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Shambolic sporkers…

Posted on: March 3, 2017

From Anne Rice’s book, The Witching Hour:spork

Give me a man or woman who has read a thousand books and you give me an interesting companion. Give me a man or woman who has read perhaps three and you give me a very dangerous enemy indeed.

Our White House is chocked full of dangerous enemies. I doubt Dolt 45 has ever read a book.  Of the two power brokers, Steve Bannon and Steve Miller, or Steve Squared, Bannon has undoubtedly cracked more books than the dead-eyed, zombified Miller, but their coming of age is almost identical.

According to acquaintances, Bannon changed after 2001.  He came to embrace eras of historical significance divvied-up into 20-year increments of “highs, awakenings, unraveling, and crises.”  To quote one of Bannon’s 2008 films, “History is seasonal, and winter is coming.”

The Miller part of Steve Squared was an enfant terrible calling into conservative talk radio while still in high school in the early aughts.  He bragged to conservative audiences of cracking the whip on laggardly high school janitorial staff. A graduate of U.S. Senator and ambulatory garden gnome Jefferson Beauregard Sessions’ tutelage, there is no better description of Miller than this:little-trump

In any other Republican administration, Miller would have been lucky to land a second-tier job at a third-tier agency.  But in the Trump White House, Miller stands out: He’s one of the few people in the president’s inner orbit who has actually worked in government.

And that my friends is the high water mark of what constitutes a policy shop for a petulant 70-year old who might or might not have successfully graduated from the Trump University of Potty Training given the reports of vodka-swilling, borscht-loving prostitutes.

Bannon and Miller are zealots. They are true believers – not of Trumpism for whatever that may turn out to be. They have spawned an apocalyptic philosophy of white national populism – the schizophrenic belief of a Judeo-Christian right to a 21st Century modernity of gadgets and gizmos nestled safely in a 1950’s culture where we are all employed by jobs last worked by our grandparents.

Empty vessels are the easiest filled. Barely 40-days in and this truism is proved by Flynn resigning due to canoodling with the Russians, a Secretary of the Navy, a Secretary of the Army, a Secretary of Labor, a Deputy Secretary of Commerce, and at least six White House staffers biting the curb because of non-existent vetting.  Hundreds of offices are unfilled without any hint of nominees.

Thank goodness Republicans don't engage in identity politics...

Thank goodness Republicans don’t engage in identity politics…

We have a rolling disclosure of Russians leaping like Baryshnikov to meet with campaign Trumpets. As of this writing, Flynn, Kushner, fruitcake Carter Page, J.D. Gordon, Walid Phares, and His Gnomeness Sessions, all met with the Russian ambassador Kislyak.

Then there is Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, who is so squirrely his bushy tail twitches when he someone says, “nuts.”  Add to that Paul Manafort and you just need one more to field a baseball team, maybe the Chernobyl Reds who can play in the majorly radioactive league.  The nagging question is this: Why the concerted effort to conceal these meetings?

Given these people’s intellectual challenges, they would be safer if they ate their meals with sporks since they are absolutely unfettered by their cluelessness of what they don’t know. The two people who are dancing on Occam’s razor, hoping against hope that Dolt 45’s signing pen doesn’t run out of ink are McTurtle and the doe-eyed Granny starver Ryan.

These two who worship power above all else are hoping that when the dust settles, their treasonous tryst will go unnoticed. And even if they are suspected of nefarious collusion, they will have accomplished their goal – tax cuts for the wealthiest among us. The 400 highest income earners in the country will get an average tax cut of about $7.0 Million a year for the low, low price tag of depriving health care to 21 Million.

congressional-hearingsOf course this pas de deux of the vacuous and the treasonous will culminate in a virtuoso of viperous Republican retribution. All in an effort to make good on the promise to the reliably hateful Republican/Tea Party voters to hurt those with less.

Overwhelming the already anemic media is part of the Steve Squared’s plan – not that overwhelming the media requires much effort. At least it appears that the Democrats are heeding the message to fight. It seems as if they finally understand there were no rewards for working with Dubya or no punishment for eight years of Republican obstruction.

It seems as if the Intelligence Community is our last bastion of protection. I follow a few former intelligence officers on Twitter and I perked right up when one said quite unequivocally that Dolt 45 will spend his last years in prison. They use sporks there too.

What’s on your mind today?



97 Responses to "Shambolic sporkers…"

I think the IC is going to be the shining knight on the white horse, but dang that horse must be grazing along the way. Good post as usual, Prolix.
Reading another interesting entry from Louise Mensch:

@1, I know what you mean about the grazing, but this is how I’ve reconciled it. If they loosed the IC hounds all at once, it would look more like a coup than protecting democracy. It would also unnecessarily abbreviate the fun they are having while playing with their food.

How are you feeling today contrask? Is your bionic limb working within normal parameters? Data always said that on The Next Generation.

@2, Lol! “playing with their food”

Hilarious post, Prolix! Yes, Sessions reminds me of an evil gnome. The first time I heard the word “spork” I screamed with laughter. I still think its a super funny word for some reason. I hope that intelligence agent you read on twitter is right about trump headed for a prison cell.

@1, “I think the IC is going to be the shining knight on the white horse, but dang that horse must be grazing along the way”

Well said!

@3, it figures…just when Hubs & I finally think we can see our way to a trip to Europe in the next couple of years. Thanks Dump.

I read that Louise Mensch post a while back. It sounds reasonable, and if so, I wish Wiener could sue the principals involved. And make public all the nefarious details in the discovery process.

@3, that’s the first shot over the bow. What Dolt 45 doesn’t understand, because his world view begins and ends somewhere between the Hudson River and Montauk, is that the EU is a larger market than the U.S. in consumer numbers. A trade war would immediately send the world and the U.S. into a recession. And the scary part of that is that these spork-eatin’ fools would never admit they were wrong.

@6, thanks Annie. For some unknown reason my synapses associate “spork” with “jorts” — jean shorts. I hear one and immediately think of the other. No association other than some short circuiting in “my brains” as we say around here.

Sorry I’ve been busy all day and haven’t read the post yet. Will do later tonight!

But I had to post this video. As the author says, it’s from RT and some rules are made to be broken. This little girl is the hero we need.

From the Luna’s link @3:

It comes after the US failed to agree visa-free travel for citizens of five EU countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania – as part of a reciprocity agreement. US citizens can normally travel to all countries in the bloc without a visa.

That’s an interesting list of countries, several being former “client-states” of the USSR. And also interesting that Poland and either Bulgaria or Romania had agreed to the placement of anti-missile defense units in their countries.

I wonder how long before tRump decides we don’t really need those things in there anymore because it might hurt Vlad’s feelings?

Prolix, regarding a “policy shop” with this administration, there’s a good article in The Atlantic about the morale or lack of at the State Dept.

The Office of Policy Planning, created by George Kennan after World War II, is now filled not just with Ph.D.s, as it once was, but with fresh college graduates and a malpractice attorney from New Jersey whose sole foreign-policy credential seems to be that she was born in Hungary.

It appears we have some diplomats with lots of time on their hands.

@11, I watched that earlier. Can you believe that little girl tweaking Farage just at the right time! She’s a star!

You have to look at Andrea Mitchell’s face, but if this is true….. this would be huge.

Der Spiegel is really on fire.

@13, I saw someone say that the cafeteria of the State Department has never been so full and active. No one has anything to do and they are just hanging out in the lunchroom. It’s high school.

Here’s my bet about Tillerson. I have never met a CEO who has been a company lifer who was an innovator or imaginative thinker. They are strategic thinkers, but they have carefully and strategically guided their careers to not rock the boat. This Foggy Bottom respite for Tillerson is a career capstone for him.

I saw an article today that Jared Kushner, a guy whose dad bought his seat in college, has replaced the entire U.S. foreign service because relatively speaking, he’s a lot smarter than the Commander-in-Dolt.

@14, thanks Shadow. That is a good article. The European trip with Jr. in October always struck me as a weird trip. He got $50K for it, but Kelly Conjob went with him. I always thought that was so strange a month before the election.

@19, Vanity Fair is such a great magazine.


Yes, while whatever is happening feels like it’s taking forever (it’s only been 40 days or something?), I think Prolix is making the right point that if it happens too quickly it will be a coup. They must be careful. There is no precedent for this. I mean…how do you arrest a President? How do you arrest half of his cabinet? (Trump doesn’t use Secret Service very much, he uses private security.) I mean that: how do you arrest the President? This one won’t go quietly. And I think Pence is knee-deep in all of it as well. At the very least he’s guilty of aiding and abetting.

The thought that Trump will die in prison allows me to sleep at night. But… how do you arrest a President who has no decency?

Also, I’m really not seeing as much Republican cooperation as is needed. Even McCain and Lady Graham are kind of half-assing it. Their good friend Jeff Sessions…

I have no hope for any of the Republicans. They either have a brown line to their waists or are so spineless it doesn’t matter. I worry about the lives lost while IC is trying not to have a coup. The detention center plan is disgusting and should happen in any America, regardless how dystopian we became on Nov 9. It’s clear to me that we have to get rid of the cabinet and Trump & Pence. Jail time for all. Leavenworth Penthouses.

I had a very tough week working. My library is quiet enough, but I have the seventh grade classes at the end of the day and they are typical 12 year olds. Makes me very tired by the time I get home & I am kind of out of it. The breaks in the ankle are not giving me much pain, it’s the sutures on both sides that are biggest problem.

I’ll catch up in the AM when my head is clearer & I can absorb the good articles you guys posted.

@24: I don’t believe you’ll see any real cooperation from the Republicans. They have the White House and Congress. They aren’t letting go of those. Despite all of their flag-waving and playing of Lee Greenwood songs, it’s party over country for them.

@25: Contrask, sorry to hear that.

Hoping you are shed of those sutures very soon.

Hillary Clinton reading story about Pence’s e-mail. An actual photo, not a joke. See newspaper she’s looking at.

@24, why would the cooperate, the can cut taxes and starve old people, children, and the poor. It doesn’t get much better than that and they have it all in the Bannon/Putin/Dolt administration.

@25, sorry Contrask. I’m zapping those sutures with powerful, Hillary-fueled, happy energy.

@28, if you are Hillary, how do you not turn into a bitter, bitter person? I’m just amazed that she doesn’t spit fire and chew 10 penny nails.

@19: From the Vanity Fair article:

And here is where the alt-right and the alt-left press foreheads for a Vulcan mind-meld: the belief that the real enemy, the true Evil Empire, isn’t Putin’s Russia but the Deep State, the C.I.A./F.B.I./N.S.A. alphabet-soup national-security matrix. But if the Deep State can rid us of the blighted presidency of Donald Trump, all I can say is “Go, State, go.”

Hear hear!

@31: Totally agree. Although you have to wonder how many times the thought has crossed her mind: “Well you got it, how do you like it?”. And to think, the worst is yet to come.

Two links for you to consider:

Exclusive: Trump admin. plans expanded immigrant detention


Exclusive: Trump administration considering separating women, children at Mexico border

Disgusting. And of course the detention camps will be run by private contractors.

When breaking up is impossible to do:

@34, it’s the rebranded old CCA — that through their lobbying for mandatory, draconian sentencing, have caused a lost generation of young men in communities of color, but not to worry, their executives were well-compensated except the ones who had to go to prison themselves.

28 DYB

Hillary Clinton reading story about Pence’s e-mail. An actual photo, not a joke.
There’s our girl, working behind the scenes, not missing a beat.
I still have hope for her, and glad to see millions fighting for the truth, and hoping, or dreaming the same thing.

Hillary ❤

@36: Yeah, I love the new name: CoreCivic. Well! How…CIVIC minded.

Well, when there’s not jack on tv, I see from NBCSN sports network I can always watch: Curling Night in America which would probably be better than any sedative.

@35: I have never understood the mindset or worldview of the Fox viewers. Just incredible.

As much as we detest Andrea Mitchell… this video is good. She keeps asking Tillerson questions – and gets escorted out.

On the Hillary photo – and how does she not turn bitter… I have no freaking idea! I’m bitter! And I’m not even in the same position.

Also, today Chelsea Clinton tweeted her horror at the Kellyanne joke that some Congressperson made? In regards to that photo of her on the couch, it was a sexually rude joke. Chelsea tweeted that the joke is disgusting and the person owes Conway an apology. Some people asked Chelsea how she could be so nice to Conway after all the awful things Conway has said about her family for decades. Chelsea responded that two (many?) wrongs don’t make a right. I then commented that Chelsea was a much nicer people than I am…

@42: She’s persistent, I’ll give her that much.

@42, just spit ballin’ here, but I’d bet it isn’t the first time Mrs. Greenspan has yelled at an old white guy looking for some response. Just sayin’.

And I wonder now, after all the years of Hillary-hating from Mrs. Greenspan, if she, for a moment, just a fleeting moment, wishes she had shut the f*ck up about those damned emails.

Sorry, but I feel strongly about the subject. You can count me in on the commentary I read last week that this election will go down in history as the biggest failure of journalism in the history of the country.

@45, Prolix said:

And I wonder now, after all the years of Hillary-hating from Mrs. Greenspan, if she, for a moment, just a fleeting moment, wishes she had shut the f*ck up about those damned emails.

Excellent point. But then she’d have to have some type of conscience wouldn’t she? I doubt she has one.

A drive-in movie place in DeKalb county Alabama won’t be showing the movie Beauty and the Beast because it has a gay character in it.

The Henagar Drive-In Theatre in DeKalb County posted on its Facebook page on Thursday night.

“If we cannot take our 11-year-old granddaughter and 8-year-old grandson to see a movie, we have no business watching it,” the theater posted on its Facebook page. “If I can’t sit through a movie with God or Jesus sitting by me then we have no business showing it.”

We are first and foremost Christians. We will not compromise on what the Bible teaches. We will continue to show family oriented films so you can feel free to come watch wholesome movies without worrying about sex, nudity, homosexuality and foul language.

That’s fine and good and I hope they go broke. But it seems their Jesus-lovin’, Bible-thumpin’ ways must not suit all in DeKalb county since the county also has six drug and alcohol rehab facilities with a population of about 70,000 people.

@47, I guess that pretty much kills the Lord of the Rings movies, Magic Mike I and XXL, the Harold and Kumar film festival, the X-Men movies, the League of their Own retrospective, Birdcage, Philadelphia, Victor Victoria, Too Wong Foo, Midnight Cowboy, Brokeback Mountain, Capote, should I continue?

If these people are taking Jesus to movies and sitting beside him, I have to wonder: Does he like Sno Caps or Raisonettes?

I bet that theater showed “The Passion of the Christ.” The Mel Gibson snuff film.

Trump has been tweeting all night. It’s not good. He was attacking Obama for wiretapping his phones. Which comes on the heels of the Coons interview with Mitchell where he said he believed FBI had transcripts of Trump colluding with senior Russian officials, possibly Putin himself. Someone pointed out the possibility of wiretaps is very old, though Trump might be working himself into a frenzy (and raising possibility) that such a transcript might in fact exist.

It’s also showing more pieces of Louise Mensch’s insane conspiracy falling into place.

Another piece of Mensch’s investigation, which seems so crazy, was part of Maddow’s report last night. Except Maddow credited a different person for the story that follows private jet tail numbers – and how Trump’s lawyer Cohen (Says Who?) could have flow to Russia and/or Prague to meet with Russians. Mensch was not a little annoyed that some guy took credit for her report, which in fairness, I read her develop in real time on Twitter as she was asking aviation experts to weigh in. We’ll see if Maddow corrects the source of the report.

But anyway, here is someone’s breakdown of the Trump meltdown over wiretapping.

And by the way: I love “The Witching Hour!” That and “Interview with the Vampire” are my two favorite Anne Rice novels and I’ve read multiple times. I have signed leather editions of both, very special.

Someone on twitter linked to a long article about the corruption of Dmitri Medvedev, Putin’s little lapdog. It’s all in Russian and would take me hours to read. But there are a few videos there, like this one. This is one of Medvedev’s properties…

Medvedev’s 2nd dacha.

Medvedev’s 3rd dacha!

An interesting and well written piece. (although it takes a lot of words to conclude that women are the key to turning things around)

@52,53 and 54: Rachel discussed this last night. They are drone photos included in a one hour documentary by a Russian activist. This activist was working with another man (sorry, Russian names are like water in the sieve that is my brain) who was assassinated, shot in the back near the Kremlin, the night before he was to lead a march against Putin. This second guy intended to run against Putin in the next election only to be arrested, accused and convicted of embezzlement which surprise, surprise disqualifies him from running against Putin. This guy has balls. He published this video and apparently still plans to run against Putin.

Medvedev like Putin has income that far exceeds his material wealth. That guy who coincidentally landed at airstrips where trumputin landed is known as the “fertilizer king” in Russia. He bought a FL property from trumputin for 2-1/2 times its original price. He also has ties to a Cypriot bank connected to, wait for it, Wilbur Ross. Hmmm…. Russian oligarchs park huge amounts of money in foreign real estate presumably to keep their wealth out the hands of the government and their ex-wives.

Rachel Maddow is a must watch these days. She had a second leaked DHS I&A memo coordinated with several other agencies that said that most foreign born terrorist immigrants are radicalized years after their PARENTS enter the country. “Extreme vetting” does zilch to stop this (other methods were recommended to nip radicalization in the bud within the communities). The first leaked DHS memo stated that citizenship is not a reliable indicator of whether a person entering this country is a terrorist threat. Rachel said 45’s admin spiked the report because it undermined the “travel” ban.

@56> I haven’t watched Maddow. The man you’re talking about who was assassinated outside of Red Square and nobody saw a thing (camera was conveniently blocked by a snow plow!) was Boris Nemtsov. When it happened I wrote a post about it here at Widdershins, I think.

I did see Maddow’s monolog on the fertilizer King, Wilbur and the Cypriot bank. That was good, but the TV editor in me wanted to cut it in half.

Lindsey Graham held a town hall today. Massive crowd. He said he wanted to do everything he could do make sure Trump was a successful President. The crowd booed.

Graham isn’t on our side, we must remember that.

@57, thanks DYB for the article. I am no tv editor but Rachel’s repetition/restating drives me nuts. Either she is trying to fill the hour or she is a wannabe school teacher.

@47, But starving the poor, ripping healthcare away from the sick, and tearing mothers apart from their children are so Christian.


@57 & 59, I’m so glad someone else is irritated by her repetitive nature. I’ve always wondered about this — do you think she’s using a teleprompter or she is freestyle rappin’ her deal? I can’t help but think her entire production crew are on a nightly job interview for 60 Minutes.

It is so tiresome.

@58 & 60, what we have to remember and hope there is a Democrat literate enough to say it, “The Republicans don’t care about national security or treason as long as they have the unfettered ability to cut taxes, slash the safety net for the weak, and mewl and whine about the culture being tied to a clock that moves forward instead of backward.

On Maddow: I have always just detested that. It’s one reason I can’t actually watch a lot of her. She loves to hear herself talk. I think she’s also free styling and is trying to collect her thoughts. But that’s a terrible way to host a TV program. Or to write. If that was written down and came from the Right, you’d think Donald Trump said it. I really don’t understand how she became a star. I remember she was a pundit on MSNBC during the 2008 campaign and she was not HRC friendly, which is why I always dubbed her “Madcow.” Then suddenly she had her own show on MSNBC. Which is fine. But holy crap, somebody transcribe her monologues and force her to read them back to herself in front of a mirror.

Does Rush Limbaugh do this? I’ve never listened to him, just curious if it’s a style of “reporting” that is common and I just don’t hear it.

As an editor (currently editing “Chopped” for Food Network), we have a clock that we have hit. Not a fraction of a second over it. So we start listening to people talk and cutting their talk down to the very very very very very essence. Sometimes you lose nuance, true, and that is often a loss. But you do begin appreciating brevity and how unnecessary so much of what we say is. If I were to go over this post, I’d probably trim it at least by 1/3! But holy crap with Maddow, I’m gonna revise my earlier comment about cutting her in half and say I could trim her show to 15 mins a night.

Over 127K likes — 50K more than what turned the election.


@63, that’s why it’s hard for me to listen to talk shows (radio or TV) or watch YouTubes. Get to the friggin’ point already!

Not that I don’t ramble on, but I’m not doing it on air. When I give presentations I try to keep them pared down.

@63, Rachel came from Air America when Al Franken was still doing a shift there. When Air America crashed, MSNBC needed someone to bookend Keith Olbermann — and don’t get me started on him.

When he imploded — he has never been able to keep a job, anywhere, I mean his resume is three pages single-spaced of firings, they moved Rachel into the 9:00 slot. The good news for her, Trump has been pure money for her ratings. I was reading an article earlier this week and Colbert (beating Fallon), Rachel (biggest growth and sometimes beating Fucker Carlson), and Trevor Noah (finally being tolerable), have all benefited immeasurably from Dolt 45.

And for what it’s worth, Limpbaugh does indeed repeat himself, but with his audience they have to have shampoo directions repeated. The tedium of the repetition drives me insane. The tedium of the repetition drives me insane. The tedium of the repetition drives me insane. The tedium of the repetition drives me insane. Whatever.

@51: DYB, The Witching Hour is one of my fave Rice books also. However it took me forever to get through the first third to first half of it. Gawd it plodded along. Then the pace picked up and I couldn’t put it down.

Have you read Cry to Heaven or The Feast of All Saints? They’re pretty good also.

I had a collection of signed first editions of all of her books except for Interview, but I had a nice trade paperback copy of that one which I got her to sign. I kept them in a glass fronted curio cabinet but that didn’t help when they went under over five and a half feet of water. 😦

@64> That’s one of my favorite tweets ever! I also read that list every night!

Also, this seems like a big deal, doesn’t it?

Fredster, I didn’t mind the early parts of “The Witching Hour.” Just something about the universe Rice was creating was so compelling. And the mystery kept me reading. I have read “Cry to Heaven” and “Feast of All Saints” as well and they are fantastic. I haven’t enjoyed most of her writing over the past 20 or so years… And have not enjoyed her later Vampire Chronicles. For me Vampire Chronicles stop with “Tale of the Body Thief.” So sad to hear the books were damaged! 😦

@66> Ah yes, thanks Prolix! I forgot Maddow came from Air America. Actually I forgot about Air America! LOL.

Olbermann is mentally unstable. Used to be a lot of promise there. At least he didn’t turn Putin puppet like Ed Schultz!

@68, “stunning” ain’t the half of it!

And there would have to be something under FISA — and it would describe why tRump was being investigated.

Prolix, this is a lovely image: “We have a rolling disclosure of Russians leaping like Baryshnikov to meet with campaign Trumpets.” The visual of the porcine Kislyak attempting a leap is simply the icing on the cake of this excellent post.

@68, McGahn is so typical in the Dolt White House. A third tier guy who would have been lucky to get a job helping a second tier guy try and sabotage his boss. All of the FISA court proceedings are in camera hearings — meaning they are top, top secret and I’m not sure if there is even a transcript available outside a top secret clearance.

You can be sure if McGahn monkeys around in the DoJ/FBI counterintelligence side, it will be leaked like a colander demonstration.

That will be the least of his worries because he, too, will be eating his meals for the next 10 years with a spork.

@70, what happened to Ed Schultz — was he kicked in the head by a ticklish cow while getting milk for a latte. I always thought he had some unfocused anger issues. His wife was sick and I thought that might have been part of it.

Well, tRump voters. How’s that American jobs thing workin’ out for ya?

@74, thank you Jules — what a nice compliment. I’m pretty sure Kislyak got “Spy Handler of the Year” for his wrangling of all the useful idjits of Dolt 45’s campaign. I’m sure he got to the point where he sent a text message back to the Kremlin, “I got to have some help comrades. I’ve busted the Vodka budget. There are just too many of them.”

No joke, I saw a tweet last week where they were serving Kirkland vodka at the Russian Embassy — that’s the brand they sell at Costco.

@78, on SNL they just had a skit about the Republican who would speak out against Trump — TBD. So absolutely true.

Did Trump lose Wall Street Journal editorial page?

@79> Yes I saw that tweet about Kirlkland/Costco vodka. I was going to mention that story in my post on Wed, but it appears someone is leaking my drafts… THANKS OBAMA!

This is what I was going to write about Kislyak:

“Speaking of Agent Kislyak, whom everyone has met and nobody remembers meeting – I was reading some article about him and it mentioned that he frequently throws soirees at the embassy (which nobody attends, obviously.) They are lovely and lavish affairs to match gaudy Russian tastes. However, at the most recent gathering (which nobody attended), they served Kirkland Vodka. Kirkland is Costco’s own brand. Talk about Russian tacky.”

@83, Hey! Costco is known for giving its workers decent wages and benefits, unlike tRump and his ilk.

@83:Actually I read a report today saying Kirkland Vodka is rated as one of the best Vodkas. Don’t know if it is true but I feel the need now to try it. 🙂

@85> Really? Hmm…. Aside from being a former Soviet, I don’t drink vodka so I couldn’t say one way or the other. 🙂 But there’s nothing wrong with a bargain vodka. After a few shots, you can’t tell the difference anyway!

One of the comments below that Stone re-tweet is hilarious. It just says: “He seems nice.”

Ed Shultz turned Putin puppet??? What the hell? I’ve seen very little of msnbs since ’08. I did watch a few minutes of Maddow earlier in the week and the story she was on was interesting, but you guys are right, she takes too long to get there.

@67, that’s so sad, what happened to your house. There was some flooding here in Calif recently and I thought about you.

Do you guys think those Roger Stone tweets were real? I wonder if he’ll get banned.

@89> socalannie, yes Schultz left MSNBC years ago and now works at RT (Russia Today.) He’s full on Putinbot.

@91> I’m sure those Stone tweet were real. They were screen-captured by people who follow him. He’s insane. And maybe hew as high or drunk or something. Maybe they’re all just coming completely unhinged. Earlier Stone tweeted that Obama must be prosecuted for spying on Trump.

@90: Yeah, when we realized what happened (the flooding) I thought “My books, my books!”. Then I thought about all the other stuff in the house and thought “lots more than books ruined”. The worst part was we were woefully underinsured for flood. We had never had a problem with that until Katrina. Live and learn.

Think I may try to call it an early night.

Thanks DYB!

Fredster, hope you get a peaceful nights sleep. I’ve been getting to sleep earlier myself.

Stone belongs in prison:

Those tweets were real. I was following along during Caroline’s tweeting. She hit a nerve in that thin-skinned fellow and he blurts out a tidbit of truth before he can stop himself.

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