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101 Depredations…

Posted on: May 5, 2017

Okay, okay, I know we have been stewing like ceviche in the citrusy juices of the imPOTUS Tangelo for 106 days now, but the allusion to 101 Dalmatians was just too good. If only the birthing of my new googling machine had cooperated, I could have used the title last week.  

The head fake to 101 Dalmatians does serve a purpose though. Taken individually, pups are adorable, even two or three at a time is manageable, but 101 all at once is a herd of pooping madness. It’s like the sophisticated engineering of a single locust, but multiply that evolutionary design by millions and suddenly we are breaking out the Old Testament for gardening tips.

My point is this – no matter if you are an American who sees the daily onslaught of issues as adorable Dalmatians or plagues of pestilence, something alarming is happening in the country.

As disconcerting as yesterday was, with one-sixth of the economy and perhaps 24 million gleefully sentenced to Republican indifference in order to provide the largest historical wealth transfer from the poorest to the richest, it isn’t yet benedictory.

Likewise, it doesn’t even worry me that the poor souls who voted for Dolt 45 are doggedly clinging to him like dung-beetles to an elephant with acute diarrhea.

And not even the extinction level event of me linking to something George Will writes causes my alarm bells to chirp.  Yesterday while describing one of the Trumpanzee’s many disabilities, Will wrote, “[T]he problem isn’t that he does not know this or that, or that he does not know that he does not know this or that. Rather, the dangerous thing is that he does not know what it is to know something.”

What bothers me most was paraded in full view of the world on Tuesday. It is the reason we were denied the most qualified President in history. We were denied not because of hacking or Putin or Wikileaks or gerrymandering or voter suppression or not going to effing Wisconsin enough.  We were denied our rightful President because we have allowed aberrant behavior to be normalized. Not just normalizing Dolt 45’s behavior, but normalizing the wholesale disregard for shared values and expectations.

Notice in GOP Crazyland, Breitbart is larger than Fox in terms of creating a narrative…

That’s how we are punching the clock in our little piece of history. For the past thirty years there has been unparalleled asymmetric polarization. The Right has gotten more philosophically turgid while the Left has stayed philosophically consistent. When the intellectually lazy say, “Both sides do it,” tell them there are library ranges straining under the weight of sociological studies proving they are stupid and should be castrated to improve the gene pool. Both sides don’t do it. It is the Right that has gone off the page in any diagram of philosophical leaning.

To service and empower this time-reversing way-back machine, an epistemic closed loop has extinguished fact and replaced it with tribal truisms.  Tribal truism is a simple construct: Does whatever is said or heard help my tribe or hurt my tribe? If whatever is said hurts my tribe, I ignore it, deny it, or engage in “whataboutism”. I neutralize whatever hurts my tribe since it can’t be true.

For instance, Paul Ryan didn’t want to hear what the independent Congressional Budget Office had to say about the AHCA so he ignored it, called a vote before the CBO score, and for good measure, the Michelin Man doppelganger, Newt Gingrich, called for the abolishment of the CBO altogether. Protect the tribe!

Used to be the press enforced the rules by shaming offending politicians. Not anymore. There is no longer shame on the Right. When you get to the outer reaches of the philosophical spectrum, there is no longer the gravity of shame.

As DYB has so eloquently pointed out, access journalism has rendered the First Amendment a toothless lap dog. When I see Glenn Thrush, Maggie Haberman, Frick Halperin, Frack Heilemann, or “rock hard abs and Employment Whack-a-Mole” Andrew Sullivan, I’m reminded the only appreciable talent these people have is balancing both pen and paper in one hand while they are otherwise engaged on the business end of a journalistic glory hole.

Even birds are skeptical…

So what does all this have to do with Tuesday’s hearing with the almighty King of the Fibbies? Simple. Comey made a decision to violate DoJ procedure and write his misleading October 28th letter because there were no consequences. The bad consequences for him would have come from complying with the rules and not writing the letter.

The cost/benefit analysis was clear: He would be hounded unmercifully by the Fox/Breitbart/Drudge/Limbaugh/Hannity/PeeWeeHerman infotainment complex if he didn’t write the letter no matter if Hillary won or lost. There were only upsides to feeding the shameless nutjobs of the far, far Right. There were no concomitant upsides from adhering to the shared values and expectations.

Contrary to Comey’s statement, at no point in the criminal justice process, beyond basic fairness, is the reputation of the investigator of any consequence. Comey knew the Democrats would play according to the rules, but he knew the Republicans would not. In reality his contrived self-serving dilemma of “reveal versus conceal” should have been “violate and copulate” since he broke established procedure in order to f*ck the country in order to please himself.

Good government, efficacious policy, and the republic itself is under attack, we will be lucky if it is only 101 predations.

A case of the “bigly sads”…

If you’ve noticed, I’ve purposefully kept the links to a bare minimum today in order to emphasize one superb Vox article:  Donald Trump and the Rise of Tribal Epistemology by David Roberts. It is a few weeks old, but it is a wonderful synopsis of a very complicated web of problems. If you read nothing else today, take the time or bookmark it. It is truly exceptional.

One last thing – thanks to Fredster, DYB, and GAgal for covering during my technological convalescence. I appreciate them.

What are you thinking about today?


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Whoa! You are back with a vengeance! We missed you, Prolix. Fabulous post!

Thanks MB.

Obviously Ms. Reid’s transgression was either related to email retention policy or the audacity of having once visited a gynecologist. I wonder if Ivanka ever told her the stories about the 1000s of women with whom Dolt 45 has worked and promoted.


I haven’t read the post yet, but PROLIX!!!!! We were lost without you!

Yay! You’re back! And puppies! Going to read the post now.

@4 & 5, great to see y’all — how are my favorite NYC editor and SoCal conscience?

Love the post!

I have to admit, that George Will quote is choice.

I like everything you say about the journalists. I have always thought that all of this started back in the 80’s, and always said so. I used to say back then that Reagan & his ilk were destroying the country. I didn’t know then about the “think tanks” that were starting up then, to plan their rape and pillage of the country, and I didn’t notice as much during the nineties, but this whole thing is a giant plot against America, a takeover plot, and its been going on for decades.

Regarding Comey, I think he’s a liar, a hypocrite, and a tool of the rethugs. I wonder if he was blackmailed into doing the emails letter. Or bribed. He MUST have known they would leak it. There is no way it was ethical for him to reveal the Hillary “investigation” and not the far more serious one about dump.

I’m liking Adam Schiff more and more. His territory is a huge hunk of L.A. btw, I think he should be considered as one of the more important reps in the country.

Prolix, I am fine, thanks, and so are the dudes. Hubs is busy settling into his new job, and laker is in the last week of his play, then has finals. I’ve been so busy helping them with their busy stuff (we had to create an llc and other business issues), that I had to turn down a nice little temp job for May. But busy is good, and we’ll definitely have more income, which will be lovely. Also, Laker has some auditions lined up for the next couple of months.

@4, DYB, funny how we had the same reaction to seeing that Prolix was back!

ActBlue raised $4.2 million in 24 hours since the AHCA vote… Money to be spread equally amongst all the Democrats in the House (100% of Democrats voted NO. Pelosi can keep her caucus together.)

@7> Comey explicitly said in the hearings that he knew his letter would leak because he knows how Congress works… So he wrote it knowing what would happen. His explanations for why (whether it’s because Bill visited Lynch on the plane, or “I just had no choice” or whatever) just make no sense. The *only* explanation that makes sense is political. Everything else is absurd.

Excellent as usual Mr. P. I still have to read the Vox article but will do so later.

Concerning Ms. Reid, lately of the White House but not now, here’s a WaPo article on it:

Here’s an interesting part of the article:

The job is one that typically involves a long tenure — there have been just nine since the beginning of the 20th century. The White House declined to provide any specifics for the reasons behind Reid’s departure.

Macron campaign in France is saying they are victims of a massive hacking operation. WikiLeaks is dumping e-mails from his campaign.

@7 & 12, I don’t think Comey is crooked. I think it is something far worse, he honestly believes he is who Diogenes was searching — the last honest man. He has read too much of his own press. He came to fame after the famous hospital stand against Cheney’s henchmen and he believes he is the last honest man.

Someone with such a high degree of self-esteem is constantly in the “fixer upper” mode. It is a constant battle of spackling the reputation. He just couldn’t allow himself to suffer what the far Right would do to him and his precious reputation.

His first concern was not the country or the FBI, it was self-preservation. No different than a reptilian brain.

Regarding the linked Vox article on the media, tribalism, etc., this little thing was out there the other day concerning MSNBC:

Welp, MSNBC can put that show up along with Greta in the ones that I won’t be watching.

@9, I’m impressed with Schiff as well. I think he has a bright future.

How’s my buddy liking the acting? I’m so excited to know he has auditions! That is wonderful! I’m glad hubby dude is liking his new job. That would be a great new adventure to start a new career.

Don’t work too hard. Get yourself some rest. If Mama SoCal goes down, no one else can function or get anything done. It’s the same with every family.

@11, D, I heard someone last night say that MoveOn had the biggest fundraising day in its history.

Funny or Die: Donald Trump’s Report on the Civil War.

@13 & 16, thanks Fredster.

I read an article somewhere this week that was talking about that very subject of MSNBC bringing on these conservodroids. Hewitt, the inane burn victim stunt double, is my last straw. They trot him out on MTP and his comments have the intellectual depth of flea’s hair line. He spews the talking points of Luntz and did just enough Dolt 45-bashing to get himself in the door. I loathe him.

I digressed into my Hewitt fit. The article was talking about the craziness of MSNBC running off its audiences by bringing in these conservodroids. The prime time crew is having record audiences. Fox isn’t suffering the loss of O’Reilly because its audience hasn’t yet figured out how to use the clicker. In any event, the writer of the article couldn’t figure out the logic of MSNBC because there is no way to wedge the Fox audience — its set. So why would they try?

Beats me. I guess with Hewitt, the old, pasty-white, translucent, Viagra-swilling male crowd is under-represented on cable.

@16, add Kornacki and Mrs. Greenspan to that list.


@20: When you read something like this, it makes you wonder what were they possibly thinking:

network management also floated moving Joy-Ann Reid’s popular weekend program AM Joy to the afternoon to serve as a lead-in for Hewitt and help jumpstart his ratings, but that plan has seemingly been dropped.

Yeah because AM Joy’s audience is so like what they might draw for Hewitt.

@21: Agree completely.

Malcolm Nance thinks this is important so I do too.


Great post, prolix. I read it hours ago but was feeling too angry and appalled at Rethug inhumanity to be able to say anything but profanities.

Everyone I know in healthcare is feeling like we’re facing a runaway train. ‘Course, I don’t pal around with anyone at the CEO and bloodsucker levels in healthcare insurance where they’re feeling just fine.

Oh, the other day at work they sent out an email warning about ethical conduct at work. Also information on how to file an Ethics Complaint. Whoa, did I think long and hard about trolling them! Fredster will especially understand the humor here. “Should I file a complaint??? Plenty of reasons to …..” But nah, I’d suddenly find out there wasn’t funding for my position any more.

@26, thanks Luna.

I understand your anger and I’m feeling it too. It seems as mine is bubbling up from the utter lack of humanity and the moral obscenity of what they are doing. This whole exercise is nothing more than transferring a Trillion dollars when it is all said and done from the poorest, sickest, and oldest Americans to people who make over $200K a year — the same people who have benefited from 90% of all economic gains since 2000.

It is just mind-boggling to me how people don’t see what is happening and don’t feel the same outrage.

I was thinking a few hours ago that everyone whose insurance is taken from them or their premiums skyrocket should send those notices to:

ATTN: James Comey
RE: Didn’t want to conceal this.

Note the Correction. LOL!

Trump promised to work for vets, but they could lose big under House health care bill

The health care bill that Republicans in the House of Representatives passed this week could strip 7 million veterans of tax credits and place many of them in high-risk pools by classifying post-traumatic stress disorder as a pre-existing condition. …

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., a veteran who lost both of her legs in the Iraq War, called it “stunning” that Republicans would make it harder for veterans to afford health care. …

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story gave an incorrect title and party affiliation for Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois. She is a Democrat.

@26: Luna you have to wonder who that email was pointing to (and it was doing that). And yep if you file one of those then mgmt. can make your life a living hell.

@27: Wouldn’t that be interesting to see an outpouring of those notices sent to him.

@30, Fredster, I like to think it was pointing to a certain commander-in-chief. I like to come to sr. mgmt’s notice like, never.

Watch out, Rethugs. Americans are going to vote you out.

@32: Perhaps but oh the mess that would start. Eeek!

Oh, tee-hee, rotfl, guffaw, all of those things.
Treasurer stole $52,436 from Greater New Orleans Tea Party: JPSO

JPSO is the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

@35, the term of poetic justice just doesn’t begin to describe that story. While it seems strange to say this, I find myself rooting for the Treasurer.

Been tied up working all day and just starting to read this thread.

My God, Prolix…you do delight…

“…Likewise, it doesn’t even worry me that the poor souls who voted for Dolt 45 are doggedly clinging to him like dung-beetles to an elephant with acute diarrhea.”

Back to reading…

@36: There is just a sort of delicious irony involved with that isn’t there?

@34, Fredster, I’ll probably just enjoy it in my dreams.

“When the intellectually lazy say, “Both sides do it,” tell them there are library ranges straining under the weight of sociological studies proving they are stupid and should be castrated to improve the gene pool.”

The intellectually lazy start with CNN, NYTs and others who gave Obama and FatRump a free pass.

‘The One’ just repeated that he wanted what Hillary said, because he had no plans as how to be a president in the first place – in 2008, and the other orange one, was built up to be some sort of normal guy that just says and does guy things, and his ‘campaign’ side is never held accountable because, whep, “He was just campaigning”…and now, maybe for a few paragraphs, some day in the month, he actually sounds more like a president to the media, because he didn’t actually sound like flame licking Lucifer himself.

When it came time to talk about Hillary, they could only say she was unlikable, untrustworthy and for God’s sake, she dared to have her own server with a former President of the United States to protect her emails. Did anyone ever consider that it is reasonable that long knives were still after her when she was SOS? The long knives are still after her and she has done NOTHING! She isn’t running for office, she is talking about forming a resistance PAC to fight against the GOP and Rump.

Now she will give them something to talk about, helping the Dems take back Congress in 2018.

Something we knew all along — yes, Republicans do hate facts:

Whoa! You are back with a vengeance! We missed you, Prolix. Fabulous post!

I second or third or fourth this statement!

@41: Yeah Luna because those critical and analytical thinking skills is scary!

Oh and they added some new emojis here:

14 DYB

The only upside is maybe our spooks can get some dirt that will help with the US investigation? Russia is giving everyone a big middle finger. “We did it to the big bad US and there is nothing they can do about it since their ‘leader’ is on my side”.

I digressed into my Hewitt fit.

You crack me up.

@40, thanks Shadow.

The intellectual dullards who say, “They all do it,” just drive me to distraction. It is the ultimate in “whataboutism” — their logic is no more sophisticated than a particularly slow pre-schooler. It is saying, “I know it’s wrong, but someone, somewhere, sometime, did something vaguely resembling it so both wrongs do make it right or at least it gives me a reason to overlook the moral/ethical/values travesty.”

I just want to scream. I hear it so often. I live amongst these conservodroids so I see it and hear it all the time. The inherent fallacies of their views never seem to register.

@46: It really makes you want to do a reverse of the slapping scene from Airplane and instead line up all of those conservodroids and have each one come front and center to you for a slapping session.

33 | NW Luna
May 5, 2017 at 8:37 pm
Watch out, Rethugs. Americans are going to vote you out.

Agreed, and the pitchforks that came at Dems in 2010 are going to be sharper in 2018 because of this TrumpCare crap and all of the Dems and the little Rump supporters that will be lined up in the emergency room because they have lost their ObamaCare coverage.

Burn the place down, and our Hillary will be leading the PAC against them.

46 Prolix

I can’t even imagine living among conservatives and having to listen to them without blowing a fuse. I get all worked up just listening and reading the news…but I am damn lucky to live in the Bay Area, when the Rump supporters come to defend their orange calf…a mass group of Dems come out to make their existence miserable.

One of the things that makes me livid as Hell is when they parade around in the America flag. The flag itself is not the problem, it’s that they pretend they are the only true American’s and everyone else is an outsider. I want to rip the flag off of their ugly body and tell them to get the Hell out of California! “This is Hillary country you ignorant, selfish twits!!!”

@49, I’m old enough to remember when these same types of people tried to outlaw wearing or draping oneself in the flag. It’s the holier than thou, victim-mentality that is the lifeblood of the conservodroids.

These same people who are so worked up about skeletal model and bile-manufacturer, Ann Coulter, being able to speak on college campuses are the exact same ones who are mouthing, “Fire Stephen Colbert.” I just can’t…


Looks like Big Pink-gone-180 has taken Hillary off their site except for the name of the blog. Wish they would erase anything that shows they were once in support of her.

Spent many years there and now even the loyal Rump supporters are complaining about RumpCare and his tax plan.

What did they expect?

@25 Prolix, I give up! What was the significance of that exchange between Comey and Hirono?

MSNBC is going off the rails. Between Greta, Hewitt, Megyn Kelly and Nicole Wallace – what the hell are they doing? Maddow’s ratings are the highest of the prime time shows. She’s beating Fox. What do they think any of the right-wingers bring? Maybe they think they can replicate CNN’s insanity with all the crazy right-wing pundits…but MSNBC is showing solid results with a completely different approach. I also don’t understand the need to hire all the right-wingers.

50 Prolix
I am of the same generation and remember the whole flag issue at that time and it was in the back of my mind.

Coulter is supposed to come back to Berkeley and raise a ruckus again. Her lame supporters were pist she didn’t show up and here they rode their damn cycles all the way from Hell to defend her.

I actually saw a live feed of the event where the UC cops, joined with the help of Oakland and Alameda cops came out with a clear presence. They made a large circle out of big orange barricades for the protesters, checked them for weapons and explosives and asked their names before letting them into a protest circle, where cops stood outside the barricades. Anyone with a mask, lied about their name or had weapons was arrested. Then when all the protesters were in the circle, they could just scream at each other and no one got hurt. After awhile, they got bored and went home.

I think the cops as a team, figured out the solution to derail the Rump violence.

It was pretty fun to watch.

Here are a few photos before the protesters ascended and you can see the cops and orange barricades. You will also see an older guy with his Hillary t-shirt on.

@53, D, from what I can discern from Malcolm’s tweet, it was the dual grand juries and the allusion to the Libby/Plame appointment of a Special Prosecutor. The appointment was made by Comey when he was Asst. Attorney General acting in place of Ashcroft because of the Bush taint. It is a mirror image of what is in place now with Attorney General Leghorn Foghorn recusing himself since he too was dating Kislyak.

@51: Very powerful words there.

Some of the cleaner Trump supporters. Most were dressed like crazy bikers wrapped in huge flags.

@54, it seems like someone decided to “throw a protest” and everyone wants to come except the ambulatory skeleton in the little black dress. I just wondered, “Does Ann Coulter have anything other than little black dresses or does she just have the same one she wears again and again and again?”

Truly, this is a high risk pool.

high risk pool

Maddow is on fire talking about the French liberal candidate being hacked just like it happen here to Hillary…

It’ll be really interesting to see what happens with the stolen Macron e-mails. How will the French press handle this? Same as the US press? Or will they refuse to publish stolen materials? Hmm….

@55> So a special prosecutor can be appointed by the assistant Attorney General? Why hasn’t there been one?! It’s astonishing!

Jason Chafe-ass says he wants to launch a panel trying to take away Obama’s pension because of his speaking fees (this makes no sense to me!) and apparently wants to have an investigation about the Iran deal (are we still talking about this nonsense?) But nothing about Trump from him. The mind boggles.

@61, under French law, the press is blacked out on political reporting until after the election. That doesn’t stop websites and the Twitterverse, but no press accounts are allowed.

It’s just another example of how much more sophisticated the French are, that and baguettes.

@62, when the Attorney General is conflicted out, the Asst. AG can appoint under the statute. I’m not exactly sure what is the trigger. Let me research that and I’ll be back.

@62, okay, here we go. The appointment of a “special counsel” can be accomplished by the Asst. AG and in not reviewable.

If the attorney general recuses himself, it falls to the deputy attorney general to appoint an independent counsel, according to the Code of Federal Regulations. The appointment of a special counsel by the attorney general or deputy attorney general is “unreviewable,” according to the Center for Legal and Economic Studies.

Preliminary investigations are currently underway in the Senate and House intelligence committees, but Banks said he believes it is unlikely a special counsel would be created until those investigations conclude.

The other way to establish an independent counsel goes through Congress.

The chances of Congress appointing an independent counsel through the passage of legislation and it being signed by Blump are about the same as Eric Trump leaving the house without his address safety-pinned to his clothes. Ain’t gonna happen.

@66> Ahh interesting. So there are 2 ways to appoint a special prosecutor. There is, of course, no way Dump will sign a law. But an AG or whoever takes his/her spot, can… Ok, that makes sense now.

@63 Fredster, yes, that’s one of the reasons Chafe-ass’s actions make no sense. Obama hasn’t made any money yet, and Bush has already made millions.

Also, wasn’t Chafe-ass leaving?

Just so that we all know: No, the congresscritters will not be affected by what they just passed in their deathcare act.

Ok, I know it’s Bill Maher…but do watch this.

@72, he finally gets it. I wonder why he didn’t add Sarandon to his list? She, to me, is the greatest offender.

@72 & 73: I switched over to his show and was able to catch that part. Yes finally. And Prolix you’re are totally right about Sarandon.

If you can stand to listen to Olbermann for 5 minutes, this is the best summary of Comey and Hirono I’ve heard. New information, there are between 28 and 42 targets of the Eastern District of VA grand jury. The predicate act is money laundering and as suspected, there are RICO counts. RICO is the racketeering statute used against organized crime. There has to be a predicate act before the “conspiracy is actionable” under RICO.

If this is true, and it seems to have been confirmed by Comey to Hirono, this is not going to end well for those who resemble an orange rind.


Ok I just watched this Olbermann video on the Comey testimony Prolix discussed, which Malcolm Nance tweeted about.

First of all, Olbermann is a freak show. Does he tape these things in his basement? He was always nutty, but now he’s just pathetic.

But two, it does clarify something. Hirono asked about someone other than an attorney general being able to appoint a special prosecutor. Comey confirmed that he did that once as deputy Attorney General because of special circumstances (surrounding unmasking of Plame.) So, as Hirono says, it’s possible. Today we know Sessions is not working on the Russia investigation and, according to Olbermann, Dana Boehnte (who replaced Sally Yates, and took over from Sessions the Russia investigation) keeps a strict “no contact with Sessions” rule. If that’s true, and if Boehnte is an honest man, Hirono’s question and Comey’s answer provides a window into what might be happening at Justice Department: Boehnte and Comey are running the investigation without any regard for Sessions. And there there appear to be two grand juries already hearing the case (Comey confirmed the existence of grand juries).

Oh no I posted the same video Prolix! LOL

I really don’t get it, why does Sarandon get so much attention? I’ve seen people talk endlessly about her on Uppity’s blog too. I always thought she was a nobody and yet, she seems to get under so many people’s skin. What did I miss?

The thing with Bill Maher – and what makes watching him so frustrating – is the monolog above is something he had been saying for a while before the election. He was actually pretty strong on Hillary being elected. I know he was a Bernie Bro during the primaries, but he supported Clinton during the election. And he railed against “false equivalencies” in the media very often. He kept calling people who would try to do it “fucking idiots.” He even called Kaepernick a “fucking idiot” after Kaepernick said he didn’t see a difference between Clinton and Trump. The show before the election Maher pleaded with his viewers to vote for Clinton, not Stein or Johnson, but for Clinton because Maher feared Trump would win. So in that regard, he’s been consistent. What he’s not consistent on is his attacks on Clinton. Like last week (or two weeks? probably both!) when he declared she has to go away. It’s because he really, by his own admission, doesn’t have any love for her. But he’s never been an “two evils” mind. He pleaded with his viewers to vote for Clinton.

Shadowfax, Sarandon because she became the poster-child of “Hillary is worse than Trump” among the Left. Sarandon said she wanted Trump elected because Clinton would be worse. People like Sarandon and Rosario Dawson were the faces of the Alt-Left. They took it beyond Bernie-Broism. They became the Alt-Left.

@78, Sarandon was over the top sanctimonious in her contempt for Hillary as “just as evil as Trump” just before the election when most, not all, but most of the Bros were settled down. She got them riled up again right before the election and she actually said, “Voting for Trump isn’t such a bad thing. It might spur a revolution.” At that moment she became less worthy than navel lint in my book.

Now when asked, she won’t even talk about her comments. She has the audacity to say, “The history is unimportant particularly what I may have said in the past.” Not so sister, not in my book and I hope her days of drawing checks from any work in Hollywood is over.

@72, ok, that was good. Do you think he is trying to “kiss up” to us Hillary supporters after his stupid statement a few weeks ago?

@52, Shadow, good, I’m glad they’re upset. Stupid traitors.

82 socalannie


I have always thought of Sarandon as just a low rate Hollywood fruitcake. Only really like one movie she was in, Thelma and Louise, and I wasn’t all that exited about the angry woman she portrayed.

To hear her say anything, has never caught my attention and to know from all of you that she was another Burnout supporter that ended up voting for Trump, makes her just plain stupid and obnoxious. She is no better than those Rump supporters with missing front teeth that wrap themselves in the American flag and show their ignorance by trying to argue and fight for a misfit like Ol’ FatRump.

Bill Maher
His hatred of Hillary pretty much turns me off at the get go. He is smart and sometimes hits the target with sarcasm…but he is an ass that I just can’t take seriously. Having the controversial people on like Milo made me pretty angry…and it’s still fresh in my mind.

I’ve had my beef with Pelosi for awhile, but she is on the money with this one, and the Dems are going to use this to try and take back the House.

Pelosi to GOP on health care bill: ‘You will glow in the dark on this one’

Tidbit, just because I rant against Maher and Sarandon doesn’t mean I am against anything being posted about them…they both just tick me off.

Is anyone else disgusted that Obama is going to get a Profiles in Courage award? Will his glorification ever stop?

Cats, the glorification of Obama and the vilification of Hillary will never end.
Exactly when was Obama courageous?

@89:sweet sue , it beats the hell out of me. I was watching Rachel last night and Joy this morning and MSNBC was pimping the event to be hosted by Chris “Tingles” Matthews. I really don’t want to know. Regardless of the rationale, in my mind Hillary has been far more courageous her entire life than he ever was in his eight years as Prez.

@51: I saw Rep Kennedy once before and he was saying how he tried to convince his reps across the aisle that they should listen to their constituents and fix the ACA rather than waste time and effort to repeal it. He looks like an up and comer to me. Also, last night on Rachel they had a Dem NY rep (can’t remember his name) who offered to speak to the constituents of a Repub rep in the district next door to explain to them what was in the repeal bill their rep voted for. Sounded like a great strategy for other Dems to pursue.

@85 Shadow, you are completely right on Maher. He is not a Hillary supporter, never really was. That was his reference early in the monolog about Hillary love that never was; because during the election many “accused” him of being a Hillary shill. But he recognized that Trump was a bigger danger. And he was an enemy of false moral equivalencies. He talked about that a lot in 2016. And as I mentioned, on the last show before the election he was practically begging his viewers to vote for Hillary, not Stein or Johnson (both of whom he thought were idiots.) He also always blasted the Benghazi investigation as absurd. He had Darrell Issa once on as a guest and grilled him hard on the absurdity of it.

And having someone like Milo on is not a surprise for Maher. He sees himself as the greatest living champion of free speech. Coulter (and Conway) were regular guests on his show since ABC days. He brings people like that on all the time (Greenwald too).

But his comments about Clinton over the previous coupe of weeks were unnecessary and unnecessarily vicious. Especially as he seems to really think Bernie is the savior…

@89, Sue, agreed. Courageous? Not in his nature.

Some White House advisers now privately concede that the administration moved too slowly during the election to publicly blame Russia for the hack and explore possible ties to the Trump campaign.

That AP article is a good summary of much of the disquieting information on the Trump transition. (h/t to BB over at SD for highlighting the article.)

@51, Prolix, powerful vid.

I agree on Obama getting some Courage award. It was like that Nobel Peace Prize…

And when he gave Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom, I was like “Huh? Uncle Joe?” The *right* thing to do was give Hillary Clinton the Presidential Medal of Freedom. But…

Cats and SweetSue

Cats, the glorification of Obama and the vilification of Hillary will never end.
Exactly when was Obama courageous?
Because older women that don’t know their place, of doing their wifely duties and as they grow older, are just replaceable by a younger model. Isn’t the Orange One a perfect example of the man that the Alt fans love?

An intelligent woman, a strong minded woman is the worst threat to weak, lazy men.

Obama is weak and lazy, a perfect man that deserves metal after metal. He has aged, oh doesn’t he look distinguished? The young women swoon over him because he yucks it up with them and groves to the music.

@90, Cats, that was Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, NY 18th District. He always resonates with me too so I did a little reading. He got his start as a volunteer for Big Dog and later worked in the White House.

I totally agree, an “Adopt a Rethug District” sounds like a great idea.

@93, “demented 12-year-old boy” — do you think Eric ghost wrote Ivanka’s book?

In honor of our resident Kentuckian and the Derby being run today, courtesy of the Courier Journal find out what your Derby Horse name is. And you can do that right here.

My first try gave me Immortal Kentuckian. Another gave me Bearded Bourbon. Give it a try!

If I remember right, Sarandon played Helen Prejean in Dead Man Walking. A very powerful film, you don’t even remember the actors are actors, they fill the roles so well. And those are not easy or simple roles, either.

So, not knowing otherwise, I spent years with the general impression that Sarandon was a deeply thoughtful character, Sean Penn was deep, and, well, y’all know how that worked out. Abuser, bimbo to end all bimbos, etc., etc., etc. Actors aren’t like you and me. They really can project someone who they’re not, who they don’t even understand. Look at Ronnie Raygun for another example.

@100, and Raygun was out-acted by a chimp in drag. Bonzo was actually Peggy the chimp.

Uh oh, Anonymous started following me on Twitter. Should I be concerned?

Susan Sarandon is basically the very definition of white Hollywood liberal, limousine privilege. She’s a post-menopausal, rich, famous, white celebrity who lives in NYC. She sacrifices nothing by forcing purity (or whatever she perceives as pure.) She calls for a revolution, but she’s watching it from her penthouse.

@103: Nah.

Glad the wx turned out well for the race Prolix although that sure was a muddy track.

Great post, Prolix. James Comey is a coward, but he knows he’s fire-proof. He knew Obama wouldn’t fire him – it would look too political. He knew Lynch wouldn’t fire him for insubordination – it would look too political. He knows Trump can’t fire him for the same reason (although you know Trump really wants to now, unless they’re colluding). All this for an agency that’s suppose to be ‘above political bias’. It’s the exact opposite. Politics is why he has job security. What a gig.

@99, LOL — my horse name is Ironically Cinderella so I guess I have glass horseshoes.

Paul Ryan’s spokeswoman. This statement is a bald-faced lie.

@107, thanks GAgal. I agree that Comey was playing politics in a sense of the word, but from everything I’ve read and heard he is truly the worst kind of zealot. He truly believes he is unassailable in his righteousness — the last honest man. People who are motivated by that type of zealotry are always, without exception, looking for the next chance to be the HERO. It is why firefighters become arsonists and cops often plant guns.

Comey didn’t have to rush into the burning house here. He could have justifiably followed DoJ procedure, but he would have missed his hero opportunity and suffered the Rethug backlash.

One thing is particularly interesting from his testimony. He said he called Loretta Lynch before the press conference and said, “I’m going to do a press conference and you won’t like it.”

So Lynch transferred her job responsibilities to Comey without a guarantee that he would follow DoJ procedures. I would think, pretty sure, that there is a transmittal document attendant to such actions, therefore, it would be inherent that DoJ procedures would govern his actions. No one, as yet, has answered that. I’m going to try my dead level best to plant that seed around the intertubz and see what grows.

@110, Ryan has been posting some real smelly fish on Twitter. Hopefully, once and for all, the swooning press will finally catch on he is a fraud just like the Krug has been saying for almost a decade.

@111> Very interesting about a transmittal document… I, of course, have never heard of such a thing!

And I agree with you Prolix on Comey. I don’t think he’s corrupt, I don’t think he’s in cahoots with Dump and any Russians. It is a messiah complex. The glory of him racing to the hospital bed of John Ashcroft. That’s the sort of thing he wants to be doing, to save the Republic. But the opposite happened. His actions have endangered the very Republic.

Joy Reid says she invited any of the 217 Republicans who voted for AHCA to come to her show to explain it to her. And every single one refused.

@107, GAgal, I beg to differ. Trump fired Preet Bharara and that was obviously political. I think he can’t imagine that anything could really happen now that he did cheat his way to the presidency, thanks to Vlad. He’s got the Rs in Congress cowed, and they’ll be blocking any attempts to oust him.

@110, since then Adam Parkhomenko had a brief moment of schooling AshLee on definitions, then sent a bunch of Tweeple after her. Lol.

@117, the smirk on Orange Chimp’s face is more than mildly nauseating.

@117, two reactions.

1. A Kelly Conjob sighting.

2. Around that table there are billionaires, millionaires gloating in a weirdly self-satisfied way that 24+ million poor, old, or disabled people will lose their health care. There are souls on roasting spits in hell who are thinking, “WTF! is wrong with those people?”

@100, quixote, the first time I heard Reagan as a politician (don’t recall the movies if I even did see them) I thought “That slimy bastard is lying.” He never sounded sincere to me. He sure took in a lot of people. Trickle down, riiiiight.

@117, so much for Bannon’s alleged lesser role. He’s lurking like plague virus, arms crossed just like his pupil.

If only our media had similar professional ethics.


Oh my gawd! They are doing Morning schmoe on SNL. Kate McKinnon is nailing Meeka!!


Wow, I guess I’ve been off of twitter for so long it confused the tweeting machine. It sent an email to me asking “hey was that you that just logged in?”.

Yeah. Once the actors show up in real life, there’s a near-instant “Wait. What? Is that the same person?” And of course, it isn’t, in the real sense of the words.

I thought the chimp did a way better job too!

With Raygun, one of the things I don’t understand about him is…he acts so phony! Everything about him. There’s this smirk on his face, frozen in time, like Mona Lisa. He was always smirking. And patronizing. Talking down to everyone. Every one of his speeches is like he’s reading the Sermon on the Mount. Is this why Rethugs like him? Daddy, good daddy, kind daddy, save us daddy, tell us you love us daddy.

Barbra Streisand introduced Hillary at a concert tonight, crowd went nuts.

@118 Luna, Bharara was a hiccup in a mass firing. They hesitated, then did it anyway, which just brought attention to themselves. (dumbasses) There’s only one Director of the FBI. He seems to be set for life. Fire-proof.

@125, Fredster, that’s probably a good thing. A couple of times Twitter told me to log off and log on again and then change my password (forget the exact sequence) because of multiple attempts to log onto my account. That was right around when I snarked back along with SophieCT at something a MAGAbot had said. Or maybe it was a Bernedbrainer. They are hard to tell apart.

@129, DYB, saw another tweet saying HRC got a 5-min standing ovation. Trump’s gonna be bigly pissed and will be sending more toddler rants than usual.

@130, GAgal, hmm, perhaps, tho I rather wonder if the mass firing was an attempt to camouflage firing Bharara Then there was firing Sally Yates. But Comey is probably as good as we’ll get as long as Trump is in power, so it’s good he stays.

@131: I didn’t get any prompts to change my password or anything but I should probably go ahead and do that. I haven’t changed that one in some time.

Glad this is already available because it.was.devastating.

LOL! “Mike Barnicle” looks a lot like “Glenn Thrush”. Hilarious. The guy playing Joe is going to have to step up if he hopes to keep up with Kate Mc. That’s gotta be hard to do. He’s not quite pompous enough.

@135> That’s great! Kate McKinnon adds another fantastic impersonation to her repertoire!

@135, that was hilarious! Agree with GAgal about Kate McK and the other guy.

@136-138: I would dread having to do an imitation skit with her. Just no way anyone is going to compare.

Not saying this is the case, but as my spidey sense says, “All signs point to Yes,” this is what money laundering involving 28 to 40 people would look like under a RICO indictment.


Time to email and write, Resisters! The Cheeto Strongman admin seems to believe that local opinion is more important than national for federal lands. Which means that we need to speak much, much louder than local land abusers.

WASHINGTON – The Department of the Interior today announced the first ever formal public comment period for members of the public to officially weigh in on monument designations under the Antiquities Act of 1906, and the Department released a list of monuments under review under the President’s Executive Order 13792, issued April 26, 2017. A public comment period is not required for monument designations under the Antiquities Act; however, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and President Trump both strongly believe that local input is a critical component of federal land management.

Comments may be submitted online after May 12 at by entering “DOI-2017-0002” in the Search bar and clicking “Search,” or by mail to Monument Review, MS-1530, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20240.

DATES: The Department will shortly publish a notice in the Federal Register officially opening the public comment period. Written comments relating to the Bears Ears National Monument must be submitted within 15 days of publication of that notice. Written comments relating to all other designations subject to Executive Order 13792 must be submitted within 60 days of that date.

Grrr. Moderators, can you get my comment out? 2 links jinks again.

Never mind. New thread up — and I posted there.

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