he promised Trump loyalty. Did he think Trump would decipher that other than what HE ACTUALLY SAID? Does he think the rest of us are as dumb as Trump?

Then, then next time, in the middle of the call, Trump “abruptly” changes the subject to “the McCabe thing”. (Comey’s quote marks, not mine). Trump brings up McCabe’s wife receiving donations from McAuliffe, gets it wrong, which is all bullshit anyway. (Comey notes he had to assume what Trump meant) Then…

Comey says next call… Trump says ‘I’ve been very loyal to you, very loyal. We had “that thing”. (Again, Comey’s quote marks) Comey says he did not reply or ask what he meant by “that thing”.

WTH is Comey doing here? Pretending ‘that thing’ was about McCabe instead of his loyalty pledge to Trump? Yes, he is. Weasly as usual. Why would he bring that shit about McCabe up in a 7 page document before he testifies? He knows damn well what “that thing” was. And it wasn’t McCabe.

Prolix, that’s good news about Kansas’ veto override, but it took 5 years?!? Incredible.

@159 Annie, my understanding is it took five years to get level headed Republicans (with the Dems of course) elected to office to get a veto proof bill through to circumvent Brownback. Hopefully, it’s a lesson learned.

Now that Barron is out of school, he and Melania are suppose to join Trump at the WH. I’m glad. I hope it tempers Trump somewhat and I won’t say anything other than that right now. He needs something.

But, I will post this. 🙂

New post upstairs. It’s Comeygeddon!

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