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9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling (here come da judges)

Posted on: February 9, 2017

Paging the White House Physician!

I’m sure tRump has completely blown a gasket.  Of course the tweets will probably wait until late at night or early in the a.m.

To quote our Prolix:


With due deliberation and a judicious nature, the 9th Circuit whacked Donnie’s little peepee. Hard.


So here’s a new post.





49 Responses to "9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling (here come da judges)"

Wanted to add a new post to discuss the court ruling.

Prolix, since the 9th’s decision was unanimous, will the SC even take it on? Trump is blathering on twitter that he’ll “see them in court” or some such nonsense.


From my friend Lamar White.


@2, Annie, technically, Trump could ask for an en banc hearing. Meaning the full compliment of nine 9th Circuit judges to hear it. That takes a while to accomplish.

Practically speaking, they will skip that and take it to the Supremes. I think the best Trump could possibly hope for is a 4-4 tie meaning the 9th Circuit opinion would prevail.

Now, if Trump and Sessions were smart and patient, they would wait for another District Court to say, all is honky dory with the Travel Ban, take that up to whatever circuit and then to the Supremes. Strategically, it would enhance the probabilities of a favorable ruling.

Trump and Co. are such goons they won’t do that. They will storm ahead full steam.

No one is saying this on teevee, but I would not for an instant put it past Sessions to ignore the courts and say, “Executive Privilege” controls and try to stop us from enforcing the Travel Ban. Bring on your Federal Marshals, we have nukes. That is when it gets real.


From the 9th circuit’s website:

David Golden’s motion to intervene is denied (Docket Entry No. 112).
Any motion for reconsideration or reconsideration en banc of the court’s
February 9, 2017 order denying the motion for stay is due within 14 days.

They also have the full decision up now.


Woohoo!!! Our courts are working to defend our constitution.

Thank you Washington state, and all the people that were not afraid to take on El DoucheBreath.


Perfect post of da judge, Fredster!

@11: LOL! Google is your friend!!

Forgive me, I want so badly to post on Big Pink right now…but I bet they are all going nuts right now.

I wanted to get a definition of the phrase per curiam

per cu·ri·am
ˌpər ˈkyo͝orēəm/
adverb: per curiam

by decision of a judge, or of a court in unanimous agreement

@14, per curiam is used to signify it is the “Court” issuing the opinion, not just three judges. It is a thumbing of the nose at the Yam by the “so called” Judges to say, “Equal Branch of the Government” says, “Suck it Trumpanzee!”


@15: Oh that’s even better!

@15, I love that the WA state AG used all caps in his “DENIED” tweet! This is definitely an occasion when the shouting’s OK.

Somehow I doubt that these threats are from Muslims:

@19: I saw that. Disgusting. I hope they are able to track the person(s) down and prosecute.

@19 & 20, little known fact. The federal court security doesn’t play. They are efficient and lethal. If you want to mess with someone, my sincere advice, pick someone other than a federal judge.

@21: I wasn’t sure if it was the Federal Protective Service or Marshals, but…it’s U.S. Marshals. Not a good group to cross.

Fredster, nice new sidebar pix!


I’m glad someone finally noticed and said something.

@24: LOL! Doesn’t do a thing for him. Of course we can’t see the shoes. They may make the outfit.


Is it just me? I think I’ve completely lost my sense of humor. I can’t even crack a smile at Sam Bee. The only thing I feel when I watch most things, that I used to like, is where the hell were you when it mattered? Who cares if CNN finally got it’s feelings hurt? They failed. IT’S TOO LATE. Blech…

@28: BIG time shade!

Re: the Hillary tweet. I should point out Kellyanne responded. Because of course she did. She responded with: “MI, WI, PA.” That’s shade too. But a lot of people started responding to Conway. Things like:

“Oh honey, that won’t seem as cute when you’re in prison.”

“3,000,000 more votes.”


Let’s not forget Joe Manchin, the only Dem to vote for Sessions, and his agenda. (from August 2016)

The growing congressional scrutiny of pharmaceutical giant Mylan over the high cost of EpiPens could prove awkward for Sen. Joe Manchin.

The West Virginia Democrat’s daughter, Heather Bresch, is chief executive of the company, which appears to have hiked the price of the epinephrine auto-injector by 400 percent since 2007. The device, which is used to treat severe allergic reactions, now costs more than $600 per dose.

This price increase has become a public relations disaster for Mylan and at least four of Manchin’s Senate colleagues are either pressing the company to reduce the cost of EpiPens, asking it to explain the price increase or requesting federal regulators to investigate the matter. Manchin is not a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has shown the most interest in probing Mylan’s pricing practices, and so far the senator is not discussing the issue.

“Right now we don’t have any comment,” Manchin spokesman Jon Kott said in an email Tuesday.

And Flynn might be in really deep shit.

“Nine current and former officials, who were in senior positions at multiple agencies at the time of the calls, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

All of those officials said ­Flynn’s references to the election-related sanctions were explicit. Two of those officials went further, saying that Flynn urged Russia not to overreact to the penalties being imposed by President Barack Obama, making clear that the two sides would be in position to review the matter after Trump was sworn in as president.”

@33 & 34: Sooo much sleaze going on.


You tell um sweet Hillary ❤

29 GAgal

Is it just me?

Nope, it’s not just you. This isn’t funny, the entire election, including Burnout and Cruse are horrible, but then to top them all is the pedophile, sexist, corrupt liar in Chief and all the social rejects of society, in his little world of mass destruction.

And did you all see the story (I think in the Times?) about China refusing to speak to Trump (!) until he says that China has dominion over Taiwan. They literally refused to take Trump’s call. Tonight finally Trump and President Xi of China spoke and Trump said he recognizes “one China.”

China beat his ass, no Twitter necessary.

@29> GAgal, that particular skit wasn’t “Ha ha” funny. But I’ve found quite a few things to laugh at, from Samantha Bee and SNL. They really found their voice in this.

BTW, I was at the NY Philharmonic this evening. Before each performance there is a pre-recorded message asking people to make sure their cell phones are turned off. There are different people doing these and Alec Baldwin is one. Baldwin’s was the one they played tonight. As soon as he started saying: “This is Alec Baldwin…” the audience burst into applause.

@38: Oh that’s funny. I saw a blurb about him acknowledging “one china”.

@37 Yeah it’s totally disgusting all the way around.

BTW, I was at the NY Philharmonic this evening

Major envy here.

@34 DYB, now that article did make me laugh. At Mike Pence. As if he’s really a part of the “inner circle”. They brought him in to gain evangelicals and succeeded. Does anyone one think his opinion matters to the madmen in charge? Hell no. He served his purpose and is useless now, unless miraculously Stump survives and runs again in ’20.

Who woulda thunk?

MERCED, Calif. — Jeff Marchini and others in the Central Valley here bet their farms on the election of Donald J. Trump. His message of reducing regulations and taxes appealed to this Republican stronghold, one of Mr. Trump’s strongest bases of support in the state.

As for his promises about cracking down on illegal immigrants, many assumed Mr. Trump’s pledges were mostly just talk. But two weeks into his administration, Mr. Trump has signed executive orders that have upended the country’s immigration laws. Now farmers here are deeply alarmed about what the new policies could mean for their workers, most of whom are unauthorized, and the businesses that depend on them.

@38, wow!

@42, Ditto.

@44 GAgal the Mexican deportation is going to be ugly and it feels like there is less outrage about it than the Muslim ban. I am sure there are quite a few Mexicans in Okla that are illegal. Why did they pick on a woman that has been here peacefully for 20 years to deport & start the media focus? It’s going to take a mass deportation and people who depend on the immigrant workers to be harmed before the nation gets stirred up about it. I spoke with the latina student at school last night whose family is very concerned. She said they have heard of people being questioned at the border and they look at social media accounts on phones, They are harassed and threatened if they have shared so much as an unfavorable meme about #45. She says her family may go back home. They are from one of the Central American countries – I think Nicaragua – and would rather go back to a war torn country than to be targeted here. Makes me sick. I know the kids in this family and they are smart, good kids & parents are hard working business owners.

Fredster, those pics are wonderful!! I have been eagerly awaiting them since you announced you were putting them up.

Annie – thank you for mentioning that. It isn’t getting as much attention because it isn’t illegal, just inhumane and sh*itty.

Prolix, I will pile on the Yemen train with you. Can you imagine if Barack Obama had conducted that raid, where a soldier, women and children were unnecessarily slaughtered? Fox News would be running it 24/7.

And I am thrilled that Chaffetz chastised Kellyanne Conjob. He is REALLY going to regret it when Drumpf tweets the exact same thing….because then he will have to defend why he cares more about a media bullsh*t artist plugging Ivanka than the POTUS doing so.

@46, the harassment and threats of deportation are bad enough, but why the questioning about 45? This isn’t the first time I have heard that and it is plainly Dictatorship 101. It gets mentioned but no one follows up on that particular point.

Ol’ Betsy, the new ‘education’ czar, was blocked by protesters from doing her photo opt at a DC school. She had to turn around and be ushered back into her limo.

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