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Lazy Weekend Music~again with the liars

Posted on: May 21, 2017

Yes dear Widdershins it seems we will once again visit the land of fibs, untruths and general mendacity.  I fear it will be a recurring theme for the foreseeable future as long as the man-child is in our midst.

So y’all know the drill.  I’ll put up a few musical clips following the theme and y’all can please add some of your own contributions in the comments.

(1) Flashpoint~Fear Factory  (“One last spark of dishonesty And that will be the death of me”)

(2) Napalm Factory~Mass Appeal Madness

(3) Rotten Sound~ Traitor
Stealing from your family/Destroying your security
Safety of our well-being/Torn by your dishonesty

(4) A Matter of Trust~Billy Joel

(5) Would I lie to you~Eurythmics

So there you go widdershins, volume what-number-is-this? of the Donald Trump lying songs tribute. Keep those lists handy as I feel we will be returning to this theme again.

Please share your contributions below.


23 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~again with the liars"

Fredster, with this bunch grifting like only world class grifters can grift, what else is there except lyin’ eyes.

While I’m not holding my breath, they should follow a “Policy of Truth” like Depeche Mode:

@1 and 2: Excellent selections Prolix.

Too bad I couldn’t find any songs about flim-flam artists or bamboozlers. LOL

@3, Fredster, I’m on it. Here’s what should have been Dolt 45’s theme song from the Broadway show “Barnum” — “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute”:

We can only hope Bob Mueller will put an end to “Anything Goes”:

And here’s a little secret — this would be a bucket list item if I had a scintilla of talent.

Sorry about the digression, but yesterday during the memorial service for Roger Ailes, with a rousing 65 people in attendance, his 17-year old son Zachary spoke. Scientists say we are a combination of nature and nurture at about a 50/50 split. Young Zachary demonstrates how that split is 100/100 when he said:

I want all the people who betrayed my father to know that I’m coming after them,” Zachary Ailes said during a speech at the ceremony, “and hell is coming with me.

@5: I got tired in the first minute and a half of that just watching those people.

This is an interesting song:

It proclaims no one need die for the government if it lies to its people, in the bluntest terms possible.

@6: First, there was a service for him? And some people actually showed up?

That kid is messed up already.

Ah, I was going to post the Castaways. Never mind, I’ll be back with another one; meanwhile, the socal’s thought this was hilarious:

@12: There is a ton of songs out there annie. With the rock ‘n roll backgrounds of the “socals”, y’all will find a few.

Well, not a song…but a classic lying moment.

@10, ditto what Fredster said. What an obnoxious little asshole.

I’m not surprised the blot the revolting slab of flab left behind says he’ll take hell with him. He lives there and they don’t let you leave.

But he’ll find that carting all that with him is beyond his strength. As the ancient Egyptians already knew, you can only get to heaven with a heart as light as a feather.

It seems as if young Mr. Ailes might have been stuck on the quote from Tombstone.

@17: Good catch Prolix!

@6 Prolix, yowza! Young Ailes is gonna be a nasty piece of work, ain’t he. Just wow.

In other fun news, Turkish government has summoned the US ambassador to protest “aggressive” action towards its bodyguards. The day the bodyguards beat up peaceful protestors, on Erdogan’s orders.

I really can’t even process this information…especially since Dump has had nothing to say about what happened…..

Flynn is going to invoke the 5th for Congress’ subpoena of his papers.

He used to criticize the IT guy who handled Clinton’s e-mail server for taking the 5th.

@21: Oh damn! You just took one of my things for the weekend post.

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