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Posted on: April 12, 2017


“The lowest form of popular culture – lack of information, misinformation, disinformation and a contempt for the truth or the reality of most people’s lives – has overrun real journalism. Today, ordinary Americans are being stuffed with garbage.” – Carl Bernstein

“When I entered politics, I took the only downward turn you could take from journalism.” – Jim Hightower

When the Pulitzers announced that David Fahrenthold of Washington Post was receiving an award for National Reporting “For persistent reporting that created a model for transparent journalism in political campaign coverage while casting doubt on Donald Trump’s assertions of generosity toward charities,” no one was surprised. He was the highly favored candidate. Fahrenthold was one of the very few mainstream reporters who did not spend the 2016 election cycle sifting through Hillary Clinton’s stolen e-mails. One of the very few. (Because of his reporting on Trump’s charity donations, Fahrenthold was also the one to receive the Access Hollywood tape when NBC spent days trying to decide how and when to release it.) Fahrenthold began his investigation into Trump’s supposed (and non-existent) charitable donations on something of a hunch. He remembered Trump once saying on TV that he would donate $6 million to veterans groups and Fahrenthold wondered if Trump followed through on the promise. So he started researching and found a Pulitzer.


Do you know who didn’t find a Pulitzer? Anybody who was sifting through Hillary Clinton’s stolen e-mails. The vast majority of the news media spent 18 months questioning Clinton on her use of a private e-mail server and then combing through tens Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.09.37 PMof thousands of stolen e-mails from the DNC and Clinton’s campaign. All they found was a risotto recipe and that one time Clinton and Huma Abedin split a crème brûlée. There
was also gossip. But nothing that a sane person could interpret as in any way significant to a Presidential campaign. And yet, according to statistics, E-MAILS was the topic of more conversation on the news than anything else. Though we might think the NY Times was the most egregious in their anti-Hillary coverage, it was – in fact, the Washington Post that by far led Hillary-hate; second only to Fox News.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.09.09 PM

When CNN’s Jake Tapper was told by Robby Mook that there are allegations about stolen DNC e-mails and Russian interference via WikiLeaks, Tapper’s incredulous eye-rolling response should shame him for the rest of his life. (It won’t.) Not because he didn’t just take Mook’s word for it in the moment. But because Tapper never called any of his sources, whether in Congress or in the Intelligence Community, and ask: “Hey, what is he talking about? Anything to this?” Because he might have gotten an affirmative response and landed the biggest story of his life. By that time the FBI was alredy investigating Trump’s possible collusion with Russia. And the Gang of 8 in Congress was about to be briefed. Harry Reid would fire off multiple public letters to FBI Director James Comey, imploring additional information to be disclosed on Trump and Russia. To no avail. Comey was silent and the media treated Reid like a deranged lunatic. Very few reporters looked into these stories. Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek was one, and was widely derided by the Left and the Right. When David Corn of Mother Jones published an article about the Steele dossier in October, he was laughed at too. When Franklin Foer of Slate published an article claiming that a Trump server was communicating with a Russian Alfa Bank he was laughed at as well. His allegations were infamously dismissed by the NY Times as “Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. sees no clear link to Russia” in an article by Eric Lichtblau. It is a headline that should be tattooed on Lichtblau’s forehead. (Lichtblau recently left the Times to be CNN’s lead investigative reporter…) The NY Times was flat out wrong. And they conducted an interview with Harry Reid for the story, and then threw it out unused. The story remains up, un-retracted. We, of course, now know for a fact that the Times was wrong. The F.B.I. was investigating Trump and they saw links to Russia. And Alfa Bank’s communications with Trump servers is one of the lynchpins of the investigation.

So what happens when journalism is wrong? Journalists love themselves because they say their job is to hold the powerful accountable for wrong-doing. But what happens when journalists are wrong? What happens when entire media empires fail to see the biggest story of their lifetimes and chase a red herring, plunging a nation into a crises? Where, to paraphrase, does a person the media ruined go to get their good name back? How do we collectively crawl our way out of the hole the media threw us all in?

The answer, I fear is…nothing happens. They pay no price. When the NY Times and Judith Miller published Dick Cheney’s fake stories about Saddam Hussein’s WMDs, then watched Cheney go on television and cite the Times as proof that Hussein had WMDs, and the country went to a catastrophic war in Iraq…nothing happened to the NY Times. They threw Miller out, as if her reports were not approved by editors above her and as if lawyers and standards/practices didn’t sign off on her reports. The Times paid no price. And they will pay no price for Clinton’s e-mails either.

Society of Professional Journalists writes: “Report the story, don’t become part of it.”  I wonder how they feel about NY Times’ Maggie Haberman receiveing an adoring write-up from CNN, as the reporter Trump hates the mostest. NBC/MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell sees Maggie and raises her by being the most hated reporter of all the Presidents in Politico. And CNN’s Brian Stelter is the Young Messiah of Washington Post’s ode. Each of these articles was reposted on social media by the author, the subject, every other reporters both sides work with. It’s a veritable journalistic circle jerk of love and adoration. There are no consequences for their failures – to them. The only consequences belong to us. The only ones to pay will be the public, which now clings to the same reporters who brought us to hell to help dig us out. “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” Washington Post says. Except they broke all of the lights.


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Wow, what a barnburner of a post!

Like everything else these days, the consequences for these complicit *sshats will need to come from us. I don’t know what that would look like. But heaven knows the honor system has failed for all three branches of government, and the fourth estate is no exception.

Do you want to punch a wall?? Because this is Maggie Haberman this morning.

Also, on a separate note, the sculptor of the Bull statue on Wall Street says that the statue of the Girl facing off the Bull violates his rights. No joke. He wants the Girl statue removed.

Bill DeBlasio tweeted earlier that the fact that this man is threatened by the statue of the Girl is exactly why she must remain. I tweeted back that we should remove the Bull, so this man no longer feels violated.

I wonder what it would take for the national “journalist,” Haberman, to notice the difference?

a) Chasing Hillary for the equivalent of eating chocolates after 8pm.

b)Not even looking at Dump for selling out the country to Putin for an 18% (19%?) stake in Rosneft.

One of these things is not like the other. /*endless screaming*/

@4 quixote> Yes *endless screaming* covers it for me too. Their brains are broken beyond repair.

Rex Tillerson has been granted a meeting with Putin just now. Maxine Waters pointed out the yesterday Rex asked why US should care about Ukraine. Today he meets with Putin, presumably who can answer that question.

Michael Beschloss posted this comment and then deleted it. I dunno, I kind of like it.

Great post. I just tried to post a long comment but wordpress wouldn’t let me, and I don’t have time to retype it all over again…also wouldn’t let me copy/paste more than two lines…not sure what went wrong. But enjoyed the comments on the end of the last thread and this new one.

Meanwhile, there are no photos of Tillerson meeting with Putin because Tillerson did not bring the press pool with him into the Kremlin.

But please, Maggie and Glenn, tell us more about Hillary’s e-mails.

Did you see Dump’s interview where he said he informed Chinese President Xi about air strikes on Syria (which he confused with Iraq…) over “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake?”

We know FBI had FISA warrant for two people. Carter Page has been revealed as 1st. Who’s 2nd? Manafort?


I had no idea about the Fearless Girl and I love it! The artist does not own the surrounding space and he has had his solitary glory for long enough.

“Well, the ‘Fearless Girl’ inspires all of us to realize the power we have in ourselves, the power women and girls have everywhere.”

/endless screaming/
Me too.

Manafort is registering as a foreign agent. LOL

DYB, excellent post, thanks for that timely subject. I didn’t know the background on Fahrenthold. Happy that he won. You’re right that it’s unjust that these lying journos get away with so much, but I think we’re starting to get even with them in a small way, and that is through social media. I think we’re seeing a rise of citizen journalists with interesting stories that we’re not getting from the msm. Also, we’re calling out their bullshit stories on social media and shaming them. I thought social media was so dumb when it first started, but its turning out to be useful.

Another way to get back at them is not to subscribe to the papers. They will all give you 10 free articles a month, and we have three computers here plus smartphones, so I have access to as many free articles as I’m interested in reading.

“Though we might think the NY Times was the most egregious in their anti-Hillary coverage, it was – in fact, the Washington Post that by far led Hillary-hate; second only to Fox News.” I did not know that! Wow. When I was young, I used to hold both those papers in such high esteem. What a shame to see them devolve into gossipy rags.

I don’t know who sickens me more, Tapper, or Mitchell. Am so sick of them both. Also Haberman.

I love the Fearless Girl statue. Hope it stays forever.

If Comey gets the boot, do you think he might spill what he knows? No? Probably not, but it would be fun if he did.

@23> I really wonder what would happen if Dump fired Comey. He’s legally allowed to, but it would create such a shitstorm. And I wonder what the intelligence community’s response would be. I expect even if Comey doesn’t start talking (which he may not be able to), the leaking would be like a damn breaking.

OMG Russians have lost their minds! The new Russian UN ambassador is unhinged!

I’m not accustomed to reading the Moscow times. Do they report fairly? I really wish we had a state department. Who can trust anything with us? And certainly no trusting Russia

Well apparently this White House can’t even organize an Easter Egg Roll; something that’s been done for years! SAD!

12 | DYB
April 12, 2017 at 12:59 pm
We know FBI had FISA warrant for two people. Carter Page has been revealed as 1st. Who’s 2nd? Manafort?

Is it too far fetched to think it might be either Flynn or Rump?

@29, I hope its Rump.

@28, Hilarious. Although I personally don’t feel a need for the WH to do public religious holiday traditions.

@27 contrask> That page seems legit. I’m not sure about Moscow Times in general, but there’s a video there of the Russian ambassador basically yelling at the British ambassador today (look at me when I’m talking to you!) and just being very rude. The article also mentions how this performance is being presented in the Russian media, which isn’t necessarily what one witnesses in the video.

Oh I forgot about Flynn! When did Flynn become part of the campaign? It’s so hard to keep track. Especially when Dump keeps saying all these people never really worked for him and he barely knows them.

I guess Carter Page is back on TV (he really is the dumbest man alive to keep doing these interviews on TV) with Tapper (sorry), and when asked who brought him to the Dump campaign Page said he didn’t want to say so as not to violate their privacy. But we already know it was someone whose name rhymes with “Jeff Sessions.” So why the charade?

Here’s a family who made out quite well and was agreeable to being bumped from several flights. $11k…pretty nice!

@31: Not so much a religious thing – I mean, they have the Easter bunny there.

@35, well it is a tradition connected to Easter, which I remember being taught in Sunday school was the most important Christian holiday. I don’t at all object to people celebrating their holidays and doing whatever tradition they want, it’s just not important to me that governments take the lead in it. The WH Easter egg thing looks like harmless fun for kids I admit, and this does show how completely unprepared the Dump group was to take over the White House.

Dump declares War On Easter and Fox News isn’t outraged?!

@37: Yeah, it’s more of a social thing for the kids of staff, kids of congr’l folks and other kids and yes Easter is considered the highest of Christian holidays but it also has social connotations (I know the scene ends with that shot of a church in the background) :

@38: That’s cuz Bill is on vacay. 😉

Incredible post DYB! I just now was able to read all of the links you included. That graphic on negative/positive news coverage is just stunning.

DYB, take your pick of superlatives, add 10%, and that’s what I have to say about your post. Excellentest.

Sorry, but I’ve been wooled around by real life today. All is well, just silliness compounded by incompetence rolled up in passive aggressive shenanigans.

From XM radio today, it seems as if this next Emmy season is going to be tough for the voters. For leading roles in the frenemy Emmy category, Dolt 45 or Putin, will be a tough choice. In supporting frenemy roles, Tillerson or Lavrov, will be another tough choice. My best bet: The first one to pull hair and accidentally on purpose show side boob or wide stance scrotum will win. As well they should.

@41, I liked that chart too. Graphics are the only way to deliver such statistics.

@24, Bernie needs to be stomped like a radioactive cockroach that he is.

Day of Epiphany: Nato is great, China (Jhina) isn’t a currency maniputlator, Russia is bad, Bannon is a brand of yogurt, but Hillary is still crooked.

Got to have consistency for his pea-brained lizard people.

@45, that is awful.

I’m worried about our judicial. I hope this wasn’t foul play. And I’m thinking if Pruitt needs extra bodyguards then we darn sure better see to it that RBG has plenty.

@45: That *is* sad. I’m sure there will be more to the story.

@45> That’s really weird…

With Dump – he talked about the super special chocolate cake he and President Ji were eating… but he said he bombed Iraq. I wonder if maybe they bombed Iraq too and we just haven’t heard about it yet?

Welp, my internet is crawling once again so I’m going to shut it down to see if the hamsters need a break or what.

Dana Perino is hosting tonight’s Bill O show. So it’s not a re-run, they’re doing a new show without him.

Oh what will Bill O do?! (Probably get a show on CNN.)

DYB, excellent post!

I’ve seen that negative news Clinton/Trump graph before, but it can’t get seen enough. Unfortunately the people who most need to see that graph won’t. For a fair amount of my adult life I’ve been irritated at the bias in most MSM, and the older I get the more I despise it.

Darn tootin’, DYB! I can’t even read the word ‘complicit’ anymore without seeing Scarlett Johanson on SNL. (And there’s a men’s fragrance for Jared, too!)

The WaPo has a lot of nerve adopting that Democracy Dies in Darkness by-line. It’s referring to Trump tools lies, but mostly about major media getting banned from the WH press room. Guess it never occurred to them that by going down the rabbit hole with Hillary’s email and ignoring the Russians interfering for Trump, they were responsible for a lot of that ‘darkness’. That’s basically what they did – black out information to the public.

Maybe when a thousand BirdBrains boo Perez on stage, they’ll get a clue and kick Bernie’s ass to the curb.

@45, contrask, that is terrible. Bodies don’t end up in rivers without foul play very often. I hope whomever did it gets caught quickly.

@53 That’s Daily Show skit is hilarious. I watched it once, then clicked it again when my stepdad came out to smoke so he would have to hear it. (Not that parents give a care about religion – I just do ‘subtle’ reminders of what a hypocrite Trump is) I’m so mean.

WTF? The danger-meter keeps getting cranked up higher every day.

I’m thinking about the White House Press Party Roasting…or what ever it’s called, where the Dumpster and his incompetents refuse to attend this year, because it’s been such a difficult transition and no one is loving the altAdministration like they should…anywho, I think that SNL’s Trump, Conjob and Spicey should stand in for them…and let’s have a real party on teevee this year. Maybe Hillary should attend and give a real roast.

Let me think about Easter bunnies instead for a bit. Eostre, from Old English, a Spring and Regeneration goddess, so of course rabbits reproducing like …. rabbits, and eggs, and flowers, and all the exuberant fecundity of Spring. Then the old festivals got co-opted by the new Church.

Ēostre or Ostara … is the namesake of the festival of Easter in some languages. …pagan Anglo-Saxons had held feasts in Ēostre’s honor, but that this tradition had died out by his time, replaced by the Christian Paschal month, a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

That’s horrible!

Oh and today NYTimes announced a new Op-Ed writer, coming all the way from Wall Street Journal. Climate-change denier (but Trump disliking) Bret Stephens.

There are still 0 black female op-ed writers at NY Times. And is Charles Blow the only African American?

And what’s happening North Korea??

How about the NYT’s new motto: “the truth matters now more than ever”. Too late. I spit on you! (need an emoji)

Imagine just how embarrassing this would be for anyone who had the capacity to feel shame. If you have no world view beyond how it affects your reflection in the nearest mirror, you depend upon two people whose only qualification is that one of them supposedly sprang from your gene pool, and you watch television all day between tweeting, this is what you get — an international embarrassment, heretofore unheard of outside of a fifth world tribal monarchy where monkey brains are eaten instead of controlling a nuclear arsenal.


@66 Prolix, yes I saw that earlier today and just stared at the screen with disbelief. Not only that this would happen, but that he would talk about it without any self-awareness or shame.

I don’t see how our country can recover from this.

@67, how does someone like him exist in NYC, of all places, without the least bit of curiosity about the world? Honestly, he must have constructed a bulwark of sycophantic zombies so complete, so inviolate, that his view of history begins anew every morning. You’re right, if we live through this, we won’t recover for a generation.

I feel like he’s not unique to someone as rich as he is, and as pampered. His entire life he’s had handlers to take care of all his needs. Any problem, he probably wasn’t even aware of it. He just had lawyers and fluffers to throw money at the problems and the problems went away. Now suddenly he finds himself being asked questions and 5 year old Tweets coming back to haunt him and I don’t think he understands what’s happening to him. He no doubt feels truly aggrieved and misunderstood. Same with his kids. They don’t understand why their problems won’t go away. Why is everyone so mean????

Just as a tiny comparison, years ago when I was a supervisor at Tower Records at Lincoln Center, in the classical department, we would have very rich people come in with lists. They would just leave a list at the front, expecting the clerks to go get their stuff. They would throw their credit cards at the cashiers, not even make eye contact. Those are the ones who came to browse themselves. There were also the rich people who sent their maids or assistants to buy CDs for them. These people (inevitably young women) would come in trembling if we didn’t have something on the list in stock. These are the 1% Upper East and Upper West side thugs of NYC. Trump is like that, no doubt.

Have you ever seen the movie “Veronica Guerin?” It’s a really powerful film, starring Cate Blanchett, about an Irish journalist who took on the drug dealers in her town. There are two scenes in it that seared themselves into my brain because of their brutality. Guerin went to the house of one of the drug lords to confront him – and he beats her brutally. Then when authorities come knocking to arrest him, his wife screams at them: “Leave us alone! We’ve never done anything to you!” Drug lords who have murdered countless people (including Veronica Guerin, assassinated for her investigation) and it’s “Leave us alone!” This is how these people think.

@70: Oh yes I remember the one with Cate Balnchett. Really good.

I swear, with all of the political crap going on the last few months, this is exactly how feel:

Here’s more on the NYTs being not too little, but way too late.

Aug. 19 was an eventful day for Paul Manafort.

That morning, he stepped down from guiding Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign, after a brief tenure during which Mr. Trump won the Republican nomination, Democrats’ emails were hacked and the campaign’s contacts with Russia came under scrutiny. Dogged by revelations about past financial dealings in Ukraine, Mr. Manafort retreated from public view.

But behind the scenes, he was busy with other matters. Papers were recorded that same day creating a shell company controlled by Mr. Manafort that soon received $13 million in loans from two businesses with ties to Mr. Trump, including one that partners with a Ukrainian-born billionaire and another led by a Trump economic adviser. They were among $20 million in loans secured by properties belonging to Mr. Manafort and his wife.

@72 LOL Fredster. I don’t know. With Trump, it’s more like different shit…same day. Mind boggled. Love the bulldoggy!

@74: Well but we could say it’s all involving Trump so that would make it a large pile of same shit. LOL

@77 in re:

@78> Wow. And while it’s not all Obama’s fault, he bears a lot of responsibility for always wanting to appear above it all. 8 years of Mitch McConnell taught him nothing.

Why would the White House not want to appear to be preferring Clinton, a democrat to win, instead of Trump? That logic really makes no sense to me. It’s obvious a Democratic administration prefers a former member of its administration to win. Why play these games? It’s insane.

One person commented: “Is it me or does Jeffrey Lord look like Andrew Jackson’s corpse?”

On the judge in NYC – that is the 2nd black judge in a week. I missed the other – male, gunned down on his porch in Chicago on Monday. I’m sorry, but this is very worrisome

@82> I remember seeing headlines of a judge killed outside his home, but didn’t know he was black. Hmm…

I have never been so frightened about our legal community. The level of republican complicity with Trump has me really concerned. And our media reporting is not good enough. I am praying the right things are happening behind the scenes to right our ship.

According to Dao’s lawyer: “Doctor assaulted on United flight suffered a concussion, a broken nose, sinus damage & lost 2 front teeth. He needs reconstructive surgery.”

@84> Yes I agree. The media is still obsessed with bashing Clinton. It’s astounding. The number of swipes taken at her by some reporters, like Haberman and Thrush, and Yglesias, etc., while talking about something else entirely, is mind-boggling. It is so completely unnecessary. But they can’t just report on Trump. They always have to bring in some Hillary dig. They are sick in the head.

Do you want to punch another wall this morning? Comey…

@85, before I read about Comey, because then I might be too angry to remember how to spell, “concussion”? That would explain why he acted oddly afterwards, stumbling back on to the plane. Urgh, that’s going to screw up cognitive abilities — and livelihood — for a while. Not to mention all the other damage. I hope United — and the security goon(s) who did this — are in deep trouble and have to pay.

@87: that piece was both nauseating and infuriating. And per 45, Comey HELPED Hillary and she should be on trial by now?????
At this point I don’t know that the combined efforts of the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Gort could save us now. This is insane.

Confused, Mr Comey? Not at all. We are not confused about your despicable lack of judgement. Quit excusing yourself and hurry the F up with the treason charges before more of our country gets sold to foreign interests.

Nate Silver is pointing out that polls in France seem unnaturally the same: they call it “herding?” Which, he ominously predicts, might lead to election night surprises…

@89, don’t try to make sense of these Rethug traitors. They’d claim Eisenhower was a liberal patsy if he were around today.

I concur on all the comments about Comey.

I’m gonna go eat a box of doughnuts.

@88 Luna> Apparently Dao’s lawyer is some high powered attorney. So it sounds like they are read for a fight with United. A concussion for a 69 year old doctor – I’m going to guess his medical career is basically finished.

@91, uh-oh.

Oh, and doing stuff like gorging on doughnuts is exactly what the other side wants. Resistance fighters need to be healthy as possible! Besides, we might all lose our health insurance. But one doughnut, sure. (Now I’m craving a maple bar, blast it!)

Uhm ok?

Luna, I had 2. 😦

@97, oh crap. @98, that’s better than a whole box. “Harm reduction,” as we say in healthcare. Hmmmm….do you still have the rest of the box in your possession, though?

I can neither confirm nor deny that the box of donuts remains… I’m at work and if nobody else eats them…

(vows to close laptop on everything breaking out on Twitter this morning)

Oh God. He dropped the MOAB to deflect, didn’t he? How many has he killed this time? And why doesn’t this need congress approval?

Contrask, I know this guy is not your congress critter but all of y’all should help fund an opponent for Markwayne so eh can go back to his plumbing business. Since he’s doing it “as a service” folks need to tell him his services are no longer needed.

Rep. Markwayne Mullin calls ‘bullcrap’ at town hall in Jay

Here’s an example of the chatter in the Indivisible Oklahoma FB group “This is a nasty, unethical ploy to cast himself in a good light. We need to make sure the media reports what really happened and continue to hold him accountable. He has never been questioned or had to answer to his constituents…even Democratic constituents. He got away with illegally running his business and then illegally being on the board of directors early in his career….so he doesn’t expect to be brought to task.” They are on to him!

Interesting thread about reports of potential Vote Hacking. Not just voter influence…

@104: Perhaps CREW should start some investigations of Mr. Mullin.

Video of MOAB:

Luna and DYB: Never underestimate the healthy benefits of donuts; especially little chocolate donuts.

87 DYB
April 13, 2017 at 11:58 am
Do you want to punch another wall this morning? Comey…

Yeah, maybe Comey’s wife bought that bullshit but no one else has.

Not buying what he is peddling.

85 | DYB

According to Dao’s lawyer: “Doctor assaulted on United flight suffered a concussion, a broken nose, sinus damage & lost 2 front teeth. He needs reconstructive surgery.”

—- I hope he gets at least a million bucks and the public take down United.

US military has dropped most powerful non-nuclear US bomb, MOAB, targeting ISIS in Nangarhar, Afghanistan

I’m having a difficult time processing this. Less than 100 days in office, Douche has done this………I am terrified at the over reaching he has done and will do in the future.

Wonder what Congress thinks about this?

Shadow, there are a few members of Congress encumbered by the thought process, but other than that what gives you the idea Congress thinks? :tongue-in-cheek: :eyerolling: etc.

Good gawd, why did I bother to get out of bed today? Big mistake.

DYB, love your comment @79. So true, and so obvious.

@101, I remember making a comment about this in October, one month before the election. Twilight hair model and 18 times survivor of sticking a nail in an electrical outlet, Dolt, Jr., and microwave Barbie, Kellyanne Conjob, flew to Paris for some kind of meeting with some kind of supposed humans about 4 weeks before the election. Having worked in many campaigns, the campaign manager does not have time to fly to Paris for even a day. It struck me as incredibly strange and highly suspicious.

Recordings of Dolt, Jr. might explain this especially if there were questions related to political timing of certain things, ergo, Conjob needing to be there. Oh, how I would savor Kellyanne being dragged into this. How sweet would that be!

@102, he dropped the MOAB to demonstrate to Kim Jong Unsmart that a bomb like that would take out the tunnels servicing his missile complex.

If he drops a bomb with a blast crater of 1 mile without so much as a thought to the ramifications, a tactical nuclear tipped cruise missile ain’t far behind.

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I only realized the “drag and drop” doctor was 69 years old. Sixty-nine years old. He has 5 children and four of them are doctors. I hope the one that isn’t a doctor knows something about running an airline because they are just about to own one.

Dolt 45’s bargaining ploy to Democrats. Help me screw 20 million people or I will screw 8 million of my voters by myself.

Lessons from The Shart of the Zeal.

@121: I read somewhere regarding the good doctor that he had engaged a “high-powered lawyer”. Only saw that phrase but didn’t read the article.

Again on the evidence thing (@101)


@124: Maddow is talking about this now.

@101 & 119> I would enjoy that very much too!

I think Dr. Dao is going to get a lot more than $1 million from United. And it’s going to be not because it happened in the first place (they could have settled for a few hundred thousand), but because of how they treated it *after* the video came out. That’s going to make whatever jury is deciding very very mad and those punitive damages are going to be yuge, as they should be.

Fredster, the high-powered doctor is a comment I saw from someone on twitter. I’m just glad it wasn’t Gloria Allred.

@126: Here’s the firm that is representing the doctor on the United flight.

@126, I am familiar with Mr. Demetrio. He’s very, very good and “high-powered” is an apt and very fair description.

@128: And not surprising that he’s a personal injury lawyer.

I believe the correct word is “cha-ching”

I’m guessing the atty, who is described as one of the most successful PI atty’s in Chicago, is Greek, cuz my maiden name is very similar to his.

I hope Dr. Dao gets tens of millions of dollars! And the United CEO is fired. But let’s be honest – he’ll be fired with a very large golden parachute.

BTW, has anyone heard from or seen Beata post anywhere? She hasn’t visited us in a while and I hope she is alright!

@132, I haven’t seen her at SkyDancing for quite a while either. Hope she’s all right. She did decide in favor of Sanders early in the primary season (but said she’d vote for Hillary if she won the nomination). She didn’t comment for a while but then returned (I think around) the nomination. IIRC, it was shortly after the election when I last saw anything by her either here or at SD.

I imagine the comments by the rest of us about Sanders were not easy for her to read and she no longer felt comfortable at the Hillary blogs. I haven’t seen her at Uppity’s either. I couldn’t understand what Beata (or anyone) saw in Sanders to create such a strong preference. I do wish her well.

I’m lighting incense to various deities right now:

@133, my best bet is Dolt 45 was having a chocolate bombe as he ok’ed the MOAB.

@132, she mentioned her computer was on borrowed time and she didn’t know when she might be able to get a new one. Her last time around she said her computer was being held together with twine, baling wire, and a prayer.

@136, D’oh! Of course.

@137. Oh. I really, really hope that’s the reason and not the Sanders stuff! Now that you remind me, I do recall that.

I blame my memory lapses on all the crazy awfulness that keeps happening.

Gotta agree with this:

@140, OMG! I feel bad for laughing, the poor man! That tweet was too funny though!

My impression was that Beata had a new boyfriend who was for Bernie, but it sounded like he was good for her–she seemed more excited about life, so I was glad for her for that. Anyway, I hope she is doing well.

@136, LOLOL! Perfect!

@135, I’ve always thought there must be voter machine hacking. Are we ever going to see justice for this stolen election? Why can’t Hillary sue? And this is why I didn’t think Hillary & Bill should have attended that phony coronation. Transfer of power my ass. Obama was the one that had to transfer the power, not them. By attending, they looked like they condoned it. And yes, I know its tradition, but I don’t care. A lot of traditions are stupid, offensive, or harmful.

Hey, it turns out Mike Pence hasn’t disappeared, after all. Too bad he can’t spend Easter with his family. But, them’s the breaks.

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