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Get Thee To A Nunnery

Posted on: April 6, 2017


On Monday night the Politico reporter Gabriel Debenedetti tweeted: “We’ve got Biden, Clinton & Kasich already. Any other 2x presidential candidates planning to make a return to the political scene this month?” Then a few hours later: “The answer to this question, apparently, was Mitt Romney.” I responded: “It’s funny because only Clinton has been told repeatedly to shut up.”

In fact, after months of taunting “So where is Hillary?” and “Why isn’t Hillary doing something?” as soon as Clinton did emerge to deliver a couple of  speeches – the same people descended on her yelling “Shut up!” From Bill Maher to Donald Trump to Matthew Yglesias to Shaun King to every Bernie Bro on the planet, they declared that Hillary Clinton must shut up. Clinton Derangement Syndrome transcends party loyalty, race, age and even gender.

Hillary isn’t the only Clinton to inspire the chants of “Shut up!” Chelsea Clinton has also been told repeatedly, by many of the same people, to stop tweeting and expressing opinions and writing children’s books. Alyssa Rosenberg of Washington Post wrote an entire column telling Chelsea that it’s in her own best interests “to disappear.” Thank you so much Alyssa for your concern.


Susan Bordo of University of Kentucky, is publishing a book titled: “The destruction of Hillary Clinton: sexism, Sanders and the millennial feminists.” The Guardian published an excerpt from the book. It is powerful and painful to read:

As I watched Sanders enchant the crowds, it was something of a deja vu experience to see a charismatic male politician on stage telling women which issues are and aren’t progressive. Cultural histories of the 60s rarely acknowledge what a sexist decade it was. We imagine that breaking through the suburban 50s fantasy meant that old-fashioned gender roles and attitudes had been discarded. Far from it.

In fact, in many ways the decade was more male-centric than the 50s; it just privileged a different sort of male. Those men loved having us as uninhibited sexual partners and helpers in their political protests, but they never let us forget who was in charge of creating the platforms or who belonged in the political spotlight.


[The media and pundits] described [Sanders] as “heart” and [Clinton] as “head” – a bitter irony for those of us familiar with the long history of philosophical, religious, and medical diatribes disqualifying women from leadership positions on the basis of our less-disciplined emotions. He was seen as authentic in his progressivism while she was pushed to the left by political expediency – as though a lifetime of fighting for equality and children’s rights meant nothing. He was the champion of the working class (conveniently ignoring that black and white women were members, and that their issues were also working class issues), but her longstanding commitments to universal health care, child care, paid sick leave, racial justice, the repeal of the Hyde amendment, and narrowing the wage gap between working men and women apparently evaporated because she’d accepted well-paid invitations to speak at Goldman Sachs.

It was a week in which Joseph Biden once again declared that Clinton was a weak candidate and that he would have won if he chose to run. Bernie Sanders continued his Democrat-and-Hillary-bashing tour (now in its 2nd year), declaring that Trump voters aren’t racist and misogynistic and not deplorable. And he would have won too. Biden, of course, is two time Presidential nominee who dropped out of races early in the primaries because nobody took him seriously. He has also always been a gaffe machine, saying unseemly things which somehow became endearing when he was VP, but calling Obama “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy” nearly sank his 2008 campaign before he even started it. Biden also wrote the much maligned Crime Bill that Hillary gets excoriated for. (No, she didn’t call black people “super predators.” She was specifically talking about drug dealers only.) And Bernie Sanders voted for the crime bill. But, of course, Hillary has always been seen as the problematic candidate.

Bill Maher’s comments to Clinton on April 31st were not the only astounding moments on that episode. Guest Neera Tanden, President of Center for American Progress who was an informal advisor to Clinton’s campaign, complained about Bill O’Reilly’s racist 27-neera-tanden-clinton.w710.h473.2xcomments about Maxine Waters and Sean Spicer telling April Ryan not to shake her head. Maher and Rich Santorum angrily told Tanden that she needs to get over it, there is nothing racist or sexist in those comments, and the Democratic party lost the election because Liberals are humorless and get offended at the most insane things. Santorum declared he never gets offended by anything, which Maher agreed with. There are many things wrong with these words. But let’s just discuss the preposterous idea that conservatives don’t get worked up over bullshit. Even if we just stick with the subject of hair, something serial rapist O’Reilly thinks is funny on black women, both Maher and Santorum conveniently forgot that just a few weeks ago Samantha Bee had to apologize to some asshole with Nazi hair at C-PAC because, it turns out, he has cancer. Of course cancer has never been known to cause Nazi hair, and when his diagnosis was brought to Bee’s attention, the show apologized, edited the young Nazi out of their piece and donated money to his cancer treatment. After all this Fox News still had the young Nazi on the air to tell everyone that none of these things Bee’s show had done for him were enough.

After Tanden’s painful appearance on Real Time, where Conservative and whatever Maher considers himself, white men lectured a woman of color that racism and sexism were just in her head, Tanden tweeted:

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.34.55 PM

As can be very clearly seen, Tanden was specifically addressing a poll that 86% of current anti-Trump activists are female.

Her tweet prompted the following response:

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.36.51 PM

Harry Shearer isn’t just a twitter troll. Shearer is the creator of “The Simpsons.” He also co-wrote and co-starred in “This Is Spinal Tap” and used to write for Saturday Night Live. This is a liberal, educated, Hollywood elite man. And his response is galling. When countless people jumped in to explain that a) Tanden said nothing about race and b) majority of women voted for Clinton, Shearer proceeded to argue for many tweets that women weren’t actually as upset as Tanden thinks. Countless peopled tried to make him understand the racism and misogyny of his response, but Shearer persisted with snark. Tanden later remarked: “In the course of 24 hours, I’ve had a few famous liberal men explain women’s legit feelings to me. Interesting times.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 12.08.44 AM

Update: on Wednesday night Carl Reiner tweeted the following 2 messages:

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.27.52 PM

I leave you with this heartbreaking portrait of Hillary Clinton by Ruby Cramer of Buzzfeed from January 2016. “In the early days of her husband’s administration, Hillary Clinton tried to start a national conversation about basic human decency, only to be mocked.”

But no, heartbreak and sadness we can fight. Let’s turn it into anger and action. The message Hillary and Hillary supporters should be sending out:  to anyone who tells her – or us – to shut up comes courtesy of, who else, the woman who has been pissing off multiple Popes and Marie Le Pen for decades. It can only be  Madonna. In this live performance in 2015 she’s joined by a drag queen who was featured on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

“You might say that I’m an unapologetic bitch.

But sometimes, you know, I gotta call it like it is.”

You know, you never really knew how much your selfish bullshit cost me.
Well fuck you!”



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Randy’s back!

Excellent, excellent post D. Each and every word is true to the core. That Maher episode was cringe-worthy. As bad as the conservodroids are, “librul mens” are just as bad about mansplaining and discounting history.

And have you seen the appropriation of Hillary’s programs by Bernie and his bots as “Bernie’s plans”. Bernie and his minions have adopted Hillary’s college plan, but now it has suddenly become Bernie’s. When that is pointed out, somehow reality becomes sour grapes. It just wears me out.

This is just too good.


That Spicer video is glorious!

@4, if it gets the DYB stamp of approval, then I will consider it “within acceptable parameters.”

This is quite the statistic:

OMG I’m following Senate D Floor Watch on Twitter as Schemer and McConnell duke it out with procedural questions and motions – and it’s like reading a thriller. Is anyone near ESPN? Is it just as exciting to watch as it is to read?

Reading these motions back and forth between Schumer and Turtleneck is a lot like Gandalf and Saruman duking it out!

McConnell nuked the Senate.

@10, the best quote of all of this is Adam Schiff:

When McConnell deprived President Obama of a vote on Garland, it was a nuclear option. The rest is fallout.

@11> Absolutely correct! I think as scary as it seems… I almost feel like it’s not really a big deal in the sense that – look at what McConnell and Republicans have been doing for 8 years. The fact that there was this rule just doesn’t make a difference because – look at what McConnell has been doing for 8 years! I don’t think Dems will flip Congress in 2018, but map looks better for 2020 and 2022.

Nate Silver has an article saying that in the long run even abolishing the rule for legislature is worse for GOP in the long-run. That, of course, was purely hypothetical because who knows where we’ll be as a country in a month, forget 2 or 4 or 8 years.

Is it stupid that I understand intellectually the rule change today is bad…but I sort of am not alarmed by it? Am I being dense?

This is just rich. Another traitor to the cause during the Great War on Coal. DYB, there are plenty of quotes from people who want things not to change, but to revert back to the way it used to be so the future can be the same as the past. Whatever that means.

Kentucky Coal Mining Museum in Harlan County switches to solar power

@13, the thing that hasn’t gotten the right “spin” is McTurtle. This bs about him being an Senate institutionalist and loving the Senate is complete and utter bullsh!t. McConnell is all about winning and grinding anyone who stands in his way into the ground.

McTurtle has an institute at the University of Louisville. He brings in dignitaries from all over the world, they do lectures, blah, blah, blah. It is a shrine to him as an “international statesman.” You know what is on the walls? Nothing but the elections he’s won. Nothing about legislative accomplishments. Nothing about policy. Nothing about initiatives. It is just about elections he’s won dating back to student government elections in the 1960s.

That is who McTurtle is. He doesn’t care about anything other than power and winning.

@14 Prolix, yes that makes perfect sense. He is truly one of the most vile homosapiens alive.

@16, your definition of homo sapien is charitable.

Mattis is meeting Dump at his Florida resort (!) to discuss actions towards Syria.

@18, Wag the Dog scenario has the war Dolt 45 needs. How dare anyone talk about Russian collusion with a war time President!

Submitted without comment:

Regarding Alyssa on Chelsea’s employment, looking at her info, Alyssa has certainly done some flitting around:

Before coming to The Post, Alyssa was the culture editor at ThinkProgress, the television columnist at Women and Hollywood. a columnist for the XX Factor at Slate and a correspondent for The She has also been an editor at and a staff correspondent at Government Executive

Those positions may have all been charitably put under the rubric of “journalism”, but the girl does move around.

Interesting thing here about Gabriel Debenedetti, where he chose to speak, and the topic; considering it’s time now for HRC to shut up, go back to the woods, yadda yadda.

Bordo’s book will never be read by the women and men that continue to verbally abuse Hillary, as long as her words are printed or heard in public.

Just reading the article made me so damn angry, I had to stop. I am sick of living with this shit and sick of the people that are so intimidated by her intellect and her tenacity to stand up for all women and children and the men that love them.

I just got in a verbal argument with a Bernie supporter yesterday, he thought it was okay to trash Hillary before he found out I was a supporter. This fat, male slop said she was so terrible because she ‘flip flopped’ on marriage equality. I went after this dumb neanderthal like he was the last misogynist on the planet.

Rant over…

Charles Pierce had a good article the other day that I did not have a chance to comment on here.

A choice bit from the article:

…and hung out at the Our Revolution event that’s getting so much run among liberals of various stripes and persuasion, a reaction that has caused me to despair of ever seeing a coherent progressive politics in my lifetime. The most recent futile wankfest was touched off when Bernie Sanders said this about the people who voted for the president*:

“Some people think that the people who voted for Trump are racists and sexists and homophobes and deplorable folks. I don’t agree, because I’ve been there. Let me tell you something else some of you might not agree with, it wasn’t that Donald Trump won the election, it was that the Democratic Party lost the election.”

Oops! Forgot to mention that I luv that image at the top.

@24 Fredster, I actually didn’t take Debenedetti’s tweet as specifically anti-Clinton, although that may have been a partial subtext. For me it narrowed the topic down to: all these people running around talking and talking and talking (Gore is still making documentaries and meeting with Dump!) But Hillary is told to shut up. I don’t know if Debeneddetti was trying to say that. I haven’t followed him enough to know where he stands on issues, unlike, say, Maggie Habermann or Glenn Grundelwald.

@25 Shadowfax, yes I know what you mean. In fact, when I googled the book to read more about it, I found quite a few articles bashing the very premise. There was one at Slate, I think, in which one female writer argued that she’s reading too many reviews by *men* saying Bordo’s thesis is flawed, thus proving her right.

The gay rights issue and Hillary is something I feel strongly about, being gay. That skit on SNL where Hillary and Kate McKinnon was the bartender. And McKinnon says “You could have come around sooner” is true. But – first, I appreciate that she did come around on the subject because my own parents have not. There is such a thing as taking Yes for an answer (Dan Savage wrote about it during election.) If you try to get a political to come to your POV – and then they do, accept it as a Yes instead of screaming “Oh well too late! Screw you!” Also, gay marriage per se was a fairly recent marker for gay rights. There were other issues people seem to have forgotten: like HIV/AIDS. Clintons were involved in that and ARE very much involved on that subject now, but because the terror of HIV/AIDS has passed the gay community no longer considers those who contributed to the fight against it as valuable. When the AIDS quilt was laid out on the Mall last time, the Clintons toured it. Symbolically that was a very powerful image. AND, while everyone blasts Bill Clinton for DADT – that is in fact a major plus in his column because he quite literally tried to lift the ban on gays in the military. That’s how DADT came to exist and eventually led to lifting of the ban. It is because of Bill Clinton that the ban was eventually lifted. If the fight to lift the ban was not started by him in the 1990s, I think today gays would still not be able to serve openly. And DOMA – I’m old enough I remember the threads of a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman and DOMA was an unfortunate compromise. But – hello! A constitutional amendment he opposed and could not stop! And Hillary was the first First Lady to march in a Gay Pride March. People really don’t know what they’re talking about when they blast Hillary’s (and Bill’s) positions on gay rights. It’s ignorance.

(Don’t get me started on “But Bernie was better” because as mayor of Burlington he signed a proclamation declaring marriage is between man/woman. And in a Vermont debate said gay marriage was a state issue. So no, Bernie was not a gay rights champion.)

@DYB, well it just seems the thing du jour for this week or so to tell HRC to go away. Now, does it matter that, as far as I could tell, none of the speeches she’s done has been particularly political or partisan? Why of course not.

@27 Fredster, that image is from “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

A moderate Republican, folks.

Nicholas Kristof is interviewing Hillary Clinton at some forum right now. Yashar on Twitter is posting some fascinating quotes. Is this being broadcast somewhere?

@28: It could have been my misreading or interpreting of Gabriel (I’m not typing out that last name) and possibly just being too sensitive on that subject. I’m willing to see the worst in some of these writers.

@37 Thanks Fredster! The irony that this forum is being held at the David Koch Theater! (Formerly known as State Theater at Lincoln Center, home of NYC Ballet and formerly NYC Opera. Renamed David Koch Theater after he gave them $100 million.)

@39: I got a bit teary-eyed watching her.

Fredster, yes, I watched for a while and then my boss came in and I had to get back to work. Ugh.

It’s truly just astonishing where we are. That comment at 42 is so correct. Here’s someone who has a solution. The actual dumbass in charge has no idea what’s happening. I bet he couldn’t point out Syria on a goddamn map. I bet you he couldn’t say where Middle East was.

@42 I saw that portion of the interview, she was brilliant, so presidential. She went all the way back to Assad’s father to give context for his behavior as the current family dick-tator. She is light years beyond 45 on any topic anyone could pose.

I hope someone will post the whole interview at the summit or a link to it, I would love to see it.

@43: Damned bosses have a tendency to do things like that. It’s very infuriating, isn’t it?

@45: They may have that complete interview available later.

Bernie Bros on twitter are livid over #50.

50 tomahawk missiles launched at syria’s airfield. HIllary said she recommended that when she was Sec of State at today’s summit for Women!!!!!!

So Dump just launched 50 missiles at Syria. Russia was warned in advance, which means Syria was warned in advance. Which means this is purely show.

Meanwhile Dump is still golfing.

@53: hillary also recommended a no fly zone after taking out the airfield to protect the civilian pop.

Been sitting here trying to make sense of the waves of emotion and disgust that are reminiscent of election night. They are, if anything, stronger — they have the benefit of marinating with time.

Watching and reading of Hillary’s cogent analysis of the world just makes me sick. Sick that we, as a people, have allowed the opportunity of growth and gain to be taken from us.

In many ways it is the perfect juxtaposition of sitting here watching all the cable channels, in unending breathless pearl-clutching, talk about striking Syria. It is completely lost on these fools that the position of the United States, courtesy of Dolt 45, has changed 180 degrees in the last 36 hours ostensibly because he watched footage of a horrible chemical weapons attack on television. Just like every drunk sitting at the end of the bar he said, “Hey, that’s bad someone ought to do something.”

It is completely, utterly, tee-totally lost on everyone, because of a change in the Pentagon rules of engagement due to Dolt 45 and the new savior of liberals worldwide, Mad Dog, we killed 8 children in Yemen, one of which was an American child. We killed over 200 in bombing Raqqa — women and children included.

I find the sudden emotional empathy for the victims of war to be hypocrisy at its zenith. Shooting off 50 tomahawk missiles — a $150 million fireworks show — has bought a few days without Russian collusion leading the news. Bomb an airfield and airplanes when the Syrians are using helicopters that need neither to bomb civilians.

We can now listen to the chorus of voices in the Sanders/Sarandon wing of the party tell Hillary to go back into the woods. Whatever happens tonight, Sanders and Sarandon and the rest of them bear, in no small part, responsibility for it.

To quote Dolt 45, “Yeah, maybe something should happen,” well it did. Thank you Putin, Sanders, Sarandon, Stein, and the rest of these lowly losers. We just created more homeless refugees that we won’t allow in the country and are cutting out foreign aid to help someone else feed, clothe, and house them. Makes a lot of effing sense. But, hey, no Russian collusion stories for a few days so what is a little human suffering?

End of rant.

@45: They may have that complete interview available later.

I can’t wait to see it, work got in my way when it came on…but listening to CNN on the way home, everyone was saying maybe Hillary was right but it isn’t in her best interest to be talking about politics now, why she may have lost, and one female jerk said, “Hillary has to take more responsibility for her loss, she was a flawed candidate”. Hillary is the flawed candidate while every talking head on CNN talks 24/7 trying to make Dump’s lies into spun nuggets of gold.

I had to turn the channel to some mellow music before I caused a auto accident.


Been sitting here trying to make sense of the waves of emotion and disgust that are reminiscent of election night.

Yes, I feel the same way. Torn between sadness of what should have been and rage at what actually did happen and the state of chaos everyone is in because of it. Seeing our Hillary putting herself out there and the way she is treated when she should be our President, makes me livid.

@56: Shadow, Voting posted the entire interview at Uppity’s. I’ll see if I can figure out to post it from there. Haven’t watched it yet myself, it is almost one hour.

55 & 57: Prolix and Shadow: ditto. Every time I hear her speak since she came “out of the woods” I admire her more and more. I also mourn again our tremendous loss of her leadership as our Prez.

For you Shadow, this is what Voting posted:

Maybe some day I will learn how to embed the actual video like she did!

Dang, beat me by a minute cats! Delete mine if you guys want.

Love your post DYB. So true and so infuriating.

I agree with you Prolix. Dump is doing this because….because! There is no plan, certainly not his. He has no understanding where the Middle East is or what is happening there. Everyone on twitter is screaming “Hillary said to do this earlier today!” And some more reasonable people are trying to explain that no, not really. Dump is just following whatever Mattis is telling him to do right now because Jared went to Iraq and spent a few days with the military. He did a full 180 in one day, he can do another 180 in less time. It’s completely insane.

Also, Pentagon is saying they warned the Russians in advance. I saw The Jester on twitter earlier in the day saying Iranian embassy was being evacuated and flights between Iran and Syria were cancelled. Which means Russia told Syria in advance.

@64, Malcolm Nance is just explaining we may have killed Iranians because they were stationed at this airfield. He also says we hit weapons storage bunkers that stored the chemical weapons. He’s preparing us for news we have killed more civilians from an uncontrolled release of nerve gas.

On the “Hillary said do it,” — Hillary said, “In conjunction with about a dozen other actions and initiatives.” I just don’t listen to these people any longer who lob criticism after criticism at her. They will never get their fill at the Hillary Derangement salad bar.

I have to watch that portion again, but I believe Hillary was explaining her recommendation when she was sec of state. Were the Russians on the ground then?

DYB, this post is off-the-charts great. Sorry I didn’t get here earlier.

@66, Cats, Russia has its only warm water Med. port in Syria. Because of that, Syria has been a client state forever so there’s been a relationship. In terms of the Syrian Civil War, not until 2015 did Russia take an active role in the conflict. Russia had surreptitiously supported Syria by blocking U.N. resolutions and supplying arms before that, but being in the thick of the shooting war, that didn’t happen until 2015. They were supposed to confiscate the chemical weapons in 2013. Looks like that didn’t happen.

Thanks Cats, GAgal and Voting for the video!

@67, thanks Prolix, context is everything. More and more I believe Putin put 45 in to take Hillary off the chess board. I take some comfort in knowing that her intellect and “beach ball sized lady nuts” intimidate him so much. I will imagine a world where they go toe to toe, she changes the fate of the entire planet and I die a happy woman!

We were robbed! I’m still furious and hope I never get over that fury at what we lost: the most sane, wise and experienced person as President since this country started. I find I can’t watch videos of Hillary because the grief and anger are so strong.

DYB, great post.

@71 Luna, it is hard to watch, but it gives me a little optimism where I would see none without it. If Hillary doesn’t run in ’20 (I don’t think she will), let’s get a Dem in office who will appoint her to run any damn agency she wants to. 🙂

@55, righteous rant Prolix!

@56, Shadow, you shouldn’t listen to crappy cnn when driving. That sounds dangerous. Actually I recommend dumping them altogether. They’re evil, insane and stupid and don’t deserve your attention.

Hillary’s speech today was great! Don’t ever let anyone tell you to go away and be quiet. We need you now, more than ever.

Hillary ❤

I love this:

Bummer. It didn’t all come out. Just click on the link, it’s just a line and so perfect!

Well, the story is changing. Now they’re saying that dump told Russia (duh); Russia told Syria and Iran. Iran evacuated its embassy in Syria, and Syria moved their military personnel and equipment from the base that was bombed before it happened. This was another expensive stunt. All Don the Con is capable of. America will be bankrupt if this creep is still president at the end of 4 years.

Hillary looks wonderful. I hope she’s enjoying herself, her family & friends. I think she’ll reinvent herself in some way.

@75 Annie, and this from that twitter feed

@25 & @55 rants – awesome! DYB, your post right on. Missed most of the action at start of attack – (daughter getting scholarship award). It sounds like a nothingburger attack but I’m sure rethugs & dump will take many victory laps and award themselves medals of extreme patriotism. On Hillary’s speech – makes me hurt inside for the leader we selected and have been denied. Disgusted with CNN panels’ comments afterwards.
Catch up fully later, I hope. Feeling dispirited & like we are caught in a bag of tricks we can’t undo. I’m fiercely proud of the Dems that do know what’s going on and will continue to fight. We have to keep resisting and stay alert.

Has anyone seen anymore updates on the hacking of the GA election info and the potential for messing things up there? We have to regain a majority and we cannot afford to lose these special elections.

Oh no, are Putin and his Dumpster having their first spat?

From some comments I’ve seen on twitter, CNN is getting trolled pretty hard for their coverage, especially Fareed Zacharia’s comment that last night Trump became President (again.)

70 Cats

I think Hillary’s story as a leader is nowhere finished.

She didn’t sound to me like she is going to take a backseat any time soon. Just admitting in public that she is partly attacked because she is a ‘strong woman’ and she doesn’t take these attacks personally any more, was a HUGE statement of her confidence and determination. She has never been a quitter and she isn’t going to cower from Hillary haters.

Your wish may come true, I am counting on it. 😉

@83, right there with you Shadow. The more she speaks the more she diminishes her detractors, especially 45 and the bandits, dolts and liars that surround him. She’s fearless, they can’t touch her spirit or her message.

@84, I love Malcolm. He has an incredible bull shit detector and no qualms about telling it like he sees it. We need more like him.


“She’s fearless, they can’t touch her spirit or her message.”

And this is what I admire most about Hillary, she is fearless, hardworking, never gives up and always tries to do her best.

Gorsuch has been confirmed, which we knew would happen.

Another hypocrisy of Maverick McCain and Lady Graham:

Let me try that again…

Alt-Right Turns on ‘Neo-Con Puppet’ Trump After Bombing Syria
Citing a Russian talking point that a chemical weapons attack in Syria was a ‘false flag,’ the alt-right begged President Trump to lay off Syria. The U.S. struck anyway, and now many are ‘off the Trump train.’

I can’t believe how many people are shocked that Trump did this. Because he ran as the candidate of peace. I’m just flabbergasted. Not just the Alt-right Pepes (their fury is hilarious). But the more moderate people who thought Hillary was a hawk and actually seemed to have believed that Trump was a man of peace.

Face. Palm.

This is a burn:

Dolt 45 can spin on a dime when it is politically palatable to his regime, but domestically he remains toxic to the environment. The Bureau of Land Management oversees federal lands. As part of its mandate, conservation for future generations has always, back to to the administration of Teddy Roosevelt, been central.

This used to be the front page of the BLM’s website:

This is the website now — a wall of coal. Welcome to 1880 when I guess America was great.

It’s now looking like Russia may actually have been involved in the Syrian gas attack. Pentagon is looking at evidence that they actually participated in some way.

@94 Prolix> That is crazy!

I hope that’s CLEAN coal!

But the more moderate people who thought Hillary was a hawk and actually seemed to have believed that Trump was a man of peace.

Bernie’s burnouts voted for Dump because he was male more than any other reason. Haha, what a joke that they thought he was a man of peace.

Haha, they thought he would give better health care, or help the working class, or women, or any other person besides rich, white men over 60.

April 7, 2017 at 1:08 pm
It’s now looking like Russia may actually have been involved in the Syrian gas attack. Pentagon is looking at evidence that they actually participated in some way.

Wow, I guess it could be the planes, the airstips, the delivery system???

From David Frum in The Atlantic:

“The secret of our success in government is that we did not have us in opposition.” That quip from a friend in an allied government applies with even greater force to the Republican Party of the United States. Trump’s action has gained support from Democrats that was never available to Obama from Republicans. In the fall of 2013, even the hawkish Marco Rubio—who had long called for action in Syria against Assad—nevertheless opposed Obama’s request for authorization to do just that. Rubio’s explanation focused on the flaws in Obama strategy and commitment. “I remain unconvinced that the use of force proposed here will work … I believe that U.S. military action of the type contemplated here will prove counterproductive.”

Rubio’s points surely had some validity. Surely they apply even more forcefully today—yet Democrats from Chuck Schumer to Nancy Pelosi to even Elizabeth Warren have offered support for Trump’s actions. Pelosi praised the action as “proportional.” Schumer went further still: “Making sure Assad knows that when he commits such despicable atrocities he will pay a price is the right thing to do.”

Unlike Rubio, who understood that viability in the coming Republican presidential contest required absolute opposition to any action by Obama, Democrats operate in a more permissive environment—at least for now. If any further proof is required of the asymmetry of the two parties, here it is.

There it is — from a Republican no less. There is no equivalency between the parties. But, within the same truism, you can always expect the Democrats, like a scalded pup, to come whimpering back to falsetto calls of strength. I’m so sick of Democrats always playing the lap dog. Yes, the use of the gas was deplorable, but by lobbing those cruise missiles to make us feel good about doing something, we have ensured thousands could be further tortured by Assad in retribution. That’s what happens without a plan. We should not be feeling any sense of pride for assuaging our “American-ness” in order to do something for the sake of doing something even if it is wrong.

@101, Hillary is exactly right. What good is lobbing cruise missiles on a deserted air base when our doors are closed to the homeless Syrian children?

People now screaming at Hillary (it’s her fault!) miss the most important point: she had a multi-step plan that went beyond firing missiles. Trump does not. That is a pretty big fucking difference, if you ask me.

@104, but you would never get those people to even acknowledge the possibility because it is beyond their ability to keep two divergent views inside their pea-sized brains.


Prolix @14: “Kentucky Coal Mining Museum in Harlan County switches to solar power”

Bwahahahahahaha, heeheeheeheehee, ho ho ho ho, hahahaha , heeee … wooo, my stomach hurts.

I love it. It’s all over but the shouting.


This makes perfect sense, actually.

“Fourteen years ago, the media breathlessly reported the George W. Bush administration’s charges against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and then rhapsodized over “shock and awe” in the war’s early months. One would hope that the United States’ subsequent struggle in Iraq (and Afghanistan) might lead talking heads to be more muted or skeptical this time, but Thursday’s coverage suggested otherwise. MSNBC anchor Brian Williams described Pentagon footage of missile launches as “beautiful.” The New York Times headlined one piece in treacly fashion, “On Syria attack, Trump’s heart came first” (before later changing it). Parades of guests largely praised the missile launches as the right course of action.”

“Someone as hungry for approval as Trump remembers what gets him plaudits, especially from the establishment that has looked down on him all his life. In the blink of a news cycle, gone was talk of his many failures, replaced by tributes — and all he needed was a few dozen cruise missiles. He will not soon forget that.”

Wow, all the comments from everyone are wonderful! Love the gumption and stamina and humor and intelligence! You give me hope.

Trump a peace president? Heh. Hahaha, heheheee. They really were that stupid.

Re: hypocrisy of the Rs — It’s so thick you’d think they’d choke on it.

There’s a lot of chatter going on that Trump is planning to “restructure” Priebus and Bannon. Where “restructure” means put out to pasture, tell them to spend more time with their families? Priebus does not surprise me, he’s been on the chopping block for a while. Bannon would surprise me, if it’s true.

But interesting to ponder if both are true. Priebus is Dump’s link to Rethugs in Congress. If Priebus goes, does Congress? And Bannon is Dump’s link to alt-right and white nationalists. They’re all crying about Syria (Pepe is very very sad.) But Bannon gives the Syria actions some “legitimacy” to the alt-right, they can still rally. With Bannon out they really have no reason to keep supporting Dump. So with alt-right out via Bannon and Rethugs Congress out with Priebus – Kushner can’t carry Dump. He has no base.

Things to ponder if the chatter is true.

Tulsi Gabbard says she’s skeptical that Assad used chemical weapons.

@115, Gabbard should be airlifted to Assad.

@113, LOL!

@102: Congressman Jim Himes-CT was on schmoe this a.m. Schmoe kept hammering him with “Do you support the President’s actions against Syria?”. Schmoe kept trying to get him to a yes/no. Himes finally gave it a qualified yes.

@117 Fredster, oh Congress is tripping over themselves with approval. Very few people seem to have spoke out against the strikes. Not sure where I was reading it, but they pointed out many Democrats, including Schumer and Pelosi, approved. And, of course, McCain/Graham and countless other Rethugs flipped their position. I do wish Democrats had come out against it in larger numbers and they have a perfect justification, not so much against the strikes in principle, but against Trump’s handling of it and having absolutely no strategy going forward.

@118: DYB, here’s a link to the full statement Himes put on his congr. website:

@115, I’m skeptical Tulsi Gabbard doesn’t snort chemical weapons and crap bile, hateful nothingness into the great Vermont void from Hawaii. The Archimedian evolution of the Alt-Reich to the Gabbard/Bernie user-verse is a natural occurrence of toilet water. Mark me in the “Jaw firmly in place and not surprised” column.

@116: Brava!

Fabulous post and comments.

What I think about the missile strikes: it was as thoughtless as a 6 am tweet. He did it because he could. He thinks it’s enough, and he doesn’t have a clue what to do next. It didn’t make him Presidential. Saying it made him Presidential is like saying beating the sh*t out of someone weaker makes you manly. Sadly, our patriarchal culture has tens of millions of people who mistakenly believe this. This is why Drumpf is President. Without this outdated and incorrect view of what makes a great leader, we would have Hillary right now.

Of course the media went crazy; they will always love war. It’s great teevee, and the corporations that own the media also manufacture warplanes and warships. They had the same starry-eyed response to the bullsh*t agitation against Saddam Hussein and his alleged weapons of mass destruction. If it weren’t for the constant drumbeat in favor of the war, it wouldn’t have had the legitimacy it had.

And I know Hillary will be back. Everywhere she goes, people love her and welcome her. F*ck the media and the brogressives. They’re hopeless, and Hillary will outlast them and have the last laugh, as always.

@122, damn it’s sure hard to pull the usual political woolshit over the eyes of us nasty women & bad hombres!

@120 Prolix, I love your way with the English language! I’m not even joking when I say you should put together a book of insults!

Apparently Alex Jones just called Jared and Ivanka “enemies of the Republic.”

CNN has a fawning profile of Maggie Haberman. I’m not reading it.

@128, but daddy dearest is still 200% Murican?

@129, DYB, don’t read it. When I did I thought, D’s head will explode. I thought about ways to close down the CNN website, but then I had dinner and took a nap.

127 | DYB
April 7, 2017 at 7:17 pm
@120 Prolix, I love your way with the English language! I’m not even joking when I say you should put together a book of insults!

HAHAHAHA, you too always crack me up and yes, Prolix is the master of political insults.

About the Georgia voter rolls… Last year, Homeland Security warned all SOSs that their systems may be targeted for hacking and offered their assistance to scan for infrastructure problems and weaknesses. GA SOS Brian Kemp refused, basically because of his paranoia about the Big Bad Feds. (Probably was afraid someone would find out about his illegal purging of the voter rolls. He’s had more than one lawsuit filed against him)

Shortly after that, he accused Homeland Security, themselves, of hacking into the SOS website. They replied ‘Umm, no we didn’t but we did warn you it could happen and you refused our help’.

It turned out it was a perfectly legit request on the SOS website (that nothing to do with voter rolls) by someone doing an inquiry about personnel at the State Police office. Of course, he looked like a fool but when did that ever matter to Republicans?

People are demanding a paper ballot only – as least for this special election. His response is really irksome. First, It’s stupid and makes zero sense. Second, I don’t give a damn if he’s a R, there’s no excuse for such a partisan remark from any SOS office when it comes to the security of our voter info.

Democrats are launching a manufactured crisis,” Kemp spokeswoman Candice Broce said. “They would love nothing more than for us to flout Georgia law and use paper ballots so they can challenge the results when they lose, but we will not cater to such childish antics.”–regional-govt–politics/georgia-democratic-leader-demands-details-voter-data-breach/syAe6Hw5TGKAqfohOqEItM/

I hope Stump Jr runs for Gov of NY. He will get trounced.

Why is the alt-right upset with Stump about Syria? It can’t be because they care about the people of Syria. Do they disagree with him trying to raise the military budget?

GAgal, that’s harsh.

@126, @134, me too. Most of the people living in NY are not fans of Trumps. And most of them will remember the PuTrumpkin insults to Hillary. They will kick his whiney ass so hard.

GAgal @135, maybe it’s because of Murrika First! Don’t waste stuff on towelheads! Focus on Da Wall! Focus, man!

Something like that? It does seem out of character, they usually love blowing things up, so I’ve been trying to imagine what their train of not-really-thought could be.

@131 Prolix, thanks for checking it out and warning me. It’s like when I see people watch Fox News so I don’t have to. Very kind of them. (Or there’s that hilarious Jezebel article about the worst movie in the history of the world, “Love Actually.” They watched it so nobody ever has to watch it again.)

@133, I think the warning about potential hacking of voter machines also came as a result of inquiry into Russia over the summer. This was in the NYTimes article that said Congress was briefed about it much sooner than was previously known, and it’s why Harry Reid was sending those letters to Comey. They weren’t allowed to say anything because McConnell threw a hissy fit. If I recall, one of the things the government did was warn some states of potential interference without going into details.

I can’t quite figure out why alt-right doesn’t want Dump to bomb countries, especially non-white countries… But they are livid. Including some big names, writers from Breitbart. And Richard “Don’t Punch Me In The Face Bro” Spencer, who said he’ll support Tulsi Gabbard in 2020! Perfect pairing.

@135, 138 and 141: Could it possibly be the Russian bots at work at the alt-right sites? And don’t forget that this group is “nationalistic” and doesn’t believe we should be messing around in those foreign entanglements. And besides, Assad is Putin’s buddy; can’t mess with that.

A good piece by Mr. Pundit on the Syrian cruise missile attack.

@135, 138, & 141, it’s like Quixote said, “The Alt-Reich is Murica first.” The Breitbart/Bannon/Spencer/Coulter/Ingraham/SuperCuts crowd doesn’t believe in anything beyond the border. Murica first.

Coulter, in between her feedings of celery water and 3 Nicorettes, takes a more nuanced approach. She is worried about the Christian Syrians — given that her electrolytes are all out of kilter since she doesn’t salt her celery water and her bones scrape together — she must think they are all white or at least an acceptable mocha latte cocoa shade.

The good Christian Syrians have thrown in with the Assad Alawites because they are both minorities subject to being killed by Isis, the fundamentalist rebels, Assad’s army, or the some 12K bombs we have chucked at them over the last year. The Christian Syrians believe in killing the other dozen sectors of the reality version of Settlers of Catan in the civil war before they get killed.

Bannon’s bois and Pepe have the sads because they have toiled long and hard for eight years as long-suffering white people under the tribal rule of that Kenyan Muslim in the White House. Build them a wall. Cut out Obama phones. Stop Obamacare. Throw out immigrants. Set anchor babies adrift. Restore Murica to its 1950s greatest greatness where lunch counters were pristine and it was safe to drink from “whites only” water fountains.

That stomping you hear in the background is the most articulate arguments the Alt-Reich perfected years ago when their mommies took them too close to the candy aisle. The souring on Dolt 45 is essentially the equivalent of a “we hate you daddy” tantrum they perfected about the same time as their candy tantrums.

So here is some information concerning everything you wanted to know about Tomahawk cruise missiles.

144 Prolix

OMG, just starting to read your post and it’s off to the races again………I am laughing so hard I can hardly type. Love your sense of humor!

What about the altLeft, what are Bernie’s bro’s thinking of Dumpster’s bombings? Many of them claimed Hillary was too much of a hawk too and voted for the Big Dump.

@146, thank you Shadow. I just post my silliness in order to prove people shouldn’t jump to conclusions about genetically inferior incest products from Appalachia. We don’t always have to be kept behind bars for entertainment value.

Wondering if this is all the usual Rethug smears. Murray is up for re-election this fall. Now if the mayor was a Republican rightwing guy, I’d be far more apt to believe it.

The Times said they published a story on it because the current plaintiff’s story has details which match up with a couple of other complaints some years back. But the current plaintiff read the other men’s reports, so of course he could copy the details. As for the genital descriptions, you can just look at a man’s head hair (if not dyed) to figure out what color pubic hair he’s likely to have. Then one report describes a bump on the penis, another has a bump on the scrotum. Uh…..shouldn’t a man be able to tell the difference between the one part and the other?

(eyeroll) If you only knew all the questions I’ve gotten from patients worried about “bumps” on their genitalia. Especially the younger adults. Some made sense. Others — “yes, that part is supposed to be rather bumpy.”

Sorry if this is too anatomically detailed….Us healthcare folks get used to that sort of thing.

Just heard Rick Wilson on The Last Word say that tRump has the attention span of a gnat on meth. LOL

Did you guys see this interview with Taran Killam? Interesting comment about Trump. I’ve always thought that he can’t really read. He’s so one-dimensional. This is a Q & A interview, so I’m adding the letters Q & A so it makes sense:

Q: Even that aftermath, when Pence himself was interviewed about it on TV, he wasn’t as mad as the ~president~ was.

A: Yeah, well, the president is a moron.

Q: Yeah. Man, I just remembered that you were on last year when he hosted—I don’t even wanna ask about that.

A: It was not fun, and most of the cast and writers were not excited to have him there. I didn’t get the feeling that he was excited to be there, and it felt like a move for ratings from both sides. He was…

Q: Unpleasant?

A: He was… everything you see. What you see is what you get with him, really. I mean, there was no big reveal. He struggled to read at the table read, which did not give many of us great confidence. Didn’t get the jokes, really. He’s just a man who seems to be powered by bluster.

@144, funny & interesting! I didn’t know that about the Christians & Alawites. For most of the aughts, I had a friend whose parents were Syrian Christians. She was born here and an atheist. Her husband got transferred to Texas unfortunately. I miss her, she was lots of fun and a die-hard liberal.

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