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Activist Monday: A Massive Public Outcry

Posted on: May 15, 2017

Good Monday, all! Your friend MadamaB is all in a tizzie today because, well, BECAUSE! What the living f*ck is going on with the Mango Maniac and his cowardly, venal, morally vacant enablers? Der Drumpenfuhrer is wildly waving his tiny hands and firing everyone he can think of, including the man who was investigating his ties to Russia. His “Apprentice” itch apparently not scratched, according to the latest reports, the pResident is going to make his staff go through a major shakeup.

But tra la la, who cares? The Republicans have done a cost-benefit analysis, and they think they’re still better off with the Circus Peanut than anyone else that could replace him. Like an addict who can’t believe the vial is empty, the Paul Ryans of the world, and there are, sadly, many of them in Congress now, cannot believe that their long, LONG dream has ended. Oh, woe is they! Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security shall not, in fact, be transferred to the wealthiest of the wealthy by means of a devastating tax cut masquerading as a health care plan. The blowback at GOP town halls has been so universal and severe, that many of them refuse to show up. Did I mention they were cowardly? Why yes, I believe I did.

The problem, you see, is that there are more than a few grains of truth to the accusation that Washington politicos have forgotten about their constituents. They have grown used to power and have forgotten that we, the people, can fire them at our leisure. This is especially true of the Republican Party, which, through gerrymandering, purges of millions of Democrats from voter rolls, and mass hypnosis of terrified white people through church and rightwing media outlets, now expects all voters in certain states to routinely vote against their own interests. The Democratic Party’s Obama wing is also shamefully blasé about the needs of their voters (like wimminz! and bizarrely, people of color), but thankfully, there is diversity in our ranks, and not all Democrats follow that model. (You know who doesn’t, Widdershins.)

Shimmy Shimmy HRC!

So the Republicans are in deep, and rather desperate-sounding, denial about the Constitutional crisis the Rancid Cheeto has caused by, well, by being inaugurated! On Day 1, this corrupt cretin violated the Emoluments Clause and invited impeachment. Now, he’s all but daring Congress to do their worst. And so far, that’s what they’ve done, putting Party over Country all day, every day.

My fellow Widdershins, I feel that the time has come, once again, for a massive public outcry. Let’s make the Congress do what it should have done long ago: Throw Der Drumperer under the bus, and all of his Children of the Corn, white supremacists and mild-mannered liars named Pence and Priebus.

There is a new March coming on Saturday, June 3rd, called the March for Truth. It’s for us to go out and show that we believe Drumpf is a clear and present danger to our democratic norms, and he must go in order for our republic to survive.

Time to put our feet on the street again, all. Let’s show our Congresscritters that they have our support to remove this feces-throwing orangutan from office. And we DON’T want to wait till 2018, thank you very much.

This is an open thread.


132 Responses to "Activist Monday: A Massive Public Outcry"


I loved your post!

I would love to steal your name for Rump, ‘Der Drumpenfuhrer’, it doesn’t get any better than that. I know I would summon typos on that one though.

I have to admit seeing our Hillary shimmy again, made me very happy. So much so, I had to reread the the paragraph below that shimmy five times, because my eyes couldn’t stay on the words and would rather watch Hillary.

I’ll keep my eye on that June 3rd march. Hope it gets the support of all the Women’s march cities and grows.

Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate America has.

Richard Cohen seems not to know that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s popular-vote margin — nearly 3 million — is equal to about 55 Yankee Stadiums fully packed [“The reason Clinton lost,” op-ed, May 9]. More people than live in any city in the United States aside from New York and Los Angeles. They equal the 36th-largest state in the United States — about as large as Kansas. Ms. Clinton received more votes than any man in history except Barack Obama. She also beat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) by almost 4 million votes in the primaries . In fact,she set the all-time record for primary votes in 2008, narrowly BEATING Mr. Obama.

In 2016, she also had to carry the weight of Russian President Vladimir Putin and FBI Director James B. Comey on her shoulders. But she couldn’t carry James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, too. It was their electoral college that finally beat her.

Ms. Clinton has proved that she’s the strongest candidate America has to trounce President Trump in 2020.

Although the media tried to say that Comey was fired because Rump felt sorry for Hillary over the emails…we all knew that was ‘lock her up’ bs.

Because if she was in jail, she would be ‘out of the picture’ and he could get all the glory he thinks he deserves.
He is delusional.

Trump declares James Comey ‘should have never exonerated’ Hillary Clinton

Hey Shadow, thank you! Take that nomenclature if you want. No worries.

I do adore watching her shimmy. Hard to believe she did that in a debate!

If Drumpf changes his mind one more time over Comey, I think his brain might just explode! What is he even talking about…meanwhile, there’s a lot of interfering going on.

Tuesday night Anderson Cooper will interview Sally Yates on his show.

@5 – That’s quite a “get!” If MSNBS continues to hire wingnuts and fires Lawrence O’Donnell, whom I adore, maybe I’ll have to start watching Anderson. I’ll still watch Rachel, though.

Cooper and Maddow are the only ones I have been watching lately, except for short clips. CNN, you only need to watch for about 15 minutes of the other shows, because they just keep repeating the same stuff for hours.

I wish that Blitzer would get fired.

Putin warns against ‘intimidating’ North Korea after latest missile launch.

Rump gets orders from his puppetmaster –

Hillary just officially launched her Super PAC. Expect a lot of angry men on television and twitter to have something to say about this. (Apparently Josh Barro has already tweeted something, but I refuse to see what it is.)

This is beyond pathetic: They are trying to idiot-proof the upcoming NATO meeting Trump is attending.

If they can keep Trump’s attention, NATO heads of state are expected to discuss two main issues at the meeting, both catering to the president’s priorities: counterterrorism and burden-sharing.

11 DYB

Ha, I just got the email from Hillary too and was going to post it here.
Signed up, not willing to donate, unless it’s for Hillary…but I will march and protest and give Congress a piece of my mind.

Dump revealed highly sensitive information to the Russians (Lavrov and Kislyak (remember him?)) last week in the Oval office. Including potentially revealing an Islamic State source.

I want an ‘Onward Together’ sicker for my car.

shadow said: and was going to post it here.

No need to do that; I’m sure we all got that email.

As to the sticker, you should write and ask for one! Perhaps they will make you a local leader or something for your area. Get in on the ground floor shadow!

14 DYB
May 15, 2017 at 5:06 pm

What excuse will they use now that their big mouth in Chief just blew it again? He works hard to protect Russia while putting the US and our allies at risk. Putin tells him not to antagonize N. Korea when they test their missiles so they get better at hitting the US shores.

They have to take this POS out before our country is given away. Our elections were already ruined…

This story is exploding on the internet. WaPo says it’s getting higher per-minute hits than “Access Hollywood” story did when they broke it.

Gavin Newsom actually calls McConnell a turtle! (That’s my takeaway from this tweet.)

@17: You need to be careful about how you phrase some things shadow.

What did I do now, Fredster?

DYB, did Spicy say that, he wants to leave?

Shadow, no that was MacMaster. Because of the story that Dump leaked highly classified info to the Russians last week. MacMaster is quoted in the Post article, and as the head of the NSA, this story is right up his alley. So he ran away from the media.

What did I do now, Fredster?

Words can sometimes be taken out of context or misunderstood.

They have to take this POS out

Now we know what you probably meant but a casual reader who might stop by (and we do have some of those) might misinterpret what you were saying there.

@14, just saw that. Oy.

What ally is going to want to share intell with the US after this?

And John McCain, the maverick:

@26, I thought McMaster meant that he himself was leaving.

@27, I had to read over shadow’s comment several times before I realized that while of course we know that was meant as “out of office” there are lowlifes who think differently.

Luna, please check email when you have a chance.

@29, Jay-zeus H. F.

Senator McCain, wouldn’t such action be better defined as treason?

@30: Correct. When you look at our stats we have visitors that come by and they are literally from all over. And when you have a congress critter who would do this, we ( well me) just don’t want anyone misreading a comment.

Daily Show thread brings the receipts.

Luna, yes, that was MacMaster. MacMaster walked past Spicer’s office and saw reporters – and ran away.

@35, thought he meant “resigning.”

Fredster, ck yr email.

@37: Got it and sent a reply. Thanks!

Sooo reassuring, eh?

Even Dershowitz is saying that this is the most serious charge against a sitting President; although he’s still insisting that Trump’s treason is not impeachable.
Trump must go as soon as possible.

Helpful bodyguard. Was the pResident trying to get rid of Mattis?

As usual, I’m climbing to 30,000 feet. Remember, Lavrov and Kislyak were in the Oval because Putin said, “Dolt 45 see them in the Oval.” No American media, but Soviet media. Soviet media and their electronic equipment. The day after Comey was fired. The day of Trump threatening Comey with “tapes”.

Soviet spymasters are saying, “Could this be any easier?”

The answer, “Here, hold my vodka.”


27 Fredster

Okay, I get it. I should have said, take him out of the Whitehouse, out of the Oval, out of DC altogether.

@41 & 42: @41 and 42: from the WaPo piece:

Nothing. Is. Normal.

Lather, rinse and repeat.

NW Luna

What ally is going to want to share intell with the US after this?


Absolutely, and many allies were already leery of Rump before this.

shadow, it’s okay. We have all done something similar at one time or another. We’re sitting here reading with fingers on the keyboard, the anger building and the words just fly.

1/2 to avoid 2-links trap.


@48: They would have to bring up the “crazy as a loon” thing and the Repubs just won’t do it.

@51: still trusts Trump with classified info, Chaffetz says, “Of Course.”

Banging head on desk.

@51, OK, reporter, your next question to Chaffetz is “Why?”

McMaster should have resigned when this happened. He’s now joined the deputy Attorney General club of supposedly impeccable reputations – trumpified.

@53 Luna> Funny because the first comment under that post was someone saying nearly the same thing you did!

@57, DYB, I didn’t even look at the comments! But it is such an obvious questions. Though I probably would have phrased it as: “Why TF?”

Seriously, what is WRONG with these people!

@60, Should’ve had the Electoral College go with the popular vote winner for that.

I watched a few minutes of the Nancy Pelosi’s townhall. She’s very skilled at not actually answering the question. I’m not even sure if it’s on purpose – she just kinda floats off to something else, then ends with a ‘feel good’ phrase. She also pooh-poohed any talk of impeachment

@60 – Gee whiz, Susan. Maybe you shouldn’t have hitched your wagon to a loony toon like Drumpf?

I still cannot fathom why anyone is surprised about how this turned out. There was no chance that The Donald could be a good president. It’s just not in his nature to care about anyone or anything other than himself. Country, Party, nothing matters except Drumpf’s maintaining his dreadfully fragile equilibrium.

I watched most of Nancy’s town hall…times have sure changed that I even watched her. She does float off into days of future past…and sometimes, she spaces out for a few seconds, mid sentence…but she did basically stick to her guns…willing to work across the isle if she doesn’t have to give up what Dems stand for.


A White House official said Monday night that Trump will submit a personal financial disclosure covering the 2016 calendar year “in a short period of time,” confirming a report by the Associated Press.

The president is not required to file such a report with the Office of Government Ethics until next spring, but past presidents including Barack Obama and George W. Bush voluntarily submitted financial disclosures in the year they took office.

The filing will provide a look at the assets, debts and transactions of Trump’s real estate empire during the presidential election year. However, because the form only requires officials to report wide ranges of income and debt, it is impossible to use it to precisely gauge someone’s net worth. The report also does not require officials to report their exact income or tax rate or charitable giving — unlike a tax return, which the president has refused to release.

@66> Brian Fallon, tell us what you really think!

I’m so old I remember when McMaster was going to be the grown up in the WH!

And yes, Madamab, I keep saying: Which part of this is not living up to your expectations people???

Trae is wound up something fierce in this youtube. Beware every third word begins with an “eff” — but it is really funny.

I am just listing to Maddow’s show tonight. She is on fire again, have to listen to this show at least twice to absorb it all.

Love MB’s post and all the comments. Looks like I missed a lot today, but then I guess that applies to everyday with Dolt in office. Am going to check out the wapo thing.

Randy Rainbow has a new video out.

@72 – That guy is brilliant!!!

So the classified info Dump leaked to the Russians came from Israel. And can there be any doubt Iran got a phone call with said info?

@79 & 80, and we just bought ourselves an embassy move to Jerusalem against all advice in order to assuage Netanyahu and Adelson. Welcome to the new GOP policy apparatus.

Trump tells Russia Israeli intel on ISIS to brag. Russia press discloses intel revealed. ISIS knows who knew. Israeli source will be killed.

This is horrible!!

President Trump is scheduled to depart Friday on his first international trip as president, with scheduled visits in Saudi Arabia, Israel and the West Bank, and the Vatican, followed by attendance at meetings of NATO in Brussels and the G7 alliance in Sicily. Talking to reporters this morning, national security adviser H.R. McMaster brushed off questions about Trump’s sharing of classified information with Russian officials, focusing instead on the trip’s purpose to “highlight the need for unity among three of the world’s great religions” and further “an agenda of tolerance.”

But less than two hours after McMaster spoke, the New York Times reported this afternoon that Israel is the ally whose intelligence Trump inappropriately shared with Russian officials. Although Israel would not confirm the report, it would, if true, vindicate the fears of Israeli intelligence officials who warned, even before Trump took office, that intelligence shared with the United States could be leaked to Russia, and potentially passed on to Iran.

Here’s the upshot of all this: Trump’s trip must be canceled. Our national security, our relationships with allies, and the security of the world are at risk due to the president’s erratic behavior and inability to adhere to basic norms of both democracy and diplomacy.

Even for a capable president, Trump’s itinerary would represent an ambitious agenda. In Trump’s hands, though, it’s fraught with the perils of tweets, statements, misstatements, boasts or other inappropriate Trump outbursts that could trigger or intensify geopolitical and religious tensions. Beyond politics, the idea that Trump is capable of promoting even an iota of religious tolerance is almost too absurd to even address.

In short, the trip is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Oh my gawd! My first thought about this intel was that it came from Israel. I don’t get how this makes anyone in Israel inclined to do anything Drumpf says, Prolix.

@73: mb, Randy has also made a commercial for Orbitz and he has in interview with Towelroad that you can read here. Apparently he does the vids by himself.

Orbitz commercial:

What a mess dears. What a mess! I’m seriously hoping that we do not get blown to smithereens by this incompetent orange jackass. ISIS just got an upper hand with Trump being unable to control himself.

and it just got worse:

Trump tried to get Comey to quit investigating Flynn back in Febuary.

Also, MSNBC confirms Lawrence O’Donnell’s show will be cancelled – even though it’s the 2nd highest rated show on the network and sometimes beats Hannity on Fox.

@86 & 87: Hey Ga6th! You just really bring happy news doncha?


I keep having to correct myself when I think that nothing Rump does will surprise me.

@88: The right-wing will be ecstatic.

@87> Yep, that’s the latest shitstorm to hit us! Comey apparently always kept a paper trail. It seems he wrote a memo about Trump telling him to end Flynn investigation.

Richard Burr’s response: if the NY Times is so smart, it’s up to them to deliver this memo to us.

Another point on the Comey Memo (the man does like to write things) – WaPo says the memo was shared with DOJ. Which means: Sessions and Rosenstein knew Trump was interfering when they justified (“recommended”) firing Comey.

@92: Would be funny as hell if they did that.

Datelined this afternoon. Does Lawrence still have a chance?

And to be honest, a little Lawrence goes a long way for me.

@81 & 84, first, I wrote about moving the embassy to Jerusalem before the NYT story about the obstruction of justice, but here’s the way it would have worked.

Dolt 45, in trying to assuage Netanyhu and Israel for his breach of security, says, I’m moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Rexxon agrees like the toady he is. Not one American politician, nary a one, Republican or Democrat, would speak up against the embassy moving because that has long been a goal. This is the type of move that is in keeping with the need for approval by Dolt 45, it is just the type of thing he would spontaneously pull to garner approval from Netanyhu. Of course, our news media isn’t covering it, but Netanyhu is in the midst of his own scandal and misconduct investigation.

Now, with the Comey memo I wondering if the whole trip might be scuttled.

@98, call me a gnat-gagging, small-minded, consistency geek, but I don’t want anyone to forget, for one second, that self-righteous Comey wrote a memo to the file when a law was broken in his presence while he wrote a letter to the world changing the outcome of an election when there were 12 emails, 10 of which were duplicates, on Weiner’s laptop.

If you put those two events on Lady Justice’s scales, one is much greater than the other. History will recall the difference in highly unfavorable terms. Comey was chasing his legacy and now it is about to be seen in the light.

Self-righteous men have caused more injustice than all the despots in history.



@97 – thank you for that perspective, Prolix. Good gawd – what a s**t show the Comey thing is.

Prolix, you might well be right on Bibi and Dump and Jerusalem. Though I already saw some twitter rumblings that the trip to Israel might be cancelled.

And also Yes on Comey. How he justifies his Letter in his own head – I do not understand. And he’s leaking all this info himself, I’m sure.

I hope some info comes out with Cooper’s interview of Sally Yates tonight.

@103: Oh I forgot about that shadow. Glad you mentioned it.

@88 and @95: If Lawrence goes I would like to see Ari Melber take the slot. While I like Lawrence, he is too show biz and smiles too much for me. Ari has a legal background, is very bright, low key and measured when he speaks. He has a gravitas that so many talking heads lack these days. He’s young but he appeals to an old timer like me.

@105 Catscatscats> I think MSNBC plans to replace him with a conservative. Remember, they hired George Will, Megyn Kelly, Nicole D. Wallace, Greta and talking to Hugh Hewitt. MSNBC is swinging right.

Chafe-ass says he sent a letter to the FBI asking for the Comey Memo.

@107, DYB when are they coming on board? I can’t tolerate Greta and I certainly wouldn’t tune in for any of the others you named. As many have been saying, dick move by MSNBC.

@101, I agree. I think the trip might be cancelled, but that would be major “face losing” for Dolt 45. He is going to be exalted by the Saudis and the Israelis. It is a chance to show how much better he is than the black Muslim Kenyan. That means quite a bit in his mind. The NATO meeting is something he might like to miss, but the pomp and circumstance of being feted by the Saudis and Israelis — priceless in his mind.

If he was smart, and we know he’s not, he would cancel the trip. While he is on this trip more stuff is going to come out. He’s going to be embarrassed during this trip — bigly. It makes me think, and I’m just spit-ballin’ here, the intelligence community has him dead to rights and they are trying to run him out of office without spilling the goods. Just a guess.

@105 & 109, I agree on Ari. He seems to be grounded and fact-based in his opinions. Another thing I like about him — he’s worked for a female boss, Sen. Cantwell. Men who work for women learn an aspect of emotional intelligence they don’t ordinarily get anyplace else. I worked for a woman politician and I learned so much. It shaped the way I see things and I’ve always been grateful for the experience.

@111, oh Prolix, another reason to love you (and Ari)!

@109 Catscatscats> Greta and Wallace’s shows are already airing. Megyn Kelly is supposed to start soon. George Will is already a commentator and Hugh Hewitt is in talks for his own show!

I disagree on Ari – he is very knowledgeable, but he is so much better on a panel than lead. But gawd – why can’t they can Chris Matthews? I mean really? Lawrence is on right now = he’s my favorite MSNBC anchor

@113, yikes metastasis has begun…

White House sources say Trump is cursing up a storm – ranting and raving. Yelling at staffers & using the “F” word. He’s losing it tonight.

I bet Melania is glad to be in NY.

@108 DYB said: Chafe-ass says

Hey, we could start taunting him with that: “Chafe-azz has diaper rash, Chafe-azz has diaper rash:, na-na-na-naah”

@106, the impression I’ve gotten over the last few months is that he often acts that way a good part of the time. He doesn’t seem to have much sense of reality. Cognitive level: toddler.

BTW, people: We bloody told you so!


@119> Did they consult Kushner about this??

And this cost:

Good Mr. Pundit piece over at his place.

The only thing working in Trump’s favor right now is that Republicans aren’t scared enough to care enough to act on all this. Oh, they make little noises about caring, but mostly, Trump has a party of willfully blind parasites that won’t check or balance him. It’s depressing because we don’t expect anything more from Republicans. We knew they were going to catch Trump and push him back up like a group of Pizza Hut employees on a forced team-building exercise of trust falls.

There was violnce a the Turkish embassy tonight. Basically Turkish goos attacked American Kurds. Like a riot. In Washington DC win 2017.

122/123: Incredible.

Ok I’m all ambiened-up and I’m getting loopy… Nighty night. My post goes live tomorrow morning.

@125: Ok I’m all ambiened-up and I’m getting loopy…

I’m jealous.

@125, watch out for the loopiness tomorrow! Although these days feeling loopy could be a normal reaction. Also weird stuff that gets reported from this class of drugs, and isn’t considered “rare”:

…some people who took zolpidem got out of bed and drove their cars, prepared and ate food, had sex, made phone calls, were sleep-walking, or were involved in other activities while not fully awake. After they woke up, these people were usually unable to remember what they had done.

Gah, today I even corrected someone on “swollen glands” — didn’t stop myself. “Lymphadenopathy! Lymph nodes are not glands!” One of those days.

@127, case in point. Spicey woke up and found out he had been acting like a lying-sack-o-crap press spokes-drunk for some orange-hued orangutan. Spicey swore he would never take Ambien again.

And I wonder…has anyone come up with a name for the Morning Joe love hamsters? Is it Scarzenski? Or how about Joka? Whatever it is, they will be all wound up tomorrow morning.

@128: LOL!!

@129: How ’bout two assholes on the same tv show? That’s not a name but it is a description.

@129: Charles Pierce has a name for the entire group: MSNBC Morning Zoo crew


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