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Lords of the Flies

Posted on: April 26, 2017


Many people in the media continue to scream that the Democratic Party establishment needs to be purged. I think the media needs to be purged. Get the old, tainted blood out, replace with something new. The media’s behavior during the 2016 election was a catastrophe. The e-mails, the server, the speeches. Trump as an unhinged, uninformed, potentially treasonous idiot? They ain’t got time for that.

The recent release of that book, “Fucked” by Fucktard and Fuckface (again, I may have misspelled their names), was supposed to humiliate the Clinton campaign by publishing unsubstantiated gossip about infighting and incompetence. The pundits took the book one step further: they loudly declared it wasn’t so much the campaign, but Hillary Clinton herself who is solely responsible for everything. The blowback to these claims on the cyber has been pretty severe. The likes of Glenn Thrush, Maggie Haberman, Chris Cillizza, etc. etc., received enormous pushback from social media posters, getting Haberman down into the dirt with repeated defensive responses. If you feel compelled to respond that many times to strangers on the internet, something ain’t right.

Many of the “facts” presented in the book have also been also been challenged by members of the Clinton campaign. Things as obvious as the book’s claim that the Clinton campaign did no polling in the final two weeks of the election. Several former HFA staffers said that was patently false. If the writers couldn’t check something so simple, what else didn’t they bother checking? The book has mostly vanished from view within just a few days; the writers have been forced to hawk it to willing listeners on Fox. SAD.

In another example of insanity, Glenn Thrush, in response to news that Breitbart wants White House press credentials, declared on Twitter the following:

-Thrus on Breitbart

Yes, you read that right. Thrush just declared Breitbart a “legit news outlet.” I wonder which of the following Breitbart headlines Thrush thinks are “legit news.”

Breitbart Headlines

And then there were the Twitter events of Monday, April 24. It started with a Tweet from Matty Yglesias of Vox, a Bernie Bros with Clinton Derangement Syndrome. Yglesias has attacked Chelsea Clinton many times previously (on March 18 he tweeted: “Stop trying to make Chelsea happen”), so this random comment wasn’t in and of itself unusual.

Yglesias original

Chelsea Clinton responded to Yglesias that, in fact, she was not running for any office. If you thought that would be the end of that, you are woefully mistaken. What followed was an hours long orgy of several mainstream media (male) pundits and journalists attacking Chelsea Clinton. Chris Cillizza of CNN and Aaron Blake of WaPo jumped in. Josh Barro accused ex-Clinton staffers who came to Chelsea’s defense of working for her. Nick Merrill, who was Hillary’s press secretary, responded: “1) Because we know Chelsea, and find that your rants bear no resemblance to reality. 2) Because you’re really annoying and it grates on us.” Ben Jacobs of The Guardian got into an argument with Neera Tanden, who told him to knock it off. “You’re better than this,” Tanden wrote. “Nope, I’m not” Jacobs responded. Chelsea again reiterated she wasn’t running for any office, which – she noted – apparently had to be stated twice in one day. The pundits continued their assault. Byron Tau of Wall Street Journal led the attacks with comments like: “Chelsea Clinton, a scion of a wealthy and powerful political family, is cooperating on friendly profiles and launching a book tour.” (Someone pointed out that Tau’s Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch and his scions (male) and they try and do influence politics across the globe.) Tau then exchanged cutesy messages with Politico’s Marc Caputo about how funny accusations of misogyny were. Chelsea responded again:

“Goodness gracious! I’ve no plans. How much clearer can I be (since you ask for clarity)*

*Apparently twice a day reminder was optimistic.”

Late in the evening I collected screen captures of the various messages directed at Clinton and, tagging all the reporters, tweeted: “Tonight @AaronBlake @ByronTau @CillizzaCNN @jbarro @mattyglesias @Bencjacobs @MarcACaputo engaged in rape fantasy orgy after a woman said NO.” This prompted Caputo to add me to his “Assholes” list. I must say, that and Glenn Greenwald blocking me have so far been my two greatest twitter accomplishments.

About 12 hours after the Great Chelsea Clinton War of April 2017, Ivanka Trump went to Germany as a Trump representative at a women’s conference. There she shared a stage with, among others, Angela Merkel. When Trump said that her father was a great champion of women’s rights, the women in the audience hissed and booed. Chris Cillizza wrote a lengthy article decrying such attacks on Ivanka.

You can hate Donald Trump’s views on and treatment of women – and lots of people do! But, to expect Ivanka Trump to publicly condemn her father or his record on women’s issues is a bridge too far. It’s impossible for us to know what Ivanka Trump does (or doesn’t do) to influence her father’s views behind the scenes. And, because of that – and the fact that she is his daughter! – booing her for defending her dad is poor form.

Sarah Lerner, a feminist writer, noted: “Ivanka reinforces white male dominance & Chelsea challenges it. That’s why these dudes go after the latter.” She also wrote a brilliant summary of how the media treats Chelsea vs. Ivanka. A Tale of Two First Daughters.

In our current political climate, where there is a distinct possibility that our president may be beholden to a foreign power, it is almost unfathomable that Chelsea Clinton would appear more threatening than Ivanka Trump, a corrupt accomplice to her father’s fascist, grifting regime. But when one (former) president’s daughter actively challenges white male dominance while the other upholds it, the result is altogether unsurprising: Tear down the former at all costs, let the latter pass go and collect $200.

-Ivanka boss


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In sad news, Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme died. (“The Silence of the Lambs,” “Stop Making Sense,” etc.)

Another topic, Obama getting $400K to speak at a health conference organized by Cantor Fitzgerald. One, I don’t see the problem with him doing paid speeches. Just like I didn’t see a problem with Clinton doing paid speeches. But the knives in the media are really out. Vox, Times, WaPo are apoplectic. It was crazy when they attacked Clinton for it, it’s crazy now. Now when Bernie Sanders (who owns 3 houses) does it, I’ll bitch because he made it into a big issue. And two, I’m so old I remember that Cantor Fitzgerald lost 2/3 of their staff in the Twin Towers.

Seems like a big deal:

Yashar collected some Cillizza tweets on Ivanka through the years.

Sorry, I have been MIA and just finished reading most of the last thread and wanted to comment before reading this thread…

Re: ‘puter

“Its board which is one mother of a board seems to be taking its cue from the chicken in my house and decided to fry itself.
There is no hope for it. Once I pick its memory, it will serve as kindling.

If you have a PC, desktop…why not swap out for a new motherboard and get a heat sink that will keep the mb cool enough? I know Macs and laptops are a bigger problem to swap out.

My son and I do this and just swap out whatever is outdated or peters out.

Just a thought. There are classes, even in some high schools that teach how to do this to the public. You can also learn how to do this from the internet. Worth a try…

It never ends.


Just looking on youtube…from this you can see a lot of decent videos on mb swaps…

DYB: Another home run! The long knives have been out for Chelsea since she was in the White House as a child. If I can’t have Hillary as first female prez, then let it be Chelsea (when the kids are older). Being selfish and possibly delusional I know, but someone has to blow up this destructive, rampant sexism and misogyny and I think she, like her Mom, has the balls and the brains to do it.

Fredster, on the previous thread: Thanks for the trumpster video, it was painful and demoralizing. I get the distinct impression that they voted for 45 because they see in him a “successful” and enviable version of themselves: clueless, uninformed or misinformed, with no critical thinking skills and way too confident that their narrow-minded, self-centered, hypocritical beliefs and opinions are worth more than anyone else’s. They are blind to their own inadequacies, so they are blind to his.

White House readies executive order on withdrawing from NAFTA


Can’t this doofus get anything right?
His mind changes from hour to hour.

He says he doesn’t like to divulge some of his plans and policies… …..because he hasn’t taken the time to think them out. He thinks like he tweets. One hairbrain sentence at a time. He is always fueled by anger, hatred and his insecure ego.

DYB, excellent post. I also got caught up in the ridiculous attack on Chelsea the other day and was retweeting like crazy. I cannot even remotely grasp why the fuck these moron “journalists” are attacking Chelsea. I would think they would want to do the opposite, and stick up for her, or at least, not attack her, because that would give them a defense, of sorts, when we go after them for their Clinton Derangement Syndrome. If they were mellow about Chelsea, they could respond that they only criticized Hillary & Bill because of something in their public, political lives that they disagreed with. They could then say, we don’t have a problem with Chelsea, who’s not in politics. But instead, they go after Chelsea like she’s some kind of evil Nazi politician. It totally proves our point about their CDS. (Hope that made sense!)

Righteous post! Good thing Chelsea is so poised and has taken “f*ck you and your misogynist, entitled ‘I have a p*nis and you don’t’ tweetiness” lessons from Mom.

Goddess forbid a First Daughter should be unapologetic about her intelligence and speak in a clear, powerful voice. She should present herself as a whispering sex doll, like Ivanka. Only then will the bros and b*tchy bro enablers luvs her.

I only saw bit and pieces of this going on , but man, now that you’ve put lots together on one page, wow.

‘most press gave large leeway over years’? Are they following around the Bush daughters? I mean they were known to party back then, but Chelsea wasn’t. Hey, what ever happened to Amy Carter!? Fools. Sexist Clinton hating fools.

@10 Annie, made perfect sense. They are blatant about it now.

This seems bad.

DYB — To echo GAgal @12, you really put this together for me. They are completely off the rails with the CDS.

And MadamaB @11: “whispering sex doll” — LOL!

Steven Dennis was responding to this:

That Sarah Lerner article was really good.

Excellent post DYB. It just seems as if certain members of the media have to have a Clinton in their headlights. Chris Suhleeza…they need to bring back DDT to spray on him just to get rid of him. I will say that it appears since leaving WaPo it looks like he might have stopped drinking. Doesn’t look like he’s got that alcohol bloat to his face now.

@2 DYB said: And two, I’m so old I remember that Cantor Fitzgerald lost 2/3 of their staff in the Twin Towers

So old..SNORT! We won’t even go into that.

@16: From the linked article:

“Everybody immediately runs to the 9th Circuit. And we have a big country. We have lots of other locations. But they immediately run to the 9th Circuit. Because they know that’s like, semi-automatic,” Trump said.

Has anyone bothered to explain to him that the cases have been heard by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals because the lower court rulings were made in jurisdictions covered by the 9th C.o.A.?

Shadowfax, Prolix has a laptop pc so nope, no swapping out motherboards. So that being case he’s not around now to see our comments.

GAgal, I still need the web address, url for that image that you mentioned to me in the email.

On the Chelsea hate & The Ivanka love: Unbelievable on both! Gawd – what is wrong with those guys. I do love it that FOX news Jesse Watters got reamed over his comment

@15: Yes Jules, that was great wasn’t it. Good one mb!

@24 – Hi Fredster! She’s got a way with words, that one. 🙂

You guys are making me blush!

Poor Prolix. I hope he knows how much we will miss his hilarious posts while his laptop is on the mend.

@27: Oh it’s not the mend mb. It’s pretty much d.o.a. from what he said to me. And that is ironic because I had mentioned to him that I had concerns with mine. The laptop I have is o-l-d. It came with Vista installed on it. I said I was dreading having to get another laptop and then try to move all of my stuff on this one over to a new one.

I feel for you Prolix – I had a Toshiba that died in the middle of my masters program. Had to pay the date retrieval to get my files. I finally learned to back my stuff up.

@22 That’s okay Fredster. I don’t need to use it. I was just frustrated because only that one was giving me a hard time. Got the other stuff figured out too, finally.

@29: contrask, in his email to me he mentioned talking to someone (tech support for his machine?) and they mentioned a goodly sum just to take a look at it. With it being relatively new that would tick me off also.

@30: Okie doke GAgal. As long as you got it resolved to your satisfaction.

Roy Moore today announced he is resigning from his position as the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court to run for the United States Senate.
Moore said he has submitted his papers to resign from the state Supreme Court, a position he was suspended from for the remainder of his term.

LOL! Yeah, that’s just a little technicality… Also, this irks me.

“My position has always been God first, family then country,” Moore said. “I share the vision of President Donald Trump to make America great again,” Moore said.

Any politician who puts God first, legislates likewise or even says God told me to when it’s political needs to be called about the separation of church and state. You don’t get to govern by God. You lose your vote on legislation, then you are removed from your seat. This has to stop.

@28 – Ugh! I feel for him too.

VISTA! Wow. That takes me back. Vista was the worst OS Microsoft ever produced.

We should do a GoFundMe for Widdershinian tech woes!

@32: Sadly ole Roy completely glosses over the fact that he was basically kicked off the bench and out of the courtroom in his latest incident where he instructed county probate judges to just ignore the Obergefelll decision by the Supreme Court. And even sadder, there will be people in the gret state who will vote for him.

@33: Yep, Vista. But do you recall Windows ME? That was pretty awful too.

@33 and @35, LOL on the Microsoft Windows tales! But then has Microsoft ever put out a really good product? Yes, they are local, but they have always put out clunky products IMO, and new versions are clumsily patched onto old ones without stripping out the no longer needed parts of the old programs. So the new ones take up more space than necessary, and if not troubleshot upside down and backwards, still have problems just waiting to happen. Also most of the techie guys around here went for Sanders.

And I sympathize with prolix! Heartfelt sympathy. I only got my ‘net access back on about 1 hr ago. madamab, that’s why I wasn’t able to comment on your wonderful play on the thread in which it appeared. I really enjoyed it.

Heh, yesterday I got a call from the DLCC — the Democratic Legislative Coordinating Committee. They work on promotion and funding of state races, and not on national races. But as soon as the man finished saying “Democratic….Committee,” I jumped in and said that No Way in Hades was I giving them any money until they got rid of Sanders, that it was stupid to be associated with him, he’s not a Dem, and is one of the top 3 or top 5 reasons why Trump’s in the White House. He immediately explained they were not connected with the DNC and that he wholeheartedly agreed with me about Sanders. 😀 We had a nice chat about how important it was to build up the party locally, and at the State legislative levels, since this is where we draw candidates for national office. And work to fight voter ID and voting suppression. I said I never donate to a cause after just a phone call, but I’d look at more info about them and would consider supporting them in the future.

Now to catch up on things. And hey contrask, glad to hear you’ve been un-booted!

@36: Well luna, XP wasn’t bad My first laptop had that and when that one went belly up and I got the current one, I just about cried when I saw that Vista crap.

And along with what you were saying, that’s a reason I hate to upgrade the O.S. I upgraded this one from Vista to Win 7 Ultimate but I have found “vista” stuff still showing up in here. In the best of all cases I should have slicked the drive first and then put Win 7 on but I had way too much stuff on here to do that.

That’s interesting about the DLCC. I didn’t know they weren’t part of the DNC.

Roy Moore is an infection that just won’t go away! Like herpes.

I don’t know all the details on the law, but it seems Dump can’t get rid of 9th Circuit, but Congress can.

Now Jason Chafe-ass announced he needs to take a 3-4 week break because he fell off a ladder at home (!) and aggravated a 20 year old injury. He posted an x-ray and everything. Why doesn’t he just resign? People are laughing that he hurt his foot running away from his responsibilities.

And that moron from Fox, the dirty diaper O’Reilly left behind, is apparently taking a sudden vacation. So I guess he’s fired too. I wonder how many millions they’ll give him to go away.

I’ve been using a pc desktop setup for online stuff, to chat with you guys, or occasionally watch something on Netflix or Amazon. The screen is really big and high def. Hubs bought the whole set up from some friend for $300. So far, its ok. If the tower breaks, we’ll just toss it and get another cheap one. For important stuff, banking, buying stuff online, creating documents (or movies, slideshows, music), we use Macs. My big desktop mac from 2007 bit the dust a year and a half ago, but it was hooked up 24/7 to a terabyte, which saved everything, and then we just popped onto our mac laptop, a 2010 model that is still going strong. Laker bought himself a new MacBook Pro last year, and we put everything on it, also. I’ve taken my macs to the mac store a few times over the years, they fixed them for free and often gave me free upgrades or other free software. When Laker was in his late teens and dropped and broke his beloved, but old iPod, he took it in to see if they could fix it and they just gave him a brand new one, just like that, no hassle, just an act of kindness on their part.

Now hubs had to turn in his work laptop, which was a Lenovo Thinkpad. He bought a used one this past weekend to use for his new job, it is barely used and pristine and has the 16″ inch screen. He paid around $250 for it. I don’t know if that’s a good deal or not, but hubs is happy with it. I am pc dumb, but macs I can just figure out on my own. I know a lot of people that are the opposite. I’m just glad we have a choice. I hope Prolix gets a new one soon.

I hope Prolix is ok! We need him back!

And thank you all for the kind words on the post! I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing as it was happening in real time with all those men just ganging up on Chelsea, and then going after anyone who defended her. And it’s all the same group of men too! Same names keep popping up time and again.

Cillizza is perhaps the most unhinged of all. Though Yglesias is a close second. But it was fascinating to watch them come out one by one, with their brilliant ideas telling Clinton what she needs to do. Like she asked for their opinions. But no, some of them were just trying to be helpful, mansplaining what she was doing wrong and how she can avoid being bullied. The feeding frenzy should be studied by professional psychiatrists, how people just jump in in packs on a victim. It was feral. And very interesting to suddenly see Haberman respond the next day. Obviously everyone was watching this happening in real time, including her. But those who did not participate in the attack, have largely kept their mouths shut. Haberman’s tweet reveals she watched the attack from afar and approved.

Did you guys see Dumps new tax plan??? It’s horrid. It takes away a lot of deductions for the middle class and gives tons of $ to the middlin’ rich, rich, and extremely rich. He also wants to lower the corp tax to 15%!?!?

socalannie, I’m a Mac user myself. Have you looked at Mac Airs? They are Apple’s cheaper laptops, but more powerful than most computers out there! And if one were to buy a “new” one, I’d recommend getting a refurbished one from Apple. It’s a bit cheaper and essentially brand new because it’s refurbished by Apple themselves.

Also I just checked and they still sell the Mac Mini! I thought that had been discontinued ages ago, but there it is. That’s probably their cheapest computer. It needs a separate monitor. But the machine itself is powerful enough and starts at $499, which for Apple is a giveaway!

Cilizza & Yglesias, yes, completely unhinged. I can’t tolerate either one. Or that witch Maggie.

Yep, I saw some of that tax plan stuff. Does it have a chance of passing?? It’s completely bananas. I already some people like Josh Baro attacking some NJ Republican who said he opposed it because it gets rid of so many deductions for the middle class.

And their Trumpcare, which Congress is exempting themselves from. The chutzpah is astounding.

Aww, the Mac Mini! Hmm. I’m going to have to check into that. Lakers MacBook Pro was ridiculously expensive, but he figured he should go for it for editing purposes (videos and music). Its very nice and he paid for most of it (we chipped in a couple hundred). Its not anywhere near as light as the Airs, but lighter than my old 2010 white plastic MacBook.

“The chutzpah is astounding.” I know. All of this is so outrageous, I can hardly process it–its so far out of the norm. I hope they won’t get away with it, but who knows? Hubs & I are trying to make sensible choices for our financial situation now that he’s no longer an employee, but its hard to know what to do.

*snicker* PA lawmaker goes after internet troll by calling his grandmother. Looks like one of those gangsta wanna-bes I see around here.

GAgal, that’s hilarious! Calls the grandmother! That is original!

I thought this tweet is pretty good:

Does Chaffettz actually expect any one to believe that after 12 YEARS he needs surgery in case of infection NOW? I predict he won’t be back at all. You heard it here first, folks. Maybe he has a newly acquired leg break…

@40: DYB, Trust me, Prolix will be back as soon as he can. You know he is missing this and twitter!

As far as computers and stuff, I bet a lot of us who are on pcs, just stuck with them after getting our first “personal” computers. I used to go by the Radio Shack store and just about salivate looking at those TRS80 computers. And then I could not wait to get a pc as soon as I could get the $$s together. Just had to have it. And I suppose I’ve just stuck with those machines because I was so familiar with them.

@49 GAgal> That might be a good prediction for Chafe-ass. He falls off a ladder? And needs to take weeks off… it really might be like Bill O’s vacation. And I already saw headlines yesterday that Gowdy (!) is being eyed to replace Chafe-ass. But this whole “I might have an infection” thing is such a lame excuse considering he said he’ll resign and now how convenient to fall off a ladder and need surgery. In any case, bye Chafe-ass. But now we got Gowdy.

Socalannie and Fredster> For computers, I also started on a PC many moons ago. It was 1 GB hard drive and that was huge, top of the line! LOL. A good friend eventually talked me into switching to a Mac after taking me to an Apple convention at Jacob Javits Center (they haven’t had one of those in many many years.) And I haven’t looked back on a PC since. I do work mostly on PCs at work. But find everything very confusing outside of what I’ve been shown! Macs really are made to be more user-friendly. Sometimes that’s a bad thing. They force you into their decisions and take away options that you might want to have. But you grumble grumble and then live with it. Aesthetically also I love Apple products. But are they the best at anything? Probably not from a technical standpoint. I’m sure you can customize a PC to fly a space-shuttle. (In fact, I suspect they do use PCs and not Macs.) What I really want is their MacPro. But I do refuse to plop down about 15K for a damn computer unless it really can fly a space shuttle!

Macbook Pros are expensive indeed! And if your son is using it for video editing, he might need the extra power. For most people they don’t need that kind of power, an Air is more than enough. Airs are really powerful machines! I have an iMac at home and an old 2nd generation Air I use at work (don’t even know what generation they’re on now) for basic web-surfing/e-mail/Word, etc.

I hope Trudeau slap shots his ass. Would also like to watch him do it…..

21 | Fredster
April 26, 2017 at 6:50 pm
Shadowfax, Prolix has a laptop pc so nope, no swapping out motherboards. So that being case he’s not around now to see our comments.

Thanks for letting me know. I

t is possible to do it with a pc laptop, but I have never tried it. Since the laptop will now become a paperweight, it might be fun to take it apart and experiment with it…but it would be a waste of money for parts if it didn’t work.

Haha, it really seems like yesterday…

“I used to go by the Radio Shack store and just about salivate looking at those TRS80 computers.”

That was my first computer, learned Basic programming on it and made a great program that quickly became obsolete when I bought my first ‘clone’ for $2k. That was a HUGE amount of money back then, and when I see you can get a little laptop for $300 now, it amazes me. Yeah, the laptop isn’t beefed up, but it is a million times better than those early DOS computers.

At the time the ‘clone’ was $2k, Macs were $3k…

I use a MacBook Pro at work and my custom PC at home.

I think of the Mac as just an easy tool to use that will be replaced every two years at work, no cost to me. I can’t really customize it, but it’s reliable.

I prefer my PC, hands down. I can make it as powerful as I want and not worry about having to replace the entire computer. I just replace parts, which is not normally because they stop working, but because better products are always coming out. Thank God Micro$oft no longer forces me to keep upgrading my computer every year or so, like they did awhile back.

Lol, the computer stories! I started on a Kaypro way back when, one of the first “portable” computers. Anybody remember those? CPM OS. Was that pre-DOS or just pre-MSDOS? It was the size of a small carryon bag and weighed probably twice as much! But I used that thing, mostly for writing, for quite a while — up to the early 1990s, I think. Then it dropped dead on me right at the end of a 15+ page term paper, not including references, for my evening class. I had to sneak into work on the weekend (those were the days) to rewrite the whole damn thing from my notes, using my work computer (I was working as a copywriter then), and print it out. That’s probably when I became obsessive about printing out my drafts so I always have a couple of hard copies–just in case. Shortly after that time our department switched over to Macs because they were best for the Quark graphic design and layout program we used. So when I got another computer it was a Mac Powerbook.

I’ve had a series of Mac laptops since then, nearly always running them until they’re not economical to fix anymore before replacing them. When my previous Mac Pro laptop drowned a few months back (after my cat spilled a full cup of tea onto the keyboard) and I took it to the Mac Store, they said: “Sorry, it’s more than 5 years old and we don’t repair those. They’re obsolete.” Of course I launched into him for how unethical and unsustainable that attitude was. He quickly said that personally he agreed w/me but that Apple’s policy now had the 5-yr cutoff, and did give me the name of a place that would replace the necessary components for $500. Grrr. I ended up buying a new laptop rather as a splurge because I needed one and didn’t want to wait for a repair. Got a MacBook Air. Bad news: no CD drive, and none of the recent Mac laptops have CD drives. Grrr, again. My spouse has an older Air laptop, and had bought a standalone CD drive to use with it, so I use that now when needed. Still, I should get my older laptop repaired. It has a 15″ screen, which is nice for visual work and watching DVDs. (No TV yet in our house, lol).

The places I’ve worked at after switching from copywriting into healthcare now all use PCs, and with where I work now, I don’t comment online on the blogs.

Socalannie, was it recently or a few years ago that you and your family got all that great repair or replace service from Apple?

NW Luna, I had never heard of a Kaypro…googled it and see what a monster that must have been to move around.

Just to think of all the things we can do now with our smart phones and computers, blog with people we would have never met, become friends and find like minded Hillary supporters in this age of antiWomen and antiMiddle class… I am so glad to be living in this birth of personal technology age.

Today much of the area around UC Berkeley is on high alert for a violent protest clash with the altRight, all stemming from Ann Coulter’s delayed talk on that campus. Police have received intel that much destruction is anticipated and I am sure they are gearing up for a war.

The Thing That Wouldn’t Die. This is how desperate they are:

A congressional committee on Thursday asked the Justice Department to consider criminally prosecuting the head of a technology services company that was involved in maintaining a private email server for Hillary Clinton.

The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee accused Colorado-based Platte River Networks and its chief executive, Treve Suazo, of withholding documents demanded under subpoena and obstructing the committee’s investigation “at every turn.”

A very interesting article on the new Hulu series based on “The Handmaid’s Tale.” The series is supposed to be really good, but apparently the entire cast refuses to call it feminist. I also had no idea Atwood herself has such a hard time calling herself a feminist.

@51 DYB, Chaffetz fell off the ladder 12 years ago, but only now “needs” surgery to remove the hardware. Why didn’t he have it done during the last recess? I don’t think Gowdy will replace him. The Rs are mad at him for what they consider a screw up with Benghazi. No one wants to see him swimming in his own sweat again.

An announcement today that Koi, the restaurant in the Trump Soho Hotel, is closing because business has fallen off drastically.

We’ve never eaten at Koi but in the past, we have dined at two other NYC restaurants located in a Trump property. Needless to say, we’ve permanently stricken them from our list.

Roz in NJ/NYC

Oy! I forgot that two links is a no-no, so my post is in moderation. Can one of you admins fish me out? TIA!

Roz in NJ/NYC

Roz you’re out!

All things Dump-related are off my list!

There is so much panic in the Russian government spokeswoman’s answers.

@65 Thanks, DYB!

Roz in NJ/NYC.

Funny headline at crooks and liars:

Jason Chafettz out for 3-4 weeks for treatment of a pre-existing condition

LOL at all of the pc stories.

The first one I owned was one I got through American Express. I got it because you could purchase merchandise through them and pay for it monthly and I think no interest. Anyway I think it was either a 286 or 386. Remember those designations for the chips pc users? Had the 5 1/4 floppy disk. I think I used it more for games like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy than anything else.

I’ll be back later. I’m working on a post for tomorrow and want to get that finished up and scheduled.

It drives me batty to hear anyone (Republicans) refer to immigrants as illegal aliens. Their new VOICE hot line is getting righteously trolled. Come to think of it, the head of Homeland Security John Kelly looks like he came from another planet.

I’m wondering if this happened today. We all know it won’t go anywhere except put the Republicans name on it who voted to let Stump hide these things.

House Democrats are planning to force a vote Thursday on a bill that would require President Trump to release information about his taxes and visitor logs, The Washington Post reported.

Democrats will reportedly attempt procedural maneuvers to force a vote on a bill by Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) that would demand disclosures on Trump’s taxes, business dealings, ethics waivers in the administration and details about whom he is meeting with at the White House and at his private Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Stump is coming to Atlanta tomorrow to stump for Karen Handel (who’s running against Jon Ossoff) It will only cost you $2700 to find out the address of the event or $25,000 for the ‘special treatment’. Funny because Trump only beat Hillary by 1.5 points in that district that is usually not even close. Will it help her or blow up in her face? I hope he says something reaallly stupid.

@72: I hope he says something reaallly stupid.

Odds are that he will.

Well this is lovely:

Exclusive: Trump says ‘major, major’ conflict with North Korea possible, but seeks diplomacy

Yeah because that North Korean guy isn’t paranoid enough already.

Maybe NK guy will figure out what Mexico has – Stump’s like a ‘bluffer’ at the poker table. Except NK guy is more whacko than Stump. And that’s saying something.

@75: Yep the whacko factor is important to consider. Kim fill-in-the-blank is off the charts with that.

Dump vs. Kim – I mean, I literally can’t even.

So there are some reports out that Jane Sanders might be under FBI investigation for what happened at that Vermont university that she bankrupted… If it’s true (why did they never release their tax returns?) – Hillary Clinton will be the only one not under FBI investigation in November 2016. Also, Clinton Karma would strike again…

So Jason Chafe-ass gets this letter – falls off ladder.

For early rising Widdershins I’ll have a new post for Friday so if you leave your browser open be sure to refresh it to see the new post.

So, uhm, Dump just gave an interview to Reuters in which he says he misses his old life, and he thought being President wouldn’t be this hard.

*le sigh*

@80 & 81: Pathetic.

And then this, from same Reuters interview.

Actually, I respect Tom Perez for saying it’s okay if he gets booed. It just makes him the better person – who willing to listen, unlike most Bros.

Alex Jones loses his custody case. For heaven’s sake as if there wasn’t enough crazy there, he brought up George Soros during the case! Looney!

Alex Jones suffered a dramatic defeat in his custody battle Thursday night in a trial that questioned both Jones’ future visitation of his children and the legitimacy of his performances on his conspiracy theory website and talk show, InfoWars.

The couple will receive joint custody and Kelly Jones, the ex-wife of the InfoWars host, will have the right to decide who the children live with.

The jury ruled 10-2 in Kelly’s favor following 10 hours of deliberation at the end of the nine-day trial.

@57, Luna, I would say I got the great service all through the aughts and up to about 3 years ago. I agree with you that the service is not as great, and I also don’t like their “obsolete” bullshit. I hate wasting expensive things. If the computer will keep working, I want to continue using it. I’m not into rushing to buy the latest whatever, which is Apple’s target customer. Laker & I did take my 2010 MacBook to the Apple store last year for a couple of issues, and they did attend to it for free, although the guy did tell me I should get a new one, and when I said I was happy with that one and hated the everlasting changes, he lectured me about not being amenable to change (or something like that). I told him I love change if its change for the better, but making people buy inferior computers that will break in a couple of years so they will replace them with new ones was horrible for the environment and that I hope Apple will develop a conscience about that. Anyway, after we left the store, Laker told me that he thought he/she was transitioning, which I swear I didn’t notice, because I was looking him in the face the whole time. I did notice he had one eye makeup and earrings, but a lot of guys do, but laker says he had a bust. So if he is actually a trans woman, that would make sense as to why s/he kept harping at me about accepting change. (I’m accepting–I’m accepting!) Oh, also last Fall, we took Lakers new MacBook Pro there to have them load into it all of our stuff from the terabyte I mentioned upthread. They did it for free and it took a long time. The kid that helped us that time knew Laker from school, so was extra nice. They enjoyed bs’ing about the drama & film departments, which they are both active in.

@86> I figure they would just take the kids away from him. He’s one of the craziest people in the country.

@87> I often feel like Apple builds an actual “expiration” date into their hardware.

@66, I’m glad Katie stuck to her guns, and kept pushing her.

@68, GAgal, that is funny!

@86, Yay! I’m so glad he lost.

DYB @ 89, yes, it does feel that way. I especially don’t like the constant unnecessary changes in programs like Pages.

Apparently the final of Arkansas’ 4 executions this month went badly. The inmate convulsed about 20 times before being pronounced dead.

Reading y’all’s computer stories was fun :). Now I walked through snow uphill both ways. No really. I started out with punch cards and IBM’s JCL (Job Control Language). (To run statistics.) That was a slog. I’d actually rather walk uphill both ways!

The Kaypro! That takes me right back. That was a good computer, and right on the cutting edge. It’s funny to even think of it now.

I’ve been using Linux (Debian) since forever. 2005, I guess. I started trying Redhat back in the mid 1990s, but you really had to be a comp sci major to get that thing working. At this point (I know nobody believes this) Linux and Linux programs are actually *easier* to deal with than Windows. And you don’t have to put up with some corp trying to take over your computer. I’m way too crotchety for that.

Anyone that’s around right now just needs to check out the headlines on memorandum right now. (They will change in the morning) You don’t have to click them, just scroll thru. OMG!! I can’t even… Too much.

I wish I knew how to do a screenshot of that.

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