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M.A.D. Press Release…

Posted on: April 18, 2017

Released on: April 18, 2017, 9:01 am (EDT)
Author: Prolixous
Industry: Fashion Press Release

38th Parallel, DMZ, South Korean side — /M.A.D./ — From the world’s greatest designer lacking both perspective and a hint of humility, comes Don Saint l’Orange, who is thrilled to announce the Spring 2017 opening of MADwear – Mission Accomplished Duds.

This is not virginal MADness. The world has seen Mission Accomplished Duds before. These are the duds for the man who longs for big things that come easily to those who have long toiled in the vineyards of wealth and privilege. MADwear gear was first spotted on a carrier dick deck in 2003.  Fast forward to yesterday with Powder body double and Oedipal Complex support group dropout, Mike Pence, sporting a MADwear bomber jacket as he squinted longingly and menacingly toward North Korea.

Don St. l’Orange, much like all things in his life, retroactively appropriated the design and recently sported the gear on his bulbous rind. After he went missing and a Golden Alert was issued, Don l’Orange was found roaming the naval carrier Gerald R. Ford. When told about the Golden Alert, DoLo wondered aloud, “Will there be pee?” and “I thought Carrier made air conditioners.”

You may know DoLo by his other sobriquets – the Incredible Papaya Limpet and the Vermillion Versace, but he is best known in the business world for being an unmitigated FOCKer (Fiend of Carbon Kibitzing).

MADwear is thrilled to announce the opening of its e-tail shop with its inaugural photo shoot, MADness Amid Chaos.  DoLo has always coveted e-tail and wanted to take advantage of its vulnerability by grabbing it. Along with rot gut wine and inedible offal marketed as steak, the shop will feature MADness as a wearable metaphor for the pre-dementia psychopathic narcissist living out a lifelong fascination with strong military-types. MADwear is homage to these “manly men” and the supple brown, Barcalounger pleather bomber jacket is a natural follow-up to the original jumpsuit codpiece sported by the unmanscaped raging Bush.

Based in Mexicali, Mexico, MADwear showcases a unique clothing perspective by providing Duds for Dudes (Duds for Duds will be a subsequent marketing push).  Just as the MAD jackets are reversible, so is the name — Duds Accomplishing Missions Naturally (DAMN) is a brother label and given the fraternal bro popularity, the movement has become known as DAMNation. 

Says owner l’Orange, “our MADness Amid Chaos photo shoot is a metaphor for how treasonous incompetence can masquerade as persimmon perfidy only until the spring when the pleather rash blooms. Without fail, 2017 will be a year of MADness — a fashion forewarned trend.”

Please note:  MADwear does not own the trademark to Mutually Assured Destruction and any similarity to the elements of thermonuclear war are entirely coincidental.

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95 Responses to "M.A.D. Press Release…"

More later, but Maggie is on a Hillary attack this morning, all morning.

BTW, where can we buy this MADwear? Is it available at Walmart? Is there XXXL?

@2, MADwear is sold where all finer derangement wear is found. One of the newer taglines, “MADwear: we make MADmen mad.”

@1, Am I going to have to start following Maggie? I just hate to. I find all these Capt. Obvious types so aggravating.

Speaking of Capt. Obvious, I just saw sizzlin’ Cillizza on CNN. I think he was on more teevee while he was still at WaPo. Now at CNN he can get a breaking news howdy-do for the sun coming up in the east. Drives me nutz!

Prolix, I’m thinking of unfollowing Maggie. You wanna swap someone? LOL

Ugh, Cillizza is another one. Did they put lipstick on that pig on CNN?

It’s this new book on Hillary’s campaign. “Shattered.” It’s creating a feeding frenzy.

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio just posted his 2016 tax returns on Twitter. Says “it’s not so hard.”

Breaking News: The Facebook killer is dead. He killed himself after a police chase.

@8, another life snuffed out at McDonald’s. He killed himself rather than face another Big Mac.

Facebook is about to be taken to school on the Facebook Live crap. Well deserved.

@5, I had to unfollow Yashar too. That guy tweeted a turd by turd account of taking a crap. He wore me out.

@5, yep, Cillizza is “miked and lipsticked” for CNN. I wonder what his claim to fame will be now that he can’t tout being the creator of “The Fix” in the Politics section of the WaPo. I never got why he always made such a huge deal out of that because it is a third or fourth level down at the WaPo.

Is Ivanka putting out a MADwear for women line? Sounds like another trump money maker to me!

@12, Cats, I think you are right. This morning she sent out a tweet about Erdogan attending their opening of an Istanbul hotel yesterday and of course, Dolt 45 called him yesterday and congratulated him on ending democracy. Grifters gotta grift.

@10 Prolix, LOL yes. I still follow him, but close to unfollowing. He’s not a Clinton hater per se, but a) seems to try to be on all sides of the fence, which often results in stupidity and b) he really only retweets other people’s posts with a comment and blows kisses to Maggie, Glenn and Katy Tur all day. He’s a star fucker. He’s not particularly useful, contributes little. Today he’s having a discussion about why Bernie Bros think DNC rigged the election for Hillary (obviously prompted by his reading of the book). Which is fine, because he seems to think it’s a stupid argument, but really, as someone pointed out to him, it’s a discussion that’s been had a million times and he’s acting like he just discovered it.

And I agree on Facebook live, there have already been multiple instances of murders and suicides on that thing. It’s insane.

The Krug is not playing with the likes of Cillizza and his version of “whiny-ism”.


@14, you are total dead-on about Yashar. He seems harmless enough, but he is up in rectal territory on anyone who is or has ever been in People magazine.

I see Cillizza published an article at CNN too, all about e-mails. I feel like we’re in Twilight Zone meets Groundhog Day.

Krugman needs to walk down the hall and slap some sense into Haberman.

Seems quite relevant and correct:


For all the “Clinton didn’t talk about Trump/Russia enough” getting thrown out there… has anybody kept a log of all the times Clinton or surrogates tried to discuss the issue with media and were ignored? I feel like I’d love to put together a list, to show that media wasn’t interested in that story until it was too late.

Robby Mook tells Jake Tapper on CNN July 24, 2016.

So I got one! LOL. I know there are more.

There’s Podesta/Tapper interview on Oct 30, where Tapper keeps changing subject to e-mails.

There were multiple Harry Reid letters to Comey, right?

Of course, Clinton’s 3rd debate “Putin puppet” line.

I was reading recently somewhere that the day Trump’s Access Hollywood tape came out, unnamed WaPo reporter was on the phone with somebody inside the campaign asking about Trump/Russia, but then literally said: “I must run, will call you back” and never called the campaign back. I can’t remember where I read this though…

What else do people remember?

@20, the talk of a Russia influence made Hillary look weak. I can see why they were reluctant to spend too much time dwelling on it. Time does that to people who have a narrative to feed — and the media narrative is, “It wasn’t us — it was her, the evil Hillary’s fault. We didn’t have anything to do with it. It’s not like we didn’t follow Trump so closely we had to move our noses when he farted. Nope, it was Hillary’s fault.”

Pardon me but Cillizza can go fuck himself with the mother of all bombs.
The media will never admit their culpability in last year’s election; they will never be truthful and ask forgiveness for what they did to Hillary and our country.

@22, so this whole rigmarole is: Korea has annual parade, effs up another missile launch, and a carrier group is out for a Sunday sail in the opposite direction from Korean Peninsula.

News media, without checking, again believes a lying Dolt 45 tweet and replays it about 6 million times.

That’s about it.

@23, Amen Sister Sue!

Charles Pierce wrote a great takedown of NY Times and their Hillary hate.

I’m starting to think that chart I posted about negative coverage of Clinton – and WaPo leading the way only second to Fox – might have been seriously skewed by presence of Chris Cillizza. One of his tweets today (re-tweeted by someone else): “Hillary Clinton is to blame for her defeat. Period.” This is on top of his article.

” supple brown, Barcalounger pleather bomber jacket”!!! So funny! Ah, Prolix, how do you come up with this stuff? I also loved this one:
” Mike Pence, sporting a MADwear bomber jacket as he squinted longingly and menacingly toward North Korea.” Prolix, you are the best at making these “tough” guys look like fools.

I love The Krug. I can’t follow people like Maggie or Cillizza. If they aren’t making me mad, they’re boring me to death.

when will we hear about Ossoff?

@30> I’m wondering that too! It’s too stressful! I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

Someone had a chart up earlier that Ossoff is being outspent in advertising by Rethugs 2:1.

Annie, polls close in half an hour. I hear Stump had to stick his nose in to it by Twitter. Considering he only won the district by 1 point, maybe it will backfire on him. (if he even knows that, I mean, who would dare to tell him)

@32 GAgal, yes Dump was tweeting about Ossoff. Multiple tweets. In one he said Ossoff doesn’t even live in Georgia. In another he said Ossoff will be bad for crime, immigration and taxes.

Great post, Prolix! Where’s that picture of Jared? Ya’ know the one where he looks like he’s thinking ‘Oh my. Sidney’s going to have a terribly awful time getting the wrinkles out of my Brooks Brothers blazer’.

Speaking of the book:

In “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,” The Hill’s Amie Parnes and Sidewire’s Jonathan Allen write that members of the Clinton campaign reached out to Sanders aides in late September to share a script of an ad they wanted the Vermont senator to record.

In the ad, Sanders would tout Clinton for her education, healthcare and minimum wage proposals.

And he would talk about how then-Republican nominee Donald Trump
was wrong about climate change and the economy.At the end of the script were the words: “I’m with her.”

“It’s so phony!” Sanders said. “I don’t want to say that.”

@31 DYB said: Someone had a chart up earlier that Ossoff is being outspent in advertising by Rethugs 2:1.

Well damn, I wonder what he’s doing with that $8 mill he’s had donated to him? I donated a few shekels to him just because I’d love to see that seat flip.

Loved this line: “I thought Carrier made air conditioners.”

I know y’all saw this:


and what that opened up.




@38, Fredster beat me to it. That picture is utterly sacreligious, pompous, and vomitous.

@41, LOL! Love those!

@35, GAgal, perfect!

Cmon Ossoff! GAgal, please let us know if you hear anything.

annie, little Tiffany is trying so hard to get in with the other Trump kids, but they think she’s just not that cool.

@36, all through 2016, I thought Dump was the phoniest human being alive–totally full of shit. But then Bernie came in a close second. Seriously, how fake was his free university bullshit and more than I can think of right now. Bernie, you’re as phony as they come. A con man.

@28, thanks Annie. With this crew, the material just writes itself. I mean really, “Powder Pence” trying to look all Fonzie-licious at the DMZ. Really. Give me strength.

@31, Osoff was matched dollar-for-dollar by “outside groups” alone. In these “at the margin” districts, that is where advertising works. The outside advertising was primarily voter suppression ads.

@35, thanks GAgal. Yes, I should have slid a picture of the “Kush” — these people are so loathsome. What does 30% of the Rethugs see in him? He’s everything they despise — doesn’t pay taxes, up to his neck in the swamp, playing footsie with the Chinese and Russians and on and on. It’s like 30% of the Rethugs have had an en masse stroke.

@41, Fredster, I tweeted over that picture. My caption:

It just goes to show investing early in a good quality training bra pays off.

I thought that pic of Devos with kids, they were of a lighter shade.


@47, I can’t remember another Democrat in my lifetime who has run for President and not released his taxes. Bernie and Trump or #Berump are no different on that point as well as their scamming con jobs.

@52, off topic, but doesn’t that Easter Bunny look like it is caught in mid-organism? Just sayin’.

@51: I liked the caption with that one pic: “Divorced Dad who’s been day drinking”

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Offering a stunningly blunt appraisal of the North Korean leader, Jared Kushner said on Tuesday that Kim Jong-un was a “totally unqualified person” who attained his position of power only through nepotism.

“Here you have a guy who has no government experience, and he’s in charge of the whole thing,” Kushner said, in an interview with Fox News. “It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

@55, “day-drinking dead beat dad” might be a little close to the bone for Donnie the Dud.

The money quote from this story:

Artiles later told Gibson and Thurston that he’d used the word “niggas,” suggesting the slang term was not meant to be insulting.

This is a great example of a committed Dolt 45 voter speaking in code. Obviously, when you are making America great again, the code word is the “N” word.


I am super excited to see Ossoff winning so far, hope he passes the 50% plus one vote to win in Georgia.

Wow, this place was lively when I was off at work today! Lots to catch up on.

Not quite as good, but still far ahead:

Yipes, Ossoff has 51% at 66% of the vote in…

Come on Ossoff, knock the Rethughs out of this House seat.

50.4% at 72% of the total votes counted.

Is there a live link anywhere to coverage of the Georgia race?

With 54% in, he’s at 50%

54% Reporting 113 of 210 Precincts

Ossoff at 50.3% of 77% of the vote. He only needs 50% plus one vote to win and not have to go to a runoff, I think they said in June.

O’Reilly might get paid off to leave Fox…don’t let the door slam you in the ass, O’.

My stats are coming from CNN.

@71: I don’t know where you’re seeing 77% of the vote shadow, here’s the GA. S.O.S. website:

Counties/Precincts Reporting: 67 %

Heh, there’s a “Ragin Edwards” on the list of candidates.

Looking forward to Trump’s angry tweets about loss of the GA06!

@72: I’ll defer to you and your stats and say goodnight.

Bill O’Reilly has been fired, accordion to several sources.

I’m sure he’ll have his own show on CNN in a couple of weeks.

It’s so close with Ossoff! I have to go to bed! But I want to know how it ends! It might be better off not knowing.

Even if he doesn’t get more than 50% tonight, it means there’ll be a run-off. That’ll be tougher to win because all the Rethugs will rally around their thug.

@78> Wow….

O’Reilly getting canned would be such a wonderful drum beat going into impeachment hearings. Fox State TV would have one less sexual predator and America’s loofas would again be safe.

My stats were coming from a live stream at CNN until they played a section over and went back to any earlier timeslot.

Now I am watching the live stats that shows Ossoff below 50% at 48.6%…with 84% of the vote counted. At this rate, he will go to a run-off.

Here’s the link:

80 Absolutely!

CNN had better not hire him!! Not much going on with Conjob since the microwave tapping at Trump Tower.

Spicey is next to go, then I will really miss SNL’s Spicey when he’s gone.

O’R is always been a pretend good Catholic. I always thought he was a POS.

And this great reply to @83:

Also weird considering this:

GAgal, I saw that.

What do you think is going on in Fulton County?

No idea, but I wouldn’t put it past Rump and his RumpThugs to be screwing around with the votes again. Still at 88% counted, and he is at 48.3 %

Earlier today a judge in Fulton county ordered the polls stay open 2 extra hours in a few districts in Fulton because they were having “issues”. That’s when everyone knew there was going to be a problem. Only later, did it also come out “problems uploading totals to the state system”. Sounds baked in to me. These particular districts will be scrutinized regardless. In fact, maybe Fulton completely. More than one fail there.

Here’s a little laugh. We sure need it.

Uh, I know I’m being obsessive with this topics, but I’m still mad at Sanders. Last one here, and an interesting linkage, but most of it won’t be news to us:


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