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Activist Monday: America Fights Back

Posted on: February 6, 2017

Oh my, oh my. What a Super Bowl, what a Week 2 of the Worst Presidency Ever. The atrocities are too many to document, which is why I’ve added a link to the sidebar where you can find them yourself. And, US Uncut is keeping track of the victories against the Drumpf agenda, which are also starting to pile up.

I have to say that this year’s Super Bowl commercials had a very, VERY anti-Trump and pro-Hillary message. This one in particular, from Audi, made me teary. Is it a coincidence that the girl is a blonde? I think not.

And it’s not just people in the streets and courageous judges who are fighting the Mango Meerkat. It’s businesses, too – in particular, the IT sector, which relies  heavily on talent from all areas of the world. And hey, what about those Democrats? Chuck has been everywhere. After Drumpf declined to criticize Pooty-Poot for murdering journalists and dissidents, Pelosi has called for an investigation into the Cheeto’s Russian connections. It’s about freaking time! Meanwhile, civic-minded states and cities are preparing for big legal fights against the Muslim ban. (I refuse to call it a “travel ban.” There’s a religious test, for heaven’s sake!) And the ACLU has received tens of millions in unprecedented donations.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing is the defection of two moderate Republican Senators (Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski). In response to thousands of calls and letters from their constituents, they refused to vote yes on Betsy DeVos, one of the least qualified of all of the feces-throwing orangutan’s horrific Cabinet nominees. Sadly, she’ll probably get confirmed anyway…but remember, it’s only Week 2, and there are already signs of abandoning ship. Even McTurtle is starting to try to put distance between himself and POTUS.

My feeling about this nightmare in the White House is that it’s just too late for Trump to succeed. Had he come in after Al-Qaeda attacked on 9/11, he might have had a chance. But Bush did his damage, and we have at least partially recovered. America has elected and re-elected an African-American president with a Muslim-ish name; we’ve seen a beloved sports figure celebrated for coming out as transgender; we’ve legalized same-sex marriage and seen millions of women march in solidarity across the country and the world. We’ve moved on. Trump is the least popular President since the tracking started, and he’s going down, down, down.

Somehow, some way, I have faith that we will get rid of this existential threat to our democracy and our planet. I can’t tell you how, and if I did, I’d probably be wrong. But I think it will happen, and sooner rather than later.

This is an open thread.




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Hey folks, I’m going to be doing a little housekeeping later on and adding in some new pics/images and removing a few others.

Hoo boy. Quiet day at TW.

@2 – I am shocked, shocked that Rethugs are financially corrupt! It’s almost as shocking as the Patriots winning the Super Bowl for the fifth time. (eye roll)

MB, I agree with you. The Trumpanzee, and those like him, know what they know and they don’t know anything beyond that. What’s more, they don’t want to know more. Their regular order of business is to make the world bend to their rules, not the other way around.

Here’s a hint about people like the CheetoChild. The bluster and rage is nothing more than an affectation. People with Command are like that — they are bulldozers. Only the really successful ones eventually learn they have a reverse. People like CheetoChild use the rage like a pocket square — it’s just a part of the outfit.

Sorry if this has already been posted.

Ruline Steininger, the 103-year-old Hillary Clinton supporter, has died.

RIP Ruline, this is so sad.

(Just started reading the top post, great MB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I hope you’re right MB, that in due time, American’s will take El Douche down, the sooner the better.

Good that 65+ million voters are willing to finally fight back, no matter what it takes.

@6 Oh Shadowfax. That is so sad. At least she got to vote for Hillary and know that the popular vote was with her by a long shot.

I am really hoping that when we look back on this, having survived (I HOPE!), we will be able to see some positive aspects of the horror that is Drumpf. The one I’m seeing already, is the unification of so many sectors of American society around our core values and principles. I think none of us realized how many people were in that basket of deplorables until now.

@Prolix, I think your commentary on Drumpf’s personality is just brilliant. I love it. I recently took that test myself. I was very surprised at what it revealed, but my husband wasn’t. 😀

1 | Fredster

Please don’t take any Hillary photos down…the more, the better. I don’t want her to fade into the night. I would love to see her winning number of votes in big bold, pink numbers.

@3: Well it’s Monday. Everyone is meh.

@10: Oh I won’t. Just some of the other things that aren’t relevant now. (edited not gonna remove any of our HRC images)

Oh wow! Many trees have been electronically sacrificed through the 9th Circuit C.o.A.

Surprise surprise. Pelosi says there’s nothing to impeach poor widdle Stump for… yet. So we have Democrats saying ‘If everyone knew what we know, they wouldn’t go to the inauguration either”, we had Dems coming out of a meeting with Comey spitting mad… But there’s nothing there to link Stump and his cohorts to Russian interference? No bias from the FBI? Fine. Then they should have no problem releasing what it is they know – that we don’t. And tell us what happened in that meeting with Comey.

@14 Pffft! But they impeached Clinton for a b.j.

Hint: in view of the above, there is a very low standard for impeachment Nancy.

I didn’t see any of the Super Bowl. Look, if Julian Edelman played in the nude, I’d totally watch it.

Did you see Nazi Richard Spencer tweeted that he could have choreographed Gaga’s performance better. Is that the gayest thing you’ve ever heard or what?!

Also, Chelsea Clinton don’t play.

Look, if Julian Edelman played in the nude, I’d totally watch it.

Does he still have a beard?

Oh this is interesting.

“More than being lampooned as a press secretary who makes up facts, it was Spicer’s portrayal by a woman that was most problematic in the president’s eyes, according to sources close to him.”

@19, Hahahaha! We all know these Trumpanzee sycophants, being he-man woman-haters, are afraid that women will laugh at them.

@9, test? What test? I usually end up in some category that only 1.3% of the population fits into, (you know, the evidence-based, non-TV-owning type) for personality sort of tests. Always fun to see how out of mainstream I am!

@19, Well of course! The Trumpanzee sycophants, being he-man women-haters, are terrified that women will laugh at them. Poor baybee.

@14, “no grounds for impeachment”? headdesk

Adds to Patriotic To-Do List:
* Call Pelosi with list of actions for which Trump is impeachable.

@21, luv me some Brits!

Trumpanzee is going to tweet his message to them.

@19 – and you KNOW that is why they did it! It would have been easy to have a man play Alt-Facts Spice…

@20 – Luna, it is something called a Strengths Finder. I took it through It tells you about your strengths and groups them into categories like Command and Woo, two of which Orangeous Maximus has in spades, IIRC. Prolix can tell you more, I am sure!

My Meyer’s Briggs Type Indicator is ENTJ. (HRC is INTJ.) It is indeed one of those rare personality types that occur in 1-2% of the population. I seem to recall that it’s a great deal rarer to have this type occur in a woman. This is why I am so, um, different! Yeah, that’s the ticket. 😇

@20: Shhhh…super secret thing. Can’t talk about it.

This was r-t by George Takei, so I figure he knows who’s got reputable info.

Re: 25 — Sen. Cochran has an empty v-mail box at the 228 #.
ALL Sen. Barasso’s are Full!

@26: Called the 228 number for Cochran. Left a msg.

@9, 20, & 23, sorry, I’ve been going since about 4:30 a.m. and I’m running on fumes. The StrengthsFinder is an assessment of behavioral characteristics based upon decades of research. It is based upon Positive Psychology — the study of what’s right with people instead of what’s wrong. It is about promotion of one’s talents as opposed to corrective extinguishing of natural tendencies.

Simply put, if someone is left-handed it makes more sense to give someone a left-handed pair of scissors than trying to “reteach” them to be right-handed.

There are 34 character traits (might be more, but haven’t yet been discovered). Everyone has a combination of traits. These work together with your experiential data to make you the unique person you are. They form early in your life — they start forming at about 18 months and continue until about 25 for males and about 18-22 for females. Just another example of women being far superior to males.

The chances of someone having the exact same characteristics in the same order of frequency is infinitesimal. Add to that your experiential data and we each are unique, truly unique individuals.

The website is here:

The assessment takes about 20 minutes and your results are immediately available.

I guess Sen. Ron Wyden is someone to watch on the Stump/Russia investigation. Also interesting:

Why didn’t the committee pursue an investigation sooner? After all, in early October, the Obama administration publicly announced the intelligence community had concluded Russia was behind the hacking. “I’ll let you ask Chairman Burr,” he said. Were Democrats on the committee pushing for an investigation at that point? “I can’t get into that, the private discussions,” he replied, adding that “what was noteworthy” was that the Obama administration by early October believed there was enough solid information to release that statement.

But was that a sufficiently strong response from Obama? Wyden paused for a moment—he often paused to carefully consider his replies—and then he said, “Let’s put it this way. There is a big gap between what the public had a right to know and what came out. And that continues to be true to this day.”

He hadn’t quite answered the question. I tried again: Was the Obama administration’s response—that statement and a remark from Press Secretary Josh Earnest promising some form of undefined retribution—enough? “No,” Wyden said. “It was not enough.” Did Wyden or other Democrats on the intelligence committee request a more vigorous response from Obama? Wyden answered, “I have to say, because these are all private conversations in classified settings—I don’t think I can say.”

But what did Wyden want Obama to do? There must be a nonclassified answer to that, I maintained. Once again, he paused: “More…I think the way the public is brought in to these positions and the way materials are classified is totally out of whack. People normally think things are classified and buttoned up for national reasons. I find it’s far more likely to be political security than national security.” He added, “There should have been more information released before the election.”

It seemed clear that Wyden did not believe that Obama had replied sufficiently to the Russian hacking prior to the election.

Thanks, Prolix.

@23, my M-B Type, depending on how I feel on the day I take it, switches back and forth between one of the rare types. I forget them now, but may retake just for grins.

229, saw that article a few days back. Made me (even more) furious. Didn’t No-Drama Obama have an idea what could happen?

More #s to call:

@23, I am an INTJ tonight!

…and it’s the INFJ that I flip back and forth between. The rarest type and one of the next rarest. Sigh. Yeah, that explains some things.

@32, is INFP the other M-B type you occasionally hit?

I’ve studied M-B some, but not even in the same galaxy as the StrengthsFinder.

Some geek needs to dig up Trump’s taxes and release them to the NYTimes, Buzzfeed, Mother Jones and many sites that are not afraid of El Douche.

As they say, ‘Follow the money.” That should lead them to his Russian connections and give the attorneys plenty of dirt to work on. I’m sure that Hillary and their team also have plenty of dirt on him too.

@34, some strong cross-over but rarely does that one come up. I think that the M-B lacks strong evidence for its validity, let alone its reliability. But it can be fun; I don’t take it too seriously except another indicator I’m out of the mainstream, lol.

The oral arguments in the Wash./Minn case are going to be live streamed tomorrow. Here’s the link:

Adding this info:

Because the hearing will be conducted telephonically, the stream is audio only and there will be no courtroom proceedings or associated video feed.

@38, wonder if I can get that at work….and if I’m monitored during that time…

@38, with the incompetency of the Trumpanzee’s people so far, expect someone on the DoJ team to forget to hit the mute button during the telephonic hearing and get caught making farting sounds with his armpit.

Luna, both of us got caught by Spammy. I don’t know what is wrong with him. He’s so incompetent he might work in the West Wing.

@43: Do you have wi-fi at work? If so, perhaps you could use your phone or note device, whatever you have.

@47 Hahahaha. No. There is no public wi-fi in that medical center, despite patients’ requests. Ah, what the eff, maybe I’ll have it on anyhow. I can alt-fact say I was … cough…rooting for the side I wasn’t.

Folks, I know I’m harping on this Yemeni raid. But something is terribly wrong and it looks like we are getting much closer to what we suspected that Bannon was looking at it as a PR stunt more than a military operation when it was approved over dinner with the Generals and SIL Jared boy.

NBC/MSNBC reporting this evening:

In making their case, they (the Generals) told Trump that they doubted that the Obama administration would have been bold enough to try it, this official said.

The so-called “package” for the mission was larger than any counterterrorism strike since the 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden: two dozen SEALs, backed up by 30 to 40 other Americans on the ground and in the air. A half-dozen Yemeni soldiers and a dozen commandos from the United Arab Emirates who had developed the intelligence leading to the target were also involved, and a Marine Corps Quick Reaction Force was waiting offshore, multiple officials said.

A senior U.S. intelligence official has told NBC News that “almost everything went wrong” once the raid got underway.

@49: alt-fact. Good one!

@50: And the congress critters are already scheduling hearings on this, right?

@50: He wanted to outdo Obama and the bin laden raid.

Sorry and I apologize. I was having to resize some of the pics and didn’t get to upload them tonight. 😦

Randy Rainbow strikes again! Bwahahahahaaaaaa…

Did you catch The last Word last night? Good piece from Ari Meiber detailing Robarts’ decision

Oh – just saw that Prolix posted it – sorry – backwards reading this morning 🙂

@50> Ugh that’s awful. And yes….Chaffetz is scheduling hearings on this when? Oh that’s right, two days from never.

Scary article on what Trump would do if/when there is a terrorist attack on US soil. He and Bannon *want* a terrorist attack.

@60. Oh pleeeeeeeeze let that happen. Rosie, as Bannon, telling the Yam what to do would absolutely cause the Yam to go into apoplectic seizures.

Jaw-dropping piece in Spiegel, calling for world coalition against Trump.

“Think”? We know he’s nuts.

Trump must stop lying or Americans will think he is nuts.

Trump’s unprecedented degree of out-and-out lying to the American people about things large (a conspiracy to cover up terrorist attacks) and small (crowd size) — especially stated in the presence of the intelligence community (as he did at CIA headquarters the day after his disappointing inauguration turnout) and the military — raises the legitimate concern that we cannot rely on the president’s words or assume his perceptions are accurate. The military and intelligence officers listening to his rants know he babbles nonsense. They surely are entitled to doubt the mental stability and trustworthiness of the commander in chief.

The journalist’s by-line says that she writes “from a conservative perspective.”

“A week ago, men and women went to work at airports around the United States as they always do. They showered, got dressed, ate breakfast, perhaps dropped off their kids at school. Then they reported to their jobs as federal government employees, where, according to news reports, one of them handcuffed a 5-year-old child, separated him from his mother and detained him alone for several hours at Dulles airport.”

Last night Rachel mentioned two things: senior national security advisors were repeating (“weird”) Russian propaganda from 2015 about Poland; and that Flynn rewrites the intelligence briefings daily. The Russian connection is getting more and more obvious and both Flynn and Bannon are out of control, this has to blow soon.

She also repeated that we shouldn’t get distracted by what they (the WH cabal) are saying, we should watch what they are doing. If you don’t, you are being played.

Very disappointed in Maddis. Mad Dog appears to be their bitch; I thought he was going to be a voice of reason and experience.

@63, “how a tyrant speaks”

@62, thanks for posting that. This Yemeni raid smells to high heaven and it cost a good soldier and too many innocents their lives.

My jaw dropped on this. Tell me this is an impeachable offense – it should be

@70> We may never know because Jason Chaffetz won’t investigate.

@66 Not only that, but what that sheriff was upset about was the requirement of a conviction before collecting forfeitures. I don’t care if it’s drug cartel or anyone else – they should actually be convicted before they seize their assets. This is being done to even American citizens across the country and it’s a disgrace.

@73, I have no words that can adequately convey the depth of my revulsion for chaffetz. He fits in perfectly with the odious trump bunch of leeches, anarchists and destroyers of the known world.

@66 and @74, trump wasn’t kidding when he said they would destroy the state senator’s career. Everyone laughed, except trump. He was dead serious, that’s always been his gangster MO. Think about it. He is instilling fear and purging all opposition and his base of deplorables is ecstatic. Are there no decent, compassionate, law abiding repubs out there? Are they not as mortified as we are?

MB, I’m glad that you see a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully we’ll get there soon, like 2018.

I’ll have to try that test later. I’ve heard of it, but never looked into it.

@53, Yep. He’s so pathetic. We need some good tweets about it to keep retweeting, and make it as well known as the name of that city in Libya.

I would LOVE to see Rosie O’Donnell as Bannon. Please make it happen!

@75, Hear, hear.

@76, “Everyone laughed, except trump.” Good catch Cats. I didn’t notice that.

@77, Right on!

@71, I usually don’t like looking at creepy stuff, but that one is hilarious!

@76 & @80 I noticed that. He was totally serious. The man has no sense of humor. What an awful thing to hear on mike from anyone in any position

I apologize for being absent most of the day.

We had some strong storms move through this area but back home in nola they had several tornado touchdowns. Trying to find out if there was any damage in my area. I do know my former place of employment was hit by a tornado.

O – I hate tornadoes! Hope all is well & not horribly damaged.

Now that we have Melissa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer, I really hope Trump keeps him around!

@84: Me too contrask. I hate the damned things because you basically don’t get much warning.

I did check with a friend from down there and no, no damage in that area.

Rachel Maddow is sizzzling tonight. WArren shut down for impugning Sessions with the words of Coretta King!!!!

An ACLU attorney, a permanent legal US citizen, stopped by Customs.

The questioning continued and was extensive. It included not just travel, but my schooling and other jobs over the years. I know — and have represented — numerous people who were unjustifiably questioned by CBP based on their religion or studies or travel. Perhaps it’s remarkable that this never happened to me, but it hasn’t.

It didn’t happen during the Bush years when I traveled to meet with and represent Afghan and Iraqi survivors of U.S. military torture, to Guantanamo as an observer at the military commissions there, or to attend meetings and give talks abroad about U.S. human rights abuses in the national security context. It didn’t happen during the Obama years when my work included challenges to unlawful targeted killing, anti-Muslim discrimination, unfair watchlisting, illegal spying, and other U.S. government abuses at home and abroad.

Over all those years, government officials made their views known about this work — often in opposition, sometimes in support. But no government agent ever asked the chilling question I was asked this time: Do you understand why someone might have a different perspective about you?

I’m pretty sure an argument could be made that releasing Stump’s tax returns would be in the public’s interest. I want to hear him say ‘I am not crook!!’ They need to hit him with everything they’ve got.

Though our new president may not realize it, Congress has the power to obtain his tax returns and reveal them to the public without his consent, including returns under audit. As just urged by Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-N.J.), legislators seeking information on President Trump’s possible conflicts of interest should immediately exercise this authority rather than wait for the passage of new veto-proof legislation — a highly uncertain prospect — that would have the same effect.

@88 – Oh my goddess. I have no words. Based on the video GAGal posted, I think it’s only a matter of time before the Rethugs abandon the TrumpTanic. But it’s going to be just horrendous until then.

Very interesting advice…

Sean Duffy to Alisyn Camerota regarding the white supremacist who killed nine black church goers in Charleston after he ‘worshipped with them’. “You’re forgetting all the GOOD that came of it! Nikki Haley took down the FLAG! It was GREAT!” I hope this follows him and haunts him for the rest of his days. Jackwad.

And by the way, his smile and “Bring it on, Alisyon” is offensive as hell. Jerkwad.

@94, How do these people live with themselves? They are heartless.

@93 Love it, tho’ most of us do it already. I’ll start now with:

1. Popular Vote Loser REPUBLICAN Stump45 made an ass of himself again today…

@94, I loathe Sean and Rachel Duffy with the mega-tonnage of a Kardashian a$$ convention.

Now the military is looking to lease from Trump Tower. Remember when the SS was gonna rent a vacant floor? They are not commenting now. I wouldn’t have a problem with this except for two things. Stump’s reported “private” security force eschewing the SS and umm… military instead of SS. And the damn profits going into PVL Stump’s pocket. But, what do I know? It’s CNN. Fake news. 🙂

Here’s some more “fake” news via the WaPo.

The space will be separate from the Secret Service detail that is routinely based in Trump’s signature midtown tower, where his private company, the Trump Organization, is headquartered and where he owns a lavish triplex penthouse.

Although Trump now officially lives in the White House, the Trump Tower residence still houses his family, including first lady Melania Trump and their son, Barron.

Yeah, let me say what others won’t: If Popular Voter Loser REPUBLICAN Stump (still can’t say president and never will) wasn’t such an asshole, maybe his wife would choose to be with him. Not to mention their child. Let’s hope a couple years away from his father will do Barron good. Nah.

@93 In other words – emulate Hillary Rodham Clinton. And I’m going to to remember that list and post it on my fb resistance groups. Thanks!

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