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Posted on: April 10, 2017

Overheard at the Widdershin water cooler this week – we are fed up with: (A) Anthropological stories about down-on-their-luck rural Trump voters; (B) Blind hypocrisy by Republicans; and (C) Craven, cowardly, chicken-hearted Democrats.

No can of Pepsi delivered by a Kardashian will cure these ills, but if you can tolerate the next 600 words, what’s say we start a conversation about it?

Everyone and their dog have written about the poor rural Trump voter. You’d think they are forgotten indigenous tribes being described by Sir Stanley as he plundered the jungles of Appalachia looking for Livingstone. The money-shot quotes are as cheap and unrevealing as assisted living porn.

Capturing a chronically ill Trump voter is crazy good copy, but it does nothing to explain the highest truth of political science: Humans are complex creatures.

Stories about individual voting patterns are useless. They are not actionable. People may vote on God, guns, or gays. They may vote based upon what they divine from chicken entrails. Who knows? You can’t divorce someone from their experiential data. You can try to expand it by education, but you can’t bleach an imprinted brain.

For instance, we can accurately say 2 out of 3 of these woebegone Trump voters believe “discrimination has become just as large a problem for white people as it has for blacks and other minorities.” We can also accurately say such a belief is highly correlated to bigotry and racism, but that doesn’t mean everyone who voted for Trump is a racist.

Keeping two competing truisms in one brain at the same time is impossible for many people. It can result in exploding heads, but realizing such complexity is just the beginning of trying to understand voting patterns.

I live amongst Trump voters. My county went 80% for Trump. They aren’t all unemployed ignorant hillbilly coal miners. While some are, if you asked the vast majority, they believe the “liberal media” portrays them that way. There is no chance of starting a conversation around those two data points.

Likewise, I catch myself in perpetual agony over Republican hypocrisy until I remind myself, “Those who ride high horses are always above hypocrisy.”

For instance, there is no Republican guilt over 78 filibusters in the first five years of the Obama administration compared to only 68 in the entire previous history of the country.

The most recent act of hypocrisy doesn’t even seem to register. During the Obama years, almost 100 Republican members of Congress threatened impeachment if he dared attack Syria. Then Dolt 45 chucks $80 Million in cruise missiles closing an abandoned airfield for about twelve hours and it is time for ticker tape and Mt. Rushmore sculpting. Obama was excoriated for following the Constitution and Dolt 45 basks in his glistening orangey-ness.

Which leads us to the feckless Democrats who always seem to find a chicken-hearted way to react? The Gorsuch debacle is a prime example.

Utah acne cream model and Senator Mike Lee implied that Justices Kagan and Sotomayor are wild-eyed liberals. Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth, but this, like so many other issues, demonstrates how unanswered hyperbole sets the narrative.

Republican appointees to the Supreme Court have been so far to the right you can’t even see the center from where they are perched. Proof of this: Justice Kennedy is the swing vote and he’s one of the most conservative justices in the history of the court.

Mitch McConnell has broken the Senate in an ultimate power play after denying Merrick Garland so much as a hearing or a vote. Such an act will rank up there in all time political slime, but he did it because he could.

Democrats have made it easy for Republicans to beat them like rented mules. There is no punishment for a Manchin or Heitkamp other than the broken legs they get from jumping to the Republican side on issues. There is no punishment for a non-Democrat to waltz into a Democratic primary and harm the eventual nominee.

Because of this behavior voters see one party as definitive and the other as milquetoast. Republicans take incredibly asinine positions, but they stake out ground for their voters and never look back. Democrats bathe everything in lukewarm timidity. As my old boss once told me, “In politics if you try to get away with being half-assed, you aren’t even good at being an ass.” I wish more Democrats understood that.

This brings us full circle – when it comes to voters, you can’t replace catnip with broccoli and expect the same result. Democrats are coming to understand that, but the understanding is being driven by the grassroots. We need to keep it up. Call congressional offices. Write letters. It makes a difference.

What’s on your mind today?





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Great post Prolix! I agree on all points. But question: what can Democrats do about Munchin and Heitkamp? It’s true that McConnell has whipped his Senators far more effectively than Democrats have, either Reid or Schumer now. The old Will Rogers quote: “I’m not a member of any organized party, I’m a Democrat.” Even when previously sane Republican so crazy things while acknowledging they’re doing something crazy (see: McCain voting to end filibuster on SC nominees). Democrats have never had that much success keeping Democrats in line. Why is that? And what can they do with Munchin and Heitkamp? They can’t put someone more liberal in their seats, they come from conservative places. I figure if Democrat party refused to back them, they’re as likely to be replaced by a Republican. Also remember Joe Lieberman? Lost Democratic primary, ran as Independent and won. And wreaked havoc, neutering ACA. Is there a solution to people like Munchin and Heitkamp? I feel like they did just as well about Gorsuch as they actually could.

Therein I think is the actual problem with the old 50 state strategy. Sure you can get Democrats elected in some red places – but they’re going to be problem Democrats. In a time when they’re a minority it’s a real problem because it creates divisions in the ranks. When they’re in majority it’s beneficial because of committee leadership assignments. But it’s a tricky position. I don’t know what the solution is. Can Munchin and Heitkamp be replaced by more liberal and cooperative Democrats?

Sanders is a whole other kettle of fish. Tom Perez just announced he and Sanders are going on a tour together. So that’s happening.

Also, Erich Lichtblau, the man who gave us the infamous headline and story clearing Trump of any wrongdoing with the Russians before the elections in the NYTimes is leaving for CNN to lead their investigative unit. Good luck with that investigating.

Also, this is horrific. NO comment from Trump, Tillerson or Nikki Hayley. Or Ivanka.

I saw someone say something very interesting about Trump voters being racist, when a persona argued that no they’re not. Racism doesn’t necessarily mean parading in a white hood or screaming obscenities on a street corner. Racism is also when you live off government subsidies, won’t learn a new skill, addicted to meth, blame the government for your life – while believing black people on welfare are criminal, drug dealing, and lazy, and Mexicans are stealing your jobs.

Brought this up from down below. It is from our wonderful correspondent on the left coast, Luna.

Ok, if you’re not throwing something at the computer when you watch this… you’ll be throwing something at the computer.

Back story: United overbooked a flight and decided to remove random passengers. This way.

@1, all great points, but this is what McTurtle has done so successfully: Senators who find themselves pulled to the left politically because of state politics DO NOT run over people to get to the nearest camera to go on teevee to explain how crazy his/her caucus is for taking a certain position.

Manchin, without fail, runs over anyone between him and a camera to be the first person on camera to criticize the Democratic caucus. At that point, he automatically becomes the high watermark for all the Democrats on any particular issue. Schumer should make it clear, if you want to ride solo on all these issues, forget coordinated fundraising from the DSCC.

McTurtle allows his Senators to vote against issues, but holds them when he has to have them. I’m not sure what good Manchin or Heitkamp is when you can’t count on them when it hurts the least bit politically and all they have to do is sit down and STFU.

Lieberman’s situation only became problematic after Kennedy died and naked centerfold Brown won. I’m not sure that is a fitting template going forward.

I haven’t read the new thread yet, but I am sure it’s a doozie from Prolix… at work and will it read soon.

The Big Dawg is holding a summit at the Clinton Foundation on finding solutions on healthcare…how appropriate!

Here’s the link –!/

@3, exactly. Every human holds biases — it is all part of experiential and sociological data we all hold. It is a natural part of the human condition. The difference becomes, do you act upon those biases? That is when racism is present.

@3, or as Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is doing right now: Look at the crime data (lowest in 50 years with spikes in certain cities), listen to each and every expert say that the war on drugs and mass incarceration was a miserable failure, and then decide to reinstitute the policies of the war on drugs.

That is systemic racism actionable on a very individual level.

@2, what are “non-traditional orientations”? I’d say pee tapes might cross the line of traditional behavior.

@5, that is horrific. How did the “overbooks” get boarding passes? I would like to represent that passenger. I don’t know what happened beforehand, but nothing could possibly justify that.

@7, I looked at the agenda — very interesting.

Some United employees don’t understand what the problem with that video is:

@11> Gizmodo has a bit about this incident as well (there are multiple cameras recording) and Gizmodo has some footage of the man returning to the flight, bleeding and completely disoriented… Very upsetting follow-up video.

DYB @2: 😯 Kadyrov is the Putin puppet running Chechnya, isn’t he? And he’s going to exterminate gays? ?????????? !!!!!!!!! I’d assume it was some kind of fake news (the euromaidan peeps are not always totally objective) but with someone like Kadyrov….

Also, curious footnote to that, he’s going to exterminate gay *men*. Because women of course don’t have sex. They just are sex.

(When are the aliens going to land and take me away from all this?)

@14, I saw Avenue Q in NY and thought it was really smart. That number is exactly right. I get so tired of Repubs talking about “meritocracy”. It doesn’t exist. It would only exist if the world was like the PGA tour and everyone had to live according to a rigid set of rules. If everyone lived by the set of rules and there were sure and swift penalties for failing to do so would there be a meritocracy. The whole concept of meritocracy is the same as intrinsic “exceptionalism” — it’s just a lie we like to tell ourselves to make us feel better about ourselves.

@15, Here’s the Courier-Journal article. It doesn’t really add anything much beyond the other link.

What I don’t understand is that Louisville isn’t a one-horse airport. Why didn’t the United employees just get on the next flight of another airline? Or better yet, get in a car and drive the 5 hours instead of having that poor man mauled by those goons.

@16, quixote, if the aliens come for you, please, please ask them if they won’t stop by my house and take me too. I’d go in a heartbeat. I could be a specimen of what goes wrong with genetically inferior humans.

Today’s media meme: Gorsuch is a big victory for Dolt 45.

Let’s review:

1. He didn’t come up with the name, Gorsuch was on a list supplied by the heretics at the Heritage Foundation.

2. McTurtle is the one who robbed Obama of the seat.

3. Merrick Garland was the first ABA “highly qualified” candidate who was denied even the courtesy of a meeting with Rethugs.

4. Gorsuch was allowed to cruise through and protected during a hearing courtesy of Twitter and spelling incompetent Chuck Grassley who can barely read.

5. Dolt 45’s name was purposefully not mentioned during the confirmation process.

6. McTurtle masterminded the nuclear option, blowing up and breaking the Senate.

Yeah, a big, big victory for Dolt 45. I can’t even…

I don’t know who’s running United PR, but they should be fired immediately.

Also, Gorsuch has been sworn in. He thanked McTurtle for doing everything to get him to fill a seat previously occupied by a great man (he doesn’t mean Merrick Garland.)

So many great comments on Twitter about this United mess, especially after their official statement (which is bad):

“What’s the in-flight beverage? Waterboarding?”

“In re: United: I just heard someone use the phrase “Refused to volunteer.” Words, how do they work anyway?”

“we apologize to any customers who may or may not have been de-operationalized”

@25, Matt Yglesias has changed his Twitter handle to “Re-accommodator”. United has royally “unhelped” itself.

@26> The wording of their official press release looks like they ran it through Google translate. Fun fact: 3 weeks ago PR Magazine award United CEO (in whose name the statement is made) as the PR genius of the year.

Chicago PD on the incident, where the man who was sitting fell and hit his head while being manhandled by cops.

@4, gee, thank you; isn’t it fun?!

@22 & 25, brings up bad memories of being a marketing copywriter and having to deal with corporatespeak. I think they do it on purpose to keep employees confused. One hated example was the “It has been decided” explanation when some asinine policy by an unnamed senior management tyrant was being implemented.

@27, LOL, that shows the quality of their award criteria.

@28, “…when he fell…” Quite the paraphrase of “we forcibly propelled his head into an armrest at great speed.”

Great post Prolix, and this was the cream of the crop…showing how Dems in Congress are often gazing at Unicorns instead of being proactive: “There is no punishment for a non-Democrat to waltz into a Democratic primary and harm the eventual nominee.”

Another Unicorn moment was when the voting rolls were purged and Dems have still done nothing about it. Even screaming out from the Congressional steps, to voters, until it’s fixed.

Also, curious footnote to that, he’s going to exterminate gay *men*. Because women of course don’t have sex. They just are sex.


That’s because women are replaceable with goats, each don’t Have sex, they are just there for men’s pleasure???? @##$%*$$!!

(I know this will probably get me in hot water)

Two United staffers I’m talking with are clear: the man was asked to deplane and he refused. They ask: what else were they supposed to do?

Tell the United staffers to get on another plane. I hope this man sues, and people boycott.

I am horrified after reading this thread. I’ve been referring to Guantanamo as a concentration camp for years, but DYB’s news is just unspeakably ghastly. My heart breaks for those poor people.

Also, freaked out by United’s latest monstrous behavior. I used to love flying when I was young. I wanted to be a “stewardess” as a little kid. Now its miserable.

I think America is broken. It needs major reform, especially since that ridiculous Electoral College now allows a few small states to dictate to the rest of us. I think a lot of people will have to suffer and die before we get the change we need.

Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal for public service is awarded to: ProPublica (the left-wing Blog of Sean Spicer’s press conference) and NY Daily News. I’m a little surprised by the Daily News, but their headlines during the election were pretty good.

And as expected, Fahrenthold of WaPo got a Pulitzer for his Trump reports.

Peggy Noon (barf) got Pulitzer for commentary.

@32, I think it’s something quite similar — Real He-Men don’t think of women as really important, so it can be ignored if women love each other, as long as women aren’t obvious about it. Because of course the women are merely doing that with each other because they haven’t got a Real He-Man yet.

Real He-Men cannot imagine that women might do that because yes, they had a Real He-Man once, and that’s why they never, ever will again, or that they actually liked loving women in the first place.

@36 & 37, WTF? Quite the contrast there.

Prolix, really enjoyed your post. Sorry, I didn’t mention it first, I’m in shock after reading the thread.

@30, Luna, had the same thought.

Shadow, I will boycott them, and the last time I flew United was 3 years ago to Cancun, and they actually gave hubs & I 1st class seats cuz it was our 25th anniversary.

@37, haha! Yeah, that’s pretty f’ed up.

Noonan is older than dirt and has been writing since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Maybe she was due? Like a lifetime achievement award? I dunno.

Does she also always look like she’s high?

I tweeted at Fahrentold and Pulitzers that I didn’t see anyone sifting through Hillary’s stolen e-mails get an award.

@43, the pile of evidence that Hillary was handicapped by the MSM could fill a landfill by now.

@44, word.

@31, thanks Shadow. Nancy Pelosi runs a tight message shop in the House. If you are speaking for Dems, you are vetted and “messaged” before you get anywhere near a microphone.

In the Senate, the Dems have no messaging operation. The Rethugs do and it is researched — probably Luntz has a poll in his hands on just about any subject when he crafts the words. For the life of me I don’t understand why Dems can’t have a modicum of discipline. This feel good crap needs to end. For my money, I would go with Angus King twenty ways from Sunday before I would let Bernie smell a fart. Bernie ought to be cut loose, set adrift, and droned.

Uh, I am so sick of Bernie. He is going to be the death of America. The Dem party is abysmally lacking in two things: common sense, and balls.

I really like this woman’s tweets:

@35, 36, & 37, great news for ProPublica and Farenthold. Both well-deserved. Peggy Noonan is a fraud. She has been skating off being Raygun’s speech leech for decades. She is mentally constipated and pretends the obvious comes directly from a newly found Dead Sea Scroll pried from her arse. She writes often about religion and has been caught on more than one occasion cursing a blue streak thinking the microphone wasn’t hot. Look up tiresome in the dictionary and there’s her picture.


@40, thanks Annie. Appreciate it. This is one of those days where every 5 minutes there’s something new. The United episode is unbelievable and it was a flight to Louisville.

Now, Spicey is saying we are going to start responding to barrel bombings in Syria. This is what happens when there is no strategy. Mindless escalation. The gassing was due to Tillerson saying Assad could stay. Then they used gas. Now Dolt knows he can get good press from lobbing cruise missiles. Recipe for disaster.

In foreign policy we’ve gone from Obama saying, “Don’t do stupid stuff,” to Dolt 45, “Doing stuff because I’m stupid.”

@43, 44, 45, word, amen, and a southernization, “that’s the word with a bark on it.”

(Sadly it seems the network has fired this anchor…hopefully she can find another job soon.)

@48> As always Prolix, your way with words is second to none! And that describes Noonan perfectly! “She is mentally constipated and pretends the obvious comes directly from a newly found Dead Sea Scroll pried from her arse.”

@52, that is pretty wonderful.

Oh gosh, you guys should check out the United thread at twitter. Screamingly funny.

I doubt we will see Fredster. He had to run down to Montgomery and bail out Gov. Bentley. What a joke! Tonight KY, AR, and MS are all saying, “Thank goodness for ‘Bama! Roll Tide.”

@53, Peggy Noonan is horrid. She is just the worst. She has flitted around to all the networks and when it finally becomes clear her last original thought was something like, “Me made poopies,” they shuffle her off to lift passages from long dead poets which she promptly passes off as her own.

@57, LOL!

@56, omigosh! that creepy governor! Rethugs have no shame, no sense of their own hypocrisy. Their spirits are bottomless.

Don’t know if it was mentioned in any of the links on the UAL thing but one article I read said they wanted 4 passengers to get off the flight so that 4 employees could get on the flight.

United was trying to make room for four employees of a partner airline on the Sunday evening flight to Louisville

I don’t know about now but it used to be that flight crew members could catch a ride on another airline’s flight if they needed to get to a destination to operate a flight. I had a Southwest pilot next to me one time on a Delta flight from Salt Lake to Nola.

Guv Paw-paw in Bama has resigned. It’s about time. I don’t think his “family values” went over very well.

Hope this cartoon resizes to fit the screen.

I’ve been sitting her all day, trying to not watch the news. I actually managed to get interested in a silly vamp series and lose myself in utter fiction for a short time. The news today just breaks my heart. No reaction from ego-in-chief about the school shooting, the United incidence or anything. Stupid Spicer spin. And omg – a Chechnyan concentration camp for gays? Chilled me to the bone that things are SO wrong everywhere! We have to keep involved and fix this. Dems have the better policies and we should be on top. And why is Perez touring the country with Bernie?? I hope the Russia investigation has something going right – I’m a bit discouraged.

@63, Contrask, I know what you mean. First, things, first though — how are you healing? How’s the ankle? Will you be place kicking for the Sooners this fall?

Here’s a pretty good article from the end of last week that summarizes the Russian brouhaha pretty nicely.

Oops! I didn’t catch y’all comments about the guv. That old fart.

@63: contrask that’s why I watch TCM a lot.

@64: Better question: when are you going to be able to ride your pinot noir? 😉

Prolix, wash your mouth! My blood runs Pistol Pete orange! (never the same shade as his ickiness) But, I’m hobbling along now. The boot terminates on the 24th & I will be free drive again and walk normally. Looking for a boot contraption for my waist now, though. My calve is skinny 🙄🙄

@67, sorry. I’m just a hair above sports illiterate. I basically know the differences in the shapes of footballs and basketballs on a good day.

I might be well-served to be in a full body boot for a couple of months — who am I kidding, a couple of years.

Two weeks and you’ll be bootless. Sounds like there might be a boot bonfire in the backyard on the evening of the 24th.

@64: Prolix, that TPM piece is disturbing on so many levels. It just further reinforces my thoughts and belief that Comey is utterly useless and is tainted.

Aw shoot! Just saw that Better Call Saul is on AMC and the first show of the new season is on tonight.

I used to follow football – both college & pro. I just have lost interest in it over the last 10-15 years. Can’t follow basketball. Sometimes I’ll watch the series, but not often. Never thought I’d follow politics, lol. And now I’m a flaming “libural” 😜

contrask said: Never thought I’d follow politics, lol. And now I’m a flaming “libural”.

And that is one of the reasons we love having you here on the blog.

@69, I’m with you.

@73: Yeah I have zero faith in anything he says or does.

@72, Hear, hear! Yay for contrask!

@68, I didn’t get the references, so I’m a level below you!

@67, Oh, freedom’s in sight! Happy unbooting. And your calf is skinny because immobilization tells your muscles they don’t need to work, so they loose strength, and you will justifiably feel a little weak and wobbly for a while. Remind yourself to be cautious until you build strength & balance back up.

64 Prolix

I read that article and went back and read the one the NYTimes printed. It seems pretty simple to me that the FBI drug in it’s heels when it came to exposing anything about Rump’s gang working with the Russians, many at the FBI are Repubs and God knows it wasn’t a woman’s place to lead and be in the Oval.

A friend of mine went to Quantico last year, was able to tour the site with a friend that worked there as an FBI agent. She said it was plain to see that the majority of these, mostly men, were Republics. FoxNews was blasting from many sites there.

Then Comney comes out with his letter, then 2 days before the election says, “Oh, never mind.” While the Russian’s and Rump have been screaming, “Lock her up!”, she is on her death bed anyway…probably has brain damage and the media keep screaming, “…flawed candidate, no one likes her anyway”, and Bernie and his bros scream that she is never going to give them free college, free healthcare and free pot…so they will vote for Trump or anyone else now that the Russian’s exposed an email saying the DNC was not being fair to their old coot…and even when it was clear that Hillary won the debates, even the media were satisfied if Rump didn’t answer any questions with intelligent plans and policies.

Hillary still won 2.86 million more votes, but I believe -somehow, the Electoral College was bought and threw their votes to a total doofus.

Great post, Prolix. I am SO sick and tired of this “Democrats don’t have an economic message”. Total BS. We most certainly do and Hillary most certainly did. Either they didn’t hear it because the media never showed all the times she talked about it or they didn’t want to hear it.

I just watched a clip with Joy Reid, Krystal Ball (ha!), Trae Crowder and some other guy who’s name I don’t know. That was the whole segment about Dems having failed in their message to WWC to bring them “back into the fold”. Very disappointed in Joy for not digging deeper and continuing this ridiculous line. The other guy talked about voter suppression in PA, WI and MI. They didn’t want to hear about it even those disenfranchised voters could have put Hillary over the top.

The fact is they watched Hillary stand up for Black Lives Matter, immigrants, refugees and LGBT and the WWC didn’t like that one bit. It’s bigotry plain and simple.

I live in Georgia and am WWC myself. Yet, even I, managed to inform myself and go vote without Hillary coming down here and taking my hand to lead me to the polling station. Gahhh!!!

I like your rant, GAgirl. Yes, I’m WWC & I could figure out that Hillary was the one – I don’t care what color or gender you are – the only one. I’m tired of the narrative that she was a weak candidate or that we didn’t reach working class. The loss here was inflicted by Russia in collusion with hacking & also a result of gerrymandering & voter suppression. End of story. I still want to order my “Re-elect Hillary in 2020” shirt.

Things might have turned out differently if msnbs & cnn and other news shows like mtp, would have discussed Hillary’s various proposals for infrastructure and clean energy jobs, and the effect these plans would have had on employment, and the other good things that would have come from it. The media is as COMPLICIT as anyone.

What does WWC mean?

Seems as though the media didn’t like Hillary over Obama and didn’t even like her over a woman hating, perv, liar and bs’er.

They got what they wanted and America will pay the price for it…big time.

@69 & 77, as I so often do, I figure if I know it, everyone else does too.
I failed to point out what I find most intriguing from a legal perspective in the article. There seems to be two separate and legally distinct investigations. There is a criminal investigation bolstered by a decades of knowledge about the business dealings of Dolt 45 with Russian mobsters. That is significant.

Then there is the counter-intelligence investigation. Who did what to whom and how? We know that they were unconcerned about the use of telephones and contacts with known foreign intelligence targets. Everyone smile and say FISA inadvertent collection.

Now, the counter-intelligence investigation will result in criminal charges. So what is this separate criminal investigation focusing on? Dolt’s lawyer with the missing opposable thumbs, Michael Cohen, is going to be neck deep in it. If there was a law to be skirted, he brought the taffeta.

The one sure fire way to ensure the attention of a law enforcement officer, from Barney Fife to J. Edgar, is to disrespect them. This crowd, as full of themselves as an anemic tick on a lazy dog, undoubtedly ignored any overture by the FBI on the criminal side. I would bet Flynn lied to the FBI and they have him dead to right on those charges, but that would fall under the counter-intelligence rubric, not the criminal. That’s where people are going to be sweating bullets worrying about these very issues.

Long and short, all the fashionable attorneys will have saddles on their backs this season because these people are going to be lawyering-up.

@78, agree with Contrask GAGal, great rant. I only got about halfway through Joy’s show on the weekend and had to shut her off. Obama is the center of her political universe so Hillary is a distant second for her IMO. I can only take so much and have grown intolerant and weary of the Hillary bashing.

@79, Contrask where can I order one of those shirts!!!

@80, agree socal. Her proposals were never as entertaining as her emails.

@83: Michael Cohen, is going to be neck deep in it.

Could not happen to a nicer guy.

@78, thanks GAgal, I appreciate it. I agree 100%. Hillary had the most progressive economic message in history, but as DYB posted @43, Andrea Mitchell admitted to spending the summer “harassing Hillary about email and servers,” instead of anything substantive.

Here’s my belief and it is right in line with yours. Being the “unsung WWC hero” has become a cottage industry unto itself. There’s the hillbilly grifter, J.D. Vance, there’s Trae Crowder (I think he’s funny and I subscribe to his youtube feed), and all these writing whores who are paid by the word for submissions to the services and magazines.

The narrative has overtaken the substance or any learning to be garnered. The paradox of people voting against their interests feeds the narrative and bolsters the “barefoot and ignorant” stereotype.

I grew up in a town where WWC is what you aspired to be because everyone was so far below it. Many of the anecdotes are real, but they do nothing to explain the reality. Anyone voting policy voted for Hillary. Anyone voting based upon prejudice, bias, stereotypes, or historical remnant didn’t. Simple as that.

Here we go folks!!!

EXCLUSIVE: First picture of Russian election ‘hacker’ seized in Barcelona as his wife claims police broke door down to their apartment and marched him off to face American charges

Seen with his young family, then paraded in handcuffs, this is Pyotr Levashov, an alleged Russian cyber spam kingpin held in Spain, suspected by the FBI of hacking the U.S. election.

His wife Maria Levashova has told the Russian media how the 36-year-old was detained on a U.S. arrest warrant after police smashed their way into an apartment the family had rented in Barcelona.

Cyber security experts claim that computer programmer Levashov is also the real identity of Peter Severa, the designer of malware used in a number of high profile spam attacks including an online onslaught against a Vladimir Putin foe during the Russian election of 2012.

Spanish police handcuffed her husband and seized computers and electronic devices from the apartment which they were using while on holiday, she said.

The country’s Policia Nacional, its equivalent of the FBI, later released a pictures of Levashov being escorted by its officers, saying they had arrested a ‘most-wanted cybercriminal’ in conjunction with the FBI and that he was accused of fraud and the theft of data.

Peter Carr, a spokesman for the U.S. Justice Department’s criminal division, said: ‘The U.S. case remains under seal, so we have no information to provide at this time.’

The alleged hacker’s wife said the family, including the couple’s four-year-old son, were in the apartment when the police came.

They were saying something about a virus allegedly created by my husband – and that it was linked to Trump’s victory,’ she said.

‘They did not allow us to call a lawyer.’

She said: ‘I am just in shock and I don’t know what to do.

‘I only understand that if my husband is extradited to the USA, my son and I will never see him again.

‘They will fake all they want and will never let him out.

‘Pyotr was working with various start-ups in Russia and with some other business projects, I did not intervene. We have run an events agency.’

She claimed: ‘My husband does not have enough knowledge to intervene in elections or computer networks of other countries.’

His detention was ‘something irrational, a nightmare’, she said.

When police arrived, she said: ‘I woke up because somebody was pulling the door handle.

‘I thought these were gangsters, because they closed the spy hole in the door.

‘We could not see how many people were there. It was so frightening. I thought they would break the door and kill all of us here.

‘There were no calls, no shouts that it was police. They were just breaking the door. I rushed the child into his room to protect him .’

She said: ‘They ordered us all onto the floor – and my four-year-old son was watching this. They put all of us on the floor – and my child was watching all this.

‘They did not answer my questions, they locked me with my child and a friend into one room.

‘They kept us there for two hours and did not let me talk to my husband.’

She said she had called the Russian consulate and asked for diplomatic assistance.

She was later allowed to see her husband in jail. ‘They let me see him. He does not understand what is going on,’ she said.

‘They showed him some strange papers with his name on them, some documents from America.

‘He does not understand why him. There are many people with the same name as him.’

‘The wife of Pyotr Levashov called me and according to her no legal documents were presented by the police,’ he said.

‘They only said that he was suspected of cyber attacks on U.S. governmental websites.

A source told AFP that Levashov is ‘suspected of having participated in hacking the election campaign in the United States’.

@81, Shadow, WWC is white, working class.

Shadowfax, WWC is White Working Class.

Clinton certainly had a detailed proposal for almost everything. When Vox entered all of Clinton’s speeches, economy and jobs were the single most discussed topic of all of her rallies and appearance. If people didn’t hear it – it’s because her rallies didn’t get coverage. Trump’s did, in their entirety. But Clinton’s didn’t. If people didn’t hear it – it’s because they were watching Fox News. If people didn’t hear it – it’s because they spent 18 months of the election hearing “e-mails.” CBS/ABC/NBC Nightly News three times more on her e-mails than ALL OF THE POLICY ISSUES COMBINED. That’s as damning a statistic as one needs. And I’m also disappointed to hear that Joy Ann Reid isn’t digging deeper than the tired old “Clinton didn’t hug enough Wisconsinites” tripe.

BTW, today Martin O’Malley said Bernie would not have won against Trump. But he, Martin, would have. And so would Joe Biden. He’s also considering running again in 2020.

Life comes at you fast: this is what the past 6 months have been like, no?

@86, I did not know this when I wrote above. All I can say is FFS!


That arrest in Spain is interesting. Does Dick Cheney travel anywhere? All these hackers from Russia really shouldn’t travel. But they want to! It’a status symbol when you have (new) money. I spent the summer in “Insert name of fancy resort here.” It really means something. So they’re going to do it and think they’ll get away with it. But some won’t.

So many funny tweets, so little time:

@90, that wins the internet for today.

He had that “human in the antlers look”.

Post-election polling showed that Hillary won WWC who voted on the economic issues, for deities’ sakes! Voters swayed by racist dogwhistles and misogyny did not. Let’s face it; there’s a certain percentage who just never vote Democratic, and in 2016 the Voting Rights Act had been halfway undone, so between that and the Russians, we didn’t have enough votes to pull off that ridiculous and unfair Electoral College majority.

Re-Elect Hillary 2020 — I want that shirt too.

@90: There may be something similar coming up this weekend. I saw it the other day and bookmarked it for future reference.

Mr. Pundit has a good post today on the antics of our elected Republicans in both Alabama and Oklahoma.

shadowfax “I believe -somehow, the Electoral College was bought and threw their votes to a total doofus.” I have always felt that way too. The vote was too close in too many states to have been called for rump so early. I kept watching it thinking, something is really off.

The Rude pundit commentary is awesome. He forgot to mention our recent sexual,assaulter, Dan Kirby Good ole Oklahoma, buckle of the Bible Belt

NW Luna
Re-Elect Hillary 2020 — I want that shirt too.

Haha, I’m with you. I don’t want some less qualified woman to be the first woman President. That’s Hillary’s spot!

WWC – okay, I am one too.

I kept watching it thinking, something is really off.

I agree. That’s why this capture of this Russian hacker might be very significant. If he planted a virus that affected the election, that seems to me to go way beyond faux news and stealing emails from the DNC.

Way back in 2006 it was proven that a virus could alter voting machine tallies and that voting machines that are touch screen without a hardcopy of the vote, can easily be tampered with.

If the votes were changed by Russian hackers, and Trump knew this was happening…and the E C made their decisions to vote for Rump because the voting (hacked) showed he won more than he really did win…this would not only change the votes but also the EC votes.

If this can be proven, I see no way in Hell that Hillary’s big win is not rectified. Anything less would be complacent election fraud by the government and Congress.

Rats! complacent

@95> The other issues with WWC is that contrary to all the millions of articles and people like Bernie and Biden screaming “I could have won” is that all WWC didn’t vote for Trump. Just enough in 3 states that wouldn’t fill a football stadium. So stop screaming she didn’t hug enough WWC voters.

@98: Contrask and Shadow. I have always been suspicious of those margins. Wasn’t 45 caught saying “interesting,” when those states were called? It was like he was told ahead of time to either watch those states or that he was going to win them. I fear that the only way they will admit the election was thrown his way/rigged is if they find actual evidence that votes were tampered with or paid for or that certain voters were targeted with fake news to ensure a vote for trumputin ( a real long shot). That evidence, if it exists, was probably buried long ago. The info warfare against Hillary is ( I believe it continues even now) undeniable but they want proof that it cost her the election, something I doubt anyone can actually provide.

Can’t wait to hear what comes out of that arrest of the Russian hacker in Spain. Wouldn’t mind seeing Comey go down either for his unprecedented, partisan interference. Smug SOB.

Anyone have some spare tin foil? I seem to have run out…

I don’t know if this is a real Southwest ad, but it should be… Even though I know Southwest overbooks almost all of their flights intentionally, they’re not known to beat up their customers.

Karma is filing her nails and thinking, “Too easy — give me a challenge.”


@109> LOL. I kind of want someone to yell at Trump during a SOTU speech.

The two reporters behind the one asking the question (April Ryan is one, I’m not sure who the white lady is), give the best faces while Spicer discusses Hitler.

@113 & 114, just for a moment, a wee bit moment, think about what Angela Merkel, a PhD scientist in chemistry, or Xi Jinping, a chemical engineer, Masters philosophy, and LLD, think about these rank fools led by a bulbous orange blob who can barely read.

What have we done to ourselves? Germany and China, both cultures of superiority bred into their world views, can sit back and watch us circle the toilet bowl. It will take us a generation to scramble up the sides of the porcelain to recover from this hateful tantrum thrown by a bunch of under-educated white men acting from their own inadequacy.

@115 Prolix, yes I think you’re absolutely right that it will take generations to recover. How the world sees us…I just can’t even imagine. I’m not sure America can actually recover from it. Once respect is lost… I don’t even know what America can do to get it back. The world, particularly Europe, no longer sees America as a reliable partner. They realize the country is at the whim of a handful of people. And we can never be trusted again. It truly is the end of the American empire. I don’t see how election of anyone else in the future can ever fix this. Even if someone very sane becomes President in 2020, the world can not trust that another Trump won’t happen again.

@116, D, out of pure, petty spite, these imbeciles are saying, “We will not be utilizing ‘soft power,'” — Obama was many unhelpful things, but he and Hillary did understand soft power. Having an understanding of the world doesn’t come from sitting in a tower full of gold-plated ugliness and tweeting. Hillary and Bill understood the power of changing hearts and minds. They saw it first hand in the dusty fields of Africa and the villages of eastern Europe. All or most of that goodwill is gone courtesy of hate inspired bigotry. Racism is and will always be our original recurring sin.

I hate to be so negative, but it’s hard to find optimism these days.

Spicey, how do you think Hitler gassed the Jewish people? Gas is a chemical weapon you nitwit.

This was the first comment on Spicer’s remarks on Fox. Not sanctioned by producers. Watch to the end – how angry others at the table are…..

…it’s hard to find optimism these days.

That’s for sure. I find optimism that Rump has had so much trouble getting the things done he thought were so easy to do in his first week:

Repeal Obamacare and medical…how’s that working for ya Rump?

Ban all Muslims from entering the country…

Make Mexico pay for the wall….Bahahahaha…

Be loved by America and other countries…

Work well with Putin…

Make white (male) America rich again…

He is an even bigger failure than his debates against the real winner of the election.

@119, I had to watch it twice because I couldn’t quite catch the logic. In true Spicey logic, this is what the always obnoxious and never clever Gutfeld said:

Yes, Spicer is an idiot who made a big mistake, but we are bigger idiots and have made even more imbecilic mistakes.

Not clear how that helps Spicey. Even less clear how that endears him to anyone with more than half a brain. Come to think of it, that clears him with the typical Fox viewer.

No, did I just say something that catty? Yep, I did.

I’ve always thought Gutfeld has a moonlighting job of putting on a Pepe frog costume and molesting children at bar mitzvahs.

@120, LOL — you know, if he was going to get all that done during the first week, what was he going to do the rest of the four years? Roll around on the sand outside Mar-a-Lago? It sure wasn’t being a father to Barron.

I don’t know how this is decided but I am glad to see California stepping out way in advance to fight this…

OAKLAND, Calif. — In the age of Trump, California Democrats are tired of their state’s votes being an afterthought.

That’s why the state’s top election official is pushing to reschedule the California primary to directly follow the early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire — a bid to pump up solidly blue California’s clout, and voter turnout, in the 2020 presidential race.

Arguing that the nation’s most populous state should no longer be an “afterthought” in the presidential race, Secretary of State Alex Padilla on Tuesday announced his support for a bill from state Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) that would move up the California presidential primary from its current spot near the end of the primary calendar to third — a position currently held by Nevada.

“We need to make California, and California issues, much more of a priority for all people seeking the presidency,’’ Padilla, a Democrat, told POLITICO on Tuesday. With California registration now leading the nation at 19.4 million voters, he said, “it’s going to be great for turnout. … And it will make California much more relevant.”

The move by Democratic lawmakers — in a state where Democrats control both legislative houses and all statewide offices, and where Hillary Clinton racked up 4 million more votes than Donald Trump — reflects what political observers say is a new strategy as the party looks toward the 2020 presidential election. The bill has a good chance of becoming law, and would potentially change the rhythm of candidates’ primary campaign strategies.

Lara’s bill specifically schedules the state presidential primary for the third Tuesday in March, which is traditionally just after the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. The bill would also authorize the governor to shift the date even earlier if other states try to jump the line and move up their own dates.

@124> Great idea! Big populous states like CA and NY – whose votes in the election count for less because of the electoral college – need to start coming up with creative ways to start flexing its muscle. We send out more taxes to the Feds than we get back, which means we help sustain the less populated states. I don’t care when they put up a map that every state in the middle is red. It’s empty land, not people. If the electoral system is going to start gaming the system to disenfranchise populous states that disproportionately contribute more to the Federal taxes, those states need to start showing the Federal government and the red state voters who think their votes are more important that Hello! There’s more of us then there is of you! And we’re going to start acting like it.

@115, Prolix, this comment is absolutely profound. I have been thinking the same thing, but of course not with your incredible vocabulary.

@124, Shadow, I love that! Now if we can only get our votes to count for as much as the Americans in the small states, we might actually get a shot at some fair elections.

DYB, yes, I hate those stupid maps that show all of the red counties, and they never say that most of it is freaking dirt! A lot of it is uninhabitable. Is empty land supposed to count for more than working tax-paying citizens? This makes me insane with fury.

And it looks like Thomson is going to lose. Dang. I needed to see a Dem win in an unexpected place. And he really does look like a good candidate & a bunch better than the rethug

Oh my Widdershins, I miss you all. I’m so enjoying reading the fantastic posts and comments. Life and work have been overwhelming. I will definitely be posting on Monday, though.

Optimism…yes it’s hard to find, except that ALL the bad sh*t is coming home to roost. As usual, Drumpf and his people are reeling from a thousand self-inflicted wounds, and that Russian hacker arrest makes me feel more strongly that there is no f*cking way Hillary lost those states for reelz. No. F*cking. Way.

If the election is invalidated, and it’s getting there, then I hope Democrats have a plan to stop playing by the roolz and fix this horrible disaster. HRC is our real President and it’s time for her to take office and kick those slimy f*ckers out. And, we need to unbreak the Senate and the Supreme Court, and we need to get the Constitution amended so that our government is safe from further Drumpfs.

The Rethugs have had their way for far too long. It’s time for them to go, and go HARD.

And P.S., Spicer’s claim that Hitler didn’t use gas on “his own people” is much worse than the initial clueless remark that Hitler didn’t use gas at all. Because Jews don’t count as real people, you know. They were just 6 million people visiting “Holocaust Centers” who, whoopsie! somehow ran into clouds of poison gas and died.

What it must be like to live inside the heads of people like Spicer, Bannon and their Nazi wannabe followers, I can’t even imagine.

WaPo is reporting that the original FISA warrant was targeting Carter Page.

Also, Dump was asked if he has faith in Bannon. Dump replied: I like Steve, but remember that Steve only came at the end of the campaign.

So to recap: Manafort didn’t do anything on the campaign, Bannon didn’t do anything on the campaign… The fact that he is now saying Bannon was only there at the very end spells trouble for Bannon in the White House. Which is trouble for Dump because the white supremacists will probably stick up for Bannon. Bye bye Breitbart for Dump.

Also, Bill O is going on vacation from his show… It’s thought he may not return.

This seems to be a rundown of the last 8 hours or so:

1. Spicey proves himself worthy of the official renaming of the inter-galactic Great Void as the Spicer Zone by his cluelessness in favorably comparing Hitler to someone named Ashod;

2. Spicey then went on to “Unitedize” death/concentration camps as “holocaust centers” — I guess “reaccommodation centers” has been trademarked for United Premium flyers;

3. After a couple of hours, Spicey called Sheldon Adelson, King of all Republican Jews, and personally apologized. Adelson’s spokesperson issued a statement letting it be known Pepe the frog had been fitted with prosthetics since Adelson was dining on frog legs this evening;

4. Then WaPo broke the story that the gill-deficient human remora fish, Carter Page, was the subject of a hard-to-get FISA warrant for most likely committing criminal acts in the furtherance of foreign espionage;

5. Then CNN broke the story that CA pool boy, community college graduate, and Republican head of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, lied like, well, lied like a Republican trying to deflect attention from Russia by attempting to crucify, once again, Dr. Susan Rice;

6. Then we learn that Syrian military action was most likely prompted by Ivanka when she said, “Daddy bad, bad men,” and promptly we fired 59 cruise missiles helping Raytheon stock price and all who hold it;

7. All this as a carrier group barrels toward North Korea after the orange blob with miniature pincers punched out a provocative tweet taunting Kim Jong Unsmart to a nuclear playground slap fest; and

8. The White House is having problems putting together an Easter Egg Roll on the grounds, but plans have already been made for yet another $3.0 million Mar-a-Lago weekend.

Sounds like a Tuesday in Dolt 45’s world.

For a moment, just a wee moment, imagine if any one of these had been committed by anyone even tangentially affiliated with Obama or Hillary. Rethugs would have rent their garments and run naked through the streets with pitchforks and torches. After which they would have made selfies and fundraised off it after sexting their girlfriends.

@114 April Ryan really was ‘shaking her head’ that time. And looking around like ‘are y’all hearing this shit?’

I loved April Ryan’s expressions more than the woman in front of her. She was totally looking up at Spicer, then looking around, then shaking her head. It was amazing.

@135 Prolix, yes that covers Tuesday. The only good news is that Bill O announced he’s going on vacation. And that Dump is throwing Bannon under the bus in NY Post. Word is it is Jared and Ivanka (Janka?) are behind it. In other words, Janka moved on Bannon like a bitch.

@137, LOL

I’m seeing Trump apologists like Joe Schmoe really loving this Bannon/Kushner feud. Don’t get me wrong – I want to see Bannon drop-kicked off the front porch too, but they seem to have this little glimmer of hope that if Bannon goes, Trump will be redeemed of his sins. How many times will they fall for this? How many times will they blame someone other than Trump for his actions? If he gets rid of Bannon, Kellyanne, Spicer and the other idiots, what’s the next narrative? Kushner is not in over his head, but instead he’s just really busy taking care of this so he can’t get to that? Count on it. And (rhetorical question) where the hell is Mike Pence? I never hear Joe and Meeeka mention his name.

Just catching up after a long work day. Good on California for changing their primary date! Let’s quit this fussing over how important New Hampshire and the other tiny red states are.

As for Spicer, I have only contempt for someone who tries to pretend Hitler was less evil than reality proved.

@130, Yaaaassss! I wish the FBI & CIA would hurry the hell up.

@135: Hate to see what happens on Hump Day.

This starts with a conversation about the KS and GA special elections. Pretty good. Then, Joe and Meeka pretend the SNL skit about Trump supporters has nothing to do with the fact that numerous articles have been written lately about his voters who still support him even tho’ he’s going to screw them and theirs personally. Watch Meeeka’s cute little nose scrunch up and she says ‘that sketch is making it look like they’re too dumb to be duped’. Say wut? Comedy gold.

Then Joe chimes in – ‘It goes back to the book What’s the Matter with Kansas? Well, Kansas is just fine without you Manhattan. Kansas can make it’s own decisions without you’. Yeah, except Manhattan actually pays some of their taxes.

They swing back and forth about education cuts and so forth, but not a one mentions Brownback took a surplus and turn into to a bankruptcy.


Not much detail yet.

Brexit vote site may have been hacked, MPs say in report

…the committee’s report had included the possibility that the crash “may have been caused by a DDOS (distributed denial of service attack) using botnets” in its report “on advice”.

He declined to elaborate further.

@143 & 144 Good grief!

Luna, that’s wild. This has been quite a day for news.

I’d like to stop asking this question. I really would, but I can’t. When will Anthony Weiner be charged with sexting an underage girl, across state lines? What’s going on with that?

It’s the excuse Comey used 11 days before the election to make his grand pronouncement. So? Is the scumbag (he is a scumbag either way) guilty or not? Can they actually charge him or not? Is he working on a plea deal or something? I want to fricken know. How long can it take to prove a skeezy guy was sexting?

This is yooouge to me. Comey used it to elect Trump. I’ll never forget the media tying that to Hillary, or even Huma, that last week… Ever. Are the FBI going to arrest him or not? I’m a stickler for some things.

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