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Low and slow…

Posted on: March 17, 2017

When I’m cooking, I’ve learned if you have the luxury of time, low and slow is the way to go. Earlier in my scotch-addled life, my friends told me of limbo contests where I physically went low and slow. And speaking of my scotch-addled life, low and slow pretty much described my dating habits.

Low and slow is neither the way to run the government nor is it the way to run the economy. It is inconceivable to imagine a budget lower in basic human services than what we saw this week.

Yesterday in watching Dick Prick Mick Mulvaney, the dust ruffle of crazy town, claim that cutting Meals on Wheels is the compassionate thing to do, I’m pretty much convinced we can’t go much lower. As we say around here, we are “next to the belly of a snake in a wagon rut.”

Obviously, Dolt 45 is as dumb as a box of hair mated with some orange zest and Adderall. He could care less what these crazy ideologues do as long as he can continue belching his lies in front of half-empty venues.

So why should he care? He’s got Mulvaney and anime-eyed granny-starver Paul Ryan to shovel the steaming dump Jim DeMint and the Heritage Foundation just took on the country. This budget, which will never pass, is nothing but the greatest hits from 1980s Heritage Foundation. Not even Reagan dared going this low.

When someone has no shame, there just is no limit to the depths they will sink. Given this first fifty days, it won’t be long before we are plumbing the depths of the Mariana Trench.

When it comes to slow things, the economy is troubling. About a year ago, I started paying attention to certain economic indicators believing Hillary was about to inherit a lethargic economy. There are disturbing indicators.

Here is a truism:  Economic expansions never die from old age. The current expansion is seven and half-years old. That is long in the tooth.

Gallup surveys economic confidence and says it is at a historic high. The stock market is at a record high. The economy is still adding jobs. So why am I spending your time on the subject?

We are in a bubble. The confidence and stock market are anticipatory highs. It is not based in value. The highs are based upon a belief in massive Trumpanzee promised corporate tax cuts and the repatriation of $2.1 Trillion in offshore profits. Neither will be invested in expansion, but will be paid out in dividends or in stock buybacks. It will make the 1% even more one-percentier.

Unrelated to this economic giddiness, there are indicators screaming we are heading into another slowdown if not outright recession. Not to bore you, but just a few indicators:

  • Employers are cutting back hours. We are seeing the highest percentage in the decline of hours since the 2008 recession.
  • Tax receipts are down.
  • Retailers are missing their earnings projections.
  • Lending standards have tightened.
  • Job growth at the S&P companies has gone negative.

All of these are warning signs of a slowing economy or impending recession. Any external event could hasten an economic retreat. Perhaps even monkeying around with one-sixth of the economy with an ill-conceived health care plan or a federal budget that would decimate hundreds of thousands of employees could precipitate it. Who knows?

I do know this:  There are very few tricks left in the wheelhouse to combat recession. We will hear tax cuts from this bunch of Neanderthal MAGAbators, but as we have seen time and time again, sloganeering is not economic policy.

We are still paying for the last time we allowed this knuckle-dragging crowd to raid the Treasury with tax cuts, two wars, and unfunded benefit programs. Half of the national deficit is due to giving them the credit card and hoping for the best. Well, we know how that turned out.

Why do I think this is important enough to take your time this morning? From what I saw in the proposed budget, these people are unimaginative at best and stone-cold ignorant at worst. They are uncaring and vindictive. They are politically deaf. Power is a means to an end for them.

The choices represented in their budget were callous and heartless. If the worst happens, their response to an economic downturn will be likewise – callous, heartless, low, and slow. Human suffering will be but a minor inconvenience for a $2.1 Trillion payday. Daddy needs a new Gulfstream 650.

What’s on your mind today?




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Well, you know what always picks up the economy? What the US needs is a good ol’ war. And now our pResident can start one with a tweet! With N Korea ….

Seems our manly new SoS doesn’t seem to have the stamina for diplomacy anyhow.

Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why

Some people are complaining that the budget proffered by the Trump administration, despite its wonderful macho-sounding name, is too vague and makes all sorts of cuts to needed programs in favor of increasing military spending by leaps and bounds. These people are wimps. Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has called it a “hard power budget” which is, I think, the name of an exercise program where you eat only what you can catch, pump up your guns and then punch the impoverished in the face. This, conveniently, is also what the budget does.

This budget will make America a lean, mean fighting machine with bulging, rippling muscles and not an ounce of fat. America has been weak and soft for too long. BUT HOW WILL I SURVIVE ON THIS BUDGET? you may be wondering. I AM A HUMAN CHILD, NOT A COSTLY FIGHTER JET. You may not survive, but that is because you are SOFT and WEAK, something this budget is designed to eliminate. …

Labor Department: There will be no LABOR in the future. Labor is what women do, I think. All fetuses will burst out of wombs brandishing an Uzi on each arm. (Also, we will cut the funding to the people who would have explained that this is not how birth or labor works.)

Sleeze, meet Sleeze. Different sleeze, same fleas from roaching up together.

The Anthem CEO goes a’courtin’ an Orange baboon. Now, more than their arses are red. Anthem wants the Trumpanzee to unstick the Anthem and Cigna merger. The pro quo in this little quid love fest is Anthem publicly saying sweet nothings about the health care bill and then getting an Oval meeting.

Disgusting! It’s full of swampy goodness, but emails.

@3, yuilk. Even worse than the usual run of coal-hearted slimy healthcare insurance execs.

@1, Actually, he cut short his time in Israel so he could fly to Germany to take a nap. He sent someone else to meet Netanyahu.

I’ve said it before, I’ve never known a corporate lifer to be anything but a boot-licking, too anxious to please, short on ideas, lazy about initiative, poster boy for entitlement. Tillerson does nothing but bolster that image.

@2 & 5, Luna, those two seem to fit together. I was reading about the TN hootenanny Dolt 45 had in Nashville. A reporter was talking to this lady whose son lost his job, needed health care, got ACA coverage for $88 a month. She said, “Trump is my savior. He took care of my son and got him health care.” When told it was the ACA and Obama, she refused to believe it.

That is the world in which we live.

Jay-zuss Fewkin’ X! Now Trumptanic has alienated one of the few allies still with us and (formerly) our closest ally.

UPDATE: The White House is already changing the story. Apparently, there was no apology.

According to the Washington Post’s Abby Phillip, Spicer and McMaster now say they that the inclusion of Napolitano’s story at the briefing was not meant to be an endorsement. Spicer was simply highlighting that there were reports of wiretapping.

@6, I spent enough time in the salt mines at a couple of corporations to know that “corporate exec” and “committed public service” do not go together.

@7, must be the cousin of that patient I had who solemnly declared he “did his research” on candidates and really liked the Trumpanzee. And Pence. Of course, he’s in that group destined for the ice floes in Trump’s dreams.

Tillerson also didn’t visit the US embassy in Japan. He just stayed in his hotel and had the embassy staff come to him.

The fact that the administration flat-out said UK spied and then refuses to apologize is really something…

Donna Brazile was on Trevor Noah and was asked to explain the “you gave questions to Hillary” situation. One interesting thing that I literally never thought about in regards to the DNC hacks… WikiLeaks only published e-mails to and from Clinton, nothing to and from Bernie’s campaign. Is this right? I don’t know why this never occurred to me.

Hillary with a burn on Twitter today:

Hillary responding to this tweet from Reines:

Best tweet of the day.

@14, that tweet wins the internet.

@12, 13, I was just coming to post that!


@14, I have grown to detest that woman. She said, “It’s not important to talk about my history and what I might have said during the campaign. It’s more important to talk about the future.” Well Susan, it is important to talk about history if you are a poor child or elderly and were hungry yesterday and will be hungry tomorrow. That’s your future — same as the past.

Secret Service agent in NY had his laptop stolen. On it, plans to Trump Tower floors and information on Clinton’s e-mail server investigation. My question is why does a Secret Service agent have info on the e-mail server investigation on his laptop?

I’ve seen Shulkin give talks enough times that I can tell he’s thinking something like: “Hell, I’d rather be with my worst borderline patient now than with you, you crazy idiot. You don’t deserve to even polish their boots. Just leave me alone so I can get shit done.”

@18, best guess is because Trump’s trying to distract from how he’s going to kill us all in a nuclear war.

This is not painful at all. At the end Merkel asks Dump if he wants to do a handshake…he ignores her.

This can’t be real, can it?? LOL

That Tillerson/North Korean soldier pic is real! I found it on NBC as well. OMG. OMG. OMG.

Kellyanne Conjob’s husband is being nominated to run DOJ’s civil division, which would put him in spot to defend the travel bans.

I’m sure Ingraham has no recollection of meeting the Russian ambassador.

This morning Meghan McCain attacked Chelsea Clinton for rumors that she may or may not be considering running for office some day.

@26, FF’sS! McCain needs to go volunteer at the local homeless shelter for a few years. Not that she lives anywhere near one.

Merkel’s reaction here is astounding… and the press pool is laughing.

@30, My first thought was they were laughing AT him.

That clip makes me want to cringe.

Well, ain’t it great…a new thread, 31 posts and I am back on the last thread actively posting…


Prolix, I love your posts. Informative with tiny-word-links and funny as heck.

My only complaint with this group is that I have to go back and check the spelling of many of the names of the people that post here, just so I don’t insult anyone when posting. What ever happened to simple handles like Shadowfax or Shadow??? 😉

My son brought this up and I thought he had watched too many sci-fi movies….

Why isn’t it reported in the news???

Good way to weed out applicants and employees with managed illnesses…and forget medical privacy…

Your boss could demand you get genetic testing and hand over the results, if this congressional bill becomes law.

Shadowfax, I do the posting on old threads all the time! MadamaB, Fredster, Prolix – should we start locking old threads when a new one is posted? Nobody ever goes back to check if things go up on the old threads (I assume?) and who knows what troll can invade!

That genetic testing thing – yes, it’s real. It made headlines a day or two ago, but didn’t pick up steam. There’s just so much steam! How can one keep up with all this steam! We could power a big country with how much steam we got coming out of our whatever.

@31 Luna, I didn’t see that as the press laughing AT him. It’s been an issue before with the press corps. Laughing at jokes with Spicer and people calling them out. Glenn Thrush of the NY Times (McCarthy’s Spicer made a celebrity of him) even unleashed a whole twitter storm defending the jollity in the past. So yuck yuck so funny. If I drew a thought-bubble over Merkel’s head it would say: “What the actual fuck did this moron just say? Am I dreaming?”

@33, thanks Shadow. I’m so dense, I’ve been a sponge all my life for stuff. I don’t care what it is, I just like learning. Strangest thing — I’m totally agnostic about what it is I’m learning, I just love to learn and boy is there lots to learn. I’m getting to the point where I’m thinking, maybe, just maybe, I won’t learn everything there is before I’m cryo-packed sizzlean in a canister. Sad!

They’ve arrested the guy who intentional sent Kurt Eichenwald that tweet to cause a seizure.

A Twitter account called @jew_goldstein — which has since been suspended — responded to Eichenwald with a gif of flashing strobe lights and a message: “You deserve a seizure for that post.”

And can you believe this?

This tactic has been used before. In 2008, hackers put strobe lights on the Epilepsy Foundation’s website

@34, I saw that, but given that the news changes four times an hour, nothing gets any oxygen. This is only the latest in what the Supreme Court will now allow because whoever writes your check has more rights. Gorsuch believes such things too.

Lots of companies now self-insure through reinsurance pools capitalized in Bermuda or some other spit of sand in the Caribbean. Weighing employees, demanding no smoking, exercise mandates, even dictating “sensible choices” in company cafeterias are all part of it.

Conservatives love it. Now that they are in uteri and in birth control cabinets, why not under the sneeze guard on the salad bar?

This here is a must read on what Putin is doing, how and why.

@35, DYB, I’m just a journeyman round these parts, Fredster, MB, and you can figure it out and then send me a diagram on how to do the “techie” things.

@38, the best news today.

@22, that is amazing. Tillerson is just a sleepy dolt who thought it would be fun to cap off a career by being Putin’s boy at Foggy Bottom.

Can you just imagine the reactions in Langley when Trump said, in public, in front of Merkel, that we were bugging her?

That Orange biopsy is heading to Mar-a-Lago again. That $3.0M would buy a lot of “useless ROI” Meals on Wheels.

@35 There is a setting on the admin side set to close posts 3 days after they are posted. I’ve never seen that it actually works. I’ll see if there is anything I can do.

@40, DYB, that is a really smart article. I’ve seen Kirchick’s writing before, he’s very talented.

@35: and who knows what troll can invade!

If it’s someone who is a first-time commenter here, the comment will go to “pending” and much like some plays in football, it will “be under further review”. Until we clear it, it’s not going anywhere.

tRump creates his bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament. Here.

@44> “Orange biopsy.” I LOLed. My favorite term all day!

Interesting read on Hillary (and Bill’s) support of gay rights over the years vs. Bernie’s. I’m old enough that actually do remember the 1990s. I was young, but I remember when the shit hit the fan over Clinton trying to lift ban on gays in the military and the the threat by Republicans (and half of Democrats) to pass a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

@38: What Prolix said.

Now Smylie went to LSU so he should be familiar with these types of water hazards at courses in the southeast.


Folks, I don’t do this often, but if you read anything this weekend, it needs to be this article in The New Yorker. It is pretty much the definitive article on the Mercer family.

The article puts the bow on this box of nuts. They have been “Clinton Crazies” since the 1990s. “Clinton Crazies” is the term of art used by the American Spectator to define a generation of Clinton derangement. Of course, American Spectator has always been run by that phlegm ball David Bossie, who is one of the chotzkis in Mercer’s rogue gallery.

They just plain hate the Clintons. Of course, the hangers-on leverage that knowledge to feather their own nests. It also doesn’t hurt that Mercer’s hedge fund has a years long tax battle with the IRS over $6.8 BILLION.

The Mercers have supported wackos including that Arthur Robinson out in Oregon who is just a kook. He says we would be healthier after a nuclear war because “radioactivity does a body good.” Rebekah Mercer who was on the transition team wanted this Robinson fruitcake to be national science adviser. I just can’t…

The article is full of stories about how weird these people are. One story is about Mercer docking the pay of his servants because they failed to replace his shampoo bottle because it was 2/3 empty.

These are the people who have bought the Oval Office and brought us Conjob, Bannon, Bossie, and who knows who else lurking amongst the cockroaches.

@33, AFAIC, you can just use the #s instead of names. Would be nice to have replies nest under comments but I’m guessing that requires $$.

@36, I hadn’t thought their sheepiness was that pronounced, but alas.

@37, Me too. It’s called the sign of an open mind.

@43, I’m hoping they speed up work on their trap.

@50, I remember back then also, and have never figured out why some of the younger voters think Bill Clinton would have been able to magically pass sweeping anti-discrimination laws. Ain’t that easy, and yes, I am happy to take incremental change and keep working, because I’m realistic.

#CluelessRagePuppet !

@55: We have the capability to nest comments but I believe the consensus awhile back was “no”.

I wouldn’t mind comments being nested one level but I’m not the blog owner. I could set it up but I don’t know how mb feels about it.

Prolix I had never heard of the Mercers until you clued me in. At first I thought “oh related to Johnny Mercer?”. Alas, no.

@57, I’m happy with whatever madamab prefers.

@55, it probably would be better to use blognames too but I’m lazy.

Y’all thought I’ve been kidding all these years when I’ve said that Paul Ryan masturbated to a big poster of Ayn Rand in his dorm room. Well, he just confirmed it in a sickening display with Rich Lowry, who is a sickening heap of excrement himself, but I digress.

@58, the Mercers out contributed the Kochs to one of the Koch organizations — they out-Koched the Kochs.

@60: It’s good to be able to sponge off of folks who treat you to not one, but two $350 bottles of wine.

35 | DYB

Shadowfax, I do the posting on old threads all the time! MadamaB, Fredster, Prolix – should we start locking old threads when a new one is posted? Nobody ever goes back to check if things go up on the old threads (I assume?) and who knows what troll can invade!


I certainly don’t want to cause any additional blog stress on last thread posting. Maybe just a simple, “New post is up”, with or without a link to the page of the new thread worked on other blogs.

Partly it’s my fault for leaving a thread open on my computer at all times, in the background when not using. I normally am at work or watching various stuff on my home computer while the thread is ongoing…and I just read the refresh contents to the bottom and normally start commenting again.

@63: Shadow you can always click on the “Home” button at the top and if there is a newer post up it will show up there.

As far as comments on an older post about “new post up”, I know at least a couple of us do our posts ahead of time and then schedule the date/time they will be published.

Also, I added in the follow button on the right. You can “follow” the blog and when a new post is published you will get an email notification.

Hope that helps.

Mr. Rude agrees with me as to the proclivities of the Speaker of the Louse:


@63 Shadow, that’s exactly what I do. I just have a window with the blog open and keep posting until nobody replies and then it hits me: Maybe they’re in another thread?! LOL

I think there used to be nesting of comments, but then one has to scroll up and down the page to see if there is a new comment nested somewhere in the middle of the page. So many replies just got lost.

Those Paul Ryan comments explain everything. He’s just evil.

Thanks Fredster and all of you that are so blog thoughtful…it’s pretty rare these days.

I know we certainly have plenty to rant about, but there is a sense of community here that I appreciate.

66 | DYB

I do exactly the same thing and it takes me awhile to get past the, ‘Am I alone here or what?’

There was another hit piece by some writer at Wall Street Journal on Chelsea Clinton today (she took board job at Experian or something), re-tweeted with glee by Matty Yglesias. Clinton Derangement Syndrome will consume us all.

Such a crazy story.

@71, I’m really glad the FBI arrested that bastard.

The BLOTUS just pulled this made-up idea out of his arse when in front of the camera this morning. Then later dropped it (probably because fatigue as well as delusions).

UPDATE: ‘Major meeting’ on VA not happening tonight at Mar-a-Lago

UPDATE: A White House spokeswoman told The Palm Beach Post that the meeting will not happen tonight.

EARLIER STORY: President Donald Trump will host a group of business leaders and doctors to discuss veterans’ health care while at his Mar-a-Lago Club this evening. …

“And tonight I’m having a major meeting with some of the people that we put on a board,” Trump said to those seated at a table in the White House’s Roosevelt Room. “Ike Perlmutter is an amazing man —Marvel — is one of the great, great businessmen of our time, and others — we’re having a meeting tonight at what we call affectionately the Southern White House. Seems to be the most convenient location. Everybody always wants to go to the Southern White House.”

Trump then turned to Shulkin.

“So are you going to be at that meeting?” Trump asked. Shulkin shook his, no. “You heard about it, right? It’s going to be great — all about the VA.”

@74: Gawd, how the hell will we survive this shit?

@75, He’s every stupid boss you’ve ever had — the one who keeps you in the dark, who springs super-rush projects on you without warning, then when you work through the night on them changes his mind in the morning or says he never asked for them, pulls the rug out from under you, and makes all his screwups your problem. Except tRump does it all in from of the cameras and makes you show up too.

Actually his fleeting Marvel-guy idea for running the VA wasn’t quite as bad as the shit his SoS pulled this morning with N Korea. Hell, here I am comparing various POTUS actions on a continuum that has nuclear-war tweet-taunts at one end.

Back to the mundane — I just discovered that BLOTUS is Biggest Liar Of The United States — what a fitting description by both sound and definition.

Dump and his administration think they’re “House of Cards,” but they’re actually “Veep.” Until everybody dies.

Louise Mensch has a NY Times op-ed published tomorrow. And she’s on Bill Maher next week. Her crazy conspiracy theory is getting crazy validation. (Too bad she’s a Pence-loving Republican.)

Must. Love. This.


@79: From the mouths of babes. (and not the tRump type of babes!)

You guys will not believe who got a tweet mentioned in People Magazine! Scroll down this article to see:

@80, OMG! That little tot was adorable!

Love the post, Prolix, and all the comments. Must get to bed. Hope to visit with all of you tomorrow.

@80> Trump/Russia connections is the water-cooler talk in every kindergarten!


@84, thanks Annie. Get some rest.

Just saw the headline: Fox Poll: Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America. Couldn’t bear to read the article. If that headline/poll is to be believed, the majority of our citizens are terminally stupid or willingly misinformed/uninformed or both. I have this terrible feeling that someone like Bernie is going to step in in 2020 and win by default even if 45 makes it through the primaries. I will never get over what was done to Hillary and the future she envisioned for us all.

cats, that is a Fox poll. Screw them.


headline – ‘Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America’.

Oh yes, and Drumpff is the most compassionate and intelligent president the United States has ever had.

A large gaggle of pigs just flew by…

@88: cats3, could that be FAKE NEWS?

@83: Ahhh! Uppity Woman got her tweet in People!!!!

@91, Fredster, I pray to the gods that it is! Seems like they have been fluffing him a lot lately. Remember the MSNBC townhall in WV, billed as Sanders in Trump country, and that miner who thanked him for supporting them? WTF was that about. Now Fox? More of the Russian playbook as far as I am concerned.

@93: I refused to watch that Bernie thing, just wouldn’t do it. And should I get any type of mailing from the DNC or other place that references Bernie a reply will go back to the effect that I don’t think he should be in any part of the Dem leadership until he changes his affiliation from that damned “I” to a “D”.

Oh this is just lovely:

US rejects free trade statement at G20 economic summit

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, appearing at a gathering of economic ministers and central bankers from the 20 largest economies, rebuffed multiple entreaties from German officials to include in the meeting’s joint statement language stressing the importance of free trade and that it should be conducted in a “rules based” manner, following existing standards and agreements.

By rejecting language that would have said the United States is opposed to protectionism, the White House sent a clear signal that it would not accept existing trade norms and could pursue a more antagonistic approach with trading partners around the world. Such language has been considered ordinary and uncontroversial in recent meetings of the Group of 20.

Yeah, let’s start a trade war with Europe. That’s a good idea…NOT!

@94, amen, brother! I would be crankier and say he should have nothing to do with the Dem party since he is an independent. I don’t want him anywhere near the party.

Has anyone heard anything about the o’riodain (sp.) event in NYC on Friday? It was supposed to be an anti-45, pro immigrant event with Irish celebrity speakers at the cathedral where MLK gave his anti Vietnam speech. O’riordain was the Irish parlimentarian who called 45 a fascist. Joy had him on last week, didn’t see her entire show this AM, maybe she talked about it??? Thought it would have gotten some publicity but I haven’t seen anything about.

Hey all! Great post and comments. I can’t believe Uppity got a shout-out. Go girl!!!

So…about the nesting comments. We did try it and our commenters gave it a resounding thumbs down. I can add a poll to my Monday post to see how many people want to bring it back, because hey, maybe things have changed since then!

Also, auto-closing comments can definitely be done, but you have to do it based on days after posting (e.g., close comments after three days). It can become a bit awkward if you decide to leave something up for a while, but we could try it. Let us know what you think!

I also saw that Fox News poll about Sanders. And then a bunch of headlines from various publications like Vox about how Democrats are going to all die if they don’t start listening to Bernie.

Then did you see that at a St. Paddy’s event yesterday HRC said she was ready to come out of the woods? Obviously a joke about her running into people in the woods. And unclear what she is planning to do. But it fits the timeline I saw in an article a while ago that she was planning to return to some form of public life in mid-Spring. It may have been in Politico.

Also, the thing about someone like Bernie running in 2020 – it’s all about Bernie. Nobody is as pure as Bernie. So his supporters will not support anyone with the same zeal/madness. I truly don’t understand what their long-term goal is. (They also fail to recognize that Bernie is not all pure.)

@88-91, 98, I won’t belabor the point on Saturday night, but there is some new robust research about the antidote to this “populist, authoritarianism” and Bernie’s brand of hokum ain’t it. In fact, this new research as I dig into it, says pretty definitively, it wasn’t Hillary at all who lost. It was anyone who ran after a financial meltdown like 2008. Had Romney not been such a pasty, white poster boy for Wall Street, Obama wouldn’t have won in 2012.

I had already started work on writing this up for next Friday, so I guess this is a teaser. The finding of the research is this: Bernie Busters will bust bigly.

Quelle Surprise! Some Trump supporters starting to have regrets.

@100> I keep reading these regretters on twitter and I keep asking: “Which part of this is not living up to your expectations?” I also laugh when I see someone write: “I’m beginning to regret my vote.” I think: “Beginning??”

@99 Prolix, can’t wait to read Friday’s post! I want to see Busters bust. I’d pay money for that. I’d give up chocolate for that!

@102, I wouldn’t dare entice you to give up chocolate, but here’s a little morsel to get you to next Friday. It will rub the Bernie Busters raw. When you dig into the research, Bernie’s policies lose out to Hillary in every category. Bernie’s politics are the antithesis of winning coalitions. Of course, you will never convince the dilettantes like Sourpuss Sarandon or Ruffalo and certainly not anger-control dropout Nina Turner.

@101: You’s sad to see someone in their 40s, 50s or older who gets swindled by the used-car salesman. OTOH, everyone should know that you don’t get do-overs in elections and you certainly check with the BBB before you buy that used car. There were plenty of opportunities to check with the political BBB before the election. It’s not my fault they didn’t perform their due diligence but I’m going to have to suffer through their stupidity.

@103 Prolix, I was hoping you wouldn’t let me give up chocolate! LOL

Mark Ruffallo at least campaigned for Hillary during the general. That restored him enough in my estimation. Unlike Sarandon and her ilk.

Prolix: can’t wait to read your next post. This was a perfect storm of so many factors and it came down to what, less than 70,000 voters in three counties? Maybe coalitions wouldn’t have mattered. Had Bernie succeeded, would we be much better off than we are now? She should have won, hell we may even find out in a few years that she did win, or that his win was illegitimate, but it doesn’t mean squat now. Maybe the apocalypse is upon us, mankind fell once again to its own hubris and greed. There is only so much the planet can take.


@108, Cats, true, but this is what is amazing. Hillary was paddling upstream amidst the rapids, with Dolt 45, Putin, the Russian troll network, Fox, Breitbart, Mercer, Asstrange, and a host of other semen smudges shooting holes in her raft with the dead weight of the Bernie Busters. She shouldn’t have been as close as she was. She was an extraordinary candidate in the face of monumental adversaries. In the face of all that, Hillary beat Bernie-type policy at every turn.

@109: I saw that!!

@110: oh, Prolix, I couldn’t agree more. But as brilliant as she was and is, Putiin and the Repubs won and they won big. Had Hillary won, we would probably be better off internationally, but domestically? The Repubs would have been up her ass every second, investigating her, handcuffing her, demeaning and maligning her, biz as usual. And the corporate controlled media? They would have gone back to their usual profit making bag of innuendo, insinuation and double standards. I still hold a very slim hope that 45 and all his crew will be found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, both before and after the election, and that the SC will have no choice but to declare her the true winner. The Repubs would be silenced by their constituents for their cruelty, blatant self interest and poor performance, and this rancorous group finally voted out. But back in this reality, I have a bad feeling listening to Rachel. Things are going too slowly, the network of corruption is so broad and so complicated, there is so much money in play in all the wrong hands, the citizenry angry, afraid, uninformed, complacent and divided. We are in a deep dark hole and “they” won’t let Hillary throw us a life line. Ever.

@112, I know I’m going to sound Pollyannaish with this, but justice, karma, synchronicity, connectedness all end the same way. From Grassley’s and Feinstein’s looks on Friday afternoon, they had seen or heard something that was apparent on their faces. Whatever it was, was not good. They looked like people who had a thousand miles of bad road ahead of them.

In any event, we only have to wait until 10:00 a.m. EDT — that is when I expect to hear a nonconfirmation confirmation from Comey the claptrap that an investigation is ongoing of Dolt 45 and his co-conspirators. If that happens, self-preserving Rethugs will start jumping out of the trees on these dullards.

@113 Prolix, in other words, the second Comey says “I can’t comment on that”, all hell breaks loose? There are so many supposed investigations going on I can’t keep up. Someone better damn well ask him why he kept quiet about the Russians, but felt free to send that letter to Jason Chap-ass 11 days before the election. I started to say, I won’t rest until Comey resigns, but who knows who Stump would replace him with? I still want him gone… just like I want them all gone.

Cats, I haven’t seen that FOX poll, but I remember during the primary Slanders supporters touting a poll that said Bernie was the most popular Senator. Turns out, it was individual state polls on Senators and he had higher favorables in Vermont, than other Senators in their own states. Uh huh. Vermont.

@113 Prolix said: From Grassley’s and Feinstein’s looks on Friday afternoon, they had seen or heard something that was apparent on their faces.

When I saw them I thought “Oh dear God, whatever they saw it was worse than anyone could have thought before”. And that’s when I got very concerned for our country.

And the hits keep coming…

@117: Judging from the way he looks now, that had to have been taken some time ago.

Love Joy Reid. This was Colin Powell’s chief of staff. Near the end… “unpredictable, uncertain, inexperienced man. Who is this man? And how can the American people have put this man in the WH?” I’m pretty sure they all know we really didn’t. Yet, there he is.

@118 Not too long ago…

According to the Forward, leaders of the Historical Vitézi Rend have identified Dr. Gorka as a sworn member of the organization who took a “lifelong oath of loyalty.” The State Department identifies the original Vitézi Rend, as a virulently anti-Semitic organization that operated under the direction of the Nazis during World War II. Dr. Gorka was photographed wearing a Vitézi Rend medal on several occasions, including at a Presidential inaugural ball earlier this year. He has also identified himself as “Dr. Sebastian L. v. Gorka” in written testimony before Congress. Experts note that the initial “v.” is used by sworn members of the Vitézi Rend.

@119: Yep I like Joy. No drama no b.s. with her.

Time to find something on the teevee for some background noise and call it a night/morning.

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