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Lazy Weekend Music~We Need A Break!

Posted on: February 26, 2017

musical notes

Good Weekend Widdershins!

Another week has passed and how many tRump & co. eruptions did we have?  No, don’t answer that.  It was merely rhetorical.  However the answer is too damned many!  Basta!!

Accordingly, we need to take our minds off the orangey pretender for a day or two.  My suggestion is we take a look at some feel good, happy, or similar songs.  Any type of songs that will take our minds off you-know-who for just a little break.  If it’s something that makes you feel good or peppy (er no, not the Dr. Pepper song) add it in the comments.  My choices are just below.

Musical arrows.

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(1) What a Wonderful World ~ Louis Armstrong

(2) Going up the country ~ Canned Heat

(3) Somewhere over the rainbow ~ Israel Kamakawiwoʻole (yay for cut & paste with the name!)

(4) Good Vibrations ~ The Beach Boys

(5) Doo Wah Diddy Diddy ~ Manfred Mann

(6) Cool Jazz ~ Miles Davis

(7) Flying Home ~ Lionel Hampton

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So there you go Widdershins:  a half dozen (plus one) musical  selections of various genre.
Please add yours in the comments below.


46 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~We Need A Break!"

Fredster, you are 110% dead on right — we do need a rest so I’m continuing with my canine theme ala “Swedish House Mafia”.

And because we are “Stressed Out” — this is just a fun song and I like these boyz because they are the ones who took off their pants to receive their Grammy with the great story about their promise to one another if they ever won a Grammy, they would do it in their underwear. Motto: Whoever you are, wherever you are, you might be next.

My daughter says it’s WAY too for me but I love the beat So, I previewed the video before posting on this one, lol

@5, contrask, I’m about 30 years too old for all the music I like, but it makes me HAPPY

And you can’t watch this without a smile on your face, “Don’t believe me, just watch,” according to Bruno.

Bruno is my daughters’ fav

Excellent choices prolix and contrask. I liked them all.

This is another one that will make you want to move your feet.

@5, contrask, I’m a big Maroon 5 fan and I’m way too old according to their demographic.

@12, Fredster, I listen to that and just grin. Rock on Party Rock!

Prolix, there were a couple of things in there that they could have not included, but still overall a good song.

This is a nice example of fusion jazz that does make you move your feet.

Herbie Hancock.

@17 – I remember that one!

Ok someone else I heard said progressive thought has to win because we are, metaphysically speaking, moving into the house of Aquarius and are in the intersection when the old order is dying and the new is rising. All that was shelved for a time when I could think on it and check her sources – but, several of us thought of this song

@19: Just a feel good song that’s been around for awhile.

contrask said: are in the intersection when the old order is dying and the new is rising.

Hmmm, so many ways to interpret that. Is the old order Democratic centrists and the new is Bernie? Or is it that the new is tRumism and nationalism? I don’t care for either of those two choices.

Some of it is represented here :
I get the general theory. The gist is the movement to the new thinking moves slowly and not necessarily linearly. Old order being hierarchal/conservative and new being egalitarian/progressive. And the old has been dying out now since the 60’s – so I say be done with it & let’s move on. It was thought provoking

@23: Good read.

Prolix, you did awesome with the dog breed post. See if this offers you any inspiration for a future post:

So is anyone going to watch the Academy Awards?

Not me. I haven’t seen anything that was nominated! This has been a really bad movie year for us

@27: I’m watching Thin Man movies on TCM. I’d rather watch Nick, Nora and Asta. LOL

I’m not a pepper fan, but this song makes me happy…

@30: Interesting!

Morning all…I had another 80-90 hour week, including the weekend. I won’t be posting today, although I would dearly love to.

Fantastic music choices! I now have “Uptown Funk” in my head. Here is one of my faves.

I always liked Red Hot Chili Peppers, good one. I like the variety everyone shared. Hope this week turns out to be a hurricane like Bill Palmer suggested. I thought Malcolm Nance was perky than usual on the week-end shows. Keeping my eye on Louise Mensch and her tidbits. Dr. Visit today – hope to be released to work.

You know it’s bad when even Shrub sounds reasonable.

Former President George W. Bush said Monday “we all need answers” on the extent of contact between President Donald Trump’s team and the Russian government, and didn’t rule out the idea that a special prosecutor could be necessary to lead an investigation.

The Republican also defended the media’s role in keeping world leaders in check, noting that “power can be addictive,” and warned against immigration policies that could alienate Muslims.

“I am for an immigration policy that’s welcoming and upholds the law,” Bush told NBC’s “Today” show.

We can always use more cuteness now and again.

NW Luna

Baby animals, always brings a smile to my face.

What happens now, if republicans try to push this under the rug. How can we get an independent investigation going?

This one isn’t a snappy, get up and dance tune…but a sweet, calm your nerves tune…

I think Twitter just broke down with lolololols

@34, that was beautiful!

@36, yes, what the hell is going on? Trump is so horrible, he makes W look better?!? Everything is so crazy.

Polar bear cub is adorable!

@35: Contrask, keep us posted as to what the doc says. I know you’ll be happy to be released from house arrest. 😉


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