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Take a bowel…

Posted on: March 31, 2017

As Robin of Batman and Robin fame said, “Holy Stomach Ache!” It’s the ache that won’t go away. It’s IBS-D – Incredibly Boneheaded Scandals with Delirium.

Where to start? It’s like a fart in a whirlwind – it’s everywhere all at once, it stinks, and you don’t know who’s to blame.

What these IBS-D sufferers have yet to meet is my “little friend”:


Fortunately, our little friend is the “truth” – a close cousin of reality. It has a tendency to arrive each morning with the sunrise. Let’s review a few of these IBS-D victims.

You have Rep. Devin Nunes who got a call and started an odyssey straight out of Austin Powers. Nunes went to the White House to be briefed by wet-behind-the-ears NSC staffers, one who formerly worked for Nunes and the other who was to be fired but got a reprieve from Dolt 45, examined sensitive raw intelligence, got up the next day, had a press conference, and went back to the White House to tell them about things he had learned twelve hours before at the White House. Nunes is a liar and he has officially admitted it. Question is: Was he lying then, now, or both times?

Dead man sitting…when no one will sit by you, you might be the stinker…

Or Michael Flynn, woebegone National Security Adviser for 24 days and leader of “lock her up” chants, is peddling himself as a candidate for immunity for his “story” because according to his attorney, “He’s got a story to tell.”

Maybe the truth can’t be trusted if it is proven by science. Look no further than Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator, who said the “EPA was returning to sound science in decision-making,” by ignoring it and allowing the continued use of a pesticide particularly harmful to children. Dow Chemical is happy with their life-sized skin puppet named Pruitt since the neurotoxic poison only harms children’s brains.

Then there is our Secretary of State T.Rex Tillerson – a human silver ridgeback gorilla. In keeping with OSHA standards for dealing with human ridgebacks, State Department employees have been instructed “not to speak to him directly — or even make eye contact.” As we know around here, a company lifer like T.Rex will always go along to get along and an original idea would kill him.

Or maybe we could go out to Kansas and visit with the original Tea Party scarecrow Sam Brownback. Governor Brownback has now hit the conservodroid trifecta. He cut taxes driving the state to the brink of bankruptcy, he did lasting damage to the state’s education system, and now he has vetoed expanded Medicaid. There’s 150,000 poor Kansans who wish Brownback was already ambassadoring in Italy since they have a nice anatomical spot picked out for something shaped like a boot as a parting gift.

Dolt 45 Cabinet Meeting…

Back in D.C. to avenge the failure of the American Health Care Atrocity Act, all the men folk got together and decided the “manly man” thing to do was to blame a woman. Go figure. Just like with the Nunes story, it’s a story with more credibility stretch marks than Chris Christy after a Krispy Kreme drive-by looting. The woman guilty of not being a man, Katie Walsh, will be working with yet another “Mercer” group.

Speaking of Gov. Krispy, his bridge trolls were sentenced to prison this week. Krispy was in D.C. being “injected” as chairman of an opioid task force. I find it incredibly rich for Christy to be put in charge of any effort to gain self-control over the ingestion of substances.

And just one last thought. We are a country of 320 million people. If the very best advisers we have in this country are a guy who worked for a fringe conspiracy website, a creepy daughter/wife, and a son-in-law whose college application had a $2.5 million check pinned to it, then I’ve got more than a touch of real IBS-D.

What’s on your mind today?



108 Responses to "Take a bowel…"

@1> Oh my! I unfollowed Mensch because she’s a crazy Republican. And on day Theresa May activated Brexit, Mensch tweeted all day about all the heroes of the British revolution against European enslavement. It was more than I could handle. I figured enough people would re-tweet her stuff that I’d still see the important posts.

Speaking of truth and facts and science:

@3, her return to the public stage is very well timed. I love it when she is in kick-ass mode. Unfortunately, I have no hope that those who voted for It, those that voted third party or those that didn’t bother to vote because the choices were both bad will NEVER see or admit that they made a yuge mistake.

Senate says NO immunity for Flynn at this time.

@4 catscatscats> I agree with you, they won’t. The media won’t, the voters won’t. I’m seeing a lot of right-wingers on twitter saying things like: “The swamp swallowed Trump.” I want to smack them and say: “Trump WAS the swamp all along.” But they’re blaming it all on “the establishment.” It’s their fault. The media is blaming Hillary, it’s her fault. Bernie Bros are also blaming Hillary. There is no and will be no enlightenment. I think we will just go back to where we were before.

But look out for McConnell using the nuclear option, thus completely removing any and all power from the minority party. This, of course, will have very long-term consequences for both parties.

Some on twitter who have been well-sourced previously are already saying at the WH there are already discussions about a Trump resignation. So start getting ready for President Pence.

I just hope Democrats have some sort of plans for a President Pence. I hope the party is not just hungry to see Trump gone, but are developing a strategy for what happens if he is and Pence takes over. So much will depend on what the Democratic party does in those crucial days and months…

@5: not a “witch hunt” then…..

@7> haha, no. Though he seems to have asked for immunity from Senate, FBI and DOJ. He really wants it.

Oh and that Tillerson story is so cray-cray. Not allowed to make eye contact! I actually heard from some dancers at NYCB that when Paul McCartney wrote a ballet and was there for rehearsals, dancers were not allowed to speak to him or make eye contact. I was surprised and disappointed by this. These were dancers dancing his stupid ballet.

Also, people have been going through twitter history of Flynn’s lawyer and that guy does not like Trump. He was tweeting all kind of anti-Trump things throughout the campaign.

Just FYI, this will ruin your Friday.

@13. That line-up is friggin’ depressing.

Tell us something we didn’t know:

@2, I don’t follow Mensch, I got that off a retweet, but I thought it was a nice coda on yesterday’s testimony about the feedback loop of Dolt 45 and the bots/net army/borgs. One of the guys testified yesterday that one of Dolt 45’s retweets came from Sputnik, was retweeted, and then disappeared from Sputnik. They were targeting Dolt 45 on his hours and using him to carry their message for and about him. Treason is too kind a term.

@4, Cats you are right. Not a one of them will reconsider their actions. I don’t care if they own the sins of their ignorance, I just want them to not make them again in the future.

@13, who is the “designated survivor”? I am so bad….

@6, I’m not sure McTurtle, at this point, has the votes to go nuclear. If three Rs vote against going nuclear, then he can’t.

The scenario is based on the truism that denying Garland a hearing was a political act by McTurtle within two hours of fat Tony’s death. Denying a vote by filibuster is likewise a political act. One political act is not better than the other. I think some Senators see the symmetry and may not be prepared to vote to end the filibusters.

But that is logic. People who only care about power and winning are not big fans of logic most of the time.

@11 & 12, Tillerson is not competent for this job. Lifetime company guys are not idea guys, they are survivors. They are people who are always looking to placate the alphas. And honestly, over and above this, I’m pretty sure Tillerson has been told, “Never, ever, under any circumstance, overshadow Drumpf.” That’s why he has started taking a smaller jet and fewer staff. They don’t even have someone taking notes about what is said in these meetings. That is unconscionable and ultimately reckless.

@13, they shift the designated survivor each State of the Union and joint session.

With that crew, what difference would it make? One is just as bad as the other.

@16, Question: How does one get a classification of “unwitting” when you are a “willing” participant?

I think they were trying to help the Bernie bros feefees with that classification.

@13, I look at that list and the only one that makes me feel safe is one called, “Mad Dog” — now that is a sad commentary.

@20 Prolix> I’m concerned Rethugs will vote for nuclear anyway. Even Collins is on the record saying Democrats should get over Garland and move on. She may have been the only Republican at the time saying he should be voted on. But I’m not ready to make nice and I hope Schumer isn’t either. (Munchin said he’ll vote Yes.)

I also think the guy nicknamed Mad Dog is the first acceptable replacement for Dump.

“Designated survivor” changes each time. I think last time it was whoever was the VA secretary.

@25, Dems don’t have an alternative — if you make a threat and don’t use it, it’s just a threat and everyone knows it is a baseless threat. Granted it is bringing a knife to a gunfight, but at least it is a knife.

McTurtle is never, ever, never to be trusted.

At today’s press briefing, Spicer blamed Hillary and said she’s the real puppet. *le sigh*

@24: This downward spiral has been meticulously orchestrated, successful beyond expectation, capitalizing on so many bad actors and so many people who just don’t give a fuck about the country as a whole. When I see poll numbers that don’t look much different than they did before 45 took office, I get crazy. People are really okay with this self-destruction? This administration and the GOP are so blatantly self-serving and corrupt. Are millions really okay with the collapse of the Constitution and our long standing institutions because they hate Hillary and “libruls” so much? Did we do that much damage? Are we so much worse than Repubs?

Did you hear Rachel’s comment at the close of her show last night? An unprecedented number of scurrilous and scandalous acts attached to both his campaign and the administration, but where is the outrage? Rachel seems to think there will at some point be an awakening by the public, a return to some norm that I fear does not exist. There will be a reckoning of some kind I am sure, but who and what will survive?

@28, what happens when they run out of imaginary enemies?

@DYB & Prolix: See Charles Pierce on the excuse of the Dems “Keeping The Powder Dry”.

I happened to catch this today on CNN and was completely gobsmacked by this group of voters. I loved this particular quote:

“I think we need to let this Russia thing settle down and let the man be President,” Brenner said.

And really Mr. Brenner we can’t let “this Russia thing” settle down. Ah…the stoopid – it burns!!

@32: Fox News addicts? They have all the symptoms…

@33: And they consider every word they hear from that place as gospel.

@35, ruh-Roh, did he forget he was 45? Did he resign and forget to tell anyone? Did he soil his Depends? That was frickin’ BIZARRE!

@31, McCaskill came out today for blocking Gorsuch. Of course, the Republican sniffers Manchin and Heitkamp are with their buddies on the nomination. I really do wish Manchin would lose. He is the low water mark — anything comes up and the reporters beat down his door to get to him to see if he’s with his Repub buds. There hasn’t been a real Democratic issue since he’s been in the Senate that has gotten its due because he’s always pooh poohing it from the right. Send him back to pushing $600 Epi-Pens for his money-sucking ghoul of a daughter.

@37: Yep Manchin is pretty useless. I’m sure the daughter can get him on the payroll with little effort.

Manchin is scum. But Democrats might need him. A liberal isn’t likely to wing the hell-hole he crawls out of. And Democrats will need him to have a majority. That’s the shitty part. He’s the Democrats’ Tea Party nut job.

I think Democrats MUST put up a fight against Gorsuch, so I’m glad McCaskill is in. It may be a losing fight, but the Democratic base will be livid if they just give in. Democrats will need to fire up that base over and over and over until 2018 and to fundraise. I’m afraid making deals with Republicans is out. (Am I afraid? I’m not sure. Maybe I should be afraid of Democrats making deals with the current crop of Rethugs.)

That video of Dump walking out is just weird. I thought it was because he was asked about Flynn, but he stars walking out before they ask about Flynn. Unless something happens before the video rolls.

Meanwhile in Canada:

@39, at the risk of talking psychology, here’s what is happening in his behavior pattern. Drumpf is like a shark. Like a shark has to move to keep water running through its gills to breathe, Drumpf has to talk. The behavior pattern of people like Drumpf have to keep the patter of their spiel going all the time, if they stop, you figure them out. They know nothing or they are lying.

The other piece of it is this: Quiet always equals confidence and self-assurance. Dolt 45 has neither. He’s afraid of the quiet. He doesn’t have the wherewithal to exist through silence. Quiet is extreme discomfort for him. Just watch him. He always starts his patter. Watch him in interviews. He runs his mouth constantly when keeping his trap shut would be the smart thing to do.

Just a hint — if you want to find the most interesting, comfortable person at a party, look for the one sitting quietly by him/herself, probably off to the side. Still waters and all that is really true.

Just a programming reminder: A freaky guy who has a tattoo of Nixon on his back is going to be on Maher tonight. Roger Stone — insert guttural retching sounds.

I’m considering getting drunk beforehand, but I may just take some Benedryl instead.

70 GAgal

Thanks for that video link on the last thread.

@43: And to continue the barf parade from Maher:

The panelists are former CIA director Michael Hayden, former senator Rick Santorum and Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden.

@45, I don’t have the strength…

Maher tweeted earlier that he would make Stone disappear like he made Milo disappear. We’ll see about that…

@47: Snort! Stone, like cockroaches, will probably survive a nuclear holocaust.

@26, well the current VA Sec is actually a reasonable man who is still (gasp!) seeing patients some of the time, and has said the VA won’t be privatized on his watch. Dunno how he ever got picked by Drumpf, but hope he stays.

@40, What’s taking so fking long?

Oh Prolix, just reading your top of the thread post and it’s on par with a good SNL skit. I am laughing so hard at your Ridgebacks and on-point analysis…that I can’t even get to the meat of the links you posted.

It is a wonderful thing to come here and fully be entertained with a lot of homework links to work on that I missed while just living.

Federal judge temporarily stops Gov. Bevin’s effort to shutter the last women’s health clinic performing interventions in Kentucky. Bevin is a Tea Party/Drumpf clone who is vermin gone bad.

@51, thanks Shadow. I wish I could take credit for being original or imaginative, but I’m just reporting the news with my jaundiced eye. Can you believe someone would tell these highly educated diplomats, don’t look at T.Rex in the eye? Who does that?

@53, sounds like a rapid dog — “don’t look him in the eye!”

50: I saw that in his new job Jared will be taking a look at the VA. (rolling eyes)

This is a gossip site, but they have some interesting political articles & they hate trump. This one is about creepy Jared:

@23, haha! Good point!

@43, We don’t get HBO, but we usually watch the Maher clips sometime over the weekend. This one will be really hard.

I wish I could take credit for being original or imaginative…

Seriously??? I’m not laughing at the news, God no, I am laughing at the way you round it up and present it.

Believe me, you are quite original and have a great talent with words.

@42, I like that.

@57: Aw poor Jared. He’s misunderstood by his former friends.

@45 Fredster, are you going to watch it?

@62, LOL!

@62 & 64, Jared’s daddy didn’t pay the $2.5 Million all at once. He made it in $250,000 installments over 10 years. I figure Daddy Kushner figured that’s how long it would take Jared to graduate.

George Takei announced he is planning to run for Congress and challenge Nunes.

annie it’s already been on here in the east. I tried to catch New Rules but then he want on a Hillary rant and said it’s time for her to go back into the woods, that her time is ovah.

@66: I’d love that.

@66, that would be freaking amazing! I hope its true, although he is 79.

@67, well then I’ll be giving him a pass. Thanks for warning me Fredster!

“…he want on a Hillary rant and said it’s time for her to go back into the woods, that her time is ovah.”

A lot of people feel that about Bill Maher and many of his old, boring, ridiculous guests.

Bed Bath & Beyond is dumping Trump crap from their stores. Yay!

@69: I don’t think the age issue is that much of a biggie in the House or Senate. I mean, if someone 79 was running and I like their positions on the issues and I knew they weren’t senile or anything, I’d vote for them. It’s just a two year term in the House.

@71: Ivanka’s stuff?

@72 I’m not worried about Takei’s age. Actually thought he was older. Look – here in Oklahoma we keep electing Inhofe & he’s 82. George has so much more on the ball than Nunes ever had and he’s got a huge following. We have to flip the Senate by 2018 and pick off as many house seats as possible.
Loved this post – made my Sat morning, Prolix! Woke up with head congestion after a tough week in the teaching trenches, so you can imagine what a laughing fit resulted in, lol

@74, Contrask, thanks. How goes the healing? Where are we on the walking/driving countdown clock?

@73, Fredster said, “Ivanka Trump and husband hold portfolio worth $740M, new filings for White House aides show.

Yes, Jared and Ivanka were lecturing poor people about pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and economic development in hardscuffle areas. Their first advice:

Make sure your zygote contains the DNA of either a mother or father who has money, preferably inherited wealth. Now, it’s going to be difficult. You have to be born and all that. The birth canal can be a long and arduous trek, but not to worry, that is the last time you will have to do anything on your own.

Now the other thing you need to learn is constant victimhood. You must learn that even though all your inconveniences are first world problems, they are your problems nonetheless. It’s your cross to bear when Easter dresses are a half-tick off from Primrose Yellow. Wearing last week’s colors can be so taxing.

Jared was quick to chime in, “Yes, when Daddy went to prison, I only had about $6.0 Billion to play with. That big fat man Chris Christy was so mean. Daddy was only trying to bilk family members. It was just so unfair. I had to even fly coach once to visit him in prison. And those airport Cinnabons, I was constipated for almost 12 hours once, but I persevered. Life is like that — icing tastes good, but real estate can back you up.”

Ivanka gently nudges him in the ribs, “Honey, there you go again — mixing metaphors.”

Jared sheepishly grins, “How’d you know I met a 4?”

@76, Hahaha! Airport Cinnabons!

I know the Kushner’s won’t be hurting. I just like the burn. I can picture her being thin skinned like her dear, dear daddy.

@77, another good one! And so true!

Actually April 1st is much more important for being the date on which a Widdershin was born! And we are heading to Malibu for the day.

About George Takei, its very brave of him to run, and I would certainly support him in any way I could. That district is not a pleasant area. Its very polluted from all the pesticides that have been sprayed over the agriculture for decades, and a lot of the population are rednecks. I should know, several of the OK branch of my family settled there. I had fun visiting my Uncles ranch there in the 60’s & 70’s, but its a godawful place now. Would George have to buy a residence there? It’s like 4-5 hours from L.A. Anyway, hopefully there would be a lot of Trekkies there that would be excited to have him be their Rep, even though he’s a lib.

@74, Contrask, agree with you, except I thought he was younger. Hope you’re mending nicely and have a restful weekend.

@55, “rabid” not “rapid”! That’s what happens when typing too rapidly…

@56, groan the things Jared would want to fix are what’s right about the system. We can always hope he has an encounter with a disabled vet’s service dog. Dogs are very good at sniffing out what’s bogus and what’s not.

I’ve never liked “April Fools” nonsense. What’s the point? It’s not like this stuff is funny. Someone says something ridiculous to you, you comment on it, and then they say April Fools!?!? Lame. You wouldn’t believe the inane one-liners I’ve had to endure, for 23 years now, over having given birth on April 1st. Gah.

So apparently Takei’s announcement was an April Fool’s joke. Which is shitty.

Thanks for the heads up on Maher’s tirade, I’m gonna skip the show.

There was more deplorable behavior on Bill Maher. Someone posted this video… I’m definitely putting a moratorium on watching Maher in the foreseeable future.

This wins the internet — a turtle, related to Mitch McConnell, thinks it is a dog:

I fell for it too, but wondered because of the odd sourcing. I thought he’d command regular channels for an announcement like that. Darn

So for my April Fools’ joke mother nature thought I should have the flu on top of the ankle trial. Honestly, only went in today because I wanted to nip a sinus infection in the bud. I didn’t realize the aches I had were flu – thought I’d overdone it sneaking a few steps in ahead of the date. I am a person who never has so much as a sniffle. Sigh. Indictment news for Agent Orange & friends would sure make my day.

@90, oh no Contrask. That just isn’t fair! The flu on top of everything else. You must be taking on the sins of others and bearing their bad karma. You know all the stuff to do so I won’t even try and suggest anything other than please take it easy. We need your good sense to keep us on an even keel around here.

Oh, I will suggest one thing — if you start coughing, get thee to the cough medicine at once. My ribs still hurt and its been months so those are my words of advice.

@90, contrask, sorry to hear that. Slow down, rest, take care of yourself — we know you’re tough and you don’t have to prove it to anyone.

contrask, I saw this the other day from a linked article. What is going on out there with the lege? This is terrible! Sounds like the Supe is at her wits end.

@82 Luna said: We can always hope he has an encounter with a disabled vet’s service dog. Dogs are very good at sniffing out what’s bogus and what’s not.

Maybe the dog will pee on Jared. Sort of a symbolic thing there.

@90: Oh damn Are you feeling picked on? I would.

@93 Fredster. It is going to be ugly for TPS. I went to those schools & they were great in the mid ’70s but people were building the suburbs and the middle class moved out. So, you get a lot of high risk kids and no budget to hire teachers and properly fund the schools.The little rural school I teach at, is in Tulsa County & has been on 4 day school week for 7 years now. We did it to survive when the cuts of 2008 came. And our legislature continues to make bad choices. I signed up for the Education caucus at our county convention. I truly hope we can elect some Dems that will put forth some budget solutions. I fear for my job.

@97: contrask I wasn’t sure if you were in the city schools or where. From the article it seems that the lege has just continued to cut and cut in the schools. As bad as La. has been with education they were able to confine the worst of the cuts to higher ed. K-12 might have had stand-still funding at times but at least they weren’t full cuts.

I fear for my job.

I have a friend in OH who taught music in the middle schools. During her last couple of years before she was able to retire, she went through the anxiety of not knowing whether she would have a job the following year. And I guess Guv. Mary isn’t too worried about the education budget, right?

Oh, she’s going to fix it with tax cuts, you know – Regressive party logic. And she won a 2nd term easily! And teachers I work with still drink the GOP kool-aide, spoon-fed by FOX. I remember HB1017 in the ’70’s that was going to fix school funding, then horse-racing, then the lottery, etc.

@99: (sigh) All of the standard right-wing logic. Riiight.

I remember when the lege in La. put the idea of the lottery on the ballot and it naturally passed. They said “we’ll devote x% of the lottery proceeds to education”. What they didn’t say was that they were going to cut a corresponding amount from the normal appropriations. Those lege members get you every time if you turn your back. SMH

Oh my, Absolutely Fabulous The Movie comes on tonight on HBO. I looked and it got 3 stars on IMDB. Sounds like one to watch.

@99, boggles the mind that many teachers think, against all the evidence, that the GOP has any interest in them.

Contrask, do take care!! The flu is serious business! I hope you have access to antibiotics.

Bill Maher must be jealous. Check out the crowd’s response to Hillary’s introduction.

@106: re-the NYT article: I hope he guts everything they depend on and then they can go back for some more in 2020. That is, if Trump is still in office then.

@104, DYB, apologies, but the medical pedant in me wants to point out that since influenza is caused by a virus, antibiotics don’t work on the flu. Antibiotics only work on bacterial infections. There are a few anti-viral medications; if taken early enough they can decrease the flu’s effects. Otherwise it’s symptomatic treatment, rest, and good nutrition. contrask, I hope you recover quickly!

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