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Posted on: May 7, 2017

Good Sunday Widdershins!

Oh Widdershins, all the damned news (bad news that is) just keeps hitting us on the head without respite:  Trump/Healthcare, Trump/Russia, Trump/Everything!  It’s just one damned Trumpthing after another.  And honestly I could not come up with any ideas for a post on songs or movies.  The Muses have left me.  So I decided to look around for some odd, funny, or perhaps strange news to share.  Strange…seems to go well with the way the country is these days.  And I’ll share with you what I’ve found.

I’m sure we all feel this way but…

This is an older piece I had bookmarked and somehow I think it will continue to sum up how we feel about the man who calls himself the President, and once again this one comes from the Sunshine State.

So it seems that Joseph Murphy was not happy about the election and was also drunk.  I bet there have been a number of folks who have experienced both of those conditions…and at the same time.  However, you should not, when the police are arresting you ,yell “police brutality” and “F*ck Trump” .

The 20-year-old Murphy was placed in a patrol car and allegedly began banging his head against a partition and then tried to choke himself.

Police said Murphy started yelling “police brutality” and “F*** Trump” to the officers.”

Things got a wee more intense at the Orange County Jail, emphasis on the “wee.”

Officers said Murphy banged his head on the car window and started to urinate on the jail floor, as well as a trooper’s pants “leaving a large wet spot on his uniform,” according to the Palm Beach Post.

Murphy is now facing numerous charges, including battery on a law enforcement officer, exposure of sexual organs, two charges of resisting a police officer without violence and disorderly intoxication.

Further, this seems to be a “thing” in Floriduh with people and the cops and peeing.

Last March, police in Lake County pulled over Carlos Adonis Ramos-Erazo for driving 75 mph in a 55 mph zone.

The 24-year-old allegedly said he was rushing to get home because he had “to go No. 2” and drove off. When they eventually took him into custody, he allegedly pooped and urinated on himself in the patrol car.

In November, 2012, Roger Alvin Henderson allegedly relieved himself all over the squad car of an Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy who pulled him over for an alleged window tint violation.

Have you ever had “one of those days” when it all seems to hit at once?

Yes, of course you have.  And probably so did these people who got on this car barge in Australia.  Because it’s not a supported video file type for wordpress, you’ll have to go here to see what happens.

Note:  This is where Niki Haley & Lindsey Graham come from

That in and of itself is not a good thing.  This however is worse, I do believe.

Folks must be very picky about the City Marina in Charleston South Carolina because someone called to complain about an old shoe that had been sitting on the dock for several days.  But that wasn’t the end of the story:

Officers were called at 1:35 p.m. Monday to 17 Lockwood Drive between docks J20 and J22, according to an incident report.

“The complainant notified employees at the marina that a shoe has been sitting on the dock for approximately six days with possible remains of a human foot inside of it,” the report said.

The shoe — a teal size 9 Adidas sneaker — had a black sock inside of it, the report said. An object believed to be a human bone was seen inside the shoe and sticking out of the top.

Investigators believe the shoe and foot inside were floating amid some debris in the marina for some time, Wooten said. Someone cleaning the debris threw the shoe onto the dock where it sat for six days.

Those Charlestonians weren’t concerned when the foot and shoe were bobbing around in the water, but six days sitting on the dock…well. there are limits.

Is this one of those Kardashian Brazilian butt lift things?

This woman had some nerve I tell ya.

May 5 (UPI) — Customs officials in Arizona said a woman attempting to cross the border from Mexico disguised $45,000 worth of heroin as her buttocks.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the 47-year-old woman, a U.S. citizen from Arizona, was referred for further inspection Tuesday when she attempted to cross the border from Mexico to Nogales in a pedestrian lane.

The woman was searched and investigators discovered she had nearly 3 pounds of heroin, worth more than $45,000, strapped to her backside inside her pants.


* * * * *

Lastly, I’ll leave you with Courtney Barnes’ vivid description of an interaction between the police in Jackson Miss. and an individual.  “Like a tornado, gurl”.

Naturally it’s an open thread/post to take wherever you wish.




54 Responses to "Lazy weekend~strange/odd/funny news"

Time to email and write, Resisters! The Cheeto Strongman admin seems to believe that local opinion is more important than national for federal lands. Which means that we need to speak much, much louder than local land abusers, or they’ll be grazing cows and pumping oil in our beloved park lands, wilderness lands, and cultural heritage sites.

WASHINGTON – The Department of the Interior today announced the first ever formal public comment period for members of the public to officially weigh in on monument designations under the Antiquities Act of 1906, and the Department released a list of monuments under review under the President’s Executive Order 13792, issued April 26, 2017.

A public comment period is not required for monument designations under the Antiquities Act; however, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and President Trump both strongly believe that local input is a critical component of federal land management.

Comments may be submitted online after May 12 at by entering “DOI-2017-0002” in the Search bar and clicking “Search,” or by mail to Monument Review, MS-1530, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20240.

DATES: The Department will shortly publish a notice in the Federal Register officially opening the public comment period. Written comments relating to the Bears Ears National Monument must be submitted within 15 days of publication of that notice. Written comments relating to all other designations subject to Executive Order 13792 must be submitted within 60 days of that date.

Le Pen has conceded! Macron wins 65% of vote – which is what Hillary should have won by, had our election been fair 😦

Even with agent orange weighing in:

Contrask! Good to see you. Looks like we were commenting at right about the same time.

And I plan on commenting on those monuments, Luna. Thanks for posting the link

Luna, will any of it make any difference to them? (sigh)

Hillary throws several shades in one glorious tweet.

This is hilarious!

@6, contrask, thank you!

@7, Fredster, dunno if it will make a difference. But we have to try.

@10: I know, I know. I’m probably going to break down and write Dr. Frankencassidy on the health care thing. And yes he’s a doc but somehow I don’t think that will factor into his decisions on the bill.

OMG! Quote by Stephen King on tRump, here.

h/t to to Esquire for this:

Watch the Evolution of Douchebag Style Over the Years

Oh, that Hillary tweet is awesome!

Fredster – in that same Esquire edition where Stephen King tweeted, I saw this story about how poor Americans really are these days. Gee, thanks Obama, for not even seeing these people for the past 8 years, and touting all your wonderful economic progress.

Hillary was the only one who got it.

@14: mb, something that very few “pundits” mention, was in that article:

But it also speaks to the enduring effect of decades of wage stagnation, when many Americans’ pay has not kept up with inflation and they have been left further and further behind.

Fredster, love the post! A very funny potpourri! Those poor girls in Australia though…I have never seen a car fall off a ferry like that.

Luna, I will write.

Also love Hillary’s tweet! She always knows what to do, what to say. Unlike the halfwit that stole her job.

@9, Wow. This spy stuff gets weirder and more complicated every day. Am really glad they made wiki look bad.

@16: Thanks annie. I really, truly went to an empty well on music or movie stuff.

Price defends cutting nearly $1 trillion from Medicaid

Right…because taking a trillion dollars out of anything won’t affect the outcome.

Love weird news, Fredster! Wonder if anyone will identify the foot by the tennis shoes. The video is hilarious!

About ten years ago, I lived in a neighboring county, nothing but farm country. Nothing ever happened there. Ever. I used to buy the weekly paper just so I could laugh at the police incident reports. It was usually this exciting: (this is true)

“A caller reported a cow in the road on Old Robinson Road. An officer responded and ran the cow back in the pasture.”


@21: Sometimes, GAgal, the weird and odd stuff is all that gets you through.

@19, I believe it. It would be hard to come up with something positive like that every week. No matter. When I saw that goofy pic in the header a wave of nostalgia came over me! 🙂

@23: Awww, my Bourbon St, drunks lineup. actually used that pic for some articles and I stole it from them.

It would be hard to come up with something positive like that every week

True, because sometimes I wanted to use something like this.


Fredster @11: does that congresscritter really look like that or was that photoshopped?


@25: Nope, that is not photoshopped. That is indeed Sen./Dr. Bill Cassidy. There used to be a cartoonist/state employee in La. who had a field day with him and lil Bobby Jindal.

Excellent finds on the weird and wonderful Fredster. Sorry to have been away all day. Real life again.

I guess no one noticed the person hobbling around on one foot, but hey, like you say, it’s South Carolina and nothing seems out of place.

@27: So who says there’s a person hobbling around? The foot could have been a small piece of a larger, uh, “chop” operation and the only piece that floated.

And here’s another person with political relatives. Don’t hear the prog-boys telling him to shut up.

Huh. How ironic if pot-smoking makes only young people dumb.

Daily dose of cannabis extract could reverse brain’s decline in old age, study suggests.

The idea emerged from tests on mice which found that regular, low doses of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis – impaired memory and learning in young animals, but boosted the performance of old ones.

The discovery has raised hopes for a treatment that improves brain function in old age without inducing the behavioural effects well known to recreational users of the drug. To investigate whether it works in humans, the scientists plan to launch a clinical trial later this year.

Research on cannabis use by adolescents has found compelling evidence that regular, heavy use can impair the memory. But the impact of the drug on older people’s brains has been far less well studied.

Clapper and Sally Yates are testifying right now… (At least in CA…not sure if the east coasters already heard this?)

@31, thx shadow, I’m listening now.

@30: Oh my. The smoking lamp is lit as they used to say in the Navy.

Oh Gawd, the “new” Senator from La, John Kennedy, is blabbing now. He’s a complete ass. So embarrassing that he got elected.

A few things have been happening in the GA special election. A Federal judge ordered re-opening of voter registration last week. SOS Brian Kemp was trying to use rules from a primary to cut off registration basically two months earlier than he should, but since this is a special election and not a primary, the judge ruled otherwise.

Note Karen Handel’s response:

On Monday, Republican candidate Karen Handel told her supporters that the “partisan” decision will “boil your blood.”

In a fundraising email, Handel — who will face off against Democrat Jon Ossoff in June — called the ruling by U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten, a George W. Bush appointee, a “partisan attempt to change the rules… for a nakedly partisan outcome.”

The horrors of allowing people to vote!

Also, the Ossoff campaign has called for 6 debates. We’ll see if that happens. A Dunwoody home owner’s association (who most likely would have been friendly toward Handel) asked Handel for a debate. They declined after determining it would be open to the public.

“I heard [May 7] from the Handel campaign that they are not going to accept our invitation; the reason that they gave was they a have a scheduling conflict,” Wittenstein told about a dozen DHA board members who booed when they heard there was not going to be a debate.

“But the email exchange just prior to that was …their question of whether or not [the debate] would be open to the public or if it was going to be restricted to Dunwoody residents or members of the DHA,” he said. “When I told them it would be open to the public, the next response was we have a scheduling conflict.”

Added Wittenstein, “It is unclear to me if they have a scheduling conflict or whether the fact there was no vetting of who is coming determined they would not participate. But they gave us a hard no.”

Luna, check email when you have a chance.

Sorry I’ve been buys folks!

I was reading tweets about Yates’ testimony in real time. Yowza! Sounds like she slapped Cruz and Kennedy and a few other Rethuglicans right across their fuckfaces. Clapper landed a punch or two as well.

Dump then tweeted that it was all a waste of time.

@40: Kennedy is a grade A total asshole. How or why he got put on some of these important committees is beyond me. He was the state Treasurer in La. before he got elected to the Senate.

Mr. Pundit takes Sen. Kennedy to task and explains how Yates and Clapper basically showed him to be the buffoon that he is.

There were other moments where Kennedy essentially pantsed himself and was too dumb to know his little dick was turtling in the breeze. He tried to pin down James Clapper, who is evil but occasionally to good effect, asking, “Have you ever leaked information, classified or unclassified, to a member of the press?”

Clapper responded, to laughter, “Well, unclassified is not leaking.” He might have added, “You dipshit,” and no one would have thought it was unearned. That didn’t stop Kennedy from repeating his question about leaking “unclassified” information several times. So in Senator Kennedy’s wee mind, if you tell a reporter something that is already on the State Department website, you’re a traitorous motherfucker.

Fredster, that guy looks like one of the dumbest people alive.

@43: DYB, he tried running for guv and could not make the runoff. He kept bring out his “695 ways to save money in La” list which had suggestions from back in the 80s that had essentially been thrown out before as utterly foolish.

Yard gnome and stunt double for the incredible shrinking turd, Beauregard Sessions, waxed poetic on Ms. Yates during her confirmation hearing.


Tom Aswell has a blog, Louisiana Voice which covers the political shenanigans of the Bayou/Pelican State. Tom does not suffer fools gladly. Here is his take on Kennedy’s performances in the Senate.

GAgal @ 37 & 38, thanks for those stories! Funny stuff! I so hope Ossoff wins.

That hearing was astonishing, for so many reasons. The rethugs came off as utterly craven…which actually is not astonishing.

Fredster…omg! That Rude Pundit piece was 5 star!

@48: Annie, I was almost falling out of my chair while I was reading it.

Loved the Rude Pundit! As usual.

Wow, you could really tell who the Rs were just from their questions! Except for Sasse — could he actually be that rare species, an honest and patriotic Republican? The others: Eeeemailzzzzz! And leeeeakkkzesss! Jesus, Zeus and Hecate! We’re talking about a Russian spy in the blasted White House, getting top-secret info, and you guys are worried about leaks to the press??? That’s right up there with “Whaddya mean there’s a problem if one Trumpite lies to another Trumpite? Doncha know it happens all the time?”

I love me some Sally Yates.

Fredster — back at you! I was glued to the hearings and laughing my head off at the Twitterstorm on how Yates, and to a fair degree, Clapper also put the Rethugs back in their kindergarten seats.

Wow, they really are that dumb.

@50: I loved how Clapper bitch-slaped..Graham (?) on the “yeah leaks, but what about the Russians?? HUH??”

@52, Definitely. And he also made a remark about how he himself was screened in the Bush and Obama administrations — then said “I don’t know how this administration does it” — leaving it open that Trump did not follow standard policy in security screening.

New post up.

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