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iPhone Is The New Milk

Posted on: March 8, 2017

-Trump Chuckie

On March 4th, The Thing in the White House sent out a bunch of angry tweets blasting the previous President for wiretapping Isengard Trump Tower. “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” Then 30 mins later: “How long has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process? This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!” When asked to clarify this insanity, The Thing’s minions really could do nothing but heee and hawww. The Thing read it somewhere, they said. NY Times! Louise Mensch! BBC! Naturally once reporters dug deeper, they found that NO, none of those reports talked Trump Obamaabout wiretapping. Mensch broke the story on her right-wing blog HeatStreet on November 7th about the FISA warrant, but all she said was that a FISC court granted permission to “examine the activities of ‘U.S. persons’ in Donald Trump’s campaign with ties to Russia.” In question was a mysterious communication between two Russian banks and a server in Trump Tower. (David Corn of Mother Jones broke the story of the two banks and Trump Tower, but all media dismissed it as a bizarre conspiracy theory a couple of weeks earlier.) In the follow-up reports to Mensch’s story, BBC and the failing NY Times confirmed a FISA warrant, but nobody mentioned wiretaps… except Breitbart and then The Thing in its Tweets. Ahhhhh, the plot thickens. Where did Breitbart get the information about wiretaps at Trump Tower and did The Thing just leak top secret information in a series of Tweets? Sure seems that way. Will anybody hold him accountable? LOL.

There are fleeing moments when it feels like Lady Lindsey Graham and Hero John McCain might hold The Thing accountable for the numerous impeachable offenses it has committed. Earlier today Graham tweeted: “An attack on one political party should be considered an attack on all. We must push back on Russian election interference at home & abroad.” That sounds great! However it should also be noted that Graham had lunch with The Thing earlier in the day.

“Great lunch meeting with ‪@POTUS today. President Trump is strongly committed to rebuilding our military which is music to my ears. (1/3)

President Trump is in deal-making mode and I hope Congress is like-minded. (2/3)”

“How good was the meeting with ‪@POTUS?

I gave him my NEW cell phone number.”

Somebody responded: “1-800-DOOR-MAT?” And then “You, sir, are a profile in courage.”

And that, folks, is Lindsey Graham summarized in a handful of tweets. We have to get used to the notion that no, Graham and McCain won’t hold The Thing accountable for anything until they’ve gotten what they want from him: tax cuts for the rich, bigger military, gutting ACA, etc. etc. etc. Then maybe, possibly, once that’s all done, they’ll throw The Thing overboard.

Speaking of handing out cell numbers, can anybody afford a new cell phone after Republicans pass Trumpcare? Jason Chaffetz, the man who investigated Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails to death, and who doesn’t think there is any reason to look into Trump’s connections to Russia, went on CNN to start selling Trumpcare to America.

Americans have choices. And they’ve got to make a choice. And so, maybe rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on, maybe they should invest it in their own health care. They’ve got to make those decisions for themselves.

This is, of course, patently absurd. An iPhone unsubsidized by a phone company might cover one month’s premium for a single person. How many iPhones does Chaffetz think people buy? Of course, Chaffetz himself doesn’t have to buy his own phone. He gets one from work. His cell bill gets covered too. “How much does an iPhone cost” is the new “How much is a gallon of milk?” and Chaffetz doesn’t know  the cost of either.


Overall Trumpcare is going to gut poor people into oblivion. It gives tax breaks to the rich, provides insurance companies with tax deductions on CEO salaries, will raise costs of premium, reinstate caps, gut preexisting conditions. Millions of people will lose their insurance. Many of them were Trump voters. Sadly many of them were not. But they will suffer also.

Why do Republicans hate poor people? It’s a question that has been asked often and there are many answers. As it came up again in the current Trumpcare discussion, I was reminded of a scene in E.M. Forster’s great novel “Howards End.” In the 1910 novel ForsterForster explored 3 groups of people from 3 different classes: the extremely wealthy and conservative Wilcoxes, upper middle class but liberal Schlegels, and poor but aspiring for something bigger Basts. The Schlegel sisters, Margaret and Helen, try to help poor Leonard Bast, but their well-meaning interventions in his life, as well as not-well meaning interventions from the Wilcoxes, prove disastrous. He loses his job as a clerk in an insurance company after following bad advice from patriarch Henry Wilcox. When the impetuous Helen (played by Helena Bonham Carter in the magnificent film, with Emma Thompson as Margaret) tries to make her case for helping the poor to the condescending 1%-er Henry Wilcox (Anthony Hopkins in the film), the following exchange takes place. Written in 1910, “Howards End”is still relevant in 2017.

From Chapter 22

He [Henry Wilcox] raised his finger. “Now, a word of advice.”

“I require no more advice.” [said Helen]

“A word of advice. Don’t take up that sentimental attitude over the poor. See that she doesn’t, Margaret. The poor are poor, and one’s sorry for them, but there it is. As civilisation moves forward, the shoe is bound to pinch in places, and it’s absurd to pretend that any one is responsible personally. Neither you, nor I, nor my informant, nor the man who informed him, nor the directors of the Porphyrion, are to blame for this clerk’s loss of salary. It’s just the shoe pinching–no one can help it; and it might easily have been worse.”

Helen quivered with indignation.

“By all means subscribe to charities–subscribe to them largely– but don’t get carried away by absurd schemes of Social Reform. I see a good deal behind the scenes, and you can take it from me that there is no Social Question–except for a few journalists who try to get a living out of the phrase. There are just rich and poor, as there always have been and always will be. Point me out a time when men have been equal–”

“I didn’t say–”

“Point me out a time when desire for equality has made them happier. No, no. You can’t. There always have been rich and poor. I’m no fatalist. Heaven forbid! But our civilisation is moulded by great impersonal forces” (his voice grew complacent; it always did when he eliminated the personal), “and there always will be rich and poor. You can’t deny it” (and now it was a respectful voice)–“and you can’t deny that, in spite of all, the tendency of civilisation has on the whole been upward.”

“Owing to God, I suppose,” flashed Helen.

He stared at her.

“You grab the dollars. God does the rest.”

It was no good instructing the girl if she was going to talk about God in that neurotic modern way. Fraternal to the last, he left her for the quieter company of Mrs. Munt.


“Don’t ever discuss political economy with Henry,” advised her sister. “It’ll only end in a cry.”

“But he must be one of those men who have reconciled science with religion,” said Helen slowly. “I don’t like those men. They are scientific themselves, and talk of the survival of the fittest, and cut down the salaries of their clerks, and stunt the independence of all who may menace their comfort, but yet they believe that somehow good–it is always that sloppy ‘somehow’ will be the outcome, and that in some mystical way the Mr. Basts of the future will benefit because the Mr. Brits of today are in pain.”

Howards End

Also, in brief: Richard Steele, the British spy who wrote the infamous “pee pee” dossier, has resurfaced. While American Senators want to hear him testify about what he knows.

WikiLeaks is dumping top secret CIA documents.

And contrary to earlier denials that he’s never met the Russian Ambassador (a man nobody has ever met), a newly unearthed article in the Wall Street Journal from last April says that Trump met with the Russian Ambassador and greeted him warmly.

What’s on your mind Widdershins? This is an open thread.


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Now this is funny. Kellyanne Dumbway.

Well at least one person in the WH knows the proposed replacement for the ACA is a disaster.

“Insurance isn’t really the end goal here…”

@2> BUT – Trump wants it. He said if Republicans don’t pass it, it’ll be a blood bath in 2018 for Republicans. (I think there will be a bloodbath if they do pass it… Or maybe there’ll be a bloodbath regardless, just with different villagers attacking.) Interesting point someone (I think Bill Kristol) was making on Twitter is that Breitbart and Coulter and all those nut jobs (he didn’t call them nut jobs) are against Trumpcare, but in their attacks they do not mention that Trump supports it. They lay it squarely on Paul Ryan. Breibart and co. are tying this to Paul Ryan. Kristol was speculating that this might be Bannon’s goal: tie it to Ryan, let it fail, have Trump bash Republicans for not keeping a promise and bury them in 2018 and 2020. We know Bannon has made his desire to annihilate the Republican party very clear. Maybe this is part of his strategy. In which case, Trump might try to destroy Paul Ryan with this bill. Which would be beautiful poetic justice for the lapdog Ryan to get put down by Trump.

@2, DYB: do you mean 45 wants THIS healthcare plan? it’s my understanding that what 45 promised on the stump was impossible to achieve. Cheap excellent coverage for everyone. As awful as the Repubs are, I’d don’t see how anyone could fulfill that promise. I have no doubt that he will be blameless when this proposal goes down in flames but he is never going to deliver what he promised. At this point, I am hoping that when 45’s admin crumbles into dust (hopefully not nuclear ash), the mean spirited, hypocritical, scandal mongering, petty, greedy, holier than thou version of the Repub party will be washed away and we will finally rise as a functional, centrist-leaning, two-party system. Yes, I know I am delusional, it is a survival mechanism!

@5> Who knows what Trump and Bannon actually want from this sort of bill. But it’s the bill Paul Ryan put out and Trump has said he wants it passed or there will be a bloodbath for Republicans. While Conway is saying Trump does not want it named “Trumpcare.” I think it’s one of those “he wants to have his cake and eat it too” situations.

Trump promised something that a) he can’t deliver because b) he doesn’t give a shit and c) Republicans will never agree to. But he did promise healthcare to his supporters. Ryan puts out a bill. Trump supporters have no freaking clue what’s in it, they’re idiots. Breitbart, on Bannon’s orders, says it’s a shitty bill to the alt-right crowd, explicitly state it’s Paul Ryan’s bill, so the alt-right turns against it. Breitbart doesn’t mention Trump’s support because Trump doesn’t want the alt-right to realize he’s supporting it because it’s not what he promised them.

Meanwhile to the moderates Trump looks like he’s supporting a bill. But if/when it goes down in flames, Paul Ryan will be blamed by everyone, including Trump. To the alt-right he’ll say: “This was a terrible bill and Paul Ryan must go!” And to the moderates he will say: “Paul Ryan is a failure because he couldn’t deliver on a promise, he must go!” So Paul Ryan goes, Trump attacks all Republicans for failing to pass the bill, and and he tells the alt-right all Republicans are awful for not writing the sort of bill he promised. War within Republican party, with Trump dividing them. Either way, Trump wins.

Does that make sense?

Spicer has no idea what he’s talking about.

@6, unfortunately yes. I didn’t know 45 was pushing the proposal. Thanks, DYB.

Decked out in red, going to a protest in less than two hours and have my personal sign ready.

One side is a picture of the ‘Official Program Woman Suffrage Procession’ poster, march in Washington, DC, March 3rd, 1913.

The other side says: “Women are stronger together! Trump will knock women’s rights back to the Stone Age”


‘If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.’ (By Harriet Tubman)

These women marched against Donald Trump. Now they’re running for office…

Yep. Now tell us something we don’t know.

Based on this finding, it is our conclusion that the Comey letter, 11 days before the election, was the precipitating event behind Clinton’s loss, despite the letter being effectively retracted less than a week later. In such a close election, there may have been dozens of factors whose absence would have reversed the outcome, such as the influence campaign of the Russian government as detailed by US intelligence services. But the sudden change in the political conversation after the Comey letter suggest it was the single, most indispensable factor in the surprise election result.

I really do wonder if Trumpcare will be Paul Ryan’s downfall. I mean… it would just be beautiful.

@12> REALLY?! OMG, that is shocking news. *eye roll*

Awww, poor Mika got her feelings hurt by a Fox show and schmoe had to come to her rescue.

A Trump campaign aide who argues that Democrats committed “ethnic cleansing” in a plot to “liquidate” the white working class. A former reality show contestant whose study of societal collapse inspired him to invent a bow-and-arrow-cum-survivalist multi-tool. A pair of healthcare industry lobbyists. A lobbyist for defense contractors. An “evangelist” and lobbyist for Palantir, the Silicon Valley company with close ties to intelligence agencies. And a New Hampshire Trump supporter who has only recently graduated from high school.

These are some of the people the Trump administration has hired for positions across the federal government

As far as Trumpcare/Ryancare is concerned I think we’ve got to pin our hopes on the fact that so far there are four Repub Senators who have come out against the bill as it is now. I think I heard Maddow or another talking head say the Repubs can’t afford to lose more than two Senators. I hope those four stay against the bill.

Cuz I love me some wiener dog races.

DYB, excellent post. Re: Howard’s End, I found it depressing, really like A Room With A View & A Passage to India though.

@13, agree, would love to see that jerk go down over healthcare.
@14, that was great! Thanks for that!

Oh and Vox and WaPo print hit pieces on HRC today. Happy International Women’s Day!

DYB, excellent post. If the first picture is a “Who wore their makeup better,” then undoubtedly, Chucky did. What these Rethugs haven’t learned is that the Thing is so mercurial that if he can drop a wife before a prenup disappears and withhold child support, they have no chance of allegiance. The first poll showing cratering support and he will drop this RyanCare plan so fast his wig will spin.

What I find so telling is that as bad as this plan is, and I mean disastrously bad, it isn’t enough for these Freedom Caucus ghouls. They want — no demand — more hurt for children, the elderly, and poor women. Hell is going to have to build an addition to add rooms.

@23: Yes, isn’t that incredible about the Freedom Caucus thinking that Ryancare is “too much” ? Part of me really, really, really wants one of their family who will be covered by this to suffer if it is passed.

There is, at the moment, a fair amount of opposition to Trumpcare/Ryancare. A number of major groups, like the Nurses union and AARP, have come out against it. I think the American Medical Association did as well. And a number of Republican Congresscritters. For some, like the French Fries Caucus, I mean Freedom Caucus, it doesn’t go far enough! And as you guys say, that is astonishing. So I think if the vote was held today, it wouldn’t pass. But – crazier things have happened so, who knows. All these spineless cowards might still come around.

But – think about the town halls the Rethuglicans have faced. The anger has been almost entirely about the repeal of ACA. If they throw all these people off insurance – holy shit.

@22: just heard that 45 is viewed more favorably than Hillary. WTF is going on? Even without the Russian connections unraveling, what is there to like, admire or respect about this poorest of excuses for a sentient life form?

@21> socalannie, yes I agree with you on “Howards End.” It is actually a very depressing book, though the end seems hopeful. But in reality – the poor family in it, the Basts, are destroyed. The wealthy families – the conservatives and the liberals – reconcile through the goodness of the liberal sisters. But the Basts are ruined (and dead.) And Forster leaves it at that.

I’m also reminded of the ending of “A Passage to India,” which was his last novel published in 1924, though he died in 1970. (For those who haven’t read it, it’s about a white English woman in India accusing an Indian doctor of raping her and his trial. It turns out he did not assault her, but the racism of the British destroys all illusions of a community between the colonialists and the Indians. At the end the Indian doctor and his one remaining British friend meet many years later and the Brit asks if the two [races] can ever reconcile.) And the final paragraph of th novel reads:

“Why can’t we be friends now?” said the other, holding him affectionately. “It’s what I want. It’s what you want.”

But the horses didn’t want it— they swerved apart; the earth didn’t want it, sending up rocks through which riders must pass single file; the temples, the tank, the jail, the palace, the birds, the carrion, the Guest House, that came into view as they issued from the gap and saw Mau beneath: they didn’t want it, they said in their hundred voices, “No, not yet,” and the sky said, “No, not there.”

@26> Yes that was the WaPo hit piece. According to some poll Hillary’s popularity numbers are very low. “The Fix” seems very gleeful about it.

@27> The “A Passage to India” final lines. That’s how I feel about anyone who says we must all make peace with Bernie Bros or Trumpists. NO. Everything screams NO.

DYB, did either hit piece indicate why her ratings are so low? She is usually very popular when she is not running for office. Do you know who did the poll? I had gone to Vox to look for the article but none of the headings jumped out at me. Will try WaPo now.

I don’t see anything on the WaPo web front page that’s on Hillary.

@22, DYB, it would be nice to provide a source. The closest thing I could find when I searched under Politics is this:

The Democratic Party has struggled to break through into news cycles — which have been dominated by Trump’s decisions, victories and errors — and as polls have showed the party’s favorable rating slipping since the 2016 election.

In large part, that’s due to a possibly temporary decline in approval among liberal voters angry that the party is not winning more battles with Trump; some of the decline also seems attributable to those voters who lack college degrees, whom focus groups and reporting have found to be resilient in their support for Trump.

And the article here on a poll has Trump’s negatives at 52% and higher for other measures about him.

@33: And you know? I don’t care one flip about that poll. I hope she never sets foot in electoral politics again.

Part of this I bet is making her the fall guy for the loss. Well eff ’em. Get back to me after another year or two of tRump. Better yet, no, don’t get back to me. You deserve what you get.

@33, when you look at the cross tabs on that poll, I have no idea how they framed the Trump/Hillary question. When you look down the tabs, it appears that the distribution seems off with a 42/41 vote percentage.

There are several things going on here and a horse race question after the election inflate the winner and deflate the perceived loser (not that I would ever call Hillary a loser). What that means is this: People want to associate with the winner.

As for the perceived loser, part of the factor in depressing Hillary’s numbers are: (1) Nobody likes a perceived loser; (2) Some of the anger is that people always see themselves associating with a winner (the converse of (1); (3) After the fact, it exacerbates the Bernie or Busters to again rekindle their emotions; and (4) A negative reaction to Hillary after the election has no conceivable cost to them — people who were invested prior to the election are no longer invested. There are many other possibilities, too.

Running polls like this have the same substantive value as asking survey questions about the preference you might have about a free phone that went bad before the contract was up. While the phone was working, it was your Huckleberry, after it died it was the worstest, badest, no good, awful phone you ever put to your ear.

It can’t both be true without the intervention of time. Time and intervening circumstances are the difference. Long and short — ignore click bait.

Our Hillary today…hope this link shows up on the blog. Cute photos.

@33, thx for the source. Interesting that the poll has, roughly, more than 33% higher number of voters from the south than in the west. Also the #s for voters in the West are split roughly 50/50 for Hillary and Trump. Don’t think their poll #s represent realistic national proportions. Whites are 70%; Latinx and blacks together are only 30%. Hmmm. What’s also odd is that this poll is a ways off from the poll in my 2nd link in 32. Anyhow, there are a lot of unhappy people making noise at town halls.

Did anyone go to a protest or somewhere in public with other women wearing red? I did.

That poll in WaPo is, aside from everything else…what is the point of it?! What is the point of this article, besides The Fix’s (Chris Cillizza is the main guy there) dislike of HRC? Why bother? She’s not running for office, she’s just delivering a couple of speeches. Why bother writing this at all? And on a day like this! A coincidence? I think not… Coupled with the Vox article. There were quite a few comments across Twitter that this was bullshit thing to do.

@36> The comments under there are nasty. From both BernieBros and Trumpists. Never read the comments!

@37 & 39, there is no angle to the story other than smearing Hillary in the hope it will be picked up by the far right infotainment/alt-right complex. It is the only way WaPo would ever get the clicks from that side of the internet. It is pretty shameless in its unabashed pandering. They probably got ink stains on their private parts.

@43, and we have a winner of the internet! LOL

Okay, all this Russian operative stuff is making my eyes cross. Can we just start all over again – say this time last year- knowing everything we know now? (ALL of it, including what an ass Bernie Slanders turned out to be)

Kilimnik, a joint Russian-Ukrainian citizen who trained in the Russian army as a linguist, told operatives in Kiev and Washington that he met with Manafort during an April trip to the United States. And, after a late summer trip to the U.S., Kilimnik suggested that he had played a role in gutting a proposed amendment to the Republican Party platform that would have staked out a more adversarial stance towards Russia, according to a Kiev operative.>/em>


Kilimnik’s relationship with Manafort traces back to 2005. That’s when Manafort hired Kilimnik to work for him in Ukraine after Kilimnik was forced out of a position he held for about a decade in Moscow with the U.S.-based International Republican Institute amid suspicion over his ties to Russia.

Manafort and Kilimnik were part of a group that formed a private equity fund that used millions of dollars contributed by the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska to purchase a Ukrainian cable and internet company. And they did work on behalf of the businesses owned by Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov.

@36: She looks good in the pics!

@46> It’s like reading Beowulf in the original.

A friend edited this video for Samantha Bee tonight. It’s great.

@38 Shadow, I spent the day at my sister’s house remodeling her kitchen counter tops. I haven’t had a chance to even catch the news, if they are even showing anything. How did it go? I hope to see lots of links w/ pictures.


@49, that was hysterical.

Shadow, am glad you got to get out and protest. I didn’t get out today, but didn’t work or shop–best I could do.

forgetmenot, thank you for the darling Hillary pix! Seeing pix like that is like a little sliver of sunlight shining throw our dark uncertain future.

I love Mrs. Betty Bowers!

@49: You want to know who else had fun at CPAC? You can go read it here.

Interesting thing yesterday: two articles in major liberal publications, Taibbi in Rolling Stone and then some dude in Vanity Fair, trying to play down the Trump/Russia story. The Vanity Fair article specifically “goes after” Louise Mensch.

Taibbi in Rolling Stone goes after all media in general, saying all of their reporting on Trump is based on appearance of guilt, but zero evidence, and they are all being very irresponsible and it will ruin their careers. (Did Taibbi ever complain about coverage of HRC being based on appearance of impropriety and no actual proof? I didn’t think so…)

This to me looks like liberal journalists gaslighting themselves. They have the biggest story in front of their faces, but instead – hey let’s write articles about Hillary Clinton’s approval ratings instead!

HAHA! Right now on CNN the chyron says: Ryan ATTEMPTS to explain GOP Health Care plan.

We just sent troops on the ground of Syria. But our military loves Trump!

It’s March 9th, 72 degrees and I’m sitting on the screened in porch watching the wasps swarm. If we don’t get a hard freeze this month, the bugs are gonna be hell this summer. Of course there are lots of flowers and trees in full bloom that will be damaged if we do. Spring is six weeks early with no real winter behind it.

@61> GAgal, how is he doing? I’m guessing not well? How did he get a reputation as the intellectual one in the GOP?

@62, I suspect that love is turning bitter now.

@63> Yes it’s 60 in NYC today. 30 tomorrow. Scott Pruitt had the word “science” removed form EPA’s mission statement and says he doesn’t believe carbon monoxide is causing global warming.

@64 I don’t know how Ryan did. The second I saw him I turned it off. I just tried again, saw Spicer – CLICK.

@63 and 66, unfortunately while most of the country is having warmer temps, the Pacific NW is having colder than usual temps over the last couple of months. Rrrrr.

Nigel Farrage was photographed leaving the Ecuadorian embassy in London today. When asked what he was doing there he said he didn’t remember.

Michael Flynn firm lobbying for Turkey/Erdogan interests last August through November.

Erdogan’s power base is Turkey’s Islamic voters, and since a failed coup in July, he has accelerated a crackdown against the nation’s weakening secularist faction. Erdogan has accused cleric Fethullah Gulen of orchestrating the aborted coup and called for his extradition from the U.S., where he lives. The Obama administration did not comply, and Gulen still lives in a compound in Pennsylvania.

According to the filing, Flynn Intel’s work involved collecting information about Gulen and pressuring U.S. officials to take action against the cleric, including a meeting in October between Flynn’s firm and a representative of the House Homeland Security Committee.

@73> Just how many governments does GENERAL Flynn work for?


I went to a small rally yesterday…but in San Francisco and Oakland, women rocked it. Here are some good photos for ya:

@63: It’s in the 70s here right now Last night it dropped to the mid 40s and I had to run the heat just to knock the chill off. Totally bizarre.

74 DYB
From the mouths of computers…

My geek son gave me Alexa for my birthday last year. Now I guess I have to save some bail money for when we both get hauled in for our discussions on Trump and his alt pals.

@80> Deplorables!

@81: That crossed my mind also DYB. It’s open season once again on hating. Supposedly it’s over a rainbow patch on the OutVets’ logo. Duh!

They zoomed in on Paul Ryan’s adam’s apple when Tucker Carlson talks about tax cuts. LOL

@83: Oh I wish that had been a video clip of Ryan.

@85> There is a video there!

Fredster, the video is in the middle of the page.

@87: My adblocker had it blocked.

It’s interesting how the mysterious communications between Trump Tower and a Russian bank were dismissed so thoroughly by the press 4 months ago is still being investigated by the FBI. Instead of this story the press went after Clinton’s e-mails – again.

If Tulsi is upset, I now suddenly want to eat human brains too.

This is not normal!!! And Tillerson is going on a trip to Asia and is not bringing any media with him. Remember when media complained that HRC didn’t hold a press conference – even though she spoke to individual reporters and travelled with press pool? Yeah, maybe that wasn’t that big a deal? I dunno…

@91: And you know DYB, that tRump wants to cut the budget of the State Dept. by a third.

@89: From the CNN article:

Fear has now silenced several of the computer scientists who first analyzed the data.

Tea Leaves refused to be interviewed by CNN and is now “hiding under a rock,” according to an intermediary contact.

Paul Vixie, who helped design the very DNS system the internet uses today, was quoted in the Slate story saying that Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization “were communicating in a secretive fashion.” Vixie declined to go on the record with CNN.

This is now getting spooky.

Very good article by Matt Bai via Yahoo News:

Is Trumpism an existential threat?

@93 It’s so infuriating. That CNN article says the Trump Tower/server connection was dismissed 4 months ago. That Slate article came out the last week of October – before the election – but of course CNN, nor any other media picked it up. That’s the week Comey pulled his stunt and all they could talk about was Hillary’s emails on ‘Huma’s, I mean sexual pervert Anthony Weiner’s’, computer. Now they act like it’s breaking news.

Alfa bank was all over the Steele dossier too (misspelled Alpha Bank)The media and Comey had that too, but they ALL kept it to themselves. I wonder how much time I would serve if I kneed Comey in the nuts? I might have to punch him. He’s tall.

@94 fredster, that was excellent. And kind of heartbreaking.

It did remind me of something I haven’t thought about in a while though. Where’s Ghouliani? Last I heard Stump put him in charge of “cyber security” something. Think about that for a minute. (Not that our spooks would let him get near it, I hope)

The dismissal of that Alpha/Trump story came up a little spat between Nick Merrill, who worked for HRC, and a NY Times reporter who dismissed the story. Of course the Times will say “Hey we wrote about it!” when, in fact, they dismissed it and doubled down on HRC e-mails instead.

Merrill was responding to this tweet from Times reporter:

@95: I remember reading something about that server way back when, definitely before the election and the story was just pooh-poohed then.

@97 and 98: Heh, I wonder if that was the New York F.B.I. office that blew it off?

@96: That was alarming to me also GAgal. Is this the way the country is headed? Do we really want to go down this road?

I’m not sure we’ll ever know the full extent of the actions and the cover-up. There are just so many players involved, and players who would be in charge of investigating either themselves or their friends. It just won’t happen. Republicans will not allow an independent prosecutor.

Comey will never explain his actions, no one will make him.

The media will never accept responsibility. They will just maintain the amount of coverage they gave e-mails was what was necessary at the time… Just look at NY Times’ disgrace leading up to Iraq War and Judith Miller. That was absolutely disgraceful. But all they did was fire Miller (who is now some sort of right-winger?) and washed their hands of all responsibility. There will never be atoning. Look at their behavior now. Someone calls Times out on how handling of the Banks/Trump story and all the guy has is: “No we did write about it!” He doesn’t recognize his writing of that story was literally the beginning and the end of it for the Times. They didn’t look into it further. No, they had people looking through HRC’s e-mails instead, and Clinton Foundation, which continued to provide free drugs to so many desperate people around the world. The media is still disgraceful. I recognize we need them now – but I will never forgive their moral and professional failures. They will never ask for forgiveness (important to note), because they are always perfect. And we should never forget what they did. We are where we are in large part because of the media. Curse them!

Anyway, that was my bedtime rant. Like the List Arya reads before bedtime. Tonight I curse the media and the hacks who ruined the world for the rest of us.


@102: Anyway, that was my bedtime rant. Like the List Arya reads before bedtime. Tonight I curse the media and the hacks who ruined the world for the rest of us.


Sleep well. You got a lot off your chest D.

The Big Dawg is back. Damn, I miss him and the woman who made him who he is.

<em“People who claim to want the nation-state are actually trying to have a pan-national movement to institutionalize separatism and division within borders all over the world,” Clinton said. “It’s like we’re all having an identity crisis at once — and it is an inevitable consequence of the economic and social changes that have occurred at an increasingly rapid pace."

Goodnight DYB. It sure is nice to see Nick Merill and hopefully many more call out the media for their part in this debacle.

@97 I’ll bet Michael Schmidts’ FBI source for that article came from the New York office of the FBI. Somebody ask him.

@104: Didn’t bother to read the comments because I’m sure someone said “It’s time for the Clintons to step aside and get off the stage”, or something like that.

@108 no, it was more like rapist, pervert, bj, etc. Just what you’d expect. No respect at all for his words about PM Rabin. I don’t even think they noticed what the article was about. So… trolls.

I haven’t checked out Borowitz on the side bar lately. This one is hilarious.

According to the poll, Americans have been sleeping more, eating better, and enjoying a markedly greater sense of well-being following Conway’s sudden departure.

“I had lost my zest for life,” Carol Foyler, a poll respondent, said. “Now that Kellyanne Conway is gone, I greet every day with a smile, I feel my energy coming back, and I want to have sex again.”

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