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Lazy Weekend Music ~ Belated St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on: March 19, 2017

Belatedly, Happy St. Paddy’s Day

How’s the craic Widdershins?  (Don’t know if I used that correctly or not!

So according to the link above on Irish slang that’s supposed to mean “Hello”!   Friday was officially St. Paddy’s day but we’ll just celebrate it today.  We’ll  pretend we’re still celebrating from Friday.

Now of course this being an Irish holiday/celebration, it has to have music and indeed there more Irish music than you could shake a shillelagh at.  And the styles do run the gamut.  So I’ll put my selections below and you can, if you wish, add your in the comments.


(1) Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ~ Irish Celebration

(2) The Dubliners ~ Molly Malone

(3) The Great Big Sea ~ The Night Pat Murphy Died

(4) The Pogues ~ Dirty Old Town

(5) Dropkick Murphys ~ I’m Shipping Up To Boston

(6) The Dubliners & The Pogues ~ Irish Rover

So there ya go Widdershins!  A nice six-pack of songs to help you to continue celebrating the grand day!  Of course it’s an open thread.




100 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music ~ Belated St. Patrick’s Day"

Excellent choices Fredster. There’s nothing more traditional than an Englishman singing a song about an Irish girl.

And it’s a Beautiful Day:

And a tribute to Mr. Johnny B. Goode, RIP Mr. Berry.

I didn’t know about this story re: Merkel and Putin.

Just gonna leave this here — Dolt 45 at 37%, Obama was never below 38%. So much for non-Muslim orange non-Kenyans.

Gallup Trump 37

@9 I’m sure Andrea Mitchell will be along soon to ask him “Why don’t people like you?”

I so miss Chatblu on days like this, and wonder how Beata is doing as well.

Here’s Celtic Woman with “O Danny Boy.”

After re-reading the health care play I was going to post, I realized it needs to be re-written. I didn’t plan for that amount of time, so I think we can keep Fredster’s excellent post up till someone is ready to write another.

Apparently the NY Times ran a piece on Donny Jr. It has led to lots of comments on twitter.

Since this person’s twitter handle is love Belfast, it is appropriate for a St. Paddy’s day post.




Haha! Trump on a Stump! That stump’s smarter than his father.

@18: He does look awkward as hell, doesn’t he?

@15-17, please excuse my bad manners, but may I suggest a thought bubble:

Last time I was on this stump, I had just swiped right on Grindr. He was tall and hairy. He went by the name Sasquatch. Didn’t talk much, but he sure made me sing. If this stump could talk because I sure couldn’t. I miss him, but the Secret Service says his fleas could carry WMDs. Those were the days.

My apologies to those who might be offended.

I don’t know if this song is actually considered Irish, but the singer is Irish and it sounds kinda Irish:

That Dump on the stump pic is so funny! I think ever member of the trump family (except Baron), wants to be the most popular, coolest person on the planet, but everything they do comes off lame and phony.

@9, just a little added information:

Gallup- Job approval upon hitting 60 days in office:

Carter 75
Reagan 60
HW Bush 56
Clinton 53
W Bush 58
Obama 63

Trump… 37

Hah! I noticed those new, clean boots right off on Trump on the Stump. Obviously there’s a helipad just out of sight. He forgot the ball cap if he’s trying to look country redneck. And the hound.

Some pre-hearing reading. It seems the grim faces of Grassley and Feinstein were noticed by others.

This is looking good: One of Preet Bharara’s guys got promoted and will be working on investigations.

New York Attorney General Steps Up Scrutiny of White House

New York state’s attorney general, to date one of the most vocal antagonists of President Donald Trump, is preparing to escalate his office’s litigation against the president’s administration.

Democrat Eric Schneiderman has hired one of the top public-corruption prosecutors under former Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to focus specifically on issues involving the Trump administration. Howard Master, who prosecuted the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s case against longtime New York state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, is expected to work on both continuing and new White House-related matters for the attorney general, as well as on high-level public-corruption cases.

The hiring of Mr. Master, whose title will be senior enforcement counsel, signals Mr. Schneiderman’s continued intent to take on the Republican president.

Eric Soufer, a spokesman for Mr. Schneiderman, confirmed Mr. Master’s hiring and said he “will be working on a wide range of civil and criminal investigations and enforcement matters, including public corruption, complex civil litigation” and potentially litigation against the Trump administration.

@26, I wish they would hurry the eff up. Trump — and the unchecked Rethugs — do more damage every day.

Comey’s position is puzzling. He almost certainly thre the election to Trump when he broke policy and good ethical practice to sensationalize some nothing-there info on Weiner’s laptop against Hillary right before the election. He was all buddy-buddy aren’t I a good poodle dog with Trump when he visited the FBI after getting in office. Comey does not seem trustworthy. Or does he have a few shreds of a conscience and the evidence against Trump is now strong enough Comey’s going to do the right thing? Hmmm.

Nunes is a four-star fool. No doubt about it. He and Hannity are undoubtedly the highest paid elective lobotomy participants on the planet. Here Nunes says, without the slightest hint of surreal irony, there is “but one” person in the White House under surveillance for suspicion of Russian influence.

Really, just one, only one, really!


@28 Luna, the question I’ve asked and will keep asking until I know – what’s going on in the Weiner sexting case? They’ve had his computer for six months. I could not care less what happens to Weiner. But they should know by now if they can charge him. So, are they working on a plea deal or something? Is Louise Mensch right that there’s something hinky going on and he was hacked? Whatever. James Comey’s actions there were an integral part of the reason Hillary lost. Big time. And Weiner’s laptop was integral to Comey’s actions. Can you imagine if Weiner didn’t actually do it (this time), but was hacked? Imagine Comey giving a press conference about that – right before he resigns to spend more time with his family.

The video at 14 from Madamab of the Celtic Women singing O Danny Boy is always a favorite. I love their gorgeous dresses and necklaces. Another thing amazing to me is how they keep their arms pretty much still at their sides. Back when I was young (and a few thousand cigarettes ago), I could sing. There’s no way I could keep my hands or arms from moving, at least a little!

@24 DYB those photos are fascinating. Thanks for the link.

Nunes, from dairy farmer to holding the democracy of the US in his hands.

Devin Nunes once said all he wanted to do was work on a dairy farm.

Now the Republican from the rural Central Valley of California is running one of the most scrutinized, complex and politically fraught congressional investigations in recent memory.

holding the democracy of the US in his hands

In that case, please give him an udder instead.

@34 LOL! Not an udder. A teat! Haven’t you ever milked a cow? I have, when I was seven. Wasn’t very good at it, but my grandma could shoot it straight in to the mouth of the barn cat just to impress me. She was good.

@35: I tried once or twice to milk a cow but was not that successful. I had a great aunt that sounds like your grandma. She could handle those things with noooo problem. LOL

Oh well gonna wrap it up. I want to be up for when they start covering the hearings on Gorsuch. I won’t catch the beginnings but I want to try to see some of the fireworks.

Nunes is an udder fool! I can’t watch the hearings, but apparently Schiff used his opening statement to prosecute Trump’s allies. Nunes’ first question was whether the collusion would have affected votes in swing states, so he’s trying to minimize the actions of Dump and his Co.

Dump may not go down at the end of it all, but all those minions (who are not in the white house) will: Carter Page, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort.

That’s my fear and prediction. All those people not in the administration now will take the fall, Dump will stay in office with all of his current staff (Bannon, etc.)







I didn’t know about this story re: Merkel and Putin.

Poor Merkel, she doesn’t seem to know the difference between a man and an insecure asshole.

I know she is being diplomatic, but just like I don’t give free passes to stupid women, I don’t give free passes to men either.

Haha! Trump on a Stump!


This guy looks normal until he opens his stupid, arrogant mouth.

I do like his new shoes though.

Gowdy is going after 1st amendment. GOP wants to focus on leaks. Lots of spin expected after this hearing

From what I’m reading, Republicans are spinning this into “Look at the leaks and go after reporters reporting it.” (Reporters on twitter are freaking out about this. This is the moment that shit gets real for the media. Not 6 months ago. Not November 8. Not January 20. Now is when it gets real…)

I’ve also tweeted at several press people asking why they ignored Harry Reid waving his arms and screaming “SOS Russia interfering hello anybody paying attention” and HRC mentioning it in debate. But Comey’s letter remained front page news.

It also sounds like Schiff’s opening remarks were very strong.

Carl Bernstein with the receipts.

Roger Stone is now tweeting desperately that he must be able to explain himself… LOL

I can’t stand jbarro.

Sorry if I’m spamming. There’s so much good stuff on twitter right now.

One more & then I’ll stop:

If you have time, check out the Malcolm Nance thread on twitter.

The speech in Louisville tonight will be telling. Will he ignore or engage the FBI story? Also, Rand Paul today in the local newspaper said the health care bill was dead in the House. Dolt 45 is crumbling. If only Gorsuch could be stopped.

@63, there seem to be a lot of people demanding that the Gorsuch hearing process be put on hold until the Trump-Russia ties are clear. Of course the Rs want to ram Gorsuch through as fast as possible before more shit hits the fan.

Can anyone tell me if this hearing is based on just pre-election shenanigans? Any indication that post election influence/contacts and 45’s business links with Russia/his myriad conflicts of interest will be addressed or are even under investigation?

Does anyone know what outcomes are possible after this hearing? I hope 45 didn’t fall into the perfect crime: If there is no evidence that ballots were tampered with (just registration), does that mean that legally 45 is legitimate even though he cheated to win (either knowingly or not), or as the result of foreign (Russia) and domestic (Mercer) forces using cyber dirty tricks/cognitive warfare directly on his behalf?

What if this whole conspiracy has been crafted so that 45 or vice-45 will not fall, i.e., the WH will still be compromised for at least 4 years?

Is it just me, or the are anti-Clinton forces starting to amass again? Perhaps to make 45 look like the better choice even if he cheated? Is she still seen as a major threat, esp if the election by some miracle was nullified? I swear there is more concern about besmirching O than cheating H. Grrrrr.

Prolix: I still have a bad feeling about this. I don’t think any punishment is going to remotely fit the crimes. How does Pollyanna feel?

@66, Trump and others are being investigated. Present tense.

More trollbots are out because of that.

At time of pivotal Comey letter on Clinton email, FBI had been investigating Trump campaign links to Russia for three months.


So, proving once again that even the FBI had enough info to investigate Dump’s campaign in bed with Russia…and he still went forward and intentionally tried to destroy Hillary’s campaign!


Can you believe this pathetic bit of straining bravado?

@69, After Trump and his goons are locked away forever, I am hoping there is a very special place in prison for Comey.

57 socalannie

Sorry if I’m spamming.
Please don’t stop.

I’ve been working and have missed everything and this $hit is very important.


I’m trying to catch up on all the comments. I woke up today with horrible allergy stuff; eyes all puffy and tearing, stuff just draining like crazy, ugh.

annie, you are not spamming at all. Thnx for the links.



@66, Cats, the investigation is ongoing. That means it started last July and continues for the foreseeable future. Counterespionage includes intercepts and surveillance.

One thing we need to get our heads around — most likely the crimes they are going to be investigating are suborning crimes. Without the legalese that means entering into an agreement or “common enterprise” to commit a crime. If there are more than two people involved, it grows into a conspiracy. For instance, that is why Rachel has been so hot and bothered about the Russian fertilizer magnate’s jet being the same place as Trump’s plane at the same time. Why would the fertilizer king’s jet be in a secondary airport in North Carolina during the same time as Trump’s rally?

Two positives from today: (1) Comey went where I didn’t think he would go. He went there and he said, “On behalf of the Justice Dept.,” that means it is too big, too deep, too all encompassing to cover up. I didn’t expect him to confirm the investigation of the campaign and in essence, the White House. This is an investigation of crimes, not just counter-intelligence.

(2) On Thursday they are going to ask a bunch of Representatives to walk the plank on cutting 24 million humans off of health care. A President with an under 40% favorable and almost a 60% unfavorable. It isn’t going to take much for people to start talking about a special prosecutor. These Congress critters want to get it off their plates because they are between a rock and a cliff. They aren’t going to jump for this orange bowel movement.

@76: (2) On Thursday they are going to ask a bunch of Representatives to walk the plank on cutting 24 million humans off of health care.

And I hope the vote fails, bigly.

@68, Shadow, this won’t be popular, but I believe it to be true. If the Dems on the committee had made a big deal out of Comey and the Hillary letter, it would have overshadowed (no pun intended) the entire big news of the day.

The Repthugs wanted them to, the Dems resisted and I believe it was the right decision. It didn’t provide the pound of flesh we all want, but discretion was the better part of valor. The Rethugs look like Russian fluffing fools who were and are for Mike Flynn staying in his job even with his Russian ties. I don’t think anyone should overlook Flynn retroactively filing as a foreign agent. It won’t undo the criminal act, but it certainly is an admission.

Instead of being about the Comey letter that can’t be unrung, the stories on the news tonight are that Dolt 45 is a liar and his campaign/White House is under a criminal investigation. That is the greater good.

@78: And it gives us an opportunity to yell/shout at them: Party over country eh?

Thanks everyone for today’s commentary, not being able to watch today, I was unsure of the scope and intention of this hearing. It also sounded like 45 and vice 45 weren’t being investigated, only those that swirl around them. Glad to hear the Dems made the smart play and that the Repubs, by following their usual MO, may have very well sabotaged themselves. Can’t wait to hear Rachel’s take tonight.

Pollyanna lives! Thanks prolix.

The next time someone says, “Paul Ryan is a smart wonk,” just mention this. On a subject that affects 1/5 of the U.S. economy and at least 24 million people, you propose $75 Billion in unspecified tax credits and say, “Hey, Senate, do this because we don’t care.”

These people can’t govern. These people are fools. These people will burn in hell.


I disagree with Schiff when he says ‘we can’t know if it swung the election, and at this point it doesn’t matter’. It matters to me. I understand why he did even though it’s frustrating as hell. Maybe he’ll change his tune when the impeachment proceedings begin. 🙂


If the Dems on the committee had made a big deal out of Comey and the Hillary letter, it would have overshadowed (no pun intended) the entire big news of the day.

I agree for TODAY. Many mentioned the timing of the letter about Hillary while the investigation against Dump & pals had already started 3 months before…but, the timing has not been forgotten and can and will be brought up for many moons to come.

Today was the day that Judas declared Dump a massive liar and the investigation is so extensive that they won’t end it any time soon.


“We need to find out exactly what happened,” Mook said in an email to The Hill. “If US campaign aides helped the Russians, knew about the Russians plans, or asked the Russians to intervene in any way, they should be prosecuted for treason and measures should be put in place to make sure this never happens again.” (The Hill)

How far will this go when we all saw Dump say he wants Russia to find Hillary’s missing emails. He doesn’t get upset that the Russian’s hacked the election and sends out faux news stories about her…he asks for their help, openly and publicly, so he could ‘lock her up’. What has he done that has not been put out openly – is the question.

Personally, I hope that the EC was screwed with, that Hillary actually won the Electoral College votes too and they put him in handcuffs and cart his fat pink ass to prison.

@75> LOL, I’m Griff in that comment! And I stand by that comment. I’m gonna troll Barro on twitter until he blocks me.

@84, he’s had more jobs than an overachieving prostitute. My bet is he can’t get along with his editors — he is a poster boy for contrarians. He looks for ways to disagree with people.

@85> Yes I see that about Barro. I think I’ve mentioned before that I had never even heard of him until he declared he wasn’t a Republican anymore during the election and some people seemed impressed by that. Then I realized I may have seen him once or twice on Bill Maher. And yes, he absolutely looks like a contrarian. And one who detests all things Clinton. His attacks on Chelsea over the last few weeks have been really bizarre (so have Matthew Yglesias, whom I unfollowed.) I googled Barro and his Wiki page says his father is a Harvard economics professor. For Barro to attack Chelsea for being a Clinton is rich in irony.

Oh my. Stump’s rally today. Check out the woman at 1:30. ‘if someone brings out emails of someone as evil as Hillary… then, yeah…if our folks aren’t going to do it, let Russia do it’. Wow.

Barro is like cute little miss Meghan McCain. Criticizing Chelsea as if the only reason she’s sitting on a FOX “news” isn’t because her father is John McCain. Please… It’s like Bristol Palin being paid more than $250,000 to tour the country to promote abstinence before marriage, and what happens? She gets pregnant AGAIN while unmarried. It’s the HYPROCRISY! She could have 10 children by ten fathers for all I care. Among their many problems, Repubs are total hypocrites.

@87, As deluded as is Trump.

socal, no you were not spamming — I should have said something earlier.

Fredster, hope the allergies get under control soon.

If Trump tweets about it, the reserve is true.

Today’s intelligence hearing is a farce. It shows why we need an independent Russia probe.

In fact, it was clear from the opening moments of the hearing that the entire Republican strategy was, “Move along, nothing to see here.” Nunes asked Comey and Rogers multiple questions about whether the Russians had hacked into the vote tallies during the campaign, a straw man meant to convince people that the hacking that did go on was meaningless. He even asked about whether the FBI would investigate contacts between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Russians, which would have seemed like a weird non sequitur if you didn’t know that this morning, Trump tweeted, “What about all of the contact with the Clinton campaign and the Russians?”

@87, GAgal, wow is right. I hope the number of “rally goers” is small. All but one of those interviewed were mind boggling close-minded and well indoctrinated. I can’t imagine what it would take to shatter their faith in 45.

Breaking news from Reuters about tillerson snubbing upcoming NATO meeting and opting to visit Russia in April was stunning. I wonder if he will be seeking asylum after today’s hearing….

Nobody here is a spammer! Except Spammy. And occasionally me.

Tiller’s trip just boggles the mind. Is it tone-deafness? Defiance? Stupidity? All of the above?

@78 – could not agree more. The Democrats don’t have to draw the parallels. Everyone now knows that Comey kept mum about an investigation for potential treason, while yelling at the top of his lungs about the “national security risks allegedly posed by HRC.

Who in the Drumpf campaign ISN’T in bed with Putin? That’s the real question. I think they’re all dirty and guilty as hell.

@94 Madamab and Prolix at @78… that will come later. Too late, but it will. It hurts my heart and soul. Plus the damage in the meantime. It’s hard to be ‘pragmatic’ about this. I just want to scream. I just want the very least. Lock anyone one of these ‘hims’ up instead of ‘her’ to start with – then we’ll go from there.

@95, if Republican hypocrisy was sugar, the whole country’s teeth would hurt. We know they have no shame, but the depth of they hypocrisy is truly stunning.

Just tonight Jason Miller, the married guy who got fired for being a baby daddy to someone other than his wife, was on CNN talking about truth and fidelity. Give me strength. Then you have that pointy-headed burn victim Trey Gowdy. Or that Nunes who woke up today and is suffering from amnesia and had never heard of Roger Stone or Carter Page.

I’ve got a post going up at 9:00 in the morning telling what might be the ultimate story of hypocrisy in Trumpistan.

@78, Prolix, good points.

DYB & Prolix, I also can’t stand Barro! Thanks for heckling him DYB!

@90, Thanks for posting that Luna. I thought the rethugs were horrible this morning. Vicious and stupid.

Cats, I saw that about Tillerson snubbing NATO & going to Russia. I wonder if he’s going to stay there, like that little weasel Snowden.

Fredster, hope you feel better in the morning. See you guys tomorrow!




Is there a new post upstairs?


@90, ‘reserve’ s/b ‘reverse.’

And thanks for the ‘new post!’

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