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Activist Monday: A Day without A Woman

Posted on: March 6, 2017


Oh, No He Dwa – Wa

Good Monday, Widdershins! It’s been another dizzying, crazy-making week in Washington. It’s almost impossible to make sense of all the Republicans melting down in public, including the fact that Mike Pence (currently being marketed as “The Normal One”) used a private email server to conduct government bidness as Indiana’s governor! Yes, that’s Our Girl reading about it over there on the right side.

Let’s take a little break from the cray-cray and talk about some of the good things going on. As we know, March is Women’s History Month, and March 8, 2017 is International Women’s Day. Thanks to the Women’s March, a spontaneous outpouring of love, positivity and opposition the day after Drumpf’s inauguration, women, and those who support us, have been energized for activism in a way they haven’t been in decades.

This year, March 8 is A Day Without A Woman.

In the same spirit of love and liberation that inspired the Women’s March, we join together in making March 8th A Day Without a Woman, recognizing the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system–while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity. We recognize that trans and gender nonconforming people face heightened levels of discrimination, social oppression and political targeting. We believe in gender justice.

Anyone, anywhere, can join by making March 8th A Day Without a Woman, in one or all of the following ways:

  1. Women take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor
  2. Avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses).
  3. Wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman

Ah, but what are we women yammering about, skeptics may grumble. After all, women aren’t that far away from being equal. And it’s true, we’ve made some strides. Maybe we should wait! According to the IWD website, if we continue on our current course, women will achieve gender parity in 2186.

I’ll just let that sit there for a minute.

When I read that figure, I thought, huh. Weren’t we doing better a few years ago? Why yes. Yes we were.

On average, the 144 countries covered in the Report have closed 96% of the gap in health outcomes between women and men, unchanged since last year, and more than 95% of the gap in educational attainment, an improvement of almost one full percentage point since last year and the highest value ever measured by the Index. However, the gaps between women and men on economic participation and political empowerment remain wide: only 59% of the economic participation gap has been closed—a continued reversal on several years of progress and the lowest value measured by the Index since 2008—and about 23% of the political gap, continuing a trend of slow but steady improvement. Weighted by population, in 2016, the average progress on closing the global gender gap stands at a score of 0.683—meaning an average gap of 31.7% remains to be closed worldwide across the four Index dimensions in order to achieve universal gender parity.

Out of the 142 countries covered by the Index both this year and last year, 68 countries have increased their overall gender gap score compared to last year, while 74 have seen it decrease. It therefore has been an ambiguous year for global gender parity, with uneven progress at best.

Sometimes statistics like this can seem dry. This year, in which we saw a feces-throwing orangutan being inaugurated as President, instead of the first woman ever, it’s as pertinent and full of emotional impact as the shameful and terrifying deportations, anti-Semitic hate crimes, and virulent, violent racism flourishing in the Age of Republican Hate.

But damn, I was going to talk about the good things, right? Here are 31 days of sheroes to inspire us. And for those who want to talk about the insanity du jour, this is an open thread.




68 Responses to "Activist Monday: A Day without A Woman"

Please tell us how Trump support our troops. And why they keep supporting him? (You’ve all seen the stories of veterans getting deported by ICE/Gestapo?)

Did you see Dr. Ben Carson’s speech to HUD employees that black slaves were immigrants who wanted their families to achieve happiness and prosperity in America? And that others on slave ships had a harder time, worked more and for less than black slaves?

The word according to Ben Carson:

@1 DTB – Khizr Khan is from Pakistan – how can they stop him from travel by their own EO? That is unconstitutional – pure vengeance & shouldn’t be allowed to happen

@4> The Khan story seems to be sort of evolving. Nobody is sure what is happening…

From 2 and Olbermann’s quote: but Dr Carson may be the stupidest man breathing

I’m betting Clarence Thomas could give him a run for the money.

Why so shy Comey? He had no problem speaking his mind, in an act of insubordination, when it came to Hillary. (two times – well three if you count his statement two days before the election saying ‘Nevermind’). But now that it’s Trump, he suddenly cares about protocol and wants the DOJ to do it for him. And silence…

Comey was frustrated that his request for DOJ to knock down the story went unanswered over the weekend, according to the source familiar with the matter, and the FBI director is still trying to figure an appropriate channel for the FBI and DOJ to formally come out and say the allegations are not true.

“He might come out and say only time will tell, but right now they (FBI and DOJ) should be in the exact same place and they’re not,” the source said.

The source added that Comey as of now has no plans to resign.

“Does he know of possibility there might be a confrontation and be fired by the President? Sure,” the source said. “Does he worry about it? No.”

Bullsh!t. It’s quite obvious he is worried about it.

Who is crazier? Carson or Trump? Honestly, I can’t stand anyone in our new government. They’re all a bunch of sick f*&ks. And/or evil.

@8, Well said GAgal!

Trump’s meltdown caught on video. You know that this will make him even crazier.

@8, Comey could hold a press conference and/or issue a letter. He’s been known to do that.

Guys – this is proof. If you meet a Cheetolini supporter in the open- do not try to engage them. Back away slowly, carefully. They are unhinged and may strike out at any moment with no forewarning

@10> That’s a weird video. It’s sometimes hard to be believe that Bannon is an actual person…

@11> Yes Comey used to not have such reservations about protocol! Funny how he’s so camera-shy now.

I can not figure that man out.

Latest Randy Rainbow.

@16, dying of laughter here!

I love that pic of Hillary looking at that newspaper. Wish we knew what she said about it!

@13: Oh good grief. Batshit crazy does not even begin to describe it.

@16: Love it – colonel cornpone the garden gnome.

@13, guess I shouldn’t bother trying to tell them that the part in the Bible about “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” was mistranslated and the appropriate gentile word wasn’t “witch,” but rather “poisoner.”

Somehow that bit of trivia surfaced from my memory.

@21: They’ll say you are full of that ole debil and full of deceit!

A tweet that Rude Pundit mentioned:


Rude Pundit has a piece today enumerating the many, many ways in which he hates Trump.

Here is the thing: I need this hatred. It makes me feel like I have some control left. It’s not a substitute for action. But it is the very thing that spurs me to want to act, vote, speak, march, resist, and love, yes, love those who share this hatred so we can unify in our hate to figure out how to use it.

@22, their stock reply to anything they don’t like.

U.S. military deploys advanced defensive missile system to South Korea, citing North Korean threat.

The U.S. military began deploying an advanced defensive missile system to South Korea on Monday, a long-awaited move that was agreed upon with the government in Seoul last summer and follows a series of provocations by North Korea.

The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system does not use warheads, and is designed to shoot down enemy ballistic missiles like the ones launched by Pyongyang into the Sea of Japan on Sunday. The deployment comes despite protests from Chinese officials, who have said repeatedly over the last year that it is threat to Chinese security.

@25: True dat!

@26: I wonder how well it works? Probably not very well.

@29, and did you see that N Korea is claiming they were aimed at our bases in Japan?

Wish we could put Trump and Kim in a room, lock the door, and throw away the key.

Ya know, I’m getting tired of this wiretap crap with the media. They know he’s an idiot. Just report it, dispute it and move on. (Notice Pence’s EMAILS! issue has disappeared) Media can’t stand the fact that Stump has insulted their hero – Obama. All their fee-fees are hurt. Gimme a break!

Just watched a clip of Meeeka practically in tears, pretending she’s sad and scared because ‘Donald’ is just gone and never coming back. As if she and Joe didn’t fluff and puff the idiot into the presidency. And it wouldn’t be Meeeka without a dig on Hillary – she said ‘If not for Hillary, there would be no Trump’. She just couldn’t help herself. Bitch needs to look in the mirror, FFS. Rant over… I think.

@29, that article may have a fair amount of fluff, but they make it sound like THAAD works well. I sure hope so.

@31, If not for Hillary, we would have lost the popular vote.

Someone who only now realizes Trump is bad for America is not someone I am going to pay attention to. Unfortunately I’m in the minority.

The whole Pence email thing — and all the other Trumpists who used private email — is treated like ‘meh’ because … sexism. Abso-effin’lutely no other reason.

Good Lord – pun intended.

This false heiress was seeking “to become the hinge of history by framing the narrative of a future America that does not acknowledge God’s exalted view of women and His biblical design for her glorious purpose in the earth.


@24, me and millions more along with Mr. Pundit.

@32: Yeah I was surprised when I started reading the article. However I’d hate to bet my life on it.

@34, uh-oh. Someone’s off his meds.

@30: Right, and neither one gets out. LOL

@36, Agree. N Korea is about the only reason I don’t like living on the Left Coast.

@31: Yuck fou Meeka, you never had much credibility and what little you did have, you lost when it became public that you were schtupping #socklessdeadintern.

@39: Didn’t mean it that way but I don’t believe they have the ability to launch anything that far.

@41 Yet.

But I agree; what I’ve read before indicates they are bully-bragging about their yuuuuge reach and capabilities, when in reality they’re not that good.

@24 Rude Pundit is great. You know who else I hate? Every single one of those wimpy-ass Republicans who ran against him in the primary who allowed themselves to be bullied by him. You wanta find someone to blame for Stump, start there, Meeeka. I am pissed to this day they let that happen.

@43: I think that if they could, they’d shoot their missiles further than the Sea of Japan so they could boast about it.

@44: But I dislike the idea of having this much hate in me and working on me.

Stump’s WH is about to open up a can of worms. They’re willing to keep funding PP if they stop performing abortions.

Currently, several proposals to defund Planned Parenthood are moving through Congress. One was approved by the House, another was introduced in the Senate, and a third cropped up in a draft of the proposed bill to repeal Obamacare. The measures would make Planned Parenthood and any other clinic that offers abortions “prohibited entities” for the use of Medicaid.

This means that low-income patients with Medicaid coverage would be barred from using their federally funded benefits at Planned Parenthood— even to obtain non-abortion health care, such as pap smears, cervical cancer screenings, STI testing, and contraception. It is already illegal for Medicaid to cover most abortions, and it has been for more than 40 years.

@46 Fredster, I don’t know that it’s hate so much as flat out anger. Even aside from the way Hillary was treated, this is effed up. And we know the Republicans have no problem fighting dirty. Why didn’t they when it mattered? Because they too thought Hill would win, never expecting all the stuff that worked against her. Just like us.

@46, It flares up, but I don’t carry it all the time (and wouldn’t want to). Like GAgal, it’s more anger and fury at the callousness of Trump and the GOP Congress. They are despoiling the land, water and air, breaking families apart, enabling illness and death. Miserable creatures without hearts.

Hilarious. Judicial Watch is ‘suing’ the CIA, DOJ and the Treasury. Apparently they didn’t meet the deadline for their FOIA request. They’re only asking for all documents related to the intelligence leaks that ousted Flynn. JW sure has a lot of money to burn. Probably Mercer bucks. The CIA should respond with completely redacted page after page after page.

@48 & 49: Yes but Mr. Pundit referenced “hating” tRump. And yes I do hate him at times and what he stands for.

Malcolm Nance was on the 11th Hour Brian Wms. Wms asked something along the lines of “Now that this cake is done (Obama wiretapping him in T. Tower) how does that bell get unrung among his supporters?” They are gonna swallow it hook, line and sinker. Nance replied back and said in essence that with so many of tRump’s supporters being batshit crazy, Obama is going to have to be concerned with his own security now.

Thanks tRump!

“Honey I’m home! I stopped and got dinner on the way”.

LOL, Trump met with the Russian Ambassador too, though he’s denied it. Poor Kislyak, nobody remembers him.

@53: doesn’t say much for 45’s memory either. If kislyak is really a spy master, I am sure being “forgotten” is just fine.

@42: when did Obama get a six pack, that’s hard work… As for 45, if I ever had the misfortune of seeing him unclothed, I would go blind (self inflicted).

Thanks for posting about the Woman’s strike tomorrow. I will wear red, attend a protest and not spend money except in small, woman owned shops.

When did Obama get a six pack?

Haha, I was thinking the same thing. He is really pretty skinny.

Here’s some cheery news for everyone: The U.S. fell three spots in U.S. News’ ranking/poll of “best countries in the world.

The whole world was watching the U.S. election. And for the most part, it didn’t like what it saw.

More than 70 percent of survey respondents lost respect for U.S. leadership as a result of the toxic nature of the U.S. election, according to a poll conducted for the 2017 U.S. News Best Countries Rankings.

That sentiment, combined with global distaste for Donald Trump, played a role in the U.S. falling from the No. 4 Best Country to No. 7.

If the election had been global, about 60 percent of people would have backed Hillary Clinton, according to survey of more than 21,000 people from 36 countries in all regions of the world.

When you have seen this W.H. spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders and if you have wondered about the name, yes she’s related to that Huckabee. Ick.

Huckabee Sanders, daughter of Mike Huckabee, attended Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas followed by Ouachita Baptist University, a private university in Arkadelphia, also in Arkansas.

Here’s an interesting piece that involves Black History Month and Women’s History:

For the first time in Delta Air Lines history, two black female pilots—including the company’s first black female captain—flew a mainline flight in the cockpit together.

@61, that is interesting! Doesn’t surprise me, but interesting info.

@51, I wish Obama would sue him (trump).

@52, aww…

@64: I wish Obama or his security team could do *something* about it. Maybe the Secret Service confronting tRump and telling him he’s endangering Obama with his wild accusations.

This is all kinds of awesome…lights on Lady Liberty go out right before the “Day Without a Woman” protest! Better watch out Dump and Dumpsters, our Lady is telling you something!

@66: Wow, now there’s some symbolism.


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