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“Prepare For War!”

Posted on: February 15, 2017


Don’t blink anyone! You might miss a major development from the White House. The Drumpfster Fire Shit Show is showing no signs of slowing down. No amount of Russian hooker urine can extinguish it. It’s the Chernobyl and the Fukushima meltdowns combined and the fallout will span the globe. Although not if you ask a Republican. Everyone is just great if you ask a Republican! Everything is going according to plan…

In a matter of a day Drumpf held an emergency situation room meeting in the middle of a dining room and fired/accepted resignation/encouraged retirement of a man named Flynn. First, the Mar-al-Lago disaster. Picture it: Drumpf, Japanese Prime Minister Abe, wives 16708703_10154983688274761_4762941159713180703_nand friends, are having a wonderful $20,000 (give or take) dinner surrounded by dozens of their closest friends/donors. When suddenly news arrives that North Korea (which would within the next 24 hours assassinate the rightful heir to their throne by two female assassins who poisoned him with a dart in the middle of a Malaysian airport!!!!), anyway, before a 007/Jason Bourne assassination of a perceived rival and brother, North Korea’s demented leader launched a missile towards Japan. So naturally, Drumpf and PM Abe go into full Presidential mode by hunkering down at their dinner table, cell phone flash lights activated, figuring out how to respond. Their dozens of closest friends/donors are witnessing this, taking photos, posting to facebook. Because an international crises as reality television is where we are right now. This is all perfectly normal! All the Republicans think so! HRC’s e-mail server: bad. Classified documents about a rogue/crazy country that may start a nuclear war disseminated and discussed in a crowded room: good. Nobody wanted to miss the entrée. When you paid thousands of dollars for access, you better get a good show.

Oh, and let’s not forget Rick. Rick is The Man. Rick carries a briefcase with him that contains the nuclear codes. Rick is posing for photos with guests. Rick is The Man!


And then, if you can believe our lives, that wasn’t even the craziest thing that’s happened all week. The crazies thing that’s happened all week (writing this on Tue night) is we are finally getting real evidence of Russia setting up a Kremlin satellite office in Washington DC. I won’t go into the Michael “Lock Her Up!” Flynn details because we are watching this shit develop in real time. But as of now, Rethuglicans still don’t think there’s any reason to investigate anything. Paul Ryan, McTurtle, Chaffetz, all say there’s nothing to see here and let’s move on. Rand Paul says it’d be crazy for Republicans to investigate other Republicans. And it’s hard to argue with his logic! Give this for Rand Paul: he’s not lying. He’s not pretending that there are any principles at stake. It’s all about party loyalty. Which was an interesting thing I realized when I was talking to a Republican friend on Monday. She doesn’t really care about Trump one way or the other. She just cares that a Republican is in power. She detested “Barry.” She thinks McTurtle “is a pussy” who allowed Barry to get away with everything. Hillary is the biggest criminal ever. So there we are. For many people who still support Drumpf, it’s really just about Republicans being in charge.


And Mike Pence is being built up as the victim in all this. Supposedly Pence had no idea Flynn had spoken to the Russians about lifting the sanctions. LOL. Is this just the beginning of setting up Pence as a man of principle who would make a great POTUS-46? And do you know who else is the victim in all this? Michael Flynn if you believe this nonsense.

In any case, so far HRC’s only comment on this topic was a re-Tweet of a comment by Philippe Reines.


I get a feeling that the only person who might be enjoying all this insanity is HRC and maybe Obama.

I also think that considering Hillary Clinton’s vast criminal network and the trail of murdered bodies she has left behind over the decades, Michael Flynn is lucky to still be alive.


In the meantime, do not unbuckle your seatbelts. There is a lot more of whatever this is to come. Even as I write this CNN says they have names of Trump campaign officials who spoke to the Russians, but not releasing names yet because they are waiting for comment from the White House. And Drumpf’s staff, which includes a former contestant from his show, getting into a physical altercation with a reporter. Or maybe not. Apparently a secret recording was made but it may have been edited before being played for some journalists. This is our life, welcome.


I leave you with a song I’ve been listening to for a couple of weeks, since I’ve discovered this remarkable young singer. Troye Sivan is 21 year old South African/Australian and this song, “Heaven,” is a balm for the soul. He wrote it about the pain and joy of coming out as gay, for all the people who have done it before him and for those who will do it in the future. “Without losing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven? … So if I’m losing a piece of me, maybe I don’t want heaven.”




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And when you guys have nothing to do, some really fun games put together by a comedian. There’s one where you dodge science reports thrown at you by scientists. If you get hit, you lose a point. There’s one about finding a place to bomb. You’re given a location and a map without labels. Bomb as close to the location you think you are looking for as you can! It’s ok if you miss. You know, fun stuff.

Lady Graham on investigating Drumpf. The first sentence is hilarious.

@6: So Lady Graham wants to find the leakers and PUNISH them because the LEAKS are damaging the national security? Alternate facts meet alternate reality.

Great post D — I agree with everything you say. It is a meltdown, but it doesn’t take much to melt a bunch of buttah-butts.

Off topic, but what’s up with all these Trumpanzee’s guys who look like they got their last hair cut at the blind Super Cuts during the Clinton Administration? This White House Counsel dude, Don McGahn, the picture they use of him on teevee looks like he got his doo from Prof. Irwin Corey, RIP by the way.

Each and every bad decision seems to involve this Don McGahn in some way. He plays in a MD cover band. He might want to read a law book instead.

One last thing — did you see Trump’s presser with Netanyahu? He got off on talking about “love” — I think he watched the finale of The Young Pope. It is essentially the final homily at the end of it. I swear the Secret Service are going to start carrying butterfly nets.

No idea if this has any teeth in it…

New York attorney general reviewing request to bring action to dissolve Trump Organization

An alternate legal route, when impeachment isn’t possible.

Don’t blink anyone! You might miss a major development from the White House. The Drumpfster Fire Shit Show is showing no signs of slowing down. No amount of Russian hooker urine can extinguish it.

OMG, I am laughing so hard, I have to get back to my job before I can enjoy the humor parade you have going on here. Loving it and I think you are giving SNL a run for their money. Besides, you would win since you also have the info facts on your side.

tRump is upset over Flynn’s “treatment” by the media and also naturally “leaks”. (Note to Donald, prolly shouldn’t use that term loosely).

However, over at Esquire, LTC Bateman has a nice article on the General that’s worth a read.

You would think somebody who supposedly knows about Intel would know that we monitor the unencrypted phone calls of potential enemies, like Russia. So it came to be that the White House was informed in late January of the possibility that Mr. Flynn was or is blackmailed, because he appears to have lied. He appears to have lied to the Vice President of the United States; he may or may not have lied to the President of the United States, and the FBI itself. It seems likely that all of this is on tape.

And regarding the Russian ship:

the Russian Navy is trolling the East Coast for the first time since 2015, and they are doing so at 10 knots. I will add that at this hour they are doing so with their Identification System (known as an AIS) turned off, as warships are allowed to do.

Want to guess what they are doing directly opposite of the Delaware Coast? Moving slowly exactly opposite from Washington, D.C.?

Here is a clue: It takes a while to move a ship. Do the math yourself.

@6: Here’s an old youtube (2010) concerning Lady Lindsey and the repeal of DADT.

@16, per the press release (or my version):

Mr. Puzder wanted to spend more time with his family, abusing them.

Okay, forgive me Widdershinners. I never thought I would do such a thing, but I’m posting something not entirely “unpositive” about #drunkMika and #socklessdeadintern.

It seems as if, according to Vulture, that the soulless, electronics trade show hooker, Kellyanne Conjob, is no longer welcome on on the #morningschmoe show.

Citing her overall lack of credibility on television news programs, the hosts of MSNBC’s popular morning program Morning Joe have announced that Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to President Donald Trump, will be indefinitely blacklisted from appearing on their show. Interestingly, Brzezinski indicated that she and her co-host, Joe Scarborough, know “for a fact” that Conway frequently tries to book herself to appear on Morning Joe, and believe she isn’t actually in the loop with Trump’s administration at all. “She’s in none of the key meetings,” Scarborough explained. “She goes out and books herself often … I don’t even think she’s saying something that she knows to be untrue. She’s just saying things, just to get in front of the TV set and prove her relevance, because behind the scenes — behind the scenes, she’s not in these meetings.” Overall, not a great week for Conway. And it’s only Wednesday.

My audition headline for the New York Post:

Labor Designee and Fast Food Mogul Andy Puzder Ordered “To Go”

Was binge watching L&O on Ion. Switched over to MSNBC, C. Hayes only to see: Susan Sarandon on there!

Went back to L&O. Similarly, I have really enjoyed Ryan Murphy’s TV efforts, esp Am Horror Story. However, I won’t be watching Feud because Sarandon. That means I’ll miss my fave, Jessica Lange, but so be it.

@21 Unfortunately, I caught the last five minutes of Sarandon and her little sidekick, whoever he was. By the time they finished, she had Hayes cowed down like a whipped puppy and totally ashamed of himself. They told him he was the reason Trump was president because he didn’t report on the pipeline enough. Then he asked about Trump’s first days as prez and they bristled, with what can only be, their horrible guilt. (Glad I don’t have that) Then they threw in a plug for Ellison – the world will cease to exist if he’s not head of the DNC, don’t ‘cha know. Sorry to say, Hayes and Rachel pretty much had an orgasm even though they tried to hide it.

@22: Rachel? Oh you mean Maddow at the end of Hayes’ show and the lead into her show? Odd because shes didn’t do/say a thing concerning that on her show.

@22: Well at least I’ll know that if MSNBC does a replay of Hayes to skip it completely all the way to the end.

@21, 22, 23, 24, the twitter kids are having an outbreak of tantrums about Ms. Sourandone and Josh Fox, that’s the guy. So far, nary a one, not one, positive comment. People HATE her. Everyone is lambasting the two of them as out of touch, limo liberals, too caught up in themselves as to be anything but clueless.

Hayes has tweeted a couple of times and he seems ashamed of himself and said, “He had to calm himself down,” whatever that means.

@25: As the late chief Dan George said: “My heart soars like a hawk”, at the twitter tantrums. I’ll have to go check some of those out.

@23 Yeah. At the crossover Rachel said ‘I don’t know about you, but I’m almost sweating’ and Hayes said he was. I don’t believe it was the dressing down. And it sure as hell wasn’t the fact that they never covered Hillary’s rallies, policies, etc. They were just as guilty of that (and EMAILS!) as anyone else just caught up in the Trump mania. Sorry. Sarandon puts me in a foul mood.

Yikes. All this time I’ve been freaking about Bannon getting near and then IN the WH. It looks like Brownshirt Miller was the one to watch.



@25 Like Chris Hayes, my BP went sky high. I’m so glad I just caught the last of it. Lucky me, my BP has never been a problem. 🙂

@29 & 30 Thanks for that!!

@32: No problem GAgal. I hope this is a lesson learned for Hayes.

@30 OMG. I think ‘Candice with an L’ is my soul mate even though I’m a straight woman. I was thinking earlier today about Bernie’s Russian mole Tad Devine. AND when CNN reported Stump’s peeps were “considering” sending ground troops to Syria, my thought was it was total deflect – from Flynn.

Then Putin. Flynn gets fired. Russia shoots a missile…how much more phallic can you get? …spy ship off our coast. Give me a fuckin’ break. Trump’s going down. At this point I can only hope our spooks save the day. And the country. And the world. I really resent the fact that a whole lot of assholes, who refused to vote for the most qualified woman IN THE WORLD, got us here. Hate ’em all.


@34: Welp, it could be a good friendship.

@34: At this point I can only hope our spooks save the day

Hey, it could be the military that saves the day, as scary as that sounds.


I’m old enough to remember when I would not have agreed with anything Markos wrote. He’s changed enough that I agree with him now. Too bad he couldn’t figure out why Obama was not the best candidate back in ’08.

Last week, in the wake of an appellate court’s utter rejection of the Trump regime’s Muslim ban, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) spiked the football: “We just saw him in court and he got beat. He got thumped.”

With energized Americans rising up by the millions to resist the ruling Republicans, exulting in popular-vote loser Donald Trump’s humiliation was the pitch-perfect response. Yet back in Washington, D.C., the Democrats’ top elected official, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.), resorted to the same loser playbook that has put his party into such a predicament. …

Former President Obama spent most of his tenure preaching bipartisanship, yet it was the GOP’s relentless opposition that paid political benefits, netting the party the bulk of state houses and legislatures nationwide, as well as control of Congress. Obama Democrats argued the president was the “adult in the room,” but it was the children who reaped the benefits. Democrats argued that “when they go low, we go high.” And the inmates took over the asylum. …

The Democratic base—the people itching to sweep the GOP out of power in 2018 and 2020—aren’t interested in bipartisanship.

@39: And he caught hell from a lot of his readers when he backed HRC this time. Well, so sad for them. And yep Obama should have gone slash and burn right back at the Repubs and esp. one Senator from Kentucky.

@37 Yeah, the fact that I’m taking up for our spooks…unbelievable. Wait a minute…I’ve been absorbed or something. That’s why I still…hate ’em all.

Surprise, surprise!

Americans Just Broke the Psychologists’ Stress Record

A national survey of anxiety finds a statistically significant increase for the first time since it was launched in 2007.

@42: And that doc here doesn’t want to write my script for me. Just more ammo for me when I go see him. LOL!

@43, go prepared with some specific examples of activities/goals you can accomplish when anxiety is reduced, and contrast that to the limitations when anxiety is sky-high. Sometimes this emphasis on function helps them understand — and it helps with provider documentation for why they write the script. If he doesn’t change his position, ask what he recommends instead as intervention(s) and/or for a referral to a specialist.

FF’sS! I am so damn tired of these people who couldn’t see what was plain as day before the election.

To recap: Less than two weeks before Election Day 2016, Comey announced that the FBI was again investigating whether there were previously unreleased emails from Hillary Clinton on a laptop that she did not own. Comey felt voters needed to know this even though the search warrant showed that the FBI had “no new evidence” that Clinton had done anything wrong. Now we know that when Comey spoke up about Clinton while remaining silent about allegations of contact between Trump’s team and the Russian government, not only were there mere allegations but also concrete evidence that such contact was frequent and ongoing.

Susan Sarandon’s name fills me with rage. Pure rage. I used to tweet at her every day for a few weeks after the election, just asking her how she was doing. Obviously she never responded. I was doing the same to Rosario Dawson. One time I tweeted a few things at her – and then she re-tweeted something else I had tweeted, not related to her. So it was obvious she must have seen my posts to her – but didn’t acknowledge them.

Anyway, Susan Sarandon fills me with rage. Have I mentioned that? It’s too bad because now I can’t stand to watch anything she is in, ever. I’m going to tweet at her again, just stalk her basically, annoy her. I do it to Andrea Mitchell. I keep asking her: “Andrea, why do you think nobody likes you?”

And Maggie Haberman of the NY Times is really annoying. She keeps tweeting how demoralized everyone in the White House is. I keep asking her: “Who cares?!” Today she tweeted that it seems odd how nobody seems care about that missile the Russians fired; “does anybody care?” she asked. I wrote back: “Maggie, you work for the NY Times. Do you guys care? Or does Hillary Clinton have to put it in an e-mail first?”

Anyway, twitter is fascinating.

BTW, I saw some tweets saying that they thought Hays really let Sarandon have it. But I didn’t see any of it, so can’t say if he did or not.

Bill Maher is going to have Milo Snuphelupagous on Friday. I will NOT be watching that.

Oh and Drumpf is holding a rally in Florida this weekend! White House is referring all questions about to the campaign. Literally, the campaign. 2020 election has officially started.

@44: If he doesn’t change his position I flat out ask hm to refer me to another doc who will write the meds I’ve been taking and since I had a board certified internist previously who wrote them. Actually, three board certified internists, going back past the K storm.

@42 Luna, I still hate ’em all. It’s just my saying. I don’t hate anyone…at all.

@49, I understand. I hate ’em the same way. Except I’m not that good of a Buddhist yet and I often do hate them some.

@46: I want Sarandon’s kids to have her declared incompetent and then take all of her money and spend it. And not on her.

Good on Jeremy! Giving airtime to racist haters is not news. It is aiding their cruel propaganda.

@46 You had me at Andrea Greenspan…

@46 DYB said: Anyway, Susan Sarandon fills me with rage. Have I mentioned that? It’s too bad because now I can’t stand to watch anything she is in, ever.

I agree with how you feel and I’m angry that I won’t get to see Feud because…Sarandon.

Welp, if Milo is on Maher, then no watching for me either. Just very simple.

@52, unfortunately that’s a lot harder to do than in movies. The legal definition of competence is very minimal compared to the medical definition of competence. IMO.

@57: Oh I know, that’s just one of those revenge wishes. “Oh Susan, now that you’re living on your S.A.G. pension and Social Security, how does it feel to be down here with the rest of us?”. She’s the definition of Limousine Liberal.

Luna check email when you have a chance.

Too bad Thelma didn’t jump out of the car at the last minute…

@45: That WaPo piece. I have no…zero…zip confidence in anything Comey says or does. He lost his credibility last year.

I agree on Comey, I have seen zero evidence that he is a man of integrity. Zero. Can anyone point me to one? The stench of Republican corruption is all over him. Just as it is over people like Chaffetz.

I don’t know how we dig ourselves out of all this. We are so far down the hole that it seems insurmountable.

Poor Melania, she is so sad! Don’t let the smiles fool you! She’s sad!

@39, great point Luna.

I hate that evil bitch Sarandon and pissed that lame ass media is giving her a public forum for her traitorous bullshit, but must admit I do like the funny tweets about her.

Did you guys see Dumps presser? Twitter is raging about it.

Prolix, agree about Milo being on Maher’s show. Ugh. Also really cannot stand Sarandon, Dawson & Haberman.

@70, Oh, and of course, crazed botox filled beast Andrea Mitchell.

@52, Hahaha! good one!

@55, Ditto. Boycotting anything she is in.

@66, huh? An article which claims tRump actually governs? Hahaha! Not to mention that “the liberals” wording is a dead give-away about its bias. No way am I clicking thru on that.

Oh, and honey? You ain’t seen no over-reacting yet.

Maybe it will take another country to save us from ourselves. Love this guy.

Luna, you gotta click DYB’s link at @66. It’s hilarious and the comments are pretty good too.

“the Secret Service are going to start carrying butterfly nets”

Perfect! PERfect! We need an artist to photoshop this into the world!

I don’t know how many here are old enough to have seen The Mouse That Roared, but the vision of the USofA being saved by Lithuanian spies strikes me as being on the spectrum. 😀

Let me take a wild guess — because you’d lose again?

@77, that’s perfect!

@75, looks like more than a few Trumpanzees fell for the click-bait, lol.

Poor Melania, she is so sad! Don’t let the smiles fool you! She’s sad!

She married and had a child with a man that was rich and treats women like $hit. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. If money wasn’t the most important thing to her, she would take her son and move out of the tower. Her ahole husband would threaten to cut her money off and try and take her son, but Douche isn’t going to stay home and raise him…and money isn’t more important than integrity and self respect.

Boo Hoo Melania, you are a beautiful woman and need to grow a darn backbone.

@annie and others: Even in the gay community, folks are saying “nope” to Ryan Murphy’s Feud.

GAgal, thanks for the Newsweek link!

@66, that raspberry scones recipe sounds good. Wish I wasn’t so bad at making pastry.

@80, I like the other actors (Judy Davis, Stanley Tucci plus more), but just can’t with Sarandon. As DYB says, she makes me ragey.

Another article on the Yiannopoulos appearance on Maher’s show.

Also, good article at GQ on Comey.

I don’t know if I am the only one here that doesn’t watch MSNBC or what, I don’t understand why Sarandon has a voice at all and that she is able to upset so many people. She has always been a nutbird…

OMG, from what I’m reading, I’m glad I missed the meltdown presser today.

@88, Fredster, he sounded completely unhinged.

OTOH, it’s your chance to say “No, I think the MSM are still way too soft on those lying Putin-loving Republicans.”

@annie: Then I’m doubly glad I missed it. I’m sure that like a highlight reel after a football game, that there will be clips on the talk shows tonight.

@90: I would complete the thing but then they have my name and email, unless I put in a phony email.

@92, what else are those free gmail accounts for?

@93, sorry not sorry.

@93; And they could also get your i.p. address. Oh hell I’ll probably complete the thing just to eff with their heads.

@96, ok, posting in between page edits on a project for work is obviously too hard on my aging brain. You’re right, getting around that is a lot of work. Of course there’s the use a library computer angle, but they probably screen out all the library ip addresses as liberal oases. Or maybe not — my RWNJ relatives used libraries all the time while whining that they shouldn’t be forced to pay taxes for public libraries. Grifters, they all are.

@97: There are ways to spoof i.p. addresses but it’s more than I wanted to bother with.

I did their poll/survey and used a phony name, email and zip. Immediately after clicking on “record my vote” it takes you to a donation page for tRump. I just closed the page out. I did open up a private window to do the thing in.

So handy for $$, isn’t it, tRump filing for re-election already. Grifter.

A took a stab at reading the transcript of the pressure today. Yayyzuss! I wanted to go rinse my brain out afterward. But some of the comments are hilarious:

CATango 3:30 PM PST
Obamacare, folks, its such a disaster, really, so bad. At the Trump household we don’t like Obamacare, no, it’s bad, no good, not for us. We make donations to Sloan Kettering, so we’re ok. Now, I’m hearing about the ACA, that’s a good law, not at all like Obamacare, really, its good, we might use it to repeal and replace. Wouldn’t that be good. So good. Gooder than that other thing. Ew. Such a nasty law.

WeTheTweeters 3:32 PM PST
Building an insanity defence. And succeeding

“like a fine-tuned machine…”

I wouldn’t normally link to the Intercept. Hell, I wouldn’t normally click on the Intercept, but another crazy guy… Carter Page sends a letter to DOJ.

To begin with, it is addressed to the voting section of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, which is charged exclusively with enforcing federal laws that protect the right to vote.

It then makes the grandiose claim that “the actions by the Clinton regime and their associates may be among the most extreme examples of human rights violations observed during any election in U.S. history since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was similarly targeted for his anti-war views in the 1960’s.”

Page repeatedly describes as “outrageous” the news coverage claiming that he has significant connections to Russian officials and what he says was the Clinton campaign’s hidden hand behind it.

The Clinton campaign, says Page, engaged in “human rights violations,” “illegal activities,” “unlawful deceptions,” “Obstruction of Justice — the charge upon which President Nixon was impeached,” spreading “False Evidence,” and “an obviously illegal attempt to silence me on an important issue of national and international consequence in violation of my Constitutional rights.”

Page also states that he was targeted by the Clinton campaign because he is Catholic, a military veteran, and a man.

Now this is really important: those gold drapes are hideous. Let me guess, the color is “trump gold” or perhaps “golden showers” or maybe “fool’s gold”….

@105: LOL – fool’s gold

Samantha Bee talks about Paul Ryan.

@109; Did you watch that episode to the end? She also addresses deregulation and did a piece on three bills that will roll back wildlife protections. Lovely montage of wolves at the end. The three bills are HR 424 (Wolf Management), HR 717 (Endangered Species Act) and HJ 69 (non subsistence take of wildlife), the latter will reinstate cruel hunting techniques in Alaska, like leg hold traps, shooting from aircraft, killing pups in dens. I just left a message with my House Rep asking him to oppose all three. Hope many will do the same.

This may be the very first time I have ever linked a video of Maddow, it is very good and worth watching…

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