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Lazy weekend Widdershins~at a loss

Posted on: March 5, 2017


I got nuthin’

Good Sunday Widdershins!

Happy Sunday to you Widdershins.  Alas, I believe the muse has left me.  She has flown the coop.  Said adios.  She left no farewell note nor a forwarding address.  SAD!

After umpteen “light” posts I believe I have gone through the gamut, when considering politics and since November the election of the Orange one.  I have done music or movie posts on:

  • Outrage – done that
  • Rage – been there
  • Anger – way too much
  • Vengeance – is nice to think about but not too often
  • Revenge – See vengence
  • And so forth

I feel as if I’ve gone to the well and it’s a duster this time.  Sooo, I’ve gathered a collection of political cartoons for us to take a gander at and perhaps get a sad chuckle at them.  Enjoy.***

***  I saw this statement in a Charles Pierce article and maybe I’m getting there too:

At some point, I guess, you just have to walk away. Not forever, and not for long. But, sooner or later, you have to arrange one morning where you wake up and deliberately decide not to find out how the country has lost its mind overnight. I’m getting to that point, I have to tell you



* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

 * * *

* * *

And lastly:

separator-lineAnd that’s about all I’ve got folks.  I am hoping that I get that forwarding info from the Muse and we can get together by next weekend.

Of course this is a totally open thread.



32 Responses to "Lazy weekend Widdershins~at a loss"

To carry over a conversation from the last thread about Stone’s tweets. Stone just couldn’t help but let everyone know that he KNEW. His original tweets confirm it. Clearly he knew because, well, he was right. WikiLeaks dropped the information when they said they would; on more than one occasion. But it’s that desire that people know he’s smarter than they are. That’s the downfall. Hubris, the oldest tragic flaw. He wanted people to know he knew because then they can admire his genius. It’s now the same with Carter Page’s multiple television interviews. He’s sitting there smirking because he is convinced he’s the smartest man in the room, and he wants everybody to know he’s smarter than they are and they will never pin him down…


Fredster, LOVE the cartoons! Great pix! Also, thanks for putting up the SNL vid, it is perfectly hilarious! I hope they keep that theme running til we actually get one.

@1, yes, exactly, you nailed it.

Trumps ties to the Russian mobsters go so deep, it makes me dizzy. Honestly, I can’t keep up with this stuff:


@9 – Wow, Fredster. That is incredible!

Honestly, when did the entire Republican Party become agents of Pooty-Poot?! “Lock them up! Lock them up!”

@10: MB I think they all (Trump and co.) realize things are closing in on them (at least I hope they are) and they are all beginning to lose it.

Fredster, agree that they are losing it, which is delightful to see. I couldn’t believe it last night when Stone deleted his tweets! Hilarious that he could be so dense! And I honor these smart twit-arians that are always on top of their game and manage to save those vicious/stupid tweets for posterity.

Great collection of toons Fredster. I know exactly how you feel — sooner or later the amygdala needs a rest — we all have just so much fight or flight juice and need to let the juicer rest.

Just saw that Kim Jong Unsmart fired a missile that then went into the drink off the coast of South Korea. What do you want to bet we are on war footing by the morning to take the attention away from the current occupant of the Oval being the human equivalent of a gas pump credit card scamming device.

Completely normal to have outrage fatigue once in a while. This weekend I spent a couple of half-days with a fiberarts friend from out of town — it was so good to take a break from my nearly ever-present desire to run through the streets with pitchforks.

@13, oh great. Is Unsmart going to be the one to trigger WW3?

@15, love that tweet!

@14, that sounds nice!

Oh, I know why they’re melting down, for sure. I am just shocked at how deeply Putin has infiltrated Drumpf and his cadre, and how little his supporters seem to care.

All of us here…

back in July: what a craptastic disaster THAT would be.

November: Shit. The cliff face is only a couple of hundred yards away. EMERGENCY BRAKE!

January: We’re goin over the edge!

February: I wonder how far it is till we hit bottom?

March: Yup. Bits flyin off the train. Obviously.

I feel like I’m sitting, watching the show go by at 32ft/second2, eating popcorn, because what else can you do in a falling train?

@19, don’t know about you Quixote, but I was seated in the bar car and quite nicely lubricated before January so I suspect I won’t feel a thing. Strategically, I had seated myself on the right side of the bar and as we try and teach ourselves to fly as we hurtle toward next season, the bottles just keep fallin’ my way, as if from that generous liquor distributor in the sky or Skyy. I know physics says something different, but science is just so fact-based and like pre-January 20th.

Wait a minute. tRump can actually run?

Pictures of Trump … running with a lit Olympics torch adorn the walls of the men’s restroom near the lobby.

@4>TBD – hilarious and SAD!

Reines worked for HRC.


I think my fave of the cartoons was the one of Col. Cornpone Sessions.

I really despise that little gnome. You just knew what he had planned once he was confirmed as A.G. and he could barely wait to start with his crap. I hope he goes down big time!

Are you ready to be pissed off early Monday morning Widdershins? Fasten your seatbelt.

Jason Chaffetz said on Fox this morning that Obama’s administration was notorious for “this type of stuff” and he will investigate the wiretapping of Trump.

Fredster, good post…cartoons are plenty. Appreciate new threads, even with few words.

Rump likes drama, but he never expected that he would be the target of mass hatred, disgust and pitchforks. I am proud of our spooks, our Dems and our 65+ million voters that do give a phuck what is happening to our country.

Fight, fight, fight!!!

NW Luna

“This weekend I spent a couple of half-days with a fiberarts friend from out of town — it was so good to take a break from my nearly ever-present desire to run through the streets with pitchforks.”

I’ve retreated to watercolor painting these past few months for the same reason. Had to find something that gets me into that zen artistic mood when every day is a political shitstorm. Working full time doesn’t distract me enough. I have also gotten pretty good at turning off the news for hours at a time to decompress, then when I turn it back on, I feel like I have been on Mars for a week and the shitstorm has increased.

At this point, it will be a miracle if the dumpster is still in office in six months.

At Harvard, Hillary Clinton Hosts ‘Fireside Chat’ with Students


“You would always hear that she was much more funny in person and that you just didn’t see it on the campaign and that just showed—we were cracking up at some of the things she was saying,” Gildea said. “[We saw] that she is on her feet fighting and also able to make funny quips of her experience.”

Remember that title, ‘Dark Web’?

This reminds me of it. The article is talking about Rump’s rage these days..

“Trump, meanwhile, has been feeling besieged, believing that his presidency is being tormented in ways known and unknown by a group of Obama-aligned critics, federal bureaucrats and intelligence figures — not to mention the media, which he has called “the enemy of the American people.”

That angst over what many in the White House call the “deep state” is fomenting daily, fueled by rumors and tidbits picked up by Trump allies within the intelligence community and by unconfirmed allegations that have been made by right-wing commentators. The “deep state” is a phrase popular on the right for describing entrenched networks hostile to Trump.”

Trump: Bonkers, paranoid or trapped?

He could be all three, and the best would be, ‘trapped’!

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