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White House Apprentice?

Posted on: January 30, 2017

You’re Fiyad!


Discuss the Monday Night Massacre.


100 Responses to "White House Apprentice?"

Watching Lawrence and supposedly tRump was angry because due to the Delta outage or something, some people who were “banned” got through. It was something like that. I was doing this rather quickly and trying to listen.

cats3, I’m sure there is bad stuff going on that he wants to distract from.

Apparently Prez Bannon got some people from the Justice Dept to sign non-disclosure agreements and to work on regs and plans to undercut and without telling their own bosses.

Nailed it Fredster!

@2 : shee-it!

Jesus Joseph and Mary, can anyone stand up and defend this p.o.s. now? How ya gonna explain this one Khaleesi Conway?

Traitors and weasels!

Hill staffers secretly worked on Trump’s immigration order

Several House Judiciary Committee aides helped craft the controversial directive without telling Republican leaders.

Senior staffers on the House Judiciary Committee helped Donald Trump’s top aides draft the executive order curbing immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations, but the Republican committee chairman and party leadership were not informed, according to multiple sources involved in the process.

…The work of the committee aides began during the transition period after the election and before Donald Trump was sworn in. The staffers signed nondisclosure agreements, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Trump’s transition operation forced its staff to sign these agreements, but it would be unusual to extend that requirement to congressional employees. Rexrode declined to comment on the nondisclosure pacts.

Guest on Lawrence said four or five other things happened today, I only caught, “violence in Ukraine, nuclear test in Iran and incident in Yemen.” He queried, “Do they (trump admin) have their eye on the ball? ” Think we all know the answer to that one!

Funniest part of article linked @7:

“…but we’re getting tired of all the chaos.”

Oh, ya think it’s bad now? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

@9, we can only hope they hurry up and do that!

At what point do checks and balances kick in? Asking for a friend.

cats, in the last couple of days the violence in the Ukraine in their fight against Russia has dramatically increased. Happened right after Putin called his slave–uh, called Trump.

There’s been such a flood of news I can’t recall exactly where I saw it, but from several different reputable sources.

@14: dang it, Luna, I completely missed that. I WANT MY HILLARY.

Call your Congresscritterz again! Tell them to join with Rep. Waters.

@16, (grief and fury)

Julia Ioffe, herself an immigrant, reported this bit of “scratch your watch, wind your butt,” nonsense from the idjits who thought it was no big deal to run a $3.8 Trillion enterprise that used to be known as the U.S. government.

This is one of the guys who helped write the Executive Orders. A 2016 college graduate. Don’t know about you, but I know I feel better.

Another funny:

They have Ed Rollins on with Brian Williams but I wish they’d get Steve Schmidt. He doesn’t hold back.

@20: Oh the gang that can’t shoot straight. (thank goodness!)

@19: Send him back to school. Or “you’re fiyad!”.

From the politico article @7:

“Like other congressional committees, some staff of the House Judiciary Committee were permitted to offer their policy expertise to the Trump transition team about immigration law,”

Expertise? Really?

cats, here’s one reputable source, Adam Khan.

Kahn is replying to:

@24, they are a clusterfk on steroids. Their only expertise is in kleptocracy and intimidation. Now the latter is failing, thank the deities.


@28: Or: When a segment of the voters collectively lost their minds dear.

Again from the Politico article:

[Gingrich] cautioned that the administration is “understaffed…

Well whose fault is that? Duh!!!

Idea from the Brian Williams show in relation to Bannon being a regular on the National Security Council:

Imagine what the Rethugs would have done if Obama would have made the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs an invite guest to the NSC and the editor of Mother Jones a regular.

So many Rethugs heads would have exploded that the Senate would have looked like a mannequin warehouse.

Maddow doing a live segment now.

@31: Like Scanners.

Cough, cough..splutter. Hee-hee!

I would think any Democrat who does this will not have a political future to worry about.

Washington (CNN) — Senate Democrats are weighing whether to avoid an all-out war to block President Donald Trump’s upcoming Supreme Court pick, instead considering delaying that battle for a future nomination that could shift the ideological balance of the court, sources say.

Democrats privately discussed their tactics during a closed-door retreat in West Virginia last week. And a number of Democrats are trying to persuade liberal firebrands to essentially let Republicans confirm Trump’s pick after a vigorous confirmation process — since Trump is likely to name a conservative to replace the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

HaHa! Here’s a link from the comments section of that article on Gregg Phillips. We’ll see if he has the nerve to show his face again on TV.

The conservative activist cited by Donald Trump as an authority on voter fraud owes the US government more than $100,000 in unpaid taxes, was once accused of lying about his qualifications, and has faced several allegations of ethical impropriety.>/em>

174 | DYB
January 30, 2017 at 9:22 pm
Drumpf has fired the attorney general who refused to defend his executive order on immigration.


When it comes to major a$$wipes, El Douche is the winner.

This guy is completely off his dictator’s rocker.

Lock him up!!!

He thinks he is now above the law.

I hope attorney’s all over the US are working on taking this bull$hit to court. Sue his flabby, white a$$!

@35, WTF?

delaying that battle for a future nomination that could shift the ideological balance of the court

Do they not see that whomever Trump appoints will shift the balance? And as far as “future nomination” that sounds like they expect him to stay in office for a while (because of their tepid opposition, I suppose?). Why the hell not fight now AND in the future? Enough with the snatching defeat already!

@34, quelle surprise!

Hmmm, Prez Cheeto sure has a lot of relatives and associates who are double- or triple-registered, doesn’t he.

@39: And I should have made it clearer I was agreeing with her comment. Can’t see what the hell they are waiting for.

I’ve been trying my damnedest to get someone to run this Yemeni botched raid to ground. I’ve been tweeting at reporters since I read about it. It was just too coincidental. The same weekend as this EO. Secretive. It smelled to high heaven.

This has been my bet. Bannon heard about the planning for the raid. Trump okayed it. EO was to be sprung. Monday morning stories would have been, “Trump has protected us and will protect us. We killed a bad guy bomb-maker in Yemen.”

Those were the headlines they wanted. Forget the bad first week, the new week would be great.

Well, Jeremy Scahill, the crazy war reporter, is releasing a story in the morning. He has been on the botched Yemeni raid killing an 8 year old American girl. I don’t know if it is about this, but they are fluffing the story pretty hard tonight.

Stay tuned.

@41, I thought you agreed with GAgal. Everyone here wants blood (so to speak) and we are tired of elected Dems acting like cowards.

@42: Please keep us informed with links if/when you have them Prolix.

@43: That’s it exactly Luna.

@42, Prolix, I saw something on that on my Twitter TL — will try to find it in the waterfall.

Can’t get more of a gaslighting example than this. The attack was on Muslims by a Trump-loving rightwing extremist.


@47: Oh dear gawd! And they expect people to buy that line of horseshit?

Prolix, sorry, all I saw was this:

@49, The Emperor Has No Clothes — but the GOP and the Trumpists think he’s wearing purple robes.

@51: Jeebus, they have to wake up sometime.

Well, this is interesting. WH calling Rinse Prewash incompetent:


@50, the mentions of the Yemeni raid have been sporadic. I saw that one and I don’t know if Scahill will be writing about it tomorrow, but yesterday he was on it. He smelled a rat. I really think it is the type of thing that could start an impeachment rolling.

You don’t use soldiers for a cheap publicity gimmick.

I would love for Bannon to have to go in front of the Senate! Oh yeah. Pleeeze let that come to pass!!

There’s a WSJ piece behind a paywall that I can’t read. But, apparently the new Homeland Security guy John Kelly is resisting the WH – who wants him to choose Kris Kobach as his 2nd in command deputy. Everyday. Worse and worse.

@53 I would think Rinse Prewash would have EVERY REASON IN THE WORLD to be seeing shadows. No paranoia needed there.



@59, I have never agreed with someone more than I agree with Ted Koppel on that statement.

@62, that was 7:46 PM, this is was later in the evening. It might change again before morning if he needs to change the subject.

@62 and 64: I guess it depends on who is talking at the time.

Just sounds very confusing:

From above:

The Times notes that leaving those protections intact does not, however, preclude another executive order that would roll back gay rights in other areas, in an attempt to appeal to the Kim Davis crowd. Trump could, for example, still enshrine a religious freedom provision in federal policy. Stay tuned.


That Koppel moment is fantastic! O’Reilly is too afraid to argue with him.

Sadly Democrats look like they’re going to cave in – again. They’ll let Rethugs have this Supreme Court nominee and they’ll fight for the next one. On what freaking planet?! They keep trying to make deals with Rethugs and Rethugs don’t make deals! Each and every time! Schumer and Friends are insane. They really don’t understand how pissed off the Democratic base is.

Meanwhile this is what we all feel like.

Betsy DeVos has been approved by committee (12 to 11, apparently all Democrats objected) to full Senate vote, which means she’ll be voted in.

DeVos has been approved.

Does anyone know if Sessions hearings are going to be televised? Not on Cspan 2 or 3. Have they already had them?

Schumer voted NO on Chao. That’s gonna make Turtleneck mad.

@76: To use that juvenile saying: “Too bad – so sad”.

I saw they postponed Jefferson Beauregard’s hearing until, I think Wednesday.

Good chart on how Senate voted on each nominee so far:

I saw an interesting wild-eyed connection out on the twitter machine, quoting a Yonatan Zunger. According to the Steele MI6 dossier on Agent Orange, Putin promised him 19% of Rosneft if he lifted sanctions on Russia if he won. Then Dec 6 Reuters reported a 19.5% sale of Rosneft to apparently untraceable buyer(s), with some of the tracks leading to the Caymans and Qatar. (Both places where Rump has plenty of shady connections.)

h ttp://
h ttps://
(spaces inserted so I don’t fall into mod)

I haven’t seen this connection anywhere on the real news. And apparently BP owns 19.75% of Rosneft, so maybe 19% is just some Russian reg re foreign ownership and the otherwise odd-looking match of percentages means nothing.

Meanwhile, the fighting ratchets up in Ukraine. And we still know nothing of the Gropenfuhrer’s finances.

What’s that Chinese curse? Something about interesting times.

spaces inserted so I don’t fall into mod

You so smart!

@82: I saw just a snippet of that by Spicer. What a bunch of jerks.


According to polls, 49% agree with Drumpf’s refugees EO and 41% disagree. So there we are.

@86, that is sad. And here’s the Bannon strategy. Goad a terrorist attack by this lamebrain action and then reap the crisis coalescence in the polling.

Responsible decency in public policy would never do something like this, but currently decency in public policy is in short supply.

@ 10 NW Luna

Oh, ya think it’s bad now? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


That should be a bumper sticker, if you aren’t worried about getting your car smashed from behind.

Someone that posts over at Uppity’s please post this for the gang and let her know I hope she has a quick recovery.

And for all of us that enjoyed the Women’s March at home or participated…this is for you!


‘Gropenfuhrer’ – Now that’s a name I would love to steal, but I have enough trouble pronouncing it. 😉 Perfect!

The Librul Redneck’s most recent paean to the Lord Commander Marmalade:

@91: I had seen that earlier. Funny.

@92, he must have gotten a show. Otherwise I’m pretty sure California would be the last place he would move.

@93: Yeah I wondered about the moving thing too. But maybe he had had too much of the red-state state of mind.

@53, Reince is right for once — the White House is full of dark, nasty shadows now.

@80, that has been RT’ed and linked to by enough reputable people that it’s highly likely. But since the shares were “sold” to anonymous/unknown buyers so far there’s no definite proof. Now, if we saw Herr Gropenfuhrer’s taxes we could tell ….

@96: Don’t you really wish someone would leak them? Like emails?

@97, yeah! I thought Anonymous was supposed to be coming up with some leaks of their own, what happened to that? Guess we can’t count on it. Sorry I’ve been absent a lot lately. Fighting a cold and working a lot. I’ve been reading the thread though and love the comments. Don’t have the energy yet to participate.

New post up!

Hey annie (waves) Hope you are feeling better.

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