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First Thing They Do: Kill All Reporters

Posted on: April 19, 2017

A few weeks ago Dump’s chief cheerleader Kellyanne Conjob said that journalists’ Twitter feeds “are a hot mess.” The obvious irony of her remark can’t be avoided, of Silence-Deafens1course. But like a broken clock, for a person who talks as much as she does, she’s bound to say something true and that might have been her one true statement. Journalists’ Twiter feeds are a hot fucking mess. I’ve been following a few, and see many more re-tweeted. And the problem with legitimate reporters having Twitter feeds is that their commentary turns them into pundits. Maggie Haberman (everything is Clinton’s fault all the time), Katy Tur (after SOTU Dump became President with Capital P) and Jake Tapper (everything is Clinton’s fault) constantly engage commenters, defending their own opinions. I don’t particularly care that they have anti-Clinton opinions, but any opinion they so openly express and defend makes them no different than Jeffrey Lord. Of course we can’t expect reporters not to have opinions. But airing them as they all do brings into question their reporting. Bill O’Reilly mixes news and opinion into one telecast. Is it really so different when Maggie Haberman files a Clinton story in the NY Times and then writes on Twitter that Clinton is obviously at fault for not pushing Trump/Russia story harder during the election? The line between Haberman and O’Reilly blurs.

The latest onslaught of Hillary bashing comes from publication of a new book called “Clusterfuck” by Fuckface Fucktard and Fuckity Fuckass. I might have gotten the name of the book wrong and misspelled the names of the authors. But it’s something like that. The book is the first in what will surely be many years of autopsies of Clinton’s campaign. The gist of it is that it’s all Clinton’s fault, and mostly Robby Mook’s fault. (Nobody was allowed to speak to Hillary except via Huma and Mook is a “professional political assassin”.) The sources are, of course, largely anonymous. And the content isn’t really surprising.

What is also not surprising are the reviews. I know a graph I posted last week showed that Washington Post’s anti-Hillary coverage was only second to Fox’s, but somehow New York Times’ has always carried much more weight. (And I wonder if Chris Cillizza’s Clinton Derangement Syndrome skewed WaPo coverage overall. He is truly demented and has transferred his psychosis to his new job at CNN. More on Cillizza below.)

Michiko Kakutani reviewed the book in New York Times:

“Shattered” underscores Clinton’s difficulty in articulating a rationale for her campaign (other than that she was not Donald Trump.) And it suggests that a tendency to value loyalty over competence resulted in a lumbering, bureaucratic operation in which staff members were reluctant to speak truth to power, and competing tribes sowed “confusion, angst and infighting.”

Kakutani has a long history of reviewing both Clintons’ books and it’s not a good history. Compare to Steven Ginsberg review in Washington Post:

Does it really matter who was pissy at whom in Brooklyn when we still don’t know what role the Russians played in the election or why FBI Director James Comey publicly announced a reopening of the e-mail investigation in late October? Those questions are largely left unexplored here, other than as targets of Clinton’s post-election ire.

I also liked this paragraph from Ginsberg:

Much of the post-election analysis has criticized Clinton and her campaign for focusing on “reach” states such as North Carolina instead of putting more resources in the upper Midwest. That view is both echoed and called into question in “Shattered,” which depicts a vexing Goldilocks-style problem for Clinton across the region.

In Wisconsin, she didn’t show up enough. In Michigan, local organizers thought it was best that she stayed away. In Pennsylvania, she campaigned as aggressively as anywhere in the nation. In all three, she lost by less than 1 percent of the vote. So what should she have done?

Charles Pierce wrote a great takedown of New York Times’ Clinton problem. It’s worth reading in its entirety. Pierce reaches back to William Safire and Whitewater, the source of Times’ Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Several other reporters and writers also pointed to the nonsense of the book’s premise and the subsequent flogging of Clinton.

Dave Weigel of WaPo tweeted: “Obviously Clinton screwed up by forcing every cable channel to play Trump speeches live for a year.”

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo: “Remember: Every losing campaign was run by idiots. Every winning campaign by geniuses. Rinse, repeat.”

Greg Sargent of The Plum Line: “Weird how people who cite Nate Silver constantly suddenly don’t ever cite his conclusion about Comey impact.”

And, of course, Paul Krugman: “When journos who hyped e-mail pseudo-scandal pile on over HRC campaign errors, it’s partly CYA over their own role n Trump disaster.”

I do wish Krugman would walk over to Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush and smack them.

A note about Cillizza. His Clinton hate is truly one of the most rabid among the media. I try to think of someone who might match it at the moment and really, I can’t think of anyone who’s not, say, Rush Limbaugh. After his latest “It’s all Hillary’s fault” article from today, an Unworthy writer Parker Malloy put together a collage of some of Cillizza’s articles from WaPo on Clinton. (The handle in the images reads CillizzaCNN, but that’s because he’s changed it to his current job; the old username from WaPo days was not archived separately.)


If you want to know what real, fearless journalism looks like, read the story of Elena


Elena Milashina

Milashina from Novaya Gazeta.  Milashina is the reporter who told the world about the kidnapping and torture of gay men in Chechnya, reports that put her life in danger. Novaya Gazeta is the same newspaper Anna Politkovskaya worked for. Politkovskaya reported a lot on Putin’s actions in Chechnya. She was murdered.

Another example of courageous reporting, also from Russia, is in this Jim Rutenberg report.

It’s important American journalists pay attention to these stories. Because Trump wants to be like Putin. And if Trump becomes Putin, he’ll go after journalists first.



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Jason Chaffetz will not seek reelection. So I wonder if there’s dirt he’s hoping to avoid…

How dangerous is it to be a reporter in Russia? A new murder: Russian reporter Nikolay Andruschenko dies after a beating:

“Andruschenko was renowned for his brave investigative reporting on local crime, corruption, and police brutality. Novy Peterburg, a weekly publication that he co-founded, recently ran a series of articles about city officials’ mafia connections.”

Also in bizarre news: Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in prison last night. Last week he was found not guilty of 2 homicides, but was serving time for 1 more.

Great post, DYB.
That illustration is beyond disturbing.

DYB, great post and I truly laughed out loud at this:

A new book called “Clusterf*ck” by F*ckface F*cktard and F*ckity F*ckass.

And I hadn’t read the Charlie Pierce essay and his sign-off paragraph is absolutely correct, “It is weird that the NYT has Clinton derangement.” Safire was always a Democrat’s Republican — he diddled liberal social pleasure zones while wearing his Republican wedding ring to tax cuts, tax cuts, and more tax cuts. In other words, he was a NY Republican.

Pubic-headed Chaffetz has bowed out. That tells me he knows that he either had to completely go comatose on investigating Dolt 45 or do damage. A lose/lose situation so he picked Column C and most likely will don his magic underwear and call it in until he runs for UT goober or governor.

And Aaron Hernandez, recently acquitted of murders 2 and 3, but it was that pesky first one that got him. Beginner’s luck. Guess he can plead his case in the afterlife.


I saw those flowers outside Fox. Hilarious!

Even funnier: Bill O met with the Pope today in the Vatican! There are photos of the Pontifex shaking Bill O’s hand. The Pope will meet with ANYBODY, won’t he?

I really want something dirty to drop on Jason Chaffetz. Either a plane evacuates its shit basket, or he’s dropping out because something is coming out. Is he really self-aware enough to not run for reelection as one of the most powerful people in the House because his conscience acted up for all the things he’s done or is expected to do? I feel like there is absolutely no awareness among Rethugs. And if he’s leaving – it actually says to me Rethugs in Congress don’t expect anything to happen to Dump.

Now here is an interesting theory on our least favorite pubic-headed Utahan from Louise Mensch. Could Chaffetz have been caught with his magic underwear down around his shapely cankles?

The intel source comes by way of political pundit Louise Mensch, whose inside sources have a history of being correct about FISA warrants and other matters. Here’s how she phrases it: “Sources say there is kompromat on Jason Chaffetzl that this is why he turned and that FBI know it” (link). She does not go on to reveal what that blackmail material is, but the key phrase here is that “he turned.”

@7, Pope Frances is used to meeting with lepers.

More proof journalism is dead. This tweet by a NY Times reporter, with literally false information. Democrats didn’t spend $8 million. Ossoff raised over $8 million. But his campaign saved money for the runoff as well. Also, “Unelectable” is a big word for what happened yesterday. And NOBODY is talking about Chelsea running in 2020, except people like him. Journalism in America is dead.

Also, last week (?) I wrote about our celebrity journalists, with profiles of Haberman, Mitchell and Stelter. Now there’s a profile of Jake Tapper in GQ.

I see that the media that now second guesses why Hillary won almost 3 million more votes
– making the D’ votes of the two most populated states, only worth about 30% of the value of smaller red states
– the vote tampering by the GOP and Russia
– (1) Obama complicity on the Rump/Russia/Wikileaks/spies connection to the election
– FBI derailing Hillary’s campaign with the ’email’ letters to the freakin’ public
– (2) FBi & Obama’s complicity on the Rump/Russia/Wikileaks/spies connection to the election
– and the media trying to show Rump as a normal human being, covering his outright lies and
– painting Hillary as dishonest and unlikeable….24/7

These people have no credibility and only Hillary haters will enjoy their bullshit.

@13> Yes on all points! It never ends.

Right now Chelsea is in the crosshairs, for reasons that make no sense. She’s on the cover of Variety – smiling. People are attacking her because she is smiling! A Politico reporter tweeted the cover and said: “Why is she happy?” This came from a White House Politico reporter… Chelsea isn’t allowed to smile on the cover of Variety.

Oh man. And if she hadn’t been smiling, it would have been “why does she have such a bitch resting face?” Or “zomg, so sad, she should be in therapy!”

It’s official, Bill O’Reilly is out per 21st Century Fox.

No word yet if Satan will be available for the 8:00 time slot.

Right now Chelsea is in the crosshairs…

Chelsea has three strikes against her

1- Her pop was one of the most intelligent, beloved Presidents of the Dems since JFK. A Clinton. No wars, balanced the budget, gave to the poor and working class.

2- Chelsea is a woman. Women shouldn’t want or expect to run this country, it’s men’s work.

3- She is the daughter of a woman, a Clinton woman that is ready and willing to outshine any man, any day of the week, and had the audacity to break the code of men, that they will never be respected for outshining any man, even an unqualified, racist, liar, a-hole like Rump.

I wonder how big Bill O’Reilly’s golden parachute is.

And I wonder how long CNN waits before they offer him a show.

@18, he was being paid $25 Million a year. He just reupped. It will be an obscene number unless, and this is a big unless, unless they affirmatively placed a “moral clause” in his contract. Not the traditional kind of moral clause of “bedding a dead girl or a live boy,” but one that says something to the effect, “We’ve paid out about $20 Million for your past behavior, you are making an affirmative representation to us that there are no other improprieties associated with your tenure, if there are you forfeit your job.” Now that would have been some hard negotiating, but if they were indeed paying him $25 Million, they could have insisted and maybe have gotten it.

@19 Thanks Prolix! That makes sense.

What’s driving me bonkers is nobody is saying he got FIRED. They’re saying “O’Reilly out at Fox.” HE GOT FIRED, but nobody will say it.

@20, and there are some people crying crocodile tears over it. Saying stuff like, “It is a sad end for an illustrious career.” Bullsh!t! The man was a pig. He has been a pig, is a pig, and will always, until his death bed, be a pig. You don’t treat people like he treated them. You don’t treat women like he treated them. You don’t hate on people of color like he hated. He was given about 25 million chances beyond what an ordinary person would have been given. He was in a nest of vipers and it just so happened, he shared the behavior of the King Viper and was immune from venom. Until now. He’s a cancerous growth undeserving of a place in society. He should be in prison with one of those Hannibal Lector masks. Or as Dolly Parton said in “9 to 5” — “He might have come in as a rooster, but he’s leaving as a hen.”

I completely agree Prolix. The whining of “what a sad end” is like judges saying to rapist college kids: “So sad for your swimming career that you raped that woman.” It’s insane!

One of the fun parts is that his lawyer blamed Media Matters for this. It’s interesting that that’s not getting more play. I know a lot of people hate Brock, including the Left (because he likes Clinton) and on the Right (because he defected). But I remember when he had his heart attack someone saying “I hope he dies.” Somebody major, I can’t remember who. There are a lot of psychos out there.

BTW, I just unfollowed Yashar. He’s really a pointless person. At first I thought he had something interesting to contribute, then I realized he just re-tweets other people’s stories, grandstands, and talks about how much he hates bananas. All morning he fought with people over how much he thinks turkeys make terrible food.

Oh so in today’s Bernie news: Sanders says he’s doesn’t know yet if Ossoff is progressive enough to get his support. A few things wrong with that. 1) It shows to any Bernie Bros that Bernie did nothing for these candidates running right now. He couldn’t even bother to look up where they stand on issues on their web-sites. 2) He doesn’t care about Democrats winning anywhere. 3) Media concerns itself with whether or not Bernie anoints anyone as worthy of his approval. 4) Bernie is worthless piece of shit. 5) #4.

DYB, excellent points, all. I’m praying for Elena Milashina. I can’t imagine being that brave.

NYT is so despicable. The only time I ever go there is to click on Krug’s stuff. I read the Charles Pierce article, very good!

Love the news about O’Bullshit & creepy chaffetz. Hope lots of nasty details come out to further humiliate them.

@13, well said.

@16, LOL from me & hubs.

@23, I hope you’re right and the bros will start to see this disgusting charlatan for what he is.

Hoo-boy. I was posting away to myself on the other thread, wondering where everyone was. BTW, I really like the “Hey — new post up!” reminders when they’re there. But that’s because I’m used to seeing that at the end of comments threads on the other blog I hang out at. I should be able to train myself to look up top to see if a new thread is posted!

SO much coming out now, and all way overdue.

@22, I only get yashar tweets when someone I follow forwards them. From what you and prolix have said, 95% of his tweets are worthless.

@27, same. I don’t follow him, but he seems harmless. He’s not a Bernie-bro is he?

Luna, like your posts on the last thread. Maybe you should repost?

Chelsea looks cute on the magazine. That poor woman has been picked on since she was a kid. I hope she has a happy life.

Frightening reminder of what journalists face under Putin’s Russia.

…meant to post this too:

@29, Somehow I don’t think a Clinton son would get as much harassment as does the Clinton daughter. She can damn well smile whenever she wants to. We all know that if she’d been serious, they would have done that obnoxious “Doesn’t she every smile?” whine.

@32, “ever” smile.

ICYMI, nice thread which pulls the data together:

Yashar isn’t a Bernie Bros from what I’ve seen. He seems like one of those “amoral” people. He’ll argue anything. A couple of days ago he was arguing with people who claimed DNC rigged the election for Hillary, saying their accusations made no sense. So he’s harmless. Just kind of annoying and tweets a lot. I unfollowed him and suddenly my twitter feed dropped by 50%! LOL

Luna, yes, sorry about that! I forgot to post NEW POST UP. And I can’t figure out how to lock comments on threads!

@37, personally I think a “New Post Up” is all most of us need. Unless the trolls jump in later.

There was one question Yashar on twitter posted a while ago that I did find very interesting and it made me think: he asked why many people (I think specifically referring to Clinton supporters) blame Maggie Haberman alone for perceived NY Times’ failures in coverage. Is it sexism?

I actually did pause for a while to think about it. Is Haberman alone responsible? No. She wasn’t writing alone and there are editors who ask for specific pieces and then approve them. So she has superiors who are more to blame. I think one big reason she is singled out, certainly by me, is that she makes herself the face of NY Times too often. Going back to my original post, if you begin tweeting your opinions on topics while writing supposedly unbiased articles about the topic – you are doing yourself a fair amount of harm. By constantly engaging people, defending her views, and blasting Clinton – not just in her articles, but in her tweets (and by participating in a profile done of her by CNN) – she makes herself the face of not just the NY Times, but of their coverage of Clinton specifically too. Glenn Thrush rarely does this. I haven’t seen Eric Lichtblau – main author of the infamous “FBI sees no connection between Trump and Russia” headline – doesn’t engage either. So it’s not as easy to pin them down. (Lichtblau is now head of investigative unit at CNN.)

Luna, that story about the Russian reporter being murdered is so sad. I saw it earlier today. It’s why American journalists should be paying more attention to this, instead of going after Clinton…again.

Someone who worked on Clinton’s campaign responds to the book:

“I wanted to speak out because after spending most of the campaign watching some people question the enthusiasm and our supporters, it’s hard to read a depiction of the campaign that paints a dedicated, cohesive team as mercenaries with questionable motives who lacked a loyalty to a candidate described as “imperial” and removed from the campaign.

That’s just not the campaign, the staff or the candidate I was in the trenches with for 18 months.”

View story at

26 NW Luna

Haha, I do the same thing… and I am used to a comment that says something like, “Hey you down there, we are all gone. You are alone, posting till the cows come home, and need to check out the new thread, that you are now behind on by about 4 hours.” 😆

@16: They got a strong second – Tucker Carlson.

Luna, shadow, et al: If you will bookmark a page for the blog using the main/home page, you will always see the most current post at the top. If you “follow” the blog with email updates you will get an email notification to your chosen email address when a new post is published.

I know that I, and I think DYB and Prolix compose our posts either a day or longer ahead of the scheduled post date. Then we set the day and time we want it to publish. So it’s not like we are sitting here furiously typing away and then hitting publish to have the post go live, right then. I guess we as the posters could put a comment in the current (at that time) post that “we will have a new post coming out Wednesday at (whatever) time”. But it’s easier to just bookmark the home/main page of the blog.

If you have trouble setting or don’t know how to create bookmarks here’s some help:

If you use another browser check that browser’s help section.

DYB, great post! Luv, luv, luv it! I’m glad you added a mention of Charles Pierce’s article. I probably need to add a link to his stuff over on the right.

@22, my Twitter feed also decreased by about 50% when I unfollowed Yashar. He was like reading “War and Peace” written by the guy copying in the seat behind you.

Just throwing this out here: A non-democrat traveling the country telling Democrats how they are not worthy unless they change the party to fit his notions is like me telling the Association of Super Models that they would be much more handsome if they lost a good deal of their hair and gained a hundred pounds. Think they would listen?

@39, Is it all Haberman, no. Is it an editorial decision, no. Is it the a weak-kneed generational attempt to bolster a continued false narrative of equivalency. It is effing maddening! Krug calls them out on it. Jump on the false story of email management and document retention like it is equivalent to treason and a crime worthy of imprisonment while being taken in by Comey, Erik Prince, Rudy Giuliani, and leaking FBI agents on the Russia collusion.

The NYT is never going to get the Fox audience because most of them don’t read. If they are worried about Howard Kurtz who sold his soul when he went to work for Fox, his left foot is burning off because he’s halfway in hell. Kowtowing to the equivalency crowd gave Dolt 45 and Fox a talking point. They are partly responsible for anything that happens just like they were with Judith Miller on the Iraq War.

@45, and they are moving “The Five” to 9:00. Mental health professionals will breathe a bit easier knowing they are all together.

(Oh my. Fredster is telling me how to set bookmarks, and how to find the most recent post. He has no idea how much time I’ve wasted trying to find the right tone of reply without yelling.

Fredster, I KNOW (sorrynotsorry) all those things. I keep several tabs open in each browser, and hit reload to see the most recent version of the thread. That way I get to it with the fewest clicks/page reloads. Also, I’m used to blogs where there’s a link at the bottom of the previous post’s comment section which takes you to the top of the next post’s comments. Yeah, I could just check at the top of the page where the next post’s title & link is. I hate checking email — probably because at work I get several pages of emails/day — and have a bad habit of going several days between checks of my home email.

Really, I was not expecting you posters to change anything! It’s your blog, and thank you for welcoming other like-minded people to comment here.

Yell away Luna.

Also, I’m used to blogs where there’s a link at the bottom of the previous post’s comment section which takes you to the top of the next post’s comments.

Have an example that I could see?

Here if you look on the right side you’ll see Recent Posts and the current post (whatever it is) shows up on top.(but you said that)

I tried about six months ago to set up automatically closing a post to comments after, say, three days (of course that wouldn’t help very much) But I found out that it doesn’t work. Perhaps that’s a problem with WordPress. Perhaps it works better if you have a paid wordpress account…but we don’t have that.

I wasn’t trying to impugn your browsing skills, preferences or anything else. Rather, I was throwing out some suggestions.

Grab a towel, your head might explode, but this comment is about those poor, put upon, under-educated, Dolt 45 voters who happen to be coal miners.

The stories about all those Dolt voters still pledging undying support for Dolt even in the face of the repeal of the ACA always ignited the question, “What will it take to turn them?” Well, what it takes is your own ox getting gored. It’s all well and good if the other person’s ox is gored, but when it is closer home there is something they’re calling a “moral entitlement” to “their” benefits.

Here’s a quote from the link I’ll put in below:

“I always wanted to be a person who would leave a little legacy for my children,” he said. “If I lose these benefits and my pension, there will not be enough for me, let alone for my children.”

(Mr. VanSickle and his wife could be eligible for thousands of dollars in subsidies if they purchased insurance under the Affordable Care Act, said Larry Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation. But such a plan would most likely be more limited, and Mr. Trump still maintains that he wants to undo the program.)

The miners typically regard their health care with a sense of moral entitlement, having frequently passed up higher pay during contract talks in order to top off their benefits.

So this representative gentleman, who lives in a nice home, sits on his children’s legacy, is entitled to subsidies under the ACA, but the ACA isn’t good enough since he has a “moral entitlement,” to a special program funded by the, heretofore, useless, overreaching, over-regulating federal government. I know I have harped for years about the Tea Party mentality, but is there any greater summation of, “I got mine, sorry about your luck.”

@44 shadowfax said: and I am used to a comment that says something like, “Hey you down there, we are all gone.

Well that would mean someone would have to write that comment and we aren’t here 24/7. Sorry that’s not more helpful. 😦

I meant to put this up before but it slipped my mind. Mr Rude had a great piece on the major newspapers’ fondness for seeking out those all-important tRump supporters in America’s heartland. It’s written in Mr Pundit’s usual style. 🙂

@56 Prolix> * le sigh* I want to either bang my head against the wall or bang that man’s head against the wall.


I was joking with that comment and it seems I have similar patterns of blogging as NW Luna in post 52.

Normally while I am at work, I keep this blog page open…(hidden of course), read the current posts, and work for awhile, sometimes hours, and then go back to the blog page and refresh. This is also what I do when I am home, just refresh when I come back to the page. I also am pretty tech savvy, and will leave it at that.

Were you saying that when someone writes a new thread, that somehow it’s on a timer of some sort and therefore adding a comment on the old thread is something you would later have to come back to???

There are a lot of former Clinton campaign staffers posting on twitter, saying how ridiculous the premise of *that* book is. It’s kind of amazing. One wonders who the sources were for the books and you can be certain, they looked for the nastiest stories (and there is always that) and left the good stories on the floor. Pathetic.

Just for some light entertainment with beautiful photos: a traveling iceberg.

@60 Shadow> I do the same thing as you and Luna, just have a window open (sometimes not as discreetly as I should at work) and just hit refresh. I should have made the announcement about a new thread, but totally forgot!

Is this the sort of information one should publish? I dunno…

“CBS News has learned that a manhunt is underway for a traitor inside the Central Intelligence Agency.

The CIA and FBI are conducting a joint investigation into one of the worst security breaches in CIA history, which exposed thousands of top-secret documents that described CIA tools used to penetrate smartphones, smart televisions and computer systems.”

OMG Nick Merrill and Phillippe Reines are posting multiple personal photos from the campaign. I’m gonna cry. I actually wish they’d stop. Heartbreaking.

I literally can’t with these comments from Nick Merrill. He’s a monster.

@60: Shadow, when we compose a post we set it to publish at a certain time of our choice. For instance since I do the weekend things I set the publish time to 12:30 or so Eastern time. Then we schedule the post. So on (whatever day) the new post I just wrote will publish at, say, 12:30. Once it is published that pushes the previous post down.

I’ve tried setting posts to automatically close comments but have yet to get that to work…at least for me. So that means one of us has to go in and close the post through the admin section.

I’m calling it a night y’all. Mañana !

I love the pics at Nick Merrill’s place!

OMFG, Maggie Fucking Haberman is annoyed at all these photos Clinton aides are posting! No really, she doesn’t understand “the main lesson” to be gleamed from this. I told her to check with the Wizard.

63 DYB
No reason to apologize…we just need to get used to the system in play.

@65, these photos have got me crying! What we lost…damn Trump and Putin and Sandersto the lowest level in Hell.

@55 & 63, Fredster & DYB, oh please don’t worry, it’s not a big deal at all. On SkyDancing blog a moderator will put a link to the next post when the new post hits. It is a paid subscription though — there we all send dak a little something once a year. I agree with shadowfax @74, we just need to get used to the system here.

Now Jennifer Palmieri is posting pictures. I can’t.

Also, in unrelated news, The Jester on twitter basically just said Louise Mensch is a kind of a nutter and he wants to have nothing to do with her. I tend to agree.

@56, what an example of zero insight.

@62, really cool photos of those icebergs!

The story right underneath that is worth reading.

The case for being grumpy at work

I was reading some senior Republicans in Utah aren’t sure if Chaffetz will serve the rest of his term through 2018 – or resign before that…

Ooooohhhhhhhhh, there’s something there!

Also, Josh Barro attacked Clinton in latest tweet storm.

So the weirdest thing I’m reading on Twitter is the Right claiming Bill O’Reilly was NOT a Conservative.

Dump hosted Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock at the White House. There’s a photo of them in front of Hillary’s portrait…

56 Prolix

—— RE: Mr. Van Sick-le

The picture that goes with this article is absolutely perfect.

A coalminer that needs to wear an oxygen mask, because his lungs are effed up from WORKING in the COALmines………stands by his Dump, even if the GOP and Dumpers plan to destroy the ACA.

But for God’s sake, VanSickle can have a health care savings account to pay for his own health care, while he earns the money to save up, and goes to work in the mines, with his Oxygen tank and mask and accidently blows the mine sky-high and kills himself and his coworkers.

No frickin’ problem about the pollution that burning coal creates. Everyone should have the equal opportunity to die of lung cancer like our miners. This guy would fit well into N. Korea’s society.

86 DYB

Trump never smiles…and the one in the photo is a faux as they come.

What an ugly man, inside and out.

I ❤ all the photos of our girl.

Chaffetz personally confirms he may not finish his term… Oh man…. It’s gonna be good….

Bill O. is gonna get $20-25 million as his “You’re fired” package.

Beware the strong language, but Trae gets to the core of the carbuncle collusion that is Dolt 45: Treason.

@87, Shadow, that’s it. And as Luna said upstream, “No self-awareness as to illness and suffering for future generations associated with putting the pollution in the air.” It is so absolutely insane it is impossible to decipher beyond observation.

@90, Karma is getting a workout his week. O’Really and Chaffetz in the same week. I hope whatever Chaffetz has done it is particularly salacious, preferably with small barnyard animals.

So Chaffetz is gonna quit soon. But his “Friends” register two web domains in his name. For 2028. 2028 is a long time from now.

He officially says he wants to spend more time with his family. He used the word “reintroduce myself” to his family.

I suppose it could all be innocent. But something’s off about all of this. Just quitting one of the most powerful positions in Congress while his party is in full control of 3 branches of government. To spend more time with his family?

How Trump’s Taxes Might Trigger Impeachment


The tax returns could conceivably reveal financial obligations to Russian oligarchs or Russian banks, even indirectly through companies in which Trump has a financial stake. Trump has said, “I have no business there and no loans from Russia.” But in 2008 his son Donald Jr. said, “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets; say in Dubai, and certainly with our project in SoHo and anywhere in New York. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”
If his tax returns contain such explosive information, Trump will likely decide to continue stonewalling in the hope that his taxes remain secret. However, the FBI and two congressional committees are investigating the possible involvement of Trump and his associates with Russia’s assault on our democracy during the presidential election. The FBI or either committee may decide to subpoena Trump’s tax returns as relevant to their investigation.
Trump could resist a subpoena, but would then find himself caught in the Richard Nixon impeachment trap. In 1974, the House Judiciary Committees voted for an article of impeachment which said that Nixon had “failed without lawful cause or excuse to produce papers and things as directed by duly authorized subpoenas issued by the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives.”
The Article charged that the president was illicitly “substituting his judgment as to what materials were necessary for the inquiry, interposed the powers of the Presidency against the lawful subpoenas of the House of Representatives.” Among the many parallels between Trump and Nixon that I analyze in The Case for Impeachment, Trump has claimed absolute presidential authority and shown little regard for the constitutional separation of powers, as evidenced by his defense of his initial travel ban.
Trump’s ongoing defiance of public opinion in concealing his tax returns may only reflect misguided political judgment. Or it may be a vain effort to conceal information that could contribute to his impeachment.

So Chaffetz is gonna quit soon….
He officially says he wants to spend more time with his family. He used the word “reintroduce myself” to his family.

——Translation —> “I’m in deep shit, gotta take cover with my family before my wife leaves me.”

I read, I think on another PUMA blog that Der ChaffAss is under investigation…and his leaving Congress is connected to this. I will see if I can find the info and bring it back here.

Even Haberman is upset at the photo of the idiots mugging in front of Clinton’s portrait. It’s bad when you lose Haberman. LOL.

This is the article, might just be ‘insider’ type info or bs.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz announced today that he won’t be seeking reelection in 2018 and that he won’t be running for any other office either. Now there’s scattered buzz that he may not even finish out his current term, which makes no sense on its face considering that his party is in charge and he’s the Chairman of the powerful House Oversight Committee. But that’s because he’s not just bailing on Congress; he’s running from his troubles.

Five days ago we wrote that Russia was holding blackmail material on Jason Chaffetz according to reliable sourcing, and that it was forcing him to do its bidding with regard to Donald Trump (link). The short of it: Russia was forcing Chaffetz to do nothing with regard to Trump. Don’t investigate his Russia scandal. Prevent anyone on his committee from doing the same. And the FBI learned about it.

In that light, it’s not all that difficult to understand why Jason Chaffetz is bailing. From all signs the FBI’s investigation into Trump-Russia has progressed to the point that it’s all going to come out in the wash. The best thing Chaffetz can do is to be as far away from Washington as possible when it does.

If he’s a forgotten man by then, or if everyone knows he’s on his way out, any details that emerge about him will be overshadowed by the details that emerge about Trump and his advisers and associates. So while it’s a bit stunning to see Chaffetz make this announcement out of nowhere, it’s not surprising.

If you want to see some creative writing, try: #imetjared

Some of them are absolutely hilarious. The premise is where people meet the “Kush”. An example:


Even Aaron Blake, new writer for WaPo’s The Fix, is wondering what the hell Democrats are doing with Sanders.

Some suggesting Chaffetz’ resignation may come very soon. Like as early as tomorrow soon…

Like as early as tomorrow soon…

Hmmm, he must need time off to lawyer-up. Pretty obvious move on his part that he is guilty as sin.

After his dedicated Hillary hating, Karma is about to choke him out.

Shadow, yes, there have been multiple sources on twitter saying he might resign as soon as tomorrow. (Assuming they’re not all using the same source.) But info is being repeated by some big figures. If it’s true, or even if it’s soon at all, then it really would kind of fall into a very long pattern of people who did shitty things to the Clintons getting their ass handed to them eventually. It’s kind of been a remarkable thing. This time around it started with Michael Flynn and if history is anything to go by, a lot of people who were buttholes in 2016 are gonna crash and burn.

Shadow, thanks for the link about Chaffetz. Seeing him get squeezed is fine, righteous karma.

@100, that’s funny!

Ok, can’t believe I’m rt’ing this asshole, but this is truly funny:

DYB, Wapo is saying on twitter that Chaffetz is stepping down tomorrow! (rubs hands with glee) Russia must have some really juicy stuff on him.

104 DYB

Absolutely, Karma seems to always be on the side of the white hats…unfortunately, it’s often too late to prevent the damage.

Ok, can’t believe I’m rt’ing this asshole…

Haha, and to think in 2007 I would rush home from work to listen to this sexist pig…before he went all batshit against Hillary. Karma got him good, “Keith who?”

92 Prolix
April 20, 2017 at 12:54 pm
Beware the strong language, but Trae gets to the core of the carbuncle collusion that is Dolt 45: Treason.

OMG, this guy is great…colorful language is no problem to me…I ran a few construction businesses awhile back, so it doesn’t bother me outside the ‘office’.

There was a time I loved Olbermann. Then he revealed himself. But occasionally he’ll say something appropriate, like a broken clock.

OMG, I see everyone’s avatars again today. Hark.

So my feeling on Chaffetz – and if he does resign tomorrow or soon – is that it’s not Russia related. I feel that because if there is a hammer about to drop on the Russia investigation, it just doesn’t strike me that – as Prolix would say – pubic haired prick Chaffetz would be the first to run. If something big were about to drop on Russia/Trump, there would be mass panic in DC right now. Leaks would be blowing up and the number of rats fleeing would be overwhelming. Instead it seems like just one rat wants to run, but he seems like such a low-level rat in the Russia/Trump case that it makes no sense.

If anything, I think it’s going to be something personal. Like someone has photos of him with a hooker or a male hooker, or something like that.

@113, interesting take. If its something personal, do you suppose that someone blackmailed him & told him to step down or they’d release it? In which case, we’ll never know what it is? 😦

I need to change my gravatar. DYB, what does yours stand for?

How do we feel about Dump going after Assange? Obviously, Assange is evil and must go. But the press will flip out because they are seeing it as an attack on the press. Though I don’t see how WikiLeaks is the Press. But they do.


@117, yes, I am puzzled by this. Did it say Justice is going after him? What is their strategy? Are they trying to deflect from something else?

socalannie, yes it said Justice Dept is planning to go after Assange. And I don’t know how to feel about it. LOL. Personally, I find Assange is scum and WikiLeaks does nothing good by dumping documents as they do. Governments have to do some things in secret. And the way they dumped State Department cables in 2010 that had nothing but gossip in it – where is the value in that? So someone said something snarky about Merkel? Great, why is that something that must be publicized. And, of course, the stolen DNC/Podesta e-mails. The fact that Assange has ONLY dumped emails related to Clinton (even the stolen DNC e-mails were only the ones sent to and from Clinton staffers, nothing to and from Sanders or O’Malley) proves he is not a free speech/transparency advocate. And the fact that he has never leaked anything from the Kremlin quadruple-confirms it. So I don’t see why the press views Assange or WikiLeaks as an assault on the press. He is not the press. He is a propaganda tool for the Russians.

Ok, I just talked myself into it. Assange must go.

Why are they doing it now? Who knows… Whose idea is it? Who knows…

So Chaffass gave an interview to Politico and said he’s looking for other jobs, maybe a TV hosting gig. Asked if there’s a scandal coming out he replied: No. “I’ve been given more enemas by more people over the last eight years than you can possibly imagine.”

Sweet dreams!

The whole Perez/Sanders tour is a fucking disaster for Perez. At one rally a dude ran up after Sanders walked off stage and led a chant of “Bernie Would Have Won.” Then at another rally when Bernie mentioned Perez’ name the crowd booed – and Bernie didn’t shush them.

What the fuck does Perez think he’s doing?

Went to YT to check out some news clips. For mental health purposes, decided to watch this instead. Skip to 3:00 of you want to avoid the giant scorpion.

@126, omigosh, that was amazing! He is so much like his Dad! What an impressive young man, so confident and poised. I’m so glad for him that he already has a career he obviously loves.

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