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Lazy Sunday~Time for the big game!

Posted on: February 5, 2017


Good Sunday Widdershins!

I am a day later than normal for the weekend post because Prolix’s Friday post was just soooo excellent it deserved to have more than just one day at the top of the blog.  However today is Super Bowl Sunday and for folks like myself and our dear Chat it means the start of our Dark Times as far as football is concerned.

Still, it’s the ultimate game in professional American football and pits the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons.  Despite the Falcons being the Saints fiercest rival, I’ll pull for the “dirty birds” in this game because the Pats have won enough.  Time for someone else to have a chance.

Even if you aren’t a football fan there are those commercials which are practically an art form themselves.  So, I am putting up a few of my favorites from the years and invite you to do the same in the comments.  But first I’ll start with a Bad Lip Reading of the 2017 game.

(1).  Bad Lip Reading of the 2017 Super Bowl (you’ll have to watch it on youtube)

(2).  A classic with herding cats

(3)  Tim is very possessive of his Doritos

(4)  Who can forget the ETrade baby?  Here’s a compilation of 5 commercials

(5)  The Budweiser commercials are always pretty good

(6) Doritos commercial because…doxie

(7) A good one from Coca-Cola

(8)  Another Doritos commercial – Goat for sale

(9) An older commercial from Bridgestone tires

(10) This Doritos commercial always cracks me up

(11)  The little donkey who thought he could (be a Clydesdale)

(12) Last, with all that’s been in the news lately

separator-lineOkay that’s all I’ve got Widdershins.  I will see y’all on the other side of the Super Bowl.





51 Responses to "Lazy Sunday~Time for the big game!"

I know as much about football as Drumpf knows about the constitution. SAD!

I might watch a few episodes of “Santa Clara Diet” on Netflix. It’s a new series with Drew Barrymore. She’s a zombie. Supposed to be very funny.

Also I can’t stop laughing at Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spice. I’ve watched it 4 times already and can’t stop laughing out loud. Brilliant casting. The writing is superb. (Radical Moose Lamb!) And her performance is first-rate.

I haven’t watched any of the actual press conferences, but someone commented that big parts of her skit are actual transcripts of press conference? Anyone know if that’s true?

@1: Aw, that’s a shame – bless your heart. I just kind of assumed most folks had seen some of the commercials shown during the game. The late night shows will usually run a few of them after the S.B. is over.

(sigh) Oh well, strike two for Fredster on his weekend posts.

For anyone that wants to add a commercial there is a search box at and you can type in super bowl commercials in the little search box and it will bring them up for you.

LOL. Repugs looking for tRump to show “moral leadership.”

GOP senators blanch at Trump’s latest defense of Putin

A trio of Republican senators reacted sharply Sunday to President Trump’s latest apparent defense of Russian President Vladimir Putin, rejecting Trump’s suggestion in an interview that America cannot claim moral superiority to Putin’s Russia. …

Congressional Republicans have broken with Trump over dozens of controversial statements he has made during his campaign, his transition and now his presidency, but no issue appears to have flummoxed lawmakers as much as his consistent defense of Putin. Trump’s coziness is at odds with years of GOP foreign-policy orthodoxy calling for a more aggressive stance toward Putin’s regime. …

And on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) lambasted Trump’s remarks and called on him to “show moral leadership about this issue.”

@3> So far I haven’t seen anything really strong in terms of response from Rethugs. I saw a clip of McTurtle and he was brushing it off. What we need is full on withdrawal of support for Drumpf. If this had been done by a Democrat… can you imagine the river of shit Rethugs would unleash? But for now, they are silent. Only person who said anything really strong was John McCain’s son on Twitter! But then the Tweet was deleted. Sounds like Daddy John didn’t want it out there.

@2> Not your fault Fredster! I don’t really follow any sport (not even figure skating! LOL)

Now if tonight was a Madonna show, I’d watch that. 🙂

Good job Fredster. The herding cats is still my favorite. What do you think the Lady will do today — Gaga, not Lindsey?

The briefing schedule is set out in WA. The last reply briefs by the DoJ are due Monday afternoon by 6:00 EST/3:00 PST so nothing will happen until Monday night or Tuesday morning.

@1, D, yes, he’s like that in real life. The major meltdown that first weekend was almost a parody in itself. Spicer is not a bright man. He just isn’t. It’s almost like he has some form of verbal dyspraxia — he just turns words into something else entirely. There’s a very thin veneer over an underlying anger in him. Just a guess, but if I were married to him I would know where the closest spousal abuse center was.

@4, odd, because Sen. McCain has been outspoken (for a Repub) about the dangers of cozying up to Russia.

@3, Luna, you win the award for designing a sentence containing the two most divergent concepts — tRump and “moral leadership”. The award for such a feat is a 30-minute ride on our Widdershin unicorn. It will be dropping by your home in a couple of hours or so says its trainer, Mr. Yeti.

I just think this needs to be posted every day until Drumf kills us all.

“Our President will not be De-Turd!”

Love the commercials! I just found out a couple of days ago the Falcons are playing and since I’m from Georgia I’m suppose to root for them. Okay. The Puppy Bowl will be on the Animal Planet channel. I’ll have to watch a little of that.

@9, Prolix, yes, the idea of tRump having any moral leadership is howl-inducing.

Yeti and a unicorn? Cool. We can also visit Yeti’s Bigfoot relatives and then head off to search for moral leadership among Republicans!

One of the centers of resistance.

How Washington state became the epicenter of resistance to Trump’s agenda:

…Acting swiftly and with a united front, leaders from the Evergreen State have marshaled a powerful resistance to Trump’s administration — the combination of a left-leaning populace, outspoken Democratic lawmakers, legal efforts spearheaded by a resolute attorney general and support from several Seattle-area tech companies wary of Trump’s policies.

…The ban had touched a personal nerve, said Inslee, a resident of Bainbridge Island, just off the coast of Seattle. He recounted how in 1942 the U.S. government corralled citizens of Japanese ancestry and sent them to internment camps; those on Bainbridge Island were the first to be ordered to leave. “Listen, I’ve seen this movie,” he said. “I know from Bainbridge Island what fear can do, and I know that Americans need to stand up against this today, across America.”

I know probably less than DYB about football, but saw this at the doxie vid site — worth a chuckle:

Merciless Football Dog Lays A Perfect Blind Side Hit On Kid, Forces A Fumble

Junk product, but wonderful ad:

@15> I teared up a the Coca-Cola commercial. See Right-wingers called for a boycott!

Not a very yuuuge crowd here. Sad!

I just heard my next door neighbors groan in unison. Who’s winning? Do we like the Patriots? Which are the Patriots?

@17, by my count, three signs, two placards, and a cloth banner. So somewhere in NYC, an arts and craft store was shafted for five pieces of poster board, a stencil kit, and magic marker and Barron is sleeping on a mattress cover this evening.


Melanie does not look like she’s enjoying the Super Bowl. Maybe she prefers gymnastics?

And yes, I wondered about those velvet ropes.

@18, DYB, the Patriots are the team who had significant ball problems last year. It seems someone was doing a little more than just playing with their balls. Their balls were inexplicably shrinking. It was a problem for which their quarterback, Mr. Gisele Bündchen was told to stop playing with balls for four games this year. It made him quite angry.

Mr. Bundchen believes that we should, “MAGA,” in a big sort of way. His coach, Bill Belichick, sent the Trumpanzee a letter during the campaign that read like a hostage letter written after a double dose of Helsinki Syndrome.

As they said last night on SNL, it would be quite a feat if the Falcons, the blackest town to have an NFL franchise defeated the most prejudiced town Michael Che has ever visited.

@23, “not fully briefed” Trans. to Trumpaneze, “It’s always someone else’s fault.”

@19, saw someone point out all their signs and banners are printed rather than handmade. Looks like they’re supported/paid by someone…

Hello Widdershins! Lady Gaga CRUSHING IT. What a voice! And her costumes were fab.

The commercials this year are so much better than last year. Last year’s were mean and unfunny. This year we are seeing messages about togetherness, acceptance and diversity. During the pre-kickoff, three women from the cast of “Hamilton” sang “America the Beautiful,” and added “and sisterhood” after the word “brotherhood.” The crowd went wild!

Drumpf was not there. Pence was….but instead of honoring the actual President, they brought out Bush 41 and Barbara, who did NOT vote for the Mango Meerkat.

@26, madamab, glad to hear Prez Orange was dissed by omission.



I’ve always been a Coke fan 🙂 And Bud

@22> Oh yes Prolix, I remember the balls scandal. At least Mr. Bundchen is good looking.

@29> “Laughter through tears” is what the Russians call it.

Wow, Verizon burns.

And T-Mobile responds:

Oh wait, @34, that was still Verizon continuing their assault on TMobile.

Just like the election after all. Sigh

Well, I’m glad I only watched the last five minutes of the game, since that’s all that mattered. 😀

Please share this news privately.
Rachel Maddow and Stephen Colbert will be going live with the next grassroots movement tomorrow. Per Rachel: We will launch the Twitter page in the next couple of hours but not publicize it just yet. The thinking is that if we can get our friends and allies to follow and like the Twitter page BEFORE we publicize, then any press or interested parties will see there’s already interest. If you or any interested friends want to preemptively “follow” #FIRE_THE_FOOL on Twitter, that would help when we go live tomorrow.
Masses Unite along with local activists around the world are standing up and speaking out by hosting the next big march on Washington, officially announced as, Fire the Fool.
This Declaration March will be held on April 1st, April Fools’ Day, at Independence Ave. SW & 3rd St. SW, Washington, DC, 20024. Sister marches will run concurrently nationwide and around the world.

@40, it seems as if someone got the personality horses before the cart.


Damn! The Pats came back big time in the 2nd half to win the game. With the lead the Falcons had I did not think that would happen. I heard that Brady said he was not interested in any type of bonus from winning the game because:

@40 &41> Yeah my first thought was “Maddow and Colbert are an odd pairing, probably fake.”

@30: Love the commercial.

Wow Fredster! Thanks for the Keep Up links at the top of the sidebar. So much info. I’m not really crazy about the second link to usuncut. They were horribly critical about Hillary last year. I know… I know.. I should get past that and any site against Stump is good. I’ll try… But I do love the first link.

GAgal, those aren’t mine. That must be something that mb added. I have some new photos/pics I’m going to add but I wanted to review what’s already over there and see what I can remove.

Then dat?

@50: I didn’t make that one up. Just saw it online and grabbed it. There were some others but they were on the big side too and I didn’t want to slow down loading the page just for that.

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