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Weekend Chillaxing…

Posted on: February 11, 2017


After the week we’ve had, we have earned a few minutes of unadulterated chillaxing.  Fredster is under the weather and feeling quite unwell.  Beam him some telepathic healing energy.

Since this is Grammys weekend, I thought we would start with the five songs competing for Record of the Year.  Of course, “Hello” I have my favorite.

Post anything you want – it’s our time to chillax.  Enjoy.

Hello — Adele
Formation — Beyoncé
7 Years — Lukas Graham
Work — Rihanna Featuring Drake
Stressed Out — Twenty One Pilots






And here’s a nominee for best dance recording Don’t Let Me Down from The Chainsmokers featuring Daya.

And a nominee for best pop duo, Sia featuring Sean Paul for Cheap Thrills.


And one last thought, please, please, please, let this happen tonight on SNL.



96 Responses to "Weekend Chillaxing…"

Rosie looks amazingly like him! Oh please oh please…

Here is my inspirational music for today. Revolution is in the air again!

Sending Get Well Wishes to all of you sick Widdershins! Wish I could bring you all soup. Stay warm and comfy, and well hydrated. This has been a totally sucky winter, hasn’t it?

Rosie will be awesome as Bannon.

Thx for all the wishes! Brain still not working any better than body today.

The DNC Future Forum in Baltimore today — will have candidates for the DNC Chair and Vice-Chair speaking. Can’t find agenda, but they just finished with the Vice-Chair for Public Engagement candidates. Break, with Congr. Steny Hoyer speaking for a couple of minutes — he starts out with reminding audience that Hillary earned 3 million more votes.

Streaming at:

If you ever wonder what I just can’t get enough of — it is stuff like this:


Here is my contribution. Old and somehow fits. Anything with saxophone. My idea of chilaxing was to go out and have a good long walk, that might have turned into a run, because I have gotten out of shape, gained weight and I need the stress relief. That didn’t work out so well for me. No marches for me for awhile! And I just got my very own pink pussy hat 😦
Broke my ankle in 3 places requiring surgery – to be scheduled. Sorry you are under the weather Fredster. Prolix, glad you are back. Everyone – take care – we all need each other!

Up on the hill
People never stare
They just don’t care
Chinese music under banyan trees
Here at the dude ranch above the sea
When all my dime dancin’ is through
I run to you

Up on the hill
They’ve got time to burn
There’s no return
Double helix in the sky tonight
Throw out the hardware
Let’s do it right
When all my dime dancin’ is through
I run to you

Up on the hill
They think I’m okay
Or so they say
Chinese music always sets me free
Angular banjoes
Sound good to me
When all my dime dancin’ is through
I run to you

Prolix, many thanks for doing this post for me.

This bug or whatever just has me feeling washed out. Since this is obviously something I caught and I don’t want to pass it along to anyone else, here’s my musical contribution.

{{{contrask!}}} Oh my gosh!

Please keep us posted on the surgery and when it’s scheduled.

I posted this down on the last thread…didn’t realize there was a new thread going on.

43 | Shadowfax
February 11, 2017 at 5:16 pm
31 Catscatscatsy 10, 2017 at 11:06 pm
Shadow I just checked and there is a clip on Flynn and the Russians
Thank you Cats, this is the clearest explanation I have heard on Flynn, the election and campaign to take Hillary down. Here is the link to the video. Great!

@5, contrask, ankle fracture x 3! Ouwwwch! Hope you stay as comfortable as possible and that surgery goes well, and rehab too.

Our Public Lands need some protection action!

@9: Open reduction and internal fixation?

Okay here’s a song I found for just realxin’ and chillin’.

Not music, but cheering anyway: I accidentally bought a giant pig.

It starts out: “I had no intention of owning a pig.”

Not to give the whole plot away, but he got talked into what he thought was, of course, a miniature pig.

Not really laid back, but some mindless background music perhaps?

@13: Oh my gawd. I thought this one about a little pot-bellied pig was funny.

Caller- “I’ve got a really strange thing going on here. I have a pig that won’t leave my parking lot.”
Dispatcher- “A pig?”
Caller- “A pig. Yes, ma’am. Bacon on the hoof.”

Not music, but good for a few laughs.

@5, contrask — Oh NO! So, so sorry. Broken ankles are just the worst — sorry, realism overtakes positivity. Please keep us updated. Let us know all the details that you care to share.

And don’t get me started how much I love and adore the Aja album. It has been and always will be one of my favorites.

@9 & 10, Luna, how are you feeling?

@13, Quixote, I woke up this morning and you know what was in my head? Kraptocracy. The real term describing Dolt 45’s term. Nothing describes it better.

Kraptocracy. I’m using that from now on.

contrask, please take care!!

Everybody, be careful and feel better!!!

This will make you cry happy tears.


@18, napping, in between short doses of watching Twitter in alarm or laughs, writing down more names/#s on my “call when better” list, drinking weak tea & electrolytes, doing saline nasal shnorffels and throat gargles, and naps.

When I was in primary are I kept a graph in my exam rooms that showed how long cold/flu symptoms last. Cough can continue up to 6 weeks; everything else resolves far more quickly. Not at the cough stage yet but will be prepared.

@24, well, not coughing yet is a positive, I guess? I was so drained that I was taking naps during my naps while I had the crud. You’ve got everything covered on the medicinal front, so all I can offer is good energy cresting the Rockies and heading your way.

Keep us updated. Feel better.

Also on Twitter, J.K. Rowling and Piers Morgan have been in a war since Friday night’s Bill Maher.

Contrask, I feel so bad for you! I hope you have the swiftest possible healing. {{{Hugs}}}

Spicey is hilarious.

@26, quelle surprise! /s
Let me take a wild stab in the air …. would those be Berniebullies?

A top Putin critic on how to oppose Trump: “making him look like a loser is crucial”

Garry Kasparov knows what it is to oppose an authoritarian ruler. The longtime world chess champion was arrested twice in his native Russia for opposing Vladimir Putin. Since 2013, he has lived with family in self-imposed exile in New York City, and is now the chair of the Human Rights Foundation. Winter Is Coming, Kasparov’s prescient book detailing Putinism’s rise and transnational menace, came out in paperback recently. Deep Thinking, his new book on chess and artificial intelligence, comes out May 2.

….Trump will continue to push the limits, to find the cracks in the system that constrains him. America is finding out the hard way that much of its government is based on tradition and the honor system, and not explicit laws. There will be a crisis every day.

Everyone must do what they can themselves and not wait for others to act. If you want change, you have to initiate action, even at a personal level that might seem insignificant. As the motto of Soviet dissidents went: “Do what you must, and so be it.”

Contrask and Fredster and Luna, sending you all healing thoughts!

Aja and Two Against Nature are my two favorite Steely Dan albums. I recently took hubby to see them in NYC. 50 years together and still amazing!

Yes, Peter Daou is right. Bernie’s cultists are an active danger to the Democratic Party and the Republic itself. No person who favors free and fair elections thinks caucuses are better than primaries. They want to rig it so that the voices of the majority are silenced.

No different than Rethugs at this point.

Maxine waters on AM Joy clearly said that there is a connection between Ukraine, 45 and Putin and that 45 colluded with Putin during the campaign. Also said to watch gramm and McCain, Repubs are going after 45. Also, rev barber had an amazing moral march turnout, all races all religions, addressing many issues including gerrymandering in NC. Great show so far.

@35 Cats – I loved Maxine on AM Joy morning! Here is an interesting read – I forgot that Sessions was involved this far back:

@36: Yikes, Contrask! What an intricate web is described in that article. I wonder if this is why Maxine said it is never too early to impeach. It gives me some hope that the reason we haven’t heard anything official on this is that the intelligence investigators have to root out every cancer cell before they go public. I still have deluded dreams of Hillary being declared the real winner and having her belatedly inaugurated as President. What a freaking mess and so much damage done.

What did you think of the clip on DAPL with 45 saying he didn’t receive one complaint on that decision so it must be a great decision Turns out the comment line is shut down! The treatment of Archimbaux (sp) was shameful and downright criminal. When he said historically the justice dept has never been fair with the native people, I wanted to cry.

@37: DYB, I am more than willing to blame that on 45 and his trusty sidekick Herr Bannon! Should never have happened but I can see an overly enthusiastic trump supporter making the switch…… I mean why would that version of the anthem even be available at this point in time?

@38> Even if they find something to throw Trump out over – the system just isn’t set up to swear in the runner-up, as you know.

What’s interesting is there are hit pieces getting written up on HRC, one in Politico magazine claiming that she is going to run in 2020 and they have proof. There is no proof, just speculation based on innuendo. (Why hasn’t she denied stronger that she’s not running for Mayor of NYC, for example?) The Trumpanzees and Bernie Bros are going bonkers over it.

NW Luna

Hope you feel better real soon, keep eating to keep up your strength. Coughing at night was the most difficult for me, NiteQuil was my relief.

Kasparof was wise when he said:

….Trump will continue to push the limits, to find the cracks in the system that constrains him. America is finding out the hard way that much of its government is based on tradition and the honor system, and not explicit laws. There will be a crisis every day.
Everyone must do what they can themselves and not wait for others to act. If you want change, you have to initiate action, even at a personal level that might seem insignificant. As the motto of Soviet dissidents went: “Do what you must, and so be it.”


Faces of death. Faces of guards who worked at Auschwitz. They don’t look that different from anyone else.

Here’s something to take us away from the serious stuff at least for a moment or two. I found this funny as all get out.

@44: And to show that the broken washer is capable of playing in more than one genre.

There’s a fun ALT-POTUS 45 account on Twitter. It’s Hillary tweeting (obviously not the real Hillary).

One more before I wear out this theme.

@37 DYB – how embarrassing! You have to feel for them. Fredster – waiting for them to do Locomotive Breath with that washer, lol.

And the deeper the conspiracy goes on this Russian deal, it’s beginning to look like they are all in on it. The thing most amazing is the blind Republican base will be so outraged when it finally comes out. And most of the die-hards will never believe it, or if they do, will still defend Orange Julius.

I’m hobbling along at home today. Broken bones are Alt- fun for sure. Hubby is hovering over me, but I’m getting a little bit independent on the crutches and good with the wheel chair. I hope we get to talk to the surgeon tomorrow & have it done soon. The oxycodine keeps me sleepy and a bit off-balance. Still can’t believe I broke it in 3 places. Dang.

SNL is a show I now look forward to getting me though these horrible Douche times.

Fredster – waiting for them to do Locomotive Breath with that washer, lol.

ROTFL! That guy definitely has a quandary on his hands. If he gets the washer fixed then he loses his musical rhythm background.

I would definitely push with the surgeon to get the ankle repaired as soon as possible. Once that is done and you get to wearing a boot you’ll be able to get around much better.

The late momster had one of those fx things with the ankle. She fell coming back from the bathroom. And it happened so quickly I could not get to her to grab her before the fall.

Yipes contrask, broken in three places. I hope you are on the mend soon.

Hillary Clinton Is Running Again
Here’s the proof.
By MATT LATIMER February 12, 2017

(I wonder what Hillary was thinking when she read this?)

Hillary Clinton will run for president. Again.

No inside information informs this prediction. No argument is advanced as to whether her run is a good or a bad idea—there are many ways to make a case either way. Instead this is just a statement of simple facts (if facts mean anything anymore, that is). And the facts are clear that the former secretary of state is doing everything she needs to do to run for the White House one more time. If she finds a path to do so, she will take it. And I can prove it.

@44, 45, & 47, I’ve had it with you big city folks who don’t understand what we do up here in the hollers for “inturtainmint”. First of all, Washer Johnny, a/k/a Maytag Moe, is a headliner in the fancy “Utility/Mud Room” Circuit. The best seats in the house are usually folding lawn chairs, but that is usual since interior design, or better said, interior redesign, is what you get from the fermented branch water served in the finer establishments. I always go to the early Washer Johnny show because there is a two load minimum and he doesn’t have a dryer.

@54: OMG! ROTFL!!!

@54 Is this at the trailer with the pink flamingoes in front? Park anywhere, don’t run over the sofa. please, lol

@56, The sofa is for the after show “al fresco” fine dining of Vienna Sausages on Saltines followed by Moon Pies and RCs or Ale8s. Or if you are lucky in the summer time, you can have the appetizers sur l’aile tartar — that would be mosquitoes the size of KFC rejected chickens.

I was glad to read you are managing to manipulate your crutches and chair of the wheels. Let us know when you are having the surgery. And please let your hubby know that there are crazy Widdershins who want to know way too much information that we have no right to know, but such strange limitations have never stopped us from asking.

@57 Prolix said: And please let your hubby know that there are crazy Widdershins who want to know way too much information that we have no right to know, but such strange limitations have never stopped us from asking.

Just tell him “inquiring minds want to know”. LOL!

Oh Lordie, John Oliver is going to be back on tonight. This should be a doozy.

Whud’ya know? He can read a whole page (if you count lots of pictures).

Turmoil at the National Security Council, From the Top Down

And while Mr. Obama liked policy option papers that were three to six single-spaced pages, council staff members are now being told to keep papers to a single page, with lots of graphics and maps. “The president likes maps,” one official said.

@53: Oh I’m sorry but I’m not buying it. Consider this:

Matt Latimer is a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush

This is very scary.

Mass evacuations ordered below Oroville Dam amid frantic effort to fix damaged spillway

Residents of Oroville and nearby towns were ordered to immediately evacuate on Sunday afternoon after a hole was discovered at the emergency spillway for the Oroville Dam.

Officials will attempt to plug the hole using large rocks but stressed that the situation remains dangerous and urged thousands of residents downstream to evacuate to higher ground.

@62: I saw a little bit of that on the Weather Channel. I wanted to see how the snow was progressing up in the Northeast.

Hey New Yawkers!! Are you all getting any more snow?

@53> That is such rubbish. I’ve seen some Trumpanzees and Berners on Facebook go nuts over that.

@63> Are we getting more snow? I’m not even sure. Last week’s snowstorm has already melted mostly melted. Now it’s just dirty slush. I love new snow (so does my dog.) But then it turns into this awful black sludge. And my dog turns into a dirty hairball.

@65: I saw that Boston and other areas were getting it and wasn’t sure if the storm had passed through New York first.

And my dog turns into a dirty hairball.

Well you have to give Fido a bath!

Very interesting read on why Bernie would not have won.

@67, that was interesting. I mean, I’d heard most of it before, but the guy did a nice job laying it all out.

Love the hilarious Maytag percussion songs. The George Michael one was pretty good.

Contrask, glad your hubs is taking good care of you.

Simply cool. Even holds my limited attention (in a good way) while feverish.

If not already posted earlier:

Hey Widdershins, we got more snow over the weekend and now are windy and cold. Yes, it’s February.

I will not be posting today. My apologies, I worked 8 hours yesterday and just couldn’t write any more.

I do feel a play coming on though.

What in the actual frack?!

Justin Trudeau isn’t sure about this…

Surgery early Tuesday morning. I guess I will have a bionic ankle when all is done. Or maybe I will just be screwed up, lol. Anyway, I appreciate thoughts and prayers. And Fredster – nothing from that voodoo store, ok?

@75, you def have my thoughts and prayers! Will be thinking of you and hoping your surgery is a success tomorrow for sure!

That Krugman tweet is hilarious.

I think I have a comment in spammy.

Has a single Rethuglican said a word yet about Drumpf holding an emergency impromptu national security meeting at dinner surrounded by hundreds of guests with cell phones?

Sean Spicer is a laughable creep. This guy is not. Stephen Miller – ‘It is a fact and YOU WILL NOT DENY IT that there is massive voting fraud by illegals in this country’. Listen to his crap – the whole world, planet Earth will know the President has the power to do whatever the hell he wants. Spooky.

contrask, wishing you a good, uneventful surgery and good recovery!

@75: Now contrask, they do have a good health doll there.

As Luna said, hope it’s an uneventful surgery and that you’ll soon be getting out and about with a walking boot.

Please keep us posted as you’re able!

@82: That man Miller has dead, soulless eyes.

He’s also a protege of our new Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the turd.

Prolix, what’s your opinion of the merits of this approach (in the TP story that Dean linked to)?

@67, problem is that most of the Bernedbrainers aren’t rational. They’re still fuming over the rigged primaries.

Folks, I have a new post ready to go. I see these great recent comments, do you mind to migrate them to a new post?

I hope that is a valid argument Luna. It would be awesome. Something has to happen. He will get us all killed.

@87, that article is spot on from a legal context. Everything they say is substantively correct. Standing is a problem in all sorts of cases where a citizen takes on the government. There are bookcases full of cases where taxpayers, anti-war, pacifists, environmentalists, everyone you can think of brought cases. Very few survive where the injury is of an indirect nature. For instance, people who don’t like war don’t have standing against the Secretary of Defense, but someone who has been drafted does.

I like the idea of going against the corporation. It is creative and probably would be successful in getting past the standing issue. It would be a long tough slog.

Here’s my fear — this kind of ancillary attack on Trump makes him a hero to the 38-42% of doe-eyed dolts making up his base. It will embolden them and harden their support.

I truly believe the push has to be for an independent commission to take apart the Russian hacking. Democrats need to never speak another sentence that does not contain a noun, verb, and Russian meddling or Putin influence or taking over the government. The chemotherapy of the emoluments clause might work, I’m for more radical excision of the cancer — no one is ever against that.

@75: Contrask, good luck with your surgery! Get well as fast as womanly possible (that’s real fast) and if I have a vote, go with the bionics….

@78: Socal, wonderful, these cartoons are the only things making me smile these days, keep ’em coming.

@82: GAgal: I could only get half way through Mika a Joe. The clips within the clip were horrifying but these flaming hypocrites (along with the devil’s spawn at Fox) are among those that propped up a glaringly unqualified, deranged 45 in the first place. How can they be remotely surprised at Miller’s rant, later endorsed by a 45 tweet? Joe sounded like he didn’t really have a problem with 45’s EO endgame (he disagreed with the 9th circuit on the ban) just the authoritarian way Miller delivered the message. Too obvious I guess, let’s be more subtle about destroying the republic, eh boys?

That last trip to Mar-a-lago alone with so many nation-threatening mindless, unforced errors would have had Hillary, or any Dem, impeached on the spot, convicted within days and drawn and quartered in the public square for all the world to see. Seriously, I have no hope.
This is a full throttle vault into madness.

@94: Prolix, isn’t Lawrence Tribe (or some other famous attorney) suing under the Emoluments clause? I seem to recall him saying that they (an organization he represented??) had standing but I can’t remember why and I thought the suit was imminent when I saw him discuss it.

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