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Lazy Weekend Music~Fools Abound

Posted on: April 8, 2017


Let me see here…I do believe we are back to our “normal” schedule with the “Lazy (whatevers) actually occurring on the weekend days.

Last weekend-Saturday was the first of April, but we didn’t cover the unofficial April Fools’ Day thing.  So this weekend we shall.

Besides fools on the first day of April we sure as hell have a lot of other fools we’ve been dealing with for the past few months:  Trump fools (of course I refer to his orangeness along with his supporting cast), Republican fools of the elected type in the House and Senate, and voting fools as in the oh-so-unappreciated and unacknowledged voters of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, ad infinitum. These voting fools felt their voices have not been heard (cough-cough) enough, and don’t feel they are appreciated or loved enough.  They are foolish enough as to vote against their own best interests in an attempt to…what, be heard?  (Note to same:  we’ve heard you…a lot…in fact more than you deserve.)

So let’s take a look at musical fools in song.  There are lots of them, songs that is, although there are also lots and lots of fools too, musical or not.  These fools tend to skew toward those experiencing bad romances, but there are others also.

(1) Ship of Fools ~ Robert Plant

(2) American Fool ~ John Cougar (before adding back Mellencamp?)

(3) Fooled Again ~ Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

(4) Fool For The City ~ Foghat (There’s love here, alright, but it’s not for a woman; it’s for city life)

(5) Fooling yourself ~ Styx

(6) Ship of Fools ~ Grateful Dead song

(7) What A Fool Believes ~ Doobie Brothers

Okay Widdershins add a song or songs of your choice below.  No need to say it’s an open thread.


99 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Fools Abound"

From my teen years: “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” by Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers (1956).

Oops. At 1, that’s me, Roz in NJ/NYC.
Here’s another: The Beatles’ “The Fool on the Hill.”

Great idea Fredster. I’m glad you remembered to celebrate our national nightmare of foolishness that is passing for “gubmint” these days.

It’s like they are one long “Chain of Fools,” that Ms. Franklin warned us about.

And then Barbra and Barry ask, “What Kind of Fool?”

And April Fools’ Day wouldn’t be complete without Bollywood’s “April Fool Banaya”.

“Fools Rush In,” sung by Peggy Lee

“My Foolish Heart,” sung by Tony Bennett

Roz in NJ/NYC

It’s not music, but it is about fools.

Whoops – it’s after the ad – Foghat “Fool for the city”

Interesting story about America’s first female mayor – nominated as a way to humiliate women. She surprised everyone by winning.

A definite oldie.

We’ll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgment of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song
I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again
The change, it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the fold, that’s all
And the world looks just the same
And history ain’t changed
‘Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war
I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and…

@11, how cool! Thanks for posting. I should have known this part of herstory, but didn’t until now.

Well this one is different.

William Van Dyke – Hog Ridin’ Fool

Apparently there were multiple fools.

@11 and 15> I know! I love that she learned her name had been entered into the election while doing the family’s laundry. And her husband took her win pretty well.

I didn’t realize there were so many fabulous songs about being a fool! Great idea, Fredster! You guys already thought of the great ones, but hubs is sitting here trying to come up with one that isn’t already here. He’s been off the past couple of weeks which has been lovely, but he goes back to work on Monday and starts his new job on Thursday.

“What Kind of Fool Am I,” Anthony Newley

Roz in NJ/NYC

Voting posted this speech over at Uppity’s. Hillary is speaking at an Annie’s List luncheon in Houston and she is fired up! This is how a leader inspires and supports her party.

@20: Annie I was really surprised at how many songs were out there dealing with “fools” of one type or another.

Here’s a hint for hubby: Google is your friend. 😉

Okay this one is for DYB. Rigoletto is a jester but they’ve also been referred to as fools. By the way D, I have no idea whether this is a good production or not.

@22 thanks for sharing! I love Hillary. She has my vote in 20 if that’s where we’re headed.

Wanted to say thanks all for your contributions. I’ve enjoyed them.

From Lakerwade:

From Socalhubbie:

Fredster, sorry this took so long. We got sidetracked by lunch. From me:

Some fun reading. Louise Mensch thinks Peter Chayanov, who hosted WikiLeaks server in Russia (basically suspected of operating WikiLeaks’ DNC and Podesta dump), and who might actually be Guccifer 2, is using as his photo the photo of a man named Chris White. Chis White is a very interesting man.

22 cats
Voting posted this speech

Thank you for posting this for us here Cats.

This speech makes me cry.

I love that Hillary is putting herself out there, encouraging women to keep fighting, protesting, running for office and when she noticed some women there were dressed in white, she spoke about the suffragettes and how hard it was for them, encouraging women to read their biographies and to never give up. Saying she wasn’t going anywhere and was going to be here with all of us.

I am truly proud of Hillary. What courage she shows us.

Roz, good to see you!

Cats, thanks for posting that!

Shadowfax, well said.

@25,31, and 32: what was that saying her Mom taught her, “Bloom where you’re planted?” There is something about her now, she is so vibrant and optimistic, her sense of humor and spirit are out there for the world to see. Do you think she is finally free of her critics? Ready to just be who she is, take her or leave her, anyone who stands in her way be damned? Or is she just well rested from her terrible loss in Nov and finally at peace with it. I met an acquaintance the other day who told me she loved Hillary and she didn’t just want her to win, she wanted her to be the first female president, no one else. To me, Hillary is the real 45 not that poor excuse for a human being. She may be the only one that can get us through this. As she said, nothing in politics, or life, is permanent.

@34> Yes I agree 1000000%. I think she’s relaxed because she’s probably just let go of the pressure of campaigning or the next campaign. At this point it really makes no difference to her what anyone says because the only person she has to please now is herself. I don’t know how she made peace with November 8. I never will. And as your friend said Catscatscats, I also wanted Hillary Clinton to be the first female president. I keep thinking of a quote from Clinton, she was paraphrasing someone else: “Public service sometimes means planting trees under whose shade you’ll never sit.” Whoever the first female President is, she will owe a great debt to HRC and all the other pioneers before her. I hope they recognize it.

Day by day, this is going to become more evident to everyone especially the Alt-Reich Trumpkins.

You know…reading a lot of the comments here perhaps for our own mental health we need to go read this L.A. Times article:

Hillary Clinton says she won’t run for public office again

I think what’s important now is that we on the left start looking at who we want to see pick up the reins and take the party forward (and also who we don’t want to see in any leadership positions).

I think for now we have cried enough and we have to deal with the present situation and get ourselves ready for 2018 and 2020.

Okay, my two cents and I’m getting off my soapbox now.

Fredster @38: Kirsten Gillibrand.

@39: Excellent choice quixote!

Perhaps we need a poll?

I agree right now it looks like Gillibrand is the natural successor. She was Clinton’s choice to replace her as Senator in NY. And she’s been pretty good. Since Dump’s election, she’s voted against all of Dump’s nominees except one (Nikki Hayley.) And if Maggie Haberman’s dislike of Gillibrand is anything to go by, Gillibrand is lining up to do something. (When New York published their profile of Gillibrand a few days ago, Haberman went on a twitter storm blasting Gillibrand and the article, labeling Gillibrand as the Clinton-wing, not Sanders-wing. If that’s not an endorsement for the rest of us, I don’t know what is! LOL)

@36 I agree – even if it didn’t go exactly as depicted – it was close. And the sick thing is, people died for their little game. We do have to look to 2018. I can’t think 2020 just now. I think it’s still early for Hill to say no other office. She is too talented to sit on the sidelines for sure. BUT we do need to move on. I have to be part of awakening this red state, that is my part. We all have to do something and keep doing it. I can’t stand the thought of these unqualified crooks running our country to the ground and selling us out to the Russians

@42: contrask: I’m going to take her at her word. As she said in that article she intends to speak out and be engaged and work toward the Dems getting a majority.

she doesn’t intend to run for elected office again, but vowed to remain involved in public service and to help Democrats regain control of Congress in the 2018 election

As far as 2020, trust me there are people looking toward that already and they have maybe two years to get their faces out there nationally.

Here’s another person to think about nationally: Adam Schiff from CA. Sure he’s only in the House but he appears very knowledgeable.

Hey GAgal: If you come by tonight how is your mom doing? Is she still on the mend?

Oh my Prolix: SNL.

SNL: In Trump’s America, men only work two places: coal mines or Goldman Sachs.

The accents weren’t true KY twang. They tried though. Reasonable approximations.

If that was their idea of a VFW, they haven’t been in many KY VFWs. That was way too nice. If they wanted it to be real, the wood needed to be much dirtier from cigarette smoke.

@47: And no health care, no after school care, no more regulations (BAD!).


Chis White is a very interesting man.


He certainly is, one of the white hats. Thanks for posting that link.

Microsoft researcher Chris White given 2016 Presidential Award for efforts to fight human trafficking

DARPA might have traded him in for a younger bright mind, but Microsoft snapped him up.

I also only wanted and still want Hillary to be our first female President. I am not in the mood to think of anyone else filling those shoes. No one else comes close in my book.

When she was asked if she will run for office again, she moved her body away from the very thought of it…but she never said, “I will never run for any office again.”

I am living on another planet, but I still have hope that the investigation on if the Russian’s and Dump screwed with the election, and there might be proof that somehow, the EC or vote counting was screwed with…and somehow, Congress will declare that she WON.

I am living on another planet, but I still have hope that the investigation on if the Russian’s and Dump screwed with the election, and there might be proof that somehow, the EC or vote counting was screwed with…and somehow, Congress will declare that she WON.

Sadly, not gonna happen.

Like this one better.

A little update from Maddow on Governor Paw-paw from Alabama. The guv got a TRO and the lege went to court and got the TRO thrown out.

I. Will. Not. Even… consider 2020 now, as to who I will vote for. Hell, I wasn’t over 2008 when 2016 rolled around. Nope. The upcoming special elections and 2018 is as far as I’ll venture. It may possibly be the first time I don’t vote the top of the ticket. It has nothing to do with the Dems and everything to do with how stupid the people of this country can be. If they’re stupid enough to vote for another Stump, then my vote in Georgia won’t count anyway. Who knows? By 2020, I may not be in Georgia anymore. One can hope.

Fredster, my Mom’s pretty much over her hip surgery and doing well. She pushed a little too far, too fast, no matter how much I bitched about it. She’s doing what Mom’s do – too busy taking care of everyone else to worry about herself. Or should I say… too busy worrying about everyone else instead of taking care of herself. 🙂

@59: Glad to hear that about your mom and yep that sounds like a mom, worried about everyone else except themselves.

@58: It’s not so much who you would vote for but who would you like to see running for Prez. 2020 won’t be like last year where Hillary was the presumed nominee so far before the start of the primaries. I’m taking her at her word that she won’t seek elective office again so it will be a very wide field. I know who I don’t want and the old fart is liable to try again.

I think I’m going to call it a night.

Luna check your email when you have a chance.

Night all!

Shadowfax, yes Microsoft is lucky to have snapped him up. Chris White is one of the good guys. It’s interesting that the Russian hacker who controlled Wiki from Russia and might be Guccifer 2.0 might be using White’s photo in his profile. Very inside joke on their part.

With Hillary running for office – I thought she did basically say she won’t. At first she kind of waffled, not wanting to commit, so Kristof pointed out she wasn’t saying no. And she seemed to clarify: she plans to do interesting things and as interesting as she finds running for office, it wasn’t one of the interesting things she intended to do.

Goodnite Fredster. But…

2020 won’t be like last year where Hillary was the presumed nominee so far before the start of the primaries.

Oh yes it will. In fact, it was presumed the year before last. For good reason. Time flies…

The only future voting plans I have are as far in the future as the next election where I plan to vote NO on every Rethug and yes for all Dems, especially women.

Somehow, I don’t see Rump still in the Oval for his full first term…Pence is a worm that probably won’t make it if this Russian investigation pans out.

I’m not all that whooped about Biden either. He made a remark the other day that was so anti-Hillary it made me really mad. I would hate to have to vote for him because I won’t forget that. Schiff is a definite rising star. But I don’t think he is ready for a run. God, I hope Bernie is over himself by the time we get rolling into 2020. No, I’m with you GAgal. Not over Hillary not being my president.

I can’t imagine Biden running, and no – he is not a “FOH.” Friend of Hillary’s. He’s made a number of disparaging remarks about her candidacy, during the campaign too! His entire “will he run or won’t he run…he won’t run because his son died even though on his deathbed his son wanted him to” was nonsense. And he’s made several comments since about how he would have won, white people in the rust belt, blah blah blah. And again, let’s not forget WHY he never made it far in the primaries the two times he ran. He wasn’t very good at it and he sticks his foot in his mouth more often than a foot-fetish web-site. During his VP stint – and especially towards the end – it somehow becomes endearing. Uncle Joe and all. And the media gave him a pass. But if he runs (and I don’t think he will, his age is a major factor and I honestly think Hillary’s age is a big reason she won’t run), if he runs all of his gaffes will come out, him writing the Crime Bill, his treatment of Anita Hill, etc. Biden is not a good candidate, never was.

Sanders might run again, he’s like Ron Paul or Ralph Nader at this point. And his apostles will be thrilled, but I don’t think he would do even half as well as he did this time. He’s just gonna be that guy who keeps running and screaming until he’s dead.

I think Schiff might be in the running, depending how the Russia investigation goes in the House and how much his national profile rises. Chris Murphy is another potential, although maybe as a VP. I think in many ways Gillibrand is the first choice if she chooses. It’d be interesting to see people react to another female NY Senator running right after Hillary. All the people who said “It’s not that she’s a woman, it’s because she’s THAT woman” will have to put up or shut up. Is it because she’s a woman….?

Gillibrand statement on Syria is very “I’m thinking of running for President,” I think.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today issued the following statement on the bombing of an air base in Syria:

“The chemical attacks by the Assad regime in Syria are unconscionable atrocities and a direct violation of international law; these attacks demand a firm response from the U.S. and the world community.

“However, unilateral military action by the U.S. in a Middle East conflict causes grave concern, given the lack of any Authorization for Use of Military Force from Congress and the absence of any long-term plan or strategy to address any consequences from such unilateral action.

“Furthermore, there is no ‘military only’ solution to the suffering in Syria. The American people need answers from the Administration about their plan here and how they will bring coalition partners to the table for a long-term diplomatic solution.”

“These Foolish Things Remind Me of You,” sung by Nat King Cole

Roz in NJ/NYC

Fredster, back at you!

GAgal, glad you’re Mom is doing better. Hip surgery sounds very severe.

DYB, I hope you’re right about Bernoid and that he’ll just become more irrelevant as time goes on. I think he’s already earned the title of Nader2. I’m afraid the Dems are too chicken-shit to primary him, which is a shame. I would love to see him pushed out.

I have always liked Schiff. I’ve probably read and seen a lot more of him since he’s in my neck of the woods. Love that statement from Gillibrand, and I like her a lot. I sincerely doubt if Hillary will run again. If she did, of course I would support her, but I don’t think it will happen. I hope she stays in the public eye and says whatever she thinks without any politically correct filters.

@68: OH yeah Chris Murphy. I was wracking my brain last night trying to recall all of the “talking head politicians” I had seen lately.

The Hill has a list of their Top 15 possibles for 2020 and Murphy is on the list along with Gillibrand, Booker, Sanders (vomit) and Warren. It’s here:

I think some on the list are just silly. It includes Kamala Harris from Cali. I mean c’mon! She just got to the Senate. And I think we’ve seen how the inexperienced thing worked out.

@71: Roz, loved Nat King Cole’s voice. Thanks for adding that one in.

Kamala Harris has been very active on social media. And she just sponsored the college tuition bill with Sanders. Which is actually Hillary’s plan, but with their names on it. She might be interested in running, but she needs more experience.

I think right now it’s looking like either Booker or Gillibrand. I don’t see Warren doing well, to be honest. For all the bashing Hillary gets for being an uninspired speaker (which I disagree with.) But Warren to me is a very uninspired speaker. She might be ok with one or two issues, but she doesn’t seem to have a very comprehensive policy portfolio, and she doesn’t seem to be interested in developing one. In that regard she’s a lot like Sanders. One trick pony.

The alt left hates Booker because…. something or other. I don’t know if they’ve given Gillibrand much thought, but I’m sure like Maggie Haberman they would hate Gillibrand for being too “Hillary wing.” It was funny, after a few of her tweets bashing Gillibrand, someone commented on Haberman’s post: “Ok fine Maggie, we get it, you don’t like her. Give it a rest.”

So the pilot who flew the plane that gassed people in Syria (rot in hell), died today in a bomb/car blast. That’s…weird, right?

Reid says they wanted to send her far away from subpoena reach. (Ambassadors can’t be subpoenaed??)

If we are throwing ringers into the hat, I’m surprised no one has mentioned Cuomo. I’d bet my best copy of Funk & Wagnalls he will be wading into the Iowa cornfields in his best hand-sewn L.L. Bean boat shoes. I’m not sure who is doing the ad buys for New York economic development, but cable ad buys touting the “visionary Cuomo” in eastern KY might not be a wise use of taxpayer money.

Another name I wouldn’t count out is gluton-free, Jesuit Senator Tim Kaine. The last name I’ll throw out is the other gluton-free, perennial Rotarian/Kiwanian/Lions/Optimist Clubber Virginian Mark Warner. I’ve noticed he’s kicking the tires around the Russia spy ring collusion.

@79, they are probably hoping McFarland will litter so she will be caned.

@77: I agree with you DYB. Harris needs more experience in the Senate before looking forward. Learn the workings of that body and how it works before seeking a promotion.

Agree also on Warren (and they called Hillary “shrill” ?). For another comparison – one hit wonder. The economic issues are important but she needs to work in maybe defense or foreign affairs.

Ahhh I forgot about Cuomo! And he’s my governor. I don’t think he should run. I don’t think he’ll do well. He’s actually not liked a whole lot even by NYers, definitely not Democrats. He likes to play games with policy. He’s progressive on some issues (like gay rights, and all that.) But he’s just really slimy. It would be hard to be enthusiastic about him.

I also don’t think Kaine should run. He might have been a good VP, but I don’t see a whole lot of appeal for President. Warner might be interesting, but I don’t know much about his politics.

@80: I think that Hill article mentioned Cuomo but what national experience does he have. Yeah, N.Y. guv is a big deal but how often do you see him on the tv shows?


M. Warner, another meh.

Cuomo just has name recognition, I guess. But as I said, he shouldn’t run. A lot of NYers don’t like him, from both sides of the isle. And he’s got Preet Bharara baggage, too.

@85: I think if you say Cuomo outside of New York State that people will think of CNN or maybe even his Dad.

Posted without comment:

@83-86, meh is right for the lot of them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t personally totally, absolutely, impressed with their own attractiveness and intellect. When asked, every politician believes the White House was built for them. There’s a saying, “When every Senator looks in the mirror they see a President.”

The only politician who made the exception to this was Aaron Schock. When Schock looked in the mirror he saw the Earl of Grantham. That will serve him well in prison.

@90: And their favorite color is Presidential White:

Agree Kamala is way too new. Maybe in 18 years or so.

@78, freaky.

@92, omg! That is super freaky. Scary.

@98: OMG, hysterical.

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