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Posted on: March 26, 2017

For those tuning in for Fredster’s mellow tunes, he’s taking the weekend to rest. He spends way too many hours a day making sure things run smoothly around here. I’m sure he’ll be around to drop some tunes.

As is my prodigiously prolixous habit, I have a story. Most everyone knows A Chorus Line is one of the longest running Broadway shows in history. What most people don’t know is that the stories comprising A Chorus Line are real.

When the show was work-shopped, dancers were asked to recount their “stories”.  Those stories were woven together to create the play, the lyrics, and the music. Never before had it been tried. No one knew if it would work.

Well, it did work and it changed musical theater. It also changed lives. Young people became actors, dancers, choreographers, costumers, set designers, prop masters, and hundreds of other professions because of the show. It changed the way people saw theater.

This change came about because it was a play based in reality. It was about talent. It was about living your own truth – about telling your story. Most of all, the play was about standing up, following your heart, and doing something.

This week reminded me of A Chorus Line. The success of saving health care for 24 million Americans is due to people turning out, telling their stories, living their truth, and using their talent to overcome. Whether it was marching, calling, knitting hats, signing petitions, or just being informed, in the end reality won – at least for now.

Asked in November, anyone would have proclaimed the ACA dead. Health care was the long-hanging fruit – hanging so low it was touching the ground and rotting on the vine. No way, no how, would the Republicans be so incompetent as to not succeed at repealing something they have grunted and groaned about for seven years.

But they were that incompetent. They fielded a bill written with the venom of the insurance industry and recorded in the journals of epic fails. Never underestimate just how much Republicans will overestimate their reach.

So my suggestion is we celebrate with songs about overcoming adversity. If you have other ideas, you are welcome to share them. The first video is about the cast of Hamilton on April 16, 2016, celebrating the 40th anniversary of A Chorus Line opening off-Broadway at The Public Theater. At the end they talk about making a difference in the world just like what we witnessed this week.







Your turn. I hope your weekend is a great one.


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Ms. King, Way Over Yonder

Ted Koppel vs. Sean Hannity.

There are massive protests across Russia today against corruption, organized by Alexei Navalni. He’s already been arrested, so have some foreign journalists.

Of course I will start with the one and only Madonna and her iconic “Express Yourself.” (Video was directed by a very young David Fincher, who would go on to direct a number of Madonna’s videos as well as films like “Se7ven,” “Fight Club,” “The Social Network,” etc.)

Prolix, For some reason, I had a really hard time finding a song about overcoming adversity, this is the only thing I could come up with. Btw, love the title of the post, it fits our own week as well. Fredster, hope you’re feeling better!

@3, I saw that. I feel terrible for those poor people and am in awe of their bravery.

Since the Orange One got his backside handed to him on the “health” care thing, now he wants to make nice with the Dems. I don’t think so.

So a classic here.

@2, Rachel Maddow is the liberal Sean hannity? I disagree with Ted on that one. I would put Maher, Colbert, Bee and Oliver ahead of Rachel in that bucket. Even though she is “connecting the dots” on the Russia/45 connections lately, relying on circumstantial evidence, I think she has provided insight and criticism that is more logical than liberal. (I never watched her before this election because of her anti Hillary proclivities, so my view of her may be skewed right now.) Or is that just me?

Good selections folks.

Did y’all see this? There’s plenty of international relations criticism and all that, but it is just tacky beyond belief. It is the equivalent of saying, “Please come to dinner at my place, having the meal, then putting an invoice for dinner in front of the guest.” This orange smudge is subhuman.


@2 & 11, just my two cents, but while Koppel and like-minded journos level criticism like this, and doing it to Hannity’s face deserves credit, they go just up to the line and then they fall back into the false equivalency mode of “everybody does it”. They leaven the criticism, to make it go down just a bit smoother with some sugar. That is the problem.

It’s like what Jon Lovett said this morning on CNN when he was criticizing all these huge CNN panels that they used through the election and continue to use, “It’s smart person, smart person, smart person, bullsh!t factory…”

That is how CNN and MSNBC are trying to bait away the stupid Fox fish. They are giving them a little bit of what they want, but at the same time not making it any easier to understand the complex issues.

Like Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon saying, “There’s smoke, but no fire and that won’t hold up in court.” Well no it won’t, but is that the new standard — we have to have beyond a reasonable doubt evidence before someone will say, “The orange guy is in Putin’s pocket.” The “there’s smoke, but no fire,” is the new, “but the emails.”

Koppel and his ilk are not helping in the short-run, maybe in the long-run they will screw up their courage to the level it can make a difference.

I made a parody account on Twitter. Everyone follow me and retweet! I won’t be posting much, maybe once or twice a day. (Maybe more today.) It’ll be about a discombobulated Bernie in the White House.

@14, Love, love, love, love IT!

Prolix and catscatscats> I agree mostly. There is a false moral equivalency presented in equating someone like Hannity and Maddow (though I don’t even like Maddow). What Hannity and right-wingers offer has no logic to it. But I think there is some validity to the criticism as well, and it’s not so much about people like Hannity and Maddow, but the audiences they target. Same applied to someone like Jon Stewart. People got all their news from these people. And they still do. No matter how often Stewart might say “Hey I’m a comedian,” it didn’t matter. (Buddha always said he was not a god…) Certain segment of the population still got all their news and critical talking points from him (Stewart and Buddha). Stewart may have been right more often than not, logically. But it’s still an echo chamber, his viewers only watched him. Maddow has her echo chamber and Hannity and O’Reilly have theirs. And these echo chambers are the whole point of their careers. That’s what they thrive on. They don’t just want to report the news, they want to present it, and obviously they have a strong POV. That’s what Koppel seemed to be saying when he said that he objects to the opinion pages taking over the news pages. Both Hannity and Maddow do that. I think in the long run people like Hannity and Maddow and Stewart all did a disservice to journalism because they are turning news and facts into entertainment, and formerly legitimate news sources start chasing those ratings and sales.

Now, back in high school I took an American History AP class and our teacher, Mr. Antman, always had a question on every test: “What is the job of an historian? Is it to report history or to interpret it?” The correct answer was always “to interpret it.” He argued that if it was just about reporting history then your history books would just be timelines. On January 1st event A. On January 2nd event B. etc. But all historians provide context to events A and B, and the context they choose is what interprets their view of history. It’s fair to apply that same standard to journalists who are, let’s say, historians of current events. So it’s important to understand their biases and current events need to be placed into context. But what kind of context is where Hannity and Maddow and the rest of them can run into trouble.

The tweet directly above is in reference to Dump giving Merkel an invoice for NATO.

I was just listening to MSNBC on Point/Ari Melber and Malcolm Nance reacted to a statement by Priebus, made on another show today. Priebus was basically saying (probably on FOX) “we already know the FBI doesn’t have anything on us” Nance said that was a problem statement. And that he hadn’t heard it or he would have been more an the ball right then (Malcolm always seems an the ball to me) AND that this thing has to go to an outside investigation because it’s a counter intelligence issue. I don’t know what the process is for getting it there, but it’s certain that team Trump won’t help any. So my questions still is – who is going to push it out of the house committees? Are they going to have to subpoena to a grand jury? I know less legal than math, so am clueless.

@21 wish the 2nd tweet would show. It’s Fox News saying:

News Alert: @POTUS spending weekend working at the White House.

@20, Contrask, I’m with you, and want them to hurry it up.

Yes, and I want to see more Republicans waking up to the seriousness of it. And I’m still afraid they are going to hurt the constitution, I’m worried about the civilian casualties in Syria and the possibility of war with NK. So sick of worrying!

@16, DYB, agree with everything you say. My criticism is what Koppel tiptoes around — the economic drivers of Fox are the opinion which has bled over to the way it covers throughout the day. I’ll add the link to the NYT watching Fox for 18 hours.

My problem is not with their opinion, it is with jimmying the news to fit their viewpoint. It’s the finding a deadbeat surfer dude who is living in his van using food stamps and making that the face of women, children, elderly, and the disabled’s utilization of SNAP.

I make myself watch Fox occasionally to see what they are peddling. Other than for Shep Smith, it is propaganda central. Some are worse than others, but on balance, it is just like what Roger Ailes hypnotized the Fox fish to live and breathe. You don’t see that with CNN or MSNBC outside of the opinion shows.

@20 & 23, a quick primer. The Special Counsel (Special Prosecutor) statute was allowed to sunset in 1999. Long and short of it is that in the absence of SC legislation, the appointment is governed by the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations). Really the only way is for the Attorney General to declare the need, select the person, give notice to Congress, fund, and staff them up.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is not going to do that. Dolt 45 knows that. The only way it could happen is that Congress passes a piece of legislation and Dolt 45 signing it.

Ain’t gonna happen.

What is a real possibility is that Comey empanels a secret Grand Jury. No one yet knows if he has done that. If he has, the investigation is moving apace (love that crossword word).

Counter-intelligence investigations are painstakingly slow. Think Zero Dark Thirty and Jessica Chastain’s character. It is a by-the-ones or at least it is in all the books I’ve read. It is a slow, slow process, unless you have someone who has been flipped. By the gods of gymnastics, let’s hope it is a Flippin’ Flynn Festival.

And Contrask, for what it’s worth, I never understood the Dewey Decimal System.

Ah, thanks for the answer, Prolix. Now, assuming there is a flippin’ Flynn or a rolling Roger Stone, a singing canary Carter Page… My other worry is witnesses staying alive to testify. They say Steele is going to testify. With 9-10 dead Russians already, I’m a bit worried about the health of these fine gentlemen.

Reading about Putin’s start into media control in Kasparov’s Winter is Coming and had to go look up more on the Kursk disaster to refresh my memory. Came across this quote from Putin during that time. You’ll all recognize who this sounds like:

When relatives asked why the government had waited so long before accepting foreign assistance, Putin said the media had lied. He shouted to the assembled families, “They’re lying. They’re lying. They’re lying.” Putin threatened to punish the media owners and counter their influence through alternative “honest and objective” media.

Be careful what you wish for, Senator.

‘Bring it on!’: Lindsey Graham and constituents shout over each other in latest town hall debacle

Graham said….”And to everybody in this room, it’s okay to be mad. It’s okay to be upset.”

@27, yes, I sure hope they don’t succumb to slow-acting poisons before all their treasonous acts are confessed.

But emails…


@27, not to worry, only the good die young so these fine mutants will live to be very old and very ripe…

@28, we accept Putin as being a “smart” actor, but I’ve been hearing more and more people opine that he’s not a genius, he’s just ruthless. He is Russian through and through — he has an inferiority complex and it acts out in everything he does.

Locking 500 people up for invisible “crimes” will eventually get out even though the Russian media isn’t covering it.

On the songs – Carole King – that was my 1st album ever. And Journey selection – good one Fredster. Here’s my contribution:

If this person is still Republican even though she’s amazed that the Rs “represented the average normal guy,” she’s delusional.

Lisa Collins, a 53-year-old teacher with two adult children benefiting from Obamacare, for the first time started calling the region’s elected representatives to voice her opposition.

“This is a success that the party listened,” said Collins, a Republican who did not support Trump. “To me, that’s amazing. They represented the average normal guy, the small guy.”

@34, maybe I’m the only nerd who thinks about such things, but I find it amazing that before I had any idea about political philosophy or liberal vs. conservative, I really liked artists like Carole King who turned out to be big old liberals. Which came first? Maybe it was genetic? In any event, I’m glad it turned out this way because Pat Boone and Lee Greenwood remixes would never have made it to EDM.

@35, she’s a TEACHER! I just can’t even…

All, I’m still working now, at 11:48 PM EST. Oy vey!

I totally agree that the American people stopped this bill from passing because they didn’t want to lose their health care. The punditry seems obsessed with the personalities at play and who could and couldn’t close the deal. If the Republicans had a good bill that people liked, the Circus Peanut, the granny starver, or even Lady Lindsey on the fainting couch could have sold it, no problem. That bill was simply horrific, and had the stench of death.

I forgot to mention, now that it’s 12:27 am EST and I’m finally shutting down, that I didn’t have time to do a post this week. This work thing is really cutting down on my political ranting. :-p

That revision on the Russia/Putin timeline is interesting in light of this evening’s Twitte war! Did anyone else witness this insanity?

To recap: Maggie Haberman of the hollow NYTimes, retweets the WaPo story written by Jennifer Palmieri about how hard the Clinton camp tried to get the media to privately listen to their concerns about Trump/Russia, and how everybody just laughed at them, concentrating on the e-mails instead of investigating Trump/Russia. Maggie’s comment to the article was that it was just plain wrong.

This prompted Nick Merrill to respond that the NY Times had a vastly qualified candidate and the Trump/Russia story, and they failed to do both jobs justice.

Haberman responded that if Hillary really wanted the story pursued she would have dedicated some time to it and not make it a #2 story, at best, for her campaign.

Charles Pierce of Esquire wrote that Hillary threw the Russia story to Trump’s face at the debate.

Haberman sarcastically responded: “Oh you mean just that one time?” Then she wished him goodnight.

I jumped in saying it can be a little confusing to know if Hillary should have made white collar workers in the rust belt her #1 priority or Trump/Russia. Or something else entirely? So many #1 priorities… What’s a candidate to do?

Other people then pointed out the side-by-side comparison of Times series about e-mails vs. dismissing collusion between two Russian banks and Trump servers. I said those headlines should be flashing before Maggie’s eyes on her deathbed.

I then told Maggie that it is in fact NOT Hillary Clinton’s job to make Maggie do hers. Others wrote talked about the issue. Robby Mook to Jake Tapper on July 24. Tapper did no follow-up reporters. Everyone laughed at Mook. Kurt Eichenwald was certainly writing bout it, as was David Korn. Then Louise Mensch jumped on it, breaking the Alfa Bank story which Times had and did not publish. They even had an interview with Harry Reid, which they did not publish. That reeks more of a cover-up.

Maggie is still defending herself on different threads. She’s useless. She needs to retire.

@40, but she is getting calls from the orange colostomy bag when he wants to fluff something. That makes her really special. She and Bob Costa are OCB’s favorite lickspittles.

This needs to be thrown in Jake Tapper’s face forever. ‘did Hillary really learn’… ‘did people in her circle, not necessarily you, but Robby Mook and you’… ‘I know YOU say it’s the Russians’… Then Podesta, ‘maybe in the next 9 days James Comey will come out and tell us what he knows’

I must have been a closet liberal for a long time, then. I only have Ted Nugent to renounce from my youth.

@43, LOL — my soul is clean of the sins of “Nugentry”.

@42> OMG, I could barely watch that. Tapper is scum. So is Maggie Haberman. They’re all scum. Ugh.

Even Nate Silver yesterday tweeted that nobody did more to minimize Trump/Russia story than NY Times.

11 Cats

Nope, you aren’t alone.

This is the first time I have paid attention to Maddow too, and for the same reasons you mentioned. She is not talking about one tiny chunk of news at a time, but putting the timeline and the big picture together. I think ‘big picture’, past, present and future more that an I just focus on isolated issues that has no relationship to anything else. I really appreciate her shows a lot lately.

Kushner met with Russian bankers from a bank Obama sanctioned. But they claim they didn’t discuss anything of interest…

Basically this is how every Trump team meeting with the Russians goes:

Nice weather.
Yep definitely.
I like that painting.
Yeah man. I like your tie.
Thanks. Yours too.
Where did you buy it?
My wife got it for me.
Oh nice, she has good taste.
Yeah man.
Well thanks for stopping by!
You bet! Good seeing you! Bye!

I’m confused about something: Louise Mensch reported that Trump flunky who just announced he will be leaving Trump’s administration, Boris Epshteyn, was named to FISA court in July 2016. Does anyone know what she’s talking about? Is he a judge? He oversees FISA warrants and works for Trump? I’m confused…

I think I answered my own question. Epshteyn wasn’t ON the FISA court, he was named in the warrant the FBI applied for. Now he’s leaving the White House.

Tippy Tapper Toes is near the top of my hate list. Wolfman and all the other Hillary haters that didn’t give her any respect are all up there.

Seeing Palosi lead Dems to ‘jump for joy’ on the grass near Congress is delightful…

That Pelosi jump was great!

Apparently someone just asked Sean Spicer at the WH briefing if Trump has considered meeting with HRC to discuss healthcare after his plan failed.

Oh wow, DYB – wish I had stuck it out. What kind of response did he make on HRC? Sounds like a traveling podium moment! I can’t handle Spicy – he’s almost as bad as Duck l’Orange – and they broke in with Sessions, so I had to go back to my Jeff Beck album. Such pathetic diversion tactics.

OMG I think Glenn Greenwald blocked me on twitter! I was going to tag him in something and his name doesn’t come up. LOL

LOL he did block me. I just found his profile via google and it says I’m blocked. Hhaahahahahahahaha

@49 & 50, there is speculation, and I stress speculation, that Boris Epshteyn is “Source E” in the Steele Dossier responsible for the Pee Pee Tape. Boris has all kinds of nefarious Russia connections and was doing business in Russia from 2009 – 2013. In 2013 the company for which he worked blew up under criminal indictment.

@56 & 57, congratulations. Couldn’t be blocked by anyone better! He’s a horrid creature.

I’m working on getting Maggie Haberman to block me next. She was all over Twitter blaming HRC for NYTimes not covering Trump/Russia. Many comments across multiple threads by different people, it’s all HRC’s fault. I just tweeted that Maggie is the Judith Miller of our time.

@58> Ahhhh interesting on Epshteyn being a source on the pee-pee tape. Thanks for clarifying! So many people, I can’t keep up!

I don’t think the distractions from Russia are working out too well for them, but they are all working on it.

Woah, Jared Kushner just deleted all of his tweets.

@63, I saw that too and went whoa! but then I saw:


It looks like the Wall Street Trump Bump has a leak. It was nothing other than anticipatory gains based upon tax cuts and domestication of offshore profits. This is the longest loss string since 2011. If Marty Bannon is on Fox Business giving stock tips, ignore him.

@63 & 64, just a step back — the White House could have any expert organizational expert in the world just with a phone call, but no, we have the first son-in-law married to the daughter/wife. This is Banana Republicanism at its pinnacle of stupidity. This is Idiocracy II: The Orangeyness of It All.

@67, it’s oligarchy, in its hereditary version.

Yes, Keith, for some people this is all you have to do to be labeled an “enemy.”

Good article by a Canadian and an American doctor (though the stock photo of a zombi pharmacist is funny). Except — “our collective responsibility”? The U.S. hasn’t gotten there yet, and that’s the problem.

O Canada: What our neighbors to the north can teach us about health care reform

First, to Canadians, health care is more than a matter of money and medicine: It is an expression of core national values. It’s no coincidence that the late Tommy Douglas, the former premier of Saskatchewan who introduced universal public health care to Canada, was chosen by Canadians from across the country to be “The Greatest Canadian of All Time” in 2004. Simply put, universal health care has become central to how Canadians think about their identity. It reflects a national determination to take care of each other at moments of vulnerability, and to place well-being over wealth. …

We suggest that a broader national conversation among Americans about our collective responsibility for health as a public good is essential if we are to find a solution that transcends this political moment.

This is quite interesting. I’m not sure I buy it, but an interesting thought experiment nonetheless.


Did you see Alyssa Milano and – I’m guessing boyfriend – are driving strangers to vote in GA today? It’s pretty awesome. She’s publicizing a number on twitter for people to call her and she’ll drive them to voting station.

On Kushner, but shouldn’t the old tweets still be up there?

This is funny stuff. Reality TV series in the UK – where people live in a remote area for a year – was cancelled on TV but nobody told the contestants. Who apparently didn’t even know about Brexit or Trump being elected.

@71, I saw that about GA 6th. Wonder if GAgal has a sense of how the race is going?

@73, those folks I’m sure had far less to worry about.

@71, revealing my ignorance here. Is Alyssa Milano someone special?

Here’s a hint: Who’s the Boss.

Who's the Boss

@76, she was also the spokeshair for Wen Shampoo, the unique hair care system that made your hair fall out so you could keep it in a box.

I don’t know a lot about the Georgia election coming up. Maybe our fellow commenter – Ga6th – will come by and provide input. I know that Trump only won the district by 1.5, which was shocking because the Repubs usually win in a landslide. The election isn’t until April 18, so I don’t know – Maybe Milano is driving people to register or knock doors?

@78> LOL. She was also on “Charmed” and “Melrose Place.” And she’s a big presence on Twitter where she actually has two accounts: one for politics (liberal) and one for those who don’t want to talk politics.

Apparently Dick Cheney (he’s allowed to lave the country?) thinks Putin is a bad boy.

Terry McAuliffe

Terry has been way too silent for way too long. I miss his boldness as in 2008.

@77, 78, Don’t recognize the “Boss” pics. If it’s on TV, that’s why I don’t know. Somehow I’ve never got around to owning one.

@80, Cheney, for all his faults, is not beholden to Putin and knows he’s a dictator who would love to hamstring the US.

Damn, the Bernedbrainers are looking for more races to mess with.

@84: From the graphic: They’d best leave Cedric Richmond alone. He is the one Democratic in Congress from La. and is in a minority/majority district. Can’t imagine who they think they would get to run against him.

@83, Who’s the Boss was a teevee show from the 1980s until the early 1990s. It was a vehicle for Tony Danza’s dimples. A very young Alyssa Milano was his daughter and he was the housekeeper and manny of Judith Light, a powerful executive who couldn’t boil water.

@84, I’m betting that graphic is the handiwork of baseball card and caustic bile-spewing lizard Jeff Weaver.

Because he’s been in the news lately and because Charles Pierce uses the phrase: “No not that Adam Schiff.

That Adam Schiff is well worth reading. This article is from a speech he made at the Brookings Institution on March 21, 2017.

The Rise of the Autocrats
By Rep. Adam Schiff

@85, and they even have Maxine Waters on that list! Whoever compiled that piece of nasty splinter propaganda is obviously no friend of the Democratic Party.

Oh, FFS. How the hell do our intelligence agencies put up with all this Republican corruption?

Reza Zarrab, a prominent Turkish gold trader who has been jailed in New York on charges of violating the United States sanctions on Iran, has added Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former New York mayor, to his legal team, adding intrigue to a case that has been steeped in international politicking between Turkey and the United States.

Just last month, Mr. Giuliani and another prominent lawyer, Michael B. Mukasey, traveled to meet with the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as part of their efforts on behalf of Mr. Zarrab, according to a person briefed on the meeting who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the trip.

When is enough enough? They’re getting away with murder. Literally.

By the way, note at my link above, Maggie Haberman is on the by-line. No wonder she’s blaming Hillary these days. Someone should ask her how long she knew this.

@89: When Pierce talks about Adam Schiff he does mean the Cali Adam. In his joker way he just wants to make sure people know he doesn’t mean the L&O Adam.

@93, I searched for L&O Adam Schiff rather than have to ask. A TV show again. I miss out on so many meanings and innuendos!

@40, great comment DYB. You broke down that controversy nicely. I could understand it. I hope Haberman gets the boot.

@70, hope it’s true!

@95: LOL! My mom loved Law and Order. I swore that she would be perfectly happy with an all L&O channel.

@94: Oh my. What a coinkydink there.

When Laker was a baby, he loved the opening music to Law & Order, which has great guitar. He would stand, usually in a diaper and onesie, (I have pix of it) holding on to the couch or coffee table or something and bounce up and down in time to the music. Sometimes he’d take his binkie out of mouth and wave it through the air like he was conducting. Then we’d haul him off to his crib. Ah, happy days! And the Clintons were in the White House!

BernieCare. Jeesh. Like that do-nothing deserves his name on something major.

@100: Great clarinet music there too.

Fredster, yes!!! Love the clarinet. The guy that wrote it has written the themes for a lot of tv shows. What a great career he’s had!

@89: Great piece at that link.

@84, that group looks shady.

@89, What I have seen of Schiff so far, I really like him. It is funny that he has the same name as the tv character.

@105, ah yes, very shady indeed. Take a look at the thread (@84). Started by the young turkeys. All I need to know.

The tweeter, Sandearl, seems like a good egg. A Hillary supporter.

Why can’t Bernoid and his clusterfuck supporters consisting of the dumb and underwhelming and the rich and undeserving go start their own gd party?

@104, yes, looks like we can expect some great things from him in the fights ahead!

h/t to dak. Good sign that White Supremacist Terrorism gets recognized for what it is.

omigosh! This made me scream with laughter:

@111: That’s hysterical! LOL

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