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Wednesday post because stale fish & all that

Posted on: May 31, 2017

Happy Hump Day Widdershins!

I believe we at TW are in a state of flux or something like that.  Is it due to something astrological?  Perhaps.  Maybe something to do with Mercury retrograde or perhaps Pluto doing the same.  Honestly, I have no idea.  I do good to check my horoscope on a daily basis.  But what I do have are some articles and pieces that I came across on the internet that I’ll share with you.

We tend not to do current events type posts here at TW but these are some items that have been in the news lately and so I’ll pass them along with a few thoughts of mine to go with them.

The Golden Boy of New York Real Estate is in for a rude awakening

We’re going to see soon how much that Harvard education (courtesy of dad’s $2.5 million donation to Harvard?) will help him now that he’s going to be under the microscope with the F.B.I.

Perhaps Jared Kushner really believed that his New York real estate skills set him up to bring peace to the Middle East, solve the opioid crisis, run a government Swat team of business experts and protect his father-in-law from disloyal White House advisers. And that he could do it all while observing the Sabbath and reserving enough time for family ski vacations with Ivanka and their three children.

We know these folks had no idea of what they were walking in to when they started getting appointed to areas of government where they had no previous knowledge or experience.  And the idea that they were clueless was evident when Jared’s sister went to China to hawk investor visas to buy into a Kushner real estate development and thought nothing of mentioning her brother’s association with Trump.

Let’s put the most charitable interpretation possible on the facts that have emerged about Kushner.

The bizarre suggestion to use the Russian communications system to secretly link the Trump transition team and the Kremlin could have come from Michael Flynn, the star-crossed former national security adviser who was also at the meeting.

Kushner, in his naivete about government, may also not have remembered that Barack Obama was still president and in charge of all negotiations with Russia. And it was an innocent oversight that Kushner failed to mention his talk with Kislyak on his government security clearance form.

Once again Flynn rears his ugly head with something involving the Russians.

Again from The Guardian:

Whether it is an appearance under oath on Capitol Hill or the inevitable FBI interview, every sentence Kushner utters will bring with it possible legal jeopardy.


Kushner may have once thought that he established his tough-guy credentials when he stared down angry creditors and impatient bankers over his ill-timed 2007 purchase of a $1.8bn Fifth Avenue office building. But the worst thing that can happen to an over-leveraged real estate investor (as Trump himself knows well) is bankruptcy. When the FBI and special prosecutor Robert Mueller get involved, the penalties can theoretically involve steel bars locking behind you.

Yep, Jared is about to find out what it really means to play with the big boys.  And he really, really should be familiar with the consequences after what happened with his father .

Can they (the Trump clan) really be that clueless?

Yes, it appears they can be.  Memorial Day is a day to honor those members of the military who died for our country.  For Ivanka it’s an excuse to make champagne popsicles.

I’ve had enough of them already.

With six you get eggroll arrested

Now this…this really takes some nerve (I wanted to use another word).

So you are going to Sava’s, a restaurant in Ann Arbor Michigan.  The food there must be really, really good because a cadre of ICE agents went there, had breakfast, and then arrested three of the workers employed there!  As they say, I shit you not.

In the first 100 days of the Trump administration, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office arrested more than 40,000 people suspected of being in the country illegally, nearly a 40% increase from the same period of time last year. They are acting on President Trump’s Executive Orders to crack down on illegal immigration — but some critics believe their methods occasionally go too far.

This week, ICE arrested three employees at Sava’s, a restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI, after learning of their immigration status. Restaurant owner Sava Lelcaj says the officers ate breakfast at the restaurant before they stopped, questioned, and eventually charged the staffers.
Since they were working, I wonder if the ICE agents charged their meals on a government credit card?  Also, I wonder if they tipped?
Said an ICE spokesman when asked about the arrests:
When asked directly about whether or not the ICE officers ate food served by the illegal immigrants before arresting them, spokesperson Lou Martinez would not comment. Instead, he sent a statement to Delish: “Aliens who illegally enter the United States and those who overstay or otherwise violate the terms of their visas have violated our nation’s laws and can pose a threat to national security and public safety. Aliens in violation of the immigration laws are subject to immigration arrest, detention, and placement in removal proceedings.” (bolding/italics mine)
I simply cannot believe that three restaurant workers are a threat to national security.  Public safety?  Well just check the damned health dept. inspections to see if the place passed or had any deficiencies.

Finally I’ll leave you with Randy Rainbow’s latest:

Okay that’s all I have.  What’s on your minds today Widdershins?




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Thanks for filling in today Fredster!

Jared is an idiot. Like everyone else in that campaign, he thought he could do anything he wants because he always has. Money can solve a lot of problems. But elections have consequences. For the Trumps as well, and that’s a concept they never figured out. Elections have consequences and suddenly moving into the White House comes with consequences that they can’t bribe away.

Wow, breaking news. New York Times is getting rid of its public editor position!!!

Liz Spayd was terrible at this job. Useless. But on principle, this is just putting twitter trolls like Haberman and Thrush in charge of the asylum. It’s a sad day for the Times.

Good post Fredster, personally I like sharing the news on the blog.
DYB, if the NYTs goes down the drain, the Washington Post has forged ahead with breaking news on Rump.

CNN reports that a man armed to the teeth as been arrested at the Rump Hotel. Wanted to be like Timothy McGee.

Maddow has been out sick and I miss her connecting the dots reports.

(CNN)Fired FBI director James Comey plans to testify publicly in the Senate as early as next week to confirm bombshell accusations that President Donald Trump pressured him to end his investigation into a top Trump aide’s ties to Russia, a source close to the issue said Wednesday.

Final details are still being worked out and no official date for his testimony has been set. Comey is expected to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia during last year’s presidential election.
Comey has spoken privately with Special Counsel Robert Mueller III to work out the parameters for his testimony to ensure there are no legal entanglements as a result of his public account, a source said. Comey will likely sit down with Mueller, a longtime colleague at the Justice Department, for a formal interview only after his public testimony.
When he testifies, Comey is unlikely to be willing to discuss in any detail the FBI’s investigation into the charges of possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign — the centerpiece of the probe, this source said. But he appears eager to discuss his tense interactions with Trump before his firing, which have now spurred allegations that the president may have tried to obstruct the investigation. If it happens, Comey’s public testimony promises to be a dramatic chapter in the months-long controversy, and it will likely bring even more intense scrutiny to an investigation that Trump has repeatedly denounced as a “witch hunt.”

DYB: Consequences? Aren’t those like taxes? They’re just for the little people.

@4: personally I like sharing the news on the blog.

Generally speaking we don’t do a recap of the previous day’s or overnight happenings. It’s only my opinion but I figure that’s what CNN/MSNBC/Bloomberg are there for. I think we tend to take an item or two and go into more depth on them. At least that’s the impression I have of what DYB and Prolix do. I haven’t been doing anything other than the weekend posts for some time but if I were doing a weekday post that’s the way I would roll.

@1: Happy to do so DYB. However, you didn’t pick up my take out for me.

@1: he thought he could do anything he wants because he always has

Exactly. And I’m tired of hearing the apologists saying “well the govt has used backchannels before”. Yes, the govt has. But Jared wasn’t a part of an administration that had taken office yet. That’s violating the Logan Act. I swear, the entire crew of them from tRump on down need a good class in civics.

@2: I wonder if there was any pressure to do away with that position?

Uh oh, Hillary gave an interview and the usual trolls are out in full force on twitter.

@11: I’m so effin’ tired of those people.

7 Fredster
Generally speaking we don’t do a recap of the previous day’s or overnight happenings. It’s only my opinion but I figure that’s what CNN/MSNBC/Bloomberg are there for.

Opps, sorry…guess I have come to the blog for the wrong reasons. The other PUMA blogs I have been apart of did so, so I will try to just comment on the post contents from now on.

@13: That’s not what I meant shadow. I think that we (or at least I) tend to write our posts…not on the latest news items. Of course in the comments you can put whatever you wish – within reason of course.

For today I wrote about the Jared mess. That’s actually a couple of days old. I wrote about Ivanka’s clueless tweet and then wrote about the horrid and horrible arrest of those workers at a restaurant. Neither of those were in the immediate news but were several days old.

I don’t do the posts during the week so perhaps that’s a good thing.

@3: From Sulzberger’s memo:

our followers on social media and our readers across the internet have come together to collectively serve as a modern watchdog, more vigilant and forceful than one person could ever be. Our responsibility is to empower all of those watchdogs, and to listen to them, rather than to channel their voice through a single office.

Which sounds great until the columnists/writers decide to block you on social media accounts.

You can see (and hear) Hillary at the Code Conference today. Media is freaking out over it as usual. A bunch of the scum (media) on twitter saying she still won’t “accept responsibility” bullshit. Anyway, Hillary is great as always.

I will be back later to read the post and comments. Must run to appt.

I think I’m done for the day. Did not sleep much and stayed up to take the post live at whatever time it was this morning.


Here’s a part of Hillary’s interview.

My fear is after everyone around him has fallen (Flynn, Manafort, Page, Stone, etc) Trump and family will still be standing and found guilty of nothing but arrogance and stupidity. Please let there be some money laundering in there somewhere!!

That Code Conference interview is really making people angry! LOL. And it’s always the same ones. Charles Pierce was watching Chuck Todd and tweeting and saying the Chuck panel was the perfect example of Clinton Rules. Jake Tapper’s panel apparently also went after Clinton.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden announces the tomorrow he is starting a PAC (!) that is though to support his 2020 campaign. And everyone thinks it’s just peachy!

Oh and Obama bought an expensive mansion in DC and people are freaking out because they thought he didn’t care about money and why would he do such a thing.

I can’t! Literally! Even!

Shadowfax, we definitely discuss the latest news!

A noose (!) was found at the African American Museum in DC.

@21: Okay, I fucked up in my feeble attempt to make a point.

I will look around for a remedial writing class in the local area.

You can see (and hear) Hillary at the Code Conference today.

Thank you SocalAnnie for this Q & A with Hillary. She gave out a lot of great info. I haven’t heard before and it breaks my heart that she isn’t our President and says, (I don’t blame her), that she will not run again.

❤ Hillary

Complaining about anyone else “not taking responsibility” for what they did during the election season is a bit rich, coming from the media.

Nice job Fredster. Who knows what is on the minds of these hucksters, grifters, and treasonous louts? You can bet it is a way to put two nickels in their pocket when all the excuses are finally exhausted.

Here’s my guess. None of these people have ever worked in government or probably don’t know anyone who has worked in government — not the bourgeois level where the work is done.

This bunch believes, as do all the drunks on the bar stools, that “all the politicians” do it — this is the way it’s done. They have never been exposed to the types, like Hillary, who really do go into politics to make a difference.

Kushner, just as sure as I’m typing this, through, and in connection with the Cambridge Analytica and the Mercers, were coordinating with the Russians. It wasn’t anything more sophisticated than telling them to pull the trigger on certain things, but they were working together.

Hillary explained it in a very understandable form today at the Code conference. She agrees with this and she’s absolutely right. Bannon and Kelly Conjob were drops from the Mercers and with them came the Cambridge people. When Conjob and Donnie, Jr. went to Paris for the day a month before the election was a tip off for me. You don’t have time to go to the bathroom a month out from an election, no less traipse over to Paris for the day.

About the backchannels the government has used in the past:

None of them hid from US intelligence. None of them were set up to hide from US intelligence. They were just trying to keep sensitive discussions to a need-to-know circle.

Jared, or, more correctly, The Dauphin, was doing something very different.

@27: Thank you Prolix.

went to Paris for the day a month before the election was a tip off for me.

Could an enterprising reporter try to track down any and all private Russian-registered jets that flew in and out of area airports that day in Paris? Why I bet they could have.

Jared, or, more correctly, The Dauphin

Hmmm…has someone been reading Charles Pierce?

@26, absolutely right Quixote. No one can explain why it is okay for everyone else — every last person on the planet — to talk about the Russians interference, but Hillary can’t. If Hillary talks about it, it is a travesty almost as bad as her being President in their minds. If Hillary talks about it, it is an excuse, but if anyone else talks about it, it is brilliant analysis. Hypocrites much?

@29, with it being Paris, the meeting personnel could have flown any place on the continent and just “trained” it in. Someone knows who they met with and it is probably one of the other intelligence services tailing the person. Steele’s dossier was heavily laden with foreign intelligence — he probably already knows who it was.

@28, could not agree more Quixote. He was doing something quite different.

@32: Eh, good point about the trains. What was in the back of my mind when I wrote that was the tRump 757 and that Russian oligarch’s jet both being at the same airport in N.C.

That Code Conference interview is really making people angry!

DYB, indeed the Rump lovers are going nuts. Before I saw that wonderful interview by Hillary, putting it all out there and not shutting the eff up…I saw a massive amount of faux news stories on my google alerts, 99% were all trashing Hillary.

She doesn’t need to fade into the background and I love her for not doing ‘what she is told’ by Rump, his alts, the Russian’s and Bernie and Joe supporters.

IMHO the silent Rump whisperer isn’t the innocent, fresh faced little boy that the media makes him out to be.

He might not have a drop of experience for all the jobs Rump bestows on him, but I bet his hands are plenty dirty in this attempted clandestine meeting he wanted inside the Russian embassy or to some far away land with the Russian spy.

He had dirty tricks he wanted to pull off for himself and his father-in-law. Screw the US just the way he and Rump have screwed others in their tiny real estate world.

Who knows, maybe the Russian’s had already told him they had the goods on them they could expose if they didn’t keep their promises. More peeing on beds somewhere, a few horse heads in some beds, affairs, Rump income tax that showed he wasn’t mister Rich?

The Russian’s and US spooks know where the Rump ‘bodies are hidden’…that’s for sure.

Fredster, great post! I love the pic at the top of Putin with the funny “He went to Jared.”

@16 I finally watched the whole interview. It was fantastic!! Give ’em hell, Hillary!! Don’t back down! (oh and I loved how they played “Roar”, too.)

@23, Interesting tweet. Isn’t John Harwood a repub?

@42, GAgal agree 100%

Uh oh, Dump twittered against Hillary just now.

@43 socalannie> Harwood’s name is one I recognize. He’s been around for years, has written for a number of newspapers. I had to google him to see what his full bio is. Apparently he and Podesta had some of their e-mail exchanges leaked in the WikiHacks dump! Supposedly he and Podesta are friendly and some people thought their exchanges showed a questionable “closeness” for a journalist and a political campaign.

There have only been a handful of name reporters who have said similar things, that the media has to face its own role. But far too few! (Plus, Nate Silver.)

I haven’t been able to watch the full interview yet, will try this weekend. It’s over an hour, right? But from the clips I’ve seen and some descriptions I’ve seen, people are calling it “raw” and “unfiltered.”

I saw a great description from someone on twitter about the “Why won’t she admit it’s all her fault” narrative people like Haberman push: The media will never seen Hillary broken and that makes them angry.

I have a question for the hive here: what do you all think of people like McMaster and Mattis? They were both seen as the saviors who would keep Trump in check. But as with every single check for Trump – it never happened. No pivots, never. It never happened and it never will. Instead it seems they’ve both been corrupted; Trumpified. McMaster’s defense of Trump in press conferences and in the Op-Ed he wrote are really something… How do these “honorable” with such sterling reputations debase themselves? Are they just dirty like Flynn? Or are they honorable fools like Alec Guinness in “Bridge on the River Kwai?” What do you think?


Special counsel Robert Mueller is bolstering his team of U.S. investigators probing possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, adding a top Justice Department official who’s been overseeing corporate fraud and foreign-bribery investigations, as well as a former law-firm colleague, according to people familiar with the matter.

42 GAgal

@16 I finally watched the whole interview. It was fantastic!! Give ’em hell, Hillary!! Don’t back down! (oh and I loved how they played “Roar”, too.)

I also agree,.
Take no prisoners and give em Hell, Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@46, thanks for that! Very interesting! I never read much about the emails.

@47, Yes, it’s an hour & 17 minutes. That’s really pathetic that so many people, especially educated journalists, want to see her “broken”. I guess they’re ok with Dump and his crooked cabal ruining the entire planet though. Breaking Hillary is more important to their demented minds.


How do these “honorable” with such sterling reputations debase themselves?

MO -Lots of other good men turned down the job and yet, these two somehow decided that Rump wasn’t so bad. They already compromised their own integrity by accepting the job, and supporting a man that is shown how corrupt he has been for years.

Maybe there is some saving grace they believe in here, but unless they resign before the sh!t hits the fan, and the odds are high they will, these men will have been given ample time to choose their own fate.

Many in the FBI and Congress thought Comey was almost saintlike when it came to integrity…until he decided to upend Hillary’s campaign and rob America of a great President.

@48, I think Dump contaminates anyone in his orbit. I can’t imagine working with or for him and not being corrupted, because he is completely corrupted himself.

@48, here’s my take on McMaster and Mattis, although I believe it is more McMaster at this point. They are like the drunk guys at the fraternity party who say, “Just the tip, I promise,” and wham, bam, it’s the whole enchilada. Given the way Dolt 45 treats people, you have to be 110% loyal, 200% of the time.

McMaster, particularly, seems to be fudging his statements in order to stay relevant within the WH sphere. He’s beginning to suffer for it. He’s still a serving 3-star — his career is over. He will never be accepted back in the military fold after this bootlicking turn.

I see people saying this all the time on Twitter, “Trump destroys everything he touches,” — McMaster just might be the picture for that poster.

No point in trying to do a post of the day’s news. These days you can’t keep up with it!

All interesting comments on McMaster/Mattis. Thanks! There was also the Deputy AG Rosenstein. These were all people with impeccable careers and reputations. And such a short time in Trump’s orbit and they fell apart. It’s astonishing how easy it is. I don’t get it. There are still so many people who hold out hope that someone like McMaster/Mattis will save us and I just don’t know when they will stop hoping. There have not been pivots from Trump. Not when he won all those states in the primaries, not when he got the GOP nomination, not after the convention, not before the election, not after the election, not after the swearing in, not after 100 days. And there will never be a pivot and nobody will stop or control him. Instead they all burn in his orbit. It’s just mind-boggling.

@58: I agree. Would much rather attempt to concentrate on a few things that catch/caught my attention.

And I would still like to know if those ICE agents used their govt credit cards for their meal before they arrested those people in Ann Arbor.

@48: DYB, maybe it is just fear. 45 has mob connections, right? Add to that his Russian connections, Mercer connections, breitbart connections, and his combustible supporters, I’d be afraid too. It’s like being in a gang, once you are in, exiting is not an easy option for people with loved ones, ambition or secrets of their own. For those two, I doubt that it’s greed. Yes, I do watch too much TV…..

Here’s Chelsea on the View. Eye rolling at the right winger, Jeb’s question about how Hillary’s supporters ‘want her to take personal responsibility’. As usual, Chelsea doesn’t take the bait. She has her mother’s poise and grace.

OMG they are still bitching all over twitter about Hillary. Now even Patti Solis Doys jumped in telling Hillary to shut up. What the fuck is wrong with all these people!

At least there’s Nate Silver. (And even Matty Yglesias tweeted messages saying he wants to see someone write an analysis of why e-mail coverage was so important. Like why did journalists spend so much time on it, what did they think was so vital to the country that they wrote about it every day for a year, instead of discussing policy differences.)

LOL, Putin says maaaayyyyyybe some patriotic Russian freedom fighters did some hacking of America. Or maybe not. (Remember when he said soldiers in Crimea were not Russian? Yeah…about that…)

Trump administration moves to return Russian compounds in Maryland and New York

The Trump administration is moving toward handing back to Russia two diplomatic compounds, near New York City and on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, that its officials were ejected from in late December as punishment for Moscow’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

President Barack Obama said Dec. 29 that the compounds were being “used by Russian personnel for intelligence-related purposes” and gave Russia 24 hours to vacate them. Separately, Obama expelled from the United States what he said were 35 Russian “intelligence operatives.”

Strong piece from Charles Pierce.

“As a matter of fact, I think the nation would have been better served had Gore raised holy hell about what happened to him for as long as he possibly could. I think the nation would have been better served if some Democratic senator had stood with, say, John Lewis, to contest the results of the 2000 election. I think that Kerry should have hollered louder and longer about the shenanigans in Ohio that helped re-elect George W. Bush. Maybe if they had done this, the subsequent flood of voter-suppression laws, and the ensuing gerrymandering of various legislatures, which continues to rage through the political process today, could have been partially stemmed.

Frankly, I hope she continues to “frustrate” Democratic panjandrums and I hope she continues to make the likes of Ruth Marcus simper about how bitter she is. Right now, as far as I can see, HRC is the only one completely free to hammer away at the extraordinary events that conspired to put Donald Trump in the White House. As the investigations continue to accelerate, the country needs somebody outside of the Congress and outside of Department of Justice to keep the country at large focused on the real cost of having abided by the Clinton Rules while an election was hijacked from afar. Might as well be her.”

Dear President Trump,

As some of the largest companies based or operating in the United States, we strongly urge you to keep the United States in the Paris Agreement on climate change.


Full page ad signed by;
Adobe, Apple, Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Danfoss, Facebook, Gap, Inc. Google, The Hartford, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Ingersoll Rand, Intel Corporation, Johnson, Controls, Levi Strauss & Co. Mars Incorporated, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, National Grid, PG&E Corporation, Royal, DSM Salesforce, Schneider Electric, Tiffany & Co., ,Unilever VF Corporation

Frankly, I hope she continues to “frustrate” Democratic panjandrums and I hope she continues to make the likes of Ruth Marcus simper about how bitter she is. Right now, as far as I can see, HRC is the only one completely free to hammer away at the extraordinary events that conspired to put Donald Trump in the White House. As the investigations continue to accelerate, the country needs somebody outside of the Congress and outside of Department of Justice to keep the country at large focused on the real cost of having abided by the Clinton Rules while an election was hijacked from afar. Might as well be her.”
I totally agree.

Did Trump meet with the Russian Ambassador? Nobody remembers! Because nobody remembers the Russian Ambassador.

Shadow, that tweet from Hillary was brilliant! I LOLed.

@62, GAGal, I loved Chelsea’s appearance on The View! The Clintons must be so proud of her. I know I am. I still hold out hope that when the kids are older, she will in fact run for office. If it can’t be Hillary, let it be Chelsea, our first Madam President.

This is an actual thing people write:

I’m going to do something unpopular now. I’m going to defend Hillary Clinton.

That pretty much says it all for the media, doesn’t it.

Despite the media trashing her in the past, during the election and now…Hillary won the popular vote, so the media does not represent the majority of the population of voting Americans.

And they wonder why only papers like the Washington Post are able to gain popularity these days over the Russian/Rump connection, while the hatred of the NYTs and CNN are barely above the level of FoxNews and Breitbart when pedaling the alt perspective.

@68 That Charles Pierce piece was excellent. As was the link to David Faris there.

@76: Charles Pierce should be on your daily reading list.

I don’t know what to make of the Ezra Klein piece. (Granted, I read it really fast and had half a dozen interruptions.) What do you guys think? Off to read the Pierce article.

Loved the Charles Pierce article!

@79, Love that, but it would be funnier (albeit grosser) if it was called “Dump” instead.

So, now the US is one of three countries on the planet that are not in the Paris environmental agreement.

I am so disgusted and angry at this horrible human that is in our WhiteHouse. May he pay dearly for his stupidity.

To be exact, Nicaragua left the Accords because they didn’t go far enough. I hear they’re going to be at 90% renewable by 2020. So that’s different.

And Syria, well, poor Syria is busy being shot to hell, so that’s different.

Agent Orange has put the US in a class of shortsighted selfish dumbness which is so bad, it’s only other member is actually himself.

Quixote, thx for the info about Nicaragua. Didn’t know that.

I’ve been looking at twitter off and on today, and I’m really impressed. The Resistance is huge and growing by the hour. Trumps announcement today is backfiring on him hugely! There is a group of mayors that call themselves “Climate Mayors” that refuse to yield to Dump’s rolling back of environmental protections. Ditto with Governors, a bunch of them making statements that they won’t give in, and California, Washington & New York have created a new alliance. Its amazing. If we can keep this up, we should retake the House & Senate!

Luna, love that tweet by Macron. Here’s another good one:

Socalannie, Someone pointed out that Macron made his speech in English. LOL!

OT, but here’s a nice story about puppers:

New drug kits save police dogs from opioid overdoses

Police dogs simply follow their noses to sniff out narcotics. But inhaling powerful opioids can be deadly, so officers have a new tool to protect their four-legged partners: naloxone, a drug that has already been used for years to reverse overdoses in humans.

Law enforcement officers have started carrying naloxone with them on drug raids, when K-9s are often sent into houses or cars to find narcotics. Three police dogs in Florida were rushed to an animal hospital last year when they ingested fentanyl, a powerful painkiller that is often mixed with street heroin but 50 times more potent. …the dogs touched or inhaled a tiny amount of fentanyl — the same drug that killed the musician Prince — on a table or the floor. The drug can be absorbed through paws.

“It’s such a small amount that it would take to overdose the dog — like two or three granules of sand,” he said.

@90 Luna, wow I hadn’t thought about dogs inhaling the drugs they find…

@81> OMG Data! It’s crazy! Who uses that anymore?

With the Ezra Klein piece – honestly, I didn’t even read it. I stopped with the headline and the byline. Does he want a medal? A statue? (But if the article isn’t what the headline suggests, let me know!)

I was wondering, how many speeches/interviews has Hillary given since the election? I’d like to add them up for all the people who say she needs to stop talking. Because she’s only done a handful, but the reaction is so extreme… The Women in the World forum was the 1st. The New Yorker interview 2. The Code Red seminar 3. The commencement 4. What else am I missing?

This guy is running in South Carolina and supposedly has a chance to win. His commercial is great!

And, I guess Elon Musk and Bob Iger resigned from Dump’s council, whatever that thing was, in light of Paris withdrawal. I think they are the only two.

So Ezra Klein, who could only ‘partially’ defend Hillary, now writes about media coverage of EMAILS!! because climate change.

But imagine how future generations will look back on us. We knew all we needed to know about how climate change would likely affect our descendants, and we decided to let it happen anyway. And what will our excuse be? We were distracted? Doing enough would’ve been inconvenient? We decided to elect a president who thought climate change was a Chinese hoax because he seemed ready to “shake things up”?

“But what about her emails?” is a funny joke on Twitter, but it’s not going to be so funny as future generations realize it’s literally what happened. Our grandchildren will not judge us kindly.

Hey, I don’t have kids so I won’t have grandkids, but I can tell you this – my nieces and nephews descendants wont’ judge me, because I was raising hell while YOU (too) talked about emails. Not to mention his absolute swooning over Obama The Perfect.

Yeah. Everybody else is somehow okay, or even, after frittering away two years with majorities in both Houses of Congress, perfect. But Hillary shouldn’t walk in the woods because something something. And she shouldn’t not walk in the woods because something something something.

(Can you imagine the firestorm if she painted watercolors in the bathtub, or whatever the hell it was?)

@98 Quixote, your comment made me snicker. Waiting for the Bros to tell Hillary she should ‘take up a hobby’ instead of speaking out.

@90, those poor dogs!

@94, omg, bizarre and funny!

@97 & @98, Right on! GAgal & Quixote!

Years ago, I had an ex tell me to ‘take up a hobby’. It didn’t end well. But, it did end. Immediately.

You guys are on fire! Great post, Fredster.
I have never been more proud of our Hillary. I love how the media calls her “cautious” and “inauthentic” when she campaigns, but has fainting spells when she is herself. It’s not just Clinton Rules, it’s Female Clinton Rules. Now she’s all, “I don’t give a flying f*ck. I will tell the truth and shame the media.”

As for people who “have integrity” working for Drumpf, maybe they think they can save him or help him? I know at first McMaster was publicly contradicting him on policy.

I saw Jerry Brown on O’Donnell’s show last night. I love that guy! No wonder he has been elected three times as governor of California.

I think, with all the resistance against Drumpf, he will soon become the weakest President Ever, as well as the most ignominious. I heard a few pundits say yesterday that we are “early” in his Presidency. I said to my husband, “No, we’re late.” With new evidence that Jared (I was wondering when “he went to Jared” would come up) actually wanted the back channel to talk about lifting sanctions on a Russian bank so he could get a loan, Comey testifying about obstruction of justice soon, and his decisions and tweets getting crazier and crazier, I predict he will be out by end of summer. Not sure if it will be impeachment or criminal money laundering charges, but he will be gone.

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