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56 Years A Slave

Posted on: May 17, 2017


Eudocia Tomas Pulido (“Lola”), ages 18 and 82

Hello Widdershins,

This will be a short post today! In part because I would like you to take some time and instead of reading my nonsense, read a feature story in The Atlantic instead.

In March I wrote a post here discussing human trafficking.  When we talk about slavery too many of us think of by-gone eras. But slavery exists today and not just in far-off lands. It exists right here in the United States, perhaps involving our next-door neighbors. Nearly 21,000,000 human beings today are victims of human trafficking.

One of the stories I recounted in my post, told by Sister Joan Dawber, who runs a safe-house for victims of human trafficking in NYC, involved a young woman from Africa who came to NYC by family with the promise of going to school. Instead the family enslaved her for 5 years. She escaped eventually with the help of a suspicious neighbor. But how many do not escape?

In the harrowing and heart-breaking story published in The Atlantic, called My Family’s Slave by Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Alex Tizon, Tizon describes his family’s slave – gifted to his mother by his grandfather. The woman they called Lola served the family for 56 years, right here in the United States. She cooked and cleaned for the family, she raised the children. She was not kept in physical shackles. And yet – she remained their slave. Tizon’s shocking realization as he got older than his parents kept the woman who raised him and his siblings as a slave is heart-breaking. Lola’s story is not unique and it needs to be told. (In a sad addendum, Tizon died suddenly on March 23, 2017 at the age of 57.)

Mom would come home and upbraid Lola for not cleaning the house well enough or for forgetting to bring in the mail. “Didn’t I tell you I want the letters here when I come home?” she would say in Tagalog, her voice venomous. “It’s not hard naman! An idiot could remember.” Then my father would arrive and take his turn. When Dad raised his voice, everyone in the house shrank. Sometimes my parents would team up until Lola broke down crying, almost as though that was their goal.

It confused me: My parents were good to my siblings and me, and we loved them. But they’d be affectionate to us kids one moment and vile to Lola the next. I was 11 or 12 when I began to see Lola’s situation clearly. By then Arthur, eight years my senior, had been seething for a long time. He was the one who introduced the word slave into my understanding of what Lola was. Before he said it I’d thought of her as just an unfortunate member of the household. I hated when my parents yelled at her, but it hadn’t occurred to me that they—and the whole arrangement—could be immoral.

“Do you know anybody treated the way she’s treated?,” Arthur said. “Who lives the way she lives?” He summed up Lola’s reality: Wasn’t paid. Toiled every day. Was tongue-lashed for sitting too long or falling asleep too early. Was struck for talking back. Wore hand-me-downs. Ate scraps and leftovers by herself in the kitchen. Rarely left the house. Had no friends or hobbies outside the family. Had no private quarters. (Her designated place to sleep in each house we lived in was always whatever was left—a couch or storage area or corner in my sisters’ bedroom. She often slept among piles of laundry.)


This is an open thread.


128 Responses to "56 Years A Slave"

What a horrible life Eudocia had at the hands of a couple that thought it was their right to abuse her. Really sad.

Shadowfax, yes, what a horrible life.

It seems the article is getting a lot of criticism from some people, who say Tizon erases Lola’s existence by calling her Lola in the article, instead of by her given name. This was an interesting response to that on Twitter. It’s a long thread.

And did you see the crazy attack on protestors outside the Turkish embassy by Erdogan’s bodyguards? Insane! No comment from the administration.

The enemy spy-puppetmaster has offered to help…

Putin offers transcript of Trump meeting with Lavrov

@5 Shadow> That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day! Which was immediately followed by @6 Luna, which became the other funniest thing I’ve read all day!

Can Putin also release Dump’s tax returns? You know he has them.

Putin must be having ever so much fun now — between curses that his puppet is even more stupid than he thought.

The Twittersphere is also having fun with Trump doing his whiny crybaby depths of bathos speech to the graduating Coasties.

7 & 8 Absolutely.

Lock Him Up!

@10> I’m sure 2/3 of the waiters are spies.


You’re probably right…

@11, 12, more money to be made that way.

Jason Chafe-ass says he’s asking Comey to testify next week. Lady Graham has also asked Comey to testify.

Murkowski and Amash have said a special prosecutor might be necessary.

John McCain said “Something something blah blah” and that was it.

Marco Rubio said: “On the one hand yes, on the other hand no.”

@14 Fredster> LOL. I don’t think Martin intends to finish that damn series!

I will say, Russians are good with sarcasm:

@11 & 12: Well he does hire a lot of immigrants under those special visa rules for Mar-a-Lago, because, ya know, there aren’t enough U.S. citizens looking for jobs there. Oh and Palm Beach county is the largest county-physically in FL.

I understand that it’s not just any old cheap foreign workers for Kitsch-a-lago. Filipinos or Chinese or Mexicans need not apply. There’s just something about them. Don’t quite know what it is. Not likable y’know? They have to be East Europeans.

Now there’s a demographic Russians could never pass as or suborn.

About the actual post, like everyone else I haven’t read the article. I haven’t even read the twitterrage. So I have to hold forth.

It’s interesting to me how little motivation there is to understand, which I think was the point of Tizon’s article? The fact that you could be a kid and not even know you had a slave. The gradual process of realizing. The “Wait–” “What?” moments.

I think people want it to be about the woman who was so wronged, but there is actually a value in looking at it from the slaveholder’s perspective. Because that’s what most of us reading the article are (or would be if I read it …).

There was a web site which would calculate how many slaves globally supported your lifestyle based on parameters you provided. (Number of cars, how often you buy clothes, etc.) I think I came out at 27. Which made me kind of sick.

Realizing how easy it is to overlook slavery while living with it is actually an essential point to make.

Oh DYB, what a heartbreaking post! When I think of human trafficking, I never think of people who bring slaves over the US and keep them. Oh my gosh. Of course it was an uneducated woman whose lack of worldly experience was cruelly exploited by the writer’s family.

As for the latest Russia disaster: Pooty-Poot is having the time of his life, rubbing it in Congress’ face that he knows more about Drumpf than we do. It’s both disgusting and terrifying.

Meanwhile, none of the talking heads are saying that the reason the Mango Meerkat gave classified material to the Russians could be Kompromat. I wonder why? That’s the simplest explanation, and it was backed up by that dossier that people call “dodgy” but so far, has been 100% accurate..

DYB, what a sad yet finally wonderful story about a woman. I’m glad that Lola had a better life with the writer when he took her into his house. It seems that Lola was a very nurturing person.

On the original post: Indeed Shadow, some people objected that the article is not from “Lola’s” POV. But as Tizon made clear, Eudocia never wanted to discuss it with him. So he doesn’t have her POV, she would never offer it when he asked. So all he has is his own story.

I can say with my grandmother, for example, she survived Nazi occupation of Kiev during WWII. I don’t know how, considering Kiev was where one of the first and biggest organized Nazi atrocities happened, massacre at Babi Yar. I don’t know how she survived it and the rest of the war because she refused to talk about it.

The other hard thing for him to explain is his parents, especially his mother. How did his mother allow this? There are no easy answers.

Oh and quixote: that would be a terrifying survey to take, about how much slave labor is required to sustain our own lifestyles…

What Prolix has been saying about Comey all along:

“And honestly, I think that’s what he had in mind with his July press conference on the Clinton emails last year. I think he is a man of integrity, but he also thinks of himself very much as a man of integrity and likes the spotlight that highlights that. And he’s going to enjoy the spotlight of a congressional hearing when he inevitably testifies. …”

24 DYB
I am so sorry to hear what your grandmother went through and she survived, doing what she had to do to stay alive.

I keep thinking that Eudocia may have been sexually and physically abused by her ‘owners’. Since her story was only told by one of the children she raised…there is probably a lot that happened that they never knew about.

Humans as a whole, can be a very nasty species. Greed, psychosis, murder, rape, bondage, abuse…something most other species have no part of.

8 Reasons That G.O.P. Leaders Haven’t Deserted Trump

@24: The other hard thing for him to explain is his parents, especially his mother. How did his mother allow this?

Part of the culture she was brought up in. It is very easy to normalize many things.

@27: I keep thinking that Eudocia may have been sexually and physically abused by her ‘owners’

Well we certainly know there was physical abuse but what leads you to suspect sexual abuse?

Just a guess, since this happened to a lot of slaves in the US south, by their owners, and the mindset of these type of people felt that their slaves were their property to do with as they pleased. It also might be an added reason as to why the wife also treated her so badly.

Justice names special counsel for Russia investigation

The Justice Department has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate Russia’s involvement in the U.S. election.
Mueller, a former prosecutor who served a 12-year term at the helm of the bureau, has accepted the position, according to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

“In my capacity as acting attorney general I determined that it is in the public interest for me to exercise my authority and appoint a special counsel to assume responsibility for the matter,” Rosenstein said in a statement.

Perhaps Prolix will come by to give us his opinion and thoughts on this development.

I’d like to see a pundit ask this question to these Republican lawmakers.

Imagine what would have happened had a President Hillary Clinton abruptly fired the man overseeing an investigation of her campaign’s ties to a hostile foreign government…

Had Clinton been elected and done a 10th of the things Trump has done, the calls from the right for her removal would be deafening, louder even than the “lock her up” shouts during the presidential campaign.

And again, Florida never, ever disappoints.


DYB, thank you for posting this, but I have to tell you, I had seen this piece and decided, quite deliberately, not to read it because I know it would hurt my heart and soul. So I consciously said, “Now Prolix, there are just some things you don’t need to read.” Then you posted it.

And so I read it. It is so heart-rending, it is like a spigot turned on and happiness poured out of my soul as I read it. I was reminded, the ravages of human bondage take many forms. Where I’m from, the slaves weren’t foreign born, but native born with special needs. I can’t begin to tell you how many children were born in these hills with special needs, special education needs, were “nervous”, had disabilities, or were just “different” and kept at home by their parents because they didn’t want the “disgrace” of them going to school. Justification took many forms, but it was all a facade built on human frailties.

These children grew up uneducated, but knowing enough to cook, clean, and keep house. They were slaves by birth not acquisition. It is just so sad. The inhumanity of man knows no bounds.

@32, I think this is a good move. It is a move that can’t be criticized. Truthfully, I’m not surprised. I think Rubenstein, after testifying last week, told Burr and Warner after the hearing when he asked to speak with them privately. This type of thing isn’t put together overnight. It has been in the works, decks have to be cleared, paperwork done, checked, and all of it put together.

Contrary to what all the “heads” are saying on the news, this thing isn’t going to be another Iran Contra or Whitewater. Just for a moment, they have Flynn on: (1) False declaration; (2) Accepting foreign payments; and (3) the big one, Lying to the FBI. It’s over for Flynn. He’s done. He loses, he’s going to prison or at least he’s on probation unless he’s pardoned by Trump. That’s a whole other kettle of rotting devilfish.

The other thing, the last time a special prosecutor was named, under the last Rethug president, was a decade ago. Technology wasn’t in play like it is today. The Treasury’s FinCen is up and running. All the terrorism technology is humming along. The NSA and Reconnaissance technology has all the phone calls and signals intelligence. This thing won’t take long — I’m betting six months at the longest.

They are going to follow the money. When the magnifying glasses are turned on the Dolt finances, it will not hold up. They will do a colonoscopy on his finances and there’s a resignation being drafted.

I think you heard the test marketing of the “after Dolt” in the Coast Guard speech today — total victimization. Woe is me, the deep state had it out to get me, they are out to get us, they don’t love true Americans, and they are all corrupt. It was a focus group speech. He’s already trying it out.


Robert Mueller

Yes! Rump had better start thinking of a new career choice, I believe his days in the Oval are numbered.

Kevin McCarthy is dumb as a post half-eaten by termites. I truly doubt he would know which way from up.


I was at a fiend’s graduation from The New School just as all the news was coming out!

McCarthy’s comments about Putin paying Trump and Rohrbacher – and Ryan insisting they not be publicized – awkward! Also, big part of that story is WaPo contacted Ryan and said they heard about this. He said it was a lie. They said they had a transcript. He said it was a lie. They said they had an audio recording. He said they were joking.

And Mueller appointment is good news, I agree. I think I’m going to make a commitment to myself: if he finds nothing was wrong, I’ll accept it. I think he’s solid.

The Three Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse.


Prolix, I agree with what you say about following the money trail, IRS taxes and especially that tech has greatly improved…making this investigation faster. The NSA has servers full of almost everything out there, and I am sure they have fine tuned their focus on Rump and Co.

@27 Shadowfax> I hadn’t actually thought of further abuse of Eudocia. But yes, it would not be surprising. And yes, the mother’s anger towards her would also make sense. Not just for the “stealing her children” but for “stealing her husband.”

I think the author knows very little about his Lola. Which was also her choice, not to talk about it.

I saw someone tweet that Mueller would have authority to subpoena Dump’s taxes. The holy grail! Won’t it be funny if they are totally innocuous, like Hillary’s speeches!

@40, D, I think you can make that deal with yourself because Flynn and Manafort might as well be roadkill looking for a hungry vulture. The special counsel mandate is open ended. It can go wherever. The FinCen of the Treasury Dept. alone is enough to finish off Dolt 45.

And that is just the stuff our government has. The foreign services will be able to dump their stuff off at Mueller’s doorstep now. There is going to be so much orange stuff blowing up it will look like Minute Maid stepped on an IED.

And there’s more just out on Flynn. The White House actually knew Flynn was being investigated by the FBI when they hired him. Not just that there were questions, but they knew of an actual FBI investigation.

Also, I’ve finally seen some big people mention FBI investigating Jane Sanders. Previously it had only been the local Vermont paper, but I’ve seen it referenced more than once now on twitter by bigger names. Including (I think it was) a Politico story which said Bernie hasn’t even decided if he’s running for re-election in 2018; one reason offered is that the FBI investigation of Jane is “weighing” on him.

@45 Prolix, LOL. Poor Minute Maid!

Preet Bharara has really strong twitter game:

Also apparently Sean Hannity is really angry tonight.

More on Flynn. Flynn himself told Trump’s transition team he was under FBI investigation. So Mike Pence – head of transition – knew. So Pence LIED about being lied to about Flynn.

BTW, a little cold water on Mueller’s investigation and its scope.

@51, Is there no end to the deception?

Nevertheless I’m glad that Pence is now well and truly outed as a liar. And someone who apparently saw no problem with hiring a lobbyist for a foreign state to be National Security Advisor.

“America First”? “Me First” is their real mission statement.

This inaccurate database is the one Republicans want to use to “clean” voter rolls.

Revered Seattle theater director no longer an ‘alien’ — but it darn near took an act of Congress

Van Kempen, 65, … went to apply for Social Security and Medicare but was told he was an “unlawful alien” — though he’s been a U.S. citizen for 35 years.

Van Kempen has been notified that his Kafkaesque tale is over, sort of. But a new one, involving the larger governmental effort to vet immigrants for a range of purposes, may be about to begin. “It appears that in Mr. Van Kempen’s case, there was a technical error,” the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency wrote vaguely to the office of U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Seattle. The agency said the problem was in a database called the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements program.

Jayapal said Tuesday that the Van Kempen case is a study in how these vetting databases can harm innocent citizens, especially in the complex immigration arena. As a naturalized citizen herself who came here from India in 1982, she said calls to expand the Alien Verification database are clearly misguided. “You see a case like Ruben’s, where they’ve denied a man who’s been a U.S. citizen for 35 years, and you sure have to wonder if the database they’re using is sound,” she said.

This stuff on Flynn is big time unbelievable. This thread explains the scope.


Who would have guessed that Tom DeLay’s ethics lawyer would be bad at his job? Really. The dumbarse is strong with Don McGahn.


In connection with all of this did anyone happen to read the Mensch piece where she said that Orrin Hatch would be our next Prez?

@56 Prolix, I remember the hiring of McGahn was mocked when it happened. I guess everyone sort of knew he was a moron except Dump? Or maybe in Dump’s eyes he’s a genius.

On Flynn: That is cray cray! There are also reports that his hiring was pushed by Ivanka and Jared. Because why not!

I really just can’t believe what is happening to us! How did we come to this?! I just can’t! I literally can’t even!

And you saw the news about that psycho Sheriff Clarke. This is a great thread about his fake medals.

@57 Fredster, I see a bunch of her stuff re-tweeted. She said Sessions was going to be arrested last Thursday.

She really is nuts. For a few weeks I was intrigued, but then I realized she’s a complete nut job. Total narcissist, looking for a fix. Malcolm Nance calls her “agent of chaos.” Ditto John Schindler, Claude Taylor. There’s a few others.

Also WikiLeaks is going after Mueller. Publishing incomplete documents claiming he carried some uranium to Russia. Which he did – but it was part of a sting operation. But if WikiLeaks are not happy with Mueller…

The comments on this tweet are hilarious.

The foreign services will be able to dump their stuff off at Mueller’s doorstep now. There is going to be so much orange stuff blowing up it will look like Minute Maid stepped on an IED.

Agent Orange

Also apparently Sean Hannity is really angry tonight


@58, McGahn might get a cell next to Flynn if he aided and abetted his activities. John Dean could give him some career advice — get out now before you get help by the boys and girls in blue.

On Flynn, the stuff about Jared and Ivanka saying he was loyal, blah, blah, blah. Those stories don’t ring true.
What are they going to say? He has the goods on dear old Dad and he had us by the short hairs. Flynn was motivated by crazy blood lust for Obama and everyone else who had a hand in firing him. There is no end to where Flynn would go to get revenge — up to and including Russia.

This Dolt 45 trip is going to be such a monumental sh!t show. The Saudis have invited representatives from 30 countries for a pep rally against Iran and Dolt 45 is going to give a speech about Islam. Now, get your head around that — Dolt 45 speaking about Islam to Muslims.

If that doesn’t sound like a recipe for a disaster, guess who is writing the speech? The three-way love child of Jeff Sessions, Beverly Leslie from Will and Grace, and the Keebler Elf — dead-eyed Stephen Miller. What could go wrong?

@67, omg! What a disaster waiting to happen.

Prolix, very moved by the post. I’m working again and too tired to come up with much, but am impressed as always by the comments here. Things are happening at light-speed now aren’t they?

@55, am praying they put this pos in prison.

And those Turkish guards beating up protestors? My head is spinning so hard its going to come off. Every day, the most insane news.

@67. Stephen Miller? Stephen Miller is writing the speech?

(C’monProlix. Admit it. This is an elaborate experiment to see how much people will believe, which you’ll be publishing shortly in the Harvard Business Review or somewhere. Right? Right??)

The thing I don’t get at all is that the Saudis are not totally stupid. They know the Dolt is a shambling shitshow. And they’re going to put him on display and have invited countries to get splattered. And they expect this to benefit them … how?

Roger Ailes Dead at 77

Ailes died in Palm Beach. His death was announced by his wife.

@68, thanks Annie, but the post is the work of the fine hand of DYB. I’m sure he appreciates that you appreciated his work as its value appreciates with time.

Don’t work too hard. Take every opportunity to rest because you never know when the next opportunity will arise to sit down.

@69, Quixote, you would think there is some coordinated effort to make all these bad decisions, one after another. How does one gaggle of humans find it within themselves to make so many wrong-headed decisions?

How in the world do you allow someone like dead-eyed Miller, who knows no bounds of overreaching his all too limited qualifications, write the Islam speech after the travel ban insanity? And it kicks off the trip. First of all, it is a tenet of Islam you must avoid at all cost the criticism of Islam from a non-believer. Dolt 45 lecturing reps from 30 countries. What could go wrong?

Ding dong Ailes is dead!

@69 and 72: I suspect that the worse the Miller speech is, the more pleased his base will be. He needs all the adoration and approval he can get right now.

This is true, but if I had a really, really good imagination and was taking several hallucinogenics while drinking massive quantities of Tequila, I still don’t think I could have imagined this.


@67> Stephen Miller is also writing Dump’s NATO speech.

I know I can be pin-headed at times, but I do believe this would be deemed relevant when talking about Russian business dealings.


@78> Yes, that appears that it might possibly be of some sort of relevance.

Word is Jason Chaffe-ass will resign from Congress on June 30 and will head over to Fox.

Prolix, what does this mean going forward.

I don’t mean to be cruel, but meh.

73 DYB
Ding dong Ailes is dead!
First he gets shamed and fired, then he keels over and dies.

@82, As for Burr’s comment, it might be premature. There are still a couple of days left on the production schedule. Burr might have jumped the gun. As for next steps, that is hard to say. The Intel Committee could move to compel meaning they would have to make application for enforcement. They could just let Mueller handle it as Special Counsel. I doubt they would just abdicate their ability to milk headlines though.

This also might be part of Flynn “shopping” his testimony for immunity. Flynn is the low-hanging fruit for Mueller. Not much sport in picking him off. Flynn isn’t even “fish in a barrel” territory — he’s more like “fish in a box at Long John Silver’s”.

Uhm….yeah….. so Lindsey Graham wants to get back to investigating Hillary.

“So to be clear – the Republican Party of the United States knowingly used materials provided by a hostile foreign power in an American election. It continued to use these materials for months after it was known they were coming from Russia, and for months after they were asked to stop using them by the Democratic Party and even other Republican leaders. It is my own belief, having studied these Russian “active measures” for some months now, that it was the daily use of these materials by the RNC that was the single most important step in mainstreaming their use. Thus the RNC and its leaders were not just complicit in one of the most malevolent foreign intelligence operations to have ever taken place on U.S. soil, but were critical to its success.”

Weepy Joe Lieberman is the leading candidate for FBI job. I wonder how that’s gonna go.

@89. Seems a bit .. pollyanna-ish to call on the perps to go all highminded. A bit like expecting Big Oil to sustainable solar power.

The facts are as stated: the RNC took part in — to benefit from — the worst foreign attack on US soil.

And they’re in power after demonstrating their contempt for democracy.

Now what?

Chaffe-ass sends a resignation letter, saying he’s gone June 30th. To spend more time with his family. Because he never intended his time in Congress to be a permanent job (why run? Why not serve out term and then leave?)

Oh, this is awkward.

Wittes’ tweet Byrd is talking about:

@68, oops! Meant to say DYB! Sorry DYB, the last comment I had read was by Prolix, and I guess it just stuck in my head. Plus, I’m dyslexic. Anyway, very fine post!

Erdogan ordered his goons to attack the protestors. Read the Philip Bump thread.

So it looks like this is the highly classified info Trump gave to the Russians. It took days for it to become known to all.

@92, Love that!

@96,97, Huh. Sounds interesting.

@100, how dare they do this in our country. That evil Erdogan should be banned from ever coming here again. Do you think that Turkey gets away with so much because we want to keep our military bases there?

@102: So that is probably what this “ban laptops on planes” thing is about.

@105, that’s scary. I wonder if they will take the time to inspect each laptop now?


We have to be reminded daily of the flaming, world-shaking importance of 10 duplicate emails on Anthony Weiner’s hard drive.

(heh. I said hard drive)

I agree with Prolix. Drumpf is preparing his exit strategy now. Actually, I think it was prepared before the election.He’s just starting to implement it.

I truly believe he will resign soon, leaving America in worse chaos than it was before. And, the investigations will continue, since it’s not just Drumpf, but his whole cabal that has to go. This includes Pence.

Criminal indictments will fly. I think the whole government will be unrecognizable by the end of the summer.

@107> McCaskill and Durbin said today Mueller is leading a criminal investigation… And there was confirmation that multiple grand jury indictments exist for Manafort and Page.

Oh and at the Dump press-conference with the Colombian president, supposedly Dump parsed his words carefully (seems odd…) to say that he himself didn’t do anything with the Russians, which people suggest is different from his previous statements in that he always spoke generally “There’s nothing there.” But today he seemingly separated himself from members of his campaign.

@107: Well it’s going to have to be a resignation because the Repubs in the House won’t bring impeachment charges. They just will not do it.

@110, I am expecting a resignation and possibly a presidential pardon down the line, but I want jail time in gen pop for the orange bastard, no posh country club facility. He, and his soul-less family and their greedy cabal, need to pay for what they have done to this country.

Yeah I would probably do this too.


I love Golden Retrievers.

@115: Me too, but don’t they sometimes have hip issues?

@113 that dog, OMG! We need that to calm our nerves!

Did you see the latest Comey leak? Via that guy from Benjamin Wittes. Comey is leaking more than a Russian hooker in a St. Petersburg hotel!

The latest hilarious story Comey tells is he was at some party and trying to avoid being seen by Trump. He was wearing a blue suit, so he tried to blend in with blue curtains all night. But Trump spotted him. True or not, that’s hilarious. Twitter is on it.

@117: Oh you would do that too DYB!

Oh boy! I’ve watched more TV news in the last three days than I’ve watched in 6 months. I am rather enjoying it. Thanks for all the great links and stuff everyone. I think my sanity may be returning a little bit at a time! 🙂

@119 GAgal, the scary thing is that today was a slow news day! Everyone was remarking that at 5pm something was bound to hit! Something big! And then it didn’t.

Now mind you, it was a day when Ailes died and Chafe-ass announced his resignation. And that’s a slow news day! And it’s not even all bad news!

No surprise here. The US hasn’t done well on international health comparisons, at least over the last 3 decades or so which is when I’ve been following it. I hope something blocks Trumpcare or our ranking will be tobogganing downhill.

‘An embarrassment’: U.S. health care far from the top in global study

The world’s superpower doesn’t rank where you might expect it to. The United States scores an 80 on the index, which is at the bottom of the second decile and puts it on par with Estonia and Montenegro.

The United States measures well for diseases preventable by vaccines, such as diphtheria and measles, but it gets almost failing grades for nine other conditions that can lead to death. These are lower respiratory infections, neonatal disorders, non-melanoma skin cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, ischemic heart disease, hypertensive heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and the adverse effects of medical treatment itself.

“America’s ranking is an embarrassment,” according to Murray, who noted that U.S. health spending per person — $9,000 annually — is more than that of any other country.

@121, Good God.

Luna, that’s really embarrassing. I’m not surprised though. I would have thought we’d be lower on the scale.

@124, We rank very low on things like maternal-infant health. Also life expectancy is lower than in many industrialized countries.

Bwhahaha! I sure hope this dickhead who works at Trump’s law firm and blocked Medicare at 55 gets rejected.

Senate Democrats reject Lieberman for FBI director

There’s no love lost for the former Democratic senator among his onetime colleagues.

New post upstairs.

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