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Etymologically deciphering…

Posted on: February 3, 2017

I love words – especially words that convey a feeling.  Recently the German Embassy introduced me to my new favorite word:scared

Muffensausen!  It isn’t a thing. It’s a condition. You can find yourself in a state of muffensausen. The term consists of the word muffe, meaning a sleeve or piping.  The sausen means to “rapidly flow out” or “to swoosh by”.  So if you are having muffensausen it means you are so scared you’ve lost control of your bowels.

Paradoxically, never before had I thought about the true meaning of being “scared sh!tless,” but our German friends have given us the perfect word for the reign of Lord Commander Marmalade. These days I’m in a constant state of muffensausen.

Everything Lord Dampnut (anagram of Donald Trump) has touched with his freakishly small paws has turned exquisitely FUBAR.  First, we have the Mango Meerkat drunk-dialing, or better said crazy-dialing, long-term allies and yelling at them.  Europe is actually asking if the U.S. has morphed into an existential threat.  From a NYT article:

A European official, Donald Tusk, created a stir this week when he wrote a letter to 27 leaders of the bloc’s 28 member states suggesting that the Trump administration presented a threat on a par with a newly assertive China, an aggressive Russia and “wars, terror and anarchy in the Middle East and Africa.”

Coincidentally, the White House is leaking like an incontinent colander at a watermelon eating contest.  There are quite detailed accounts of phone calls and even transcripts being thrown over the transom for an abused press to feast upon and feast they are.scared-rabbit-2

His crazy doctor, who looks like Bannon with greasier hair, but better skin, is even leaking about the Trumpanzee’s prostate medication.  In case you’re wondering, the way to get that fresh kangaroo scrotum look for your hair is right through your prostate or so says his doctor whose business cards have, “very famous doctor” under his name.

The guy who looks like the product of an inflamed hemorrhoid having had make-up sex with a more disgusting inflamed hemorrhoid is at the epicenter of all this mishegas (another great word).  Around here we’ve known Bannon was trouble from the get-go.  People are catching on and the cross-hairs are trained on him.  Foreign Policy magazine even called him out.

He’s got a bootlicking henchman, Stephen Miller, who has a resume resplendent with the paragons of conservative thought – Michele Bachmann, Beauregard Jefferson Sessions, and Tea Party ding-a-ling David Brat. At 31 or 32, no one is quite sure from which rat mischief he creeps (a group of rats is called a “mischief” and is there any more appropriate word for this White House infestation).scared-pug

Effectively, it seems Bannon and Miller masterminded the travel ban, kept it secret, and made sure it was legally and administratively worthless through their bumbling.  Of course, there are those who are wholehearted believers — the people we decent folks call “deplorables”. These deplorables even had a “DeploraBall” around the inauguration. Representative of this mélange of madness is Cassandra Fairbanks, first a BernBrain, who then settled on Trump:

“[M]yself I thought, his message makes sense.” She appreciated Trump’s opposition to political correctness… “I started saying a few pro-Trump things on Twitter, and people absolutely lost their sh!t,” she said. “I got called a literal Nazi so many times, I eventually went, Fu*k it, I’ll just go all in.” She now writes for Sputnik, a news site funded by the Russian government.

Fairbanks joined up the night of the DeploraBall with a group of like-minded “Proud Boys,” a pro-Western fraternal organization for men who “refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.”  Aside from drinking Budweiser on a rooftop, their other challenge for the evening was figuring out how to put on their Pepe pins.

scared-babyEach time I read about people like Ms. Fairbanks and the Proud Boys, I wonder: Can it get any worse?  And I’m sorry to say, yes it can.  Excising the Jews from the Holocaust Remembrance is too thoughtless even for these brain-dead illiberal xenophobes.

Referencing this new avenue of Holocaust denial from the White House is the epitome of disgusting.  It is so disgusting I have no words to describe the muffensausen engulfing me.  But, if you take the first letters of each of my paragraphs, somehow I have found the chutzpah for a special message to Lord Commander Marmalade.

What’s on your mind today?



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@1, a proud Trump voter who is about to lose his/her health care, is about to gain water polluted by coal mine waste, is about to lose protection afforded by the consumer protection bureau, and about to gain financial advisers who no longer have to be concerned about the propriety of their actions upon customers. Oh, I forgot — about to gain public schools that will lose funding so for profit charter and religious schools may teach the horrors of real science as they pronounce the world is only 6,000 years old. How do they know? They can go to the Creationist Museum and see Noah’s Ark just up the road.

I’m sure they are already tired of winning too.

You’ve outdone yourself with that one Prolix! Brilliant! Muffensausen sums it up quite nicely, not sure my bowels can take much more. Might I add to your special message conviction, removal from office and incarceration, preferably at one of those black sites he wants to reestablish?

Prolix, your right, that is a great word! btw, my sis told me to read this bizarre article, in which Howard Stern says Trump really wanted Hillary to win:

It’s a crazy world. Off to work!

@1: wonder how long it will take to make the “unauthorized” flag mandatory…I thought SEALs were smarter than that. All we need is for the military to fall in behind his crazy ass for the peaceful protests and public opposition to be crushed, brutally.

@3, thanks cats. I agree about the conviction, removal, and incarceration at a black site. How about forfeiture of his holdings too? That probably would hurt more than the cattle prods used in the rectal exams at the black sites.

@4, Annie, are you taking care of yourself? You are working too much and getting too little rest. Don’t make me come out to the SoCal and put you in time out.

@5, cats, I really don’t think the military will ever be on his side especially when he is getting ready to stir up another sand war.

@2> Not only all of that, but also about to be sent to war with Mexico and Iran and South China Sea. Without any planning. To be supervised by Bannon and Kushner. Idiots.

@4> I saw that Stern thing yesterday. He might be right, but that’s not how our government works. If Trump really didn’t want to become President, even after accidentally winning, he should have told the Electoral voters not to vote for him. But I’m sure Bannon and Kushner would have killed him.

BTW, you can donate to victims of Bowling Green Massacre.

(Please don’t donate.)

@12, I don’t understand how excluding nannies and falafel makers with the travel ban is going to create jobs in the midwest for people who have never met a Muslim.

If this doesn’t make you muffensausen, nothing will.

@11, link goes to “cannot be found” !

@15, Brain bleach, stat!

@16> Maybe GoFundMe deleted it. It was a fund for Bowling Green Massacre victims. (Funny one.)

@17> I know, I’m sorry!

@16, GoFundMe must have taken it down. I clicked on it earlier and sent it to some friends of mine who live in Bowling Green. I asked them where they were when it didn’t happen.

A little more on that convoy flying Trump flag.

Even David Frum is tweeting that it’s dangerous.

Send that idjit flying the tRump flag on a special mission planned (sic) by Bannon and see what he thinks then.

The detention of former Norwegian Prime Minister is an embarrassment. And CBP are literally blaming Obama!

“Bondevik said Dulles officials told him he had been detained because of a 2015 law signed by Barack Obama that placed restrictions on travellers from those seven countries, or travellers from elsewhere who had recently visited those countries.”

@23, I’m old enough to remember they used that same technique back when it was all Bill Clinton’s fault.

@22, Luna, if we had like buttons on these comments, I would hit your comment with about 1,001 likes.

@23, yeah, and it was Obama’s fault that we only added 227,000 jobs. We should have added more. I’m not winning enough yet. Thanks Obama.

Mental Health Must-Do: Follow @IfHillaryHad

Prolix, speaking of your special message, there’s a new hashtag going viral, #ITMFA and a website for it.

Saw this last night/early a.m. so have to share it.

Concerning posts, I’m going to move the weekend post back by a day because this one is so damned good it deserves more than just one day on here.

I’ll have the weekend post up for Sunday. Now I’m going back to checking out all of Prolix’s great links.

@30, thanks Fredster. I think the ITMFA was a brainchild of Dan Savage. He’s selling ITMFA gear.

@29> Those posts of Trump are hilarious! There’s a bunch of them, a special Twitter feed. There’s a house, an ice cream, self-portrait, etc. Brilliant!

Ever have a time when you were right about something and then you wish you weren’t. Here’s one.

White House nixed Holocaust statement naming Jews

The State Department wrote a message that recognized Jewish victims, but the White House used its own that didn’t.

@33> This is Bannon all over. His nod to white supremacist/Holocaust deniers/neo-Nazis/Breitbart readers. As hard as it is to imagine Drumpf is our…president – I really have a hard time processing that a white nationalist like that is his chief advisor and is really shadow-running our government. 2017.

@32: Oh I have to try to find those. LOL


@33, #YCMTFSU. Again.

On Putin’s purges of his spies.

“(Russian authorities reportedly took Mikhailov away from a meeting of the FSB top brass after placing a black bag on his head.)”

Gary Cohn, could there be a more appropriate name, is L.C. Marmalade’s top economic adviser. He’s leaving Goldman and his parting gift, a paltry $285 Million.

Gary Cohn, behind the fiduciary rule repeal, got $285M for being part of Trump's team. Can't make this stuff up.— Ernest Wilkins (@WonAndDones) February 3, 2017


@34, I find myself thinking the same thing and why on earth aren’t more people appalled at the prospect of a white supremacist is in the White House. And why aren’t more people asking the exact same question?

BTW, back to original post about German words. They really do have an amazing way with language.

Hahaha, LOL. White House was making Pence available on Sunday to all news networks – except CNN. They said they’d give CNN Kellyanne Conway… And CNN declined!

@44, how would CNN get a good camera angle under that house that sits atop her?

This says it all about the tragedy of the Bowling Green Massacre:

BG Massacre

Trending on fb & twitter: Like and share this status if you died in the Bowling Green Massacre. #neverforget

Prolix,Master Wordsmythe, this is an awesome post! – love all the horrible links too. Made my day

Back to the blog and saw this…


The first translation that came to my mind was, a swift kick in coconuts, and causes them to turn to mush…

OMG that bunny is soooo darn cute!!!

@48, thank you contrask. I thought about you a few times while I was writing this — thinking, now what would a great and saintly librarian say about encoding “MFer” in a post? Those concerns past when I weighed the downsides of Lord Dampnut.

@49 & 50, that’s a very plausible translation of muffensausen I think. I saw this from the German Embassy and immediately became a fan because someone has an awesome sense of humor.

There is a great site called They have all matter of gifs. You can search right from the page. I typed in “scared” and got all four of those.

@49 & 50, your Xs are out in force this evening. LOL

Congrats to Luna’s Attrny General for bringing the muslim ban before a Fed judge there and congrats to the judge!

@46: Love the historical marker.

Perfect, Prolix! The gif of the baby – terrified one minute, then laughing it’s little a** off the next – that’s me.

Yes – awesome news on the Federal judge block! Woo Hoo! I love Dan Rather “No, we’re not going to shut up. Now answer the damn question.”

@43: Barbara makes great Rhubarb pies at her rhubarb bar. (In deutscher Sprache)

@59, I sat here laughing without knowing the first word they were saying. That is great.

@56, thanks GAgal — the baby’s face when he gets scared is just too good.

@60: There’s a different version on youtube (different speaker) that has English subtitles. I just like this version better.

@54, lovin’ me some Left Coast judges! Privileged to live on the bluer side of a blue state where most of the WWC voted Hillary! Population-wise, not county-wise. Empty counties are sad!

Whoa! Love some of these Congresscritterz with backbones! Now we have to wonder if a serious review will happen, or just an alt-review.

…then tomorrow they need to go after Prez tRumptantrum.

@67, Aieeee! My eyes!

This is quite interesting:


@67, that is HILARIOUS! Eye bleach-worthy, but hilarious.

@69, that is indeed.

Connected link to a story from last year on BS-detection skills of RWNJs and liberals:

Well, this isn’t just a Trump-supporter problem. This is a right-wing issue. Sarah Palin’s famous blasting of the lamestream media is kind of record and testament to the rise of these kinds of people. The post-fact era is what I would refer to it as. This isn’t something that started with Trump. This is something that’s been in the works for a while. His whole campaign was this thing of discrediting mainstream media sources, which is one of those dog whistles to his supporters. When we were coming up with headlines it’s always kind of about the red meat. Trump really got into the red meat. He knew who his base was. He knew how to feed them a constant diet of this red meat.

We’ve tried to do similar things to liberals. It just has never worked, it never takes off. You’ll get debunked within the first two comments and then the whole thing just kind of fizzles out.

@69> My favorite is “Punching Nazis.”

@69, I was drawn to Alaska looking up kakistocracy which means government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

You would think given Sarah Palin’s craziness they would know all about such things.

@69: Interesting and embarrassing.

The Swedish Deputy Prime Minister mocked the Trumpanzee.

Swedish Deputy PM

@75: You would think given Sarah Palin’s craziness they would know all about such things.

You’d think!

@77: But it’s all women!!!

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign had many unusual aspects, not the least of which was the huge amount of money it funneled into Trump’s own businesses.

And now there’s a new twist: Such payments can continue indefinitely because he’s already declared himself a candidate for re-election in 2020.

@79 But it’s all women!!!

And one of them is majorly pregnant! I don’t recall seeing that at ANY signing of an EO before.

@67, ewww!

@77, LOL!

Honestly, I can’t imagine how you guys find so much funny and bizarre stuff.

Prolix, thanks for your concern for me! I have a regular part time job, and a temporary (a few weeks at a time) full time job, so I’m now at the point where I’m doing both, but the full time part will be over in a couple of weeks. I’m getting too old for this…am definitely going to look for a regular full time job this year and dump the other two.

@64, right on.

@69, do you think that’s true? Wow, that is some strange stuff.

@81 Umm… someone need to fill Eric Trump in on the latest news going on.

He was also asked about his father and if he would ever join the administration. Eric Trump told La Nación that the relationship between the Trump Organization and his father’s administration would be completely separate, like “church and state.”

@82: I didn’t want to be a majorly sexist pig by mentioning that. 😉

@85: And he probably said that with a perfectly straight face.

@83: Wow annie, that must have you worn out.

@87 But Fredster, noting the one woman as pregnant is the exact opposite of being sexist. That’s why she standing at the end of the row – so she’s noticeable. It’s a dig on male politicians signing orders about women’s reproductive rights.

@89: Hadn’t thought of that way GAgal.

I always recommend turning down the volume on loud YTs I post. This one, should probably be muted. It’s still the same without the scary music to me.

So-Called President Drumpf is attacking the federal judge who put a hold on his executive order. (Even Moe Scarborough tweeted that going after the judicial branch will get Drumpf impeached. Of course, I don’t think Republicans would impeach Drumpf for anything. He could pee on Elaine Chao’s head and Mitch McConnell would blame Democrats.)

Democrats must stop trying to reach people like this. They are gone, cut them loose.

@91, hysterical! I saw the handshake before but the music is perfection!

@92: Love “So-called President Drumpf” I hope some does a tweet like that.

@93, am speechless. smh.

Oh goodie! #socalledpresident is already a thing on twitter! Off to work, catch you all later.

@91: What the hell was going on there? It looked like trump was threatening him! That aggressive hand “yank” and the look on Gorsuch’s face. Are his children being held hostage?

@93: Secession is starting to sound like a reasonable option. To enter our New America, you must pass both a civics test and a basic grammar test and never watched a full episode of the Apprentice.

@93: Those women are from Arizona. That place is hopeless and so are many of their citizens.

If you are ever driving across the U.S. from east to west, gas up in New Mexico and get your snacks and drinks there so you don’t even have to stop in that state and give them any money for anything.

@98: Fredster, it’s like two parallel universes. It is finally sinking into my thick skull that there are two realities, two sets of facts, two sets of core beliefs in this country that are diametrically opposed to one another. Can we actually still coexist after this so-called presidency has crystalized this schism? Do we still have anything in common like compassion, a belief in inalienable rights for all, basic human decency and concern for the future of our planet and our children? What happened to middle ground, the golden rule and working for the common good?

@100, contrask, I’m dialing my local exorcist after reading that link. I need someone to make my head quit spinning. Those people are crazy.

@99: cats, when your worldview is given to you by WorldNutDaily, Alex Jones, Breitbart and the rest of that ilk, I swear, I think you lose your ability to reason. These folks do not question even the rwnjs most outrageous lies. .

What happened to middle ground, the golden rule and working for the common good?

I think it’s binary for them; either/or. There is no middle ground with them. I try to stay away from people like that as much as possible.

100, now I must make another sign for the next march: Another nasty woman full of Jezebel spirit!

Just wait, they’ll want to burn us next.

@100: LOL! If these folks saw all of that evil and godlessness at the march, then WTF WERE THEY DOING THERE??? They should have left after the coronation!

@103: Be sure to add some pics of Viking women.

If y’all are anything like me, and I know you are, for fun you have been sitting on the edge of your seats wondering how the various jurisdictions would resolve these various Circuit challenges floating around the District Courts. Forget the Super Bowl — this is where great defense meets a smart offense.

It looks as if the DOJ is going to have to work this weekend and figure out how they are going to respond by Monday. Oopsie, BoogerBannon and MulletheadMiller. Of course, just like in battle, no plan survives first contact with the opposing side. The Plaintiffs’ various counsel will have a say in all this.


@103, Luna, I saw that. I love it — full of the Jezebel spirit. So I’m figuring since I’m a man, in complete agreement with my female friends on every issue, that makes me a “cross-Jezebeler”.

@107, LOL! Trumpists, the cross-Jezebelers are coming for you, too!

Argh! This amount of stupid should be fatal!

@109, ya know, maybe the punctuation is wrong — There really should be a “.” after “think” and then cap the “y” in “your’re” to make it read correctly.

Well darn, I’ll have to make another thank-you call to my Guv. WA, CA, NY and Mass govs move to block data from Trump:

In Washington state, The Verge has learned, Democratic governor Jay Inslee has directed members of his policy and legal staff to work with a handful of state agencies to identify data that could be utilized by Trump’s deportation officials, and how, if possible, to shield any such information from federal authorities engaging in mass deportation. In California and New York, Democratic lawmakers have proposed legislation to block state data from federal immigration authorities. Democratic legislators have also proposed bills in Washington state, California, New York, and Massachusetts that would prevent state data from being used by federal authorities to build a registry of people belonging to a certain religion.

And it’s not only Democrats who are contemplating how to handle state data under Trump. On Monday, Vermont’s Republican governor Phil Scott condemned President Trump’s recent immigration order and called for the convening of a “civil rights and criminal justice” task force to identify state and federal laws Trump’s orders might be breaking and to recommend any action the state can take.

@93 Good grief. It’s as though they’re lobotomized.

@109, I know this is boring for y’all, but it is so absolutely telling about the incompetence of these hooligans who currently occupy our White House.

First, bless her heart, but that attorney is making the only argument she can. Typically, in administrative law cases, which is what the Trumpanzees want to make this into, the standard of review is “facially sufficient”. That means, if it is written on paper, issued by the agency in the normal course, everyone should defer to the judgment of the agency and a reviewing court need look no further than the four-corners of the document.

What the Judge is saying, and correctly in my opinion, if you are “effing with the Constitution” I must look to the rational basis first before I pass on the legal arguments. In other words, I have to make sure there is a basis in fact upon which the agency has acted in contravention of the Constitution. Of course, here it is pure fiction and it won’t pass the first level of review.

Even if the Appeals Court takes it tonight by emergency appeal via a conference call, rarely, very rarely, does an appellate court overturn a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) because the District Court has made a finding of fact. That finding of fact there is a demonstrable, immediate injury and harm, and (2) there is a reasonable chance the moving party (in this case the Plaintiff refugees and travelers) will succeed on the merits of their claims.

So, long story short, Lord Commander Marmalade should rest up his pudgy thumbs because he’s going to be tweeting late tonight or early in the morning that the “so called” 9th Circuit Court of Appeals are a bunch of losers who are not winners.

Hee-hee. (I would say LMAO but that’s just too much)

Hundreds have responded to a Facebook “Chicago moons Trump Tower” event, during which protesters plan to drop their trousers in front of Trump Tower Chicago.

According to the Facebook page for the event titled “Operation “Kiss Our Asses, Release Your Taxes,” the goal of the protest is to get President Trump to release his tax returns.

“In 2006, a Maryland state circuit court determined that mooning is a form of artistic expression protected by the First Amendment as a form of speech,” the event page says. “Donald Trump doesn’t think the American people want to see his tax returns, so let’s show him that we do in the classiest way possible!”

It will be interesting to see what they write across their butt cheeks. Oh, wait a minute… nevermind.

Jezebel Contrask here, @ 113 sounds like Lord Cheezball will be spewing out new EO’s to give us another headfake while this one fades off into the sunset. I hope he doesn’t try another secret mission and get anymore Seals killed. @111 Luna, I’m sure glad our coastal governors are standing up to him. Meanwhile in Okla., activists are writing letters to the editor in disagreement with Sen Lankfords’ plan to vote for Betsy DeVos

@114 GAgal – OMG – if pink pussy hats mean we have a “Jezebel spirit” what will the crazies say about this? lol!

@116 Contrask, from your dailykos link… “It’s dirty, filthy dirty…”

No one should be surprised by this. If they don’t care about the welfare of humans, why would they possibly care about animals? Let’s get real. What this means is they don’t plan to do inspections period.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) agency charged with ensuring the humane treatment of large research animals, such as primates and goats, has quietly scrubbed all inspection reports and enforcement records from its website. The move has drawn criticism from animal welfare and transparency activists who say the public has the right to know how their tax dollars are being used.

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), which also oversees animals in circuses, zoos and those sold commercially as pets, says that making the data publicly available posed a threat to individuals’ privacy.

Hmmm, seems little Don-Don ran into some business problems when stepping out from Daddy’s company.

The Justice Department attorneys have filed a motion to appeal with the 9th Circuit. No word yet on whether it will be heard tonight or tomorrow. There is an emergency procedure for such things and we should be hearing the decision tonight or tomorrow.

The chance of the 9th Circuit panel overruling Robart’s Order are decidedly slim. For those who love to revel in puckish irony, Robart’s Order quoted at length the 2015 case of Obama’s Dreamers’ Executive Order being blocked by the Republican state Attorneys General.

It seems what is fair for the goose is fair for the kangaroo scrotum-ed Circus Peanut.

Circus Peanut

This is pathetic. Sickening. Disgusting. And every other word I can think of. And Trump is stupid enough to go along. In fact, he’s probably flattered.

MSNBC and Fox News are capitalizing on President Donald Trump’s TV watching habits, dramatically increasing issue advocacy advertising rates in recent weeks as companies and outside groups try to influence Trump and his top lieutenants.

The ad rates for “Morning Joe” have more than doubled post-election, according to one veteran media buyer. Trump, who reportedly watches the show most mornings, has a close relationship with “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, and they talk regularly.

Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” and other primetime programs on Fox News have boosted their rates about 50 percent. Trump also is a frequent viewer of the network’s primetime shows.

“The president’s media habits are so predictable, advertisers migrate to those areas,” said one media buyer.


“Instead of lobbying through the usual channels, it’s like speaking directly into the president’s ear,” he said. The consultant also said some companies are proactively placing ads in order to avoid a Trump tweet, or in at least one instance trying to prompt Trump to tweet against their competitors.

@119, he’s a grown a$$ man at 39 who has taken up the family business — cheatin’, lying, and a’fraudin’. As we say around these parts, he comes by it honestly.

@119 Little Don-Don learned well at his daddy’s knee.

Big heroin bust in FL of packets with Trump’s face on them. In fact, it was SUCH a big deal that FL AG Pam Bondi showed up. “All I want to say to these drug dealers…Big mistake putting the president’s face on this. Big mistake.”

Website for the 9th Circuit C.o.A. and a new item on there.

@125: Now this is interesting from the 9th’s website:

Live Streaming Oral Arguments
Seattle CR2 9:00 AM Monday 2/6
Pasadena CR1 9:00 AM Monday 2/6
Pasadena CR3 9:00 AM Monday 2/6
Pasadena CR2 9:30 AM Monday 2/6

Trying to find info on the case, saw this:

The Oral Argument Calendar for your case was not found or will be loaded tonight. Please check back tomorrow.

case # is 17-35105

Prolix, you don’t happen to have a PACER account do you?

@100> Contrask: Haha, there are depths to the internet you may not want to explore with any word searches!

@128, nope.

The two Americas issue: Peter Daou actually was saying something interesting about it on Twitter. He was commenting on something he’d seen on Faux News and people asked why he was watching that. He commented that he wanted to see what was being discussed because he needs to know. And he found that aside from a different slant to stories being covered across the news media – Faux was literally cover different stories as well. While other news’ biggest story was the hold the federal judge put on Drumpf’s immigration EO, Faux News wasn’t covering it at all; they were discussing the Super Bowl. So people who only watch Faux weren’t getting that news at all for a while.

And did you all see the excerpts from Drumpf’s interview with Bill O? Where Bill keeps telling Drumpf that Putin is a killer and Drumpf says that so is America. Wow. I mean… can you imagine if a Democratic President said this??? I haven’t seen any Republican comment on this yet…

@113, not boring at all. Appreciate the elucidation!

NY Times qualification “appeared to” is nonsense. He didn’t “appear to.”

@134, oh my — if this doesn’t put him underwater until the last oxygen molecules escape from his orange encrusted lungs, nothing will.

@131 DYB, as someone whose parents watch “Faux” news, I can attest to that. When I step in or walk by the den when they’re watching, I check to see what’s on the banner across the bottom of the screen. A full week after the Woman’s March, in prime time, they were still talking about Madonna. And Ashley Judd’s righteous rant/poem. Meanwhile, Trump had done 20 other ridiculous things. I’ve told them, time and again, that Fox is purposely keeping them ignorant to what’s really going on in the real world – to no avail.

Now, my Mom was watching CNN the other morning when Chris Cuomo was giving some Trumper hell. I was busy getting ready for an appointment so I don’t know who it was. Maybe there’s hope yet.

@134, uh….Yeah, since Der Twitler has taken the so-called oath of office.

@131, saw that (I follow Peter Daou) and it doesn’t surprise me. Alternative so-called reality.

Thanks to whoever turn me on to Alt-POTUS 45 twitter account. Since I’m not a twitter-er, I can’t post the latest, but it’s great.

Please excuse all my typos. I know you will. That’s what I love about this place. Hopefully, I’ll get back to ‘myself’ soon.

Hmmm. Anyone else know much about this?

ReturnTheVote is a grassroots group of women and men from across the Country, who are passionate about protecting our sacred American Democracy and therefore outraged by the abuses exacted on our 2016 Election.
​Many of us were strangers when this began. All participation is voluntary.
We are also a group with limited legal & financial resources.
We are a David fighting a very big Goliath.
With counsel of a number of Attorneys we put together a Writ of Mandamus to petition the courts to nullify the results of the 2016 Election.

And our Writ is now on the SCOTUS docket!
Our group is growing. The outcries to Void this Election and call for a revote are growing.

@138, that was probably me. It’s hilarious and helps us keep our sanity.

@140, in the slammer again because of green card—ooops, double link.

Luna, you is free free!!

I’ve spent the last hour watching/listening to the proceedings for that TRO request before the judge there in Seattle. I understood a pretty good bit of it but then I’d have to pause the video, open a tab for google and do a search. Then I’d read the stuff I was searching for and go back to the video.

Thanks Fredster!

I’m going to look at some of those too.

@144 “I’ll rip out your spine, drink from your skull, you little white bitch!” Oh yeah. I love calling Stump a bitch. He is. That’s all he ever does. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

@146: Luna, I really liked the way the judge handled the hearing. He injected a little levity into the proceedings. There’s also a WaPo article on Judge Robart.

@149> That was amazing! And Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer…. I can’t. “Radical Moose-lamb!” I was screaming. And when she attacked the reporters with the podium….

@135> Prolix, I don’t think it’ll sink him. Nothing has! Republicans will be silent. And he’s using old far-left lines at that. Jill Stein is gonna send Trump a valentine card for this.

I’m just a lowly red state liberal. It ain’t easy. The ‘leftists’ who protested Chuck Schumer with “What the fuck, Chuck?” might what want to change their tune (and mine too, thank you very much) to Fuck You Chuck.

Schumer has another top goal, as well: to keep Trump at his already historically low approval ratings for a new president.

“The number one thing that’s going to determine whether we win or lose? If Trump’s at 35 percent we could take back the Senate,” he said. “If Trump’s at 55 percent, we could lose the whole ball of wax. So part of my job is to make sure that we don’t let Trump get away with stuff.”

Wow. Thanks CHUCK. We wouldn’t want to let Stump “get away with this stuff now would we?” How about giving one shit about the people – you do remember people don’t you? Polls…35 per cent.. blah blah blah blah.

@153: Chuck better worry about holding on to what they have in the Senate. I believe that in 2018 the Dems have more seats up for reelection than the Repubs do. Now, with El Douche who knows for sure what’s really gonna happen, but the Repubs only have 8 seats up for reelection in 2018.

B*R*E*A*K*I*N*G – N*E*W*S
Court denies Trump request to immediately restore travel ban

Now the higher court’s denial of an immediate stay means the legal battles over the ban will continue for days at least. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco asked challengers of the ban respond to the appeal, and for the Justice Department to file a counter-response by Monday afternoon.

@155 Expect twitter explosion. expect another outrageous EO. Expect something. Meanwhile, the resistance feels a ray of hope!


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