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Lazy Weekend Music~Shades of Blue(s)

Posted on: April 16, 2017

Good Sunday Widdershins

Am I blue?  Well yes, indeed I am.  I’ve actually been blue since, oh, maybe November of last year.  Instead of having the most qualified person to possibly ever be the Chief Executive of the country, we instead have a person that we can legitimately ask of him “Is he playing with a full deck?“.  This is not the way I intended to head into my “declining” years, so to speak.

Years ago, Fletcher Knebel wrote a novel called Night At Camp David about a president who’d gone mad. The evidence for that was that the bughouse president was lost in grandiose delusions about his place in the world.


I have come to the conclusion that the president* has slipped his gears and that his control over the military—and over foreign policy—is as tenuous as his hold on rationality is. I have not felt this shaky about the state of the world since October of 1962.

[another snip]

Which brings us to the second part of the Knebel Paradox. It’s becoming very clear that the president* has farmed out his responsibilities as commander-in-chief—and most of his foreign policy—to the generals and ex-generals with whom he has surrounded himself.

So yeah,  that might tend to make one feel a bit azurish and with that in mind let’s listen to some songs about the blues.

* * *

1. Falling back into the blue ~ Miller Anderson

2.  When a blind man cries ~ Gary Barden

3.  Kind of blue ~ Miles Davis & John Coltrane

(4) Damn Right I’ve got the blues ~ Buddy Guy

(5) I’m torn down ~ Freddie King

* * *

You say you live on the left coast and you’re worried about those Korean rockets/missiles?  Fear not. Let’s call these “When Good Rockets Go Bad”

This was an entertaining one

Another Russian S-300 fail

This Chinese missile just couldn’t figure out which way to go

One from the Brits that didn’t go quite as planned

And lastly a Trident sub launch that didn’t go well

* * *

So there you go Widdershins.  Take this in any direction you wish.




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98 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Shades of Blue(s)"

Hope everyone has a great day! Here – dinner cooked, food eaten, kitchen cleaned (almost), eggs hunted, crowd gone, house quiet. Not bad for 4:00!

@2: Hope you had a good dinner and that all of the Easter eggs were found (!). I expect it will be quiet around here as the widdershins celebrate our non-religious Easter holiday.

This is from Hubs:

Happy Easter to those that celebrate. Happy weekend to all.

This should give Dump and Bannon’s fans a stroke. Good for SNL…

One of the best blues performances you could ask for:

Fredster, I laughed SO hard at those missile vids! Thank you from the Left Coast!

Contrast in Two Tweets in 2 parts (so I don’t end up in Moderation for 2 links):

1) So my Congressional Rep, who is a POC, and loves her some Bernie Sanders (no I did not vote for her), posts this today:

2)…While my Senator Cantwell, who is white, posts this today:

Then, in another dimension, is the contrast between this year’s and last year’s POTUS Easter doings:

Trump family held invitation-only Easter Egg hunt at Mar-a-Lago

Spicey has worn his bunny suit and has an Easter message…

While we’re on the Dylan page…

Louise Mensch has 2 posts out today that might make you feel less blue.
The other is entitled “Mike Flynn’s Treason Tour: Global Russian Propaganda Coordinated With Trump” Both good reading and I hope she is right.

A blues post wouldn’t be complete without this:

Y’all may remember seeing this clip from the movie The Right Stuff

@26, Fredster, LOL!

Here’s one from Mr. King.

I had some (possibly futile) discussion yesterday with a visiting relative from Vermont. Somehow the topic of their junior Senator came up.

Me: “Why is anyone listing to Sanders? He’s not a Democratic anymore. He should joint the Democratic party for good or shut up.”

Vermonter. “Oh, Bernie.” (fond chuckle.) “People love him in Vermont. He always gets re-elected — up to 70%, 80% vote for him.”

Me: “Someone should primary him. He just used the Democratic party in his run for President.”

Vermonter: “Well he had to! There’s no way for a 3rd party candidate to really run otherwise!”

Me: “And there never will be, with that approach! Oh, he’s OK in some respects, but I in particular I don’t like his support of the gun lobby. He always votes with the NRA. He voted against any government dollars going into research on gun violence.”

Vermonter: “He did? Really?”

Me. (sigh; why are people so uninformed?) “Yes.” (explains)

We ended up agreeing on sensible gun laws: OK for legitimate hunting, no semi-automatic or beyond, etc. Maybe I’m pessimistic, but I doubt he’ll rethink his support for Sanders.

“He had to.” Jeebus! No he did not! I really, really want to see him primaried and I’ll donate to any reasonable candidate who does! (end rant).

By the way, it just wouldn’t be a family gathering without someone making a smart aleck remark about the Hillary sticker on my sister’s car. This time it was my nephew. He said “When are you gonna get rid of that loser sticker?” I said, “You mean the winner by 3 million more votes?” He said “ahh, but it’s all about the electoral college”. I said, “I’ll be dancing in the street the day he’s impeached”. He mumbled something. I think he knows the Russian thing is serious.

Apparently, he doesn’t like Trump much either, at least for his military actions lately. He spent a year in Iraq when he was in the National Guard, so he has his own perspective. He was mocking Stump for “dropping a Mother bomb on Afghanistan where we’ve been for 15 YEARS”.

Then they started talking about N Korea. My BIL’s son said “If N Korea shoots a missile our way, they know Trump would blow them off the face of the planet”. My nephew said “Naw, Trump ain’t gonna do shit”. I started to say – well, if you wanted a “warhawk”, you should have voted for Hillary”. 😀

I swear when we get together for the 4th of July, I’m putting a yooouge banner on the back of my car that says “Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary” and I’m gonna park so it’s the first thing they see when they pull in the driveway.

Oops, didn’t close out my bold right. Only the word *I* was suppose to be bolded since he asked my sister and I answered.

@24 contrask> Mensch has been right about a lot of things. Let’s see how things play out…

I’m still not a fan of Comey. Or anybody in the news media who had been told by some Clinton people in July about potential Russian connection to the DNC leak with WikiLeaks – and did absolutely nothing with that info except laugh.

@29 Luna> Yes, his support of gun rights is troubling. (Also, that Democrat in Kansas who came close to winning was very pro-gun. I’m not even passing judgment on that, I realize in some parts of the country it’s a part of life. But seeing Bernie Bros describe that guy as “pro-gun liberal” is really bizarre.)

@31 Gagal, do it! Get that banner! And tell them all to screw off!

Wonder if Bernie has turned over his donor list yet? Doubt it. Wonder if he has the email addresses/info of the names of the Hillary supporters his peeps stole from the DNC?

Bernie’s not gonna give them anything, except grief and abuse.

I thought about posting Madonna’s True Blue, but I KNEW that DYB would want to! Here’s a song with “blue” in it that I have loved since I was young:

Meant to say, “I thought about posting Madonna’s True Blue earlier in the day when Hubs posted his two blues songs…”

@32: GAgal, you can edit your comment. Don’t you have a little edit “thing” next to the date/time stamp? I do it all the time with my typos and my screwed up keyboard.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone for their blues contributions. I wasn’t too sure how well it would go over but y’all have contributed bigly. 😉

GAgal & Luna, thanks for sharing your family stories. You give me courage. I have to spend a week with my family in a couple of months.

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!

annie, we should stipulate that DYB has dibs on all Madonna music clips for the blog. LOL!

@40 Fredster, for some reason I only see edit on my own posts and no one else’s. A while back I went into admin and tried several times to release a comment from Luna and couldn’t. I think when I write a post or go into admin, I’m seeing a different screen than you. Maybe I’m using an older version or something…

@45: GAgal, you don’t have a little edit “word” right by the date/time stamp on this page for each comment?

GAgal, I just changed your “role”. Refresh the page and see if you have the edit word by all the comments here.

@47 Yay! It worked! Lots of other options that weren’t showing before, too.

@44, I’m game! Fredster, you did get lots of great tunes today.

Annie, since you’re a family of musicians, you should play ‘Name That Tune’ on the music threads with them. Give them the theme, then click and see who can name the song, artist or next lyric first. Or do you already do that? 😀

GAgal, you tell ’em on the 4th!

@50, that’s a good idea. They would probably like it and do well. You would not believe how much our kid knows about baby boomer music. More than we do. He should be a rock dj or do a podcast or something.

@48: Okay great! I had you set at one role until you got a little more comfortable but you’ve been around here long enough that you got a “promotion”. LOL!! So now if someone gets zapped by spammy you should be able to free them

Late announcement: Prolix will probably be away tomorrow (well Monday) so we’ll leave this post up until…?

Y’all have some great songs – Badfinger, Ozark Mountain Daredevils! Those bring back memories. So, living on Tulsa Time here, and it’s a rainy day and a Monday (Carpenters) , I just thought of the late great Leon

@38 socalannie> Hahahaha, thank you! That video is hilarious (a young Debbie Mazar with the young Madge.) So retro. I loved her live version of it at the recent “Rebel Heart” tour where she accompanies herself on a ukulele.

I liked that part too. I’m tired of waiting for it to happen. And tired of them trying to make Pence all presidenty

@57, more data showing Trump voters were not most motivated by economic worries! Got to love good data.

There was an earlier study which came out probably even before the inauguration and had very similar findings. Trump voters showed high levels of misogyny and racism — higher than usual for conservatives. I’ll try to find it. Had it bookmarked and then got tired of trying to sway people who aren’t evidence-based.

47 Fredster
April 17, 2017 at 12:04 am
GAgal, I just changed your “role”. Refresh the page and see if you have the edit word by all the comments here.

Is having the edit option just for some people? I would love to have that option, if possible. I also don’t see any avatars for anyone, is that someone wordpress did?

There I go, typo alert.

“…is that someTHING wordpress did?”

Contrask, didn’t Leon live on a big ranch in OK? I know he lived here in socal, in Laurel Canyon when he was young, but I think he lived in OK most of his life.

@58 & 59, haha! Love those.

I thought it was obvious Dump voters were more motivated by racism and misogyny. What were his rallies all about? As usual, the msm is way behind the rest of us. And I’m sooo sick of Bernie and his everlasting bullshit.

@62, I can see your avatar — a pic of Hillary, right? It may be the browser you’re using. I’m on Safari here. Switched over to Firefox, and now I can’t see the avatars. Hmmm. I’m on a Mac.

@62: Yes shadow, just for the writers on the blog.

Oh geez, the pollen count today:

Trees High
Weeds Moderate
Grass Absent

Don’t know why grass doesn’t want to join the party.

Did you guys see this? Melania has to nudge Dump with her arm:

66 | NW Luna
April 17, 2017 at 3:14 pm
@62, I can see your avatar — a pic of Hillary, right? It may be the browser you’re using. I’m on Safari here. Switched over to Firefox, and now I can’t see the avatars. Hmmm. I’m on a Mac.

Hi NW Luna, I have been using the same browser on a MAC at work and a PC at home -Chrome. I have always seen the avatars, (Yes, mine is of Hillary), but now I don’t see any avatars for the past two or three days.

@70: Kudos to Melania for schooling 45 but she looks like she is giving herself a breast exam. Would like to have seen that hand a little bit higher…. Also liked the way Barron followed Mama not Papa, wise choice.

@64 Annie. Yes Leon was from Muskogee. I went to a concert in Muskogee last Spring put on by the Leon Lifers. He had quite a fan club. There is a guy that played with him for awhile named Chris Simmons. He is in Huntsville Alabama. Good bluesy rock musician – look him up

That video of Dump forgetting is really amazing. So much for patriotism. Can you imagine what would have happened if Obama forgot to do this? Sheesh.

Also, you know there’s one way that Hillary can still be President. But only one way. If the impeachment and resignation of Dump also includes Pence. And it happens after 2018 and Democrats take control of House. Speaker of the House does not have to be an elected member of Congress. So it’s quite simple: Dump/Pence get impeached and thrown out of office after Democrats take control of House, House votes Hillary as Speaker of the House and she becomes President. Boom! Nothing to it!

I’m seeing these two headlines at memorandum right now.

Democrats welcome Bernie Sanders Takeover
uh, hell no we don’t.

Sanders: Democrats didn’t do enough in Kansas
uh, the guy lost by 6 points in a district that usually goes Republican by +27. Further, this guy was a big Bernie fan. A guy at daily kos, who knows, said the party gave him at least $30,000. And how much did Bernie’s Our Revolution give him? A big, whopping $900. So, I say ‘you Bernie, didn’t do enough’.

This thread is really slow to load w/ all the videos. At least on my end.

@74: “So let it be written. So let it be done.”

@GAgal said This thread is really slow to load w/ all the videos. At least on my end.

As you know, mb routinely does the Monday post but she’s apparently had some things come up that precluded her posting. Also, Prolix had some things that took him away today so he wasn’t able to put together a post. Sooo, we’ll have to leave this one up until tomorrow or possibly Wednesday.

I had thought that showing overt sexual acts on broadcast or “regular” cable was a no-no. But apparently that’s not the case with tRump and Fox and Friends There’s a whole lot of fellatio going on between F&F and tRump.

I decided to get rid of anonymous, faceless man in the crowd and to let Chloe come out to play some. 😉

@71, shadow, weird — maybe try reloading the browser? I should do that with Firefox tho it’s supposed to load updates automatically.

@72, cats, the heart is anatomically pretty much under & a bit to the center of the left breast. I always explain and apologize about where I need to put my stethoscope (and gently move the breast to the side somewhat) in order to listen to heart sounds. Myself I don’t see anything odd about the hand on slope of breast position. I grew matter-of-face about anatomy early on in this career, lol!

@ 74, DYB, I’ve read about that strategy before. Makes sense to me! Errr….would enough of the Dems be stout-hearted enough to do it — that’s the question.

@ 78, Fredster, we’ll have to practice our deep, slow breaths in and out while re-loading the page. 🙂

@75, GAgal, No, we are NOT welcoming Sanders. And BTW, Bernie, how’d you do in Georgia, eh? I do believe you lost most decisively. So shut up.

Luna@81: Yeah sometimes that’s the way things happen.

So let me get this straight. Bernie Sanders, the guy who lost to HRC by 4 million votes in the primary, who couldn’t even get Democrats to vote for him, is supposed to be the guru of how to win elections…whereas HRC, who despite Russian psy-ops, FBI attacks and media on her character, a tsunami of negativity from the left and the right, possible vote hacking and 8 years of voter suppression, won the popular vote by about 3 million and only “lost” the electoral college by 70,000 votes, is somehow the lesser candidate.

I will say this once and for all, the Democratic Party is completely, totally and fatally misogynistic. They should have NEVER allowed Bernie to primary her. And despite his EPIC loss, they welcome him as some kind of election-winning guru!

Watching Joy Reid sitting in for Maddow discussing the DNC tour with #thebernout…

Joy: Is Bernie becoming a Democrat?
Tom Perez: Hamenah hamenah unity unity
Joy: Yes yes. Are you getting Bernie’s email lists?
Tom Perez: Hamenah hamenah everyone loves us
Joy: Is Senator Sanders signing up Democrats? Or corralling Independents?
Tom Perez: Hamenah hamenah togetherness Affordable Care Act

So in conclusion:
Q1: No
Q2: No
Q3: No

Face. PALM.

@81: thanks, Luna, I thought the heart was higher up on the breast and toward the sternum. Bonus points to Melania for knowing the actual location!

@86 madamab> That’s a fantastic recap!

I don’t know who this person is and if she is in any way reliable.

Anonymous sources from people who tweet anonymously? I’ll wait for breaking news from media I trust.

@ 87, cats, if you make a fist w/right hand, and place it so the heel of your wrist is on the sternum, your heart would be under your fist. I should have described it as between left nipple & sternum. Here’s a couple of good illustrations from the NIH.

@89, Saw something like that — from another source — today. What’s taking Comey so long???

@86, GAgal, groan

@80, Fredster, Chloe is much better looking than the faceless grey man!

@92: Luna, I saw that somewhere and thought “well perfect – just a faceless man in the crowd.” Sometimes I feel like that.

86 madamab

Hahaha, with all the fluff removed it comes down to pure egg on the face. Of course most of the news would end up this way without the bs and fluff for Bernardo, Rump and other nitwits…but all they can say about Hillary is she should shut up, go back to the woods and don’t run for anything in the future.

With a Bernardo fan I got in a civil but heated argument with a couple of weeks ago, he was trying to snow me by saying his old dude could have won over Rump…

I pardoned him by letting him know his bro couldn’t even win the primary against Hillary, that she won over Rump even with the Russians hacking into our voting.

And I loved pouring salt into the wound by saying that if Bernie was running against Rump, don’t assume that millions of Hillary supporters would have voted for Burnout. I said, I wouldn’t because he has no idea what he’s talking about half the time. He looked at me in horror and asked if I would have voted for Rump, I assured him I wouldn’t, nor would I have voted for any of the Independents running. I would have left the choice for Prez without checking a box, and voted down every Rethug I could.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has given its email list to the Democratic National Committee, according to a report Sunday.

The move gives the party a major boost as it prepares for the 2018 midterm elections and the 2020 presidential election under a new chair.

“This information will help candidates up and down the ballot engage with voters and win seats from the school board to the Senate,” said Xochitl Hinojosa, communications director for the DNC. “We’re seeing momentum and energy across the country, and this investment will help us harness the energy and turn it into votes.”

According to The Huffington Post, the email list was provided as an in-kind contribution from the Hillary for America campaign organization.

Valued at $3.5 million, it includes more than 10 million new names that the DNC did not have in its voter files.

During the primary, Clinton promised that if she were not nominated to be the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, she would do what she could to help rebuild the party.

I’m reading Hillary’s book “Living History” – a chapter or two here and there. Here’s a couple of paragraphs that made me laugh because I can see it clearly in my mind. She’s talking about Chelsea turning 16 while Bill was Prez and she wanted to learn how to drive. (while they were at Camp David)

Outside of golf carts, the Secret Service never let Bill drive himself around, which is a good thing. It’s not that my husband is not mechanically inclined, it’s just that he has so much information running through his head at any given moment that he doesn’t always know where he’s going. But he insisted on performing his fatherly duty, borrowing a car from the Secret Service fleet at Camp David.

After the first lesson on backing up and parallel parking, I met Chelsea as she returned to Aspen Lodge. “So, How’d it go?” She said “Well, I think Dad learned a lot.”

@85 & 86, perfectly stated, MB!

Chloe is so cute!

@96, that’s a great story!

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