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Orange bargello…

Posted on: June 2, 2017

Good day Widdershins. I hope it is a good day for you and the beginning of an even better weekend.

Usually I’m halfway able to offer up a cogent theme. Today, I can’t. With the sociopathic static from the orange hobgoblin, a puissant leitmotif is not possible. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my insistence to inhabit a reality-based world.

Let’s say you have a best friend. You’ve been friends all your life. You are worried though. Your friend happens to be a drunk. You spend years bailing him out of trouble. You talk to him about getting help.

Finally, he agrees to get help. He asks you to drive him so he can voluntarily check himself into rehab. It’s a big deal. It has taken years to get him to this point. He checks in. Two weeks later you come to visit. He gets a day pass and you promptly take him to a bar to celebrate.

In essence that is what we witnessed yesterday on the Paris climate agreement. The loud, ignorant hobgoblin on the bar stool, killed a voluntary, worldwide, long-sought goal by stopping off for a bituminous martini with a chaser of dirty carbon. Just because he could for spite.

The effects aren’t so much substantive, but symbolic. We have abdicated technological leadership on climate to the Germans and the Chinese. They both understand modern international relations are not zero sum transactions. They see transactionalism as insulting and “unclever” – much the same way they see Marmafluke.

The idiocy of this bête noir is even more caustic when placed in perspective. This move appeases a niche of angry, under-educated men, who are barking at shadows because they are dark. Instead of turning on the light of some self-improving education, they have found an incompetent fool who belches and bellows about grievance. It is the strand of commonality in their DNA.

There is not another major political party in the world that denies climate change. Think about that. Not even tribal war lords accept what the Republican Party has accepted as doctrinaire.

This move is a catastrophic debacle. Along with the Iraq War, it will be marked as one of the lines of demarcation in the dimming of American predominance.


Without belaboring what has already been discussed in the comments of Fredster’s fine post, I want to add just a few thoughts about Hillary’s presentation at the Recode Conference.

First, Charlie Pierce’s article is outstanding and if you haven’t read it please do. There is a cadre specializing in Hillary criticism: Haberman and Thrush (I’ll leave them to DYB), Mrs. Greenspan, Ruth Marcus (when she’s not playing one of the three witches in Macbeth), and Josh Barro – there needs to be a new measurement of time faster than a nanosecond to measure the interval between Hillary speaking on any subject and Barro tweeting caustic bile in her direction.

I’m not sure what these people want Hillary to do. Self-flagellation does not seem to be enough. Here’s what I do know: It is and always has been cool to “hate on” Hillary. Even Ezra Klein’s very well-reasoned piece begins by acknowledging it isn’t cool to defend Hillary. I’m awaiting his Monday offering to the Hillary haters.

Only Nate Silver and to some extent, Vox contrarian Matthew Yglesias, have dared take on the cool kids in the journalistic lunchroom. They have pushed a simple question: What could the media have done better in the coverage?

It is an uncomfortable question. The three major networks spent a grand total of 32 minutes on policy.

No trade, no healthcare, no climate change, no drugs, no poverty, no guns, no infrastructure, no deficits. To the extent that these issues have been mentioned, it has been on the candidates’ terms, not on the networks’ initiative. These numbers are staggering in terms of the complete retreat they represent from issues-orientated campaign coverage. Just eight years ago, the last time both parties nominated new candidates for the White House, the network newscasts devoted 220 minutes to issues coverage, compared to only 32 minutes so far this year. (CBS Evening News went from 119 minutes of issues coverage in 2008 to 16 this year.)

Here is a graph for perspective:

The one thing all these “Wisconsin whiners” (why didn’t she go to Wescottsen) don’t seem to get is this: How thick must the Kevlar be to withstand Russian hacking, Comey’s letters, residual Obama animus, 25-years of Clinton derangement, patent and latent misogyny, Fox News, voter suppression, 501(c)(4) dark money organizations, and rampant, lazy equivalence by the media? Just how much is enough? And in these divisive times, how do you plan for a Comey letter with just enough votes to overcome the unforeseen?

All these people blame Hillary for not having enough of a cushion to withstand Comey’s bogus letter about 12 emails, ten of which were duplicates. The difference amounted to 77,000 votes spread over 3 states. Nate Silver says without the Comey letter, Hillary would have gained 3%. That would have done it. So yeah, Hillary is entitled to mention it. I intend to help her by mentioning it at every opportunity.

What’s on your mind today?


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The Krug has spoken:

As Donald Trump does his best to destroy the world’s hopes of reining in climate change, let’s be clear about one thing: This has nothing to do with serving America’s national interest. The U.S. economy, in particular, would do just fine under the Paris accord. This isn’t about nationalism; mainly, it’s about sheer spite.


Ari Melber was also tweeting in defense of Clinton over the past couple of days, and saying the media could do better.

To the point of Clinton losing the 3 states… I wish I remembered who made this point, I think it was someone in WaPo writing about that book “Ratfucked” by MotherFucker and FatherFucker. In the review the guy wrote: WI, MI, PA. She took 3 different approaches. She didn’t go to WI. She was told by locals to stay out of MI. And she campaigned in PA as hard as anywhere. She lost all 3 by similar margins. So what was she supposed to do considering the results? Nobody is offering suggestions or acknowledging this.

Why the climate change conversation now anyway? Is this not all something to change the narrative away from Russian investigation? Did you see that the ratfucker party has decided they will not respond to any oversight committee requests?

And Prolix, I wish I could write an eloquent righteous rant as well as you. I might do better than covfefe, but not by much. Great rant

@4, I saw those comments you are talking about and completely agree. Also, Hillary and Obama were to go to Wescottsin together to campaign very shortly after the convention. Then Orlando happened. The trip was cancelled. Hillary sent everyone and their dog to Wescottsin to try and make up. Everyone focuses on this and forgets that over 300,000 voters were disenfranchised by “Bald spot” Walker and his cronies.

@5 & 6, thanks Contrask. It is so great to see you. How’s are the little piggies? Are you having to take PT?

Listening to Dolt 45, it is so evident he knows nothing about policy. I can live with that because Dubya didn’t really know anything either, but what is frightening is that none of Dolt’s people know anything either. There is no one, I mean no one, who would send a president out to make a statement like that chocked full of misstatements and outright lies.

Talking of rants, here’s what just frosts my flakes. Up here, the malcontents just love them some Dolt 45 — I mean, love, love, love him. When you ask, “Why,” they say something like, “He’s going to get the economy moving again.” So basically the reason they are hurting are Republican policies since 1980 and the folding of the economy in 2008 under Bush. So their prescription is: More of the same that got us where we are. In essence, “Hurt me more. Please!”

At some level, these people deserve whatever they are going to get. Maybe “Capt. Obvious Laureate” J.D. Vance can write another book about his personal brilliance.

Great post Prolix, and I agree, you throw down a rant like no other!

Everytime I hear the media or Rump or anyone say that Hillary is not taking responsibility for her effin’ ‘loss’…I just say that she DIDN’T lose the vote of the majority of American voters, she won by more that 3 million votes! She lost by the electoral college that wanted big tax cuts by destroying our country’s safety net.

Any Dem that blames Hillary, I see as a dumbass Bernie supporter.

Well dumbasses, how do ya like that free college? How about the move to destroy the planet? You bought the snake oil because you just couldn’t vote for an intelligent, experienced woman. May you have your food stamps, health insurance and other benefits take away, and you might get a job in a coal mine, or perhaps working in one of your Dear Leader’s hotels, washing his underwear or running to the drug store to buy him some tangerine colored hair dye. And if you are really lucky, you might get a job polishing his……………………………crown.

Awesome post, Prolix!

@3, I said that downstairs!! No one in the media really wanted Hillary to be authentic. They just wanted her to go away. So they set up some female Clinton Rules especially for her. She would have had to grow a pair and change her name for them to have considered her a serious candidate. SAD!

How these hacks are still employed is beyond me. What a useless bunch of air-wasters.

Also, to your point Prolix, more and more I feel the Western world has just moved beyond Drumpf. Some issues just shouldn’t be politicized, and people who don’t get that climate change is real are going to be left out in the cold. It will happen soon.

@9, thanks Shadow. I want the Sarandons, the Jill Steins, the Mark Ruffalos, the Cornell Wests, and all the others to tell us how much more of a threat Hillary is to the planet. Maybe they will have some time on their hands while Bernie and Mrs. Shyster are busy with their bank fraud trial.

@10, thanks MB. I think you are right. It seems as if Macron has just said, “Fudge it,” I’m going all in and Dolt 45 is my target.

There will be a crisis. Dolt will be woefully unprepared. The world will look to Merkel and that will send Dolt into a tailspin.

Hallelujah, this is the kind of headline that makes me a proud American and Californian:

States, companies part ways with Trump over Paris accord decision-

30 U.S. states and major firms, including Google and Apple, push ahead with climate policies

(Um, just to nitpick about those 77,000 votes that handed the Electoral College to Putin’s Puppet: without vote suppression, the margin would have been hundreds of thousands in favor of Clinton.

The election, as we used to say in 1972 when we thought we were being funny, was a farce.)

In an article about how Gov. Jerry Brown is taking on Trump, this sounds great to me:

“But Trump’s disengagement from international climate politics has left open a political opportunity for Brown, with climate-minded politicians abroad running into resistance in Washington seeking other partnerships in the United States. Even if Trump had moved to remain in the Paris accord, his rejection of mainstream climate science was broadly seen as increasing the significance of climate change efforts at the local and state level, with California at the forefront.


In his feud with Trump, Brown has been aided by the president’s myriad domestic controversies and low public approval rating – and by the freedom a governor can exercise in his final term.

(Brown is on his way to China today.)

When he last visited China, in 2013, California was emerging from a budget crisis and Brown devoted much of his attention to trade-related concerns. This time, he is expected to focus almost exclusively on climate, participating in a global climate summit and meeting with high-level Chinese officials, possibly including President Xi Jinping.

Earlier in his governorship, said Orville Schell, director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society in New York, Brown “had just sort of begun to clean up the financial mess in the state, and he was just beginning to look out. But he hadn’t fully developed this idea, which is now in sort of full fledge, that California ought to start acting like a country.”

“He didn’t have the pretention that the state should or could play a global role,” said Schell, who wrote a biography of Brown in 1978 and remains in contact with him. “It’s relatively recently that he’s thought, ‘My God, I’m a pilot of a supertanker in its own right that’s bigger than most countries in the world. Let’s put this baby to the test.”

Brown, who ran unsuccessfully for president three times but is now seeking no higher office, has little to lose. His public approval rating remains high in a heavily Democratic state that contributed significantly to Trump’s loss of the popular vote last year, and the state Legislature has pushed forward with a raft of climate legislation to gird against Trump administration policies.

Earlier this week, the state Senate passed one bill requiring utilities to obtain 100 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2045 and another folding Obama-era water, air and endangered species standards into state law, preserving them in California, regardless of reversals at the federal level.

14 Agreed Quixote

@14, exactly. Without the CrossCheck aka voter suppression, Hillary would have won the Electoral College too, in spite of Russia, Comey, Sanders, Stein, the media, and toxic levels of misogyny.

I concur, with everything else that happened, if gerrymandering and voter suppression did not happen, Clinton would have won. I had a friend who lived in Wisconsin right around time of all those Walker protests in 2011. He stayed there for another year or so after that and he was saying that they were already recognizing that Walker was shutting down DMVs in black neighborhoods, and they were changing voter ID laws to not allow students to use their student IDs. This was already obvious way way back when in 2011-2012. And Charles Pierce expressed, part of the reason Republicans were emboldened to do that was the Democratic (Gore and Kerry specifically) just rolling over and letting Republicans steal elections. By not putting up a fight they showed Republicans they can steal elections. And Republicans pounced on the weakness. It’s a big reason why it’s important for Hillary Clinton to speak out now. Enough is enough!

I guess I must have missed that Mad magazine cover off to the right side. It sure looks like Jared with a missing tooth.

@19: I think I mentioned it in the comments when I added it the other day. You probably just overlooked the comment.

Another excellent post Prolix. I can see why you did such a great job when you were working at Gallup and conducting seminars.

I was somewhat sleepless last night and early this morning, so I caught part of schmoe and the meat puppet and then switched to CNN. Over there I saw Stephen Moore on CNN and then our new sec’y of interior, (kitchen) zinke. They were spinning so much I thought they were in one of those bicycle thingies. At that point I had to turn the tv off. Silence was better than getting more nauseous as those chumps blathered on.

@21, thanks Fredster. Zinke is a piece of work, but DICK Mulvaney is named perfectly. He’s now attacking the CBO and even Rethugs are defending the CBO. Takes quite a bit of chutzpah to criticize the CBO when you make a $2,000,000,000,000 math error.

Bwhahahaha! St. Bernie sold his list!

Great post, Prolix! I agree with Krugman @1. This is nothing more than pure spite from a petty, teeny excuse of a man who is throwing his little tantrum because he’s hated and mocked around the world. Let’s hope that mockery keeps up. I want to watch him go off the deep end. 👿

@14: Didn’t Prolix actually use the phrase voter suppression in his post? Why yes he did.

How thick must the Kevlar be to withstand Russian hacking, Comey’s letters, residual Obama animus, 25-years of Clinton derangement, patent and latent misogyny, Fox News, voter suppression

unless I”m misunderstanding why you picked the nit.

So much for the raising the minimum wage = unemployment idea.

Oh my gosh, I just realized that I have neglected – for weeks – to ‘like’ everyone’s posts! Sorry!! All front pagers – I really, really did like your posts! I’m just a lamebrain right now!

I want to watch him go off the deep end.

I think he already has!


@23, it costs a pretty penny to fund a defense to bank fraud.

@24, thanks GAgal. The Krug is almost always right in my book. Dolt 45 is a little, little man without a soul, conscience, or morality. He might be the missing link between man and slug.

@25, thanks Fredster.

@26, isn’t it amazing that there are so many things that “feel” like facts to so many rock-ribbed Muricans that turn out to be totally bogus, but of course, “feeling facts” assuage so many prejudices for them.

@27, GAgal, I can’t “like” because I have forgotten what my original password was so WordPress won’t let me like things. I have to sign in under Prolixous in order to get to the drafting pages. LOL — I’m technoidiot.

(I picked the nit because what I saw was “lost the Electoral College.” We shouldn’t use words that accept that frame! I’m on a bit of a crusade about it. She lost nothing. It was stolen and we need to stop being polite about it. But you’re quite right. The vote suppression point was there and I should have mentioned that in between thumps of the podium.)

NWLuna @23. I don’t understand the thing about Burner’s list. How do they know, just from “Research” in the subject line, that it’s his list?

Not that it isn’t exactly what I’d expect of that mercenary little whatnot.

The lawyer spotted was Abbe Lowell who is a big time Democratic super-lawyer. He is a member in good standing with the Shabbat crowd.


@33, facts are so elitist these days, I hear. /s

@35: Okie-doke. I see what you’re saying quixote.

I know sometimes I’ll have several things I want to write/mention but in trying to keep the word count down I’ll maybe throw them all into one sentence/phrase.

Another thing I’m bad about is reading someone’s post and simultaneously trying to do 8 other things at the same time. That’s caused me to miss or overlook something in a post. For instance this afternoon I was watching LSU baseball in the regional game. I think I gave myself whiplash turning my head back and forth. LOL

Good Rude Pundit here:

I liked this:

Everything that came out of his face anus was turd-like

@39, “face anus,” now there’s a visual I won’t soon forget….

@39, and “twat mites,” another new one!

Mueller, as Special Counsel, is taking over the Manafort criminal investigation in addition to the Russia inquiry. Furthermore, Mueller’s investigation might be expanded to include Droopy Dawg Sessions and Rosenstein himself. Wow!

@41: I just didn’t want to go there with that one.

@43, “crotch mites” would have been gender neutral but, hey, it’s the Pundit and being “rude” certainly helps him make a point.

@44: Yes gender neutral cats3 but I just couldn’t do that one. LOL


@6 Thanks for asking Prolix. I’ve done all the PT I can afford. He says I have reached normal range of movement in the foot. Now I hurt all over because is stinks to lose a lot of muscle tone when you are late ’50’s. Will not be back to same activity level for awhile. Just keep swimming, a wise woman said.

@47: Glad to hear you’ve reached “normal” r.o.m. Just listen to the wise woman.

Thanks Fredster. Yes, Dori the fish is my hero. Did you guys see Randy Rainbows’ latest? I think it’s his best so far:

Prolix, absolutely love the post! Like GAgal, I forget to hit the like button (most of the time in my case). I love our writers work, and try to remember to say so, but usually overlook that little like button at the bottom, so hope you guys won’t read anything into it. I am dyslexic, have ADD, and am very right brained. Also, since I turned into an extreme nightowl many years ago (with my dear buddy Fredster), I’m very scatterbrained.

Also, hubs & I going through a lot of life changes as we approach retirement years, we just created an LLC and working on an S-Corp. Our regular CPA has been on vacation for the past month, so we haven’t been able to lean on his advice. My pitiful brain is in a whirl.

I’m also really enjoying everyone’s comments. Think about it, Bernie wouldn’t give his email list to the Democratic Party, which graciously let him run for president under their auspices, and then he screwed them by sandbagging Hillary at every turn; and now he has sold out his stupid, slavish supporters by selling their private info to an insurance company–corporate America no less!!! He is such a douchebag. I hope he gets the karma he has coming to him.

@35, quixote, the person who sent that tweet used a bogus first name, “Research,” when she signed up for Sander’s email list. It’s a common enough trick used by someone who knows about marketing and list practices. I do it at times (I used to work in marketing/advertising way back when.) Then you can see what other mail you get that addresses you by that particular name. “Dear Research, Have we got a deal for you on time-shares!” Instead of “Dear Jane, Have we got a deal for you on time-shares!” and you know that in spite of you asking for Company #1 to not sell your name, they went ahead and did it anyway. Yes, companies will sell ($$$) lists of names of their customers. Sometimes they exchange lists, but either way your name (and all the others) gets used to profit these companies.

She got mail from Sanders’ campaign addressed to Research, and then recently got this mailing from an insurance company addressed to Research. The odds are very high that Sanders’ list was sold for $$$ to companies who wanted educated younger adults with middle and upper middle class incomes (the profile of the average Sanders dupe). It’s possible, but unlikely, that her

You can buy snail mail and email lists of people, classified by all sorts of demographics. Somehow we the people never get any $ from all of our info that gets sold by various companies. European laws are generally much more strict on what can be done with customer info.

Probably more than you wanted to know; sorry, but I get p-o’d about this marketing practice.

Btw, I also love that you guys put up links to Rude Pundit and Randy Rainbow, because I usually forget to look at their sites without being prompted.

@51: but I get p-o’d about this marketing practice.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t know all of that but yes it does the same to me.

@50: annie, I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier lately. My hours are getting completely turned around so my midnight shift hours may be more limited.

@47, Contrask, glad you are back to normal range of motion. Swimming is a safe bet and Ode d’Clorine is very sexy for the neat freak set.

Mind you that I hate when people give me unsolicited suggestions, but I never listen to myself, so please disregard. A few years ago, with a similar injury, my Pain and Torture sadomasochist recommended I wear a small set of ankle weights to build up my tolerance. They did seem to help. You can get them at just about any sport equipment store.

I’m glad you are back.

@50, thanks Annie. We are all getting more scattered with the years — at least I know I am.

Don’t worry about hitting “like” on my posts, I just love it when people have something to say. Having an informed, courteous discussion is just so rare these days.

Tell my buddy hello for me.

The Rude Pundit article was amazing. He wrote like he was blazing mad. Right on!

@51, amen to every word Luna.

Trump campaign has announced a “Pittsburgh not Paris” rally for tomorrow. It is across from the White House in, wait for it, Lafayette Park.

You can’t make this stuff up.


I didn’t watch Bill Maher tonight, but he is in deep trouble for saying the N-word to Ben Sasse. I watched a clip and I feel like there was context to what he said, but I won’t tell any black person who is offended not to be offended. Maher is a misogynist and an Islamophobe too.

Oh, I guess Maher again told Hillary to go away tonight too.

Maher giving the Dems hell for not fighting dirty. I mostly agree, but there ARE Dems out there who are. Wish he had mentioned those.

@61, Eliot Spitzer was on fire. While I haven’t always been a fan of Mr. Spitzer, he was exceptional tonight on Dolt 45 and the Rethugians. Ben Sasse is too cute by half. He’s coy and calculating. He’s dangerous much in the same way Tom Cotton is, but smarter and more suave than Cotton.

@61 I only catch Maher in YT clips. Didn’t see that Sasse was on tonight. Maybe his one on one interview? I’m trying to figure out the CEO of Axios who is ‘both parties suck’. I’m not sure if he’s Libertarian or Young Turk? Or hell, if there’s a difference…

Oh, okay, I get it NWLuna. I didn’t realize it was the same person who’d signed up using that bogus name. I’ve done the same thing myself. In Ye Olde OIde Days, when we still did quaint things like subscribe to magazines, sometimes I’d use a middle initial which was code for me for the magazine. Then, when I got deluged with credit card offers to Birdley Q. Woollyfingers I knew who to cancel.

@65, yes, Sasse was his one-on-one interview. He’s too glib for my tastes. The CEO of Axios is Jim Vandehei who got $10 million in venture capital after he split from Politico. Someday there will be a teevee movie about that train wreck. Mike Allen went with Vandehei to start Axios. There is definitely something “not right” about Mike Allen.

Vandehei was sorta a knot on a log tonight. He really didn’t have much to contribute. Rebecca Traister was very good. She’s got the cover story in Hillary in New York magazine. She defended Hillary like no one I’ve heard defend her. It was nice to hear.

@54, Fredster, please do try to turn it around. I’m slowly making progress myself. I realize now how important it is to sleep during the night.

@26, Luna, that is fabulous!

Prolix, Lakerwade says “Hi right back!”

BTW, I don’t have a “Like” option!

@70, how weird. I just checked on our macs (I’m using a pc right now) and our macs do have the Like button. Are you using Safari?

@67 And I’m tired of the bullshit line “most people don’t vote for a party because they agree with the party – they’re just voting against the other party”. Total lie. I voted for Jason Carter for Gov here a couple of years ago because I knew he would help ME get medical care I needed. But, I voted for Hillary because she would help everyone she could, regardless of how it would help me. I have an empathy gene unlike the rednecks (and family) around me. I vote for Democrats because they care, not because they aren’t Republicans.

Randy’s new video is great. I wish I liked musicals!

@71 socalannie> Yep, I’m on Safari on a Mac.

@72 GAgal> I agree. I’m yet to find a Republican I would vote for. Not because R, but because they tend to not support issues I support. Those who support issues I support tend to be Ds. If they didn’t – they wouldn’t be Ds. At least in my liberal NYC.

So question for all you dog owners. My dog seems to be infested with ticks. I don’t know where he could have gotten so many ticks on him. He had the tick drops on him, but obviously that wasn’t working. I must have picked off 15 ticks in the last few days off him. I got him a tick collar on The night because I figured that might be more effective. Today I gave him a bath with tick shampoo – and saw more ticks on him. And he’s scratching a lot. Most of the ticks are on his head and neck area. And there’s a weird scab or wound on his neck. I don’t know if it’s just something he got from scratching or what…but it looks not great. I’m going to try to take him to my regular vet tomorrow, if she’ll take me without an appointment. If she won’t, there’s a veterinary ER not too far away. It’s really weird, where could have have gotten so many ticks in NYC! (I’m also concerned he might infect the cat.)

@75 Ticks here, in the south, are having a bonanza year. Fleas, too. Most likely, the scab/wound on his neck is the oldest and itchiest so it’s become kind of obsession so the scratching has made it worse.

There’s only one way to deal with ticks. Pluck them off, quickly, straight back (important), then maybe dab a little peroxide on it.

We write this letter for two reasons. First, to express to the DNC that unity cannot be achieved by showcasing a person who exemplifies our division, specifically a division rooted in a political fairy-tale that shuns the realities of American democracy. We ask the DNC to lift up, instead, those who have shown perseverance, and unwavering commitment to doing the most good for the most number of people. To this end, we suggest a second Unity Tour that reflects all that we represent and more. Secondly, to ask the women who have given so much, working tirelessly toward positive social change, to step forward into public roles as leaders and social influencers. We are women of all colors, with and without disabilities, united for the sole purpose of preserving our party and America’s integrity. The public needs to see who we are, what we’ve worked for, and why we’re Stronger Together.” Thanks foe sharing this, Fredster. I have tweeted responses several,times to,Perez telling him to dump Bernie. I love the message in the letter and the allusion to Hillary.

Seems to be a bad year for ticks. I’ve never had great success with collars or pills. Regular brushing and getting them off ASAP is the best. Here is the country with dogs and cats & horses, there is no way I can treat land or animals. I’ll. Be interested in hearing what your vet suggests – please share, DYB. We’re having to delay bring home a puppy from the breeder because she ended up,with a tick issue in her kennel.

Haha, shows how little I pay attention to the odds and ends on any blog. I never noticed the big blue ‘Like’ box with a star.

So, here we go for all past threads:

Like *, like *, like, like, and like.

I have a PC, using Chrome.

@66, quixote, gotta say that using “Research” as a first name is way too obvious, although in these days when signups and lists are rarely reviewed by humans you can get away with it.

Please take a minute and a half and become really depressed about the loathsome lizard creatures who masquerade as our leadership.


An interesting Politico article on why Hillary is treated so badly post-election.

“The same journalists who covered the 2016 campaign get the first crack at writing its history. Many reporters have turned their attention away from Clinton, but others seem stubbornly invested in laying the blame for Donald Trump squarely at her doorstep. To do otherwise would be to challenge a narrative they helped establish. Armed with unshakable self-confidence and no end of 140-character gems, they’d like Hillary Clinton to do what no one else in her position has ever been asked to do: apologize, though for what, it’s not clear.

For running a bad campaign? Perhaps, though the jury is still out on that question. History will clearly document Trump’s repeated evisceration of more than a dozen other GOP candidates – most of them men – in 11 separate debates. It will also remember that he managed no such triumph over Clinton when they met on stage. On the contrary.”

@81, Here’s a research project I would love to see — a comparison in the rate of food stamp cheaters compared to those 1%’ers cheating on their taxes. In the end, both are outflowing “expenditures” to the federal budget, only one, I would bet, is much greater than the other.

London bridge, breaking, saying people have been run over and others stabbed.

Prolix, @81, very well done. @83, haha! I would love to see that also.

@85, Trae came from such a hardscuffle life, I’m so glad he’s making it in comedy. He has a development deal based loosely on his life. I hope it is a big hit.

Congrats to my LSU Baseball Tigers! They’ve won their 2nd game in the NCAA Regional at Baton Rouge and play the final game tomorrow, Sunday.

@86, “I hope it is a big hit” me too!

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20 months to go.

Mueller Time!

Wise Words from Paul Ryan


Only the *best* politicans bought by the NRA

Marching for their lives

Perfect Picture

Rudy: oh shit the pee tape IS real!

Need Reminders?

Never too early to shop for Christmas

“Look this way”

Manafort’s Jail Photo

Indeed who?

Trump spam

IOW Dumb = Happy?

Simply Put


Awrite! Here’s your damned wall

Dems are coming for ya