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Posted on: April 29, 2017

Where to start? That’s the question that has bogged me down since the election. As DYB was saying the other day, by the time you write a post, a whole new world of crazy has opened and the insanity has moved on to lunacy. I can’t keep up. So, I decided if I’m going to lend a hand around here, at least until I get back into the swing of things, I’m going to have to leave it to the comment section to keep us up on the latest. I’d rather be lazy than crazy.

C4-I5AoXUAECgM5Speaking of lunacy, I thought I’d share with you a few Letters To the Editor from my hometown newspaper over the last few months. Right after the election, there was letter after letter calling for prayers for our New Leader. Since I like to try to analyze these people, (that might be my problem, right there) I started thinking. If Hillary had won would they have written that same letter? I think not. In fact, some of them came across to me as “Oh my God, he won. PRAY people, PRAY! PRAY as if your life depends on it!”. At least in my mind. Then a lady writes this simple message:

In response to the letters to the editor, “We Have Moved On” and “We Got God’s Attention”:

The writers of these letters seem to think that their prayers have been answered. I ask them to pray now to give President-Elect Donald Trump the wisdom he needs to keep the people of this country safe, free from prejudice and free to choose their own way of life and worship or not to worship.

Oops. Did a “real” Christian slip in there? Atheist? I don’t know, but no one responded. After all, what could they say? Pretty smart. That’s the way to do it. Phrase it just so, and what are they gonna do?

Here’s another that no one responded to. I didn’t even try to analyze this. Yes, I spent five minutes reading about Baal (I get the golden calf) and no, I did not look up the scripture. (No offense meant to anyone) But after reading the title “God is not dead”, I was not expecting this:

Donald J Trump could have become America’s Baal, bursting onto the scene espousing his knowledge of everything. Trump’s ability to spew bluster laced with blatant lies enabled him to exercise mind control over a segment of the electorate that was angry and grossly uniformed. For others to judge their reactions would be a fool’s folly.

Thinking historically, the children of Israel danced around their golden calf. Nov. 8, millions of Americans chanted Trump’s name, endorsing and celebrating racism, hatred, bigotry, violence, lies, misogyny, ableism and the bilking of hard-earned money from countless victim’s of one man’s avarice. Their nations rejected intelligence, education and science  – the truly major things that help make America great. The rest of the world looked on in disbelief.

True Christians fell into despair while the Still Small Voice reassuringly whispered that there were millions that day who refused to bow their knee to Baal. God is not dead! The path can be found back in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Huh. Takes all kinds, I guess. There’s just one other letter, of the religious sort, that I will have to paraphrase, but I remember it well. He was responding to this letter: (shortened a bit)

What do I say to my severely-disabled grandson that our new president thinks its okay to mock and ridicule his condition and that of others like him who struggle to live life in dignity? What do I say to my beautiful granddaughter when her new president speaks openly about it being okay to treat women in a demeaning, vulgar and threatening manner? How do I explain to my Sunday school kids that our new president thinks himself above the Creator – boasting of never having to ask God’s forgiveness for anything he said and done? How can I feel secure in voicing my beliefs when he has openly encouraged his supporters to physically attack those who oppose him?

For that heartfelt letter, he got this back (paraphrased ’cause I didn’t save it). “You tell your grandson, granddaughter and Sunday School kids to THANK GOD everyday that that criminal Godless liberal Hillary Clinton lost!”

Now you would think this stuff would make me mad. Actually it makes me LMAO. But now I’m having a sad. All those were from November and December. And now, nothing. Silence. I mean sure, way back in January there was this: (my bold)original

I have begun to wonder if Democrats will ever get over losing. I just witnessed a goodbye ceremony between the out-going POTUS and the out-going VP that eclipsed all other expressions of grief. Barack Hussein Obama presented Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I must confess that I do not have a clue what that is.

I have never seen such fawning and pandering outside of the Democratic media. Barack Hussein Obama was proclaimed as a great president by glaze-eyed followers and likewise was Biden. Everyone, especially reporters, were engulfed in tears. It was truly a life altering experience for those who bought it.

I am always incredulous about the amount of drivel that lockstep Democrats are willing to swallow. All it takes is the willingness to accept anything that is told to them as fact, much like sheep. As a Democrat, you certainly would not want to be guilty of attempting an original thought.

What of BHO now, you might ask? I have an idea. First, he will rejoin Jeremiah Wright’s church. Making that good impression is no longer important. He will then seek out photo ops and mingle with his Hollywood cronies. Talk shows, anything to feed his ego.

He is the slickest politician I have ever seen. He can graduate from our finest schools, still claim racism, cry on demand, change his dialect and has been known to break out in song if needed.

In closing, after I watched a tearful Biden follow-up on the “View”, a show featuring a babbling group of clueless female Democrats, I resorted to Tylenol. Will it ever end?

Yeah, dude. That’s what we keep asking, too. Only it’s going to take a whole lot more than Tylenol. Tylenol won’t cure your stupid. Now the guy is off the radar. There is an occasional letter from another guy-all crammed into one- about political correctness, climate change is a hoax and keep your kids as dumb as possible. Better yet, homeschool them and don’t even teach them to spell C-O-L-L-E-G-E.

There were a couple of folks convinced that the votes of every head of cattle in Wyoming baf59b214d180f40466f43c5ca46e3ceb3b8c420e6d87589c7acdfd93d1ae303was more important than actual people in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. I think they believe only flamboyant gay men live in Queens. I guess now that they don’t have Obama and Hillary to hate anymore, they must feel so lost. People have been trying to goad them out to no avail:

Yet another installment of right wing nut radio land and their toxic garbage with the sole purpose of dividing this country. To them, America is a terrible country under a Democrat, and a great one under a Republican, no matter how good or bad the country is being run.


Now we have lyin’ Donald Trump a reality show/con artist using the same old GOP handbook from the Bush era. They want to go back to that? No thanks. Trump is a pathological liar with some major issues. I’ve never seen a person so full of it in my life. God help us all.

Some man wrote a beautiful referral for Betsey DeVos. He had grown up with her and her family in Michigan and they are fine, upstanding citizens. She will make a great Secretary of Education. (Wonder if he’s heard from Erik lately? Maybe a Christmas card?) He got a response from a woman who always make me smile when I see her name. She is hell on our local politicians, too.

When do know beyond a doubt that your elected officials are not working for their constituents? When they vote “yes” to appoint a person to head the Department of Education who spent her adult life and enormous wealth to block public education in her home state of Michigan.

Betsey DeVos has no degrees in education, has never attended a public school and has spent millions (Amyway fortune) on legislation to make charter schools, vouchers and “for-profit schools” non-regulated. Her effort took money away from the public education system.

Mrs. DeVos comes from a religious sect that believes parents should be responsible for their children’s education. Few parents today have the skills or resources to properly educate a child for 12 years in preparation for the 21st century.

My four great-grandchildren need public schools. I signed petitions, wrote letters, called my people. So how did the vote go? Democrats voted against and all but two Republicans for her. The GOP keeps claiming they are the party of Lincoln-this man who studied by candlelight and was kept warm by a fireplace which he most likely had to stoke, would be appalled.

Why is it there are billions and billions of dollars to buy votes from our elected officials, but putting some of that money to the education of our children now and for the future isn’t even in the playbook? Why did our elected officials vote against their own community and children?

The Republican party is an exclusive members-only club and if you have the money, you are in! If not “work harder, make more and then you can be like us!”

Mrs. DeVos will dismantle what has taken 50 years to establish. This was a vote by Republicans against our social order, aside from the fact that they have “dead souls” toward children.

Ooouch! ‘dead souls’ toward children. I love this woman. I don’t know her, but I love her. Now, you would think that would provoke a reaction, but no. All silent on the home front. This was in February. There has not been a single “Atta Boy” letter about Trump and company. No mention of his name. Not even when an occasional lib’rul writes about his EOs polluting our environment. No one is willing to stand up for him.

That’s what it was all about. After the black man termed out, they weren’t gonna let THAT damn woman tell them what to do. Nothing else matters anymore. They can kick back, fat and happy and grin from ear to ear while it all burns down around them. Their work is done.

Open thread. What’s going on in the “real” world?


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Wonderful post GA gal, LOVED the protest sign and the cat poster. We need to laugh so we don’t cry. The letters to your paper appear to be a good barometer of reader sentiment. Nice to know there are still some critical thinking people out there among those blinded by their faith instead of enlightened by it. My Repub friends no longer talk politics with me because we always got into heated arguments (I don’t have the wherewithal to debunk the demon Fox any way, they left me dumbstruck every time); they will never give up their belief that any Repub, no matter how deplorable, is better than any Dem, regardless of the facts, and Hillary in particular must go back to Hell from whence she came. (I live in PA.)

Hope you become a regular poster, GAgal. This site keeps me sane (at least I still “think” I am sane…).

“better lazy than crazy”

Perfect! That’s been my motto all along, but I needed it articulated for me. 😀

This is a summary I keep coming back to: “once upon a time people genuinely hated a woman enough to bring on the Apocalypse”

Thank you Cats. Well, we’ve made it to the 100 day mark. Just think of all that has transpired over the past two years. It’s a wonder any of us are still sane.

GAgal, I’ll be back in a bit with some comments. Great post!

Again, great post.

Some of those people (smh). They say Dems blindly follow their leaders? Huh? Someone’s been hitting their supply of medical marijuana! They blindly follow every word coming out of the Trumpster’s mouth, practically orgasming over each little syllable he drops.

Oh and here’s that scripture from the King James Version::

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Is anyone going to bother watching the W.H. Correspondents Dinner?

Yes, for self-care we have to keep reminding ourselves that we are cursed to live in interesting times, and blind hate has so many easy vehicles for amplitude and reach. This is not normal. This is not healthy. Woke up this morning with a vague feeling of dread in the background, again. The thought “This really should not be normal — things are indeed crazy now; no wonder I feel this way” came into my head.

I think it’s Leah McElrath on ShareBlue who sends tweets most nights saying “This is not normal — together we are our greatest strength — keep resisting!”

#MantrasToStaySane, lol.

@5, Fredster, always did like the King James version much better than the colloquial versions so popular now. Of course they are all rife with mistranslations and bias, but at least the former had gravitas.

I left to get a birthday gift for my 8 year old nephew, was gone three hours and still came back empty handed! I tried several places before I broke down and went to Walmart. Everything that he would be interested in, he already has. I went to this small mom and pop place that has cool things and they had closed at 5:00 – on a Saturday! Unreal. No wonder retail is losing tens of thousands of jobs a month. If they don’t have anything, of course people are going to go to Amazon. I tried to give them some local business, but oh well…

@8 No, it is not normal. It was reported yesterday that the WH is ‘trying to decide’ if they want to push resident Nazi Sebastian Gorka out of the WH. What a hard decision that must be.

They are also considering Sheriff David Clark for a position in Homeland Security. And the USDA plans to “ease” school lunch standards. Lucky kids!

@7: Luna did you see Rachel last night? After updating us on what the WH must have known about Flynn despite what comes out of their mouths, she pretty much promised the audience that they were going to get to the bottom of it all. What a glorious day it will be if the truth comes out, eyes are opened, justice is served and maybe, just maybe we get what WE deserve, our Hillary. The election was not normal, none of this is normal. The future of this country is in peril.

I’m not sure about this but I thought I saw somewhere that Rachel was outperforming FOX in the ratings, hmmmm, a ray of hope in the darkness if I got that right?

Cats, Rachel is definitely a shining sun offering light in the darkness. FOX can go fook itself.

No TV here. Grew up with not much TV use and by the time I grew out of my teen years realized I didn’t like much of what was on TV. Yes there is some worthwhile material on. Yet somehow I’ve never gotten around to buying one. I spend enough time staring at a computer screen as it is! Most of the good material ends up on YouTube (although YT tracks you now) or DVD or Twitter. And I actually like reading.

@12: Luna, open a private window to view YT. In F.F. it’s “private window”, not sure what it is in Chrome. But, no cookies, no traces left. If I want to check out something at Amazon I’ll use the private window so I don’t get bombarded with 23,985 emails about the product I was looking at.

@7: I saw an article somewhere that said docs were seeing more ppl for mentioning stress and anxiety.

@9: You would think the store could consider staying open until maybe 7 p..m. on a Saturday. And yep, then when folks can’t find what they want they end up at Wally-world.

A friend sent this to me. Might be worth checking out.

quixote, you had a comment that went to spam. It’s out now.

Here is Rachel from last night. The Flynn stuff starts around 9:45.

@19: she had also done an interview with the Russian activist (Kara murza?), the man the Russians poisoned twice. The Russian people, especially the high school and college kids, are protesting against Putin this weekend IIRC. These people are fighting for their country, their future, at great risk to themselves. Their courage is inspirational. If you can find that, it is well worth watching.

I haven’t seen any TV today. I hope they’re covering the Climate protests.

@21: Not on CNN/MSNBC, they’re doing the dinnah.

Quiet tonight w/out our two magpies around here.

We need our resident Kentuckian and attorney to give us his opinion on this issue.

@23 I’m just breezing around trying to watch anything but politics. Ordered my nephew a beginner telescope online. It won’t be here for his party tomorrow, but he’s fine with that. Then, he, his Mom and my 6 year old niece got locked out into the sunroom we enclosed a few years back. The doorknob has been lose and finally let go. My stepdad and I spent 30 minutes wedging, prying and cussing and finally released them. Meanwhile I was teasing ‘hope you don’t get hungry! hope you don’t have to go to the bathroom!’. The kids were looking at me through the glass door with a crazy look in their eyes. I love teasing them. I’m such a mean aunt. 😀

@24 That judge needs to recuse himself right off the bench.

Fredster, thanks for telling my about that Private Window again; will try that. I’ve been using Ghostery and then added Privacy Badger a while back.

Just presented an abbreviated version of a course in analytical and critical thinking practices at dinnertime to an old friend of spouse’s visiting from out of town. Gah! I’m not around many people like that lately. That was a little too much exposure to the trait of being unable to know where to look for information, and how to analyze the validity, or lack thereof, of that info.

Sometimes I think we should go out as apostles trying to preach the doctrine of how to evaluate information and arrive in the promised land of evidence-based conclusions. Nah, we’d get stoned or shot by the disbelievers who worship at the altar of Alt-Right and UU-ESS-SAYE!, and whose priest is the Varnished Trump.

GAgal, this is for you!

@27: I’ve heard of Ghostery but had not heard of Privacy Badger, I’ll have to check both of those out.

@25: Oh you’re a mean aunt! 😉

@28 Thanks Luna!

@24, that judge is doing the right thing by recusing himself from the cases in which his bias prevents him from being objective. Personally I think it’s likely his bias may affect other cases. Not sure it extends to requiring him to resign. Perhaps the next judge appointed is a homophobic Trumpite and doesn’t recuse himself.

@29, the EFF recommended it.

Whaaaaaaaaa! I want to be in this world so bad!

One part of this is a sexist joke, but considering it’s on Trump, I laughed at it because I’m mean enough that I would enjoy his burn if he heard this.

@35, was supposed to go with this:

GAgal, fabulous post! Agree that those letters are probably a good barometer of where the country is at. The anti-Trump letters are amazing. Also, loved seeing the videos of the march in DC! Yay for our people! I gather Dump made a fool out of himself again at another Nazi rally, that wasn’t even close to being sold out, although he lied that it was.

We just got home a while ago. Did you guys see the WHCD?

This really pulls at your heartstrings:

@37: Nah, didn’t watch the dinner.

Samantha Bee’s Not-WHCD is up on YT in parts right now. (so much for staying away from politics) Part 1 took me a bit. Part 2 she digs into Jeff Zucker. The man deserves it.

@34, Ditto.

@17, I love Shakespeare. Laker was in 7 full community theater Shakespeare plays (he was Romeo!) in his teens, and two in his pre-teens that were Shakespeare for kids type plays; one was a medley of favorite scenes from different plays, and the other was a combo of Greek myths followed by the Shakespeare scene that was based off the myths. It sounds weird but was very interesting. Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum wrote it and directed it, and yours truly produced it. Laker played Narcissus in that one. He had had both legs operated on 6 months before and actually attended rehearsals first in a wheel chair, and then in a succession of moon boots and braces. All-in-all, a good memory.

@38 Awww….

@38, Fabulous! And science is fabulous too.


I think I’ve looked at that youtube of the baby at least half a dozen times now. What a precious, beautiful moment.

Regarding Hasan Minhaj’s roast that I posted above, he does a good job of roasting the media, especially cable tv, and he’s a clever, poised and talented man; however, there’s no talk about the main issue with the media and that is that they delivered the presidency to the worst candidate ever.

@46, Fredster, isn’t that funny?

Thanks for digging me out, Fredster! I didn’t realize that was why it was telling me “Comment cannot be posted.” I use a vpn, so I thought maybe it glitched on that.

@50: Don’t think it was the vpn issue but spammy decided she/he didn’t like something and she/he gets picky sometimes. LOL!

I was watching segments of the Not the W.H.C.D. on youtube and saw this. C. J. Creeg makes a return in the cold opening. I loved it!!!

Great post GAgal. I am sort of taking a weekend off from politics and spending some of my free time doing more art. It grounds me and keeps me from getting too depressed.

When we come back, nothing will have improved…just keeping one eye open to make sure we aren’t involved in WWIII yet.

When Minhaj got to “Donald Trump is Liar-In-Chief, and remember, you guys … you guys ….are ….” “responsible” is what I was expecting. Instead it was that journalists, pooor things, are hated by Trump.

@52, I much preferred that to the actual WHCD!

@54: Faked everyone out. 😉

Wish I could get a vid cap of this – nasty looking shelf cloud moving over my area right now. We’re supposed to have some nasty wx moving in.

@57, this site has a link to a Cloud ID PDF put out by NOAA., which might help you put a name to that nasty meteorological phenomenon you’ve got. It’s one of the links right above the Wordle graphic on clouds.

45 | socalannie
April 30, 2017 at 4:14

Absolutely heartbreaking.

@54 & 59, agree with both of you.

The full WHCD

@58: Luna, did something happen to your link?

@63: What we had was a shelf cloud and they can have a number of different looks, but it’s an arcus cloud.

There was a possibility of more storms behind the first line but that line apparently sucked the life out of the atmosphere.

Fredster, that would look extremely ominous coming in on the horizon! Glad it was more show than substance.

@65: Yeah they are scary looking. Sometimes the look of them approaching reminds me of Independence Day. And apparently the wx guys lied. Got another line of storms coming up. Lovely.

Here in the upper left-hand corner we’ve been having colder and wetter weather than the rest of the nation since Fall. Sigh. But we are promised an El Nino for the coming Fall.

@67: This is the normal spring storm season for these parts. However it usually starts winding down going into May. This area has been under drought conditions for a good while. It is just now starting to ease up. A couple of the lakes looked like those in Cali.

Hey folks! Somehow the comments got closed and it took awhile to get them opened back up, but we’re back in business now.

For some reason the comments closed – and we just figured out how to fix it!

So I’m back!

Great post GAgal! First rule though: never read the comments. LOL. It really has become the worst part about anything. (Except here at Widdershins where comments are the best.)

My weekend was good until the end. Just hours before I was about to leave my sister and her Republican husband – they goaded me into a “discussion” about politics. And it was terrible. I almost called car service to take me to the airport early.

My sister earlier in the day complained about how she just recently quit her job because she was doing all the work and the unqualified men around her kept getting raises and promotions. And I said: “Well, that’s how we ended up with Trump.” Oh no! Wrong! My sister is not opposed to a woman President, but she does oppose THAT woman, who was a shill and a criminal and what we needed was a businessman in the White House, and an anti-establishment person. Holy moly. My sister doesn’t actually read any papers and doesn’t watch the news (by her own admission), so it’s just whatever her husband (who was born and raised in India, came to the US at 17 years old, and lives in Arizona…) I told my sister that Trump has gone bankrupt 6 times and the whole is complete nonsense, people who say it don’t know what they’re talking about.

Then a few hours after that, now with her husband in the room, my sister says: “So I don’t want to get too political, but why did you want Hillary? Did you really want that criminal?” And that’s when shit hit the fan. I am angry just writing about it now. E-mails. Benghazi. She lost the election (she won by 3 million! That’s not important to them). Democrats are screwed because that guy in Georgia was supposed to blow everyone out of the water and he lost hahahaha (Ossoff? Yes, total unknown 30 year old in deep red GA getting 48% is terrible for Democrats….) Gerrmandering? Don’t make them laugh, stop listening to liberal news on MSNBC, NYTimes and WaPo and The Atlantic. You are brainwashed! There is no voter suppression! (What about the rulings in North Carolina? Georgia? Texas?) Never heard of them! It’s just liberal propaganda! It went on until I left the room and finished packing my bag and dragged it into the hallway. Seriously, another word and I’m out, bye.

I’m never visiting them again, that’s not even a joke.

Anyway, that’s my stream of consciousness recap of family in Arizona. Sorry if it reads like Faulkner, I at least tried to use some punctuation.

(Oh and I’m old enough I remember my brother in law, with Fox News on in 2002, insisting Saddam had WMDs which he was hiding in Iran, so going after Saddam in Iraq was the absolutely right decision….)

@70: Oh that sounds like a terrible trip DYB. Sorry you had to go through that. I have a friend here who is “bigly” Republican. He would give you the shirt off his back but we can’t and don’t talk politics. Just not a good thing for us to go there.

Fredster, I know, I’m angry at myself for letting them drag me into it. I almost feel like they arranged it in advance too. They were just ready to drag me in and then pounce. And I should have known better…ugh.

So glad the comments are open again, it’s a good reminder at how much I miss all of you when for a day, I have to scream at the news…without all of you.

I sure know how you feel and have walked in those very shoes with my oldest sister. Her ex-husband filled her full of the same crap, and she agrees that she doesn’t read or watch the news. My ex-brother-in-law even made the mistake of saying he might change his mind and vote for Hillary some day, “if she loses some weight!” I absolutely lost it when he said this to me in a long distance phone call. I guess the message was pretty effin’ clear when I didn’t go to his funeral about 6 months later. This is the same man that was beat up by Karma a few years earlier when he got skin cancer on his dxxx, after he had cheated on my sister for years. My other older sister felt the same way.

In 2008 I lost many decades-long friends, in arguments as to why Obama was not more qualified than Hillary…these days, I have perfected the substituted ‘stink eye’ over wanting to flash them the third finger salute.

One of my sisters, mentioned above voted for El Douche, and everyone else in the family refuse to talk to her about politics and think she is less intelligent than we previously perceived.

DYB, you are NOT alone.

@73 shadowfax> Oh and wait, best part…. I left out the best statement of the afternoon. They said they were a lot more open-minded than I was because they were willing to give a newbie like Trump a chance and I’m very narrow-minded because all I want is the establishment.

I think that’s when I lost it!

I actually think that was the first one-on-one screaming match I’ve had with someone over this election! Everything else has been on-line!

I just can’t with these people! My sister quits her job because of misogyny, but Clinton – nah. THAT woman.

DYB, yup…’cover-yer-butt’ logic. She had better hope that she finds a job soon, or the Rethugs may cut her unemployment checks.

Nothing like an anti-feminist to not see the forest though the trees.

Yay, back in business!

DYB, sorry your trip ended so badly. My BIL (actually he’s just my sister’s boyfriend) came by the other day to drop something off and was wearing a Trump shirt. I ignored it. He’s been having a terrible time with his knee – hobbling around in pain. He keeps putting it off for some reason. (man… probably) I always want to say to him “You know, you should probably get that surgery done before the Republicans take away your OBAMAcare”. 🙂

@76: Oh that situation is begging for some snark.

Oh noes! This will be a case for mass mourning in the south.

Thomas Forkner, Waffle House Co-Founder, Dies at 98

“One supreme test of whether it’s a good location — take a real rainy, blistery Tuesday or Wednesday night at two o’clock in the morning, park your automobile there, and see how many cars pass,” he told Atlanta magazine in 2007. “If you don’t have many cars, you don’t have a good spot.”

The restaurants are so reliably open that W. Craig Fugate, the leader of the Federal Emergency Management Agency during the Obama administration, said that he had applied a “Waffle House Test” for determining the severity of a natural disaster.

“If a Waffle House is closed because there’s a disaster, it’s bad,” Mr. Fugate joked in 2016 on “Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me!,” NPR’s comedy quiz show. “We call it red. If they’re open but have a limited menu, that’s yellow.”

Waffle House – (sigh) source of many of my weird and strange news posts. LOL!

@76> Yes it does! Does he know it’s OBAMAcare?

That was one of the things we yelled about, ACA. My BIL was yelling at how awful it is and how people can’t afford it. I was like: Are you nuts? Those who really can’t afford it get help, that’s the point. And it was always meant to be fixed and McConnell refused to do anything. He wouldn’t hear a bad word about McConnell!

Wasn’t the founder of Waffle House a spy or something? I saw some headlines, but didn’t dig deep into that story.

@80: I saw that he was in counterintelligence in the military.

World War II cut short his law practice when he was drafted into the US Army in 1941. He was an Army intelligence officer and security officer for the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge TN and New York City. –

@70, DYB, I feel for you. I don’t see my other sibling and her spouse anymore. They are wingnut Xians who practice screwing others over to take for oneself, and view their god as a punitive male parent deity who sends non-followers and gay/lesbian people to hell, and never mind about brotherhood, love, or helping the poor or the sick. And women should be subservient to their husbands — yes, that’s actually what their church says in its pamphlets — there was one at their house and I idly read it then dropped it like it was a poisonous snake). Whites, of course, are the superior race in their eyes.

I got tired of being lied to by them, and was repulsed at how they manipulated my mother when she developed dementia, and then stuck her away in a mediocre adult family home with no caregiver assistance at night after they convince her to switch her POA from me to them. I kept being so baffled and puzzled and hurt by their behavior to me and then realized that they were simply untrustworthy and devious. And flaming nutwing Republicans to boot.

It’s really so much better, so much more healthy for me to not have anything to do with them. They are mean people.

If you give people a chance, and they are still repeatedly irrational and intolerant, and identify with policies that hurt and demean people, get away fast! Life’s too short to spend time with mean people — relatives or not.

@76, GAgal, how could you resist??? “You know, Trumpcare’s not going to cover your knee — it’s a preexisting condition!”

@79, Yes, the ACA/Obamacare is not very affordable for most people. But it’s cheaper than what was available before. And in some cases people did not have anything available to them pre-ACA.

Mr. Pundit is in rare form over the Prez and his lack of knowledge concerning the Civil War among other things.

@83: And the other important thing is that it sets a limit on your max expenses per year. That’s important if you’ve got a serious illness.

@85, yes, excellent point. That max is going to matter if you have cancer or trauma from a car accident, or have a condition which requires a lot of diagnostic tests, or surgery, or expensive drugs. Although drug prices are another matter which needs fixing. Many drug prices now bear little relation to actual cost to produce the drug.

@84, oh my. I was out all day hiking, getting drizzled on off and on, seeing clumps of spring flowers here and there, an elk and deer in the distance, enjoying birdsong and good green smells. And I idly wondered what fresh hell the LOTPV (Loser of the popular vote) was up to. Ah, yes, why the Civil War indeed. Why … that is so deep….deep, deep, down in the nether regions of How The Effin’ Hell Could Anyone Be That Stupid?

Although what’s more important is how so many others could be so stupid that he gets away with it.

DYB, am so sorry your trip ended so harshly. Your sis and her husband should not have gone there. When you have guests, you should be hospitable and not challenge them on issues you know are going to be contentious. That makes me sad just to think about it. I hope you’ll heal from it soon, but I know it must be extra hard when its a sibling. Take care and do some fun stuff! xo

Luna, gosh, sorry about your experience with your sister also. I guess I’m lucky that my sibs and my mom all hate Trump. I have a BIL that is a Bernie bot, and another one that is republican, but he n e v e r brings up politics around us, which is great. There are lots of other interesting things to talk about. My sis (his wife) is liberal though, and hates dump with a passion.

Luna, I miss my walks in Washington, I really do.

I think we ate at a Waffle House in Florida, somewhere in the middle of the state. It was nice.

My God, I cannot believe dump’s latest jackass comments about the Civil War and Andrew Jackson. Did you know Andrew “Trail of Tears” Jackson had a “big heart”? That Andrew “Slave Owner” Jackson was disturbed about the civil war?!?

Dump is clearly off his rocker. I think he has dementia in addition to his other horrible psychological issues.

@90: And especially since ole Andy was Prez and died before the damned Civil War.

Chaffetz behavior is super fishy:

@95: Such a crock of shit.

“Successfully claiming to be the President”. LOL!

@97, those pink reading glasses Randy whips out to put on! Lol.

LOL! I hope Randy is making big bucks somewhere with his talent.

Hillary is being interviewed by Christiane Amanpour at some event, apparently MSNBC and CNN are carrying it live.

@102: thanks SoCal!!! Again, what a contrast between what we ” lost” and what we “won.” Would also like to recommend Women for Women if you have some bucks to spare. Their sponsorship program is especially rewarding, providing disadvantaged women an opportunity to participate in a one-year training program that enables them to make better lives for themselves and their families in their own communities.

@98: This was a comment over on the youtube site for the song:

You know shit is going to get serious when Randy dons his pink cat-eyed glasses.

@82 Luna, ugh that’s horrible! I’m sorry about your family too. But I agree it’s probably healthier to not engage with people who don’t mean well, even if it is family. Though that makes it all the more tragic.

What if they held a W.H. presser where no one took the questions?


102 | socalannie

Wonderful, thanks for posting and great to see our Hillary not taking any crap from anyone. Citizen activist, Hell yes!!!

Hillary had another speech today in NY…

She isn’t hiding in a corner, she is back to herself…
Go Hillary, go girl.

@108: That’s the talk that annie referenced in 102. Had some more info. though.

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