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If it’s Monday it’s gotta be bad news

Posted on: February 27, 2017


Good (?) Monday Widdershins

Due to mb being very, very busy with real life and stuff I’m putting this post up to move things along and to provide us with some further topics of discussion.

Trump says give more $$s to defense


His orangeness has decided to give D.o.D. a 10% increase in its budget because, you know, there’s never enough money to hand out to Lockheed Martin, Boeing Aerospace, Raytheon, General Dynamics and the like.

President Trump will propose a federal budget that dramatically increases defense-related spending by $54 billion while cutting other federal agencies by the same amount, according to an administration official.

The proposal represents a massive increase in federal spending related to national security, while other priorities, especially foreign aid, will see significant reductions.

Yeah because foreign aid is such a large part of the federal budget.

How much of the federal budget goes to foreign aid?

What’s your best guess? 10 percent? 20 percent? 1 percent?

If you’re like most Americans, you probably guessed wrong.

In December, the Kaiser Family Foundation polled 1,505 people. Only 1 in 20 knew the right answer: less than 1 percent of the $4 trillion federal budget goes to foreign aid. The average respondent estimated that 26 percent went toward assisting other countries.

What’s more, our ignorance colors the way we think about foreign spending. Fifty-six percent of the poll respondents thought the U.S. spends too much on foreign aid. Once they were told that the U.S. spends less than 1 percent of the federal budget on foreign aid, only 28 percent still thought the nation was overspending.

Going back to the WaPo piece:

“We are going to do more with less and make the government lean and accountable to the people,” Trump said. “We can do so much more with the money we spend.”

The White House did not specify how Trump’s budget would address mandatory spending or taxes, promising that those details would come later. The vast majority of federal spending comes from programs Trump can’t touch with his budget. Social Security costs were approximately $910 billion last year, and Medicare costs outpaced defense spending with a total cost of $588 billion in 2016. Medicaid, interest payments on existing debt, and miscellaneous costs made up an additional $1.2 trillion combined.

Ah the old familiar “do more with less” axiom.  Generally it meant that shit just piled up and got backlogged as agencies tried to prioritize the elements of their mission.

More bomb threats against Jewish community centers and schools

More fallout from the alt-right/neo nazis?

Jewish facilities around the nation were rocked by yet another wave of bomb threats Monday, forcing evacuations in at least 12 states.

At least 20 Jewish community centers and day schools in Alabama, North Carolina, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia and Delaware received threatening phone calls, The Huffington Post has confirmed.

This is the fifth wave of threats JCCs have received since the start of the new year.

I just don’t understand it.  What is the point in threatening children?  You want to discuss terrorism Donnie, try the home-grown version.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, said that sometimes Jewish community centers and day schools are either “co-located” or near each other. “It is deeply troubling to see that these anti-Semites are expanding their scope to target a broader section of the Jewish community,” Greenblatt said. “These JCCs often house preschools and elder care programs and they often house after-school activities for teenagers.”

There have now been more than 160 bomb threats made to over 60 Jewish community centers since January.

There’s much more at the HuffPo link including a graphic of the number of threats against JCCs.

Big surprise from the Justice Dept (not)

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (the turd) is already hard at work doing what he does best:  turning back civil rights to the “golden era” say around 1850 or so.

The Department of Justice is reversing the federal government’s position in an important voting rights case, involving a Texas voter ID law. The switch was not unexpected following the election of Donald Trump and confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Both Trump and Sessions claim voter fraud is a major problem and have backed voter ID laws.

DOJ says it will file a motion later Monday asking a federal court to dismiss the department’s earlier claim that the ID law was enacted with the intention of discriminating against minority voters. That claim was made by the Obama administration as part of a broader legal challenge to the law, which is among the strictest in the nation.

I wish I had Adobe Photoshop or something similar so I could put Col. Cornpone’s face on a garden gnome since that’s about what he reminds me of.

In a written statement, Gerry Hebert of the Campaign Legal Center, which represents some of the plaintiffs, said, “I am appalled and disgusted that DOJ would abandon their claims, that they have advocated for the last six years, that TX’s photo ID law was enacted with a racially discriminatory purpose.”

A federal appeals court last year agreed that the law had a discriminatory impact, but asked the lower court to reconsider its findings that the law was passed with a discriminatory intent.

A few other news items in my RSS feed:

Trump urges insurers to work together to ‘save Americans from Obamacare’

Yeah because 20 million people now having health care…SAD!

Link to Dubya’s comments on the press in a democracy

Alrighty folks.   This was literally thrown together in about twenty to thirty minutes so ignore any typos, bad grammar or anything else that reflects a general sloppiness on the part of the writer. 

Of course it’s an open thread.



90 Responses to "If it’s Monday it’s gotta be bad news"

The ACLU, MoveOn and Rosie O’Donnell will lead a protest outside of the White House before tRump’s speech to the congresscritters.

Yeah, because what’s a little treason?

House Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes said Monday that Congress should not begin a McCarthy-style investigation based on news reports that a few Americans with ties to President Donald Trump had contacted Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.


contrask, I had this in the previous post but let us know how you did with the doc today and if you’re going to be released from house arrest. 😉

Excellent post for being just “thrown together.”

Hope the protest outside the WH gets more press than SCROTUS’ SOTU.

@4: Thank ye and thank goodness for having a nat’l news RSS feed. LOL

@5: He’ll have an Easter Egg hunt but only for the Trump grandkids and Barron. The eggs will be faux Faberge eggs.

@7, LOL!

@8: And of course the eggs will be gifts from anonymous Russian “friends”.

I’m glad all the remarks from Nunes &co happened while I was away at Dr. Depressing. We have to trust some Rethugs to get a conscience and agree to an independent counselor – by tomorrow. I’d say we are screwed. The IC community might be the calvary, but they might not.

So, took my staples out and put me in a boot. I don’t get to walk or drive. Dr. scheduled next visit for 3 week out.

I’m worried about our country. The JCC communities, Mexican workers, everything

Fredster, your “Insta-Posts” are fantastic and your summary of events sure beats Wolfie Blitzkrieger, “We would like to welcome our friends here and abroad,” sorry, I can’t type Wolfie’s name without those words spilling out automatically.

So 10% increase to Defense probably means we will be spending more than the next 15 countries combined on defense. Idiocy — but when you allow a Russian whore boy into the Oval Office what are we to expect?

Putin is probably masturbating at this news and Facetiming with Lord Commander Marmalade. The old Soviet Union fell under the weight of itself and Trump is steering us right into the same flight path. Idiocy with a bullet.

@10, so contrask, do you get to go back to work?

@10: On the one hand glad the staples are out contrask. But why the boot if you can’t walk on it? I guess no weight-bearing yet. Confession: I’m not a doc nor do I play one on tv.

We have to trust some Rethugs to get a conscience and agree to an independent counselor – by tomorrow.

I really hate to say it but not gonna happen. Their talk of Gawd, flag, country is all for show.

@11: Thank you wordsmith master.
The only thing is too much copy/paste/blockquote for me.

Prolix and I were discussing in an email what if anything to do about the “speech” tomorrow. A drinking game would be pointless because you’d have to watch the thing which I don’t intend to do. I feel certain in saying that’s probably the feeling of most of us.

Now this is my kind of Mardi Gras group. No marching, no dancers just you and your favorite recliner participating in a parade.

NW Luna

Excellent post for being just “thrown together.”

–>[**This goes for me too, you covered a lotta ground, Fredster, good job!]

Hope the protest outside the WH gets more press than SCROTUS’ SOTU.

–> [**Ditto on this too, I hope having Rosie there makes El Douche’s baby twitter fingers twitch and he goes nutzo, all night long.]

Bet Trump cancels the White House Easter festivities.

Yeah, he will probably invite all his gun toting pals, his sons, and they will have a bunny shoot instead, hang um up by the ears and invite Putin over for dinner at Tutin A Largo.

So, took my staples out and put me in a boot. I don’t get to walk or drive.

In a boot but can’t walk, sorry to hear that contrask…you need one of those scooters? Hope you’re not in pain. Take care.

Fredster, do you live down in New Orleans? You mention NOLA a lot, is that what it means?

@20: Shadow I’m from the nola area and still consider it home.

Contrask, sorry, but that’s probably necessary for good healing. Doesn’t happen as fast as we’d like. Lots of tiny bones in the ankle and foot. Can you wiggle your toes? I assume you were given the usual info on foot elevation, checking for swelling, pain? Hope things continue to heal up well; it does sound like you’re on schedule.

Cute cartoon which describes the SOTU. Although I’ll bet Sen. Sanders is more concerned about class distinctions.

During the SOTU we can post funny things or animal pics or songs. Looks like that’s what we’ll do over at SkyDancing.

I can’t take listening to tRump. He’s so obviously lying most of the time, and the rest of the time he’s blathering.

The Germans don’t play. These are floats for an upcoming carnival. Warning: Adult Content.

@26: Whoa! You’re right, they don’t play games but they’re funny as hell.

Watching the repeat of Rachel right now. Gonna have to check out this article in The New Yorker that she discussed. Sounds vedddy vedddy interesting.

@25: Perhaps just leave this post up and continue commenting here. He’s certainly not worthy of a new post devoted to his lousy speech to the congress critters.

@17: Oh thank you Shadowfax. I just noticed the compliment. I apologize for overlooking it earlier.

Fredster, your post is great! You’re amazing for throwing it together so fast! No need to put up a new post about Il Douche’s speech for me. I don’t think I can sit through it either. We’ll undoubtedly get all the soundbites after its over.

Contrask, sounds like you’re on the mend. Three weeks will go by quickly and hopefully you’ll be back to riding Deo this Spring! We’re all rooting for you!

Yay Adam Schiff!

@31: Thanks annie. As I said, newsfeed to the rescue! LOL

Fredster, I love thrown together! Can’t wait to check all the links out. I’m drive-by commenting because still helping my Mom rehab from hip replacement. She’s doing great. She calls me a drill sergeant.

Contrask, I can’t imagine. At least my Mom was up on her feet, very wobbly, with a walker in a couple of days. An ankle… whoa. Reminds me of your horses (finally had a chance to see your pics). I’ve always been amazed at how those skinny little ankles hold up a horse. Especially Paso Finos.

@34: GAgal, sounds like you have your hands full. Glad your mom is progressing. Sometimes you have to be a drill sargent with them. I’ve been there. 😉

Schiff is great. I’ve given up on a woman. Oh well, Only 50 more years…

Just gone done reading the New Yorker article that Maddow talked about. She had one of the writers of the piece on her show. All I can say is Wow!. Definitely check it out when you can.

I fell asleep in the middle of posting response last night. The Dr. visit did me in, but I did get permission to get back to work, which may do me in too. Anyway – I’m trying it out today. No walking, keep leg elevated. If I survive this week & next I will have a week off for spring break – then should be able to drive myself.
Thanks for all the good vibes everyone!

I watched Maddow last night & also Lawrence. I really like David Frum. Watch again if you can. I tune in to everything Frum & Nance.

Over a Skydancing, NW Luna posted this link to a mind boggling article about Mercer and the psy ops he supports. The Russians may not have tampered with the voting machines but according to this article they sure as hell tampered with voters’ attitudes and fears. Would be interested in any comments you IT geeks might have on it. A long read, but well worth it. Hope this works!

NW Luna

February 26, 2017 at 5:51 pm

Excellent article on the reclusive billionaire wingnut & his businesses helping to fund tRump and propaganda. Cambridge Analytica worked for the tRump campaign after pro bono work for Brexit. breitbart-war-on-media-steve-bannon-donald-trump-nigel-farage

30 Fredster

Absolutely no apology necessary.

It’s nice to be on a blog that has new threads with current happenings, I know it’s a lot of work. Thx to all of you.

@41: We try Shadowfax, we try. 🙂

Here’s an interesting piece about why the speech we won’t be watching is not a S.O.T.U. speech. It’s just orange marmalade flapping his gums.

@38: I’m glad that you’ve been released from house arrest contrask. Try to take it as easy as possible, (like I’m sure the doctor didn’t tell you the same thing).

Oh my, Amazon Cloud Services went down today. Jeff, did your WaPo tick off Don-don and his Russian buddies?

When is El Douche going to brag tonight?

@46: He has a good point annie, we do tend to do things like say “Well geez even Ronnie Raygun wasn’t this bad or whatever.

@47: When? I have no idea. I’ll be watching anything other than the orange buffoon. I don’t care if it’s an English documentary on cheddar cheese, I’ll watch it instead.

@39: cats3, I’m not an IT geek but what I got from the article is that through a lot of data mining, especially through Facebook but also twitter, and were able to gather something like key words that people were using and then through algorithms refine that info. They can then take using those key words and put them into a tweet or Facebook post and then it gets out to the various right wing sites like Breitbart and CNS-whatever. Through a number of “things” it by sheer numbers this can manipulate the google search algorithm so that if you search, say, Donald Trump or fake news, due to the number of times that phrase has been “rebroadcast” by the rw sites, those sites start popping up first in google searches.

This part right here is why I closed my Facebook account and want nothing to do with it:

Facebook was the key to the entire campaign, Wigmore explained. A Facebook ‘like’, he said, was their most “potent weapon”. “Because using artificial intelligence, as we did, tells you all sorts of things about that individual and how to convince them with what sort of advert. And you knew there would also be other people in their network who liked what they liked, so you could spread. And then you follow them. The computer never stops learning and it never stops monitoring.”

@47: Shadowfax, just saw that his speech is supposed to be at 8 p.m. Central time. Adjust for your time zone if you want to watch it.

Thanks for the input Fredster. The article scared the piss out of me! No surprise, I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, etc and now I never will. If these algorithms are out there and literally evolving as they grow, this is brainwashing on a massive scale. To me, this is how the election was rigged, the pro trump/pro Sanders/-anti Hillary thought control exceeded their expectations and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. And those brain worms are still out there. Mercer is one dark dude. The man has the balls to make the world what he wants it to be because he can, the rest of us non-billionaires be damned.

@50 Ignore my typos and bad grammar, phrasing in there. I was also watching the local weather while typing that. we’re supposed to have some heavy weather rolling through tomorrow and wanted to see the timeline of it.

@52: My opinion is that the only thing that could be done would be to fight back in the same manner. But, is there a left/liberal organization out there that would do that?

Edited to add this:

There’s a cool tweet over at SkyDancing from Adam Parkhomenko, but Twitter won’t let me copy tweets anymore. I guess it’s because I’m not signed up, but they use to.

I’d rather clip my 82 year old stepfather’s toenails than watch the Stump. It’s bad enough watching the news because they show clips of the crazy man. Can’t they just tell me what the fool said?

@54: Well which tweet is it? Tell me what he tweeted and I’ll try to find it.

I’d rather clean 10 frat house bathrooms then watch Der Douche.

Thanks for the time update Fredster, don’t wanna watch but will get the cliffnotes here and on the news.

@58: Ewwww. LOL

I’m looking at the latest John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Steven Colbert & Randy Rainbow clips. I need that

Okay, I am bored…so I have on CNN and Rump hasn’t appeared yet, so I will see if I can watch for one minute or more…

Oh, the white men gather around him with their tongues hanging out. Goodie, goodie. His daughter looks bored.

The Dems barely clap…the Rethugs are so darn happy.

Wow, a lot of women are dressed in white…look like Dems because they are not clapping much. Dressed in white like Hillary did????

Yes, representing Suffragettes

Oh yes, Debby W Shultz is one of the women in white. It is symbolic to Hillary and women…is my guess. Glad to see it. A bunch of them are sitting together…I think I saw Diane Feinstein in white, maybe Gabby too.

Aha! I see some of y’all are watching. I’m watching something better, RHOBH.

Bla, bla, bla…

G’bye ladies. Don’t even want to hear about it.


Dems have sat silent though about 99% of this dribble… Solidarity.

“Massive tax cuts to companies and the middle class…”

Don’t hold you breath on the relief for the middle class.

“Immigrants have to be able to support themselves.”

I’m getting some feedback from twitter. And retreating to my fantasy Hillary is President site

Okay, is police state is too much for me to continue to listen…

Democratic Women in Congress Wear Suffragette White to President Trump’s Joint-Session Speech

One person who wasn’t wearing white……….Warren!

I didn’t watch a nanosecond of “Its” speech, but this is definitely post-worthy. Folks, I’ve learned something from twitter — the use of “af” after an innocuous word, such as this: This is bizarre af.


Well, well, well.

The former British spy who authored a controversial dossier on behalf of Donald Trump’s political opponents alleging ties between Trump and Russia reached an agreement with the FBI a few weeks before the election for the bureau to pay him to continue his work, according to several people familiar with the arrangement.

The agreement to compensate former MI6 agent Christopher Steele came as U.S. intelligence agencies reached a consensus that the Russians had interfered in the presidential election by orchestrating hacks of Democratic Party email accounts.

While Trump has derided the dossier as “fake news” compiled by his political opponents, the FBI’s arrangement with Steele shows that the bureau considered him credible and found his information, while unproved, to be worthy of further investigation.

Fredster, that NewYorker article is stunning. I missed that Rachel had one of the authors on her show. Other media better pick up on this.

@81: The 2nd one is how Jeffery Beauregard Sessions spells it. So close to words he’s familiar with.

@83: GAgal, I was sitting here slack jawed as I read that. Incredible.

@82, that’s funny! I will finish reading the Cambridge Analytics post tomorrow. Must hit sack. See you all tomorrow.

@79: Fredster, the last paragraph of that article is chilling. They used “cognitive warfare” to win the election and now they will use it to get support for 45’s agenda!!!! And nothing is being done to expose, stop or counteract it?

NEW POST! I have a comment about David Remnick, one of the writers of the New Yorker article.

@88: One of the reasons I closed down my Facebook acct. They do a lot of data mining.

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