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Posted on: February 17, 2017


Russia Investigation

Country over Party

Six words, that’s it.  If we’re lucky, by 2018 we won’t even need a noun or a verb to finish the thoughts.

Come for the chaos, stay for conflagration.  This is the Dolt 45 fine-tuned machine.

Yesterday’s performance was a guided tour of Dolt 45’s brain. In 77 minutes, he demonstrated what I have so inadequately tried to explain.  He is the San Andreas of emotional fragility.  He’s not going to change.  You saw what stress does.  Behavior patterns become more pronounced.trump-presser

Dolt 45 is not crazy.  He’s a 70-year old man who has never worked an honest day’s work in his life who likes to watch television and tweet.  He believes he’s infallible because he doesn’t know what the word means.

Setting up warring factions in the White House ensures he is the eye in a hurricane of chaos.  It provides him the self-esteem he so desperately craves and the charade of power sustaining his veneer of legitimacy.

Let me try to explain.  Think about the best, mind-blowing, earth-moving sex you ever had.  That is what yesterday’s press conference was for the citrus pustule.  As he said, “I’m having a good time doing it.”

Here’s what I know from studying leadership.  Any organization centered on charismatic leadership (personality-centric) rests upon clay feet.  It is like the Platte River – a mile wide and three inches deep.  It evaporates in the least bit of heat.whats-wrong-with-trump

Crises are not planned via e-invites.  They are coming.  Whether it is a natural disaster, a Horizon oil spill, an incident in the Strait of Hormuz, or a terrorist attack, the time is ticking down.  It won’t just be a failure; it will be a Category 5, Frontline documentary fiasco.  Failure is simply the non-presence of success, but a fiasco is where anarchy apportions anguish and adversity.

This weekend troubles me.  It has been almost 84-years to the day since the Reichstag Fire.  It was a planned provocative act of arson to set emotions ablaze.  This weekend event in Florida has a certain suspicious air about it.  Nothing would change the media’s attention faster than paid insurrectionists rioting at an event where Dolt 45 is whisked away by Secret Service.  Just sayin’.gop-support-for-trump

Currently among Republicans, SCROTUS (So Called Ruler of the U.S.) is at a more robust approval rating than either Bush or Reagan was at a comparable time.  The symbiosis is complete.  Congratulations Dr. Frankenstein, it’s a boy.

And this brings me to the Country over Party part of TRICOP.  Never before has the reverse concept been so clear to me.  I’m guilty of mindlessly accusing Republicans of prostituting themselves as Party over Country and Power over Country, but when a future drapery salesman from South Carolina is your party’s lone moral compass, the GOP ain’t exactly writing new chapters for Profiles in Courage.

Here’s the takeaway:  The Republican Party will allow this orange stooge to do immeasurable harm to the country in order to eviscerate FDR’s New Deal and Johnson’s Great Society.

There is an ugly, angry, maniacal lust at work to deprive twenty million poor people of health insurance in order to allow the One-Percenters an obscene tax break.  I lack the intellectual capacity to understand that.  It isn’t just the repeal of the A.C.A.  It is also a rollback of Medicaid that happens to be the primary financing mechanism for the country’s nursing home/end of life care.

The gobsmacking piece of all of this:  To finance the lipstick for the piglet they are going to pass off as a “replacement,” they are proposing taxing some portion of employer furnished health insurance.

Here are a few highlights from the first 25 days:what-coal-mining-does-to-streams

The first Republican counteroffensive against the War on Coal was signed into law this past week.  Coal mines will now be free to pollute some 6,000 miles of once protected waterways in the country.

For those poor, over-regulated, underappreciated oil companies, they will no longer have to report their payments to foreign governments.  Anti-corruption is so déclassé.

If you are keeping score, this weekend we will be spending $1,240,000 a day to protect Trump Tower with no one home, another $3.0 Million for another Mar-a-Lago golf outing, and about $200,000 for Uday and Qusay Trump to open their Dubai golf course.

Finally, if you are a policy wonk like me, we can be alarmed that Dolt 45 swatted away 50-years of U.S. policy supporting a two-state Middle East solution as easily as he would a Citrus Whitefly.  And if you were worried about that pesky dust-up over a “One China” policy, it seems to have ironed itself out quite coincidentally with the granting of Chinese Trump trademarks.

For those 70,000 under-educated white guys in the upper Midwest:  Is America great enough yet?

What’s on your mind today?  Spasibo.  Never too early to learn some Russian.




62 Responses to "TRICOP"

Everyday I wake up and the first thing I want to do is cry. Second thing is check to see if we started a nuclear war and third is to try and figure out how the fuck to move to New Fucking Zealand and still support myself. Jesus Mary and Joseph this is worse than I ever imagined.

Kim!!! Good to see you, although I hate the circumstances.

Sadly, all our worst fears are coming true. I think we will survive, though. Even if a Reichstag fire incident happens, I think the dysfunction and lies and corruption can no longer be covered up. The media smells blood. Even Shep Smith had a meltdown on Fox News after the press conference. Drumpf’s credibility has been permanently destroyed.

Yeah….this is where the shit really goes to a new level:

@2> Besides Smith on Fox, Fox was also reporting (John Roberts live during Bill O’Reilly) that Trump was fully briefed on Flynn right after it happened and did not tell Pence. (Though I don’t believe Pence is that innocent, but they do seem to be setting him up as as the victim… I wonder why…)

In any case, someone pointed out, the fact that Roberts was giving this exclusive info to deliver on Fox is interesting because it might mean that the leakers figured if the news is going to get out, let it get out via Trump’s propaganda source. It’s harder to keep blasting Fox as fake news because then it puts Fox on the defensive.

So more on that AP story. It’s not clear if this is true… What is true is that the AP asked the WH and DHS multiple times about it before publishing the story – and the WH did not answer any of their questions. Then after AP published it, the WH is saying it’s not true. One possibility is that the WH quite literally planted a story that was not true, refused to comment on it so AP would publish it, then attack AP as spreading false news (which is what the WH is now doing).

Now the DHS is saying the memo is in super early stages and was never seriously considered. So 1) the memo does exist, contradicting WH’s denial and 2) why did neither WH nor DHS, when asked by AP to comment earlier, say so.

This is nuts. Putin sends professional thugs to soccer matches in Europe to start violence.

And this is horrifying:

Great post, Prolix, agree with all of your points (which you make in such an interesting and colorful way). I’ve been afraid of this ever since 11/8: “The Republican Party will allow this orange stooge to do immeasurable harm to the country in order to eviscerate FDR’s New Deal and Johnson’s Great Society.”

What can be done? Keep marching? And if Putin is sending paid thugs to cause fights at soccer games, he will certainly do the same at our protests, and then we have the cops and National Guards getting involved. We need a real leader. I wish the Clintons would post a daily list of what we should do. Or someone Clinton-like (as in, not Bernie-like). And we need lots of lawyers.

Ugh, this is so depressing. Kim, I have also been thinking about New Zealand a lot. We are having an insane rainstorm here today. Massive rain and wind.

I’m not worried about our hill sliding down because its mostly rock, but concerned about trees blowing over. We had 8 trees blow down 2 or 3 years ago. Oh great, here come the brownouts.

Hubs just called and said there’s palm tree branches all over the Hollywood freeway and a big suv turned over on its side blocking a lane. We might get 5 inches of rain. I’m lighting candles, for light, not religious purposes!

I saw on the internet that Shep Smith was getting attacked by dump-fans for supposedly going on a rant about dump’s presser yesterday, so I actually watched it, and it was okay, but not as fierce of a denunciation as I would have expected from any real journalist. I guess it was unusual for Fox, although since I never watch Fox, I really wouldn’t know. He kept saying “untrue things” and “falsehoods”, instead of “lies” which I thought was kind of chicken shit. Anyway, here it is if anyone is bored:

Here are Jake Tapper’s comments about the presser. He also won’t use the word “lies” and at one point says, “that might play well with the 44% of the population that voted for him…” 44% of the population voted for Trump?!? He does make some good points, but I still don’t like him because I thought he was ridiculously hard on Hillary.

Oh, Tapper also says, “…instead of talking about his accomplishments”
What accomplishments? Is scamming your way into the White House an accomplishment?

annie, I saw this on sfgate last night/early a.m.

Mother Nature to drop a ‘bombogenesis’ on California Friday night

The article says Southern California will get the worst of the weather.

The process of bombogenesis occurs when a low pressure storm system intensifies rapidly, or “bombs out.” To qualify, the minimum central air pressure must drop 24 millibars in 24 hours.

@16> Yes I also kept wanting him to say “lies” instead of “untrue things.” That’s cowardly. But for Fox, big deal, I guess.

@19, yes, hubs says we’re supposed to get 5 inches today. It could be the worse storm here in recorded history. He’s home safe and sound now, but he says the freeways were a nightmare. He works mostly in downtown L.A., but also around the county. We live 40-50 miles away in the Santa Monica mountains. Hubs says he heard that the bombogenesis is like a river of water in the sky. Not a comfortable thought. We actually got mail today. I can’t believe they made the poor mail people deliver mail in this mess. Its dangerous.

@20, yes, that’s true.

@21, DYB, I can’t believe how much time dump spends on twitter! He’s an addict!

Here’s something funny. After J.K. Rowling and Piers Morgan got into a twitter war, Morgan’s son tweeted photos of his Harry Potter tattoo. Hahahahaha. Rowling wins again.

Annie I’m sorry you are having the horrible storms. It gets depressing to me when we have torrential rains. And then to have the Dolt shitshow ongoing. The Resistance groups are warning people not to go protest at 45’s rally – that it’s sure to be a set up and to even expect violent paid protesters to show up to give them a story.
I feel horrid. Wearing a path between chair, bed & bath. I’m inside some kind of plastic boot with gauze and bandaging around it and I’m having trouble keepin my swelling down right now. Not sure if I’ll make work next week or not if things don’t get better. I worry that the school will be short a few Latinos when I do go back.

And I’m sorry Okla has dumped Pruitt on us. I hope there is a country left if we ever get to fix things.

@26: {{{contrask!!}}
I was just going to put a message here that if you came by, that I hoped things were going okay post-surgery.

Did the orthopods say anything about elevating your foot and leg? Is that even possible with the contraption on there?

Contrask, take care of yourself first! Take off whatever time you need. You can’t help others if the ankle doesn’t heal properly.

Yes, this storm is really something. Our cell phones all just blared a flash flood warning, and I keep hearing fire trucks sirens (we live near a fire station–a good thing!). Some of our friends are being asked to evacuate. My hubs had a terrifying drive home.

Yes, I also saw that about the paid violent protestors expected to show up. Goes along with DYB’s comment @10.

Oh, yes I’m elevating. We have a great electronic chair and I have pillows stacked and ice packs wrapped around my leg. I sleep with pillows stacked under the leg. I’m really not in pain from the break – the sutures are stinging a bit. Getting waited on hand & foot by hubby and daughter are pretty cool ♿️ though.

Fredster, I was just wondering about what you just posted: “Did the orthopods say anything about elevating your foot and leg? Is that even possible with the contraption on there?”

@29, sounds good!

@29: I can’t do a lot of comparisons of when the momster fractured her ankle because she was much older and also had some vascular issues to deal with.

Get that TLC from hubby and daughter as much as you can and as long as you can! LOL

@30: I was just wondering how much contrask was able to elevate with that boot on there. When the momster had her fx, they did the surgery and she was in the hospital for a couple of days and then discharged to a skilled nursing rehab nursing home. But there were age issues with her. However, since she was in that type of facility they were able to elevate the lower part of the bed.

This just makes me physically ill to see pictures like this:

We are a sick nation. That is why I have quit conversing with everyone who is a Trump supporter. They will not listen. It’s pointless

Judging by the license plate that’s maybe Arizona? Not too surprising, in Arizona. (Some of the people there have large earholes, so the tumbleweeds get in and blow around where their brains should be. Well known alt-fact!)

I’m in the thick of it with you, socalannie. On a south-facing hill in the Thousand Oaks area. At least we still have power. I’m kind of surprised about that, actually. The wind was real gale force. We can normally see out to the horizon, for miles, but for hours the rain was coming down so hard the visibility was maybe a couple of hundred feet. I know we need the rain, buuuut……

@35: I know exactly what you mean. I’ve got a couple of friends acquaintances who support him. Don’t do much now more than exchange pleasantries about the weather or something.

@37: Get some rest contrask. Come by when you feel like it.

@36: quixote, the pic accompanied a story about his landing at PBI. Of course they could have pulled the photo from anywhere.

@40 Fredster, in that case it’s much more serious and medical intervention may be necessary. As we all know, it’s not simple members of the vegetable kingdom blowing through the air in Florida. It’s flying cockroaches. (:shock:)

@41: LOL! What’s amazing is that’s in Palm Beach County and it is/was hugely Democratic. Is it possible those are paid supporters? (grin)

Professor Cliff Mass is a meteorologist at the Univ of Wash here, and does a really good blog on weather. Usually NW but often W Coast and national/world. Today’s post is on the CA rains:

Southern California is about to be hit hard with heavy rain of 3-9 inches and powerful winds. Flooding and slides are inevitable. But it will have a silver lining: any talk of drought in California should be ended as the last below-normal reservoirs are filled.

Let’s start with the 2-day precipitation totals (ending 4 PM Sunday) from the wonderful NCAR high-resolution ensembles (the ensemble mean–the average of the ten ensemble members are shown). Totals exceeding 3 inches covers a wide area from LA north, with some locations in mountains north of Santa Barbara getting 7-9 inches. That amount of rain would be huge anywhere, but in dry southern CA that is immense. For a number of locations, this will be the greatest rain event in years.

The reason southern CA is so wet, while the Northwest is relatively dry, is because the jet stream has been deflected way to the south. This is illustrated by an upper level forecast map for 4 PM Friday, with the sold lines presenting the heights of the 500 hPa pressure surface (around 18,000 ft). A deep trough of low heights (pressures) is found along the west coast, with the jet stream/strong winds heading into southern CA.

Several graphics with maps, too.


Cash voucher eh? I wonder how they redeem it?

Apologies if this has already been posted, but who would be surprised if Dolt 45’s idgits were doing this? Leak something, then refuse to comment, then accuse the media of “fake” news.

Not answering the AP but then responding to the AP report by saying it’s wrong seems like a good way to perpetuate a fake news narrative,” New York magazine’s White House correspondent, Olivia Nuzzi, tweeted on Friday.

“The very fast, coordinated denial of this story is almost as if they wanted it to hit the wire before shooting it down,” Politico’s chief White House correspondent, Shane Goldmacher, said.

The White House has not responded to the AP’s assertion that it did not respond to requests for comment, and official comments published after the initial AP report have done little to clear up the confusion.

How very Cheney-esque.

Prolix, haven’t had time to fully appreciate your post yet. My Mom had hip replacement surgery Wednesday so I’m dealing with a lot right now. But I WILL check out yours (and everyone’s) links eventually. She’s doing great. Just a lot of stuff to deal with.

@48: Glad your mom did well with her surgery.

Not to worry about anything here, sounds like you’ve got your hands full.

Regarding my comment at @67. I’ve also noticed, from the beginning, Stump & Co. have a habit of throwing outrageous shit against the wall (no pun intended) just to see how bad the blowback is. Not from media. From US. Then, and only then, do they determine their “so-called” policy. They’re not looking for consensus. They just wait for media to hash it out between each other. No solid policy, just shit. I know that’s what media does and is suppose to do, but with Stump, it’s more of his pitting people against each other just to watch them fight. He gets a sick pleasure out of it.

Got it covered Fredster.

In fact, glad to see Contrask back *waves at Contrask*. I cannot imagine what an ankle surgery would be like to recoup from. PT must be hell. Take your pain pills Contrask before you’re in pain. My Mom thinks she should “hold out until she needs them”. Nope. Not on my watch. I told her today “Woman, you’re 82 years old! You will take something for pain, before pain, if I have to grind it up and hide it your food!” She said ‘it only hurts when I move it’. It took her a minute to realize why we all laughed. But I can see the pain in her face.

Fortunately (no, not really) I’ve been through this before, so I know what to expect. Every day brings new challenges, but I already have to slow her down a bit. Damn ornery woman! We know how damn onery women are. May the wrath come down…

@51: Glad to hear your mom is in such good spirits GAgal. Sounds like something you’ve been through before.

I was doing some housekeeping over on the side. I was able to put up DYB’s images he made. I bet he thought I would never get them up here.

Welp, I’m gonna call it a night (or morning).

@52 Love it. Thanks to DYB and you. I just wish the text wasn’t across their faces.

@43 NWLuna, that’s a great link. Thanks!

@51 GAgal, afaik you’re right about taking pain meds before the pain gets bad (if it’s a sure thing it’s going to happen, as in your mother’s case). (NWLuna may back us up?) If you wait for the pain, the muscles get tense, exert bad kinds of traction on the injury, and make things worse. And it’s twice as hard to get them to settle back down again.

PS the rain stopped here. This wimpy Californian feels like I’ve been through Noah’s Flood.

This is a great explainer on the South China Sea.

@13, thanks Annie. Is it still raining out there? It is so worrisome — I’ve seen reports of between 7 and 9 inches in some locales. That is insane! Let us know how the SoCals are doing.

@26 & 29, oh Contrask — so sorry you are in pain and trying to get comfortable or sleep with one leg resting on a mountain of pillows must be so unnatural. It’s so great you have hubby and daughter at your side. Tell them both thank you from your Widdershin buddies for taking such good care of you for us. I know you know this, but until the swelling subsides, go totally salt free or low sodium. It makes a difference.

@43, Luna, how are you feeling?

@48 & 51, GAgal, your mother is fortunate to have you watching over her. Tell her that Widdershinners take care of our own and that it’s a law that all medical advice must be followed without question or hesitancy.

Pain is like surfing and at one point in my life, I had lots of pain from actual surfing, but once you get on top of the pain and get it under control, keep the monster at bay. So pop those pills at regular intervals GAmom — that’s the Widdershin word with the bark on it.

I would tell my mother when she didn’t want to take her meds, “One of us is going to swallow these pills and I don’t have any of the necessary symptoms, but it will be fun to see what happens.”

Folks, sorry I wasn’t around yesterday, but real life has a tendency to get in the way now and again.

@54, Quixote, glad the rain has stopped. How are the hills hanging in there? Mudslides?

Absolutely take pain pills before you start hurting again! Now to catch up on the next thread….

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