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Activist Monday: The Women’s March and the Real Division in America

Posted on: January 23, 2017

TW Was There!

TW Was There!

GoooooOOOOOOd Monday all! Despite the inauguration of the Worst Mistake America Ever Made on Friday, it turned out to be a wonderfully hopeful weekend. Why? Because WIMMINZ!

All over the country and the world, millions of women, girls and supportive men and transgender stormed the cities with a peaceful, joyous roar of hope and solidarity. TW was represented all over Murca (did you know there was literally a protest in all 50 states?! Yeah baby, yeah!) Just as our Widdershins in San Francisco, Seattle and Noo Yawk reported feeling after their marches, the march in DC made me feel both inspired and empowered.

I flew out to National Airport in Virginia early on Friday morning, to avoid the crowds going into the city on Saturday. There was no one around – the most deserted I’ve ever seen that place. I thought, wow, no one is going to this inauguration! I spent the day with my dad and stepmom, and we made plans to go to the march via metro the next day.

Our first clue about how YUGE this thing was going to be was when my Dad and I were driving to the Vienna metro station. We were about 10 minutes away when we saw a sign over Route 66: “Vienna – No Public Parking Available.” My dad said, “I’ve never seen anything like that before!” We knew it was because there were too many people using that station to get into DC for the march. We made an alternate plan to go to Ballston (in Arlington, VA) and take the metro from there. Dad parked in the mall to avoid the crowds, and we walked the few blocks to the station.

When we got there, we saw a long line of people waiting for the bus. They said the metro station was so crowded that you couldn’t get onto the platform! So much for our brilliant plan.


Ballston Station, VA, 012117

We checked out the platform, and well, suffice it to say the line to get on the train was backed up to the escalator, which they had to turn off to avoid endangering the would-be passengers. THAT was a no-go! We eventually got on the bus, which quickly filled up with excited people carrying signs (and one particularly cute baby, who was passed around the entire group so Daddy could take a break from holding her). Oh, and when my Dad’s metro card didn’t work because it was slightly cracked, a woman on the bus offered him two dollars out of her own pocket. This was how everyone was: kind, supportive, generous and determined. Everyone cheered when we got underway, and when we arrived, everyone cheered again. I’ll bet that was the most enthusiastic crowd the bus driver had ever transported, anywhere.

When we got to Farragut Square, we were still about 20 blocks away from the march. We poured down the streets with hundreds of other people, heading in the direction of 3rd and Independence. It was chilly and a bit rainy, but it could have been much worse this time of year. I ended up wishing I had a hat after all!

On our way to the march

On our way to the march

Bizarrely, the streets of DC were completely deserted. There was no traffic, and everyone you saw on the street was obviously also going to the march, with signs, balloons, hats or t-shirts proclaiming their participation. I’ve been in DC on a Saturday before, and I’ve never seen it like this. Dad and I were super-excited, so we took a selfie.


Dad is at his first protest march ever!

As we made our way along the route, we approached the Washington Monument and were almost directly across from the White House. This was about 12 or 12:15, a full hour before the march was supposed to begin. I pointed out the new Museum of African-American History and we both remarked on how stunning it looked. All of a sudden, we heard this powerful, wordless roar of defiance from 500,000 throats. We saw the march coming towards us – this enormous mass of people chanting and holding signs amidst a sea of pink hats. There is truly no way to understand how big it was from pictures on the ground, but here are some of my and Dad’s attempts. This was one time I wished I could add a foot to my 5′ 4″ height.



We ended up, through sheer luck and lateness, being at the very front of the line. For those who were concerned that this was not an anti-Trump march, our first chant was “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!” The second was “This is what democracy looks like!” And the vast majority of signs referenced Hillary: whether it was “Nasty Woman” t-shirts or signs, HRC hats or the many, many times I saw the words “Women’s Rights are Human Rights.” So yes, it was against Trump…but it was also FOR WOMEN. That was the bigger message, We are against Drumpf because of what he represents, the deep-rooted misogyny in American society that caused a slim majority of white women (and a huge majority of white men) to vote for an admitted sexual predator and rapist as our nation’s leader. On November 8, I felt as though America had taken a giant sh*t all over my gender. On January 21, I realized that wasn’t true. Americans are on our side, and are appalled to their core that this disgusting creature is allegedly our nation’s leader. As this sign read:

the-crowd-part-4We realized that we had reached the end of the march after about 3 minutes, so we turned and started going back around to where we would have started, had we come much earlier. (We left later because Dad’s feet can’t take standing for too long, so we didn’t hear the speeches…but regardless, we probably would have had to leave around 5 am to get to 3rd and Independence via public transportation.) The crowds streamed around the streets. The police presence was basically non-existent, but the few officers we saw were encouraging and positive. (The fact that they were African-American, and many people carried signs proclaiming “Black Lives Matter,” could have had something to do with it.) Here’s a photo of the crowd as we went away from the White House and back towards the meeting point:

the-crowd-part-6Eventually we peeled off from the crowd and took the metro back to Ballston. There were many protesters on the train with us. We were all smiling at each other, tired but exalted and proud. My dad was really happy that he had stood up for his beliefs and made his presence known. It’s not as easy for some as it is for others, as this sign from the Interwebz stated:

So what now? the media kept asking yesterday. Obviously, a movement has been born. Younger women (and the men and transgender who support them) have awakened and realized they can’t take their rights for granted; that there are still dark forces in our beloved country that will happily and forcefully rip them away from us if we let them. So, we resisted yesterday, and will continue to resist: peacefully, vocally and en masse. It’s as simple as that. Whether it’s feet on the street, tweeting or keeping your congresscritter on speed dial, we’ll never stop until this nightmare is over. And when it’s over, it will be over once and for all.

Why do I say this? Well, in my mind, the real division in America is not political. It’s emotional. There are those of us who are passionately engaged by living in a factual reality (as many of us at TW have noted, the “critical thinkers”), and there are those of us who are passionately engaged by living in their own reality.

We, the reality-based, find it anathema to live in denial of what is happening around us. We understand what it takes to govern the country and follow national events with as much objectivity as humanly possible. We are the ones who voted for Hillary. Then there are the fantasy-based. These are the people who voted for #TheBernout, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and of course, Der Drumpfenfuhrer. They are firmly committed to ideas that have never been tested by reality, because the people they vote for never have to govern based on those ideas. These people live in a fantasy world that allows them to vote for con men and women who make them feel great about themselves, even though their candidates are clearly not fit to run a lemonade stand.

The numbers of the reality-based and the fantasy-based, at least at the time of the election, were about equal, with about 3 million more reality-based voters than fantasy-based. But this is already changing, and in a bigly way. More and more regret is setting in as the fantasy-based see their candidate and their Congresscritters doing exactly what they promised to do. The Drumpf base didn’t listen to his actual words because they were voting with their emotions, and he made them feel good. The Mango-colored Meerkat now has an approval rating of about 32% – he got 46% of the vote in November. That’s his base running away screaming, as they realize their fantasy doesn’t hold up to reality. The media is now calling him out on his lies, directly, and people can see for themselves that his biggest concern, on a day of global protests was the size of his…inaugural crowd. And it’s only going to get worse and worse for them. The high was amazing, but the hangover is going to be a b*tch.

My sense is that if the Democrats don’t f*ck it up, and so far they haven’t, the numbers of the reality-based will have increased by millions and millions by the Congressional elections in 2018. If the feces-throwing baboon even survives till then, the House will flip blue and impeachment proceedings will continue. (I would say “begin,” but that’s already happened.) The grassroots movement to impeach Drumpf will only grow, too. Check it out here!

If we all live through this, we might end up seeing a silver lining from this deep, black cloud. January 21, 2017 could end up being the day that the deplorables began to wake up from their Fox News-induced trances, and realized they are human after all. Ken y’hi ratzon – so may it be.

This is an open thread.


106 Responses to "Activist Monday: The Women’s March and the Real Division in America"

Well done! I know so many people who travelled to DC for the March. And the NYC crowd was over 400,000 (apparently they expected only 100,000). Not a single arrest. This is what Democracy looks like!

But in DC, Madonna’s speech has not only gotten her Secret Service attention, Newt Gingrich – appearing on Faux – has called for her to be arrested. That is NOT what Democracy looks like.


Great post and report from DC. Loved the selfie with your dad. His first protest, awesome!

Here we go again

MB, what a great experience! And your Dad! Tell him thank you for all of us. The happiness of the crowd speaks volumes — when people are “Happy Warriors” there’s no stopping them.

I like to be optimistic and your observation of the “fire has been lit” and by 2018 things will start to change is how we have to go forward. We are such social animals that Trump ignoring us will just make us stronger. The worst possible thing you can do is ignore a wildfire. They can’t gaslight half the country.

Madamab, thank you for sharing your personal experience in DC. It must have been truly awesome.

I, too, felt optimism and kindness at my local rally. There was one speaker who got up on her Bernie high horse and attacked our state’s super-delegates — many of whom are already on the frontlines against the new regime. But the overwhelming tone was hopeful, realistic, and forward-looking, including very inspiring words by some high school and college-aged women.

I really like what you wrote about people who live in a “factual reality” vs. those who live in a fantasy world, whether it’s a Sanders-ian utopia or a dysTrumpia.

@8, Jules, dysTrumpia is perfect!

Did you see the “Day of Patriotic Devotion” shit? That may be the scariest thing all day.

@10: Fake news? It makes no sense. If this document is real, is someone trying to get him committed?

MB, LOVED reading your account! Am so happy you went and were the eyes and ears for the rest of us.

We need more protests and strategies. Michael Moore gave a talk that is on Fluffpo today where he lays out “his” plan that everyone should call their Congressperson and the WH every single day. That does sound like a good idea, but I think it would be better if we had some kind of calendar with a specific issue we’re calling about each day. Moore might have suggested something of the kind, am not sure since I couldn’t listen to the whole thing.

I also saw someplace that Bernie is on board with trump scrapping the TPP and is willing to “work with him on trade.” Just when you think you can’t despise Sander any more than you already do.

@10, 11: yeah, what the bloody hell is this?

Just wanted to come by briefly. I’ll be back later to read in depth and comment.

@11, Cats, yesterday I sent a Tweet asking why there isn’t a hashtag:

#neurologicalworkup for his annual medical checkup. If he isn’t already around the bend, it would drive him insane.

Sanders praised Drumpf withdrawing from TPP.

DYB, if you follow Skydancers, dakinkat has a great post out today explaining the economic horror we are jumping in to

NPR was already reporting China is quite happy about the deal

Fabulous job, Madamab! I haven’t marched in a big march since the ’90s (well a couple of marches in Atlanta) but I remember well the awesome feeling of camaraderie. So glad that your Dad was there with you, too!

@16, I liked the comments for this article.

@15 & 18, will check those out.

madamab, so wonderful for you and your dad and all of us!

Thanks, mes amis!! La resistance lives on. I was going to put that song in the post, but I was rushing and forgot.

I will be tweeting about the global gag rule to my congress critters tonight, although I am sure they know that no Democratic woman could possibly support it. I hope the organizers will turn this into something really strong, although my agenda and #theBernout’s are not remotely the same.

DysTrumpia is absolutely brilliant!

DYB, I can’t wait for your post about your march!

@15: just saw some excerpts of trump’s CIA speech. People who voted for him should be peeing themselves in horror if they have any sense. He is mentally unhinged and he has the biscuit in his pocket.

@24> Very interesting, thanks for posting!

@25> Bernie Sanders can eat a bag of dicks!

Yes – I just watched them on Rachel Maddow. OMG – I can’t imagine standing there and having to listen to that

I hope something. We need Hillary!

Sorry for the absence folks. Fredster has developed a tummy problem. I’ve take a couple of immodiums. I was going to have a 1/2 caesar salad from Panera and some Stouffers lasagna but looks like soup and some crackers instead.

contrask: I marked that widget countdown thing and will see if I can get it to work in wordpress.


Fredster, hope you feel better soon!

Rotten trade off! Hope it passes quickly Fredster

Forgive me, but I just can’t let this pass. This is the reason I will never be a Republican. This is the reason they will burn in hell for eternity. This is why they can never be trusted with anything approaching the importance of health care.

They are ill-mannered, soulless, effing criminals. This isn’t getting any play nationally, but it is huge. This is what the Republicans want to return us to. Being susceptible to the whims and artifice of for profit insurance companies that will even turn down profitable markets to make a political point and even a score.

There are millions in hell who have done less. Aetna pulled out of markets to harm the A.C.A. marketplaces to punish the Obama administration for not allowing it to become a monopoly in the Medicare Advantage market where there’s real gazillions to be made.

Aetna traded people’s health, their livelihoods, their well-being to settle a score, Tony Soprano-style, with Obama. These people should be hauled off in handcuffs and thrown under a prison somewhere. This is just so revolting on so many levels.

It is essentially, “Give us our way or we will eff you up and your little Affordable Care experiment. So what if people die. Not our problem.”

Sorry, I thought about going outside and screaming, but the neighbors are already convinced I’m crazy.

Feel better, Fredster!!

I love Peter Daou. I want the Dems to kick Bernie to the curb. He is toxic, venal and narcissistic, like Drumpf.

The Dems have been doing a good job of sticking together. They can’t afford to condone the crazy old uncle running around yelling at everyone.

@29, LOL, I needed a good laugh.

@36 – They’re so heartless. I’ll never understand them.

@36, this is why for-profit and healthcare should never be found together. Most people know that already — except for the greedy soul-sucking fascist Rethugs.

Fredster, hope you recover soon!

@39 & 40, I can give anyone who has a principled belief system the benefit of the doubt. With these arseholes, there is no principle beyond money. They sacrificed profitable markets to do harm to the A.C.A. They knew they were breaking the law. They tried to cover it up by using the phone instead of email. These people are just beyond reprehensible.

Feel better Fredster!

@33 Fredster, hope you feel better soon. Remember – your Caesar salad and lasagna will be waiting for you when you’re better. Meanwhile, treat yourself to some dessert. Chocolate pudding… yum. (Just a little)

Prolix, did Aetna actually break a law? Yes, they lied their asses off to the public and pretended it wasn’t about the merger with Humana. Is it enough that they lied about losing money where they weren’t? Is it enough for the DOJ (for what it’s worth now *cough cough*) to actually come down on them? I guess it will be all forgotten now with this administration. They’ll get away with this with no repercussions whatsoever.

@45, GAgal, if we still had a DOJ there is enough there to go after them for any number of criminal offenses. Not the least of which is collusion and a RICO-type challenge for conspiracy. The other piece is that under individual states’ insurance regs, I’m sure this type of activity carries penalties. What is quite telling is that Aetna went to such lengths to hide their collusion and conspiracy.

With little Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the pride of the Confederacy, the only crimes the DOJ will investigate are voting rights cases where the voter of color tries to vote without at least three forms of identification.

@46 Penalties don’t mean much for a corporation that’s colluding to break the law over a $37 billion dollar merger. It’s not like Georgia or Florida cares enough to bring a suit. As usual, the blue states will have to do the hard work of kicking the rest of the country into gear. The point is probably moot now. In the chaos of the new administration and the ACA, no one will notice what Aetna has done. Maybe someone will.

I’m not on Facebook, but Dan Rather is. (hope it works)

So Kellyanne Conway got into a fist-fight at the inauguration ball.

Also, Alec Baldwin is hosting an entire SNL episode. A full hour of Baldwin/Trump, I’d imagine.

I just tweeted at Susan Sarandon: “Wachoo talking about? You repeatedly said you preferred Trump over @HillaryClinton. He’s YOUR president. Thanks a lot!”

This is the most shocking thing to happen in the last 4 minutes!

Well that truly is disgusting and isn’t it unusual that large health insurers are more likely to support Republicans, though FOX wants to claim otherwise

@50 & 51, IIRC, wasn’t it Sarandon who said, “Let him burn it down,” while she was spewing her bile at Hillary. Yes, I think it was. Obviously, Ms. Sarandon has figured out when burning it down he’s going to start with the witches. Susan, enjoy the fireside view.

@52, I can’t even…

Another day of overwhelming the press with shiny objects and satiating the Obama-haters with blood sport. The problem is that both of these shiny objects will cause innocent people to die.

President Trump will sign orders Tuesday to advance construction of the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, The Hill has confirmed.

Emboldened by President Trump, Israel approved 2,500 new settlement homes in the West Bank in a defiant wave of construction.

No worries, the Trumpanzee has nominated his bankruptcy lawyer as ambassador. He’s well versed because he’s been a fundraiser for increased settlements contrary to international opinion.

49 | DYB
January 24, 2017 at 9:41 am
So Kellyanne Conway got into a fist-fight at the inauguration ball.

Is she all hyped up on Viagra with the alt-administration? Are they all taking steroids? WTF is wrong with these nitwits?

Kellyanne is not only stupid, a bad liar, but also has NO class. Perfect mate for DoucheBoy.

These people are running America, God help us all.

52 | DYB
January 24, 2017 at 11:22 am
This is the most shocking thing to happen in the last 4 minutes!

Keeping Commie as FBI Director!!

I am speechless…

President Trump will sign orders Tuesday to advance construction of the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, The Hill has confirmed.

He is pure evil. Every minute that passes, things get worse and worse.

@60> They do get worse. As bad as we imagined, I think. I mean, truly, none of these surprise me. And people who campaigned against HRC – like Bernie and his Bros, Susan Sarandon, everyone who was so worried about the e-mails, etc., – it’s on their heads.

Fascinating read on why SNL keeps insisting that women like Kellyanne Conway are some sort of victims:

Trump green lighting Keystone XL and Dakota Pipelines. Never understood how the former does us any good (Canada crossing our land to transport their oil to foreign buyers) for 4000 temporary jobs and 35 permanent jobs; and for the latter, putting a pipeline under the MIssouri River and running an extreme risk of contaminating drinking water for tribal lands is morally reprehensible, environmentally irresponsible and culturally offensive. But hey, what the Mad Hatter wants, the Mad Hatter grabs by the pussy.

Hello shinners!

Feeling better 2day but think I’ll still take it easy food wise. I’m going to go later to Panera Bread (yeah I like them a lot) and get one of their soups.

mb glad you had a great time in DC and it’s wonderful your Dad was able to go with you.

contrask I took a look at the countdown thing and a couple of others. The problem is that and the others I looked at either use iframe or javascript to create the thing. WordPress dot com does not allow us to use those and it will simply strip out the code if that is in there. I’ve been looking to see if there are any workarounds for that but so far haven’t found any. Grrrrr…

Wonder how long it will be before we get one of these from either il douche, Sean Spicer or another member of his little group.

Oh man! What an avalanche of bad news today. I heard on the POTUS channel that the Rethugs started locating all of Obama’s executive orders 18 months ago, and writing up counter-orders, so that whoever was the nominee, should he steal the presidency (whoops, did I say that out loud?), would be able to sign them in a cascade too fast to keep up with. (Okay, the Drumpf strategist didn’t say that last part.) They did this because when W squatted in the Oval Office, they didn’t find all of Clinton’s EOs for two years.

The Democrats need to get their sh*t together FAST, and so do we. This barrage of cray cray is only going to continue.

This is a frigging nightmare. It’s worse than I imagined, or maybe it’s just more rapid than I imagined. After Day Three and Day Four, what horrors will Day Five bring?

Madamab, I actually had the biggest drumpf cheerleader teacher stop by my desk today and say” I know you didn’t vote for him, but you have to admit he’s doing some great things” My jaw dropped. I am speechless. The guy should be sitting around in sackcloth and ashes, yet he is still happy with his choice. Hence the picture I posted above. Things are seriously messed up & even this librarian can tell.

A righteous Twitter rant on Bernie and Democrats. Long but worth a read.

@72, this is just the tip of the iceberg — my post Friday is about the future with der Trumpenfurher. I don’t want to sound alarmist, but this “sh*t’s about to get real.”

@75 – I will read it, but I already know I agree. If “all” of Bernie’s supporters voted in the elections, Drumpf would have won the popular vote too. Bernie’s cultists forget that the actual Democrats voted for Hillary by an embarrassingly overwhelming margin – she won the primary by 4 million votes. And, he is not a Democrat!!!

@73 – Let me guess, this is an evangelical Christian? They’re probably so thrilled about the global gag rule that they don’t care about all the other sh*t that’s about to “get real,” as Prolix said.

How can people have so little empathy? I guess when you’re living in a fantasy world, no one else’s pain matters.

@78 no – even worse, a male history teacher, no less. As right wing as they get. He hasn’t talked to me since before the election when I told him I was voting for Hillary. I won’t get into earshot of an evangelical. I’m sick & the people I work with are clueless.

@75, I saw that, very good. There is still a lot of anger towards Bernie, Sarandon & their snotty bunch on twitter. Actually, I still harbor a lot of anger towards them myself.

@26, I knew this sort of thing would be coming, but this fast?

@36, What horrible people. I think I need a Xanax after reading that.

@68, Il Douche is the perfect name for dump. It’s amazing how close their expressions and body movements are.

Today was also interesting in the sense that Trump was signing a shitload of awful executive orders, and Spicer was advancing the lie about millions of illegal voters. I suspect more time was spent by the media on the Spicer presser than on the executive orders.

The other day I clicked on a YT of Spicer’s first “press conference” – the one where he berated the press for 5 minutes, then walked away without answering questions. I noticed it was 1 hour and 20 minutes. (The press corp sat there over an hour waiting for him and then he came out and did that) Just as I started to skip ahead to the end, I see someone stick their head in the door and look around. It was Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury guy who hasn’t been officially appointed yet. He looks around, does that weird twitch of his nose and mouth, like Samantha from Bewitched or something, then disappears. I guess he’s just wandering around, at will, inside the White House. Can you imagine the absolute zoo that must be going on inside there? It makes me sick that they are desecrating the White House. Not a damn one of them has any respect for it, I guarantee you.

@82 I suspect more time was spent by the media on the Spicer presser than on the executive orders.

Yep. For the few minutes I watched, that’s exactly what the media was doing.

@83. Good god! Is there a professional anywhere in this new “administration”. They’re morons.

Rachel was excellent again tonight discussing man made earthquakes in OK due to fracking, Pruitt’s animosity toward the EPA, gag orders on govt agencies, today’s Indivisible Guide activities, oil spills in Canada and interviewing Perez. She has her eye on this circus, constantly reminding viewers to focus and pay attention. In addition to the National security EOs tomorrow, she is going to talk about how trump’s endorsement of war crimes (stealing other nations’ resources when we intervene in their affairs) is already putting our troops at risk.

@73, Trump is doing some greatly destructive things, yes.

I have been watching a tv show called ‘Hunting Hitler’, based on intelligence reports that are somewhat public now. The crack team is ex-military and intelligence guys. Each week they traces what may have happened to Hitler and how his loyal’s may have been in hiding, (with him or without him if he died), and forming the 4th Reich…in South American countries…preparing to attack the US, making Sarin gas and all.

It is a very good show, but for the past year I always have had El Douche in the back of my mind. He is one evil bastard, God knows how bad he will get until he is gone, and the Dems in Congress had better put on their big boy pants and fight like Hell, with all they have, or our country that we love will be in shambles. We have to fight, just like Hillary did, or all will be fershitten.

@75, I confronted one at the Women’s March. He was carrying a (small) sign that said “It’s Her fault that Trump won” using the Hillary campaign’s type of design, and Bernie 2020 (LOL) on the back. When I enlightened him to the fact that Sanders lost the primaries by several million, he said that it was because Hillary had rigged that. Hmmm, if so, why didn’t she rig the general election?? When I told him that Hillary won the popular vote by nearly 3 million, he said No, she lost, and that’s why we have Trump. I told him the Berniebots brought us Trump and left him. Asinine young alt-left kid. They’ve gone so alt-left they’re indistinguishable from the far right.

@DYB, Thank you for posting Sally Allbright’s tweets. I wasn’t aware of her and she is saying forcefully what we all saw and know is true. And the toxic Bernedbrainers are still poisoning efforts to block Trump. Truly they are the people for whom the phrase “cut off your nose to spite your face” was invented.

@90 And what was the point of that idiot being at the March if his message was to blame Hillary? Someone should have told him ‘You’re doing it wrong, fool’.

@92, yeah, that too. Telling lies about the best Dem candidate in several generations does real harm — and doesn’t help us fight Trump. But you can’t talk logic with these people, and I didn’t want to waste more of my time on a sunny day that had been so positive up until then. Besides, I was not sure I could keep my temper from exploding.

Frontpagers (and blog owner!) when you have a chance go into the comments and check the one comment that’s in spam.

Please leave it there for now. I’m going to do some i.p. research on that one.

@94 Oh good gawd. Un-chaste… even. Wonder how in the world he ended up here.

@86 Cats, thanks for letting us know about Rachel’s show. If I don’t catch it tonight on the late, late rerun, I look for the clip tomorrow. Rachel and O’Donnell (maybe Chris Hayes) are going to be the ONLY news media covering the important issues. I hope she breaks something wide open and wins a Pulitzer prize… or something.

@96: If he’s using something to look for posts, links, whatever regarding feminism or something similar it would pop up for him.

Mr. Pundit has a write up and pictures from the New Yawk march.

Calling it a day y’all.


Welp, sleeping didn’t work out too well. So here’s a new Randy Rainbow. He seems to be having a Cats fixation right now.

@86Cats – Rachel is worth watching and rewatching. The Canadian oil spill/water pollution connection to the Dakota pipeline maybe will wake some up. Again – no one watches MSNBC but us liburawls, so cheetos will be whistling along happy as clams. I live in OK and the earthquakes. Usually don’t feel them in the Tulsa area. I’m not even seeing any outrage over them any more. Maybe we’ve given up? I’m wondering if the media is dead sometimes – or are people that complicit? Oh yeah – OK, the reddest state out there. Another thing that OK has is Native Americans. They have already organized a protest against DAPL this week-end.

From the WAPO article for announcements today: “targeting cities where local leaders refuse to hand over illegal immigrants” Hope Gov Brown has a plan.

@103: I watched Maddow contrask and had a question: Are they selling earthquake insurance in OK now? If so, I wonder what the premiums are?

Not that I have heard of Fredster. It’s a lot like flood insurance – you know – acts of nature…. Aetna must be in charge. (Bad joke) I’m rewatching Rachel right now. That big quake happened on a morining I was out running a 9 miler with group in downtown Tulsa. We runners never felt it, though it shook the case clock at my house and woke everyone up. Maybe the reason the media in OK doesn’t cover it has to to with the wonderful AG we had, Yeah, we got rid of him. Sigh

New post up!

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Only the *best* politicans bought by the NRA

Marching for their lives

Perfect Picture

Perfect Name For Him h/t Daily News

Scary a.f.

Rudy: oh shit the pee tape IS real!


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