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Activist Monday: Recess, Anyone?

Posted on: February 20, 2017

Good Monday, all! As we begin the fifth week of the Worst Reality Show Evah (Make it stop, dear Goddess, make it stop…), it has become clear that Republicans in Congress are refusing to admit that the man James Comey, Vladimir Putin and the broadcast media forced into the Presidency is completely, 100% loony tunes. Why? Because they really, REALLY want to steal from the poor and give to the rich. Somehow these evil plans make their tiny Grinchy hearts swell with bile – I mean, happiness. So until they get their way and make tens of millions of people suffer so they can fill their empty souls with more meaningless expensive possessions, they’re going to pretend everything is just fine. Or at least, they’re not going to invoke the 25th Amendment, which it is long past time to do.

Well, one Democrat, Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, is going there.

The 25th amendment says in part that the vice president and ‘a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide’ can demand the president’s removal from office if they decide he is ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties.’

Blumenauer said in a Wednesday op-ed that appeared on that the amendment isn’t strong enough.

‘It has inherent flaws that need to be addressed. The amendment’s default decision-makers– the vice president and the cabinet — have a natural bias toward the existing officeholder that would make them reluctant to acknowledge the president’s inability to serve,’ he said.

Oh, indeed.

If you want the Republicans to realize that we really, really, REALLY want them to dump Drumpf, there is something you can do that has been proven very effective. Those greedy, soulless Congresscritters who live to serve themselves, are coming back to their districts this week. Yes, my friends, it’s time for – recess! Just like when we were kids, there will be games, fights, and possibly name-calling. And unlike when we were kids, I don’t think our dear Rethuglican friends are going to enjoy it very much.

The recess, traditionally a time for lawmakers to take the temperature of their constituents, comes at a surprisingly vulnerable moment for Republicans. They are struggling to gain traction on a legislative agenda despite controlling both congressional chambers and the White House, as the new administration remains mired in controversy over its targeted travel ban and pre-election contact with Russia, among other issues.

While complaints about the health care act — high premiums in particular — helped elect Mr. Trump, polls show it has become more popular as voters realize that repealing it would mean that an estimated 30 million people lose health insurance.

The amount of activism around the recess is both astonishing and inspirational. Here are some of the groups providing guidance and information about the town halls being held:

What’s going on, though, isn’t coming from the Democrats or any of these liberal organizations. It’s a pure expression of the energy and emotion Hillary Clinton tapped into – the idea that we’re all in this together, and that love does, indeed, trump hate. Even more to the point, we utterly reject the dark vision of Drumpf’s America, where people are victimized and jailed for being different, thinking differently or being a member of the press corps, which Drumpf has declared “the enemy of the people.” (Yup, that’s straight out of Dictator 101, in case you were wondering.)

If you have a chance, get out there and politely and respectfully challenge your Congresscritters to start doing what their constituents elected them to do. It sure isn’t what they’re doing now.

What’s on your mind today? This is an open thread.


67 Responses to "Activist Monday: Recess, Anyone?"

The Russian ambassador to the UN died this morning in NY. This is probably just a coincidence.

To the post: a lot of Rethuglicans are cancelling their town halls because they are afraid of their constituents.

I already wrote most of my post for Wed morning – and most of became outdated within the last 6 hours! It’s insane.

Watch this stunning interview with Carter Page in the UK. American journalists don’t do this. Wolf Blitzer would shit his pants. Jesus. (BTW, his name is Jon Snow! LOL)

Love the post, MB! And if the rethug congresspeople cancel their town halls, I hope their angry constituents lay siege to their offices. Our Social Security, healthcare, and very lives are at stake.

Did you know Ed Schultz (remember him?) is speaking at CPAC.

@4, DYB, good grief! Page smiles waayyy too much, especially in the face of that relentless questioning. So he is as pure as the driven snow, doesn’t know if the FBI is investigating him and he is being/has been sabotaged, by Sally Yates, Bill Clinton via Mark Rich, the Deep State, that dodgy dossier and the Clinton campaign? Right. They are beginning to sound like a well run spy cell where no one person has all the pieces of the puzzle.

@7> But watch his face when asked about Rosneft. There is so much happening in those few moments.

Simon and Schuster just said they are cancelling Milo’s book.

Milo: throws shitstorms at women for *years*, real ones that take a lot of time and energy to clean off, doxxes them, tries to get people fired (succeeds? don’t remember), and that’s all … what? Nothing. No concern. Ignore it. Get a life.

How many of these situations where women get crap forever from some dickhead who graduates to pedophilia / murder / atrocities of whatever kind is it going to take before it starts to dawn on people who are not women that women are people and crapping on them is Bad.

/*sorry about the shouting. this is driving me nuts. it’s only about the third thing in as many days where listening to women would have prevented the downstream problems.*/

@10: Well that will give him something to gripe about at CPAC won’t it?

DYB, it is truly impossible to keep up. Journalists must be going nuts!

I agree with Annie. The GOP Congresscritters are not going to be able to hide. By the way, shame on them!!! Cowardly schmucks.

@9, that man should be hooked up to a polygraph. He uses his face more than his mouth to answer uncomfortable questions.

@10, yeah, hit him where it hurts. Boo-yah!

me@12: Well apparently Milo won’t be at CPAC because they revoked his invite.

Milo Yiannopoulos lost his keynote speaking slot at the Conservative Political Action Conference after tapes surfaced of the right wing provocateur and senior Breitbart editor advocating for sexual relationships between “younger boys and older men.”

I have to fess up and say that I did watch Maher on Friday night. The reason being that I wanted to see Malcolm Nance, retired spook for the government. He, Larry Wilmer and Jack Kingston goofy former Congresscritter from Ga were on the panel.

Kingston kept harping on “leaks! leaks!” and Nance replied that hell yes the intel folks were leaking. He basically said when the spooks don’t trust the Prez they will leak to (paraphrasing here) the ultimate Commander-in-Chief, the American people. He got a yuge round of applause from the audience.

@15, will 45 threaten to withhold “funds” from CPAC because they are impinging on poor widdle milo’s 1st amendment right?

@17: Well, no funds to withhold but we’ll see how they all react.

In his comments about the revoked invite, Yiannopoulos said that oh he too was a victim of child abuse. Yeah, okay. Right.
Perhaps with the book cancellation and now this it will mean the end of his 15 minutes of fame. We can hope.

“Perhaps with the book cancellation and now this it will mean the end of his 15 minutes of fame. We can hope.”

Ditto. I saw Maher, or most of it also. We don’t pay for HBO and usually just catch some segments of Maher on youtube, but our cable is giving us free HBO this week, so Laker had it on and I stopped to watch the shenanighans. I didn’t know much about Milo, but he’s creepier than I expected and Maher should have slapped him upside the head. That rethug Jack whatshisname is a bore. Malcolm Nance very interesting, and would like to see more of him. I’ve been pissed at Larry Wilmore since the election since the few times I caught his show he seemed hard on Hillary and a total Bernie Bot, but he was fun to watch on Maher’s show. Maher had a good rant at the end of the show.

oops. meant to say, “…Larry Wilmore since the election AS the few times…”

So here’s another rabbit hole that ends in Russia: Founder of one of California’s leading independence movements lives in Russia!

@19> Yes, Larry Wilmore was a total BernieBot. I watched his show quite a bit and he clearly disliked HRC. One interesting comment on Overtime was from him regarding false moral equivalencies and how HRC was a victim of it. And if I’d been sitting next to him, I would have smacked him.

I think Maher’s interview with Milo was unfortunate. He didn’t actually debate anything, he just made a new BFF and attacked liberals for criticizing Milo.

@18: Fredster, I thought CPAC was a PAC and donor dollars could be influenced. Had to google CPAC to see what the letters stand for! Sorry!

@19: I liked Larry when he was on The Daily Show with Stewart. But when he got his own show, there was just something that didn’t work for me. It just didn’t click.

@23: Oh cats no biggie. CPAC is the yuge gathering of rwnjs gathered for an orgy of conspiracy theorists and their butt lickers.

@22: I had the interview with Milo on but it was mainly background for me. I was waiting for Maher to start the panel.

I did stop and look at him wearing his pearls and pearl bracelet and thought “Oh Miss Thing!! You just really think you’re something doncha?”. I thought he was really sad.

@19: socal, Malcolm Nance is ex NSA and I think he is wonderful. He is NOT shy about speaking his mind based on that experience. Joy Reid has him on AM Joy regularly if you can catch her show on the weekends.

Thanks Cats!

I just noticed something about the top picture of Dump at the beginning of MB’s post…the background color, which is like a dark apricot (?) blends with his creepy skin tone. Not relevant to anything, just a crazy observation.

@27: Oh no he isn’t shy about voicing his opinion, and I love it!

@24> I agree Fredster, Wilmore’s show wasn’t very good. He wasn’t a good host. Not funny and the few jokes that worked he inevitably beat to death like a (dead) horse. And for me his obvious CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome) was off-putting. It’s why his one sentence defending HRC against false moral equivalencies made me roll my eyes. He was one of the guilty ones who did it when it mattered.

@31: DYB said: his one sentence defending HRC against false moral equivalencies made me roll my eyes.

It’s like the alcoholic, who, after his 5th D.W.I. finally admits that yeah, he might have a problem there.

And to think I’d never heard of Milo the Attention Ho until a few months ago and he’s already crashing and burning. Loved it when Wilmore told him to GFY. I was a little surprised that Malcolm Nance, who I have only seen talk about intelligence issues, really jump in there as well. Milo the Attention Ho was stupid enough to say that transgendered people committed sex crimes at “highly improportionately rates”. What? Kingston just smiled, laughed and acted goofy as usual. It’s worth watching just for Wilmore and Nance.


Anyone seen Prolix around?

Tee-hee! More possible bad news for Milo.

Milo Yiannopoulos Could Be Fired by Breitbart Over Pedophilia Comments

I believe his 15 minute timer is running down quickly!

Hey guys – had a rough day yesterday so just catching up. @19 & @27 I too follow Malcolm Nance. I finally bought his book The Hacking of America and am almost through with it. I really think NSA & CIA are our only hope. BUT after watching Rachel last night I’m not sure how we get the crooks fried once they are caught since Sessions is AG. I see they are extraditing Firtash. Anyone follwoing this ?

@37. and I just saw that Pruitt is NOT releasing those emails and documents relating to his interactions with oil and gas companies and the Koch brothers. As to Firtash, it will be interesting to see what happens when he gets here, and yes, I am very concerned about Sessions as Rachel brings EVERYTHING back to him for action. I think he is far more dangerous than many realize and he will protect the 45 web of lies, greed and deceit to the bitter end. Remember he is also behind the DHS memos outlining mass deportations. I agree, Contrask, the NSA and CIA, and hopefully others in the IC, are the only ones who can bring this filth to light. Hillary may be lost to us (as the rightful 45) but the republic must be saved.

@33, Malcolm was sensational! I never heard him state that there had to be 300 (drunk) Russian Hackers working around the clock to get those leaks to Wiki when they did. And, the way Malcolm zinged Kingston when he implied that the RNC was too smart/competent to get hacked like the DNC was priceless. The man knows his shit and will go toe to toe with anyone and do it persuasively.

I thought Warren had obtained those Pruitt emails on an FOIA? And remember those emails that Pence wanted to protect? Still want to know if he’s hiding something. I just don’t see any way to prosecute these crooks unless the Rep grow balls. Otherwise we have to win back some seats and tough this out. I always feel better after hearing Nance speak.

@39, Contrask, I hadn’t heard of Warren’s involvement, just know that Rachel told us last week that a judge ordered this data dump be provided by today. I suspect Rachel will address both Firtash’s extradition and Pruitt’s missed deadline tonight. Agree totally about Nance, he does instill confidence and hope! Two things in short supply these days.

I’m going to get that book by Nance. Huffpo says that briebart dumped milo. What a shame.

I hope Prolix is okay.

Milo: throws shitstorms at women for *years*, real ones…

I hear he is trying again, to speak on the UC campus. If he tries, there will be an even bigger shitstorm in his path, than the last time. Berkeley will not stand for this son of Douche.

@43, good. We need to take away all of his public forums. Hopefully, people/organizations will not let him speak, and otherwise completely ignore him, i.e. don’t follow him on twitter or engage him. With any luck, maybe he’ll go back to UK. Why is he even here?

@42: annie, I got an email from Prolix. He’s just been busy with real life things.

@37: Sorry to hear you had a rough day yesterday. Hoping today has turned out better. Have you started with any physical rehab yet?

I’m on house arrest – I have to keep foot elevated and only get up for necessary things. Making me gripey

Who the heck is Tom Barrack? CNN is having this feel good piece on Trump when they ought to be talking about Russia & treason. Waiting for someone to counter Trumps’ “town halls are being taken over by liberal activists” with an acknowledgement that those Elected Officials represent all the people in their districts – not just conservatives.

@49: Well, you can’t rush the process but as active as you’ve described yourself it must be driving you crazy. (btw, check email when you can)

I’ve never head of Tom Barrack – I’ll have to check that one out.

Trump can get the f*ck over it with the liberal activists crap. That’s just folks exercising their rights to meet with their elected reps. Shut up Donald!

contrask, it appears Barrack is just another billionaire friend of tRump who also happens to manage a ton of money for the Saudis.




I am hoping ACLU or someone can get a challenge case going. Media should be all over that incident

@54: I agree totally! Someone (guess who!) is not thinking clearly on this.

I have a feeling with Joy doing that tweet, she’ll be sure to make sure the story gets out there. If ICE saw the cousin was there with his 7 yr old nephew then why didn’t they do something like contact CPS at the same time?

Lawrence O’Donnell just showed Mitch McConnell being pwned by a woman at his town hall. He looked like he was ready to pull his head back into his shell.

33 GAgal

Loved that video, Milo needs to go back to England and stay off our university campuses in CA…at least. That intelligence guy was great, he confirmed a lot of what the media is trying to cover up. That Republican was a dud, too afraid to say anything…why was he even there…

Maybe our IC guys can get us a copy of that dossier – inquiring minds want to know

Apparently there was a video in Russia done in a bad 90s techno style that sang the praises of Putin. Sooo, John Oliver decided to do a similar video for tRump to explain why Putin not good.

Maxine Waters calls out the scumbags…

Whoops sorry at ^62. Hopefully this is the right one.

61,62, whatever… Pay me no mind on my screw-ups. I’m not firing on all cylinders today. 🙂

@63: Not to worry GAgal. I think we’re all experiencing a bit of dysfunction these days.

Sorry folks — I have been “real lifed” these past few days. Glad to hear from everyone on the TW “on the mend rolls” — contrask, hope you are feeling better.

Been a little confused myself. I don’t understand how Rob Thomas’ mom got fired from “notsoBrightBart”.

Tomorrow I will be out the entire day — carry on, smoke something if you have them, preferably salmon.


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