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Round Up The Usual Suspects

Posted on: May 3, 2017

Christiane Amanpour interviews Hillary Clinton. | CNN/David Holloway

Another week… another Twitter meltdown at the Clintons. Last week Chelsea was in the crosshairs, on Tuesday it was back to Hillary Clinton. And it’s all the usual suspects who returned into the arena.

Earlier in the day Clinton spoke to Christiane Amanpour in a town-hall interview at the Women For Women International, an organization that helps women in war-torn countries. Amanpour asked Clinton about the 2016 election and Clinton responded:

I take absolute personal responsibility. I was the candidate, I was the person who was on the ballot. I am very aware of the challenges, the problems, the short falls that we had. […] I have been in a lot of campaigns and I’m very proud of the campaign we ran. and I am very proud of the staff and the volunteers. It wasn’t a perfect campaign — there’s no such thing — but I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28th and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me and got scared off and the evidence for that intervening event is I think compelling, persuasive and so we overcame a lot in the campaign. We overcame an enormous barrage of negativity, or false equivalence, of so much else, and as Nate Silver … concluded, if the election had been on October 27, I would be your president. [ …] Did we make mistakes? Yes. [But] The reason I believe we lost was because of events of the last 10 days.

This is where the hyenas descended. Today it was Glenn Thrush’s turn to lead the pack. There were many messages from him over the course of several hours. One tweet read: “Hillary takeaways 1) Loathes Trump 2) blames Comey/Putin 3) the ‘real’ Hillary-funny, hard-edged, unguarded 4) blames everyone but self.”

Thrush’s Times colleague and mentor Maggie Haberman tweeted many messages of personal support for Thrush and critiques of Clinton. At one point Haberman actually said to Greg Sargent of The Plum Line, who posted an article in which he argued the fault  for the loss was not entirely Clinton’s, that one of her – Haberman’s – objections to Clinton’s statement, and the reason she doesn’t believe her, is that the order of Clinton’s statement was all wrong. Haberman argued that if Clinton ended her argument with contrition, it would have made all the difference. Am I the only who thinks this is one of the most preposterous things I’ve ever heard?

Then later in the day Bill Maher told Jake Tapper that he doesn’t understand why Hillary just won’t go away already.

Chris Cillizza also participated in this feeding frenzy, but I won’t even bother you with his nonsense.

To my surprise a number of journalists came to Clinton’s defense. More importantly, a number of them specifically criticized Thrush and Haberman, some times by addressing them directly, for the behavior.

Chris Hayes of MSNBC responded to Thrush: “I find this obsession with Clinton taking full responsibility for her loss from ostensibly “objective” observers really weird.” (To which Thrush answered without any irony: “I don’t care if she takes responsibility.”)

Mark Murray of NBC initially blasted Clinton, but then seemed to change his mind and posted a series of tweets showing poling data: “Just look at the national polls: Pre-Comey, she was up 5-6pts, Post-Comey, 3pts. From outside MOE to inside it.” Perhaps Murray was convinced by actual…data. Data doesn’t lie.

Because of data, Nate Silver has been one of the strongest voices in the “blame Hillary” debate: “We’ll have a piece out on this tomorrow. Issue is that some of the competing explanations for Clinton’s loss implicate the media’s judgment… / Did they jump the gun on Comey letter? Drop the ball on Russia? Cover email too much? Not fact-check Trump enough? / What were ethics of Wikileaks coverage? What role did Clinton’s gender play? Tough questions! Easier to say Clinton durg her own grave.”

Michael Cohen (no, not that one) of Boston Globe: “Genuinely fascinating that so many NYT reporters are so focused on Hillary Clinton’s self-flaggelation / I mean it’s never true that a single candidate is personally responsible for losing a presidential campaign. It’s a confluence of factors / So it’s mystifying how many reporters are adamant that Clinton must take personal responsibility for her loss… / did reporters insist that Romney take personal responsibility for losing? McCain? Gore? The media obsession w/HRC’s self-flaggelation is such an obvious case of diverting responsibility I can’t think of another explanation. / I mean it’s ok to say “we made some mistakes in how we covered the 2016 campaign.” None of [us] are perfect; pencils, erasers etc / and every time reporter tweets “it’s Hillary’s fault” it only serves to highlight how obvious this effort at diverting responsibility is.”

I was stunned when even Bernie Bro with serious case of Clinton Derangement Syndrome Matthew Yglesias of Vox wrote in response to Matt Viser of Boston Globe (Viser: “Clinton in one breath: “I take absolute personal responsibility.” Clinton in the next: “I would have won if not for Comey and Wikileaks.”). Yglesias’ response: “Despite the valiant efforts of many in the press these are not really contradictory statements. / To take responsibility for something is an ethical stance not a causal analysis. / When Harry Truman said “the buck stops here” he was not saying that all events in American life were under his total personal control.”

There is a “mean girls” quality to Thrush/Haberman/Cillizza/Barro/etc. attacks on Hillary (and Chelsea) Clinton. One person starts, the others jump in, sharks sensing blood. Or the last person standing in dodge-ball. The same names come up time and again. But I was encouraged to see several people – especially surprised by Yglesias – break with the pack and directly argue with them. Is this change temporary? Or a new awareness on the parts of some reporters that perhaps, maybe, just possibly they are not infallible?

But… back to Thrush and Haberman. On Tue they published a piece in the Times about Ivanka Trump, who has a book out, which she is not supposed to promote. Former Fortune publisher and current digital director of Columbia Law School Pamela Kruger tweeted at Haberman: “Ivanka gave this in depth interview just as her new book comes out. The book she isn’t promoting.” Haberman, who often reveals herself in spontaneous responses to others, fired back: “We were doing a profile and we went to them.” Kruger retorted: “Timing worked out pretty well for her.”

When I say Haberman often reveals herself in spontaneous tweets, the following may be one of the most revealing messages Haberman ever sent. After stories came out about in-fighting between Bannon and Kushner, Breitbart wrote an article attacking Kushner’s staff. To which Haberman tweeted: “Do folks there seriously believe hitting the president’s family, even by extension, is going to help their access?” I think this message needs to be framed because it reveals everything about not just Haberman specifically, but reporters generally who survive on the need for access.

I also ran into this tweet from Thrush that really made me cringe: “Anyone who thinks [Trump] is ‘incoherent’ has it exactly wrong. Every speech is 100% coherent. Every speech is 100% about Trump.” This message that Trump is a genius is something Haberman has stated in the past as well. A few months ago I followed her arguing with NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen. Rosen wrote that the idea that Trump is some sort of media genius is nonsense. Haberman responded that she’s been following Trump for many years and he is, in fact, a master manipulator of the media. I recall responding that just because Trump manages to masterfully manipulate her, doesn’t mean he is a master at manipulation.

Eric Boehlert summed up the day’s events fairly well: “for those keeping score, NYT reporters who typed up Ivanka puff piece today, spent the afternoon trolling Hillary on Twitter /

 but the newsroom gets very very mad when anyone threatens to cancel subscriptions.

keep in mind, same day WH press secretary Refuses To Take Any Press Questions, reporters spent afternoon attacking private citizen.”

Joy Reid

As I was finishing this post, I ran into an astonishing piece in WaPo by Dave Weigel. It shows how somebody in the media can take a single statement, misrepresent it, and create a tornado of attacks. In this case, no surprisingly, it was a statement by Hillary Clinton to Amanpour that was misrepresented by Phil Elliott of Time – creating a storm of attacks on Clinton.

Trump may be the first president whose plunge to 40 percent approval was marked by stories about the voters who still loved him. And Clinton may be the only politician who can talk about the need for rural broadband — at this point, an almost banal priority of rural politicians — and be accused of snobbery.

For a final laugh, see this from the NY Times, trying to explain Trump’s comments about Andrew Jackson:


And then this:

Chelsea Handler


97 Responses to "Round Up The Usual Suspects"

Excellent analysis of the Hillary-hating media. I don’t understand how so-called journalists like Haberman & Cillizza get to keep their jobs when they make such contradictory comments about Hillary and dump. I guess we have to assume that the nyt is ok with double standards.

And yes, agree with your “final laugh.” God that was pathetic. nyt is a joke. I wish Krugman would leave.

Well-written post, DYB, with telling examples. The NYT is falling all over itself trying to connect Andrew Jackson with Trump’s distorted daydreams. They also continue to be an exemplar for media lack of objectivity.

Comey is testifying, I’ve only been read a few comments about it. But he’s justifying discussing Clinton in public, and his explanations remain convincing.

OMG Ted Cruz is on now – and he wants to prosecute Huma Abedin.

I don’t know what Matthew Yglesias has been drinking, but I wonder how soon it’ll wear off.

Comey said he was “nauseous” at the thought of what his anti-Hillary email BS did.


He ought to be in an orange onesie. Some of us are a lot worse than “nauseous” over his crimes.

@8 Quixote, I think he said “mildly nauseous?” He was really laying it on thick, how he wishes he was on a beach somewhere instead of making tough choices and having rocks thrown at him. Sad Comey. Mildly nauseous Comey. I hope his biography is called: Mildly Nauseous.

@8, quixote, “mildly” is when your dog vomits in the house. “Mildly” is not the word when a Russian puppet ends up as POTUS.

Wonderful blog thread DYB, just starting to read you post, love seeing Hillary in full color on the top of the page…made my day.

I had to stop and comment on:

“…if Clinton ended her argument with contrition, it would have made all the difference.”


This would never satisfy the media and Burningman’s supporters…not unless Hillary crawled over hot coals, bleeding with arrows sticking out of her heart, lifted her head to whisper how undeserving she was, and then before them, she gags and dies.

They might wait 5 seconds and then hold a big party to celebrate that the Queen was dead and out of their way.

None of us and millions more, still support Hillary and believe she is anything other than a kickass, intelligent woman that doesn’t let anyone tell her to sit down, shut up and just go away.

Hillary ❤

8 | quixote
May 3, 2017 at 1:55 pm


What I imagine Comey’s autobiography will look like:

A whole thread from Bob Casey:

@DYB “I hope his biography is called: Mildly Nauseous.” Bwahahaha. Seconded! It’s funny because it’s true. (… It’s not funny because it’s true.)

@NWLuna ““Mildly” is not the word when a Russian puppet ends up as POTUS.” That needs to be stencilled on his criminal forehead.

“As always happens when Hillary Clinton speaks about anything, far too many folks latch onto what they want to hear instead of what she actually said. They slam her without regard to context and extenuating circumstances that prevent her from giving the answer they want or actually deserve. The Women for Women International gathering in New York City on Tuesday was the cause of the latest smackdowns of Clinton.”

Hello shiners. Just a quick note: Don’t try the Marie Callender Chili Pot Pie. That is, unless you want to spend a lot of time…nevermind, you get the idea.

Excellent post DYB! Hillary will never escape the bashing from the 2016 election. They will dog her until the last day.

Interesting piece here by McClatchy on the 2016 loss by the Dems.

@18 Fredster, LOL and ouch!

BTW, what’s the word on Prolix??

@21: Haven’t really heard anything from him. I’m sure he is going crazy w/out a computer. I know I would. LOL

@20 I’ve read a ton of these ‘turn out’ articles since the election. They all presume turn out was low because people chose not to vote for whatever reason. I’m waiting for one to note the gutting of the VRA, voter suppression, purging of rolls, 900 fewer polling places, machines breaking down, provisional ballots counted, etc. I know it’s hard to measure that metric, but until it’s done, ‘turn out’ doesn’t mean much by itself.

I just learned that my middle sister (who I always thought was apolitical) was told her name wasn’t on the voter list in Nov. They asked if she had voted before and she said ‘yes, just not in the last election’. I asked her if they offered her a provisional ballot (which wouldn’t have been counted unless it was close). No, they gave her a form to register to vote for ‘next time’. I told her about ‘Cross Check’ and said she was probably purged because her last name sounded ‘black’.

If that had been me, I wouldn’t have left the polling place until the damn county supervisor showed up. I would have LOUDLY asked to see the list of names SOS Brian Kemp ILLEGALLY purged before the election, especially using the Cross Check names. And I sure as hell would have demanded a provisional ballot. They count on people not knowing these things, and my sister sure didn’t. Who else did they turn away?

@23: OH GAgal, that would have had me yelling and screaming right there.

Just saw a clip of Comey being question by Feinstein. Raising his voice, talking about how he saw two doors – conceal or speak. Haha, first time I ever saw Comey break out in a sweat.

He also said his agents brought Weiner’s computer’s metadata to him because it showed THOUSANDS of emails, including the first three months when Hillary was using her BlackBerry. They had been unable to find these. In his mind, if Hillary had ‘intent’ to cover up, this missing information would show that. So Feinstein says ‘which you didn’t find’. A perturbed Comey says, ‘can I finish?’

Someone who knows about metadata is going to have to explain to me how the metadata showed something that wasn’t there. There’s probably a good explanation for it, but that question will get buried in the story, as usual.

17 DYB

“As always happens when Hillary Clinton speaks about anything, far too many folks latch onto what they want to hear instead of what she actually said

Just remember when all the long knives are out for Hillary, again and again, she has picked up the torch from the suffragettes and proudly carries this burden for all of us women, children and the men that know Hillary’s value.

As soon as the weather changes, I can break out my Hillary t-shirts from 2008 (getting a little worn), and my new ones from 2016. Madam President.

Rock on Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!

23 GAgal

This happened to me too and to my son. I have voted in every election since I was 21, and I unleashed the Cracken on them that day. I got a provisional ballot, because I worked at the polls before and knew about them, but I also knew my vote, in deep blue country, wouldn’t be counted for weeks or months. I was one angry white woman. My son stood back and watched his mother go bananas so he rushed over to the ballot box machine and pushed it in the slot with the real ballots. He didn’t tell me this until we walked to the car, or I would have done the same thing.

Kudos to Feinstein, she is one politician I have always voted for. I was hoping Hillary would put her in her cabinet. [tear drops]

Suppositly the GOP has enough votes to pass a health deathcare bill tomorrow.

Oops ‘supposedly’

A few details but will still be horrible with the new tweek…

With $8 Billion Deal on Health Bill, House G.O.P. Leader Says ‘We Have Enough Votes’

Let me guess… if the new Repub healthcare bill is passed, it won’t go into effect until after the 2018 elections.

@23 Oh wow GAgal, yes that’s how they managed to throw out so many votes and voters. Voter suppression is one subject my brother-in-law and I screamed at each other over. He doesn’t believe anything of the sort happened.

I watched a bit of Comey’s testimony. Very strange. He seemed almost hysterical at times. Babbling, giggling, laughing. Very odd, like a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Yes it increasingly looks like Rethugs have the votes in House to pass the Deathcare Bill. It’s amazing how many of them are voting Yes also saying they hope Senate fixes it…

@37: If it passes in the House I hope it fails n the Senate.

NY’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, not afraid to say he admires Hillary. (Also, rumors are that when Preet Bharara was told to resign by Trump and refused, saying he wanted to be fired, spent the days before being officially fired copying all the case-files he was working on (including Trump) and making sure Schneiderman got them.)

Bette Midler got Comey’s number:

GAgal, I would have been furious too.

Estimates are that up to 300,000 voters were not allowed to vote due to the CrossCheck program. Ari Berman is an expert on voter suppression. H doesn’t say much on Twitter but when he does it’s important. I read his Give Us The Ballot book written in IIRC 2014. Things are bad and getting worse.

Fredster, that sounds awful. Hope you are much, much better now.

Just think, the Rs no doubt want to get rid of all those sanitary standards that hold back businesses profits.

Bloodsucking evil tick sadists:

Okay, I got my answer on the ‘metadata’ question through Sheldon Whitehouse. Comey, who refers to his agents as they, rather than we, says his ‘wizard agents’ came up with a new ‘wizard’ something or ‘nuther that can be used in the future for the FBI to get their shit straight before they (he) blab their mouth – and flips a fucking election. The Asshole is proud of his “wizards” who only learned this technology during the last ten days before a presidential election.

@43: Taking the Immodium Luna. So I hope that takes care of it. And the sad part is that the damned thing didn’t even taste that good.

@45 GAgal, I saw that part with Sheldon. He was perhaps the strongest Democrat during the hearings. (At least from what I saw; I actually missed Feinstein.) Comey’s answer about the wizards writing code sounded like he was saying something he didn’t himself understand. Not to give credit to Snowden, but as the FBI started looking through those e-mails someone on twitter asked Snowden how long it would take them. Snowden responded that with his old laptop it would take a few hours. I think he’s right and Comey’s answer makes no sense. Searching through those e-mails really shouldn’t have been so complicated. People search through massive documents and encyclopedias every day in libraries, government employees do it with those 20,000 page bills, etc. Really not rocket science. The idea Comey is selling, that he absolutely had no notify Congress because his agents wouldn’t complete the investigation on time – and only completed it on time through time-warping wizardry of his agents – is nonsense.

@47: DYB, he’s doing c.y.o.a.

Seconding DYB that it’s nonsense. The metadata being referred to, I’m pretty sure but I don’t know, is the date. The business about the data haul including emails from a three month period that they had previously missed.

So, of course!, that would be where the big coverup was hiding. Except that by then Comey & Co. certainly knew there wasn’t any coverup. So since ZOMG! EMAILS! was the only stick they had to beat Hillary with, they tried to make sure it lasted long enough to throw the election.

And because the media are dumber than doorknobs, it worked.

@49: It’s truly disgusting isn’t quixote?

46 and 47

GAgal and DYB, I totally agree that the ‘wizards’ were Rethugs that gave Comey the EXCUSE to derail Hillary’s win…they knew what they were doing and they did it.

The FBI doesn’t have a pile of computer literate dingbats at the helm of the tech divisions…Comey is a big fat liar, pants on fire.

Comey shouldn’t just step down, he should be prosecuted.

Comey is so sure of his unimpeachable rectitude, he makes me sick and I don’t mean mildly nauseous.
Men like that, who question everybody’s integrity but their own, cause a great deal of harm and suffering in this world.

Welp, the House passed the “kill all the older or sick Americans act”.


Let me see if this embeds with what I want.


While I watched the GOP sing and wave ‘Goodbye’…I think of my son and other people fighting chronic illnesses, the poor and the seniors that might lose their doctors, healthcare and lives, while the rich white men stuff their pockets and enjoy counting their profits.

What a phucking crime…….I am beyond sad.

The only thing that lifts my spirits is that Hillary did not craft the best healthcare plan in 2008 and it was her plan that is now getting hacked to death.

I have no idea how much hope there is for the Senate to derail this crime to humanity.

@57: other people fighting chronic illnesses, the poor and the seniors

Yep, that’s me in several categories.

58 Fredster

I am very sorry to hear that Fredster, but hang in there.

If the Senate can drag it’s feet long enough for the midterm election…and the report comes out on the cost and how many millions will lose their coverage, all Hell will break loose with the public and the midterms may be a slaughter for the GOP.

There is a Trump tweet for every occasion. One day someone will trip over a squirrel and fall into an inflatable pool, and there’s going to be a Trump tweet about it.

@59 &60: Shadow I am hoping and praying that the thing dies in the Senate.

@61: I would LOL but it’s not funny.

By the look of all the preexisting conditions in that bill, it’s pretty much everything. Just being born is a preexisting condition, so the original sin. Rape and domestic violence are preexisting conditions. C-section is a preexisting condition.

But Congress exempted itself from the law.

@Shadow: Well now Ryan can go have some more of his $350/bottle of wine and they can all have a good laugh.

@64: But Congress exempted itself from the law

Yes, wasn’t that interesting.

Hillary Clinton is expected to launch a political action group named “Onward Together” as early as next week.

Hillary has been working with Howard Dean on this new group and it’s expected to fund Resistance causes.

Quelle surprise: MAGGIE HABERMAN tweeted a hit on Clinton, claiming this means she is running for office again.

Charles Pierce has a good piece here. And here’s part of it:

Goddamn them all. Goddamn the political movement that spawned them and goddamn the political party in which that movement found a home, and goddamn the infrastructure in which their pus-bag of an ideology was allowed to fester until it splattered the plague all over the government. Goddamn anyone who believes that blind, genetic luck is a demonstration of divine design. Goddamn anyone who believes in a god who hands out disease as punishment. Goddamn anyone who stays behind the walls and dances while the plague comes back again.

@68: Did you tell ole Maggie to eat shit?

Okay folks, I have to just walk away for awhile. Otherwise I might just start screaming and not stop.

Fredster, I actually did tell Maggie to eat shit! Also Glenn for good measure.

WaPo has a piece on the House passage of the bill, here:

From there:

“If they (the Senate) revise it, there’s no way,” Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.), another Freedom Caucus member, said earlier this week. Brat refused to support the Ryan bill until provisions were added for states to opt out of more insurance regulations.

“Have you been watching for the last few months how tight this is, and you’re going to shift this one or the other?” Brat said. “Good luck, you don’t have to be Einstein to game theory that one.”

Okay folks, I’m mentally whipped right now and I’m going to lie down for a bit (curled up fetal position optional)


I read that the Senate R’s have decided they’re not going to throw themselves on this sword, and will not even bring it up for a vote. They’re going to craft their own healthcare bill. This could drag on, and on…

So…McTurkey wants to write his own bill? How different do we think it’d be? And House would have to approve it too. So how are they going to get the Tea Bagging caucus?

This is kind of amazing (and no, I didn’t notice until I read the comment):

@81, probably not, I already know that anyone lining up behind Trump is a ghoul. They are all ghouls, without souls, like the hungry ghosts who have tiny mouths and can never get enough to be satisfied.

I’ve got a few pre-existing conditions myself, and one is enough to make me uninsurable. At least I live in a blue state.

I’ve got a coupe of preexisting conditions too, it turns out! I guess my premium will skyrocket…

BTW, I don’t think they made erectile dysfunction a preexisting condition….

Right now I’m covered through work, although those premiums aren’t cheap. I’ve thought of retiring a few years early, but may not be able to now.

No, I’m sure erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, or undescended testicles are not preexisting conditions in the new bill. Or icewater in veins.

But they did block access to Planned Parenthood for everyone.

Heh. Dem voters are bigly pissed off. Rethugs, you see this:

Time for some fun news:

‘He’s an embarrassment’: hostile welcome for Trump on return to New York

President forced to make a quick getaway after his first visit home since winning the White House

Has this guy tried to get a medical appointment for less than 30 days away recently? Especially for patients with multiple comorbidities (the typical VA patient)? The whole Choice thing is bullshit, especially in rural areas.

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin says his department is seeking to close perhaps more than 1,100 VA facilities nationwide as it develops plans to allow more veterans to receive medical care in the private sector.

At a House hearing Wednesday, Shulkin said the VA had identified more than 430 vacant buildings and 735 that he described as underutilized, costing the federal government $25 million a year. …While President Donald Trump’s budget blueprint calls for a 6 percent increase in VA funding, Shulkin has made clear the government’s second-largest agency with nearly 370,000 employees will have to operate more efficiently and that budget increases should not be considered a given in future years. The department recently announced hiring restrictions on roughly 4,000 positions despite the lifting of the federal hiring freeze and also left open the possibility of “near-term” and “long-term workforce reductions.” Shulkin is also putting together a broader proposal by fall to expand the VA’s Choice program of private-sector care.'s-considering-closing-1,100-VA-facilities?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP_Politics

@87> Oh but Dump loves the troops! GOP loves our military! Our military votes GOP every time!

Well, duh. They’re Republicans.

Is the atrocious health-care bill a lose-lose proposition for Republicans? The GOP may pass a bad bill for no good reason.

@88, DYB, The tweets from VetsAgainstTrump, AltVA, VetsAgainstHate, and VoteVets are fierce tonight. Must be something about actually seeing what modern warfare involves that makes many of them realize we shouldn’t rush into war. Wish all of them knew that.

As someone said in the comments, he’s dead inside:

@91: The little smaller turd next to Ryan is Steve Scalise, one of the whips who is my congress critter from La. He’s the one who, at one time, called himself “David Duke without the sheet”. And sadly, in that gerrymandered district he’ll get reelected. But he won’t have my vote.

Luna, check email when you have a chance. Thanks!!

Mr. Pundit has a good reply in response to that abortion of a bill that the House Repubs passed today.

Nothing to add.

New post upstairs.

Comments are closed.

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