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Laugh! Laugh! I Said Laugh Darn It!!!

Posted on: June 4, 2017

Happy Sunday Widdershins!

Another week, more madness from around the world. The terrible attacks in London are just beyond words. I won’t even try…

So, while it may seem counter-intuitive – let us try to take a few moments to forget our troubles. And try to laugh. What makes you laugh? Is there a joke? A song? A scene from a movie? Sometimes laughter isn’t even about “I’m rolling on the floor, my belly aches from laughing.” It could just be something so bananas – that it makes you laugh. That’s what my first selection is. It’s the Act 1 finale from Rossini’s opera “L’Italiana in Algeri.” It’s 10 minutes of frolicking bananas composing, wordplay and singing. This concert performance is from the Metropolitan Opera’s Centennial Anniversary Gala. How can one not stare in awe and laugh… (Also, some of the other selections are a bit risqué…proceed with caution.)

This is an open thread!


53 Responses to "Laugh! Laugh! I Said Laugh Darn It!!!"

Thanks so much for taking the post today DYB! I’ll be back later with some contributions.

This movie is hysterical:

Oops, the movie is Nuns on the Run. Here’s the trailer. You can watch it on youtube, I think.

The great..the talented…Lili Von Shtupp:

Fredster, we just watched that bit recently.

@6: Annie those earlier Brooks movies were so damned funny and at times so politically incorrect also.

One of my faves for tons of laughs.

I think A Fish Called Wanda was also super funny. Hubs & I went to see it in Westwood (which is a trendy, upscale area of West L.A.) when it first came out and I swear the audience screamed with laughter. Literally screamed. I’ll never forget that. Also, probably politically incorrect.

Most of the stuff Mel Brooks was doing would not fly today. No way!

@3> LOL. I’d never seen that!

Madeline Kahn – she was just incredible. And that song makes me laugh every time. I often post it on Facebook for myself. Whenever I’m tired!

DYB, your post of the Rossini song led me try to remember comedic operas, which made me think of Strauss’ Die Fledermaus, and now the tune (Champagne song) from the very end has been running through my head for the past couple hours. It has a line I always liked, “Champagne was to blame–for everything you can name.”

@14 socalannie> I love “Fledermaus!” It might be my favorite operetta, along with “The Merry Widow.”

I guess this is funny…if you laugh through tears.

Watching LSU baseball again but here ya go:

Congrats again to my LSU Tigers. They won the regional at Baton Rouge and will now head to a Super Regional and hoping that one too will be in Baton Rouge.

I love Monty Python.

Rump and his tweets are a national embarrassment. He is so ignorant and classless.

This is a great article that talks about Hillary supporters.
The Silencing of the Hillary Clinton Supporter

The media’s obsession with the white populist narrative serves two purposes: telling women who supported Hillary they don’t matter and exonerating itself from being culpable in her loss.
– See more at:

❤ Hillary

The trolls and the altright must be terrified of Hillary…on my google search there are endless Hillary hating articles on many ligit and bogus sites.

@22 Shadowfax, Alt-Left too. They are nearly identical now.

I saw a couple of hits pieces saying Democrats in general are telling Hillary to go away. So they’ve gone from just saying it themselves to saying Democratic party is telling her. Meanwhile, Bernie and Uncle Joe are continuing…

23 Absolutely DYB, I saw that headline from the MSM telling Hillary to take her beating and just shut up and go away.

Man said, “He was keeping an eye on it,” but lawn care seems to be unnaturally important to him.

@26 Prolix> That photo also kind of represents America under Trump!

Hillary Clinton showed the real what the leader of the free world is supposed to sound like as she blew Donald Trump’s tweets away with a dignified message of support to the people of London.

Clinton tweeted:

Hillary Clinton ✔ @HillaryClinton
After acts of unspeakable cruelty & cowardice, the people of London & the UK choose resolve over fear. Your friends in the US stand w/ you.
3:41 PM – 4 Jun 2017
23,299 23,299 Retweets 104,429 104,429 likes

Clinton was correct. The people of London and the UK should ignore the ramblings of the present occupant of the White House because the American people will never try to use your battle against terror for their own personal gain. The real America that gives Donald Trump a 36% approval rating will stand with you.

In case the American people have forgotten, Clinton’s tweet is what a real leader with deep compassion and actual knowledge of the issues sounds like. Hillary Clinton’s message was what the American people should demand out of their president at a time of global crisis. Clinton’s message was what a real president is supposed to say to US allies.

That’s funny. Looks like the ‘hand of God’ is reaching out of that funnel cloud.

@28 Shadowfax, yes. The Orange Turd attacks the London Mayor instead. And then doubles down and attacks him again, and then his hacks come out and attack the Mayor too. I guess we should not be surprised that the man who attacked the Khan family would do this.

@26 & 27: That was in Alberta Canada.

Prolix, did you happen to see the time lapse of that twister that someone took? I”ll see if I can find it.





Fredster, Joy is right. It does feel like a psychotic episode. And it is exhausting. But there is no end in sight, any way one looks at it. This insanity has always been there. Trump unleashed it into the open. Can we put the genii back in the bottle? I don’t know…

Did you see Breitbart fired some nutty writer for being too racist? This is her.

Sorry to link Maggie.

@37: I just saw a blurb about that woman on tv. Heh, if Breitbart fired her she must be batshit crazy.

These are the NSA documents published earlier today I think?? FBI already arrested the person believed to have leaked it. Who it seems used her work computer. And the FBI used paper creases or something like that to help identify her. And Intercept has been laughing at the Russia/Trump story for months. And now they got someone arrested for leaking.

Oh the irony of Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept being responsible for the arrest of a leaker.

@43: I was loath to link to the actual Intercept article.

@44 Fredster, you are right! I never click on that. I feel like I’d need to take an acid bath if I did. Intercept, Breitbart, etc.

GAgal, Greenwald is going to use this arrest to glorify himself for the next 10 years.

Nice burns from Krugman on all the billionaires who sat on the Dump business council, like Elon Musk, who are now quitting.

CNN said that Comey will be able to answer any questions, not just talk about his notes on Thursday.

Here’s a video of the some of the past nastiness of this Kate McHugh lizard person. She is a nasty piece of work she is.


Meeks: ‘No Question’ Russians Involved in Election Hacking
Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) renews his call for an independent commission after a leaked NSA document reveals a Russian cyberattack just days before the election.

NSA is leaking this time by a woman, but glad that this info is coming out.

Well, I read the Intercept article. The source getting arrested rather proves that the material is real. And all of us know about some odd mathematical findings and narrow margins in a few states for the Nov 8 election. There is not yet definitive proof (that we know of), but it’s looking more and more like Hillary did get her win stolen by Russian hackers.



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