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Brown M&Ms…

Posted on: February 13, 2017

That’s what we’re relegated to – brown M&Ms – a steady diet of nothing but brown M&Ms. Expect nothing more for the foreseeable future.brown-m-and-m

When I saw the official poster of Dolt 45, that’s what I thought about – brown M&Ms.

A bit of explanation is in order.  In the heyday of Van Halen, they had a rider in their contract forbidding brown M&Ms.  For you whippersnappers, Van Halen was a very popular pop/rock band in the 1970s.

While the rider looked like an eccentric indulgence of entitled first-worlders, it was really a stalking horse provision.  Since Van Halen used massive, ear-piercing amps, there was always the fear older venues could not accommodate the weight of the massive equipment.  If there was a failure, it would endanger everyone – band, crew, fans alike.david-lee-roth

The rider was placed in the contract as a signal.  If the crew found brown M&Ms backstage, they knew someone didn’t read the contract and more importantly, didn’t read the technical requirements of the riders.  Brown M&Ms meant:  Danger Will Robinson – check out the equipment, electricity, performance rigging.  In short, watch for haphazard, half-assed preparation leading to dangerous sub par performance.

So far, these first three weeks of Dolt 45’s administration has been nothing but brown M&Ms.  (Forgive me for linking to an Andrew Sullivan essay, but it does have a couple of brilliant observations.)

Just spit ballin’ here, but if you were going to say, “throw a huuuuuuge inauguration,” wouldn’t you take the time to proofread the official poster?  To do otherwise, would be “unpresidented”!

It’s just like the list of fabricated “terrorist attacks” where attack was spelled “attak,” attacker was spelled “attaker,” San Bernardino lost an “r” during an “attak” of the letterists, and there’s a new country called “Denmakr” that our map-lover-in-chief will never be able to find.

If the greatest mistake represented here was just a typo. Although the hair is similar, this isn't a before and after of David Lee Roth...

If the greatest mistake represented here was just a typo. Although the hair is similar, this isn’t a before and after of David Lee Roth…

If you can’t do the little things like let spell check win, you can bet the big things like Yemeni raids aren’t getting the attention they demand.  What can you expect though since it seems the White House is just a weigh station between golf outings at Mar-a-lago?  This latest weekend jaunt was just product placement for selling memberships to well-to-do Japanese.

By this time in my life I should realize that intellectual consistency is too great a burden to expect from politicians.  Who can expect them to remember the issues to which they swear fealty as they bark and bray?

For instance, remember all those times McTurtle and any number of other no-chinned, pillowish, chalk drones warbled, “Consistency!  We must have consistency!  Business growth demands consistency!  Obamacare and job programs and immigration reform do not lead to consistency!  We must have consistency!”

Heard any of those voices recently?  Not a one dares cross Lord Commander Marmalade.  They live in fear of his tweets.  Like an electronic Typhoid Mary, they quiver and quake at Twittering Donald.

And remember Obama’s apologizing to the world causing the U.S. to be seen as weak?  Now we just apologize as we turn the lights out on U.S. leadership worldwide.  The most alarming thing I have read is that Darth Bannon sees inevitable existential conflicts in both the Middle East and Asia.  Dolt 45’s ineptitude is driving stalwart allies like Australia toward China.

I'm going to just keep using this question...

I’m going to just keep using this question…

While the disappointment of the stolen election is still painful to us as we settle in to the Putin/Bannon/Drumpf administration, we can take solace in the fact a woman is leading the free world.  If only it was Hillary.  It looks as if Chancellor Angela Merkel is the hope of global progressive democracy.

Until we grow tired of our lying national security incompetents, our war hungry puppeteers, and our Russian overlord, we will just have to stomach those brown M&Ms.

Take the conversation in any direction you might like.  I sincerely hope everyone is feeling better and Contrask, your surgery will be topmost in our thoughts and prayers.  We look forward to when you can again — Jump!



117 Responses to "Brown M&Ms…"

In addition to spelling errors, there was the tiny little error of, oh, name placement in Japanese.

When I travel to Asia, I’m fairly often met at the airport by someone holding a sign reading “Mr. Paul.” Why? In much of Asia, names are given family first, personal second — at home, the prime minister of Japan is referred to as Abe Shinzo. And the mistake is completely forgivable when it’s made by a taxi driver picking up a professor.

It’s not so forgivable, however, if the president of the United States makes the same mistake when welcoming the leader of one of our most important economic and security partners. But there it was: Donald Trump referring to Mr. Abe as, yes, Prime Minister Shinzo.

Mr. Abe did not, as far as we know, respond by calling his host President Donald.

Trivial? Well, it would be if it were an isolated instance. But it isn’t. What we’ve seen instead over the past three weeks is an awesome display of raw ignorance on every front. Worse, there’s no hint that either the White House or its allies in Congress see this as a problem. They appear to believe that expertise, or even basic familiarity with a subject, is for wimps; ignorance is strength.

Sorry for the long blockquote (I hate that) but couldn’t really find a place to just pull a snippet of this.

BTW, didn’t we use to have a protocol office? Why yes, we did.

Prolix, what’s your opinion of the merits of this approach (in the TP story that Dean linked to)?

How Trump can be held accountable for violating the Constitution, even if Congress doesn’t care

@2, I had put this downstairs before I saw your comment up here.

That article is spot on from a legal context. Everything they say is substantively correct. Standing is a problem in all sorts of cases where a citizen takes on the government. There are bookcases full of cases where taxpayers, anti-war, pacifists, environmentalists, everyone you can think of brought cases. Very few survive where the injury is of an indirect nature. For instance, people who don’t like war don’t have standing against the Secretary of Defense, but someone who has been drafted does.

I like the idea of going against the corporation. It is creative and probably would be successful in getting past the standing issue. It would be a long tough slog.

Here’s my fear — this kind of ancillary attack on Trump makes him a hero to the 38-42% of doe-eyed dolts making up his base. It will embolden them and harden their support.

I truly believe the push has to be for an independent commission to take apart the Russian hacking. They need subpoena power and a staff. Democrats need to never speak another sentence that does not contain a noun, verb, and Russian meddling or Putin influence or taking over the government. The chemotherapy of the emoluments clause might work, but I’m for more radical excision of the cancer — no one is ever against that. Once Drumpf’s sins are laid bare, humiliation of the Rethuglicans will lead to a new progressive era.

@4, appreciate your response and elucidation. We ought to carry through attacks!

Saw you asked for comments to be brought up but didn’t check back there.

@5, one of the most interesting (for law nerds) areas of standing are taxpayer suits. There are thousands of cases on the issue. Just paying taxes doesn’t give you standing, but being penalized does.

This standing issue isn’t just for constitutional cases, it’s present in every piece of litigation. You must be harmed before you can sue. Sometimes the injury isn’t immediate or proximate, but it must be real.

How are you feeling?

I forget: did brown M&Ms make you sterile or were they stealth Spanish Fly?
It was one or the other.
I’m loving Dolt 45 and am glad to see that two of my favorite fellas are feeling much better.

Sue, did not know of the secret pharmaceutical nature of brown M&Ms. I just got continuing education credit from your comment. Thanking you.

Great post, Prolix! Love a blast from the past!

MB, looking forward to the play!

“For you whippersnappers, Van Halen was a very popular pop/rock band in the 1970s”

If you meant Laker, he knows all about them. Laker knows more about boomer music than a lot of boomers (including me). Hubs & I keep wishing he’d do a rock podcast or something like that. Whenever he’s met one of the old rock stars, they are always amazed at his knowledge of their music and will talk to him for a long time. These old rockers love it when young people know their songs and history.


@10, Annie, I meant whippersnappers like you. I have no doubt about Laker’s genius about music. Hey, that would be a good monthly post for him. New music we should all know. This weekend when I was doing the Grammy nominees I hadn’t heard several of them.

How’s play practice going for him?

Hehe – Thanks for the Van Halen send off, Prolix & I agree about Aja being one of the best albums of the ’70’s. At least M&M’s are still ok to eat. Skittles and TicTacs are dead to me now. Annie, our son Jesse is quite the ’70’s music buff also, making me quite proud. Tomorrow I’ll be Home at Last and Dancing in the Streets before you know it.
If you’re right about the Russian hacking being the take down for Trump, then we are in the hands of the intel community. I don’t care what takes him out, just so long as it happens and preferably in a way that gets them all.


@13, contrask, good luck tomorrow. Remember Lindsay Wagner played the Bionic Woman. Remind the surgeon you have plans after the surgery to reprise the role.

@6, Prolix, I recall the part about actual harm being necessary before suing, somewhere in that Defensive Healthcare Practices class….

Another crack in that veneer of Obama’s legacy:

Justice Department warned White House that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, officials say

…U.S. intelligence agencies had reason to believe that Russia was aware that Flynn and Kislyak had discussed sanctions in their December call, contrary to public statements.

The internal debate over how to handle the intelligence on Flynn and Kislyak came to a head on Jan. 19, Obama’s last full day in office. Yates, Clapper and Brennan argued for briefing the incoming administration so the new president could decide how to deal with the matter. The officials discussed options, including telling Pence, the incoming White House counsel, the incoming chief of staff or Trump himself.

FBI Director James B. Comey initially opposed notification, citing concerns that it could complicate the agency’s investigation.

Clapper and Brennan left their positions when Trump was sworn in, but Yates stayed on as acting attorney general until Jan. 30, when Trump fired her for refusing to defend his executive order temporarily barring refugees and people from seven majority-Muslim countries — an action that had been challenged in court.

sorry for the all bold

Looking forward to Prolix’s comment on the last 2 paragraphs here. Was the judge implying Do you really want to make that stupid argument?

Federal District Court Judge James Robart in Seattle denied a request from the Trump administration to postpone any further proceedings in his court over President Donald Trump’s travel ban, while the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals considers whether to rehear the case before a larger panel of judges.

“I’m not prepared to slow this down,” Robart said, ruling from the bench.
What this means is that the challenge to the travel ban by the states — Washington and Minnesota — will proceed the merits in front of Robart. “I’m not persuaded that call for en banc review by one judge … ought to interfere with moving this case forward, ” Robart said.

As the government argued for postponement, the judge referenced Trump’s tweet reacting to the 9th Circuit ruling saying he would “see you in court.”

“I’m a little surprised since the President said he wanted ‘to see you in court,'” Robart said, later adding, “Are you confident that’s the argument you want to make?”

DOJ lawyer Michelle R. Bennett said: “Yes, your honor.”

@15, bless your heart if you had to get into standing, but I bet they were schooling you on the elements of negligence/torts — duty, breach of the duty, cause, and harm/injury. The type of standing the article is talking about is, practically speaking, people attempting to become private attorneys general and attempting to prosecute a constitutional claim for themselves or others similarly situated.

I never liked torts, but my torts teacher (a horrible teacher who was so far in the closet he smelled like old shoes) is a Circuit Court of Appeals Judge. Here’s the funny part, he was appointed by Dubya. Obviously the vetting process short circuited along the way.

@19, yes, it was definitely those duty, breach of duty, cause, harm/injury elements. Gather that I didn’t get any closer to standing than that, which is fine by me.

Flynn has been set ablaze and turned loose in an old canoe in the Potomac River. He can now tweet to his thumbs’ content.

I was watching Brian Wms on MSNBC talking about the latest Flynn mess and other things. Watching that is until he brought in Mrs. Greenspan. Sigh.

@21: Just saw that.

@18, Robart has a good sense of humor by all accounts. It’s not quite caustic, but it is pointed. This type of comment by a Judge is usually a good natured way of saying, “Really, now really, are you going to make that argument? Are you pulling my leg?” It is also an acknowledgement that, “You know good and well that is a stupid argument to make.”

The interesting thing is this: A Judge other than one of the three on the 9th Circuit panel, has asked for an en banc hearing. That never happens. I mean never. Judges never ask for more work. By procedure, a party may ask for a full en banc hearing and a decision is made on whether or not another argument is granted.

Here, with the unusual step of a Judge requesting it, the parties still have to brief the reasons for a full hearing and then a majority of the active Judges will have to vote in the affirmative for a full hearing. There are 29 active Judges on the 9th Circuit. The en banc hearing will be before 11 Judges.

I’d bet big money a full hearing will NOT happen. Robart knows that too, that is why he said, “One Judge asking for a hearing is not going to slow us down.”

@21: A Viking funeral!

If Dolt 45 and Pence knowing about the Flynn/Russia connection before they swore him in as NSA doesn’t kick the idea of an independent Commission up a few dozen notches, nothing will.

Prolix, another great post!

Brown M&M’s and Der Douche, I was fearful of where that story was going. Thought for a moment that he was banning all brown M&M’s because he is a white racist. I didn’t know that story about Van Halen 😉


“Some people are saying”… Schiff posits Flynn may have been using encryption to communicate… long term communication… and collusion.

@27, thanks Shadow. Appreciate it. That Van Halen story has been around leadership books for years — it is one of the “sweat the small stuff” examples.


“This standing issue isn’t just for constitutional cases, it’s present in every piece of litigation. You must be harmed before you can sue. Sometimes the injury isn’t immediate or proximate, but it must be real.”


This would make Hillary and the 65 million people that voted for her, of standing against the interference of Douche and Putins’s fixing the election. The DNC and Podesta were also harmed.

Once the money grabbers take away our safety net and pollute our water, air and land…we will all be of standing, or will be lined up standing with pitchforks at HIS front door.


@31, what happens is in these cases you get into standing versus “political questions” — now Podesta and the DNC have causes of action against the perpetrators of the hack and potentially, those who published it, but that raises a whole new set of issues.

As for pollution, those who can demonstrate direct harm would have standing. A general harm of the “air or water is going to be dirtier” wouldn’t get you standing. There has to be direct and demonstrable injury. For instance, people living along a polluted river would have standing.

An important point:



Yes, Flynn resigned. Remember he’s the 2nd person with Russian connections to resign. Manafort was the 1st.

@34> What did the President know and when did he know it?


@31, environmental health harms are notoriously hard to prove in a court of law when you go up against Montsanto and their ilk. Most any substance can be used to make a product without having to prove the safety. Food and pharmaceuticals are the major exceptions I can think of.

@35, and Manafort is still living in tRump Tower. Suspect Flynn is another so-called resignation.

@38, amen to that. The reason it is notoriously hard is that companies like Monsanto have nationwide lobbying forces in each state and they have worked with godless, soulless Chambers of Commerce to exempt themselves from tort liability. Erin Brockovich is the rare exception instead of the rule. It is a shame especially in the poorer states and communities of color. It is environmental racism.

Hillary has the most standing, she will never pull the lever though. In this case, I wish she was cutthroat. Who knows, she and Bill could be dropping breadcrumbs from the campaign research…from a third party.

At least nutjob Flynn will be able to spend more time with his nutjob son while they investigate pizza sex rings. They might want to start at Chunk E. Cheese.


Dumpft has known all along. This are his bros, and besides Manafort, he has business dealings with the Russians, and all of his cabinet are part of the billionaires club. No tax release…Show us the money, an it will lead to those connection. I betcha.

So, did he know it was coming?

‘k, enough excitement for this recovering kid. ‘Nite all. May we have more resignations followed by investigation and sentencing.

It isn’t just because Kelly Conjob’s voice has become a trigger for me. I change the channel each time I see her because, like a vegetarian succubus who decides she’s a bloodthirsty carnivore, she sucks the life spirit right out of me.

Now we know the real reason Sally Yates was fired. Not the refusal to enforce the Muslim ban. It’s because they wanted to discredit her (as the only woman, mind you) for being in the position to warn Trump that Flynn was compromised. ALL intelligence heads did too – some resigned immediately when he took office – she DID NOT- that’s why she was fired. Good for her. I’ll bet the media doesn’t notice. They are too curious if Pence was “lied to” by Flynn. Even if he were, we’ll never know. Frankly, I believe he’s a putz that they only allow in the Oval office for photo opps. I’m trying to check out the timeline. All I see so far is Yates (and the others) told Trump ‘late last month’. This is important.

Ok just this right quick. If anyone sees my dates/info is wrong PLEASE correct me. I hate it when Repubs lie. I want it to be right. Yates and other intel tells Trump ‘late last month’ (apparently Comey was slow about it – gee, I wonder why) Flynn is colluding. And this happened the month before:

Dec 29: Obama sanctions Russia for hacking/interfering in election. (which he didn’t bother with when it mattered). Throws a couple of dozen diplomats out of the country. Waits for blowback from Russia. Same day, Flynnski contacts his Russian buddies – (possibly encrypted to avoid NSA)

Dec 30: Blowback doesn’t happen. In fact, Putin is a sweet, sweet lover of all Americans in Russia. Stump tweets how “smart” Putin is. Intel, intrigued, digs deeper.

Jan 12: David Ignatius at WaPo reports (from leaks) about Flynnski.
Jan 13: Spicey denies.
Jan 15: Pence also denies.

And now we see, Yates and other Intel’s conversation (or was it before Pence’s denial – hell, it could have been before Spicer’s denial) came to a head on Obama’s last day – concerning, not just whether to tell the new administration, but WHO in the administration. And naturally James Comey was dragging his feet. That guy ain’t a worth a sht at his job.

Jan 28: Trump signs EO banning Muslims.
Jan:30 AG Yates says no we can’t defend that shit in court.
Same day: she’s fired.

Feb 13: Flynnski “resigns” for the second time.

But hey! Everything’s cool! Some people are saying … Petraeus is on the way to save the day!

@48 I loved when he asked Gannon if he had watched much of Conjob’s interviews and he said ‘as much I can stand’. It’s truly hard.

@51, there is no reason to book her for an interview. All you are going to get is misdirection and conflation. The news programs should just refuse her.

“Well, that’s one characterization” is quote of the day.

This morning Paul Ryan says there’s no need to rush to investigate anything. Things are taking care of themselves.

Jason Chaffetz was tweeting pictures of Mike Pence making sandwiches.

Republican brains on drugs. Any questions?

@53, even Kelly Conjob can’t make the pivot from 24 hours ago we knew he was a treasonous liar, but we didn’t do anything until other people had irrefutable evidence he was a treasonous liar — #MAGA!

These people need to be thrown under a gulag.

Uh oh, they’re losing Lindsey Graham.

One Trump lackey this morning on CNN was asked why there have been no comments from McConnell and (at the time) Paul Ryan on Flynn’s resignation. The lackey responded that it’s Valentine’s Day….

But Blunt says “Investigate.” Graham says it’s unlikely Flynn was acting on his own. Chaffetz says no investigating.

John Dingell (remember him?) on Twitter is hilarious.

@48, listening to her gives me a pounding headache. I find her and her godawful makeup very disagreeable to look at as well.

@59, this is Dingell’s link — he’s really funny on Twitter.


@61, call me a snowflake or whatever, but I want a safe place from Kelly Conjob.

BTW, Russians are basically invading the US now.

48 Prolix

Yikes, Kellyann must put her makeup on with a paint roller and a putty knife.

Maybe it would just be healthier to wear a mask.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

@69: Better for our health, certainly.


I love these Alexandra Petri columns.

“The Trump administration is doing exactly what I do when I try to assemble Ikea furniture, in the sense that it has clearly not consulted any instructions and now before it has finished its cabinet a big piece has fallen off. Also in the sense that there are dangerous screws loose everywhere. Not in the sense that when I try to assemble Ikea furniture the lives of thousands of refugees are thrown into limbo.”

Mr. Flynn, your ride is here.

That’s funny…unless it’s true.

Dear Widdershinners:

Food for thought (’cause Kellyanne just retweeted some racist stuff, says her account was hacked, blah blah blah.)

Ok, I’m back from getting my bionic ankle, (9 screws & 2 plates), and there is a Russian ship off the coast. Is he starting a war or what? Will the Republicans do anything to investigate the scumbag?

@80, Glad to hear you are home Contrask. How does it feel to be all screwed up? I so hope you are not feeling anything and are enjoying the benefits of better living through potent pharmaceuticals. Is hubby getting you a Valentine’s Day Boot? If you were German, it could be a Valentine’s Das Boot.

Glad you are home!

Contrask! Good to hear from you. Still feeling the happy meds? If so, that’s good considering all your new hardware and the sterile carpentry that put it there.

If only someone had warned us about Russia and tRump….oh, wait.

Some hint of a spine here:

Wow Contast, all bolted back together and here to talk about it…keep taking those pain pills and hoping for a fast recovery.

The Russian spy ship is here to test their puppet and maybe the bros have a Valentine’s date planned.

During the daily Spicey imitation of Melissa McCarthy (he isn’t very good or believable) he failed to mention the receipt of this VD card to Dolt 45. It was signed, “Urine trouble? Just Russian this to Putin your wee little munchkin hands. xox The Catheter Association of Amurica”

Putin VD

Haha – No I did not get the boot. I don’t even have a cast to be signed – yet.
Probably not a good idea to mix wine & narco drugs is it? Just thinking.

Here is some family fun SCROTUS Resignation Bingo!

@86, that is a good. I keep forgetting about Omarosa. Did you see she told April What’sHerName that they had a dossier on reporters. LOL

@86, Definitely. Not.

Early Forget-Me-Not for tRump? Events keep getting scarier.

In first under Trump, Russian jets buzzed a U.S. destroyer at close range
By Thomas Gibbons-Neff February 14 at 4:11 PM

Multiple Russian aircraft buzzed a U.S. destroyer patrolling in the Black Sea last week, in an incident the captain of the American ship called “unsafe,” the Pentagon said Tuesday. The three flybys occurred on Feb. 10 and were first reported by the Washington Free Beacon [on Feb.14].

Lt. Col. David Faggard, a U.S. European Command spokesman, said the USS Porter, an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, was returning from an exercise off the coast of Romania when an Il-38 sub-hunting twin-engine aircraft approached at a high speed and low altitude. The Il-38 was followed by two Su-24 fighter-bomber jets and then a single Su-24.

Faggard said the aircraft did not respond to radio calls and that they did not have their identification transponders turned on. He could not confirm whether the jets were armed and would not specify the altitude of the aircraft. “Incidents like this are concerning because a miscommunication could turn into an accident or miscalculation,” Faggard said, adding that the captain of the Porter called the flybys “unprofessional.”

During the campaign, President Trump had suggested that such incidents show “how low we’ve gone that they can toy with us like that.” He said that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be warned in a phone call to stop and if the flybys continued then “when that sucker comes by you, you gotta shoot.”

Happy Valentines Day!

Constrask, glad you’re back so quick with your bionic ankle. Your new profile pic is great!

@90, Huh! I was sure that the box itself was the cat’s Valentine!

@90: When I saw the butterfly land on the kitteh’s “arm” I had a feeling about what was coming. LOL!

@81: Glad the procedure went well.

And here is Mr. Pundit from yesterday. Now this was before the Flynn mess.

Photos of Trump That Assure Us That We’re All Gonna Die

@81> Glad your ankle is ok!

And NO, Republicans will not investigate. “Prepare for war!”

@89: The USS Porter is an Arleigh Burke class destroyer and is equipped with this as part of its defenses. Maybe the Porter just needs to light up those Russian planes a few times and fire off a burst or two from this.

@99, (gulp)


Time for 21st-century pitchforks in the streets! Up and over the walls:

sigh. Never sure when a referred-to tweet will show.
Chalupa is referring to:

Hope everyone caught Rachel tonight. NYT states trump CAMPAIGN officials had numerous contacts with Russian intelligence in the year BEFORE the election. An historian whose name I didn’t catch says Comey and McCain, Cold War warrior, are standing up to 45 re Russia. He also said what Comey did to Hillary was a “serious mistake” (ya think?) and he knows it. Rachel also made a big stink about sessions not willing to recuse himself from 45 investigations and has serious doubts about Comey doing his job to get to the bottom of this poo.

Joy on now for Lawrence.

No-drama Obama.

Joy talking to Cummings. He said Republicans have been coming to him interested in the independent commission idea. I want it to all come out. God let it take down Pence too!

@108, and all the Republicans with kompromat on them!

@108 and 109 I said I was going to enjoy mindless silliness tonight. I watched two episodes of RHOH and switched to a TCM movie, Libeled Lady with Wm Powell and Myrna Loy.

@112, that is the most positive change in politics since 1920 when women got the vote.

@112, that Arnold vid is trippy. I like the point he makes, that gerrymandering means that the politicians pick their voters instead of the other way around.

Contrask, how are you feeling?

@114: I wish all the states could do what Cali did and put that on the ballot as an initiative or proposition.

This came from the same writer Luna linked above at @105 from last month. I don’t know how much is accurate, but the timelines and connections make me curious. Plus, it’s just a damn good read. (Hope it hasn’t been linked earlier)


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