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Anybody See An Iceberg?

Posted on: March 1, 2017

iceberg1bAnother round-up of the latest news (real news!) because I can’t stay focused. Indeed, with the amount of shit flying around, trying to not get hit by a turd is an increasingly losing game.

Was it only a week ago that the degenerate neo-Nazi racist, xenophobe, homophobe, misogynyst Milo Snuffleapagus immolated? Seems like such a long time because events unfold at the speed of light. If it goes any faster, we’ll jump dimensions… Which come to think of it might be ok! Is there a dimension where HRC is the 45th President?

As Snuffleapagaus was burning his alt-right/white supremacist friends were blaming everyone for the event except Snufflepagaus himself. Evan McMullin, the Republican former CIA operative from Utah who ran for President in 2016 as an Independent was the most common target on Twitter. (McMullin is not a fan of Herr Drumpf.) But last week we learned that the person responsible for Snuffleapagus’ downfall was actually a 16 year old Canadian girl. Considering the level of Snuffleapagus’ misogyny, this is the most delicious bit of information.

I see Milo as this embodiment of the awfulness you see over the past few years with the general tilt of millennial conservatism,” said the teen. “It’s diverged from this traditional conservatism so much. You’ve seen it essentially become full of awfulness and all about attacking the left and not about actual principles. It has nothing to do with conservative ideology so much as it has with opposing the leftists, SJWs, and so on and so forth.

The teen took down Snuffleapaganus without even leaving her house. She used the cyber to find an old video of the neo-Nazi degenerate defending a personal Credo that sex with 13 year old boys is good. Sex with minor boys was a bridge too far for Rethuglicans (if it was girls, I’d imagine nobody would have protested too much…)

How long before Snuffleapagus becomes a pundit on Faux News? The countdown is on.

Agent Orange itself has declared that it will not attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The dinner is an old tradition, sometimes an odd one. The last person to intentionally skip the festivities was Nixon (LOL.) Though Reagan also missed one such dinner. But he had just been shot, so that’s sort of a legitimate reason maybe? Some people suggested this year the dinner should have been cancelled anyway (and before Agent Orange dropped out) because these are not normal times. However, the organizers already RSVP’d filet of sole for their entree, so they remained determined to attend. Although some news organizations (like the New Yorker) said they would not attend and Bloomberg said they would not host the party they have traditionally hosted. But now it’s all moot anyway because Agent Orange will just go to his man cave in Florida and have his own well done steak with catsup.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Media’s love affair with the man who called them “enemy of the people” continues. After the SOTU speech that didn’t include a Nazi salute or public urination by Russian hookers, chuck_toddThe Thing has been declared Super Presidential (capital P, according to NBC’s “little” Katy Tur, who was verbally assaulted by Trump numerous times at his rallies so she needed Secret Service to escort her to her car). Chuck Todd was having orgasms, Van Jones declared that Trump finally became President, might be President for 8 years, and that there is something wrong with Chicago that maybe Trump can fix. No really, these are things Van Jones said on live television and Katy Tur tweeted. And I’m just ready to give up on these people. When Trump builds camps, I hope the Media goes first.


One thing (ok, another thing) that drove me completely bonkers over the last couple of days on twitter were a couple of dudes telling Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton to go away. Josh Barro, a Republican writer who occasionally dabbled in criticizing Trump, said Hillary and her toxic Clinton brand need to vanish, and that he fears Chelsea plans to run for office. Then Matthew Yglesias of Vox also told Chelsea to sit down and shut up. I was told that former Obama staffers Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett, who host a Pod Save America, declared that Hillary Clinton’s video after the DNC vote was terrible and she needs to go away. So what do we learn from all this? Men from Right and Left still hate Hillary and now hate Chelsea. The responses to Yglesias and Barro were great. Mine has accumulated a few hundred likes and re-tweets.


A story that has vanished from the headlines for a few weeks was the Yemen raid. Now you can bet that if this raid had happened under a Democratic President,


William Ryan Owens

Chaffetz and Burr/Nunez would have been chasing administration officials with pitchforks. But because it’s Agent Orange, who authorized the mission over dinner, went off to watch “Finding Dory” and left Jared Kushner to oversee it, it’s ok with Rethuglicans. Trump even used Owen’s widow as a prop at SOTU. Everybody swooned. Even though earlier in the day he blamed the Army for his death (“they lost Ryan”) and we learned the intelligence gathered was useless. Seems the one person who isn’t taking this shit is William Owen’s father. Bill Owens says he refused to meet with Trump.


Why at this time did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn’t even barely a week into his administration? Why?” the father said to the (Miami) Herald.

For two years prior, there were no boots on the ground in Yemen — everything was missiles and drones — because there was not a target worth one American life. Now, all of a sudden we had to make this grand display?

We shall see if this story, which our own Prolix has been trying to keep tabs on, will ever have the light shone on it.

Another story that has vanished from the headlines was Standing Rock – and it’s end. Last week government forces moved in and removed the last of the protestors and razed their camp.

A live stream from independent journalist Unicorn Riot showed officers in military fatigues and riot gear marching through camp, some with rifles drawn, while a helicopter hovered overhead and heavy machinery began demolishing remaining structures.

Restarting the construction of the pipeline was one of Agent Orange’s first actions after 241bbae37747429f8c7363aaaf989428_8taking office, overturning the previous Obama halt to what is sure to be a natural disaster. Not to turn it into a partisan issue, but most Standing Rock activists supported Sanders and denigrated Clinton. That was not helpful in the election and if Clinton had won, she certainly would not have overturned Obam’s decision to halt construction of the pipeline. It’s just another reminder that elections have consequences. And in a great piece at Esquire, Charles Pierce articulates what so many of us have been feeling: do regretful Trump voters (and, as far as I’m concerned, those who voted for Stein or Johnson) want our sympathy? Yes? Well, fuck you! No really, go eat a bag of dicks. (Sorry, sometimes these things need to be said.)

They all had the same choices we did. They all had the same opportunity to inform themselves; I mean, it wasn’t like the campaign was under-covered, and it wasn’t like the eventual winner hasn’t governed precisely the way he campaigned.

Elections have consequences. I thought we already learned that in 2000. But… here we are. Many of us saw the icebergs. Now we’re sinking. And there aren’t enough rafts.




104 Responses to "Anybody See An Iceberg?"

You guys mentioned the New Yorker article Maddow referenced in her piece. I saw her (very long, unnecessarily so) presentation that used the New Yorker as a source, but missed her interview with one of the writers, David Remnick. I’ve been aware of Remnick for a couple of years because he wrote an incredible book called “Lenin’s Tomb.” Got a Pulitzer for it. Remnick knows a thing or two about Russia: he was the WaPo Moscow bureau chief in the late 1980s-early 1990’s. He witnessed the final years of Soviet rule, its collapse and immediate aftermath. The book, “Lenin’s Tomb,” covers that and it’s a stunning read. The thing that really seared itself into my memory is the Epilog, which he wrote right after the book’s publication. He discussed the return of authoritarianism to Russia – even though Putin was still many years away. That final chapter was prescient. I very highly recommend this book for an understanding of Russia and where it is now, even though it ends just after the collapse of the USSR.'s_Tomb:_The_Last_Days_of_the_Soviet_Empire

To warm your hearts.

DYB: great post as usual. Loved the Esquire article and the Madonna audio. Hadn’t read or heard anything about the government forces razing the Standing Rock protesters’ camp. Evil triumphed again. We have a perfect storm here with 45, Russia, Mercer, cognitive warfare rampant in our social media and a dumbed down citizenry. I am finding it harder and harder to find something, anything that will give us hope that we and this republic will survive the onslaught. I am so thankful for everyone on this blog post, at least I have you to cling to!

DYB, I’m really enjoying your work, here.
Thank you.


Love this post, facts + humor + rant = another winner!

We see the iceberg and the Titanic.

Loved the Dems dressed in sufferette white last night, it must have warmed Hillary’s heart. Of course Warren didn’t participate in the ‘standing together’ wardrobe selection. She probably knew it would remind voters of the People’s President that WON the POPULAR VOTE!!

Sounds like Der Douche has confused his Rethugs on what would replace ObamaCare…some on the right are pist over tax credits replacing subsidies and more:
Republicans near make-or-break moment on Obamacare repeal
As Mitch McConnell calls a special all-members meeting, GOP leaders are under mounting pressure with no room for error.

Thank you Sweet Sue!

This is where I just give up on the world.

Good post, DYB. Yeah, it boggles the mind that suddenly the politician who won more votes than any white male candidate is considered not popular, and anyone connected to her is told to STFU. That kind of thinking is a big part of what lost us the Electoral College.

@8, “accidentally”? Yikes.

Excellent DYB — I found myself worked up and then laughing out loud. That’s the telltale sign of great work. Thank you.

I’ve been watching HGTV today because of the foolishness in that video @9. I want to scream and pull my ever thinning pate of mouse-colored hair from its diminishing roots. Some of my friends have new grandbabies. As I watched that video, I was reminded of how you talk to a baby — so watch the video again and replace “Presidential” with “that’s a big boy.” I did it — it works.

@11 & 12, exactly and they say working the refs doesn’t work. It would do the media good to have a few counseling sessions in abusive relationship survival.

One note DYB:

Josh Barro, a Republican writer who occasionally dabbled in criticizing Trump

He switched over to the Dems. Not sure if he has switched back or not.–F-k-it-I-m-out-Josh-Barro-quits-GOP-joins-Democrats

Jon Stewart was on Colbert talking about *the media*.

Apparently from the post-game analysis, they’ve learned nothing about tRump. Personally I can’t wait until he kicks them in the teeth again.


Loved it, thanks.

@15, and Barro’s viewpoints probably cause a little problem at home since:

In 2017, he married Zachary Allen, chairman of TIPAH Consulting and former Democratic National Committee official.

Rump acts ‘presidential’ for 60 minutes, the Daily Beast says, along with others in the media.

What is wrong with these people? Have they been living in cartoon land? Many of us regular folk have been around the block enough to know when someone is a big fat effin’ liar, a bully, a guy that has no coconuts so he has to yell until he is red in the face. A guy that thinks he is waaay better than he really is, and when he talks with a tiny, baby voice…almost a serial killer whisper, he is off his rocker and therefore, dangerous.

I want to slap people that coddle and bend over for Der Douche….

@18: Uh-oh – trouble in paradise.

@15 & 18> I don’t follow him directly, but nothing I’ve seen of his posts via re-tweets suggests he is a Democrat. It’s all be pro-Republican, anti-Dems. I didn’t even know he was gay. I’m both surprised and disappointed. Gay Republicans make as much sense to me as black Republicans.

But you guys should all be very glad to know that Variety has done a thorough investigation into the Oscars fiasco – the sort of forensic deep investigative journalism that is yet to be done on Trump’s ties to Russia – and now they know exactly how the envelopes got mixed up.

Also, the Academy has fired both accountants who are now banned from any future ceremony.

Our national nightmare is over!

Hmm… A little gossip. Beau Biden’s widow is romantically involved with his brother Hunter now. (and she has a son named Hunter)

Jeff Sessions met with the Russian ambassador on multiple occasions. Meetings he denied happened during his confirmation hearings.

Also, the September 8th meeting was the day after NBC’s forum hosted by Lauer (remember the one?) where Russians were discussed. It’s a little hard to believe the Russian ambassador and a Trump surrogate never discussed the subject.

@24> Weird.

And you know…all this information coming out just makes me so fucking angry! That a traitor is in the White House and an extraordinarily qualified woman is not. I just can’t. Ugh.

This is probably what Hillary Clinton wants to do right now.

Brian Williams on right now for an already planned 2 hour special & this breaks. I believe it is an orchestrated break & yeah – it won’t end with Hillary in the WH but I want that fool out – along with all his slimy thugs

If Anthony Weiner was really sexting with an underage girl why hasn’t he been arrested? They’ve had his computer for five months now. I never understood why Huma had anything to do with him. She’s so pretty and he’s so…not. Maybe Louise Mensch is right and his computer was hacked in an effort to give NYFBI a reason to confiscate it. Because the girl was from out of state, it went to the FBI.

@21: No biggie DYB. When he was showing up on MSNBC as a frequent guest I checked him out (well not really) and saw that he said he had left the Repubs. I wonder if that had more to do with his sexuality than anything political.

@24: isn’t there something biblical with that, like in the Old Testament?

I was getting ready to switch over to Rachel and saw the “special” on. Saw the crawl about Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the turd. I just wanted to vomit.

There were nine, 9, one less than 10, and one more than 8, investigations into Benghazi — costing all told about $20 Million. During Dubya’s administration there were 60 deaths in 13 attacks. No investigations. Republicans don’t investigate Republicans. It’s party over country at every turn. Nothing will dissuade them from their purpose — power to give the 1% massive tax cuts by taking health care away from 21 Million people and make it more difficult for the poorest of the poor to use Medicaid.

If some Democrat, I don’t care who they are, doesn’t come forward and ride the legs off this pony I will have lost all hope for the party. You can drape yourself in the flag and run with it.

I give up. Pelosi calling on Sessions to resign is all I see. And William has Katy Tur on & she just dumped more cold water on it. I need my sleep

@35: contrask, I think Katy likes being on morning schmoe so I guess she has to follow the party line of that show.

Katy Turd is an idiot. She got so bullied by Drumpf that she needed Secret Service to walk her to her car. And she’s in love with him. These people are idiots.

As far as Sessions – it’s still too early. The news is just a few hours old. Sessions has already changed his story with each comment.

@30, IIRC there was something about a Russian planting evidence somehow to get that to happen.

On Twitter a media professor, Jay Rosen, posted a critique of NYTimes calling Trump a “master media manipulator.” Maggie Haberman responded to him that he has no idea what he’s talking about and that Trump is a master at media manipulation. Rosen kind of shrugged her off. I commented to Maggie that just because Trump manipulates her doesn’t make him a master at it.

@23, thanks, Obama, for that bipartisanship that cursed us with tRump.

I don’t understand these “journalists.” Their brains are broken.

@30 and 38> The Louise Mensch conspiracy theory is really wacky. Except a few things she’s claimed have come to pass (including with revelations on Sessions today.) So she may be wacky, but damn…

And I keep being reminded that Mensch is a Republican and wants President Pence.

BTW, White House is blaming Al Franken for leaking the Sessions story.

@42, anyone except Sessions, the one who lied.

DYB, love the post and the great cartoon, and especially the heartwarming whale video @2. I really needed that. The world is much much bigger than Dump and his gang of thugs.

@14, yes, the media needs counseling. Those that were swooning over him after that ridiculous speech look like they’re insane.

@21, ” Gay Republicans make as much sense to me as black Republicans.” Me too! And women republicans and every other minority. Really, what’s in it for them?

I was watching the nth repeat of the Brian Williams thing and I just couldn’t. Malcolm Nance was on there saying it’s the first time that he knows of in American History where American citizens (Repubs?) are saying it’s okay or not a big deal if our greatest adversary meddled in our elections.

I’m going to try to find something mindless on tv and try to tune it all out.

Later y’all.

One last thing tonight/early a.m. : Mr. Pundit has a good piece on the speech last night.

When Stump brought Owen’s widow there for that spectacle, poor woman, he not only was trying to quash talk of the investigation of the raid by Dems (and McCain, etc), he’s hoping the father of Owen’s will shut up now. I hope the father doubles down.

The Trump team turned down management and ethics training. If ever there was administration that needed that, this is it. Is that how they plan to excuse every screw up? ‘We didn’t know’.

Keith Ellison on Sessions:

David Simon, creator of “The Wire,” is eating Glenn Greenwald for lunch in a Twitter fight. Greenwald is one of the most intellectually dishonest people around.

27 DYB

And you know…all this information coming out just makes me so fucking angry! That a traitor is in the White House and an extraordinarily qualified woman is not.

I keep thinking the same thing, and if there is proof that Douche bros and Putin changed the election or the electoral college votes, there is no way in Hell that they shouldn’t immediately put Hillary in the Whitehouse where she belongs. Anything less would be treason.

Paul Ryan says Sessions doesn’t need to recuse himself.

Also, this is indeed a surprising move from the White House.

@55, welp. The heat must be getting to them.

There are people (Congress-people) running around the Capitol looking of the ACA replacement bill. Like, they are literally running around the building looking for it. This is a thing that is happening. This is not a Naked Gun movie. This is our reality.

This is not a drill!

Republicans aren’t doing well at that governance thing.

Jeeze, Congress is an effing mess.

Corruption is rampant and I am glad the Dems have finally woken up and are fighting.

Democrats want to meet with the MI6 dossier author, Steele. I’m gonna guess there will be a lot of peeing if that happens, and it won’t be by Russian hookers.

67 Dems want to meet with Steel…great, but he is in hiding. I am sure Rump and Putin are after him. Hope Hillary and Bill get inside info on this.

Makes me wonder from under my tinfoil hat, (hey, a girl needs some hope), if Hillary is quite aware of a lot of this and why she is speaking out more and more against Trump… Who knows, Hillary may have even talked to Steel at some point on this stuff.

McCain was in touch with steel (he got the dossier from Steel, didn’t he?) so I’m sure there are ways to get in touch with him.

The other infuriating article yesterday was from the Times about how Obama’s cabinet tried to preserve all the info they were getting by planting it all over the place so Trump couldn’t suppress it. Which is great. But the fact that Obama was too afraid to politicize it all (Harry Reid wrote two open letters to FBI I think?) is infuriating. Because helped to allow this to happen because he didn’t want to appear partisan. Coward.

I hate to include #socklessdeadintern or #drunkmika but here’s an interview with Al Franken this a.m.

Oh for god’s sake!


Kathy Griffin on on Hardball talks about Trump.

Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich tells priests that if immigration officers come knocking at the door without a warrant, don’t let ’em in.

Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich told priests Tuesday that if federal immigration authorities knock on the doors of their parishes without a warrant, priests should turn them away and call the archdiocese’s lawyers. Catholic school principals have been told to do the same.

“If they do not have a warrant and it is not a situation that someone is in imminent danger, tell them politely they cannot come on the premises,” Cupich wrote in a letter to Chicago priests.


Oh and Flynn and Kushner met with Kislyak at Trump Tower in December. Apparently Kislyak went in and out through a non-main entrance.

Here’s what Sessions reminds me of:

Morning Joe, those two, especially the woman – IQs are below average.

@77 DYB I was just going to post that same article because of this:

It’s unknown what the Trump campaign officials who spoke with the ambassador – J.D. Gordon and Carter Page – discussed with him. Those who took part in the events in Cleveland said it is not unusual for presidential campaign teams to interact with diplomats.

Remember when it was reported that the only change in the platform at the RNC was Ukraine related and no one could remember exactly who pushed for that. Later, it came out it was JD Gordon. He denied it. And here he is again, with Carter Page. (I remember this because at the time, I said I found someone else to add to my flow chart and wrote down his name)

If I remember correctly, Steel turned the dossier over to “someone he knew in the FBI”. It was only after he became concerned that nothing was happening (cover up) that he arranged for John McCain to have it. I’d sure like to know who that “someone” is. Also members of the media had it for months, but wouldn’t report on it because it couldn’t be confirmed. Besides, they were way too busy talking about EMAILS!!

@55 Say what???

@69, yes, agree with you about Obama.

@79, Love!

Seriously, what is @55 about?

@84, thanks for that info. There is so much insane crap going on every day, my poor brain can’t keep up with it.

Dayum. Watch your back Schiff.

Schiff added that lawmakers have yet to be fully briefed on counterintelligence by the FBI. “That can’t persist,” he said. “If we’re gonna do our job, the FBI is going to have to fully cooperate with us, and that means they can’t say, ‘We’ll tell you about this, but we won’t tell you about that.’”

The House intel ranking member also indicated that Comey and the Justice Department should be more cooperative and forthcoming at their next meeting “because we’re gonna need that information.”

“And we’re better off getting that through the voluntary cooperation of the FBI than having to contemplate whether we need to subpoena the FBI,” he warned.

@89: Let’s hope that ranking members (i.e. Dems) of that committee have subpoena power. The Repubs will never do it on their own because party over country.

@90: Okay this is from an older article 2011 on the intelligence committee’s subpoena power:

May be authorized by Chairman, in consultation with Ranking Member, or by majority of committee. Rule 10(a). If by committee, a majority constitutes a quorum. Rule 5(b).

The chariman of that committee is:

Nunes, Devin California 22nd District R 1013 LHOB 202-225-2523

He’s the one who pulled the Sgt. Schultz thing of “I see nothing”.

Adam Schiff is one of the good guys. Nunes is a douche and a traitor.

I figured out @55. Good lord, that was weird.

What do you smart people think about this idea:

Nunes is one of the worst ones; right up there with Paul Ryan and McTurtle.

On the GOP/Ukraine platform and time frames. Someone on Twitter also posted public statements from the Kremlin (we look forward to working with America some day), Trump/Pence comments on Putin (he’s awesome), and Sessions/Russian Ambassador meeting. They coincide.

Also, Pence used a private e-mail server to discuss sensitive matters that include national security and his e-mail was hacked.

Pictures from the subway – ah New York!

@99> Yep, looks about right.

@100: LOL Saw that at kenneth-in-the-212.

Fredster, check your email. 🙂

Got it annie. Thnx!

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